The 10 Best Headrest Pillows to Buy 2020


The reason why most people are grumpy after a long drive is because of how uncomfortable the seating is. A stiff neck and a sore lower back are common ailments after a long commute. That’s because car seats aren’t designed to support your body for long distance traveling.

So what do you do if you’re a sales rep and you’re on the road more often than not? Or perhaps you’re a driver and you spend most of your time in your car? You’ll need a headrest that can support your head and your neck.

If your head and neck are supported correctly it will relieve the pressure on your lower back. You’ll find there are many brands on the market and it may be difficult for you to select one that’s suitable. That’s why we’ve compiled a top 10 list of the best headrest car pillows simply for you.

Features to Consider in Good Headrest Pillows

Head and Neck Support

When selecting a headrest pillow for your car the first feature you’re most likely to consider is the comfort. While comfort is an important factor the main purpose of a car headrest pillow is the neck support.

The pillow should have the correct structure to give you optimal support throughout your long journey. Before purchasing your pillow test the item to see if it fits the contours of your head and neck. It should always fit comfortably while providing the support you need.

The Outer Fabric

The fabric used to wrap the headrest car pillow may seem like a trivial factor but it’s one of the elements you shouldn’t ignore. But why is this feature so important?

Environmentally Aware

If you’re a vegan or someone who prefers not to use animal products you’ll want a fabric that’s 100% animal free. These fabrics are made from synthetic materials such as polyester. Most headrest pillows are made from synthetics but if you’re unsure you can check the item label for fabric details.

Skin Sensitivity

Some people have extremely sensitive skin. Certain fabrics tend to irritate the skin which can lead to bumps, rashes and a burning sensation. That’s why it’s imperative to know what fabric the pillow is made from. You don’t want to be sitting in traffic with an itchy neck because of the fabric.

It’s also important to make sure it’s completely chemical free as this is one of the factors that may cause skin irritation. Always opt for a fabric that’s gentle on the skin.

Attachment Features

The attachments allow you to fix the pillow to your existing car seat’s headrest. Without this feature, the pillow would fall or shift every time you move your head. Some pillows come with straps and others come with Velcro strips. Both features are ideal so your purchase can be based on your preference.


The maintenance of the pillow ties in with the type of fabric it’s wrapped in. Your headrest pillow should be durable and it shouldn’t wear or tear when you wash it. Your item should be easy to clean and maintain. Proper maintenance of your headrest pillow will increase the item’s lifespan.

Top 10 Best Headrest Pillows 2020

1. AERIS Car Pillow

Why we like it: The AERIS car pillow is a soft and versatile headrest that adds comfort to your long drives.


AERIS only uses the finest inner materials that provide optimal support for your head and neck.

The headrest car pillow is manufactured using the best viscoelastic (memory) foam. For the ultimate support, the memory foam takes the shape of your head and neck. The reason for this is the foam is temperature sensitive so it begins to contour your neck and head while you rest.

Memory foam ensures the pillow will keep its shape after you’ve lifted your head and neck from the headrest. The pillow won’t go flat even after years of use. It will continue to provide the support you want as the foam springs back to its original shape after every drive.

Attachments and Features
The AERIS pillow comes with an elastic strap that allows you to easily slip the item over your car seat headrest. The flexible strap can be used for any application as it stretches to the size of most standard car seats. The strap provides a sturdy installation as the pillow won’t move while you drive.

For additional support, the shape of the pillow fits perfectly to the shape of your head and neck. The AERIS pillow comes in a black color so it will complement any car interior.

The combination of plush and velour provides a soft touch to the skin. It’s also incredibly durable and won’t wear or tear even after years of use.

AERIS’s pillow is easy to keep clean as you can simply remove the fabric from the foam to wash it. The material is machine washable. So all you have to do is pop it in the washing machine to give it a clean and it will come out looking good as new.

  • Made with premium memory foam
  • soft material
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Can be too firm for some users

2. Travel Ease Premium Car Pillow

Why we like it: Not only do you get a car pillow but you also get a backrest. The Travel Ease premium kit ensures the best neck and back support during your drive.


Travel Ease’s kit is made from premium materials for durability and comfort.

The curvature of the pillow is the most important feature on the Travel Ease’s headrest. Because of the unique curves, your neck is supported at various points. The pillow ensures that these areas are in proper alignment which prevents muscle strain.

Travel Ease’s back support section of the kit is structured according to the contours of your back. This allows you to sit in an upright position at all times while you drive. The back support corrects your posture which also prevents lower back pain.

The entire kit has memory foam integrated into the backrest and pillow which always keep their shape.

Attachments and Features
Travel Ease’s pillow comes with an elastic strap that fits around most car headrests. What’s more, is the strap has an adjustable buckle so you can loosen or tighten the pillow according to your preference.

The backrest doesn’t come with any attachment features but it fits quite well on to any seat and won’t move when you drive. Both items come in a black material with dark grey trimming which is quite an elegant design for any car interior.

Travel Ease’s car pillow kit can be used in regions with warmer climates as the material is breathable and soft. The fabric won’t chafe your skin and it will provide sufficient airflow for your neck area.

The outer layer (fabric) can be removed easily from both the headrest and the backrest so you can wash the fabric hassle free. The fabric color doesn’t run so it won’t stain your clothes or your skin after you wash it.

  • Offers the ultimate support
  • Easy adjustments
  • Soft outer layer
  • The thickness of the pillow may not be ideal for some people

3. LANGRIA Car Pillow

Why we like it: Langria manufactures their headrest pillows with fabric that’s easy to maintain. The brand only uses quality materials for durability and comfort.


Langria manufactures their headrest pillows with fabric that’s easy to maintain. The brand only uses quality materials for durability and comfort.

Langria designed this pillow with a unique infinity shape to fit the contours of your neck sufficiently. With the ergonomic design, your neck and head are always in proper alignment when you drive. The integrated memory foam also provides optimal support.

The memory foam heats up when it comes into contact with your skin. When the foam is heated it will imitate the exact contours of your neck. This provides a soft comfortable pillow while still keeping your head and neck in alignment.

Attachments and Features
Langria’s headrest car pillow has a strong flexible elastic strap integrated onto the back of the item. It fits over any type of car seat. The strength of the elastic strap offers a sturdy structure so your pillow won’t shift around even when you move.

The pillow comes in a dark blue color which fits the interior design quite well for most vehicles.

Langria uses the softest and most luxurious materials for the design of this pillow. It’s definitely suited for colder climates as the material provides warmth for your muscles during the winter times.

Another positive feature is the fabric is hypoallergenic and antibacterial. This simply means the pillow is ideal for those with highly sensitive skin. The fabric won’t trigger any unwanted skin irritations.

The Langria headrest car pillow is easy to keep clean because of the fabric’s antibacterial properties. The outer layer of the pillow can be removed and it’s safe to clean in a washing machine.

  • Easy to install
  • Soft covering with hypoallergenic properties
  • Comfortable memory foam support
  • May not be suitable for warmer climates

4. LoveHome Car Pillow Kit

Why we like it: What’s better than receiving a car headrest pillow? Well, getting an additional backrest with your purchase.


For the ultimate back and neck support, LoveHome only uses the best materials & foams for their car seat kits.

LoveHome uses premium memory foam for the backrest and the car pillow. Thanks to the quality inner materials the backrest and pillow provide the best support for your neck & lower back. The foam will imitate the exact curvature of the neck and back to provide comfort & proper body alignment.

The memory foam also bounces back into place when you’re not driving. Memory foam is used so the kit doesn’t flatten out over time which makes it an economical product to purchase.

Attachments and Features
LoveHome’s pillow comes with robust elastic attached to the back. The elastic fits over any car headrest. The strap ensures the pillow will stay in place at all times as you drive.

For a sleek design, the kit comes in a dark blue color with white trimmings. This simply adds an elegant additional look to your vehicle.

The LoveHome kit is ideal for people who live in warmer regions. The outer fabric is made from a soft breathable mesh material. Because of the porous mesh material, it provides sufficient airflow so you don’t overheat. This feature is especially important as you don’t want to suffer from heat stroke.

If you want to keep your kit in tiptop condition wash your items regularly. The outer fabric is easy to remove and it’s machine washable. LoveHome only uses the best materials so your kit won’t wear or tear after washing the fabric.

  • Provides proper back and neck alignment
  • Easy to maintain
  • Robust
  • The elastic is not adjustable

5. Sojoy Premium Car Pillow

Why we like it: The Sojoy premium car pillow provides optimal support for your neck and shoulders.


Sojoy’s unique design ensures your neck and shoulders are in constant alignment which prevents muscle strain.

The Sojoy premium pillow looks quite different from the other designs on the list. It’s bulky at the top and comes down into a thin design that passes the base of the neck. The unique design keeps your head and neck straight to correct your posture as you sit.

Sojoy’s pillow design reduces the risk of backache and neck stiffness by always keeping your spine in alignment. The integrated memory foam also plays an important role in keeping you propped up. Your pillow will never go flat as the memory foam always bounces back to its original shape.

Attachments and Features
For extra sturdiness, the Sojoy pillow comes with two robust elastic straps. One strap fits around your car seat’s headrest and the second strap goes over it. Because of the double strapping, you won’t have to worry about constantly adjusting the position of the pillow as it stays in place.

The Sojoy pillow comes in a black color that fits the interior design of any car. It’s also streamlined so there are no additional parts sticking out that may hinder your movements.

Sojoy uses durable mesh material for this pillow design. You’re able to use the pillow in warmer regions as the fabric allows sufficient airflow for breathability. It makes certain you stay cool at all times. The material is also soft and so it won’t chafe your skin.

The mesh fabric can be removed easily and it’s machine washable. You’re able to place the covering back onto your pillow without any hassles at all.

  • Memory foam provides the best support
  • The fabric is soft and comfortable against the skin
  • Easy to remove and install
  • The design is quite bulky

6. ZATOOTO Car Headrest Pillow

Why we like it: For those who need added support, the ZATOOTO is the product for you.


The ZATOOTO pillow is designed for people who have problems with their posture and experience chronic neck ache when driving.

ZATOOTO’s car pillow has a unique design that supports your neck and your upper back muscles. The most common symptoms of incorrect posture include a protruding neck. The ZATOOTO pillow allows your head to rest comfortably against the pillow while it corrects the alignment of your neck.

The integrated memory foam cradles the contours of your neck and upper back perfectly to prevent muscle fatigue & stiffness. Although the pillow is quite firm, it’s an ideal product to keep your head propped up right at all times while you drive.

Attachments and Features
For a sturdy support structure, the ZATOOTO pillow comes with two durable straps that fit over and around your seat’s headrest. The two straps hold the pillow in place at all times ensuring your safety and comfort while you drive.

The outer layer of the pillow is made with premium material suitable for all types of climate. It provides warmth when it’s cold and it’s also extremely breathable. The breathability allows sufficient airflow to the neck area which is ideal for warmer climates.

For added comfort, the fabric is made from a silky soft texture that doesn’t cause any skin irritations. The outer layer is also durable which means it won’t tear or split at the seams.

The ZATOOTO pillow is machine washable which makes it easy to maintain. It’s important to keep this pillow clean at all times to ensure optimal hygiene when you drive long distances.

  • Easy to remove and install
  • Provide sturdy support
  • Prevents muscle cramps
  • May be too big for small car seats.

7. Dreamer Car Headrest Pillow

Why we like it: The Dreamer car headrest pillow provides support even to short drivers. The straps are flexible enough for you to adjust the position of the pillow.


Dreamer’s pillow is designed with a unique structure that provides the ultimate neck support for all head and neck shapes & sizes.

The curvature of the design on either side of the pillow offers the best support for your head and neck. Dreamer’s pillow keeps your head propped up and straight at all times to ensure your neck is in the correct alignment.

Dreamer’s car pillow also supports your shoulders and allows them to rest comfortably as you drive. The pillow is filled with memory foam which fits the contours of your head and neck perfectly.

Memory foam keeps its shape well so you won’t have to worry about the item flattening out over time.

Attachments and Features
The equipped elastic strap is tight and robust which allows you to place the pillow over any type of car headrest. What’s more is the strap comes with an adjustable buckle so you’re able to loosen and tighten the pillow according to your preference.

Dreamer’s pillow is made with a breathable polyester fiber fabric. It’s ideal for people with sensitive skin as it won’t cause any skin irritation. The material is soft to the touch which provides the ultimate comfort while you drive.

The maintenance of the pillow is hassle free as you can remove the outer layer easily and pop it into a washing machine. The material won’t shrink or tear after washing as it’s durable. The color of the fabric never runs so it won’t stain your skin or clothes if it’s not entirely dry yet.

  • Hypoallergenic outer layer
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy support structure
  • Might only be suitable for shorter people

8. EXCEL Life Car Pillow

Why we like it: For a more comfortable drive, the EXCEL Life car pillow adds a little extra cushioning to your car headrest.


The design of the cushion is simple yet extremely effective especially for those who want a streamlined pillow.

EXCEL Life’s car pillow is a little different than all the other designs on the list. It doesn’t have any curves or extra bumps. It’s simply a flat sleek pillow that adds extra cushioning for your head. The design is probably more ideal for those who don’t have problems with neck and back alignment.

Another feature that differs from the other products on the list is the foam. The EXCEL Life pillow is made with plush instead of memory foam. Plush is softer than memory foam and doesn’t provide the most support. It simply adds comfort for your head.

Attachments and Features
The EXCEL life pillow has two attachment features. You can either attach it horizontally using the equipped straps or use the Velcro feature to secure it vertically. Whatever your preference is the pillow will be secure at all times while you drive.

It also comes in a blue design which complements many types of vehicle interiors. You can’t see the Velcro and the straps are always neatly placed. So there are no problems with bulkiness or protruding items that may hinder your movement.

The microfiber material is silky soft to the touch yet it’s extremely durable. The dye used to color the pillow is also made from natural plants which prevent skin allergies.

To keep the pillow clean all you have to do is place it in a washing machine. When washing your pillow ensure you always use cold water to prevent the dye from running.

  • Streamlined design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Gentle fabric for your skin</li
  • Doesn’t regain its shape

9. TravelMate Car Pillow

Why we like it: The TravelMate offers the perfect amount of firmness to keep your head and neck propped up while you drive.


TravelMate’s headrest is extremely durable and can be taken on airplane rides as well as long car drives.

The level of firmness is exactly right as it’s not too hard or too soft. Your muscles in your neck are supported at all times due to the shape of the pillow. The curvatures on either side of the pillow help keep your neck in alignment which prevents muscle cramps and headaches.

TravelMate uses memory foam for their pillow design which is the ideal material to use for a long-lasting product. The foam takes the shape of your neck and head when you rest against it. Subsequently, the foam will go back to its original shape when you lift the weight from it.

Attachments and Features
The TravelMate pillow has an integrated strap that’s flexible enough to fit around most car seat headrests. There’s no added bulk to the pillow which makes it easy to store. The black design won’t clash with the interior design of your car which makes it an ideal product for anyone to use.

TravelMate covered this pillow in plush velour. It’s extremely gentle on the skin and you’ll find it works well in the colder months. The material retains heat which provides sufficient warmth for your neck muscles.

The appearance of the pillow is quite pleasant and you’ll want to maintain that feature. Luckily for you, the TravelMate pillow is easy to keep clean. The fabric is machine washable which makes it a hassle free item to care for.

  • Durable outer fabric
  • Perfect level of firmness
  • Easy to remove and install
  • The strap seems loose for some applications

10. CHELIYOU Car Pillow

Why we like it: The Cheliyou car pillow is covered with a slip resistant material that provides added comfort while you drive.


What’s more is the unique shape of the pillow provides the ultimate support for those who suffer from neck stiffness and headaches.

The Cheliyou provides support to three different sections of your head and neck. With the premium design of the pillow, it keeps your head, neck and shoulders in alignment at all times while you drive. The pillow also aids in keeping your posture upright with the curvatures on either side of the pillow.

Cheliyou uses memory foam as it’s the best material for neck and head support structures. The foam always takes the shape of your neck and head when you rest against it. Once you’ve released the weight from the pillow the foam springs back into its original shape.

Attachments and Features
The Cheliyou pillow comes with a flexible strap that wraps around most car headrests. It’s a robust strap that won’t snap or tear even under extreme conditions. The strap always stays in place which provides sturdiness. Your pillow won’t shift around at all while you drive.

It also comes in an elegant dark black color with bright white trimming. The pillow goes well with any vehicle interior designs. It’s also streamlined with no protruding accessories or straps that could be a potential safety hazard.

The fabric has a silky soft texture that doesn’t chafe the skin. You’re able to rest your head and neck comfortably on the soft exterior. It’s also ideal for any type of climate as the material is breathable but can also retain heat during the colder months.

Cheliyou’s car pillow has a zipper that goes all the way around the product. Which means the outer layer is easy to remove. All you have to do is simply pop it in the washer to keep your pillow clean.

  • Maintains its shape well
  • User-friendly
  • Elegant design
  • Pillow doesn’t stay in place as the strap is too loose.

Guide to Buying the Best Headrest Pillows

The Filling Material

The type of filling material determines how much support the pillow will give you and the level of comfort it will provide. There are two types of filling material to opt for; memory foam or plush. Both are ideal filling materials so simply pick one that matches your preferences.

Memory Foam

Memory foam consists mainly of polyurethane and other materials that increase the viscosity & density of the pillow. The material is often referred to as viscoelastic polyurethane. The foam molds to the shape of your body in response to heat and pressure which evenly distributes body weight.

Once the pressure is released from the foam, it returns to its natural shape. The foam is soft and comfortable but still provides sufficient support for your neck & head. Memory foam is the most ideal type of filling material as it provides optimal support for your body.

Plush Foam

Plush foam can be softer but usually this material is compacted in small sections into the pillow to make the item stiff enough to provide support. It may not be ideal to opt for plush foam because when you wash the pillow the compacted foam may separate. It will cause lumps as the plush foam won’t be compact anymore.

But it’s popular because plush can come in a variety of densities which gives you different levels of softness. Some pillows can be made with a large piece of foam rather than foam balls. It all depends on how the item is manufactured.

Design of the Pillow

The design of your pillow will greatly impact your level of comfort. There are some design features that are imperative for the health of your body. Other features such as color are only important if you consider the interior decoration of your car a significant aspect to consider.

Size of the Pillow

People’s bodies are different such as having different size heads. So, therefore, you will need a pillow that’s the correct size relative to the size of your head. If the pillow is too small your head may slip off the pillow and it won’t be comfortable.

A bigger pillow may be a better option but it could be too bulky and cause additional neck stiffness & headaches. Always select a pillow that’s an ideal size for your head.

The Shape of the Pillow

The shape of the pillow should fit the contours of your head and neck perfectly. There should be no additional bumps or lumps that could cause your neck to protrude at an unhealthy, uncomfortable angle.

If your neck protrudes it can cause unnecessarily muscle tension. Your neck should be in line with your spine at all times. Select a pillow that’s streamlined and only has contours to fit the shape of your head & neck.

The Color of the Pillow

Some people are fussy when it comes to additional colors in their car. Headrest pillows can be removed easily when not in use but some people still prefer standard colors to complement the interior of the car.

Luckily most headrest pillows for your car come in black as it’s a standard color that goes with most car interiors. But if you love funky colors there are headrest pillows that come in a variety of bright shades such as shocking pink or neon blue. It simply adds spunk to your car so it’s worth considering.

If you want a pillow with different colors on the exterior, make sure the dye of the fabric doesn’t rub off. If the dye rubs off it can stain your skin and your clothes. Make sure the fabric dye is of the finest quality to avoid coloring mishaps.

Climate is Important

The climate of the region you stay in can also make a significant impact in your decisions. The back of your neck is prone to getting sweaty especially when there’s material pressing against your skin. If you live in humid regions you may want to opt for a pillow that has light, breathable material. Light, breathable material will allow sufficient airflow to your neck and head so you can stay cool during those long drives.

In contrast, if you live in colder climates look for materials that retain heat. You could opt for fleece as it’s soft and it will keep your muscles warm throughout your journey.

Types of Attachments

As mentioned before the attachment on your pillow allows you to keep your pillow in place while you drive. There are three different types of attachments to pick from; Velcro, clips and slipover pockets. The attachments differ in terms of how sturdy your pillow will be while you drive.

Velcro Attachments

Velcro straps are probably the most popular choice when it comes to pillow attachments. A strap with a Velcro strip is wrapped around your existing car seat. You can simply stick the pillow into place onto the Velcro strips.

The Velcro is strong enough to hold the pillow up and won’t come undone while you drive. The straps are easy to remove and you could even adjust the tightness so the pillow doesn’t droop.

Clip On Attachments

Much like the Velcro attachment, a strap is wrapped around your car seat’s headrest. The only difference is instead of the Velcro strips there are a series of clips. You can clip your pillow into place using the mechanisms on the straps. These clips sometimes feature fast release buttons which help you remove the pillow easily.

Slipover Pockets

A pocket is integrated at the back of the headrest pillow. The pocket easily slips over the top of your car seat’s headrest. The advantage of this feature is the pillow is easy to remove and doesn’t move around while you drive. But the disadvantage is you can’t adjust the height of the pillow.

Slipover pockets also make the pillow protrude outwards which can put your head and neck in an uncomfortable position. If you do opt for a pillow with a slipover pocket, make sure it doesn’t stick out too far and that it’s the right length and height for your head & neck.

Extra Accessories You Can Enjoy

Some brands give you additional accessories that come with your headrest car pillow. You can get full kits which have additional backrests. A backrest is definitely something you may enjoy especially if you’re prone to slouching.

A headrest and back support will aid in keeping your spine aligned as well as provide extra comfort while you drive. If you opt for a full car seat kit make sure that the entire product is made from the same materials and that it’s user friendly.

Easy installation and maintenance of your items should be a breeze. So always make sure you purchase a high end product with quality attachments and durable materials.

Final Thoughts

Your drives should always be pleasant no matter how far you’re traveling. You want to be comfortable even when you’re stuck in traffic. A headrest pillow ensures the health of your body by correcting your posture and reducing the effects of headaches & a stiff neck.

Opt for a premium made headrest pillow for you and the whole family. Comfortable drives with a headrest pillow mean a happier and healthy you.