The 10 Best USB Car Chargers to Buy 2020

The 10 Best USB Car Chargers to Buy 2020

If you were to guess the amount of the time the average American spends on the road yearly, what would be your estimated time? Perhaps 200 hours at most? A recent study showed Americans spend almost 17,600 minutes on the road each year. That totals 293 hours.

If you can relate to these numbers and spend long hours on the road every day than it’s best you have a reliable USB car charger with you to keep your mobile devices charged up. Staying connected and in touch is important when your family needs to contact you in an emergency or if there’s an urgent work call you need to make.

Most people use their SmartPhones for GPS navigation, which can drain your battery rather quickly. Imagine being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat battery and no way of getting directions to your destination. Having a USB car charger allows you to be prepared in any unforeseen circumstances so you can contact someone for help.

If your work requires you to constantly be on the road a missed call equates to a missed opportunity. People working in real estate, sales representatives and consultants understand the importance of being accessible all the time.

In this article, we’ll uncover the key features you should look at when selecting a USB car charger. We’ll also highlight the advantages and disadvantages of using car chargers. The different prices for USB car chargers will be shared as well as key considerations to reflect on before buying one.

All this information is geared towards assisting you to make an informed decision. With all this information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to see through the marketing fluff and select wisely.

Features to Consider in Good USB Car Chargers

There are so many USB chargers available to select from it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure about which one to select. This buyer’s guide can be used as a tool that’ll help you discern the key elements to consider when selecting one.

The Cost of USB Car Chargers

There are different price ranges for different car chargers on the market. The higher the price the more features are included in the charger. Here are the different price ranges available:

  • Chargers below $10: You’ll find a host of USB car chargers in this price range. This is an entry-level type of charger that possesses simple features only. Its main function is to charge your device safely and fast. Some chargers have dual ports and perform decently considering the low price. It’s a favorite among customers due to the value for money you get in this price range.
  • Chargers below $20: These chargers are designed with multiple ports that allow you to charge various devices at the same time. They’re also a bit more durable than the less expensive versions.
  • Chargers above $20: There’s not a variety of USB chargers above $20. These types of chargers are built with quality and high performance in mind. They also boast some additional features such as extra ports, shock-resistant designs and smart-charge technology.

The price should not be the only factor you consider when selecting a USB charger but additional features such as amps, illuminated ports, and compatibility are also important.

Let’s help you pick.

Top 10 Best USB Car Chargers 2020

1. Maxboost USB Car Charger

Maxboost USB Car Charger

Why we like it: This burst of dynamic power comes packaged in a flexible molding design that gives you a soft grip. It’s compatible with a range of mobile devices including iPhone, MP3 players, Galaxy and Blackberry. It has smart intelligence built-in that protects your device from overheating, short-circuiting and overcharging. It immediately stops charging as soon as the battery is full. It's fitted with dual USB ports that give you fast charging power. It's ultra-portable and comes with a one year warranty.

Editor’s Rating:

Why We Recommend It

We believe this is outstanding value for money as it affords you superior charging quality at a fraction of the price. The size of the USB charger is small and won’t be an eyesore in your car that takes up a lot of space. It has wide-ranging compatibility for most of the mobile devices on the market.

It’s always beneficial if the car charger can light up in the dark as you’re sometimes forced to travel at night. The internal LED light gives you quick access to locate the ports in the dark. At full charging speed, you get 4.8 amps of power that’ll have your device fully charged in no time.

It fits comfortably in your car’s cigarette lighter casing without it popping out when you’re driving over bumpy terrain. The contact points are made from high-quality materials to produce an uninterrupted power supply to your mobile device.

Special Features

The most notable features that stood out for us were the dual charging ports that could simultaneously charge two devices at full speed. You would think the speed would slow down when you’re connecting two different devices but it doesn’t.

The only drawback we’ve noticed is the charging consistency changes over a long period. This could be due to overuse but the manufacturer offers a one year warranty and will gladly replace any faulty unit if needed.


  • Dual ports for simultaneous charging
  • Powerful amps for faster charging
  • LED light for illumination in the dark


  • Difficulty dislodging it from the cigarette box
  • Inconsistent charging after a long time

2. Anker 36W USB Car Charger

Anker 36W USB Car Charger

Why we like it: Anker is renowned for its quality products and is a market leader in charging devices. This USB car charger has the look and feel of superior quality & durability. Its universal fast charging ability is made possible with the Power IQ 3,0 technology built-in. It's compatible with most mobile devices including Apple, Samsung and any USB supported device. The maximum output is at 36W per charge. It also offers supreme safety that protects your device against overheating and current overload. The blue LED light is non-intrusive and shows you the charger is on & ready to use. It comes with dual ports that allow you to charge two devices simultaneously.

Editor’s Rating:

Why We Recommend It

The core function of any USB car charger is to charge your device as quickly and safely as possible. Speed is the most important quality. Because of the smart technology built into this USB charger you get superior charging power at a faster speed.

The modern design that’s only 68mm in size makes it easy to carry anywhere. It gives you enough space to access your dashboard without any obstruction. The universal compatibility makes it possible to charge any USB powered device with this charger.

Special Features

The safety mechanisms are well thought out avoiding any damage to your device.

It has two ports which make it convenient if your passenger also needs a quick charge when you’re traveling.

The LED light illuminates the dark places and comes in handy when you quickly need to locate the ports at night. The design is sleek, compact and elegant which makes it a pleasing addition inside your car & not an eyesore to hide away. It provides powerful amps that can charge your mobile device in less time than conventional chargers.

One opposing aspect of this unit can be the price. It’s a bit higher than most of the USB car chargers on our list but it offers exceptional quality and unsurpassed high-speed charging ability. It’s a premium product with premium features.


  • High-speed charging ability
  • Maximum power output
  • Sleek design


  • Pricey
  • Limited ports

3. Ainope 36W USB Car Charger

Ainope 36W USB Car Charger

Why we like it: If you’re looking for something mega small in size than this USB car charger is a good option to consider. It seamlessly fits into the interior of your car without taking up much space. Ainope has taken almost a year to finalize the design and features on this charger & the quality shows. It's built with quality materials and has been certified safe to use according to industry standards. It protects your device against overheating and extremely high-temperatures. The sophisticated LED ring light makes it easy to locate the car charger in the dark. It also helps you to check your car voltage when you switch it on in the first few seconds.

Editor’s Rating:

Why We Recommend It

This unit is sophistication combined with function and convenience. It produces 36W of power with every charge and can charge any mobile device from zero to 55% in 35 minutes flat. That’s four times faster charging speed than the industry standard.

Because it’s made from pure metal it will never burn out as there’s no plastic used in the design. It’s compatible with any iOS or Android devices. The manufacturer also gives you a full year warranty on any defects or poor workmanship.

Special Features

This car charger is also priced affordably considering the number of features it boasts. It has dual ports for simultaneous charging capability. The new innovative technology QC 3,0 makes it possible to have a quick charge on multiple devices at full speed.

The thumb-size design makes it portable and easy to carry anywhere. It fits snugly into your cigarette adapter and softly lights up when you switch it off.

The only downside on this unit is the metal body tends to heat up quickly. Even though it might look of feel as if it’s overheating there’s special protection built-in to protect it against overheating.


  • It has QC 3,0 quick charge for dual ports
  • Durable
  • Affordably priced


  • The metal body heats up quickly
  • iPhone don’t support QC3,0

4. Aukey 24W USB Car Charger

Aukey 24W USB Car Charger

Why we like it: This miniature USB car charger fits securely in your cigarette lighter output and produces 24W of power with every charge. It has dual ports that can charge two devices simultaneously at full speed. It’s compatible with any USB interface devices such as iPhone, Samsung and many more. This charger is also protected against overheating or excessive currents damaging your devices. It won’t overcharge your device either but will stop immediately when your battery is full. The price is reasonable with some solid features such as the quick charge that'll serve you well for a long time.

Editor’s Rating:

Why We Recommend It

The design and build of this charger have durability at the forefront because only the finest materials were used during the manufacturing process. It’s backed up with a 45-day money-back guarantee and a full year warranty on any defects.

The AiPower technology is capable of giving you the safest charge at the fastest speed possible. It fits effortlessly into your car interior so it will look like a standard feature that came with your car.

Special Features

The feature that stood out for us the most was the fast charging power it provides. The universal compatibility also makes it convenient to use with any USB device.

Safety ranks high in our books and the smart technology built-in to protect your device from overheating & overcharging gets our thumbs up.

The only drawback is this particular USB car charger doesn’t have an LED light built-in for easy use in the dark.


  • It protects your device from overcharging and overheating
  • AiPower technology for a faster charge
  • It has universal compatibility


  • No LED light built-in
  • It has a lower power output

5. Bestrix 30W USB Car Charger

Bestrix 30W USB Car Charger

Why we like it: Bestrix prides itself in giving you one of the fastest chargers on the market currently. It can charge your iPhone from zero to 50% in 39 minutes at full speed. It's also compatible with other USB powered devices and will deliver the same speed when charging multiple devices. The unit is made from aluminum alloy for extra durability and tough plastic for protection against wear & tear. It's a compact design and easy store when not in use. The unit is designed to fit snugly into your cigarette lighter output without it popping out during rough driving.

Editor’s Rating:

Why We Recommend It

As with most of the USB car chargers we’ve listed this one is also fitted with dual ports that can charge two devices simultaneously. It has smart technology that safeguards your device from overheating or overcharging.

It meets all the safety requirements and standards set by the industry & has numerous certifications to that effect. The unit comes with a one year warranty against poor workmanship and defects. Bestrix also offers a no-hassle money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

Special Features

It’s designed with Quick Charge 4,0 technology that provides a faster-charging capability. An internal LED light ensures you can easily access it in the dark or check the car’s voltage when you switch it on.

The smart IC chip ensures you get four times faster charging power every time you switch it on. It has universal compatibility and can safely charge your most sensitive devices. It’s ultra-compact & easy to carry anywhere.


  • Fitted with an internal LED light
  • Good value for money
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Only comes in one color (black)
  • It charges devices in stages which slows it down

6. JSAUX 36W USB Car Charger

JSAUX 36W USB Car Charger

Why we like it: This bold USB car charger showcases the color red to indicate its power. It’s small in size for easy storage. You have universal compatibility with all USB devices. The dual ports allow you to simultaneously charge more than one device at a time. The design is striking and a soft LED light allows you to easily locate it in the dark. It's made from aluminum alloy for maximum durability.

Editor’s Rating:

Why We Recommend It

You have full protection with the advanced safety mechanism built-in which protects your devices from overcharging and overheating. Full compliance in terms of safety has been attained from FCC, UL and CE & RoHS.

Because speed is always important when you’re traveling this unit delivers 36W of power with every charge. That’s four times faster-charging capacity than the traditional chargers. JSAUX also offers an extended warranty of 18 months which is longer than the industry standard.

Special Features

You get dual ports that are compatible with all USB powered devices. You also get an extra USB cable to use as an extension if needed. The cable has a 10 000 bend lifespan and is ultra-durable.

It’s made from high-quality materials that’ll last a long time. It’s also priced fairly considering the advanced charging technology and safety mechanisms in place. These are advanced features that make this a premium product.

The only negative on the unit is the color red could be off-putting to some as red doesn’t blend into your car interior as effectively as the conventional black, silver or grey.


  • The extra USB cable has an extended bend lifespan
  • 18-month warranty
  • Four times faster-charging capacity


  • It only comes in red
  • Doesn’t fit snugly into the cigarette adapter

7. Mongoora 36W USB Car Charger

Mongoora 36W USB Car Charger

Why we like it: This is another car charger on our list that produces 36W of power with every charge. It’s also fitted with dual ports for convenient charging of more than one device when you’re traveling. It has a subtle blue LED light that illuminates the ports when you need to locate them in the dark. The body of the unit is made from zinc alloy which gives it superior strength and endurance. It's compact and conveniently portable to carry with you.

Editor’s Rating:

Why We Recommend It

It has all the safety certifications required to ensure a safe charge that doesn’t overheat or overcharge your most sensitive devices. It’s compatible with most devices including Android, iPhone and Nexus.

This is one of the few units that give you a 24-month warranty. It has a QC 3,0 technology built-in that ensures a faster charge than the conventional norms. You get maximum power output with every charge and your device can go from zero to 50% in battery life in less than 45 minutes.

Special Features

The quality of this USB car charger is remarkable with a sleek finish that makes it modern and unobtrusive in your car. It fits into your car interior well and has a sheer gloss that looks elegant & sophisticated.

It has all the safety technology built-in to protect your devices and gives you a faster charge every time.

The only downside to this product is it fits too firmly in your cigarette outlet and needs some tugging to get out.


  • Fast charging ability
  • Metal frame for extra durability
  • Two year warranty


  • It fits too tightly into the cigarette socket
  • Not compatible with a OnePlus 6T phone

8. Trianium 24W USB Car Charger

Trianium 24W USB Car Charger

Why we like it: It’s important to have a safe charge when you’re driving over rough terrain. The aluminum frame ensures full protection against those nasty bumps that can easily dislodge your car charger. It's compatible with all devices that have a USB outlet. The dual ports make it convenient for you to charge two devices at the same time. It also has smart technology built-in that protects your device from overheating or overcharging. Trianium has full safety accreditation that meets the safety standards set for all charging devices.

Editor’s Rating:

Why We Recommend It

It doesn’t only charge your SmartPhone but also your Macbook and tablets. If you’re spending long hours on the road for work this is the ideal charging unit that’ll have you fully powered up. The unit comes with a 12-month warranty against any defects or poor workmanship.

It’s priced reasonably if you take into account the advanced features such as quick charging capacity and protection against overheating. It’s easy to fall for cheaper counterfeit products but those products don’t go through the same rigorous safety process as approved USB car chargers.

Special Features

Universal compatibility is always a key requirement that gets our approval. The compact design fits effortlessly into your car interior. The internal LED light makes it easy to use in the dark or if you simply need to check if the charger is on.

Most car chargers come out standard with dual ports but it’s still a valuable feature you should always look out for. The TriSmart technology gives you a faster charge than a conventional wall charger.

The only drawback is the low power output compared to some higher-powered chargers on our list.


  • Charges SmartPhones and Macbooks
  • Simultaneous dual charging power
  • Consistent voltage for uninterrupted charging


  • Lower watt power output
  • The glow can drain the battery fast

9. Vogek 18W USB Car Charger

Why we like it: This is one of the fastest chargers available in the market currently. The Quick Charge technology can get your devices from zero to 80% in 35 minutes. That’s four times faster than your traditional charger. It also has universal compatibility which makes it convenient to use with any USB device. The dual-port allows you to charge two devices simultaneously at the same speed. It has smart technology built-in that detects what amount of voltage to channel to each device. It adjusts the power accordingly to reach the optimal charge level on each device. Safety is also important to the manufacturers as they have a safety mechanism in place to protect your device from overcharging and overheating.

Editor’s Rating:

Why We Recommend It

The quality design makes it a high-grade charger that’ll last for a long time. Built with aluminum and circuitry for maximum durability & protection against high temperatures. The aluminum casing ensures that heat is evenly distributed across the unit to keep the temperature stable.

It comes in a high gloss black finish that’ll blend in well with your car interior. It’s rated as the world’s tiniest USB car charger and only weighs 2.08oz. It comes with a one year warranty against any defects and 24/7 customer service support line.

Special Features

You can charge a variety of devices with this car charger including your tablet, kindle or camera. The dual ports are designed to fit any USB powered device. It will immediately start charging multiple devices at the same speed.

It chargers your device faster than the normal car charger that only generate 4.8A of power. Because of the QC 3,0 technology, it has completely revolutionized the speed of a car charger.

The only downside is it doesn’t support Google Pixel/XL with its Fast Charge technology.


  • It’s the smallest USB car charger
  • QC 3,0 fast-charging power
  • The bold contours give it a sleek finish


  • It doesn’t support Google Pixel/XL
  • Charging power is limited to your charging cable

10. Momen USB Car Charger

Momen USB Car Charger

Why we like it: The Momen car charger has a unique design that’ll give you plenty to look at when you’re charging. It has a lighting crackle design that glows when it’s on. Each unit has a unique cracking pattern so there’s no two that’s alike. It makes for a lovely gift for a loved one. It’s also compact and considered as one of the smallest car chargers on the market presently. The dual ports allow for two devices to be charged at the same time. Safety and protection rank high with Momen & they've included safety features that protect your device against overheating.

Editor’s Rating:

Why We Recommend It

The charger is compatible with any USB device and produces the same charging power to both devices if charging simultaneously. It carries a one year warranty to replace the product or refund you if there are any defects with the product.

Because of the innovative crackling glow light, it makes it easy to locate the ports at night. It connects firmly to your cigarette outlet without dislodging, so there’s no loss of power. It can charge not only phones but your laptop, camera or Kindle device.

Special Features

The illumination that this car charger provides is not only pleasant to look at but it’s functional too. The eye-protection technology has a light diffuser to protect your eyes against strain, eye fatigue and irritation. The light doesn’t flicker so there’s no harmful glare.


  • It has a unique crackling design
  • Protects against eye strain
  • Charge multiple devices simultaneously


  • Qualcomm Quick Charge isn’t supported
  • The LED light doesn’t turn off automatically

Guide to Buying the Best USB Car Chargers

The information in this buyers guide has been carefully compiled to give insight into the key aspects you should look at when considering buying a USB car charger. We’ve summarized the top 10 USB car chargers available on the market and now we can explore which features to consider.

Important Features to Look Out For

Before making your final selection on the specific USB car charger you’ll buy, check out the following features:

  • Total ports: It’s rare to find a car charger with only one port for you to charge your device with. Most USB car chargers come fully equipped with two ports that allow you to charge two devices simultaneously. Make sure you don’t waste money by investing in a unit that’ll only support one device as the current industry standard is dual ports so you’ll find many options to suit your needs.
  • Illuminated ports: The LED light isn’t simply for your aesthetic pleasure but more so for functionality and convenience. When you’re driving in the dark it’s difficult to locate the tiny ports in the dark. Car chargers have ports that light up making them easy to locate and safer to use when traveling at night.
  • Amp power: Power and speed remain the most important functions when it comes to USB car chargers. You expect your device to be charged in the fastest time possible right? Before deciding to buy one check that it has sufficient amp power to charge your device quickly.
  • Materials: What materials were used in the manufacturing of your USB car charger? It’s important to discern if high-quality materials such as aluminum, steel or hard plastic are used. The construction of the unit determines its durability and resistance it will offer against wear & tear. It also gives you total assurance that it’s safe to use as most metal car chargers distribute the heat evenly so it doesn’t overheat or self-combust.

Advantages of Using a USB Car Charger:

  • It offers you convenience as you can quickly charge your phone on your way to work or during the day if you spend long hours in your car traveling
  • You’ll also have a back-up in case of an emergency as your phone will always be charged
  • If you need to navigate using GPS you don’t have to worry about running out of battery power
  • Long trips become more bearable as you can keep the kids entertained on their tablets in the backseat or your iPod charged up for an endless music playlist

Disadvantages of Using a USB Car Charger:

  • Cost is a factor and spending money on a car charger can be seen as unnecessary especially if you don’t spend a lot of time traveling
  • It’s not adaptable with the older model cars that don’t have the modern technology to allow the USB car charger to be plugged in

Different Styles of USB Car Chargers

There are generally two types of USB chargers to select from: wired or unwired. Let’s look at the core differences between the two.


This is the older version of car chargers that were used when cell phones came out. The purpose of this type of charger was simply to charge your cell phone and nothing else. It didn’t have dual ports for more than one device to be charged as is the case with the modern chargers. It has a wire that connects your car accessory interface directly to your cell phone.


These types of car chargers are the modern versions you might be more familiar with. This niche consists of the majority of car charger types we’ve listed in our reviews.

The multi-functionality of the unwired type of car charger is that it can charge different devices. It’s not limited to only your mobile phone but can easily charge your laptop, tablet and even your camera.

The unwired version also makes it more convenient to use as the car charger is not connected to a wire. It simply connects to your cigarette adaptor in the car and generates power immediately. It’s hassle-free to use and ultra-convenient.

Considerations to Reflect on Before Deciding:

  • Charging Cable: There are different types of USB cables you can attach to the car charger if you need an extension for your devices. Make sure the car charger you opt for makes provision for a removable cable you can swap. Having control over which cable to use gives you the flexibility and versatility to charge any device you want.
  • Compatibility: How compatible will your final selection be with the model of your car and of course with your devices? You need to check the compatibility levels first to ensure your specific devices are supported by the USB car charger. Some car chargers don’t support Google Pixel and many other types of devices. Check before you buy it.
  • Capabilities: How capable is your preferred option to deliver the fastest charging output? Make sure the car charger you select has sufficient amps to not only charge your SmartPhone but any other USB powered device you have. Also, ensure it has dual ports that allow for more than one device to be charged simultaneously.

Final Words

We live in a world where convenience has become a strong currency. We consume and demand instant results because time is so limited. Most of the products we’ve listed can meet your expectations for speed and convenience instantly.

Whatever your final selection will be for a car charger we trust this guide has assisted in ensuring you pick the best one for your requirements.

Also, most car chargers we’ve listed are budget-friendly and would be good value for money. They produce high voltage power that can simultaneously charge two devices at the same speed. The safety features ensure you’re protected against overheating or overcharging your devices. The car charger shouldn’t only be pleasing to look at but must be durable enough to last you a long time.

Enjoy your traveling time with your new car charger and let us know how much it’s helped you stay connected & charged while on the road.