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To provide you with honest, accurate and useful reviews that let you make an informed decision about what product is best for you.

Who We Serve

Quite simply, we serve you! The Internet is a wonderful thing, but it has made the buying process surprisingly difficult. Between customers giving negative reviews for silly things like “the packaging smelled funny” and a countless number of fake reviews, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the good products from the bad products, and even harder to tell the great products from the good products. Our team of researchers have the experience necessary and proprietary web tools to help weed through all the information out there and consolidate it into a top product list that we feel confident about.

Who We Are

Auto Quarterly is a team of automotive enthusiasts who eat, sleep and breathe all things cars. Some may prefer to call us gearheads, grease monkeys, or car geeks, which would be an equally accurate description. We leverage our team’s personal experience and expertise, and combine that with hours of research to bring you helpful reviews to make your buying decisions as easy as possible.

Product Selection Process


Our team of car geeks have decades of experience and simply know what works and what doesn’t.

Sales Data

The laws of supply and demand often tell us exactly what we need to know. Most people don’t leave reviews, but their spending habits speak volumes.

User Reviews

Feedback from people who purchased a product is hands down the best way to gauge quality. Aggregating and analyzing real reviews across e-commerce sites, forums, major automotive publications and YouTube helps paint a picture of the quality of a product and credibility of a manufacturer.

Brand Quality

Not all brands are created equal. We research companies just as thoroughly as we research individual products to get the full picture. A company’s existing sales, reviews, BBB rating and return policies are all factored into our analysis


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Team Auto Quarterly

Here at Auto Quarterly, our writing team is made up of true automotive enthusiasts. We’re hopeless gearheads with an unhealthy passion for cars. So if it’s got an engine, it’s got our interest. Auto Quarterly exists so we can share our years of knowledge, expertise, and passion with those who care as much about the automotive world as we do. That means you’ll find us writing about everything from DIY paintwork restorations to engine tune-ups and all that’s in-between. If you can rev it, race it, or ride in it, we’ve got it covered.

Featured Writers

Wyatt Hall

Conceived in the front seat of a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am but born in the back of a Toyota Camry, Wyatt has an intimate connection with automobiles of all kinds. He has spent many hours on the road since his early days of family road trips nearly every weekend. Never happy to settle down in one spot for long, Wyatt prefers a more nomadic lifestyle that has resulted in him crisscrossing the lower 48 numerous times. He has a true passion for soaking up knowledge through hours of research before distilling everything into bitesize nuggets of information with just a dash of humor.

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Tom Roth

Tom's a gear-head that loves the sound of a naturally aspirated v8 or the purr of an in-line 6. Still, he appreciates the little things. Like how tires impact fuel economy and the importance of owning the best tools for automotive maintenance; just don't get him started on fitment. Tom has been tinkering with cars his whole life, even before he could get behind the wheel. He continues to search for the best accessories and modifications that transform driving from a chore into an experience. He lives in Long Island, NY where he enjoys every gear of his Mustang.

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Ken Steinberger

Ken was born into a family of gearheads. His father owned a performance motorcycle shop and raced in the desert. At the same time, his mother used to chase his father with water and gas in her modified 240z. When he came of age, he was forced to crew on Nitro Hot Rods, but his heart stayed in the desert where he fell in with a bad crowd of Baja champions in garbage VWs. He restored Jeeps and old muscle to earn some clout in the automotive world, but it was never enough to satisfy the need for knowledge. That’s why he spends all his time nowadays researching, experimenting with, and talking about everything car-related in a vain effort to claim the title of “expert.” All that knowledge is boring to just hoard, so he writes as a way to share experiences and entertain the world.

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Harry Stewart

An avid traveler for the last two decades, Harry rekindled his love affair with the road trip at the onset of the pandemic. And ever since lockdowns lifted, he’s been bouncing between Australian campsites in a decked-out Ford Transit. When he’s not exploring pristine national parks, Harry spends his time tapping away at the keyboard to create engaging RV content. First hand experience with maintenance, products, and installation allow him to educate the public with authority on everything RV. And all this info-rich content comes in easily digestible chunks with a smidgen of humor sprinkled on top.

Featured Editor

Joe Aitken

Joe Aitken is an editor with a thirst for knowledge, an eye for detail, and a love of the open road. Whether he’s researching ways to put together a bone-rattling sound system or simply trying to help readers make sure they get home safely, it’s his goal to make Auto Quarterly the premiere source of automotive knowledge and product recommendations for both car nuts and commuters alike.