Announce Your Presence with the 10 Best Air Horns for Trucks

Announce Your Presence with the 10 Best Air Horns for Trucks

The best air horns for trucks can make the difference in many traffic situations. With distinct sounds, every driver and pedestrian knows that a truck is approaching when hearing it. Apart from offering a distinct sound, these horns also offer loud sounds, with an average of 150db. This is why they create instant impact and they can signal other traffic participants of the presence of a vehicle as large as a truck. Of course, air horns are not to be used abusively. But when they are used with common sense, they can prove to be real lifesavers.

There are different types of air horns for trucks. Most of them are easy to install to a 12 Volt power outlet. Truckers can always have them installed by a car electrician but most air horns can also be installed with no extra help.

Features to Consider in Good Air Horns for Trucks

Truck air horns tend to be uncomplicated. If properly made, truck air horns are easy to install and easy to use. They should be durable as well as they need to deal with changing weather conditions. Available in different prices, air horns for trucks are made using different materials.


The sound level of the air horns is the most important. Some of the leading designs on the market have a capacity close to 150db. The enhanced sound capacity is based on the trumpet-style design and on the truck’s power source.


Apart from ensuring the sound is at loud it should be, the design of the air horns should also allow easy installation. This is why some of the best air horns for trucks are also some of the easiest to install.

Power connectivity

Most air horns need a power source. The easiest constant power sources actually come from the truck’s battery. This is why a free 12V outlet is needed for most air horns. Here are the best choices truckers can consider at the moment.

Top 10 Best Air Horns for Trucks 2024

1. Zento Deals 12V Single Trumpet Air Horn

Zento Deals 12V Single Trumpet Air Horn

Why we like it: With a distinct chrome look, the compact single-trumpet air hair is suitable for cars, trucks, vans, etc.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

As one of the most affordable air horns for trucks, the product is recommended for all types of uses. From the small car to the commercial truck making its way through heavy traffic, the air horn can handle any situation. It is made with a lightweight profile. Even if it looks as if made from metal, the plastic horn is actually chrome-coated to ensure its durability and even a distinct look while mounted.

There is a small compressor which needs to be installed with the horn as well. Finding its best location should be done according to the instructions manual. Of course, since the air horn works with a compressor, it also needs power from the truck’s battery. This is why it also ships with a 12V adapter.

Convenient Features

With a 150db capacity, the air horn is loud enough to be heard from a distance, which is what truck drivers want. Some of the most intuitive users of the air horn have also been seen it installed on vehicles as an anti-theft measure as it can sound loud whenever a break-in is attempted.

The versatility of the air horn also allows it to be considered for other vehicles. So during the offseason when truckers might be stuck at home, they can remove it from the truck and mount it on their cars. The installation process is easy and it is only limited by the availability of a 12V outlet. Suitable for trucks, SUVs, boats, and trains, this versatile air horn is one of the attractive options in its class, combining loud noises with a simple installation process based on great affordability.


This shiny air horn is an interesting option for any trucker looking for an affordable product to be installed in minutes.


  • Made with a distinct chrome look
  • Capable of producing 150db
  • Can be installed in various locations on the truck
  • Uses a standard 12V connector


  • The wiring could be thicker

2. Kleinn Air Horns 102-1 Black Dual Air Horn

Kleinn Air Horns 102-1 Black Dual Air Horn

Why we like it: These horns stand out with their longer design, which is mainly suitable for a truck-like deep sound.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

Not all truck horns are the same. Some of them offer a higher pitch sound while others offer a lower deep sound. The Kleinn Air Horns are part of those with a deep sound. This is mainly due to its design. Made with longer trumpets, the air horns are now able to offer a distinct sound. But the design of the air horn is different as well. Unlike many single-trumpet air horns, Kleinn decided to use double trumpets for a more distinct sound.

But the convenient design does not end here. The trumpets also come with an all-metal body. This makes them more durable. But the metal materials are also recommended for their truer sound, even if it is not as loud as some of the other air horns on the market.

Convenient Features

Kleinn’s Air Horns are made with double trumpets which produce a maximum sound level of 153db with a powerful compressor. Apart from its unusually loud noise, the trumpets also offer distinct deep sound due to their metal construction.

But since the air horns are made from metal, they also need to be protected against corrosion. This is why the manufacturer used Black XCR 2 copper coating to keep the air horns protected. Since the air horns are not that long at 16,7 inches, they can be fitted in various parts of the truck. Depending on their location, they can come with louder sounds than those of an ambulance or of a fire truck. Of course, in order for the air to go through the trumpets, an onboard air system is required as well. A 150PSI air system is advisable and it is sold separately. It works well with the included Vortex 4-12Volt solenoid.


With a loud performance, the deep air horns are a top choice for truckers who want a product louder than an ambulance air horn.


  • High 153db noise capacity
  • Designed with an all-metal construction
  • Included 4-12 electronic solenoid
  • Coated with corrosion resistant material


  • Onboard air system sold separately

3. Zonetech 12V Dual Trumpet Air Horn

Zonetech 12V Dual Trumpet Air Horn

Why we like it: This compact air horn is a recommended design for loud noise and easy installation.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

Made from lightweight plastic, the air horn is easy to install on trucks. It comes with an included compressor so that truckers can install it quickly. In most cases, its design allows it to be installed in any location. But most truckers will install it to replace the standard horn, which is not complicated. In this case, all that needs to be done is to simply remove the plug from the standard horn and cut the stock plug. Installed on the female spring terminals it is plugged to the new Zonetech air horn to activate.

Since it is made from plastic, the air horn is quite durable. It may not have as deep of a sound as it’s metal alternatives, but it works for most users. It even comes with an all-black design which can blend in with the car’s parts well. The compressor has a distinct red polished look which can give the truck a more sophisticated look. But as most truckers notice, the air horns come with two trumpets. So even if they are not as long as other trumpets, they still need enough width to be installed under the hood.

Convenient Features

At 115db, the air horns are powerful. They can signal traffic participants as well as pedestrians whenever needed. Of course, due to the extra power, the air horns should be used with caution. For example, truckers should avoid using them in areas with hospitals and schools.

Since the air horns are powerful and a bit smaller than many of its competitors, they can be installed on multiple vehicles. When the truck is not in use, the air horn can be moved on cars or vans. There are two trumpets which are part of the air horn system. One of them has an 8in length while the other has a 6.1in length. The small red compressor comes with a length of just 4.3in and this is why they are all easy to install.


As a lightweight affordable product, the air horns are suitable for easy installation both instead of existing factory air horns or as an additional solution.


  • Strong 15db sound capacity
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Included compact compressor
  • Can be installed with existing air horn wiring


  • Sound not as deep as with metal air horns

4. Gampro 12V 150db Air Horn

Gampro 12V 150db Air Horn

Why we like it: The durable air horn is suitable for trucks traveling long distances in different weather conditions.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

The air horn is one of the simplest and most efficient in its class. But there has been extra attention placed on its design, especially on the compressor. As a result, the air horn can be used in salty environments.

Used to signal animals on the road, to warn pedestrians or to simply warn traffic participants, the air horn is made with two trumpets. The large one has been designed with a length of 11,5 inches while the short one has a length of 9 inches. Gampro also added a quality compressor to the pack. It comes with an even smaller size of 4,4 inches. Unlike most compressors, it actually comes with a durable profile. While most compressors come with an iron terminal, Gampro uses a copper terminal. Heat treatment is applied on the compressor and its cables are made from copper instead of aluminum, which give it its durable profile, even in the most difficult conditions.

Convenient Features

Most importantly, the air horns produce a noise of 150db which is suitable for all situations and all vehicles. If it can be mounted on a truck, it can certainly work on smaller vehicles such as off-road cars. The trumpets are loud and they provide clear sound.

One of the distinct advantages of the system is that it doesn’t actually require any air system as it already comes with its own small compressor. The only requirement is power connectivity. This is why the air horns work with standard 12 V outlets.

At a weight of just 0,429g, the air horns are easy to install. They ship with an air hose, a relay, wires, a fuse, a fuse holder and mounting hardware. Practically, truckers have everything needed to install the air horns.


This compact solution is an alternative to many compressor-based air horns with the added benefit of the extra copper durability.


  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Based on a copper air compressor
  • Suitable for difficult weather conditions
  • Included inline fuse holder


  • Instructions can be improved

5. MPC 4 Trumpet Train Air Horn Kit

MPC 4 Trumpet Train Air Horn Kit

Why we like it: This powerful system is among the all-in-one solutions for truckers to consider based on a 110PSI air system.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

There are not too many complete kits to choose from on the market. But MPC now offers an air horn which also comes with a powerful air compressor. The entire pack is suitable to replace standard truck horns with a louder version.

Apart from the convenience of the pack, it also comes with parts that have a distinct look and which can make the truck even more attractive. The air horn itself is designed with 4 trumpets. The longest trumpet comes with a length of 13.75in. Since the air compressor needs to be installed with it, truckers also need to know it is not significantly larger than the trumpets. At a length of just above 15 inches, the air compressor needs to be installed in dry locations around the truck.

Convenient Features

The most convenient aspect of the air horns comes with their loud sound. The sound is not particularly low, but rather on the higher side of mid tones. But it still comes with a loud noise based on the powerful performance of the 110PSI air compressor. There are a few ways in which the air horn and the compressor can be installed for maximum efficiency.

For the sake of shorter installation time, it would be ideal if the air horn would be installed next to the engine, under the hood. This is not possible in all cases, but the manufacturer still advises users to install the air compressor in a safe and dry area of the truck.

Installed under the hood, under the truck or in any other location, the air horns are loud and they are up for the task. But the system also needs to be connected to a 12V power source before being fully functional. Furthermore, all the wiring needed for the installation process is already included in the pack.


With a powerful air compressor, the air horns are recommended for very loud sounds and long trumpets.


  • All-in-one pack installs promptly
  • Includes a 110PSI air compressor
  • Designed with 4 different trumpets
  • Ships with 12 feet of 10 gauge power wire


  • Air compressor may not fit in the engine compartment

6. Marco Tornado Compact Air Horn

Marco Tornado Compact Air Horn

Why we like it: With an integrated compressor, this compact air horn is among the fastest to install in small placed.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

Designed as one of the most compact names in the industry, the air horn is among the suitable options for truckers to consider when they don’t want to deal with complicated designs. The actual compressor is actually integrated into the air horn so it reduces all the needed installation wiring.

The metal-air horn has been tuned so that the possibility of faulty products is eliminated. As this has been a known problem for other air horns, it can be one of the ways to ensure true product quality. As it comes with a compact size, not much is expected from its performance. But this is far from the truth. It is why the air horns come with a maximum noise level of 150db. Designed with two trumpets, the air horn manages to offer one of the loudest horns to replace factory-mounted alternatives.

Convenient Features

The entire design of the air horn is convenient. But a few characteristics stand out, such as the 12V – 24V compatibility. Working at a frequency between 520 and 660Hz, the air horns also come with an included relay. The kit is mainly suitable for easy installation which can be particularly useful to busy truckers.

With low amperage, loud air horns can be useful in certain traffic situations. They can be used when trying to avoid traffic impact or pedestrians. But the air horn is also used by truckers in other situations. For example, when taking tight corners, some truckers like to signal their presence ahead, to alert possible incoming traffic. Of course, caution is needed when using the air horns in residential areas.


The compact all-in-one solution is mainly recommended for quick installation and no manufacturing faults.


  • Made with a compact design
  • Installs easily as everything is included
  • Powerful at 150db
  • Individually fine-tune performance


  • Unclear installation instructions

7. Vixen Air Horns

Vixen Air Horns

Why we like it: As one of the loudest truck-compatible air horns, it comes with an impressive 152db performance.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

Vixen’s air horns are among the most powerful on the market. They actually use 4 trumpets to create an impressive horn which successfully replaces standard air horns. It also comes as one of the loudest, useful for large open spaces. At 152db, it is certainly one of the loudest truckers can get.

Of course, its design also requires an onboard compressor, which is not included in the price. But otherwise, the air horn is designed with typical characteristics, allowing it to connect to standard 12V outlets. All mounting hardware is included. The good news is that the horn can be installed in different locations. This is possible due to its all-metal construction. Of course, this also means the horn has a deep sound which is among the most impressive in its class.

Convenient Features

All mounting hardware is included in the pack. Even an air hose is shipped with the air horns. Made from durable ¼” OD nylon plastic, the hose quickly connects to the onboard air system. Another convenient design feature comes with the actual look of the air horns. It is available in two versions. Truckers can choose from an all-black version and a chromed version. Both of these versions are the same. They both have a high sound capacity of 152db and they both connect to a 12V power source. At the same time, they both need an onboard air system to push the air through the trumpets.


As one of the largest and loudest designs to consider, Vixen’s horns are suitable for higher impact replacing standard truck horns.


  • Made with 4 trumpets
  • Designed with an all-black or a chrome finish
  • Ships with a ¼” OD nylon plastic hose of 6 feet
  • Convenient installation with all mounting hardware included


  • Both versions need an onboard air system

8. Marco 148 DB Extreme Blast Premium Air Horn

Marco 148 DB Extreme Blast Premium Air Horn

Why we like it: The loud setup is recommended for its performance and distinct black metal plated finish.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

As one of the most elegant air horns, the system is recommended when mounted outside the truck. It will not be damaged by rain as it comes with an elegant and useful metal plated black finish. The entire system is made with two heavy-duty compressors and two trumpets. A nylon base design has been added as well. As with some of the best air horns for trucks, it also ships with all mounting hardware included. Air hoses and relays are included as well.

Of course, since they are not based on a separate air system, their sound will not be as low. But they can be used on 18-wheelers and on smaller trucks as well. Furthermore, the air horns are easy to install and they can represent an alternative for drivers unwilling to spend too much time with additional air systems.

Convenient Features

The most convenient capacity of the air horns is their sound level. At 148db, they have comparable performance with some of the best products in their class. Furthermore, they manage to impress with their overall capacity to work without any additional compressed air. Their two small compressors are everything needed for them to reach 148db.

Of course, in order for the small compressors to be activated, they need to be connected to a power source. A standard 12V option will work, as with most releases of the class. Shipped with all the tubing and hardware needed for installation, the air horns can easily be installed in a short period of time. They can go under the hood but since they have a distinct finish, they can also be installed in a place where they would be more visible.


With an elegant design and a distinct finish, the air horns are suitable for trucks and smaller commercial vehicles.


  • Made with two metal-plated trumpets
  • Shipped with two small air compressors
  • Both compressors are powered by a 12V system
  • Relays and tubing are included in the pack


  • Sound not as deep as with onboard air systems

9. VaygWay 150db Air Horn

VaygWay 150db Air Horn

Why we like it: This compact air horn is one of the economical options and it still manages to offer a loud sound.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

Shipped with all the needed installation hardware, the truck horn is versatile and loud. Mostly used on trucks, it is sometimes seen or heard on smaller vehicles as well. But its loud sound is mainly suitable for trucks, as this sound is often associated with such large commercial vehicles.

It ships with a small compressor which powers the single trumpet of the air horn. Without this compressor, the trumpet would not be able to reach its full sound potential. A relay, a hose and basic mounting hardware such as a support and screws are added to the pack as well. Designed with a polished finish, the air horn is among the durable designs in its class. It represents one of the more suitable options for those with limited space for an extra horn.

Convenient Features

With a 150db loud sound, the air horn is unmistakable. It even comes with a single trumpet, which is very rare for this type of volume. But even with this single trumpet design, it is still reliable and it can even save space if mounted under the hood. But some truckers will immediately mount it on the cabin so that it becomes visible. Since it is made with a high standard of durability, it will not be impacted by changing temperatures.

But at the same time, the air horn is one of the most economical options for truckers. Apart from its affordable price, it also uses a standard 12V power outlet to blow the horn. Unlike air horns with two trumpets and two compressors, it actually places less pressure on the battery.


This economical design is suitable for truckers driving in cold weather, where the truck’s battery has to work extra hard.


  • Made with a single trumpet
  • Includes a small compressor
  • Can be mounted anywhere on the truck
  • One of the most economical designs in its class


  • Poor installation instructions

10. Vixen Horns 125dB Five Trumpet La Cucaracha Musical Air Horn

Vixen Horns 125dB Five Trumpet La Cucaracha Musical Air Horn

Why we like it: Musical air horns are still fun to use and they can certainly alert traffic participants in a distinct way.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

This all-in-one set comes with a unique approach. There are five trumpets blowing distinct La Cucaracha sounds. But even with this musical influence, the trumpets are actually suitable for trucks. This is due to the fact that they offer a 125db performance.

All five trumpets can be installed in the same place. Vixen also ships a high-capacity 18PSI compressor to power the trumpets. The good news is that all the required hardware to connect the air horns is included in the pack.

Convenient Features

Made by one of the leaders of the industry, the air horns stand out in other aspects as well, such as customer support. The manufacturer offers impressive lifetime support for its products. There is a 1-year warranty for the air horns as well.

With a distinct red color, the air horns are a distinct choice. They are not really made for all truckers but for those who want to make an immediate impact. Since musical horns are hard to ignore, the loud trumpets come with their own approach to road safety.


As a distinct musical profile, the air horns sound distinct and they look apart as well as they come in red, chrome and black.


  • Made with a distinct musical profile
  • Includes 5 loud horns
  • Made in different colors and finishes
  • Powered by an 18PSI compressor


  • Not the most compact air horn


Why is an air horn better than a standard horn?

An air horn can be louder than a standard truck horn. It is mainly used to alert other traffic participants of imminent situations.

Is it legal to install an air horn on my truck?

Every state has a different policy on air horns. Even at the municipal level, there are local laws to abide by. This is why truckers should always inform themselves on the legality of their air horns on their typical routes.

What is a dangerous DB limit?

At 150db, most air horns are safe to use. Above this limit and closer to the 200db mark, the loud sounds are dangerous and they can even kill a person.

What is the purpose of air horns?

Air horns should not be used for fun. They should only be used to alert traffic participants of certain danger.

Are air horns affected by weather?

Air horns are not affected by the weather. The best air horns are can actually be mounted on the outside of the truck, where they are exposed to sun, rain or snow.

Can truckers install an air horn themselves?

Many air horns can be installed simply by following the instructions manuals. But for other complex air horns such as those with a large on-board air system, the help of a mechanic or electrician could prove essential.

What is an onboard air system?

An onboard air system uses air under pressure which is blown into the trumpets and which is responsible for the horn.

What is an air compressor?

An air compressor is shipped with the best air horns to replace the onboard air system and to power the trumpets.

Guide to Buying the Best Air Horns for Trucks

Choosing the best air horns for trucks is not complicated. Most users can do so on their own, without any specialist knowledge. Some of the air horns on the market include all the required hardware needed for installation while others only come with trumpets and a few other accessories such as an air hose. But where does a trucker start looking for the best air horns?

Decibels and maximum sound level

Obviously, decibels are important. They can make the difference in the distance it takes other traffic participants to notice an oncoming truck. But having too many decibels is actually dangerous. This is why a few of the best air horns of the moment are actually limited to 150db. Some of them are even made with a lower sound volume, but this doesn’t necessarily make them any better. In most cases, it is clear that users have the capacity to choose both a high volume system and quality acoustics.

Design and fit

The design of the air horns is very different. Form a single trumpet to 5 trumpets, there are endless possibilities. But for most users, it can also be a clear sign that the design of the air horns should actually match their truck’s possibilities. This is why it’s so important to find the right design from the start. Judging by a few experiences, some truckers are only able to mount their air horns under the truck while others prefer them somewhere on the truck.

But there are cases where truckers actually change the air horns from vehicle to vehicle. For example, if they are not driving during the winter months, some truckers move the air horns on their personal vehicles and in this case, a compact design might be a better choice. It seems that the design of the air horns is more important than many new users might think of.

Finishing and durability

Should truckers choose metal or plastic air horns? The debate is still continuing and each user has personal preferences. But for many users, it is clear that both options can work well. Those with an ear for detail know that there is a difference in the two materials. Metal usually favors deep sound while plastic works with mid-high notes. But there are plenty of exceptions and metal construction is not a guarantee for any sound, unless properly crafted.

Parts and extras

Extras can include air compressors. Some air horns come with a single air compressor while others come with two. Some of the loudest air horns actually come with no air compressor and they are based on the air from an onboard air system. But even in this case, they can come with the right durable hose for connectivity purposes. However, it is also important to consider the right instructions manual along these extras, especially if truckers are installing the air horns themselves.

Warranty and other policies

All air horns should be covered by a minimum warranty policy. It is typical for this warranty period to cover up to 1 year of possible manufacturing defects. But a number of manufacturers also offer other incentives such as lifetime customer support. So all the questions truckers might have can be quickly answered in the future.

Using air horns safely

Above all characteristics, truck air horns should be used responsibly. Apart from being up to date with state and local regulation, trucker should also not abuse air horns, even when in areas where they are allowed. This is why they should only sound the horns when truly needed. Sounding them too much or just for fun can actually scare traffic participants. This is why common senses are also needed alongside the very strict regulation in this area. Some of this regulation refers to all morning. Areas in the vicinity of hospitals or schools are particularly known for banning horning.

Final considerations

Some of the best air horns for trucks are able to be quickly installed. Among other characteristics, it’s worth noting people are actually relying on them to work in emergency situations. Proper testing should be carried out after installation in an area where sounding the horn is legal.

Since there are many types of air horns, truckers should choose a product which is easy to install and which can also be used in different conditions, especially if driving across the country. It is more likely to encounter changing weather conditions on long routes and this is why a durable air horn is needed, especially when mounted on the truck or under the truck. Luckily, such options are available as seen above. In the end, it might only be a matter of choice and design compatibility as some truckers may struggle to find the right place to install the air horns. However, reading the full instructions manual is the first installation step, regardless of the location of the future air horn on the truck.

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