Best Car Airbags to Keep You Safe

Best Car Airbags to Keep You Safe

The best car airbags or air suspension systems are now more versatile than ever before. Their history is somewhat interesting. First seen on heavy-duty vehicles, airbag suspension kits are now seen on cars as well. Their adjustability is impressive.

An airbag kit refers to multiple pieces. It is not just the airbag itself, it is all of the components it comes with. This is why car airbags are also called airbag kits. So what does a typical kit include? An air compressor is needed for the air inside. Air tubes, a dryer, and solenoids are typically included in a kit as well.

Features to Consider in Good Car Airbags

Those new to airbag suspension systems might be a bit confused by the sub-categories and different names to remember. But there are only 3 main categories to worry about. The double convoluted air suspension is very common. But tapered sleeve and rolling sleeve air suspension designs are available as well.

Double-convoluted air suspension

As its name suggests, this suspension has two airbags. They are connected by a narrow section, similar to an hourglass. Since there are two airbags, they can withstand more weight. As a result, they can also be seen in front of heavy vehicles.

Tapered sleeve air suspension

The system is used in cars with rear suspension. With a conical shape, they are mainly used for added comfort.

Rolling sleeve air suspension

The rolling sleeve air suspension is also seen in the rear suspension vehicles. They are mainly used by professionals in racing cars but they are seen in performance tuning as well. Car handling with these airbags doesn’t suffer. The following products are some of the best car airbags to consider at the moment.

The Best Car Airbags 2024

1. Air Lift 60818 1000 Series Rear Air Spring Kit

Air Lift 60818 1000 Series Rear Air Spring Kit

Why we like it: With a weight capacity of 1,000lbs, the airbag spring kit increases safety when carrying heavy loads.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

Designed to fit open coil springs in the front or in the rear, the Air Lift 1000 series is a durable line. The car airbags are suitable for heavy-duty vehicles such as pick-up trucks as well. There are a few reasons why this is the case. However, the design of the airbags themselves allows quick installation.

As some drivers might recall, the previous release from the manufacturer had a few minor issues in the area of replacement. But the issue is now solved and the puck-shaped piece at the top of the airbag is now redesigned.

The air springs easily fit into the coil springs and most drivers can even insert them with no help. Air needs to be released from the airbags first, as indicated by the instructions. Installing the spring airbags will not take more than a couple of hours.

Convenient Features

With a large 1,000lbs weigh capacity, there are different convenient benefits to consider. There are no more squat problems, especially when there is a heavy load in the vehicle. With better weight distribution to all tires, this benefit reduces the pressure on coil springs.
Trailer sway is eliminated as well. Since the height of the trailer alignment is not variable anymore, it can suit a wide range of weekends away and even road trips. By the same standards, the body roll issues of taller vehicles are eliminated as well. Diminishing rough rides, the airbag suspension kit is suitable for a more comfortable riding experience, even if it can favor a more utilitarian use with its higher weight capacity.


With adjustable air pressure from 5 to 35 PSI, drivers have full control of this powerful airbag system.


  • Made with a weight capacity of 1,000lbs
  • Fits most coil springs
  • Quick installation with guided instructions
  • Eliminate rough rides


  • Can take some practice to fit inside the coils

2. Autosaver88 Rear Air Suspension

Autosaver88 Rear Air Suspension

Why we like it: Compatible with the Lincoln Town Car, the Mercury Grand Marquis, and the Ford Crown Victoria, the air suspension system is made from durable rubber.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

It may be hard to find a design to fit the older generation cars. But at the same time, people still use these cars to commute to work as they are cheap to run. The conic air suspension system is designed based on high-density rubber. The material is known for its resilience. They are considered to be better for the car, with a more relaxing driving experience than conventional airbag suspension alternatives.

The design of the suspension system fits all Mercury Grand Marquis from 1989 to 2010. It fits the Lincoln Town Car from 1989 to 2010 and the Mercury Marauder from 2003 to 2004. But the system also fits Ford Crown Victoria cars from 1992 to 2010.

Convenient Features

One of the most convenient features of the air springs is that it allows proper weight distribution. The sink-in feeling of the car is less present than with conventional spring coils. Of course, there are other benefits to even weight distribution. One of them is the way the car absorbs bumps. With less of an impact transmitted to the car and to the passengers, the comfort of the ride is increased. This also means damage to other car parts is limited as well.

The off-road performance of the vehicles is also considerably improved with the Rear Air Suspension system. Driving off the beaten path is often complicated. Even leaving the car further away from the house and carrying groceries by hand would not be an alternative. In many cases, improved air suspension can make the ride more comfortable in these off-road conditions.


This strong rubber air suspension or recommended on some of the most popular cars made up to 2010.


  • Fits a wide range of cars
  • Made from durable imported rubber
  • Sealed against air leaks
  • Vastly improves vehicle stability


  • Not suitable for newer cars

3. Firestone 6781 Ride-Rite Rear Air Helper Spring

Firestone 6781 Ride-Rite Rear Air Helper Spring

Why we like it: With a weight capacity between 500lbs and 100lbs, the airbag suspension system is designed to fit inside coil springs.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

Suitable for different types of vehicles, the air adjustable system offers a smooth ride experience. It fits inside spring coils and it comes with a double-convoluted design. The air pressure inside the airbags can actually be controlled, making it a custom solution for the exact levels of comfort drivers feel comfortable with.

One of the distinct advantages of the car suspension airbags comes with the durability of the elastic materials. The elastic material is made to resist even extreme temperatures, which can only be seen as a great advantage. From 180°F to -40°F, the pneumatic system maintains its durable and elastic profile.

Convenient Features

One of the benefits of using such a suspension system comes with the fact that the weight of the vehicle and of the passengers is better distributer. As a result, all essential parameters can be better controlled. One of them is actually the brake response of the vehicle. The car’s role is also better controlled by this simple adjustment.

Driving a car with fitted airbags also means driving a car which is easier to control. This is why the airbags can be very useful on larger cars, which are harder to control due to their size. The good news is that as long as the weight limits are respected, the PSI level of the airbags can be adjusted to fit different cars and even to fit personal preferences.

Made from elastic polyurethane, the airbags are easily among the most durable in their class. Most drivers should be able to see years of performance at the highest level before the airbags would need to be updated. Another convenient feature is given by the simplicity of the installation process, which should not take longer than one or two hours.


This versatile car airbag suspension system is made with some of the most durable materials in the class.


  • Supports weights between 500 and 1000lbs
  • Resists extreme temperatures
  • Allows PSI adjustability
  • Installs quickly and easily


  • Not suitable for commercial use

4. Air Lift 60732 1000 Series Rear Air Spring Kit

Air Lift 60732 1000 Series Rear Air Spring Kit

Why we like it: Suitable for newer cars, the 60732 1000 Series is an air spring kit worthy of Air Lift

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

Made to increase safety and comfort on the road, the Air Lift 60732 has a design suitable for newer cars. Seen on cars such as the Toyota Sienna, it is still as easy to use as most air spring kits from the 1000 series.

As all airbag systems in this class, it actually installs inside the coil springs. The manufacturer’s guarantee remains the same, the air system can be installed in two hours or less. This is one of the good news drivers can hear as they can even install the system themselves in many situations.

But when it comes to the installation process, there are a number of drivers who report trying out different PSI levels in the 60732, depending on the car, its weight and comfort preferences. 25 PSI seems to be the sweet spot for vehicles such as the Sienna, but the airbag system is capable of handling up to 32 PSI.

Convenient Features

There are a few main benefits from the 1000 series which have been tried and tested on numerous vehicles. One of them is the improved ride comfort. It seems that even under 20PSI, the airbags offer good levels of comfort and the main difference can be felt on bumpy roads. One of the main benefits of the different type of shock absorption on bumpy roads is that the tires of the vehicle are kept on the road. This means all drivers can see improved vehicle handling.

Body roll is another area where the airbag spring system shows its true capacity. Made to diminish body roll, it allows vehicles to stay safer and more comfortable. Of course, getting used to the suspension system takes time and some minor driver adjustments need to be made. But one of the areas where this benefit has an immediate impact is on hilly roads with many tight turns.

Not all drivers use a trailer but those who do decide to attach one to their car know the problems which can arise along the way. With changing rear vehicle height, there is the risk of trailer sway on most roads. This is where the 60732 proves to be such a great choice for the days away from home or simply when going on holidays.


The durable airbag spring kit is one of the designs easy to install on newer cars.


  • Made with a 1,000lbs weight capacity
  • Handles pressures up to 32PSI
  • Remarkable comfort in tight turns
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Wiring clips could be self-adhesive

5. Air Lift 60769 1000 Series Rear Air Spring Kit

Air Lift 60769 1000 Series Rear Air Spring Kit

Why we like it: Replacing p-30/32 front OEM springs, the 60769 can replace factory rear air spring supports for cars, SUVs and even vans.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

With a practical design, drivers can find all they need inside the kit. This includes airlines, a Schrader valve, and a fully-illustrated installation guide. The good news is that the versatility of the car airbag system is worth the investment. Some drivers even consider it as an alternative to factory airbag systems which go out as they are much more affordable.

At the same time, the performance of the air spring kit is worth taking into consideration. Many drivers report different types of pressures to handle different tasks. If a normal lightweight car can even run on 10PSI, towing requires higher pressures, closer to the 30PSI mark. Both of these extremes are actually supported by the air spring kit.

Convenient Features

There are obvious reasons to use the air spring kit, even as a replacement for standard kits such as those on the GMC Yukon XL. There are reasons to believe that they are as reliable on larger vehicles just as on smaller vehicles.

Air Lift is one of the most respected names in the branch and this is why drivers can feel a type of trust in the manufacturer which would not be otherwise possible with other brands. Part of this trust is based on the impressive 60-day money back guarantee offered with the 60769. The policy allows all drivers to test out the system for proper function. There is a limited lifetime warranty on the product as well. This means its durability can serve even the most demanding everyday use.

One of the main benefits of the car airbags comes with the proper air distribution on the wheels. This means that even driving the car becomes easier and more efficient. Braking is even improved and it proves to be one of the distinct areas of major improvements over simple coil spring support.


With high versatility in terms of compatibility, the 60769 Air Lift Rear Air Spring Kit is recommended for lifetime use.


  • Made to fit multiple vehicles
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty
  • Handles a wide range of PSI pressure levels
  • All accessories included in the pack


  • No information on spring coil measurements

6. Air Lift 60817 1000 Series Rear Air Spring Kit

Air Lift 60817 1000 Series Rear Air Spring Kit

Why we like it: Suitable for cars or small off-road vehicles such as a Jeep Wrangler, the air spring kit is made to last.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

Made with the same versatile design of the Air Lift 1000 series, the air spring kit comes with durable airbags. They are known for their resilience and their design doesn’t require the spring coils to be removed from the car.

The installation process usually takes about an hour. The car airbag design allows bending. While the air is pushed out of the rear air springs, users can bend them at the ends so they can be inserted through the spring coils. Furthermore, the installation process also benefits from all the needed accessories for the kit. No drilling is required to install the kit. Some drivers might even install it on their own, with tools from around the house.

When it comes to fit, the air spring kit can be used on different cars. Its size might see it as a perfect fit for small vehicles such as the classic Jeep Wrangler. All Wranglers made until 2017 can benefit from the air system. However, as with all air spring systems, measuring out the spring coils is still needed first.

Convenient Features

There’s lifetime warranty offered on the kit. Similarly to many Air Lift products, the warranty policy is suitable for different types of drivers. Even if these air spring kits are generally durable, it’s still reassuring to know there is such a robust warranty in place.

With a maximum load capacity of 1,000lbs, the air spring kit can be used to carry light loads as well. Packing for the weekend trip should not be an issue. But at the same time, drivers should also ensure the pressure in the airbags is actually sufficient for the load. Many drivers use pressures of around 30PSI, but this can change, especially when driving off-road where a bit more cushioning can improve the overall comfort.

Another issue worth mentioning is with car overload. Even if the air spring system is added to the car, it doesn’t mean that the actual weight capacity of the car is any different. In fact, it remains the same. So to ensure vehicles are not overloaded, drivers should still check their cars’ manuals.

When it comes to handling, the air spring system is as reliable as its counterparts. It represents a solid option which, if properly installed, will not suffer from air leaks. Furthermore, there is supporting data to show that the airbags do a good job with shock absorption both on and off the road.


Made to deal with some of the most variable terrains, the air spring kit is one of the adapting designs to consider even when driving off-road.


  • Sustains up to 1,000lbs
  • Backed by easy installation
  • Offers lifetime warranty
  • Prevents bottoming out


  • May not fit all Wranglers

7. Firestone 4100 Coil-Rite Air Springs

Firestone 4100 Coil-Rite Air Springs

Why we like it: With high versatility and durability, the air springs offer leading air pressure resistance.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

Made to deal with some of the most demanding situations such as high weight, the air springs are easy to install. Some users prefer to remove the coil springs and install them the classic way while others still prefer to spend more time and actually insert them inside the spring coils with no removal.

Furthermore, there are a number of users who appreciate the overall versatility of the coil air springs and this is why they can be seen on different vehicles, from compacts to RVs.

Convenient Features

Supporting weights between 500lbs and 1,000lbs, the air springs are very durable. In fact, once installed, they don’t need too much attention apart from the driving style. With tested durability, users can actually enjoy one of the best designs in the class. Furthermore, drivers can expect ½ million cycles of resistance. This makes the air springs one of the most durable designs in this class.

Of course, they are mainly used to improve comfort. In the case of the P30 chassis, they can replace the stock air springs when needed, which comes with considerable savings. Most importantly, the air spring set is among the most comfort-giving products to install on a vehicle. Just as some of the best airbag springs, their reliability is impressive.


With a weight capacity between 500 and 1,000lbs, the air springs are suitable for low loads.


  • Made to install with basic tools
  • Ships with included accessories
  • Includes fasteners and inflation valves
  • Made from polyurethane


  • May leak air above 25PSI

8. Firestone W237604138 Coil-Rite Kit

Firestone W237604138 Coil-Rite Kit

Why we like it: Suitable for cars and SUVs, the Coil-Rite Kit is one of the more affordable products from Firestone.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

Even with an affordable price, the kit still includes all the accessories needed for installation. Air hoses need to be properly secured as they are usually responsible for air leaks. Inflation valves are included in the pack. Push-to-connect fittings are also shipped in the pack so that the user can start the installation as soon as possible.

Made from polyurethane, the car airbag springs are actually durable, given their low price. In fact, the PU materials are also used by other more expensive products. Judging by the design of the airbags, they can fit on a wide range of vehicles, from city cars to SUVs.

Convenient Features

With a maximum weight capacity of 1,000lbs, the air spring system is one of the most distinct options in its class. It resembles some of the leading designs on the market, such as those from Air Lift. Just as the Air Lift designs, the Coil-Rite kit is actually mounted on coil springs with or without removal.

Since it is installed on a large number of vehicles, the air support spring kit needs to maintain its sustainable nature. This is why, if installed correctly, it will not leak any air for years. Some users install it on vehicles such as the Honda Odyssey without too much effort and with good results.

Most importantly, the air suspension kit is recommended for added comfort. It is one of the simplest and most efficient products for those seeking an improved ride quality. Going over some of the most pressing issues drivers might face, it’s worth mentioning that the Coil-Rite kit is also used for better vehicle maneuverability both with light and heavy loads.


This affordable system is one of the durable options which doesn’t leak any air.


  • Made to support up to 1,000lbs
  • Fits cars and SUVs
  • Ships with quality fittings
  • Offers detailed instructions


  • Not covered by a lifetime warranty

9. Air Lift 80537 1000 Series Front Air Spring Kit

Air Lift 80537 1000 Series Front Air Spring Kit

Why we like it: These petite airbags springs are recommended on older generation vehicles such as the Chevrolet El Camino.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

Made to be installed inside coil springs, the Air Lift kit is one of the rare occasions for those older generation cars to enjoy a comfortable ride. Even if it fits older cars, it might still be as simple to install as the rest of the kits from the Air Lift 1,000 series.

Convenient Features

Made for a comfortable ride, the air spring lifts are installed directly in the spring coils. At the same time, they need to be connected to the air hoses which are included in the pack. Once properly installed, they can be inflated to immediately feel a difference in ride comfort. Unlike other airbags from the 1,000 series, the 80537 airbags are made to resist higher air pressure. With 1,000lbs of leveling capacity, the airbags are at the top of weight capacity characteristics in their class.


These compact airbags are used on older generation vehicles to make them as comfortable or even more comfortable than many other new generation cars.


  • Compact and easy to install
  • Recommended for towing
  • 1,000lbs leveling capacity
  • Ships with step-by-step instructions


  • Won’t fit on new cars

10. Firestone W237604155 Coil-Rite Kit

Firestone W237604155 Coil-Rite Kit

Why we like it: With an adaptable design, the airbags of the Coil-Rite Kit are used on cars and pick-ups.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

As one of the most affordable airbag kits, drivers have good reasons to consider Firestone’s release. It comes with the same 1,000lbs weight capacity just as most similar airbags in this best products class. Most importantly, the airbags are durable and easy to install. All the accessories are included in the pack. Users have access to air pipes, fasteners, and inflation valves. Fittings are also included in the pack.

Convenient Features

One of the most convenient characteristics of the airbag kit comes with its durability. Even if not fully backed by a lifetime warranty, the kit is still guaranteed up to ½ million cycles. This can equate to years of use. However, the kit still needs to be properly installed. Most users have the freedom to install their own kits since there are not too many complex tools needed for installation. However, it is best to allocate sufficient time for installation to avoid air leaks.


As an affordable kit with ½ million cycles of life testing, it can be a durable choice which needs to upgrade for cars and SUVs.


  • Includes all accessories
  • Made with durable PU materials
  • Can be installed on cars, pick-ups, and motorhomes
  • Made with quality fasteners


  • Supports not required for many cars


Does my car need airbags?

Not all cars need air suspension systems. Some of them which come with such systems from the factory might need replacements after a number of years. But since the airbags of the system are mounted directly inside the coil springs, they can be installed on virtually any vehicle for added comfort and stability.

Can I install an air suspension system?

Most users can install an air suspension system with no help. Those who have not done so before might need to go over the instructions manual first. However, having the car in an elevated position means not all users will be able to do this at home.

How long with air suspension last?

From a few years up to decades, the durability of an air suspension system is up for debate. Checking product warranty is one of the ways in which users can ensure proper functionality for years to come and future-proof purchases.

Guide to Buying the Best Car Airbags

There are different types of car airbag suspension systems. Some of them can be used on multiple cars. In fact, most of them can be used on more than a type of car as they are only limited by the size of the coil springs, which are often the same in many cars. However, making the best decision can involve going over a few basic characteristics and value in the real world.

Coil spring size

The coil spring size is the most important characteristic of a good fit. The free length of the spring is its actual length. The inner diameter is also important in order for the airbags to fit properly. Those who are unsure about the size of the coil springs can measure them manually. At the same time, there are various online tools which allow drivers to automatically match their cars with the correct airbag suspension size.

The coil springs are somewhat similar in new cars but very different in old cars. This is why cars made before the 90s might be harder to match with the right airbags. Luckily, even older cars can be fitted with air suspension kits as there are plenty of them to choose from. Since they are not too technologically advanced, they can be produced for various types of cars. This is also why so many air suspension systems can actually fit SUVs, pick-ups or other vehicles.

Installation process

The installation process can give many drivers headaches. It might not be as simple as many want it to be, especially if installing the air suspension system with no help. But in most cases, this should not be overly complicated. It is actually one of the processes detailed in step-by-step guidance. One of the main issues which occur with poor installation is leaking air. This might also be a cause of physical damage over time, but it can also be a sign that something was installed properly or fitted properly.

There are endless stories of drivers complaining about how their airbags are losing air pressure. It is why attention needs to be given to the installation routine. Even if most air suspension systems can be installed within an hour, it is recommended to allocate at least 2 hours to properly go over each step.

Materials and durability

The materials of the airbags are similar in the best products. Polyurethane is used by most leading brands as it is inexpensive, flexible and durable. Since the material needs to be flexible in order to install the airbag without removing the spring coils, it is recommended to choose the products which are actually able to withstand torsion. Choosing these products is easy. Drivers simply need to look at the installation guidelines which can indicate that the airbags need to be bent. This is a sign of their flexible nature. The last thing many drivers want is to have to remove the coil springs and install the airbags following a longer procedure.

Installation requirements

From tools to the space of the installation, drivers need to consider the logistics behind the installation instructions. If most drivers already have the tools needed during the installation process around their homes, they might still struggle with car elevation. Those without a ramp might need to get under the car but this is not efficient as there is not enough space to properly install the airbags and the air hoses.
This is why most drivers will actually need the helping hand of a mechanic or car electrician. Elevating the car will give people better access to the coil springs.

The benefits of choice

But what are the benefits of car airbag spring systems? In many cases, drivers can add them just for the way they look. But most of the drivers who deal with uncomfortable rides will be looking for solutions to improve their comfort. While purchasing all new coil springs is very expensive and can come with similar comfort levels, an airbag suspension system can prove an affordable and reliable alternative.

Apart from improving ride comfort, it is also important to understand that the efficiency of driving is improved as well. As long as the airbags have the same air pressure, they can actually improve handling. Improved braking is seen on all cars with such airbags.

Reduced roll and better stability in the corners is also seen on the cars. But those who might need to go off-road at times will see the biggest benefits of the car airbags. They can offer a more comfortable ride even when driving off the beaten path. Of course, they also have a limit and in many cases, it actually depends on the PSI level of the airbags to find the limit in certain driving conditions.

Final considerations

Some of the best car airbag suspension kits are now available with all the accessories. But in many situations, drivers might still need to think about how all of them can work together. Hoses which are not secured properly are going to leak air and reduce PSI pressure inside the airbag, which can be at least seen as uncomfortable.

But all manufacturers offer instructions which need to be followed during the installation process. Brands such as Air Lift also make these instructions electronically available, which can simplify this process even more. For most people, it is also a good opportunity to understand how spring coils work and how the car’s load affects its performance and comfort.

Since there are many great products to consider, the options, in the end, are left to the right fit and to the most durable choice. Since there are a few policies for these kits such as the money-back guarantee, drivers can even try out their products first. This would still allow them to maximize the performance of their spring coils as many airbags are simply too large or too small for their car’s needs.

Measuring the coil springs is required when there is no automatic matching for the type of car about to be fitted with the air system. But at the same time, drivers can find the air suspension systems among the most durable products for car comfort, as most of them should last for years, especially when installed correctly and used under the maximum weight limit.

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