Lie Back and Read About the Best Headrest Pillows for Your Car

Lie Back and Read About the Best Headrest Pillows for Your Car

One of the main issues with a long commute or being stuck in traffic is that at the end of your journey, you are left with a stiff neck and a lot of discomfort.

This is mostly because car headrests aren’t great at supporting your head and neck for extended periods of time.

So, to make up for this, you need a great headrest or neck pillow. However, you will quickly realize that choosing the best headrest pillows for your car isn’t always the easiest process.

After all, there is a lot to select from and not all of these pillows are created equal.

To make this task a little simpler for you to manage, we decided to do some research into finding the top headrest pillow for you.

Features to Consider in Good Headrest Pillows

Here are all of the elements that we considered when we were on the lookout for the best car headrest pillow:

  • Support: of course, the main purpose of a headrest pillow is the level of support that it has to offer. This is why we didn’t just think about how comfortable a particular pillow was, we also took into consideration how well it held up your head and neck, especially over long periods of time.
  • The Outer Material: we then examined the material that was used for the outermost layer of the pillow. We wanted to make sure that it was soft but also hygienic enough to be placed against your skin.
  • Attachment Features: we inspected the attachment features that allowed you to fix the pillow to the seat’s headrest. This ensured that the pillow could sit securely in the right spot.
  • Maintenance: last but not least, we looked at how simple it was to maintain this pillow and whether it could be easily washed and cared for to increase its lifespan.

Top 10 Best Headrest Pillows for Your Car 2024

1. AERIS Car Neck Pillow

AERIS Car Neck Pillow

Why we like it: A well-designed memory foam car pillow for those who might want some extra head support even when not sleeping.

Editor’s Rating:

This very stylish car pillow has many things going for it. We loved the velvety texture and the comfy looking exterior. This is another memory foam pillow, a favorite material for car pillows. This car pillow is definitely affordable but offers many perks too.


This car pillow is made from high-quality, responsive memory foam. This is the grade of memory foam that responds to heat. When it’s generally hot, the pillow would be soft. But in winter the pillow would be hard until it absorbs your body heat.

We found this car pillow to be thoughtfully designed. It comes with two covers. One inside cover is for the memory foam. Over it, there’s a black, plush velour cover. The material has a lovely velvety feel, but not without feeling as thick and scratchy as actual velvet.

The pillow comes with a portable travel bag. The pillow can be squeezed to fit inside the bag. When squeezed, the whole pillow package is very compact.


This memory foam pillow offers just the right amount of head and neck support, in our opinion. It’s washable and can be folded into a compact form. When in the travel bag, this pillow can be shoved into a glove box or a backpack.

We found this neck pillow to be might comfortable. However, it can take a while to find the most comfortable position. The pillow, when attached to the headrest, can sink in between the space between the seat and the headrest.

If you can find the right position, then this pillow would feel heavenly. The exterior is wonderfully soft and relaxing. Despite the low price tag, the quality dazzled us.

Unfortunately, this car pillow is not hypoallergenic. Also, it’s has a rather flat cushion shape, so it will not prevent the head falling off to the side.


This car pillow may not offer much side support, but we were very impressed by how comfortable it is when supporting the neck. The pillow is made from high-quality material and is easy to maintain. We’d say it’s worth every penny.


  • Contains high-quality memory foam
  • Can be folded into half its size
  • Comes with travel bag
  • Washable cover
  • Affordable


  • Requires proper placement to feel comfortable
  • May not suit all cars or users

2. Travel Ease Premium Car Pillow

Travel Ease Premium Car Pillow

Why we like it: The Travel Ease Premium Car Pillow Kit ensures that your head, neck, and back are well supported at all times during your drive.

Editor’s Rating:


The most important feature on this headrest pillow is the way it is curved outwards. This ensures that your head and neck are supported at various points. Thus, you can be sure that these areas are kept in their proper alignment, preventing any undue stress and strain on your muscles. For some, however, this pillow can prove to be rather thick and push your head forwards, making it a bit uncomfortable.

The back support portion of this kit also works well and ensures that your muscles remain properly supported and aligned throughout your drive. Both these pillows are stuffed with memory foam. This is what allows each curve and contour on your body to be assisted properly. Once your neck and back in the right place, the foam will become more firm assuring your maximum support.

Attachment Features

The elastic strap on the back of the pillow is flexible enough to fit around most headrests without any problem. To make it even better, the strap comes with an adjustable buckle. This allows you to tighten and loosen the strap to specifically fit your needs, making it a lot easier to find the right position for you.

Outer Material

The outer material of this kit actually has a lot of benefits. For one thing, it is very comfortable as it is breathable and doesn’t store heat, making it great for all types of weather. At the same time, the fabric is very durable and can withstand a great deal of use. Last but not least, it is also anti-mite and thus, very easy to keep clean.


Speaking of clean, this headrest pillow (and the backrest too) are rather low maintenance. This is because the outer layer is removable and can is even durable enough to be machine-washed. These features, combined, means that you will have no problem keeping it looking good.


  • Offers great support
  • Memory foam helps with continued alignment
  • Easy to adjust around headrests
  • Hygienic and soft outer covering
  • Easy to clean


  • Pillow can be too thick for some

3. LANGRIA Infinity-Shape Car Neck Pillow

LANGRIA Infinity-Shape Car Neck Pillow

Why we like it: One of the best neck support pillows for car rides ever made.

Editor’s Rating:

This may be just the pillow you need to support your neck while on long car rides. This car pillow is specifically designed to reduce neck-aches. It’s also made from high-quality material and is one of the best products money can buy in our opinion.


This pillow sports what the brand calls an “infinity” design. That is to say, it is very longish, compared to the square-ish shape of most car pillows. The pillow has a bow-like cinch in the middle, which is really what supports the neck.

The ergonomic design naturally supports the curve of any neck. The pillow is made from material certified safe from CertiPUR-US. You won’t have to worry about the stuffing inside containing any harmful materials. The pillow is very environmentally friendly.

The pillow has an elastic strap to secure it to the headrest or the seat. The stuffing of the pillow is memory foam. The navy blue cover of the pillow is machine-washable.


We are very pleased with the performance of this pillow. It feels so wonderfully soft underneath the head and provides just the right support for the neck. This car pillow can prevent the head bobbing from side to side. Even if it does, the pillow can cushion any impact that might cause pain later.

If you already suffer from neck pain, we highly recommend this pillow. The elastic strap of very sturdy and secures the pillow in place, so your head doesn’t have to. The texture of the pillow is very velvety and doesn’t feel synthetic at all.

Plus, this pillow is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, according to the brand. We could use it safely without fearing toxic vapors.

This car pillow should fit just about any headrest unless it is abnormally large. The only drawback is the price, which is a bit expensive.


This is truly an excellent product made from high-quality material. The neck support this car pillow provided was truly exceptional.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Washable cover
  • Memory foam stuffing
  • Made from certified-safe material


  • Can be expensive

4. LoveHome Car Pillow Kit

LoveHome Car Pillow Kit

Why we like it: The LoveHome Car Pillow Kit works incredibly well to keep your head, neck, and back aligned properly throughout your journey.

Editor’s Rating:


Both the neck and back support parts of this kit are composed of memory foam. Thanks to this, they are great for supporting your head, neck, and back. This is because the material is capable of conforming to the precise curves in the various parts of your body, keeping everything aligned in its right place.

The memory foam is especially useful for the head and neck pillow as the foam is able to hold your head in place while you are driving. However, this pillow can be a bit bulky for some and it can feel as though it is pushing you forward. The good news, though, is that the memory foam will bounce back into shape when you move away from it. In this sense, it will provide you with the same level of support, every time that you use it.

Attachment Features

The neck pillow is equipped with an elastic feature on the back. This lets you secure the pillow to the headrest. Unfortunately, this strap is a little too long for many vehicles. As a result, the pillow has a tendency to move around a bit, if you are not pressing your head firmly against it.

Outer Material

If you live in a hot climate, you will find that this neck rest is especially comfortable. The outer layer is made from a breathable mesh material. This allows for improved airflow, preventing the pillow from overheating. At the same time, it is very comfortable to lean against.


The outer covering can be removed without any hassle at all. To make things even better, it is machine washable. So, if you want to keep the headrest in good condition and clean it on a regular basis, you will find that it is incredibly simple to do.


  • Good support for neck and back
  • Memory foam provides proper alignment
  • Breathable cover
  • Easy to clean material
  • Simple to keep on headrest


  • Pillow tends to move around
  • May be a bit bulky for some

5. Sojoy Premium Car Pillow

Sojoy Premium Car Pillow

Why we like it: The Sojoy Premium Car Pillow is excellent for providing you with a great deal of support as well as keeping your neck aligned properly.

Editor’s Rating:


There is no denying that this car pillow looks a bit different to many of the other headrest cushions. For one thing, it starts a bit higher up and then extends past the base of your neck. Well, this design is in place for a reason. See, it is meant to keep your head and neck in the right position. As a result, it greatly reduces the chance of you developing neck pain or numbness. Also, if you are prone to slouching, this headrest helps to prop you up.

The other benefit of this headrest is that it is made from memory foam. This, too, plays an important role in ensuring that your neck and head are properly supported at all times. It is the memory foam as well that allows the pillow to bounce back to its original shape. Now, it should be noted that this car pillow isn’t suitable for everyone. It can be rather firm and bulky, making it uncomfortable for some people.

Attachment Features

You will find that it is very simple to secure the pillow into place. This is because it comes with two straps – one going over the headrest and the other around it. So, this keeps the pillow in place at all times. As such, you don’t have to worry about continuously adjusting it.

Outer Material

This is definitely a covering that you will have no problem with lying on, even in the warmest temperatures. The outer layer is made from a breathable mesh covering which makes certain that you remain cool at all times. To top it off, the covering is also incredibly soft and comfortable as well.


There will be no problems at all in you keeping this headrest pillow clean. This is because the mesh covering can be removed and washed.


  • Offers excellent support
  • Memory foam keeps muscles in place
  • Can be secured to headrest
  • The outer covering is soft and breathable
  • Easy to clean


  • Bulky
  • Firm

6. ZATOOTO Car Headrest Pillow

ZATOOTO Car Headrest Pillow

Why we like it: The ZATOOTO Car Headrest Pillow works incredibly well for anyone who requires a little bit more support while driving.

Editor’s Rating:


This is the ideal headrest if you require quite a bit of support when it comes to your head and neck. This is also a good option if your car’s headrests are naturally uncomfortable or aren’t very firm. From the shape and the design of the pillow, you can tell that this cushion completely supports your head, neck, shoulders, and even the upper portion of your back. So, if you are looking to improve your posture, this pillow will definitely help you to do it.

The memory foam takes this support one step further. This is because it gently cradles the various muscles in your head, neck, and torso, making sure that they are kept aligned properly. The memory foam also helps to extend the lifespan of the pillow. The material quickly and easily springs back to shape after use. You should know, though that this pillow can be a bit bulky, especially if you have a small car. It can also be rather firm for some people who prefer a softer pillow.

Attachment Features

This headrest pillow has excellent attachment features. This is because there is one strap that goes over the headrest and another that wraps around the headrest. These straps, combined, make certain that the pillow doesn’t budge an inch once it is secured.

Outer Material

The outer covering of this pillow is made from light, breathable material. This means that even in the hottest climate, there will be no moisture or sweat build up thanks to all of the air circulating in and out of the headrest.


Not only is this a really good looking headrest pillow, it is also simple to maintain so that it can continue to look this way. Being machine-washable, you will be able to constantly have this pillow in the best condition possible.


  • Sturdy and firm
  • Memory foam provides long lasting support
  • Easy to secure tightly
  • Breathable material
  • Simple to clean


  • Can be too firm
  • May be bulkier for small cars

7. Dreamer Car Headrest Pillow

Dreamer Car Headrest Pillow

Why we like it: A rare car pillow that supports both the neck and the back and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Editor’s Rating:

Most car pillows offer neck support. Some may offer head or back support. Dreamer Car pillow offers both neck and upper back support for passengers and drivers. If you are looking for a more holistic car pillow that offers extra support, this may be what you need.


This car pillow is made from odor-free memory foam, which is hypoallergenic. This car pillow is, in fact, recommended for people with asthma and rhinitis. This pillow is designed to provide support to the head, neck, and the shoulder area.

The pillow is made from high-quality material. The pillow cover is made from polyester, which is also hypoallergenic. Polyester is also highly breathable, meaning it won’t cause your head to sweat.

The elastic strap is also polyester and secures with a high-grade buckle. The car pillow has two covers—an inner cover made from cotton, and an external cover made from polyester. The external cover and the elastic strap are washable.


We really liked the dense quality of the cushioning this car pillow provided. The memory foam is not too soft and offers truly excellent support. Not only can this relieve pain when sleeping, it can also improve driving posture.

This car pillow is really good at offering support from the shoulder area to the neck. It isn’t focused on just one area such as the neck, as most car pillows do. The memory foam, once you get used to it, really allows the body to sink in. It bounces back right away without a problem.

The polyester material doesn’t absorb sweat and remains odor-free. It’s easy enough to wash and dry too. This car pillow should fit just about any headrest unless it is abnormally large. The only drawback is the price, which is a bit expensive.

Our only gripe is with the elastic strap. While it’s sturdy and secures well, it can be too short for some car seat headrests.


There are many things we liked about this car pillow—mainly the triple support it provides to head, neck, and shoulders. It’s really great for those worried about shoulder pain or back pain after falling asleep on a car ride. Plus, this car pillow comes with a money-back, 1-year guarantee.


  • High-grade memory foam
  • Made from breathable fabrics
  • Washable covers
  • Security buckle for elastic strap
  • Supports head, neck, and shoulders
  • Guarantee included


  • Elastic strap may be too short for some vehicles

8. EXCEL LIFE Car Pillow


Why we like it: The EXCEL Life Car Pillow adds a great deal of cushioning to your headrest, ensuring that you have a more comfortable drive.

Editor’s Rating:


The main purpose of this car pillow is to add comfort to your drive. This is because it is made of plush instead of memory foam. As such, you will find that it is an absolute dream to have if you want a little bit more cushioning. It is also a good option if your car headrests are thin, too firm, or uncomfortable in any way.

Where this car pillow doesn’t work so well, however, is with providing support. While it does keep your head and neck in place, for the most part, it doesn’t exactly offer reinforcement. This is due to the fact that the plush is simply not firm enough to keep your neck and head properly supported. The lack of firmness also causes another minor issue. After using this pillow for a while, you may notice that it becomes flattened and doesn’t easily regain its structure afterward.

Attachment Features

You will be able to attach the pillow to your headrest in two separate ways. You can either use the straps to secure it horizontally or use the Velcro feature to attach it vertically. Regardless of how you choose to do it, you can have peace of mind knowing that the pillow will not move around at all.

Outer Material

The outer covering is composed of microfiber material. This makes it very soft and comfortable to rest your head or face against. What’s more, this covering is also very safe for your skin. See, the only dye used is natural plant dye. As a result, there won’t be any harmful effects to your skin.


It is also very easy to care for this pillow. It is made from machine-washable fabric that allows you to clean it, whenever you want. As a result, you can keep the pillow looking nicer for much longer.


  • Comfortable and soft
  • Gentle outer covering
  • Easy to secure
  • Simple to clean


  • Not firm enough
  • Doesn’t regain shape

9. TravelMate Car Neck Pillow (Soft Version)

TravelMate Car Neck Pillow (Soft Version)

Why we like it: A soft, compact car pillow that will make rides all the more pleasant.

Editor’s Rating:

The TravelMate is a car neck support pillow with headrest strap. It’s one of those products that you will either love or hate. We really liked this rather plushy car pillow.

It should be noted from the start that this is a compact neck pillow. It’s only about 10 inches in length and 4 inches in height. While the compact nature makes the car pillow easy to carry and store, it may not suit some people.


This car pillow is mainly designed to support the neck while the user sleeps or rides. The pillow is filled with memory foam, which will easily take the shape of your neck.

The exterior of the pillow has a velour cover, which is very plush and velvety soft. The cover is machine washable.


This car pillow is really soft, like a comfy and well-worn bed pillow you still love to use. It’s uniquely designed to support the neck—that part of the body most prone to soreness and achiness after sleeping in the car. Whether this pillow can prevent fatigue and make sleeping in a moving car more comfortable would depend on your size.

This car pillow should be attached to the headrest. Because it supports the neck, your head should be able to reach the top of the headrest. That is to say, if you are too short or too tall, this pillow may not support your neck.

Other factors also include the type of model of the car and the type of headrests installed. We recommend trying different placements if the pillow doesn’t align with your neck on the first try.

We found this car pillow to be wonderfully supportive. Once the right placement is found by adjusting the headrest and the pillow, it wouldn’t feel much different from sleeping in your own bed.

In addition, the cover of the pillow has a zipper on the side. It can be removed and washed whenever needed to keep it clean.


This car pillow is uniquely made with memory foam to support the neck while travelling. How well it performs would depend on the height of the user, the type of headrest, and the model of the car. We found this car pillow to be very useful and comfortable, once the right placement is found.


  • Supportive memory foam
  • Uniquely designed to support the neck
  • Washable
  • Compact size


  • Not suited for all users
  • Not hypoallergenic

10. CHELIYOU Car Pillow


Why we like it: This affordable car pillow with memory foam promise pain relief and a comfortable rest throughout the ride.

Editor’s Rating:


One of the best car neck pillows we found, this Cheliyou is stuffed with memory form. The material can naturally adjust to the exact contour of your head and neck.

There were several reasons why we liked this car pillow. First, it’s affordable. The price is amazingly low, we could go on to buy two and three sets without going over budget.

Plus, this car pillow fits the seat headrest in the most ergonomic manner. This is one of the most popular car pillows online for very good reasons.


This car pillow is made from memory foam covered with a Fibre Velvet cover. The fabric material is synthetic, but it’s also highly breathable. Plus, the machine-washable fabric is hypoallergenic.

The car pillow is available in two colors: black and red. Both versions come with an adjustable elastic strap to suit the wearer’s height.

The seat pillow is shaped much like a regular pillow. But it’s much smaller and has a depression in the middle to prevent the head from falling off on the ride.


We can say right away that this car pillow is amazingly comfortable. The memory foam naturally bends and shapes to support the natural curve of the neck. That definitely protects the neck and the back from all-too-familiar ache and fatigues.

The elastic strap is very stretchy and can fit just about any type of seat, even the big ones in trucks. This car pillow is even suitable for flying. We were impressed by not just how comfortable this pillow was, but how versatile its application is as well.

We also loved the material, which is hypoallergenic and is suitable for people with sensitive skin. Plus, the fabric won’t attract dust or debris during long hours of travel. The exterior cover is removable and washable too.

But we have to say not everyone may love this car pillow. If your car has a thick seat, this pillow would push your head out more, making your position uncomfortable. Also, the memory foam goes out of shape with constant use.


We were extremely satisfied with this car pillow. It’s the perfect accessory for long road trips. It’s well made with top-notch material and the price is quite affordable. There are only minor downsides (really none at all).


  • Perfectly takes shape to fit the neck
  • Washable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for any type of seat
  • Memory foam filling


  • Not suitable for thick car headrests
  • Not as durable as it should be

Guide to Buying the Best Headrest Pillow

Here we will discuss all of the various features to look for in your best car pillow:

Which Filling Material is Right for You?

When it comes to headrest pillows, you will find that there are two main filling materials to choose from – memory foam and plush.

Now, your choice should be determined by what you are looking for in a headrest pillow.

If what you want is a lot of support and for the pillow to conform to your neck and head, then memory foam is the answer for you.

One of the main benefits of this material is that it offers complete support as it is able to match the contours of your body.

It also goes back to its original shape after a while so you don’t have to worry about its losing its basic structure.

The problem is, however, is that many people find memory foam headrest pillows to be a tad too stiff.

If you prefer a pillow that is softer and offers up an incredible amount of support, then you should consider getting a plush pillow.

Of course, you should be warned that these kinds of pillows don’t actually provide too much support for your head or neck.

The Design

The next thing that you will need to think about is design. So, what should your headrest pillow look like?

Well, first you should think about the parts of your body that you want to keep supported.

Now, if you just want to keep your head and neck in a good position, then a pillow that focuses on these areas are fine.

However, if you want your shoulders and back kept aligned as well, look for a pillow that can extend a little further.

If you have issues with posture and want help sitting up a little straighter, then look for pillows that extend out on the side. This will work to keep your neck in place and prevent you from slouching.

Choosing an Outer Covering

Although you may not realize it, examining the outer layer is just as important as analyzing the inner one.

After all, your skin will be coming into constant contact with this fabric. So, with this in mind, what should you choose?

Think About Sensitivities

If you have sensitive skin or are allergic to certain fabrics, then you should take care to choose more natural fibers.

In this scenario, you should look for coverings that are hypoallergenic or only contain natural dyes.

Contemplate Climate

The other thing to consider is the climate. If you live in a rather warm or humid region, look for materials that are light and breathable.

This will allow the air to circulate throughout the pillow, preventing any build-up of moisture.

On the other hand, if you live in a cold climate, look for a material that retains heat so that you are able to keep your muscles nice and warm.

Focus on Maintenance

Last but not least, you should also look for materials that are easy to keep clean. So, first off, look for a covering that is removable.

You should also only try to stick with fabric that is machine-washable. This way, you will have a lot less work to do, trying to keep your pillow clean.

The Strap

The strap is also rather important as it helps to keep the pillow in the right position at all times.

While most elastic straps work just fine, it is a good idea to go for one that has an adjustable buckle.

This way, you can tighten or loosen the strap according to the size of your headrest. Thus, you will definitely be able to make certain that the pillow will stay put.

So, there you have it – all that you need to know about headrest pillows for your car to make sure that you can safely choose the right one for you. Happy Shopping!

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