Best Driving Shoes to Push the Pedal to the Metal

Best Driving Shoes to Push the Pedal to the Metal

Most discussions surrounding driving are usually centered around car engines and brakes. Very few articles take the time to discuss probably the most important aspect in the whole equation—the driver.

Needless to say the actions of the driver determine whether he or she will reach the intended destination safely. And one of the most basic ways that a driver can ensure a safe and comfortable drive is by considering the shoes he or she wears.

This is why we’ve taken the liberty to discuss the top 10 driving shoes on the market. All products on our list promise to offer comfort, affordability and safety.

Features to consider in Good Driving Shoes

Advantages of Wearing Driving Shoes

Before we discuss our recommendations, it’s important to list the advantages of wearing driving shoes as opposed to regular ones.

Guaranteed Comfort

You can expect a great deal of comfort from shoes that are specifically designed for driving. This is because the manufacturers took the necessary steps to add features that’ll make your driving much more comfortable.

Risk of Slips Minimized

Most driving shoes are designed to adequately grip the brakes and acceleration pedals. As a result, the risk of your foot slipping off the pedal is reduced.

Reduce Risk of Foot Injury

Driving shoes are designed to be practical for the intended purpose. This significantly minimizes the risk of foot injury while you’re behind the wheel.


Granted, driving shoes are practical but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. There are many stylish brands to pick from depending on your individual taste and preference.

Top 10 Best Driving Shoes 2024

1. Puma’s Men’s Vedano Leather Slip on Shoe

Puma’s Men’s Vedano Leather Slip on Shoe

Why we like it: Puma is known for designing comfortable and stylish shoes. And these driving shoes live up to those high standards. Not only do they feel extremely comfortable but they look very classy. This is the product to pick if you’re looking for a high quality driving shoe.

Editor’s Rating:


We’re impressed with the solid construction of this Puma driving shoe. The upper part is made of 100% leather which is supple enough to allow you to flex your foot with ease.

The sole is made of superior rubber which provides you with that much needed grip as you work the pedals. Your foot won’t be slipping off the pedal thanks to the sole’s non-slip rubber exterior.


You’ll appreciate that the shoe features a driver’s heel to provide your ankle with maximum support. Placing your foot on the pedal at the desired angle will be easy enough.

They feature a hook and loop lace up system which makes them very easy to wear. If you hate lace up shoes, pick this pair that’s quick to slip on and off. You’ll be happy to know that most customers view them as the perfect fit.

Thanks to the stylish design, you can wear them to beef up your style. They’re the perfect smart casual shoe that’ll guarantee you compliments as you walk.

What we don’t like

Though they are pretty comfortable, we have to point out that they need some breaking in. Chances are they’ll be tight the first time you wear them. But they’ll stretch with time.

Note that they run small, so you need to get one size up for a comfortable fit.


  • Comfortable
  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Stylish


  • Need breaking in
  • Run small
  • Pricy

2. Twisted X Men’s Leather Driving Shoes

Twisted X Men’s Leather Driving Shoes

Why we like it: We love this high quality leather shoe that’ll make driving a breeze. Thanks to the tough exterior, you’ll have these shoes for a long time. Cleaning these shoes will be easy because they are machine washable.

Editor’s Rating:


The top part is made of bomber cow leather hide which is extremely durable. Even though the material used is strong, it’s very soft which allows for a comfortable fit—right out of the box.

Because they’re extremely comfortable, many users feel they can use them for everyday use.

The manufacturer incorporated moisture wicking technology in the designing of this shoe. Thanks to the fabric used in the shoes construction, moisture and sweat will be kept at bay. This makes them the ideal pair for those long drives.


Pick this brand if you want driving shoes that give off an attractive “cowboy look”. This handmade pair is pretty attractive if you’re looking for a stylish pair of driving shoes. You can decide to dress them up or down but we must say they’ll look best with jeans.

They feature a one-piece sole design which is effective at providing you with maximum stability while you drive. You can expect proper grip and flexibility from this pair which has rubber soles. The same sole is also slip and oil resistant. You don’t have to worry about your foot slipping off the accelerator.

Still on the subject of flexibility, the round-toe design allows you to move your toes freely for comfortable driving.

What we don’t like

They aren’t the lightest driving shoes on the market. Also, note that they don’t come cheap but that’s not surprising considering they’re of extremely high quality.


  • Flexible
  • Solid construction
  • Easy to maintain
  • Breathable


  • Heavy
  • Pricy

3. Labato Women’s Driving Shoes

Labato Women’s Driving Shoes

Why we like it: Here’s a pair of comfortable driving shoes for the ladies. Aside from providing you with maximum comfort, we appreciate how these shoes are very affordable. You don’t have to break the bank to own a pair.

Editor’s Rating:


The upper part of the shoe is made of soft genuine leather. This material combined with the memory foam insole will cushion your feet for a comfortable drive. Even when you’re not driving, the same fabric will ensure that you walk and stand all day without experiencing any discomfort.


These shoes are ideally suited for women with large feet thanks to the round toe design. Though the stitches are quite delicate, they are sturdy enough to ensure your shoes don’t rip any time soon.

These shoes feature a natural rubber sole to provide you with the necessary grip during driving.

Aside from driving, these chic ladies driving shoes are casual enough to wear when going out or for shopping. They are even classy enough to wear in the office. And they’re available in eight different colors so you’re bound to find a pair that matches your taste.

Your feet will be kept cool and dry all day because they are breathable. You don’t have to worry about any sweat or odors coming from your shoe.

These loafers feature an easy slip on design so they’ll be very easy to wear. You’ll appreciate how flexible they are to allow your feet room to manoeuvre as you work your pedals or brakes.

They are pretty lightweight which adds to their comfort levels.

What we don’t like

To get the perfect fit you need buy a size up because they run small. People with narrow feet will find them too loose especially on the sides.


  • Offer excellent grip
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to wear


  • Run small
  • Not for small feet

4. Ablanczoom Women’s Leather Driving Loafers

Ablanczoom Women’s Leather Driving Loafers

Why we like it: What caught our attention with this pair of driving shoes is the cute floral design for the ultra chic female. These shoes are available in a wide range of colors. And they’ll certainly go with any outfit. But aesthetics aside, these shoes will make your driving comfortable.

Editor’s Rating:


These shoes are made of 100% real cow leather making them a high quality pair. By picking these shoes, you’ll be getting a long lasting pair of driving shoes.

The sole is made of rubber to offer you a comfortable grip while you drive.


Aside from being comfortable, these leather loafers are very easy to wear and remove thanks to the slip on design. They are very soft and flexible plus they’ll give your feet enough room to manoeuvre as you drive.

The insoles of these shoes are made using memory foam to provide you with ample cushioning. You can drive, stand and walk in these shoes all day without feeling discomfort.

Your feet will be kept dry even during those hot summer days because these shoes are breathable. There are no chances of your feet developing blisters if you wear these shoes even for long periods.

You’ll appreciate that these casual loafers are suitable for any occasion besides driving making them a versatile pair.

What we don’t like

To get the right fit you’ll have to buy a size up because they run small. You might want to avoid wearing them in rainy weather because unfortunately the stitching lets in water.

Also, it would have been ideal if they offered better arch support.


  • Easy to wear
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Inexpensive


  • Run small
  • Stitching lets in water

5. Ecco Men’s New Jersey Loafer

Ecco Men’s New Jersey Loafer

Why we like it: If you’re a fan of loafers, you’ll appreciate this slip-on pair that’s easy to wear and remove. Loafers are extremely comfortable and will make your driving pleasant. We like that aside from being comfortable, you can wear them with almost any outfit thanks to their attractive design.

Editor’s Rating:


When it comes to this pair you have the option to pick between one made of 100% leather or fabric depending on your preferences.

These driving shoes have synthetic soles designed to offer you ample grip and support.


The sole of a shoe will significantly affect how you operate the pedals. Here the 0.5mm thick sole makes it easy to feel the pedals. As a result, any emergency situation such as braking will be quick and responsive.

You’ll appreciate the slip-on design that makes your loafers easy to wear. Not only did the manufacturer include a stylish bicycle toe with these shoes but they also have elastic inserts. Both features are aimed at improving your comfort levels.

By picking this pair you’ll enjoy a sweat free ride. The shoes were designed to keep moisture and odors at bay. In addition, the manufacturer included bacteria-controlling properties for your hygiene concerns.

It’s clear how lightweight these shoes are for added comfort. You can wear them throughout the day without experiencing any discomfort. To add on to your comfort, these shoes are also designed to absorb shock while driving.

What we don’t like

The stitching on the outsole isn’t as solid as we’d like it to be. This makes the durability of the shoe questionable.

You might want to buy one size down because they run big.


  • Easy to wear
  • Lightweight
  • Effective grip


  • Durability questionable
  • Runs big

6. Ariat Men’s Cruiser Slip On Shoe

Ariat Men’s Cruiser Slip On Shoe

Why we like it: We particularly like the stylish design of this driver’s shoe. They are available in different colors for you to pick from. But what we appreciate more is how affordable they are despite their solid construction.

Editor’s Rating:


Made of 100% leather, this shoe won’t only last you long but it’s also soft. This not only makes it comfortable but very flexible for a more comfortable driving experience.

The synthetic sole is also designed to provide you with the comfort you need during driving.


These Ariat driving shoes have side elastic panels which make them easy to slip on and off. They are also designed to provide you with maximum ankle support. If you have average to narrow feet, these shoes will fit you perfectly. Unfortunately, people with wide feet will find them a little tight.

You can expect effective grip as you place your foot on the pedal thanks to the Duratread outsole. These shoes will fit you perfectly if you buy your normal shoe size. They don’t run too big or small.

You’ll be happy to know that they neither have a steel or composite toe so they’ll be extremely comfortable for those long road trips. Even if you wear these shoes without socks, they’ll still be comfortable.

When you’re not driving, these shoes will go with almost any outfit; from jeans to khakis.

What we don’t like

Unfortunately, they don’t offer much arch support compared to some other brands. While the upper part is made of leather and generally solid, we can’t say the same about the sole. Some users have noted that the sole tends to separate after some time.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Grips well


  • No arch support
  • Durability of sole questionable

7. Puma Women’s Prowl Alt Sneaker

Puma Women’s Prowl Alt Sneaker

Why we like it: This is the sneaker to pick for women who want to drive and walk in style. The sleek and fashionable design will certainly have people turning their heads with envy. And we like that though it’s stylish, it’s still a practical shoe for driving.

Editor’s Rating:


The upper part of the shoe is constructed using a combination of fabric and textile for ultimate comfort and breathability. We guarantee no sweaty feet come end of the day if you pick these sneakers.


The midsole is cushioned to protect your feet while you drive and walk. You won’t be experiencing any discomfort with these shoes. The midsole is also lightweight to offer you maximum driving comfort. Moving your feet about as you change between gears will be easy.

The rubber outsole will provide you with maximum grip and traction. Plus, you’ll appreciate how the same feature contributes to the shoe’s overall durability.

You have a few color options to pick from. But we’re certain, regardless of the color you pick, you’ll be looking as stylish as ever.

You’ll be happy to know that owning this clean casual sneaker won’t cost you much because it’s affordable.

What we don’t like

They unfortunately don’t have much arch support so try not to walk long distances with them.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Sleek design
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight


  • Minimal arch support

8. Ecco Women’s Sandal

Ecco Women’s Sandal

Why we like it: Seldom do we find the right sandal that’s recommended for comfortable driving. This Ecco women’s sandal will provide you with a safe driving experience. For those hot summer days, this sandal will keep you cool and refreshed throughout your drive.

Editor’s Rating:


These driving sandals feature a 100% Nubuck upper construction that guarantees their durability. They are made using a combination of leather and textile. You’ll be having these shoes for a long time. Though they’re made of 100% leather, their longevity and performance are in no way compromised. Plus, they are pretty affordable.

For your comfort concerns, the manufacturer included a neoprene lining for a comfortable fit.


You’re guaranteed a perfect fit if you pick these sandals that have multiple adjustable points. The sandals have an EVA footbed that’s designed to cushion your feet for that much needed stability as you drive.

Still on the subject of cushioning your feet, you’ll appreciate the PU midsole which offers long lasting comfort.

These sandals will also provide you with maximum traction thanks to the receptor technology used in the construction of the sole.

The rubber outsole not only contributes to overall grip but it makes your sandals more durable. You can wear these shoes and walk on any terrain & they’re less likely to suffer damage.

These sandals are pretty lightweight so you can move your feet with ease as you drive.

What we don’t like

We must point out that these sandals will fit ladies with wide feet. If your feet are too narrow, they might be too wide for you.

Also, they’re known to produce a loud squeaky sound when you walk.


  • Comfortable
  • Multiple adjusting points
  • Cushions feet
  • Versatile


  • Not for narrow feet
  • Noisy

9. CIOR Water Shoes

CIOR Water Shoes

Why we like it: We like that these driving shoes are unisex. They are pretty versatile because not only can they be used for driving but also for boating and surfing. You can even take them with for those strolls on the beach. It’s clear that by purchasing this pair, you’ll get value for your money.

Editor’s Rating:


The shoes feature a thick rubber sole that’ll not only protect your feet while driving but will allow you to feel the pedals and brakes. Thanks to cushioning these shoes will significantly minimize the risk of foot injury if you happen to be involved in an accident.

Thanks to the same rubber sole, these shoes will provide you with excellent grip. It features a non-slip design so your feet won’t be slipping off the pedal. You’ll appreciate how these shoes are both flexible and comfortable for a pleasurable driving experience.

The upper material is breathable to keep your feet cool and fresh all day.


You’ll appreciate how this versatile shoe comes in 29 colors. Simply pick the color that matches your style and preferences.

You’ll be impressed by the casual design that makes them perfect for most outdoor occasions. Since they are water shoes, if you do take them to the beach, you’ll like that they’re fast to dry.

And even though they look stylish and cool, they are still very durable. They’ll certainly last you a long time so you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort and longevity.

What we don’t like

Since they’re ideally suited for outdoor use, you can’t wear these shoes for formal occasions. You definitely can’t wear them to the office unless it’s smart casual day.


  • Versatile
  • Fast drying
  • Flexible
  • Breathable


  • Not for formal occasions

10. Sparco Race Driving Shoe

Sparco Race Driving Shoe

Why we like it: Here we have a shoe for the car racing enthusiasts. For such a competitive sport, you want a shoe that guarantees safety and comfort to ensure that win.

Editor’s Rating:


The upper part of this car racing shoe is made using suede fabric. As a result, you can expect a tough shoe with a solid construction that’s designed to last long.


Car racers need a shoe that’ll allow for maximum control during their driving adventures. This is why this shoe features a boot design to provide your foot with optimum support.

Despite the rugged look, the shoe is very comfortable. It has an extra cushioned sole to provide you with that much needed support.

The ball of the foot is designed to minimize shock and vibration as you race through those uneven terrains.

It’s the only pair on our list that features a Velcro closure design. This is necessary to provide you with a secure fit.

You have three color options to pick from; black, brown and red. And the shoes are available from sizes 7,5 to 13.

What we don’t like

The sole on this shoe has no padding whatsoever. As a result, we strongly advise that you don’t use these shoes for regular walking. But you do have the option of placing memory inserts if you really want to walk with them.

The sole is a little on the stiff side, but they grip both the gas and brake pedals effectively.


  • Durable
  • Functional
  • Solid construction


  • Not ideal for walking
  • Sole is stiff

Guide to Buying the Best Driving Shoes

What Must You Look for in a Driving Shoe?

At first glance, all shoes look almost identical save for the color. But the truth is there are different features you must look at before making your final decision. Granted, the one you pick will depend on your individual style, but consider the following functional features so that you pick a practical shoe.

What’s the Material Used in the Shoe’s Construction?

What is the shoe made of? The material used in the shoe’s construction will determine its comfort levels, durability and overall quality among other factors. When inspecting the shoe’s material you must consider both the upper part of the shoe as well as the sole.

If you want a driving shoe that’ll last you long, pick one with the upper part made of leather. Not only is it durable, but extremely supple for maximum comfort. The only downside to picking a leather driving shoe is that it doesn’t come cheap.

If you’re working on a budget, you can opt for one made of leather alternatives such as suede. Suede is known to be both flexible and breathable. Other driving shoes are made using a combination of both materials. This type is also affordable and doesn’t compromise on performance.

With regards to the sole, you want a shoe that’s made of rubber. As it stands, most driving shoes feature a rubber sole because it provides excellent grip and support. Alternatively, shoes that have latex soles also provide comfort and grip.

Provides You with Excellent Grip

Still on the subject of grip, picking a shoe that won’t slip off the pedal as you drive is crucial. We’ll take it a step further by saying that it can actually save your life. Emergency braking situations are common in driving situations. A shoe that’s designed to adequately grip the brake pedal in such cases is crucial.

Opt for shoes that feature textured surfaces as they’ll provide you with the grip you need.

Design of the Shoe

In as much as driving shoes comes in varying styles they’re also available in many designs. Some designs significantly enhance the overall appearance of the shoe. But you want to pick a shoe that doesn’t compromise on functionality.

Some shoes feature thick soles. While they look sleek, they’re not exactly practical. Chances of you feeling the pedal while wearing them are minimal. A thick sole also negatively affects manoeuvrability.

Rather opt for driving shoes that feature low profile designs. Not only is the design compact, but it adequately provides you with that much needed grip and comfort.

But remember that the sole must neither be too thick or thin. Shoes with ultra thin soles seldom provide you with ample support. Ideally you want to pick a sole that’s at least 4mm thick. You can expect average flexibility which will suffice when driving.


A driving shoe that’s breathable is the one you want. This aspect is significantly determined by the material used in the shoe’s construction—particularly the inner lining. This lining acts by absorbing moisture. The last thing you want is a shoe that traps moisture and discourages aeration.

It’s no secret how uncomfortable sticky sweat in your shoes can be—not to mention the odor. Neither scenarios are desirable especially if you’re planning on going for a long drive. Pick a shoe that’ll keep your feet cool and dry even in humid conditions.

How Heavy Are They?

The question you must rather ask is how light are they? It’s in your best interests to pick a lightweight shoe because it’s more comfortable. Plus, it’s highly responsive; it won’t slow down your movements. Whether you want to brake unexpectedly or accelerate the pedal, a lightweight shoe will allow you to do just that with ease.

Allows Easy Manoeuvrability

As you drive, you have to constantly shift between your clutch, brake and gas pedals—especially if you’re driving a car with a manual transmission. You need a driving shoe that’s flexible enough to allow for easy manoeuvrability.

Provides You with Adequate Support

Your shoe comfort levels as you drive will depend on many factors listed above as well as ankle support. Pick a driving shoe that doesn’t restrict ankle movement. This means opting for a shoe that allows you a good range of movement.

It’s a smart move to avoid boots while driving as they restrict movement. Rather opt for loafers or sneakers which feature a low profile design.

Consider the Fit

It may sound obvious, but we’ll discuss this point anyway. Make sure you pick a driving shoe that fits you well. This means buying a shoe that’s not too tight or loose. A tight-fitting shoe will negatively affect your comfort levels. On the other hand, one that’s too loose won’t provide you with the necessary grip and support.

Consider whether you have narrow or wide feet and pick a shoe accordingly.

Still on fit, also consider a shoe that’s easy to slip on and slip off. Shoes with a low profile are usually easier to wear than the other types.

Shoes Not to Wear When Driving

Flip Flops

In the interest of your safety, we strongly recommend that you avoid flip flops while driving. Such shoes aren’t designed to provide you with the necessary grip and support. Also, they easily come off and are likely to get stuck or hooked on the pedals.

High Heels

Driving with high heels is equally dangerous for obvious reasons; the heel isn’t on the floor. Not only does it offer less grip, but it can also get caught up with either the floor mat or pedal.

Wedges and Platforms

Wedges and platforms have thick soles. As a result, feeling the pedal is almost impossible which makes it difficult to manoeuvre the gears.


As mentioned earlier, boots restrict ankle movement so avoid them too.

Handy Tips on Footwear & Driving

Safe driving is crucial regardless of the driving shoe that you pick. We’ll list a few handy tips worth remembering each time you go for a drive:

  • No matter the brand, design or color, pick a shoe that’s comfortable and fits you well.
  • Opt for a shoe that provides you with maximum support.
  • Make sure the sole is not too thick or thin so that it allows you to effectively regulate pressure you apply on brakes.
  • Driving shoes with wide soles aren’t advisable. Your best option is to pick between loafers and trainers.
  • Practice extra caution when driving in wet conditions. If you’re wearing slippery shoes, they can easily slip off.
  • Look for shoes that feature extra comfort features such as extra padding and arch support.
  • A shoe that’s both lightweight and breathable is best for driving.
  • Opt for a shoe that offers an effective grip and ample traction.


Can You Drive Barefoot?

The short answer is no. Much like the reasons listed above, your foot is unable to provide you with ample grip as you drive. Also, driving barefoot leads to pain and cramping as you drive.

In addition, your feet can get sweaty over time and that’s just an accident waiting to happen. Because you’re not wearing shoes, it means that your foot doesn’t have the weight of the shoe needed when you depress a clutch or try an emergency stop.

In the event of a collision, you’re more likely to suffer an extensive foot injury if you’re not wearing shoes as opposed to when you are.

The above mentioned reasons also apply to driving only with socks. In fact, driving with socks is worse because your feet will most definitely slip off the pedal.

Is it advisable to wear socks with your driving shoes?

Whether you decide to wear socks or not with your driving shoes is really a matter of preference with regards to safety. It doesn’t really affect the grip or support offered by your shoe. You can opt for secret socks with loafers if you want to keep odors at bay.

Can driving shoes be used as daily shoes?

Absolutely. Just because they’re called driving shoes doesn’t mean that you can’t make a fashion statement with them. Many manufacturers design sleek driving shoes that are good enough to walk down the runway with. Feel free to use the same shoes for that casual dinner after work or even a stroll in the park.

However, if you plan on doing some excessive walking or outdoor activity like hiking, you might want to reconsider. You may end up prematurely wearing them out and damaging the necessary grip needed when changing gears.

What size must I buy?

The driving shoe size you buy is more or less always the same as your normal shoe size. Before concluding your purchase, make sure you try both of them on and walk around a little to gauge your comfort levels.

If you happen to buy online, take advantage of the customer reviews. Most reviews will give you an indication of whether they run big or small. This way you know whether to buy one size up or down. In addition, pay attention to the return policy in case you need to replace or return them.

What style of clothes can I wear with driving shoes?

As mentioned earlier, driving shoes can be pretty fashionable. And most are associated with casual fashion.

Depending on the style you pick, you can pair it with a suit to complete your office look. If you opt for the regular trainers, you can wear them with jeans for a casual feel. Do you like showing off your legs? You can even wear them with your favorite shorts or skirt if you prefer.

Final Words

Whether you’re a man or woman (race car driver or not), you’ll find a pair of shoes for you on our list. The driving shoes you pick will determine how comfortable your driving journey will be. So, before you pick a pair make sure you consider comfort levels. Does it provide you with ample support? Is it breathable?

While the shoes you pick must be functional and practical, you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics. Pick a shoe that’ll make you feel and look good whether you’re behind the wheel or not.

In your opinion, which pair will that be?

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