The Best Garage Door Remote Controls

The Best Garage Door Remote Controls

The best garage door remote controls are affordable. Even some of the more function-packed remote controls are still not expensive for those seeking a bit more comfort. For most users, it is one of the best times to seek a remote control to suit their garage. A single remote control can also open more garage doors when programmed. With different designs, these remote controls can be more than simple function-based devices.

Programming of the Best Garage Door Remote Controls

When it comes to programming the best garage door remote controls, there are two main types of methods to be put in practice. Synchronized programming with the garage door opening system and cloning methods are popular choices for today’s products.

Synchronized programming

Synchronized programming is among the solutions which are easiest to use for most users. They use a Learner button placed on the receiving device. Automated programming is then made in minutes, mainly by connecting and confirming the remote control.

Cloned programming

Cloned programming is also possible. A generation of remote controls can actually clone the frequency of another garage door remote control. The good news is this system is mainly workable with older remote controls. However, it comes with the disadvantage of needing an older remote to make the transition, as opposed to direct synchronization with the opening device.

Top 10 Best Garage Door Remote Controls 2024

1. Genie G3T-R 3-Button Remote with Intellicode Security Technology

Genie G3T-R 3-Button Remote with Intellicode Security Technology

Why we like it: Compatible with Genie garage openers, the remote controls can operate three doors when programmed.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

Most users find the simplicity of the remote control a matter of convenience. It goes without saying that is has a simple operation. There are no digital displays to worry about or to drain battery life. All that users have is remote with its 3 buttons.

With dual frequency technology, the garage door remote control operates in a safe space. It doesn’t allow interference. These types of problems can occur from time to time with other remote controls, where radio interference blocks the signal from the remote.

Being a Genie product, remote control is also made with guaranteed performance. It operates at a high standard and its simple operation means that the remote is actually not going to fail with the garage door opening.

Convenient Features

Among the convenient features of the remote control, the 3 programmable buttons play their part. It is here that they manage to replace 3 remote controls, being a suitable option for those with multiple cars. However, another area of convenience is actually represented by the simple programmable functions of the remote.

There are only a few steps which need to be followed in order to program all three buttons. Since the Genie product is compatible with the Genie garage opener, it goes without saying that the activation needs to be done from the garage door itself. As on other occasions, objects and people need to stay clear from the garage door when programming the remote control.

There’s a Learn button which needs to be pressed on the garage door. Reaching it is mostly possible by climbing a ladder. The corresponding remote control buttons to the garage door then needs to be pressed for 10 seconds, before being pressed shortly two times for confirmation. This is the entire programming process. However, not all Genie garage door openers have a Learn button and this can come with compatibility issues.


Suitable for Genie garage door openers, the remote control automates the process for up to 3 doors.


  • Made with simple controls
  • Suitable for up to 3 garage doors
  • Immediate programming
  • Blocks all interferences


  • Needs a Learn button for programming

2. Chamberlain Group KLIK3U-BK Clicker Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain Group KLIK3U-BK Clicker Garage Door Opener

Why we like it: There are only two buttons on this small remote control and they work with Genie, Stanley and Overhead Door garage doors.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

With a simple design, there are only two buttons on the small remote control. They are attributed to two garage doors and they can be programmed together. But the remote can also work with a single garage door for one-car owners.

The chances of needing extra storage space for this small remote control are minimal. Users have the freedom of actually keeping it in the car in places such as the glove compartment. Since the remote is small, it is also very easy to handle.

But its universal design is backed by a universal fit. Practically, the remote control is compatible with most garage door openers. This is why the small design is actually quite powerful, allowing compatibility with most programmable garage doors.

Convenient Features

Among its convenient features, the remote control comes with easy programming. Each door can be programmed individually. Users have the freedom to do the programming of the garage door themselves. As with other top remote controls, this is mainly done by activating the Learn function or the Program function on the garage door.

The corresponding button is then pressed for a few seconds. At this time, a green light should appear notifying users that the two are linked. To confirm the programming, users then need to press the corresponding remote control button again. During this process, the garage door can open and close multiple times. All people, pets, and objects should be kept clear of the door.

Practically, all the major garage door manufacturers are covered by the remote control compatibility. With added batteries for power, the remote control offers an immediate response. Those with a double garage or with two cars can consider the system among the top options. At the same time, those with an extra family home or a weekend lodge can consider the 2 programmable functions to activate two garage doors.


With the two-button operation, the thin remote control can be programmed in minutes with its universal fit.


  • Made with a thin case
  • Only offers 2-button operation
  • Immediate programming in minutes
  • Compatible with most garage door brands


  • Large as a keychain

3. MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener

MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener

Why we like it: Having a dedicated smartphone app to close the garage door is now the ultimate MyQ solution for extra comfort.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

The days of remote controls are changing. Technology fans can now easily integrate the app into their garage door so that there’s no need for physical remote control. All settings are made through the smartphone, once the garage door opener is installed.

There are already many users who rely on the system every day. This means that the wireless solution is not just a fad. It is here to stay and it offers one of the simplest solutions for on-the-go garage door operation. Furthermore, there are multiple settings for users to rely on compared to a normal garage door remote control.

Convenient Features

One of the interesting features of the app is that it comes with programmable functions. It allows users to have their own control over automatic door closes. For example, the garage door can automatically close in the evening, at a certain time. Furthermore, when the garage door is left open for more than a few minutes, it sends a warning message to the connected smartphone.

Since the door is controlled through an app, the garage door can be controlled from a distance. Even when the user is not home, the garage door will still open with the command from the app. There are three people who can control the door with the same app. Families can rely on the system to open and close the garage door on a daily basis.

But the garage door opener also comes with other benefits, not found in similar products. One of them is a distinct advantageous delivery system. Users can have the parcel delivered straight into the garage, without actually having to be left outside with variables such as rain or misplacement. In a premium version, the pack also comes with an added surveillance camera operated through cloud networks.


This comfortable solution was designed to work with all smartphones and it sustains multiple user profiles.


  • Suitable for smartphone fans
  • Includes garage delivery options
  • Works with 3 user profiles
  • Sends alerts when the door is left open


  • Not useful with a dead phone battery

4. Replacement for LiftMaster 370LM 371LM 372LM 373LM

Replacement for LiftMaster 370LM 371LM 372LM 373LM

Why we like it: With two remote controls, the set is suitable for LiftMaster garage doors.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

The design of the remote controls is simple and their replacement profile is visible from the start. But even without a fancy design and complicated buttons, the set is still usable in various conditions. For example, is quite compact, the remote controls can be used as a keychain.

One of the distinct characteristics of the remote controls comes with the included sliding cover. Practically, users will find that situations with accidental garage door openings are impossible. There are a few programmable buttons on the remote control.

Convenient Features

Programming the replacement remote controls are not complicated. In fact, this can be easily done via a purple button on the garage door opener. Without such a programming button, the remote controls cannot be used.

There’s a new LED light on the remote controls as well. It is seen when the remote controls are actually used so that the driver knows when the signal has left the remote control. But the size of the controllers is impressive as well. There’s no need for bulky designs and users can find the compact remote controls can be used as keychains.

Under normal use, the remote controls do not need too much power either. It is estimated that the average user can rely on the same batteries for up to 2 years before having to replace them. Even with daily use, the remote controls require no maintenance for years.


Two remote controls are added to the set and for the low price, they are the best solution for couples or those with multiple vehicles.


  • Set offers 2 remote controls
  • Long 2-year battery life
  • Compatible with LiftMaster garage door openers
  • Made with a built-in LED


  • Designed with small buttons

5. Overhead Door Garage Door Opener Visor Remote

Overhead Door Garage Door Opener Visor Remote

Why we like it: The universal remote control is compatible with 390Mhz designs made since 1998.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

With three buttons, the remote control can be a good replacement for kit remote control designs on garage doors made since 1998. Compatible with signal blocking interference systems, the remote controls will work on most programmable garage doors.

Up to 3 garage doors can be controlled by the remote control. This means that its buttons do not allow it to be the smallest design of its class. However, it can still be carried in a pocket or stored permanently in a car.

Convenient Features

With included batteries, the remote control is ready to be used from the start. There are no numbers on the assigned buttons. However, they have small rubberized surfaces with corresponding numbers. One of the issues with this system is that it can confuse new users and those who do not know the order of the programmed buttons.

However, most users find the remote control to be a simple solution which is programmed in 2 to 3 minutes. As with all similar designs, it is important to keep all people clear from the door during programming. At the same time, the garage door can start closing and opening quicker than usually during programming.


With added sun visor clip, the remote control can be permanently attached inside the car, which limits its possible misplacement.


  • Made with 3 programmable buttons
  • Included sun visor clip
  • Shipped with batteries
  • Programmable in minutes


  • Not the most compact design

6. Liftmaster 890MAX Mini Key Chain Garage Door Opener

Liftmaster 890MAX Mini Key Chain Garage Door Opener

Why we like it: Compatible with garage openers made from 1993, the remote control comes with a keychain design.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

As one of the smallest garage door remote controls, the design is perfect as a keychain. Most people can use it to activate the garage door from a close distance. Since it is so small, it is often worn with the car key or with other keys.

Compatible with most LifMaster garage openers, the remote controls are easily programmable. Unlike similar designs, it comes with the main door button which makes access to the daily garage easier. At the same time, the large top button of the remote control can also be triggered accidentally. It is why users need to be careful when wearing the remote control in their pockets.

Convenient Features

The programming function of the remote control is the easiest seen as most users expect. A Program or Learn button needs to be activated on the garage door opener first. Once the button has been activated, users can establish their own preferred buttons to the assigned garage door.

With three buttons, 3 garage doors can be pre-programmed on the remote control operation. Furthermore, users have the freedom to control their garage door without any interference, even since these bug-free transmissions have been in their early stages during the 90s.


Suitable for LiftMaster and Craftsman AssureLink garage door openers, the remote controls are compact and programmable for up to 3 garage doors.


  • Made with a compact design
  • Wearable as a keychain
  • Step-by-step programming
  • Included LED indicators


  • No included batteries

7. LiftMaster 374UT Liftmaster-374UT Universal Remote

LiftMaster 374UT Liftmaster-374UT Universal Remote

Why we like it: With universal compatibility, the remote control can save drivers’ time with garage door openings.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

The rounded remote control comes with a modern design. There are only 2 programmable buttons situated at its top. The bottom part has a connected keychain accessory which means all users can actually make the most of the compact design.

Since the remote control needs to be small to maintain its portability, drivers can ensure they have it at hand at all times. Since there are only two buttons, the remote control is suitable for two garages or two garage doors.

Convenient Features

There is wireless programming available on the remote control. Users don’t need to connect them to a laptop to program one or two garage doors as a result. The good news is that wireless programming only takes a few minutes.

In terms of compatibility, remote control fits most modern brands of the moment. LiftMaster, Craftsman, and Genie are just a few brands which can work with the remote control. However, DIP switch technology garage openers are not compatible with the remote controls.


Compatible with most modern brands, remote control is a suitable option for those seeking a more aesthetic design.


  • High-quality gloss finish
  • Compatible with post ’93 garage doors
  • Suitable for entry-gates
  • Distinct red and black design


  • Batteries not included

8. Xihada Universal Gate and Garage Door Remote Control

Xihada Universal Gate and Garage Door Remote Control

Why we like it: Based on remote control cloning, the Xihada design has distinct programming and aesthetics.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

Based on remote control cloning, the design is of the device is actually among the most modern of its class. In a segment where most remote control designs are stuck in the ‘90s, it can be a refreshing alternative. At the same time, there is no need for extra products as there are 4 programmable buttons to assign.

Since the remote control is universal, it is suitable for garage doors and it also works with gates. Unlike most designs of its class, there are a few available colors to choose from. These colors can be matched to the color of the vehicle or to the color of the garage.

Convenient Features

When it comes to programming, the cloning profile of the remote can be made on 4 channels. This equals the use of 4 remote controls in one. The cloning process is not complicated. A learn mode needs to be activated first so that the Xihada remote will start cloning the actual old remote.

Another distinct advantage is the affordability of the remote control. Practically, it is one of the most affordable designs on offer today. While it may not work with direct garage door opening system programming, it still clones old remote controls which makes it a great purchase which is inexpensive and which can serve multiple other needs around the house, such as those of remote control gates.


There are not many remote controls made in such a wide range of colors and this makes it a modern design, especially suited for the younger user.


  • Clones 4 remote controls
  • Available in different colors
  • Compatible with Chamberlain and Lifemaster devices
  • Programming via a Learn mode


  • Needs old remote controls for cloning

9. Shiyuan Universal Garage Door Opener Remote

Shiyuan Universal Garage Door Opener Remote

Why we like it: With compatibility between 280Mhz to 868Mhz, the remote control is known for its sleek design.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

The design of the remote control is arguably one of the best in its class. With a glossy finish, the remote control is one of the suitable designs for all types of users. Those who value aesthetics above everything else can find it particularly interesting. The bad news is there are no available colors apart from the black finish.

4 buttons are programmable and they offer an all-in-one design which can replace the remote of the garage door and access gates. Drivers still need to ensure they are close enough to the garage before opening the door.

Convenient Features

Instead of regular programming, cloning is possible with the remote control. Users first need an old remote control and they activate the cloning function on the Shiyuan controller. This is not the latest technology in the field, but it is the method by which users actually clone other remote controls.

In daily use, even by changing frequencies, the remote control is still able to replicate the frequencies of most other remote controllers. Together with its new design and the cloning function, the remote control is not innovative, but rather distinct in a segment of the market where most designs look bland.


With a sleek design, included LED lights with a quick flash, cloning function, and 30-day return policy, the remote control has its place among the best.


  • Sleek glossy finish
  • Cloning within 5 centimeters
  • Suitable for up to 4 garage doors
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Instructions need to be clearer

10. Skylink MK-318-1 1-Button Control Garage Door Opener Remote

Skylink MK-318-1 1-Button Control Garage Door Opener Remote

Why we like it: Suitable for Skylink receivers, the remote control is one of the simples in its class, with one-button operation.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

With a single button, the remote control is one of the few designs which actually resembles the keys used in the auto industry. It can be among the interesting designs for those who want to keep the remote control in their cars. At the same time, the remote control is only recommended for those who have a single garage door to operate.

The sleek design of the remote control also allows it to be a stylish keychain. It is why some may even find it a good accessory to have instead of regular keychains. Since the design is simple, it is also durable as there are no electric parts to break easily. This can be why the manufacturer is offering a 1-year warranty with its product.

Convenient Features

Among the convenient features of the remote control, users also find programming to be straightforward. The remote control is programmed in minutes. With the help of the included Li-Ion battery, it becomes one of the simplest and most convenient out-of-the-box products.


Resembling a car key, the remote control can be used for maximum durability as it is even covered by a warranty period of 1 year.


  • Resembles a car key
  • Simplest operation in its class
  • Backed by an included Li-Ion battery
  • Included 1-year warranty


  • Only suitable for one garage door


Can I program a garage remote control myself?

A garage remote control can be programmed with no help from a specialist. However, there are a few steps which need to be followed during the process. While all remote controls are different, many of them are programmed following similar steps. Still, users need to consult the instructions manual for a detailed perspective on programming.

Which is the recommended distance to use a remote control?

The minimum distance for remote control varies considerably. However, many users get to use it around 80 feet away from the garage. For more details, the user’s manual can answer more specific variations. A low battery can also influence the range of the garage remote control.

Does a remote control need to have a warranty?

All remote controls should come with a product warranty. A few brands offer no warranty at all. A typical remote control warranty covers a period of 12 months. However, there are many exceptions to this rule. At the same time, there are a number of users who can enjoy 2-year warranties, especially with some of the premium brands of the moment.

What is a money-back guarantee?

A money-back guarantee for a garage door remote control usually refers to a testing period of up to 30 days. These days are the ones in which users can decide if they like the products. In most cases, such a policy is not actually on offer.

How can I tell the battery percentage of remote control?

There is no way to tell what the charging percentage of a battery is in a garage door remote control. There are no digital displays and no LED warnings for low batteries. When the signal strength of the remote control starts to be low and the garage door becomes less responsive, it is a sign that the batteries of the remote need an upgrade.

My garage door is opening and closing quickly, what can I do?

During remote control programming, the garage door can actually open and close quicker than usually. It is one of the reasons for which users have to keep all objects away from the door even before programming starts.

Which safety precautions need to be taken when cloning a remote control?

A good safety precaution during the installation process of the remote control involves keeping all house residents away from the garage door. Kids need to be kept away as the door can close quickly. Other objects such as stools or even the car need to be kept away as the door needs no interference for safety purposes.

I have a smartphone app remote control, can I use it anywhere?

A smartphone garage door remote control can be activated from any location around the world. All users can enjoy great practicality with these types of apps. They can even open the garage door for a member of the family while away from home.

I lost my smartphone, how can I active the garage remote control on my new device?

A garage door is normally linked to the smartphone via an app. In case of losing the smartphone, the app needs to be installed on another device and the setup process needs to be repeated on the new smartphone.

Guide to Buying the Best Garage Door Remote Controls

There is a debate establishing whether there truly is the best garage door remote control. In most cases, there are no distinguishable differences between designs. However, not all users can take full advantage of these differences. Understanding them is the first step towards a reliable choice.

Remote control vs smartphone apps

Classic remote controls are now challenged by smartphone apps. Both have their strengths as they have weaknesses. It goes without saying that the technically-inclined users will always choose an app over any other physical product. However, many people still prefer a simple solution where they can rely on a physical product, as smartphones fail due to various reasons.

Number of supported garage doors

The number of supported garage doors varies considerably. Actual remote controls which can only work with a single garage door are quite rare. This is why it can be important to choose a design which can operate multiple doors with a single remote.

Most garage door remote controls are actually actionable with 2 or 3 programmable buttons. They are recommended for all types of uses. However, they can support multiple garage doors. Some of them may even be programmed with other solutions such as remote control gates.

All individual garage doors need to be programmed manually. This programming is quite easy and it normally takes just a few minutes. In typical conditions, a programming button is found on the top of the garage door. It needs to be activated before programming. At the same time, there is no room for complicated steps. An LED light normally shows the remote is connected to the garage door operating mechanism and the push of a button saves the frequency data on the remote control.

This process is somewhat different for cloning-based remote controls. Users find these remotes to be a bit different. This is basically down to the fact that these remote controls are actually cloning older remote controls. As a result, both remote controls need to be next to each other.

Design characteristics

The design characteristics of the remote controls are very subjective, as with most products. The problem arises with a few older generation remote controls which are actually no upgraded in design. It is where large brands have to suffer the most.

A series of new brands are now able to offer modern designs. In fact, it is these micro-brands which offer customizable options and remote controls of different colors, such as the Xihada remote control. At the same time, there is clear evidence these two segments of the market will remain as they are. Both physical remote controls and app-based garage door operation have their own fans.

Programming and ease of use

Programming garage door remote controls are not too complicated. However, a number of brands offer poor instructions and they are not able to offer a step-by-step installation guide. Genie and Chamberlain are known for their clear instructions and it is one of the reasons users prefer them to other brands.

At the same time, customer service teams are also able to offer more details on their products in most situations. Users should be able to have their remotes set up in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, not all users are actually able to synchronize a remote control without the Learn button on the garage door. Most brands need to do a better job of showing this information on the product description.
Programming the garage door remote control is not reset with dead batteries. If some users are actually afraid batteries need to be replaced before they go out, they need to know that frequency data remains stored in the remote control with battery reset.

Other remote controls are not able to work with all brands. Universal remote controls are normally made to cover multiple frequencies. This is not the case with the universal brands which immediately synchronize with most garage doors. A few older models, normally pre-1998 can come with synchronization issues. The best solution is to simply contact the seller or manufacturer directly in order to establish compatibility.

Battery life

Battery life is another important characteristic to look at. It is easy to see how brands differentiate themselves even looking at batteries. Li-Ion batteries are now starting to be included with a garage door remote controls. They can last anywhere between 1 and 2 years. Furthermore, the batteries can also be used for shorter periods of time, especially if the key faces low temperatures, as is the case when stored outside, on the patio.

Compatibility with remote control gates

Another area which can maximize the use of a garage remote control is its compatibility with remote control gates. Since frequencies can be saved on the same remote control, users can make the most and have a single device power all the remote access to a car. This is why some users might prefer the extra versatility of a universal remote control which can actually work for the garage and for the gates.

Remote control can always be programmed to another garage door if it has another assigned button or saving location. For this purpose, it is crucial to see the various functions of the remote control in the perspective of the modern user, with no time to manually lock the driveway gate or the garage door.

Final considerations

In terms of technology, the best garage door remote controls can be similar. In terms of design, they are different. However, the main difference is made in terms of usability. Not all garage door remote controls can actually work with multiple garage doors.

Ease of use is also a differentiating factor. Programming the remote control garage doors might not be as easy as many people expect. At the same time, most users need to choose solutions which are compatible with their garage door. Even if remote control is branded as “universal”, it doesn’t mean it will actually connect to the opening mechanism of the garage door.

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