Best Garage Mats to Cover Your

Best Garage Mats to Cover Your

Garage mats are your bulwark against all types of nasty leakages your vehicle emits. If you don’t have one of these, you will desperately wish you did on rainy or end-of-the-winter days. Read on to learn more about the top garage mats that may suit your needs with reviews for the most talked-about products.

Features to Consider in Good Garage Mats

Garage mats protect your garage floors not just against leakages, but also against skid marks and scratches. The ideal garage mat for you would depend on what your needs are. Price is also something that’s worth paying attention to. Here is a brief list of the most important aspects you should think about when shopping for garage mats:

  • Price – Garage mats can vary in price depending on size, material, brand, and other factors. If you are a budget shopper, sort out the mats based on the price range. It should be noted that most garage mats are highly affordable and only the commercial-grade products are particularly expensive.
  • Leakproof-ness – Ultimately, you will have to consider just how leak-proof the garage mats are. This is largely determined by the material and the quality of construction of the mat. Plastic material is highly water resistant. But don’t ignore fabrics, because that’s what absorbs water and oil and keeps the leakages contained.

The above are just pointers you can use in your search for a suitable garage mat. There are many options on the market that may meet your expectations. To make the shopping process easy for you, we have compiled a list of reviews for the best garage mats worth paying attention to. Here are the short reviews for your reading pleasure:

Top 10 Best Garage Mats 2024

1. Maxsa Park Right Black Parking Mat 37358

Maxsa Park Right Black Parking Mat 37358

Why we like it: Maxsa Park is one of the most affordable and popular garage mats that drivers of a range of vehicles can consider.

Editor’s Rating:

Maxsa Park has endured as one of the top selling garage mats in recent years for several good reasons. To be sure, this is not a massive garage mat that would cover the whole floor. The mat comes in a one-size-fits-many format that can benefit vehicle owners who don’t have a lot of cash to spend on a garage mat. This product is affordable and is highly suited for drivers of cars, SUVs, and even pickups.

Design & Performance

The Maxsa Park garage mats are considerably large and available in only one size. But that single size fits commonly driven vehicles like cars and trucks. The mat is placed directly under a tire to protect both the floor and the vehicle. These mats come with anti-skid tape that prevents the mat from moving around as you park your vehicle. The result is a wonderfully skid-free garage floor and tires that are well-protected.

The mats also have a reflective strip for better nighttime viewing. You can see the mat under low-light conditions (don’t expect high luminosity in total darkness). One of the biggest advantages y is the built-in drip tray, which collects water, melted snow, and dirt from the tires and prevents spillover to the garage floor. Overall, you can expect to keep your garage floor to be clean and free of markings with this mat.

There are some issues worth addressing here. Because the mat only fits under the tires, you will have to drive right over it to enjoy the benefits. You will also have to buy four mats for all four tires. Given the price, this is not a major disadvantage if you are a cash-strapped driver. All in all, this product is well-suited for regular drivers who just want a nicer garage at home.


  • Affordable price
  • One-size fits all model
  • Anti-drip tray collects water from tires
  • Reflective tape
  • Prevents skid marks


  • Smaller size
  • Would need four for all tires
  • Doesn’t cover most of the garage floor

2. Highland 9242200 Park Right Parking Mat

Highland 9242200 Park Right Parking Mat

Why we like it: This heavy-duty rubber parking mat leaves little to be desired and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Editor’s Rating:

This parking mat is for the two front tires of the vehicle. There are two already included in the package, so you don’t have to buy them individually. The price for both mats are under $25 and are highly affordable. These mats are perfect for drivers with small garages. The mats are not vehicle-specific so you can use them with cars, SUVs, pickups and any similar passenger vehicle. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of this product.

Design & Performance

When it comes to parking mats, most drivers are concerned about traction on the floor. Mainly, the mat has to stay on the floor when the vehicle is driven on it. Most garage mats require tape underneath to hold it in place in this regard. This Highland parking mat, however, doesn’t require such adhesives. The mat is made from 100% heavy-duty rubber, which naturally sticks to just about all types of indoor flooring. The mat is significantly heavy and sticks to the ground. Drivers can move over these mats without worrying about slipping or skidding.

The garage mat also sports a highly desirable anti-skid design. You can expect it to protect both the garage floor and the tires of the vehicle. The mat is 12 inches in width, 18 inches in length, and about an inch in height. These dimensions are suited to support all cars, SUVs, and pickups. The design is not compact and is easy to accommodate in any garage.

The mat has a rubber bump on top to use as a stopping point for vehicles. As with most garage mats, you will have to precisely drive on it to park safely. While the mat is protective, it unfortunately doesn’t come with a drip-collection system. The rubber is naturally water resistant, so any moisture on tires would be collected on the mat. But on rainy days, the water may spill onto the floor.

Other than these drawbacks, the rubber mat works really well. However, because of the nature of the material, the mat may not last long in a garage. In a couple of years or so, the rubber would wear out and require replacement.


  • Heavy-duty rubber construction
  • Doesn’t slip
  • Anti-skid design
  • Water resistant material
  • Big enough for all cars, pickups, and SUVs
  • Affordable


  • The rubber wears out
  • No anti-drip system

3. AutoFloorGuard Heavy Duty Containment Mat

AutoFloorGuard Heavy Duty Containment Mat

Why we like it: This updated garage mat is one of the top fabric products parking for passenger vehicles.

Editor’s Rating:

This AutoFloorGuard garage mat has been upgraded from its previous model. The new changes include heavier material used and a squeegee head included in the package. The product now comes with a one-year (limited) warranty too. If you are a car owner looking for a fabric garage mat, this is one of the top products to consider.

Design & Performance

Unlike most garage mats, the AutoFloorGuard is made from several different materials. The exterior is heavy-duty polyester fabric. The interior is made from closed-cell foam. This one really feels like a mat and it’s carefully designed to protect tires and collect liquids. The seams of the garage mat are heat-sealed to be watertight. The overall design retains the stay-put corners of the original AutoFloorGuard garage mat. Overall, this is a great garage mat to have on rainy or snow melting days.

The commercial-grade fabric is highly durable, even more so compared to materials like rubber, which may fade over time. The garage mat only collects liquids like water, absorbing them and protecting the garage floor from leaks. The mat is very good at retaining dirt and dust too. Parking on this garage mat is easy, thanks to its large size. Durable and highly functional, it even rolls out easily, like a yoga mat.

If there is a downside, it would be the fabric. Unlike a rubber mat, cleaning this polyester mat is difficult. The foam mat also needs drying out once soaked. There’s a risk of mold and mildew forming if users are not careful. Other than these minor issues, this mat is perfect for everyday use.


  • Heavy-duty absorbent fabric exterior
  • Foam inside collects liquids
  • Large size
  • Water-tight seams and corners
  • Updated design


  • Hard to clean
  • Needs drying out
  • Warranty is limited

4. Performance Tool W88989 Protective Interlocking Floor Mat

Performance Tool W88989 Protective Interlocking Floor Mat

Why we like it: This is a unique large-size garage floor mat that comes in smaller interlocking pieces.

Editor’s Rating:

Most consumer-grade garage mats are small and usually support only the front tires of the vehicle. Some vehicle owners would prefer to have a larger garage mat that can perhaps cover the whole area. Commercial-grade whole-garage mats can be expensive. This Performance Tool garage mat offers a cross between a mechanical garage mat and a product suited for at-home use. The price is kept at a minimum thanks to the interlocking design discussed below.

Design & Performance

The biggest selling point of the Performance Tool garage mat is its interlocking design. The mat comes in smaller pieces that can be “locked” together to form a much larger cover. It fits together like a puzzle. There are obvious advantages to this design. You can get a mat as big as 24 square feet all around without the hassle of transporting a massive carpet. Users can easily clean the mat by taking it apart.

The mat is designed for convenience and functionality. You can buy the mat in different sizes as suited for your garage. Several of the smaller pieces can be purchased if your garage is small. The pieces have diamond shapes to prevent fatigue or overuse of the mat. Each mat is also about 12mm thick, so it acts as a solid buffer against the floor. This mat is highly durable as a result.

Despite the large size, this garage mat is lightweight and easy to carry. The whole product is water resistant. The pattern on the mat collects liquids but won’t absorb them or cause spillovers. The mat is also very easy to clean. You can just hose it down to remove any dirt. Be aware that these mats may emit an unpleasant odor for a week or two out of the package. They may require some time to completely lay flat as well. The downsides are minor compared to the advantages, however.


  • Interlocking design
  • Anti-fatigue texture
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Large size
  • Affordable
  • Good thickness


  • May smell odd right out of the package
  • May not lay flat right away

5. Armor All AASMVC88100 Charcoal Small Vehicle Garage Floor Mat

Armor All AASMVC88100 Charcoal Small Vehicle Garage Floor Mat

Why we like it: If a large garage mat is too troublesome for your small car, this Armor All could be what you need.

Editor’s Rating:

This Armor All garage mat is 8.4 by 7.4 inches in size. It’s not massive, of course, but that’s not a problem because this mat is specifically designed for parking small vehicles. If you drive a small car or a minivan, this is probably the garage mat you should have at home. It looks very promising for protecting sensitive floors such as wood with varnish from scrapes and other problems.

Design & Performance

The Armor All garage mat is made from a highly absorbent fabric material. It feels more like a floor mat than a garage mat. The synthetic fabric is lightweight and is well-designed to catch drips from your vehicle’s tires. Though the mat is made from fabric, the material has a waterproof backing so nothing leaks on the floor even if the mat is fully soaked. The fabric rolls up well and rolls out too, so users won’t need to bother with time-consuming installations.

The floor mat can handle small vehicles like cars and motorbikes. It is suitable for parking cleaning equipment like lawnmowers or ATVs as well. The material is durable and will withstand heavy use over the years. Unlike most other fabric garage mats, this one is pretty easy to clean. You can vacuum off dust and dirt on dry days. When the mat is wet, you can hose off or power wash it clean if needed. The garage mat is significantly portable, making cleaning even more convenient.

There are only minor downsides with this product. The charcoal color, the only available color, may fade with time, especially if you sun-dry the garage mat. The mat is relatively good at staying in place but when first rolled out, the corners may stand up. It’s not as heavy as heavy-duty garage mats. If you are really concerned about it moving around when parking, use tape to keep it stuck to the floor. These are not major concerns as this U.S.-made garage mat delivers as promised.


  • Highly absorbent
  • Small size for smaller vehicles
  • Rolls out easily
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof backing
  • Durable


  • Doesn’t stick to the floor
  • The corners may roll up when new

6. IncStores Nitro Commercial Grade Garage Flooring Rolls

IncStores Nitro Commercial Grade Garage Flooring Rolls

Why we like it: This commercial-grade garage flooring roll can act as both flooring material and smaller floor mats for any type of vehicle or equipment.

Editor’s Rating:

If smaller garage floor mats intended for small-scale use are not for you, this IncStores commercial garage flooring may be what you are looking for. The flooring roll can protect your garage floor or even act as the permanent floor cover. The price is not cheap, as this is a high-quality mat intended for industrial use. You can, however, buy smaller pieces for affordable prices. Order the rolls in either small or large sizes, which can get as big as several hundred square feet.

Design & Performance

These flooring rolls are made from 100% premium grade polyvinyl, a type of flexible plastic. The material is surprisingly thin and lightweight. Each square foot weights slightly under a pound, so you are certainly not dealing with hard-to-handle-material. The rolls come with diamond-style cuttings on the top, which improves friction. Friction is important because the vinyl surface is smooth and highly waterproof. Despite the thinness and flexibility of the material, it can handle vehicles as heavy as a car.

These rolls are available in stock and custom sizes. So you have the option to purchase a roll in pieces so it’s easy to carry and roll out on the garage floor. The rolls are available in various colors too. However, be careful when you buy interlocking pieces. The diamond patterns on top may not match the different pieces when they are ordered, according to the manufacturer. This is a minor inconvenience unless you are buying smaller interlocking pieces.

The other features of these garage floor mats are ideal. They are anti-slip and will catch any leaks. You can easily wipe off any liquid that gets on the material, even if it’s oil. The floor can be cleaned by vacuuming, though hosing off with water is the best way to wash them. This garage flooring material comes with a long warranty lasting 7 years too. The price isn’t cheap compared to compact garage floor mats. But you can get more for the money you spend.


  • Water-resistant material
  • Available in many sizes
  • Anti-slip patterns
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • 7-year warranty


  • Patterns on interlocking pieces may not match
  • Expensive compared to other mats

7. Speedway 789453B-50 Diamond Garage Floor Mat

Speedway 789453B-50 Diamond Garage Floor Mat

Why we like it: An interlocking garage floor mat that actually interlocks without major issues.

Editor’s Rating:

These Speedway garage floor mats are only available in interlocking formats. Each package comes with 6 slabs that you can manually interlock to suit your garage. Unlike most other interlocking garage mats, this product is available in a myriad of colors including standard grey-black, red, blue, yellow, and even purple. There’s a terracotta version that will make your garage floor look like it has expensive flooring. Aesthetics aside, read on to find out why these garage floor mats are worth considering.

Design & Performance

More often than not, interlocking garage floor mats don’t interlock at all. The Speedway mats, however, are designed to interlock seamlessly, with the patterns matching and no white space in between the slabs. Each slab has a tab locking mechanism that ensures the floor mat stays together without issues. Once you’ve assembled the mat, it would be sturdy enough to park SUV and even pickups. The other advantage this garage floor mat offers is that it can withstand the heavy impact of larger vehicles.

The polymer material of the slabs is water resistant, but not water absorbent. If the tires leak, water will flow underneath the mat. So it’s good for protecting your garage floor from skid marks, but the material may create a mess on rainy or snowy days. It should be noted that, regardless of absorbency levels, these floor mats won’t experience moisture or mold buildup. That’s a major plus for damp garages.

The floor mats are easy to install and the material is heavy enough to not require any adhesives. You can park right on top of these without an issue. The tiles support air flow and are easy to clean. You can wipe them down with a cloth or hose off any dirt. You can undo the interlocked settings for a comprehensive garage floor cleaning, especially on wet days. On a different note, each package is priced over $100, so this may not be what budget-minded shoppers are looking for.


  • Reliable interlocking design
  • Sturdy polymer material
  • Easy to install
  • Water resistant
  • Prevents mold buildup
  • Anti-skid design
  • Supports heavier vehicles like SUVs


  • Pricey
  • Water gets underneath the mat

8. Garage Oil Abzorb Mat for Under Cars

Garage Oil Abzorb Mat for Under Cars

Why we like it: One of the best garage mats for catching oil leaks.

Editor’s Rating:

Some garage mats are great for parking, and others are great at preventing dirty water from getting on the floor. The Abzorb mat is great for catching oil leaks from vehicles. Oil is one of the toughest stains to get off garage floors, even if your garage is professionally coated. Consider this garage mat if oil leak stains are a major problem in your garage.

Design & Performance

The Abzorb mat is made from an absorbent synthetic fabric-like material on top with an ethylene-vinyl backing. This setup is easy to understand—the fabric absorbs any oil or greasy material and the backing prevents oil from leaking onto the floor. The material is also great for containing watery leaks and preventing moisture buildup underneath the garage mat. The mat easily air dries so it can absorb more water when necessary without anything leaking around the mat on the garage floor.

The mat is about an eighth of an inch thick, so it won’t easily tear or wear down under pressure from the vehicle’s weight. In fact, the manufacturer offers a three-year guarantee against any tearing, leaking through, or crackling of the material, especially for the backing. This mat is highly durable and will last for years without any issue. It will protect tires and also prevent any permanent damage to the garage floor due to oil leaks. This mat is great at preventing rust and water staining as well.

The biggest and only major downside to this mat is the difficulty cleaning it. You can hose off any dirt or dust, but it’s not easy to clean off oil. The dark grey color of the mat can easily disguise any ugly oil stains so you don’t have to worry about constant cleaning. However, the mat will have to be disposed of and replaced if it absorbs a lot of oil.


  • Absorbs vehicle oil and protects floors
  • Water and oil resistant backing
  • Three-year guarantee
  • Highly durable
  • Air dries quickly
  • Color doesn’t show oil stains


  • Not easy to clean oil stains
  • Would have to be replaced once too much oil has been absorbed

9. Electriduct Park Right Parking Mat

Electriduct Park Right Parking Mat

Why we like it: This garage mat is great for preventing vehicle emissions and acts as a parking guide.

Editor’s Rating:

The Parking Right parking mat is designed for both safety and protection. This sturdy and compact garage mat will help you park accurately, especially at night. At the same time, it will protect your garage against any liquid leaks. The unit price for one of these mats is highly affordable too, making it ideally suited for budget-minded buyers. As always, there are some advantages and downsides to this product, which you can learn about below.

Design & Performance

This parking mat is designed for cars, SUVs, and pickups, so it can handle heavy-duty work. The parking mat is made from a strong plastic material with a diamond tread design on top. Now, plastic can move around, but this parking mat is protected from such problems thanks to the adhesive backing. You can literally stick this on to the garage floor and park on it without worrying about the mat moving about.

The diamond treads offer excellent traction for the tires to keep the vehicle in place. A single mat would fit one tire, but you can use up to four for all tires if needed. The plastic is sturdy and highly water resistant. The mat would naturally collect any liquid that spills off the tires, even oil. However, this garage mat lacks any level of absorbency, so it can leak if there’s a lot of water.

Overall, the mat can support even large vehicles. The design has a slope with a reflective strip that acts as an indicator for parking properly. This mat is great for rainy days when you want to park without getting mud and water all over your garage. But it’s important to understand the limits of this garage mat as well. It won’t protect the whole garage floor. It’s easy to clean, but once removed from its spot, you will have to replace the adhesive backing to use this parking mat again.


  • Parking aid with reflective strip
  • Highly affordable
  • Sturdy material suited for heavier vehicles
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly water resistant
  • Adhesive backing


  • Doesn’t absorb excess water
  • Adhesive backing one–time use only

10. Pro Lift C-5006 Foldable EVA Mat

Pro Lift C-5006 Foldable EVA Mat

Why we like it: This garage mat is suitable for people who want to comfortably detail or work on their vehicles.

Editor’s Rating:

The Pro Lift Eva mat is not just for cars, it’s for car owners as well. This uniquely foldable mat is great for marking smaller vehicles and for kneeling on when working on your car. The Eva mats are designed with multipurpose use in mind. You can make use of these for garage or garden work. The mat can also hold heavy equipment well. However, it may not necessarily suit all your parking needs. It’s still worth considering.

Design & Performance

The Eva mat is foldable, which means it doesn’t just roll up, it folds up into square parts. Once fully folded, it can even act as a seat in the garage. The foldable mat is significantly thicker than rolling mats. The garage mat is made from foam, and as a result, it’s water resistant. The foam is also impact-resistant so you can park a small vehicle or keep heavy equipment on it. Think of the mat as a thick cushion for whatever you want to place on it. It’s very convenient for portability purposes and even comes with a carrying handle.

The utility mat is very easy to unfold and fold between uses. It’s best use is for kneeling on the pad. The cushion will protect your knees and limbs against any hard impact. As a result, this garage mat is perfect for working on your vehicle. It won’t move around underneath you thanks to several smartly placed Velcro fasteners. The mat will capture any leaks or oil, and you can easily clean them off with a wet cloth. The only issue is how long the mat can last.

This folding mat is clearly designed for users to kneel on, rather than to park vehicles on. You can still park a small vehicle on it, but don’t expect the same benefits as some other products listed here. The foam padding may lose its shape after several parkings. It’s best to use this garage mat for your knees and for working on your car rather than for parking purposes.


  • Foldable shape
  • Carrying handle included
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Velcro fasteners keep the mat in place


  • Not really intended for parking vehicles

Guide to Buying the Best Garage Mats

Buying a garage mat may sound like an easy task. However, with the many options available, be aware of the following when you shop around online:

Always Check the Size

Don’t buy a garage mat without checking its size first. This will depend on your needs as well. Are you looking for a garage mat that covers the whole floor, or just for the area you park your vehicle? Some garage mats support only the area around a single tire. Because sizes vary greatly, it’s best if you check this before you purchase the product you want. Some products offer multiple sizes that you can even custom order. If you are not sure about the size, the best option here is to buy an interlocking garage mat, which you can install as you like using the separate tiles.

Pay Attention to the Material

The garage mats available in shops are made from several different types of material. The water resistance, absorbency levels, installation and cleaning ease depending on the material the mat is made of. Most garage mats are made from different types of plastic. The more flexible mats are made from synthetic fabrics and vinyl polymers. The plastic-type materials are highly water resistant, but only fabrics offer absorbency levels. If you want the garage mat to actually absorb oil and water without these spilling on to the garage floor, you need to look for a fabric garage mat. Mats with plastic backings are a must to prevent leakages on to the garage floor.

Understand the Purpose of the Garage Mat

Garage mats may be designed with different purposes in mind. Some are parking aids that prevent water soiling, while others are designed to cover the whole garage floor and protect against oil leaks and mud. Some parking mats are designed for people to kneel on easily and work on their cars. When buying one, do pay attention to the main attributes of the garage mat. Make sure it fulfills your needs.

Check for Adhesive Features

Even the best anti-skid, water-resistant garage mat may prove to be useless if it can’t stay in place. Some garage mats may require adhesive tapes or backing to stay in place. This can be a particular concern for plastic garage mats without adhesive tape. If so, make sure the manufacturer provides these necessary fastenings. You may get tape or Velcro backings for certain products. But some garage mats are either too heavy or have a polymer backing that sticks to the floor without needing support. If placement is important to you, make sure the product you choose doesn’t have a tendency to move about when parking.

How to Clean is Important

Water, mud, dirt, oil and other substances a garage mat collects won’t disappear on their own. You will find yourself having to clean the mat on occasion. Some garage mats can easily be cleaned by hosing down, vacuuming, or wiping down with a wet rag. You may want to consider whether the garage mat needs to be disassembled before this is done. Some garage mats are tough to clean and need to be replaced if they get too dirty. Therefore, it’s important to understand how easily you can clean the product before buying it.

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