The 10 Best Jack Stands to Buy 2020


Failure to use jack stands when working on a suspended car can kill you. However, selecting the best jack stands that fit your vehicle is perhaps not the most exciting thing to do given the options available today. Besides, owning a jack stand set is essential for your safety regardless of what you want to repair or check on your vehicle. Akin to taking precautions such as wearing nonconductive gloves and protective eyewear when working on electrical instruments, owning a set of reliable jack stands capable of upholding your truck, car, van or SUV is a wise investment. The ideal set of jack stands should withstand the weight of your vehicle for a long time without showing any signs of pending failure. These vehicle jack stands are used to provide additional security in case of a floor jack failure.

Car jack stands are used when changing brakes, tires, doing technical or mechanical work beneath or just rotating the tires or wheels. Usually, a pair of jack stand weight rating indicates the combined weight the two jacks can uphold. In this guide, we recommend the 10 best jack stands.

Features to Consider in Good Jack Stands

Features in jack stands differ from one model to another. Depending on your needs, these features may influence your purchasing decisions. So, consider the following features:


Most jack stands come in galvanized steel. The material is extremely strong although it is quite heavy. However, there are more expensive aluminum stands that are lighter which do not sacrifice strength. Also, jack stands are made from cast iron.


These provide the resting point for the vehicle jacking point. A bigger saddle eases the positioning of jack stands. Also, extra cushioning on saddles help safeguard the jacking point from wear and tear. Hence, if you will often lift your car, it will be a great idea to purchase a stand with more padding.


Keep in mind that these jack stands must be able to fit beneath the car and tall enough to keep the vehicle aloft. In case you own a sports car or your vehicle has a sports suspension, you will need a set of shorter jack stands. If you won an SUV, pick up or Ford, then you will require a set of jack stands with long arms that can reach the vehicle’s jacking point.

Locking mechanism

A set of jack stand’s locking mechanism can influence the reliability and quality of the stands. Pay attention to the locking mechanism when purchasing jack stands. There are 3 common locking mechanisms

  • Pin-Lock – This locking mechanism uses a pin to lock the stand. Like the material of the jack stand, the pin is usually made of steel or iron. This locking mechanism may be easy to use although it provides a strong and reliable locking system.
  • Ratchet Lock – If you want a simple locking mechanism, then ratchet is great. This locking mechanism is made up of a gearwheel with pivoting spring-loaded pawl which when pushed locks the ratchet in a particular position with minimal play. However, this locking mechanism is only used for light car since it does not provide the safest lock for professional or heavy-duty vehicle lifting.
  • Screw – This locking mechanism is not common. The mechanism takes time. However, most users prefer screw locks owing to the mechanism’s stable locking and accuracy over the desired height compared to ratchet


Wide base or nice solid feet help jack stands to be stable even when in use. The best base distributes the weight of the car evenly. Thus, if you have concerns about damaging the floor when lifting the vehicle, a set of jack stand with a very wide base or rounded feet is not likely to damage the floor or leave any impressions.

Top 10 Best Jack Stands 2020

1. Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands: 6 Ton Capacity, 1 Pair

Why we like it: It is among the best available jack stands to a point that there are numerous imitators. This is an iconic jack stand made from high-quality steel with a unique locking system, which is difficult to copy.

Editor’s rating:

Design Features
These are made from high-grade steel and are sold as a pair with a total weight capacity of 6 tons. The jack stands incorporate iron ratchet bar for perfect height adjustment. The 6-ton model supports approximately 12,000lb per pair. In case you don’t need the extra strength today, you can continue using it even when you decide to upgrade to a truck or SUV.

They come with four steel feet instead of the common tripod structure. The four feet provide a stronger grip when loaded. The height can be adjusted from 15-3/8” to 23 -13/16”. The large foot base measures 10 -13/16” by 9-7/16”.

Convenient Features
The ratchet height adjustment is a cool feature that may not be available in a cheaper set of jack stands. This enables you to deal with uneven ground or even make the jack stand fit nice and snug under the vehicle. Also, they come with a secondary steel locking pin to provide you extra peace of mind.

Since these are made from high-grade steel, they will not split or change shape. Generally, this set of jack stands is steady with an excellent quality that meets ASME/PALD safety standards. This set comes with a limited one year warranty from the manufacturer.

The Torin Big Red jack stands provide the best value of any jack stand you can buy today. The 6-ton variant will keep you safe regardless of the car you drive. When buying car jacks, go for heavier duty models to play it safe.

  • Safe and easy to use with the adjustable locking ratchet
  • Wide base supports sturdy support
  • Made from high-grade steel
  • Low price
  • The four feet design can be difficult to get it level on a rough surface

2. ESCO 10498 Jack Stand, 3 Ton Capacity

Why we like it: This Esco jack model is literally among the best and is quickly following among auto enthusiasts and mechanics. The simple jack stand is as straightforward as they come.

Editor’s rating:

Design Features
Each jack is sold individually. The jack is made from heavy-duty steel. Each stand can support a maximum of 3 ton and the height can be adjusted from 13 inches to 21 inches. The center shaft is made from solid steel instead of a hollow one to guarantee safety. It comes in a tripod-style feet design that allows the stands to be very stable. Also, they incorporate huge circular rubber pad to ensure the jacks never scratch your vehicle paint while providing stable surface to rest on.

Convenient Features
These Esco jack stands feature anti-rust powder finish rather than the common enamel paint. We like that the stand comes with replaceable top rubber support pad. This Esco stand model weighs 13.2 lbs. which in comparison with other stands makes it light and easy to move and use. The huge round feet ensure the jack stand never slides even on the nastiest terrain. The jack comes with a simple pin locking mechanism.

Although the jack may not be the cutest jack stand you can purchase, the powder coat ensure the jack won’t rust or chip as easily as the painted stands. Each stand is made to last. The flat disc feet design provides more stability compared to spiked feet especially when on softer or gravel ground and do not leave impression on the surface they rest on. The stand is ideal for cars that have side skirts or lowered suspension. Also, they are suitable for small SUVs. As well, the round top support is great for vehicle with round jacking points.

  • Replaceable rubber top
  • Powder coated body
  • Flat stable disc feet
  • Great for low profile cars
  • Each stand sold individually
  • Lacks ratcheting mechanism

3. Sunex 1410 10-Ton Jack Stands

Why we like it: It is ideal for larger and big-wheeled vehicles such as trucks and crossovers. These deserve the tallest jack stands provided by this pair of jack stands.

Editor’s rating:

Design Features
This pair of jack stands have a maximum height of 46.5 inches that ensure you can reach areas that are usually hard to reach. Also, this high profile jack stand from Sunex is flexible enough to support large and midsize sedans since it has a minimum height of 28 inches. Each stand is capable of upholding 10 tons. This makes the pair a monster and among the few heavy-duty jack stands available today.

Convenient Features
The set of jack stands feature 4 let steel base made from sturdy pipe that provides more security and stability. Also, they come with large saddles with flat top design that has double ear support so that it can support the vehicle frame underneath and provide you peace of mind that the vehicle is stable.

The metal foot pad prevents the stands from sticking on uneven or rough surfaces. Once the multiple pin adjustment locks in, no vehicle will slip even the heaviest. The multiple holes in the support tube allow for quick, secure and easy height adjustment. The Sunex jack packs undergo ASME PALD safety standards.

If you require a pair of heavy duty jack stands, then this 10-ton pair from Sunex delivers. It is very stable and is a great choice for commercial use. The jack stands are well built and heavy. The wide solid steel base coupled with support tube made from heavy duty pipe provide superior stability and strength.

  • Very strong and stable
  • Ideal for large off-road vehicle and agricultural trucks
  • Quick and easy height adjustment
  • Allows medium and high ground clearance
  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • Not for small vehicles

4. Omega 32225B Black Heavy Duty Jack Stand – 22 Ton Capacity

Why we like it: If you prefer to play it extremely safe, then this set of monster jack stands provide an excellent option. They come with a convenient handle useful when moving them around.

Editor’s rating:

Design Features
These Omega 32225B Heavy Duty jack stands can uphold a total of 44,000lbs or 22 tons. These jack stands are sold as a pair. They are made from heavy-grade steel and both jack stands weigh 62.8 lbs. The dimensions are 17.6 x 11.9 x 11.1 inches. The adjustable column is kept in place by a huge support pin with approximately one-inch diameter. It does not come with an adjustable mechanism. The height ranges from approximately 13 inches to 19 inches. They feature a huge top saddle to support heavy loads.

Convenient Features
The jack stands come with a pocket for keeping the support pin. The 22-ton incredible capacity means that this pair of jack stands can uphold a truck. Also, they feature heavy-duty pin and the height can be adjusted 3 times using the predefined heights. The base is properly welded to ensure they do not tip over. Although the jack stands are not meant to be carried around, they come with carrying handles.

The pins are easy to use, difficult to lose and almost impossible to destroy. The large saddle provides secure support for the load. The stand features a welded steel body that is considerably strong. The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty in case you are not sure about the durability or quality of the product.

These Omega 32225B jack stands are manufactured using sturdy, welded steel. The heavy-duty steel frame provides you extra strength to ensure it does not twist.

  • Heavy duty
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to use and adjust.
  • Considerably heavy to move around

5. Camco 44561 Olympian Aluminum Stack Jacks

Why we like it: These are ideal for people who want lightweight jack stands to carry around. These are not any larger than other counterparts which allows you to keep the tool in the trunk without consuming too much space.

Editor’s rating:

Design Features
Camco 44561 jack stands are surprisingly lightweight with each having a weight rating of 3 tons. These come as a pair with a total weight capacity of 6 tons. Although the cast aluminum material body may be light compared to steel, it is still sturdy enough to offer solid lift capacity for various light cars including campers, RVs, and even ATVs and boats.

Convenient Features
These jack stands use screw locking mechanism. Although the locking mechanism may not be the most convenient, it is among the most secure you can depend on to uphold your car without the likelihood of retraction. The adjusting mechanism makes it is easy to lift your car from a height of 11 inches to 17 inches.

The rubber finish on the jack stands help prevent vehicle scratches. As well, the coating on the jack stands is rust and corrosion proof to ensure you use your tool for a long period. It is easy to use and clean.

These jack stands have the smallest dimensions among the featured jack stands in this guide. Although it may bother some people, some off-roaders acknowledge Camco 44561 provides serious support. The jack stands are made from cast aluminum and can support RVs and other huge vehicles. The jack stands are lightweight, cheap and of good quality making them a decent choice for all car owners. The jack stands are ideal for people who can use jack stands effectively.

  • Great for upholding light vehicle
  • Travel-friendly gives its lightweight, compact design
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Cheap
  • Anti-corrosion and rust finish
  • Not ideal for heavy and taller vehicles

6. Pro-Lift T-6906D Double Pin Jack Stands – 6 Ton

Why we like it: This pair of jack stands are durable with equally good safety features. The jack stands to provide great safety and are easy to use.

Editor’s rating:

Design Features
These 6-ton Pro-Lift jack stands are made from sturdy steel. The jack stands feature a double locking mechanism and the heavy duty ratchet bar ensure the jacks will not fail. The height adjustment system is heavy duty. This Pro-Lift jack stand comes with an adjusting handle made from cast iron which feels resilient to withstand breaking or bending over time. The maximum height of these jack stands is 21 inches.

Convenient Features
The pro-lift durability is difficult to overemphasize. Unlike other complicated jacking mechanisms, this pair jack stands come with very durable parts. It is unlikely this set of jack stands will fail without deliberate abuse. Despite the jack stand set durability and ease of use, these jack stands are cheap and light. The jack stands meet or exceed ANSI/PALD standards. The stands are great for farm, home, truck, auto service, and shop use. The height adjustment system enables sleek upward movement through mobility pin and release handle locks. As you get beneath a 6-ton truck, you will be safer with these Pro-Lift jack stands that have a backup locking pin. Always utilized in pairs, counterweighted pawls act as a secure locking mechanism that prevents the load from unintended disengagement. The quick adjustment system can securely be locked into the required position.

The 6-ton Po-Lift jack stands are a decent choice for SUV and truck owners. These jack stands are well made. The quality paint coating can cope with years of use. The red height adjustment columns have a premium feel and look.

  • Very stable
  • High jack height
  • Tank-like construction
  • Redundant safety measures
  • Delivery of the product to your garage may take time

7. Hein-Werner HW93506 Blue/Yellow Jack Stands, 6 Ton Capacity (Set of 2)

Why we like it: These Hein-Weiner jack stands are arguably the best jack stands made in the USA. The design of the 6-ton jack stands is such that they can cope with the average vehicle weight.

Editor’s rating:

Design Features
This pair of 6-ton jack stands are made from a steel frame that improves general safety when in use. These Hein-Weiner jack stands are durable and strong as they use multi-position ratchet bar. They come with dual-purpose handles that act as saddle column release and can be used as carrying handle. The lifting height of these jack stands ranges from 16 ¼ to 25 ¾ inches. The lift height is convenient and provides you enough room for accessing beneath your car. The folded metal base of these jack stands allows them to distribute the weight uniformly as a way of enhancing the general stability and support.

Convenient Features
They come with a curved top part that enhances their stability. A look at the general design indicates that these jack stands are made safety in mind. The jack stands are made using high-quality material. The yellow and blue finish is rather impressive. The Hein-Werner HW93506 Jack Stands come with a 2-year warranty.

These jack stands have a steel frame which makes them a bit heavy but on the flipside, you can rest assured they are strong and durable. The multi-position ratchet bar provides you the flexibility to position the jack stands in various positions conveniently. The dual purpose handle allows for easy movement and positioning of the jack stands. The saddle column makes this pair of jack stands different from the competition.

  • Can uphold different vehicles with high and low ground clearance
  • Easy to use ratchet mechanism
  • Made from quality material
  • Fairly expensive

8. Performance Tool W41023 6 Ton

Why we like it: This Performance Tool jack stand set is sturdy enough to uphold a family sedan, van or truck. The manufacturer has a reputation of providing sturdy products and these jack stands fit the bill perfectly.

Editor’s rating:

Design Features
This is a heavy duty set of jack stands that can lift 6 tons. These substantial jack stands aren’t heavy to require two people to set up. They are made to be used on high clearance vehicles. The jack stands are very high and indication that they are not ideal for small vehicles but great for trucks and SUVs alike.

A set of these Performance Tool jack stands weighs 50.5 pounds. Each stand dimensions are 13” x 4” x 15”. The minimum lift range is 5 ½” and the maximum safe height lift for these jack stands is 23 ½”. These have a strong steel frame and a wide base that provides enough strength and stability for upholding 6 tons. With these stands, you won’t be concerned about your safety as you work beneath your vehicle.

Convenient Features
These jack stands are strong enough to take the weight of a family sedan, a van or a truck. The heavy-duty construction is made from a durable and strong steel frame. Hardcore automotive enthusiasts, as well as professional mechanics, trust these Performance Tool heavy duty jack stands. The 2-piece steel handle helps avoid damage to your vehicle with the foam bumper for a guaranteed grip.

These jack stands look and feel sturdy and durable. They can lift and uphold 2-ton cars, vans, trucks and even 6-ton buses. Sure, you will appreciate the safety and convenience. These jack stands are perfect for cars and light-duty trucks.

  • Stable wide base
  • Tough
  • Supportive lift
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable for most cars
  • Weak welds
  • Chipped paint

9. CARTMAN 3 Ton Jack Stands (Sold in Pairs)

Why we like it: These Cartman 3-ton jack stands offer a great mix of quality design and safety to car owners at a very low cost. They are great for home use.

Editor’s rating:

Design Features
This set of jack stands comes with 2 pieces that weigh approximately 12 pounds. Each piece can lift 1.5 tons. The stands are made from steel and although they are heavier compared to aluminum counterparts they are sturdy.

Although the jack stands forged from steel, they are easy to carry around and effective. The design ensures that you are safe whenever working underneath your vehicle. There will be no downward movement or slipping after the car has been lifted to the desired height. The stands feature double locking pawl and tooth design for additional protection. The single multi-position ductile ratchet bar offers superb durability and strength. The fast adjustment mechanism safely locks the jack stand in the desired height offering additional safety.

Convenient Features
The quick adjustment mechanism not only does it make using these jack stands easy but also it allows for lifting the car from 11 inches to 16 inches. You can tell the jack stands have been built to guarantee durability and strength with a ratchet bar in one piece. It is no surprise the jack stands meet ANSI standards. They can uphold a number of vehicles ranging from mid-sized cars to SUVs.

These jack stands are made from steel but they are light that allows you to carry them around. The jack stands are designed in such a way that the user will be as safe as possible. They are compact and easy to use.

  • Very affordable. Provides value for money
  • Beginner friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Not ideal for SUVs owing to its low maximum height

10. AmazonBasics Steel Jack Auto Stands, 2 Ton Capacity

Why we like it: This set of jack stands from AmazonBasics is strong and affordable and capable of lifting cars weighing 2 tons or less.

Editor’s rating:

Design Features
The jack stand body is of steel making the set durable. Although the model has a weak 2-ton (4,000 pounds) weight capacity, the jack stand delivers various features. This set of jack stands includes two pieces. The height of the stands can be raised or lowered as needed. This pair of AmazonBasics jack stands will allow you to stabilize your raised vehicle. The wide square-shaped base provides optimal stability ideal for carrying out underbody repairs. Each jack stands features a huge U-shaped contact surface that helps guarantee stability for your suspended vehicle.

Convenient Features
Since the jack stand is made of steel, it is very strong and durable that will allow it to last long and perform even when utilized as a heavy-duty stand in a busy garage. Also, the ratchet system is very easy to use lock using the locking bar. You don’t require a locking key to accomplish this.

These AmazonBasics Jack stands deliver when it comes to safety since they pass the ASME standard. The large base makes the jack stands stable and safe to use. With this jack stand, you get a one-year warranty. The jack stand features a rustproofing coat.

The jack stands from AmazonBasics may not press all the right buttons, especially considering that they have limited weight rating of 2 tons. However, the attractive price and excellent steel built make it ideal especially for people who do not own a jack stand. These make a decent addition to your auto-care device collection.

  • Easy to lock it in position
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Large base provides stability and safety
  • A 2-ton maximum weight capacity

Guide to Buying the Best Jack Stands

If you regularly work on your vehicle, then owning a decent set of jack stands is a necessity. This will make you accomplish whatever you want faster and in an efficient way. Much like ensuring you have the right clothing and protective gear, owning a sturdy set of jack stands capable of upholding your truck, SUV, van or car is a sound investment. Check out this video for some of the best jack stands.

Jack stands provide a fail-safe system for supporting vehicles when suspended off the ground. You are to blame if a car falls on you because you used a jack to uphold it for you. Each year, several people including mechanics suffer from serious and fatal injuries using logs, bricks or scissor-style jacks to uphold the vehicle they work on. However, even the best jack stands can hurt you if used incorrectly.

What is a jack stand?

This is basically an adjustable height stand made from steel or aluminum and works to uphold your suspended vehicle in the correct position. Not only do they help you accomplish your work faster, but also are an important safety measure when jacking up your vehicle and working beneath it.

You cannot solely depend on your hydraulic car jack to consistently uphold your car. Jack stands are cheap compared to their role of protecting your life when hydraulic floor jacks fail and they do fail. So, you need protection. Use the best car jack stands properly to guarantee safety especially when upholding heavy vehicle as you work beneath. Check out this video on the safe use of jack stands.

Types of Jack stands

Adjustable jack stands come in two main categories. The first is ratchet jack stands that use ratchet mechanism to lift the stands to your desired height. The second is manual pin locking stands that lift to your preferred height and then locking them in place using a pin through a hole in the jack stand shaft. These are common and preferred by most people since they tend to be more secure and are unlikely to fail compared to ratchet jack stands.

Things to Consider in a Jack Stand

There are different jack stands available in the market today, which can me it pretty hard to choose the correct set of jack stands. Here, we share the things you should consider to help you get a great set of jack stands that fits your preferences and needs.


Jack stands are available from different price points. You will get one that fits your budget. However, price should not be the only thing you should take into account before purchasing since it is your safety at risk. So, ensure you purchase a high-quality set of jack stands. This should be considered as a long-term investment.


Usually, a high-quality set of jack stands are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. This gives you extra peace of mind as you make your purchase since the company provides free replacement or repair in case of defect. Depending on the manufacturer, warranties range from 6 months to lifetime.

Type of Vehicle

Jack stands are available in different sizes and shapes, so ensure that the one you purchase is suitable for your vehicle. This is established by your vehicle ground clearance and weight. For instance, heavier vehicles require a set of jack stands with high weight rating.

Weight capacity

After considering your vehicle, you can choose the set of jack stands with the weight rating that can support it. Usually, a jack stand weight rating is done in tons or pounds. Ensure the jack you select can handle a bit more than the weight of your vehicle.


Your preferred jack stand adjustability is essential so ensure it meets your needs. Although a fixed jack stand has few moving body parts to reduce the likelihood of malfunctioning, you have a limit of what you can accomplish with them. In case you plan on utilizing the jack stands on only one car, then fixed jack stands may work for you. If you plan on using the jack stands on various vehicles in diverse locations, then you should choose a set of jack stands with adjustable height.


Safety is linked to the width of the jack stand base. A bigger base, makes the jack stand safer. Also, the jacking point is essential and the jack stand has to be able to grip firmly on your vehicle jacking point to ensure the vehicle does not slip. For this, make sure the jack point on your preferred jack stand is made from anti-slip material and includes an angular dent for holding your vehicle jacking point firmly.

Ease of use

You need to look for a set of jack stands that is easy to operate. In case you choose an adjustable model, make sure that making adjustments is simple and quick. Generally, ensure the jack you go for is easy to use. Investing in a jack stand that is difficult to use leaves you predisposed to jack related injuries.


Jack stands are among the most unappreciated maintenance accessories available on the market. They simply save your life when you lift any vehicle to carry out some maintenance. A set of quality jack stands is an extremely practical tool that will enable you to have easy and quick access to your vehicle’s underside in a safe and efficient way. The best thing about jack stands is their versatility and ease-of-use. Also, these lifting tools are extremely affordable making them excellent investment for both long-term and short-term purposes. You have no excuse for not purchasing one. In this guide, we have shown you some of the best jack stands and factors to consider when purchasing a good jack stand. Apart from personal preferences, when purchasing a set of jack stands, always consider the type of vehicle you will be using it on, the maximum weight rating and the jack stand material for your safety.