You've Been Framed: Best License Plate Frames

You've Been Framed: Best License Plate Frames

Does your car still have its dealership licensing plate frame? If so, your car is now an effectively free advertisement vehicle for a local dealership.

Not only that, you could actually be violating state law with a dealership plate frame, depending on the state you live in.

It’s your car, so you don’t need to advertise someone else’s business every time you drive to the dentist. Don’t wait longer and think about buying a new license plate frame.

There are other reasons to replace an existing license plate frame. For example, the old one could be fading with the paint chipping off, or still dented from a fender bender. A brand new license plate frame would get rid of these problems.

Besides, a swanky new license plate frame can be a statement of sorts. There are plenty of advanced features the latest products offer that you might not want to miss out on.

Keep reading to find out the best license plate frames you can get right now with useful buying tips provided.

Features to Consider in Good License Plate Frames

The license plate frame is perhaps the most inconsequential part of your vehicle. However, it’s still an important car part that keeps the legally-required license plate in place.

Therefore, when you are on the market for a reliable frame for the plates, consider the two points below very carefully:

State Law Requirements — Go to the DMV website of your state and find out if there are specific requirements (like size) for plate frames in your state. Do this before you start browsing products. If there are any legal requirements, shop for products within that framework.

Exact Size — This is the most important things when shopping for a new license plate frame. You need to know the exact measurements of the frame to determine if it would support your plates. In addition to the height and length, the thickness of the plates matter as well.

Once you cover the above points, you can choose a plate that meets your aesthetic and durability demands. Scroll down to learn more about products that meet these criteria.

Top 10 Best License Plate Frames 2024

1. Ohuhu Matte Aluminum License Plate Frame

Ohuhu Matte Aluminum License Plate Frame

Why we like it: This un-garish license plate frame is made from top-notch materials, but is available for a very affordable price. Ohuhu is a trusted brand when it comes to license plate frames. Their matte aluminum frames are available in plain black. The price is very affordable and the high quality of the product really makes this worth it. The standard black frame is also perfect for displaying the license without any tackiness.

Editor’s Rating:


This license plate frame is designed for U.S. plates. The exact size is 6-3/8″ x 12-1/4″.

The frame is standard black in color. The general design of the frame is seamless and minimalist.

The Ohuhu frame is made from high-quality aluminum. The material is sturdy and is coated for rust resistance.

The powder coat has a good-looking matte finish. The frame has two holes to keep registration tags visible as required in most states.

The package comes with two frames, screws, plastic screw caps, spacers, and washers required for installation. A user manual is included as well.


This license plate frame is breathtaking in its design simplicity, sturdiness, and convenience. The matte finish looks great without looking garish.

The frame is designed to comply with laws in most states. It won’t block registration tags in four corners as the state law may require.

However, the brand recommends measuring the existing license plate frame in your car to choose the right size. Some sizes may obscure the bottom section of the license.

This frame is wonderfully easy to install because all the parts needed are provided. The screwdriver in the kit can install the frame and also remove the caps off the tools when needed.

The frame is painted with good quality paint because it retains color for a long time. It won’t easily peel off or corrode.

There are barely any downsides to this frame. The screw caps are quite large, though. It can sometimes obscure letters on the plate.


This license plate frame is great for providing your car with a refined look. Everything is so well-made and lasts long, which makes this product more than worth the price.

It’s great for black cars, but just about anyone can try it. Not only will your car look good, this plate’s durability will save you money in the long run.


  • Matte black finish
  • Rust-resistant powder coating
  • Comes with installation kit
  • Made with high-quality materials only
  • Meets the requirements of most state laws


  • Some features may obscure letters
  • The very bottom of the license plate may get covered

2. SunplusTrade 2 Stainless Steel Polish Mirror License Plate Frame

SunplusTrade 2 Stainless Steel Polish Mirror License Plate Frame

Why we like it: This license plate frame has a silvery, mirror-like look that offers great aesthetics and practicality for vehicles at an affordable price. You can get two of SunplusTrade 2 stainless steel license plates for about $12. This is a huge bargain considering how good looking these frames are. Looks are not the only thing that’s going great for this product. If you are looking for a beautiful but sturdy frame, this is well worth pausing to gawk at.

Editor’s Rating:


This license plate frame sports a slim and stylish design. It’s made from stainless steel that is polished to shine like a mirror. The overall frame comes with a chrome finish.

The frame size is 6-5/16″ x 12-1/4″, suitable for any U.S. license plate. These are made specifically not to block state tags.

The two plates come with an installation kit including eight screws, four screw caps, washers, and a screwdriver. So everything you need to both installation and uninstalling is included.


This license plate frame will certainly keep the werewolves away because it looks as fancy as real silver. But unlike real silver, the stainless steel will never corrode.

The beautiful frame is sturdy and durable. The chrome finish prevents the silvery shine from fading due to rain or sunlight.

Like a real silver frame, this one has pretty sharp edges. It could potentially damage a license plate because the kit doesn’t come with plate protectors.

You can separately buy a foam protector for this frame in case you are worried about scratches. But this is a minor issue.

Installation is relatively easy and straightforward. Interestingly enough, the screws provided are plastic, but perfectly matches the color of the frame.

One downside is the slim design. It’s intended to make the frame lightweight and stylish, but it could end up being too thin for some license plates.


Other than some minor issues, this frame is an excellent buy. It’s gorgeous and is made to last with minimal environmental impact.

Some license plates could end up being thicker than the frame itself because of the slim design. However, other features like rush resistance and affordability certainly cancel out the downsides.


  • Silvery looks
  • Slim design
  • Stainless steel won’t corrode
  • Sturdy
  • Doesn’t block state tags
  • Chrome finish protects the looks


  • A license plate protector (not provided) might be needed
  • Slim frame might be too thin for some license plates

3. NFL Glitter Bling Chrome Plate Frame

NFL Glitter Bling Chrome Plate Frame

Why we like it: This well-made license plate is a bit pricey, but it is a must-have for ardent football fans. Show off your football fandom without shame with this stunning and durable license plate frame. It’s available with name tags for all major (and some minor) NFL teams.

Editor’s Rating:


This frame is made from metal and has a chrome finish. The frame size is 6” x 12.25” in size.

Each frame is adorned with the brand logo of the chosen NFL team. You can choose the team you support when you buy the product.

The frames have pre-drilled holes for installation. Each comes with glitter decal inserts as well.

These NFL plates are officially licensed. So all the team names are in the original branded font.


These frames are really well made with the team logos showing beautifully. One word of caution, there’s “bling” mentioned in the product title.

That means the team names are written in a kind of sparkly glitter. It shows up close but isn’t too shimmery from far away.

Other than that, the colors of the license plate frame show wonderfully even from afar. The chrome finish prevents the colors and paint from washing off with prolonged use.

The frame does not come with screws or drivers for proper installation. You will have to find screws that fit well and also match.

It’s also important to make sure that this frame exactly matches the size of the existing license plate frames in your car. It’s not available in multiple sizes so plates in some states, like Minnesota, won’t fit.

Just in case the frame doesn’t fit your car’s plates, try flipping it upside down and try again.

Unfortunately, this frame is sold one piece per package. You will have to buy two for front and back.


If you are a football fan, you won’t be able to live without this license plate frame. It’s a bit pricey, especially when you have to buy two separately. But most downsides are minor and can be overcome.

The frame is considerably well constructed to last a long time. It lacks a powder coating but has a chrome finish. All in all, a great buy for sports fans.


  • Official NFL team logos
  • Chrome finish
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Sturdy metal
  • Vibrant colors visible from afar


  • Matching screws not provided
  • Only available in single pieces
  • No powder coating

4. Karoad Black License Plate Frames, 2 PCS

Karoad Black License Plate Frames, 2 PCS

Why we like it: Simple matte looks and affordable price tags—these stainless steel license plate frames are really worth a second look. These steel license plate frames would be a much better improvement over standard plastic frames. The package includes two frames for a very affordable price that’s hard to overlook.

Editor’s Rating:

These steel license plate frames would be a much better improvement over standard plastic frames. The package includes two frames for a very affordable price that’s hard to overlook.


These license plate frames are made from stainless steel as specified by the brand. The frames are made for all standard U.S. vehicle plates.

The frame size is 6-5/16″ x 12-1/4″. It comes with a wrench, screws, washers, bolts, and universal cap covers to install.

The frames sport a black matte finish. The exterior is powder coated as well.

The border of these frames is really slim, only about half an inch in width. It keeps most of the license plate visible.


These stylish stainless steel frames are just handsome. These are really elegant and would match just about any vehicle model and car paint color.

The two frames come with a bunch of tools to make installation really easy. You won’t have to worry about finding matching screws or caps because the package provides everything.

One big advantage is that the frames are really slim. This won’t annoyingly block state tags because the border is really thin.

Despite the slim design, the frames are quite sturdy. And the snap-on cover caps are really worth the money.

One note of concern is the material the frames are made from. The manufacturer says the material is stainless steel.

However, the frames are a bit magnetic, which doesn’t typically happen with stainless steel. Then again, some stainless steel compositions are known to be magnetic.

What’s more, these frames are available with a warranty for 12 months. If you find the frames to be too large for your plates, then you can just return it.


These classy-looking plate frames offer top value for the price, particularly considering that a warrant is available.

There are some concerns about the size and price. Yet, these frames are sturdy and smartly designed to display all the tags on the license plate. Therefore, these come highly recommended.


  • Slim design to expose plates to the fullest
  • Refined looks
  • Matching screw caps provided
  • Includes 12-month warranty from the manufacturer
  • Affordable price for both
  • Sturdy


  • Material may not be stainless steel

5. Cruiser Accessories 19003 Palm Tree License Plate Frame, Chrome

Cruiser Accessories 19003 Palm Tree License Plate Frame, Chrome

Why we like it: This beautiful palm tree-featuring license plate frame would always remind you of summer. Love beach vacations in summer? Then you will definitely love this tropical themed license plate frames. It’s got everything you love about the warm days and it is also packed with features that make plate frames great.

Editor’s Rating:


This Cruiser Accessories frame is made from die-cast zinc. The frame is then plated with extra heavy “show” chrome.

The metal is hand polished to gain a luxurious shine. The size is standard 6″ x 12″.

The slim border of the frame is stylized into two palm trees each on the side. There is also a hint of waves to complete the summer beach vacation picture.


This is a beautiful frame that will not leave you disappointed, especially in winter. If you come from a cold state up north, then this plate frame would definitely be an upgrade over a dreary and boring plastic one.

There’s a lot of attention to detail given to the construction of the frame. The summery motif doesn’t interfere with the content on the plates.

However, just to be sure, take exact measurements so that the palm trees don’t obscure state tags. They are placed to the side so typically the imagery shouldn’t be in the way.

The polished frame is amazingly durable too. It has a lovely chrome finish to really give off a fancy look.

One disappointment is lack of powder coating to protect the frame from corrosion. Show chrome protects the polish but doesn’t necessarily prevent rusting.

It’s easy to install but doesn’t come with screws. The manufacturer recommends using the existing frame’s screws.


The tropical island imagery is definitely tempting and eye-catching. The frame is also well made with a number of desirable features that justify a purchase.

Be aware though that this frame is pricey. One is more expensive than most standard plate frames and two would cost close to $40.


  • Pros:
  • Tropical theme
  • Hand polished
  • Show chrome finish
  • Slim border to make plate information visible
  • Durable


  • Expensive
  • Only available as one
  • Screws not provided

6. Hippo Creation 2 Pack White Rhinestone Premium Stainless Steel License Plate Frame

Hippo Creation 2 Pack White Rhinestone Premium Stainless Steel License Plate Frame

Why we like it: Roll like a rap mogul with these super shiny license plate frames. The actual price doesn’t reflect the super posh looks. Why go for boring plain license plate frames when you can go super fab with a frame with actual rhinestone crystals in it? This is that decadent frame you may have always secretly hoped for.

Editor’s Rating:

Why go for boring plain license plate frames when you can go super fab with a frame with actual rhinestone crystals in it? This is that decadent frame you may have always secretly hoped for.


These frames are made with actual SS20 clear rhinestones the manufacturer classified as natural. The stones are precision cut to meet true color.

The rest of the frame is made from high-quality stainless steel. The edge of the frame has been ground to prevent scratching the car’s paint.

The plate is standard sized at 12.25″ x 6.25″ to fit U.S. and Canadian license plates. The design takes care not to block registration tags in any of the corners.

The package includes two frames for the front and back. It comes with extra-length mounting screws that match the color.


It really doesn’t get much better than this if you are looking for plate frames that glimmer and shine in true Hollywood luxury. These plates have over 1,000 true color rhinestones that everyone on the road will definitely notice.

The rhinestones look very sparkly in the product photographs. In the daytime, they won’t sparkle as much, but would still be shimmery.

One of the biggest worries with frames like these is quality. These frames are well-made to protect both the rhinestones and the car paint.

The stainless steel will withstand all weather driving conditions. The frames are highly rust-resistant.

The plates install in minutes too. You won’t need any special tools to fix these.

The biggest downside is a lack of screws for the bottom part of the frame. It can cause some rattling, especially when driving off main roads.


These are real top-grade rhinestone frames where you won’t have to worry about the stones popping off. The sparkle is as good as it gets for license plates.

The frames are a good fit for standard license plates. The material is long-lasting and highly durable.

The only complaint is the rattling, which you can fix with some adhesive tape or something similar. The price close to $40 may seem expensive, but the true color stones are really worth it.


  • High-quality rhinestones
  • Great sparkle
  • Stainless steel frames
  • All-weather durability
  • Easy installation


  • Can rattle
  • Pricey

7. Aggressive Overlays Genuine Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame

Aggressive Overlays Genuine Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame

Why we like it: It’s a strong carbon fiber license plate with a unique looks thanks to the highly professional construction. This is a whole new kind of license plate frame. If you have gotten used to cheap plastic frames or even superior quality metal ones, get ready for the carbon fiber plates frame.

Editor’s Rating:


The Aggressive Overlays plates frame is made from genuine carbon fiber. It’s the same super sturdy but lightweight material used in airplanes and racecars.

The frame is made up of a single carbon sheet in a twill weave pattern. Not only does it give the frame strength, it also gives it a unique look.

The frame has a glossy finish with a special coating to prevent chipping and flaking. The frame is very stiff because of high carbon to resin ratios.


This license plate frame is made from real carbon fiber so you can experience its qualities firsthand. This frame is super sturdy and stiff, and yet very lightweight.

It has a very appealing textured pattern that looks a lot more refined than the usual black metal frame. However, the pattern is to particularly visible from afar.

The frame is very shiny in sunlight thanks to the glossy finish. The coating even offers UV protection to prevent the frame color from fading.

The kit comes with matching screws with the caps included. This frame won’t corrode with use.

Be aware that this frame is thicker than metal or plastic. You may have to use longer bolts to attach to the license plate.

Also, rattling is an issue. Unless, of course, you use adhesive tape underneath.


This is overall a really wonderful license plate frame. It has a very stylish and modern “wet” look thanks to the material and polish.

The frame can look even after prolonged use. The biggest issue is that it’s thicker than usual, so some drivers may find it incompatible with their license plates.


  • Carbon fiber construction
  • High gloss finish
  • Unique patterned looks
  • Sturdy
  • Rust resistant
  • UV protection coating


  • Thicker than usual
  • High incompatibility levels
  • Rattling problems

8. Cruiser Accessories 19130 Daisy License Plate Frame, Chrome/Painted

Cruiser Accessories 19130 Daisy License Plate Frame, Chrome/Painted

Why we like it: A well-constructed license plate frame with a very feminine pattern for a change. License plate frames tend to have sharp and square, masculine designs. This Cruiser Accessories plate frame is adorned with daisies instead, for a refreshing feminine touch.

Editor’s Rating:

License plate frames tend to have sharp and square, masculine designs. This Cruiser Accessories plate frame is adorned with daisies instead, for a refreshing feminine touch.


This license plate frame is made from zinc die-cast metal, which is standard for this brand. It’s not the usual steel but the metal is nevertheless durable and sturdy.

The sides of the frame are patterned with daisies on a leafy wine. There are four daises on the four corners. The top and bottom borders are straight.

The daisies are beautifully hand painted in white and yellow. The whole frame is then chrome coated to protect the metal and the paint.

The size of the plate is standard 6″ x 12″. The novelty license plate should work with most state plates and even the Canadian ones.


This metal license plate frame is surprisingly elaborate. The flowery pattern is meticulously detailed with high-quality paint.

The paint doesn’t fade easily. It won’t fade under harsh sunlight because of the chrome coating. The coating protects the metal from the elements and rust.

It’s just as well-built as the tropical-themed Cruiser plate mentioned above. But this is actually more intricately detailed than even that one.

It’s lovely but doesn’t come with screw caps in matching colors. Though that’s a big downer, it’s not hard to find the silver color matching this frame.

Looks aside, the rest of the frame is highly durable and reliable. The pattern doesn’t get in the way of state tags or any other letters on the license plate.


The curling daisy pattern is a girly design that is so rare to find. It’s perfect for those who want to break the tradition of using generic license plate frames.

The build of the frame is quite remarkable, considering the price. This frame comes in a single package, so you will have to get one more for the front or back of the car.

In the end, the intricate design is well worth the price. The product is long-lasting and offers impressive value.


  • Beautiful daisy pattern
  • Sturdy frame
  • Chrome coated
  • Hand-painted daisies
  • Intricate design


  • Screw caps in matching colors not included
  • Only one plate frame per purchase

9. Product Express Personalized Your Own CHROME License Plate Frame

Product Express Personalized Your Own CHROME License Plate Frame

Why we like it: These simple license plate frames are free from fanciful nonsense and you can customize it for about $10. If you don’t want anything gaudy on your license plate frames, you may really like this simplistic design. It’s not just minimalist, you can order these plates with your custom message on it.

Editor’s Rating:

If you don’t want anything gaudy on your license plate frames, you may really like this simplistic design. It’s not just minimalist, you can order these plates with your custom message on it.


The plate frames are made from chrome steel. Each plate is standard sized at 6″ x 12″ dimensions.

The frames can be personalized when you place your order. Your text message will appear in lettering on the top and bottom borders of each frame.

You can choose the color of the lettering, though it’s mostly available in back. The lettering is done in vinyl stickers.


Personalized license plate frames sound quite tempting. It’s unbelievable that a driver can get their own custom-made plate frames for as cheap as $10.

These frames are cheap mainly because the lettering is done using vinyl stickers. It will stay on for a long time, but it’s not as permanent as an engraving, of course.

The vinyl is quite great but will fade under sunlight. It’s not a big issue if you live in a cold or temperate state. But beware if you are buying these for driving in Texas or Arizona.

The chrome steel the frames are made from are amazingly sturdy. Unlike the stickers, the metal parts are made with high-quality material.

The plate frames can withstand any weather condition. However, the frames are not powder-coated to be rust-resistant.


These frames are hardly perfect, but for the budget-price, the personalization deal is quite great. Though it lacks engraving, waterproof vinyl stickers come close to permanent.

The simplistic design of these plate frames is quite perfect for being stylish without showing off. All in all, this product offers solid value for money spent.


  • Customizable with personal message
  • Minimalist design
  • Sturdy chrome steel make
  • Suitable for all-weather driving
  • Waterproof vinyl lettering


  • Personalized message is not engraved
  • No powder coating to prevent corrosion

10. EEEKit Rhinestone License Plate Frame

EEEKit Rhinestone License Plate Frame

Why we like it: A more affordable version of the blingy rhinestone license plate with a sturdy metal base. Want a swanky crystal studded license plate frame but don’t want to pay a 5-star price? Then this budget “diamond” license plate frame may be what you are looking for.

Editor’s Rating:

Want a swanky crystal studded license plate frame but don’t want to pay a 5-star price? Then this budget “diamond” license plate frame may be what you are looking for.


This license plate is made from a combination of crystals and stainless steel. The base of the frame is actually aluminum metal chrome. Then there are some crystals embedded in it.

The embedded crystals are a cheap, generic version, but it actually glows in the presence of light. It will sparkle under sunlight and other car lights. The crystals are glued in with a “high strength” adhesive.

Each pack contains two frames. The frame size is 6.3” x 12.2” so it should fit any standard U.S. or Canadian license plate.


Don’t expect this license plate frame to be a high-end crystalized version. The rhinestones are plastic, but the rest of the frame is actually well worth the price.

The aluminum of the frame is very sturdy and reliable. It’s coated with chrome to be rustproof. It metal additionally won’t lose the shine over time because of the chrome coating.

As for the design, it looks like real diamonds from afar. The rhinestones are complemented with artwork on the frame that makes them look even shinier.

The biggest downer is that the glue doesn’t hold the rhinestones in place that well. These may fall off.

On the plus side, the package comes with extra crystals to glue in if one or two falls off. The crystals can withstand a car wash without falling off each time.


This is a very aesthetically pleasing license plate frame that’s worth the price if you won’t mind if a crystal or two falls off. Additional ones are provided and it’s actually rare that you would lose a crystal.

Otherwise, this is a sturdy and well-made frame that will work in most states plus Canada.


  • Actual crystals embedded
  • Chrome finish
  • Rust-resistant
  • Comes with extra crystals
  • Rhinestones are very sparkly


  • Rhinestones may fall off

Guide to Buying the Best License Plate Frame

There are so many options to purchase even for a neglected car part like the license plate frame. How should you choose the best from all of these?

For help, refer to the brief guide below:

The Number of Screws Required is Important

Does the license plate frame you have in mind have two or four holes for the screws? It would determine if the frame rattles on the way or not.

Four screws naturally provide more support to license plate frames. Two is not bad, but each should provide adequate support to the bottom part of the plate.

If you choose a frame with problem installation, you will have to resort to adhesives to keep it in place.

Decide on a Material You Like

License plate frames are made from plastic or a metal base. First of all, ditch the plastic because these frames do not last and are not reliable.

When it comes to metal plates frames, you will come across several different metals and combos. The most common metal used in license plate frames is steel.

You will also find aluminum, zinc, and carbon fiber products. The type of metal changes the weight and some properties of the frame.

Metals are sturdy in largely equal ways when it comes to products like license plate frames. Therefore, it’s up to you to decide what type of metal or other material you like.

Steel is highly sturdy, while alloy is lightweight. Weigh these different properties to find what really matches your preferences and choose the frame.

Is an Installation Kit Provided?

Some license plate frames are shipped with an installation kit complete with screws, caps, washers, and even the screwdrivers. It’s very convenient and easy to install the frame from a kit like this.

Some frames are not available with a kit. The problem here is finding screw caps that match the color of the frame.

If the screws and the shade of the plate are different, the screws with stand out, and not in a good way. Therefore, to avoid the hassle of finding color-matching metal caps, make sure to choose a product that comes with screws and caps.

Durability is Key

Regardless of the material you choose, the most discerning factor when it comes to choosing a frame should be durability.

Think about it. Bad quality license plate frames corrode, fade, or lose the paint with prolonged use. A durable frame would offer more value for your money.

If you are choosing a metal frame, for example, find out whether the metal is coated. Unless it is, the plate frame would end up rusting away.

There are other indications of durability like the use of high-quality material and UV protection for paint. Look at these features to end up with a long-lasting product.

Pay Close Attention to the Design

We may choose license plates based on a design that would improve the appearance of a vehicle. The design you choose must have certain features to make the product worthwhile.

First of all, no part of the frame design should cover important information on the license plate. Make sure the tags on each side are left exposed by the metal frame.

You may want to check your individual state laws to choose a design that accommodates legal requirements.

Look How Many Frames are Offered for the Price

This may sound like a minor point, but pay careful attention to the number of license plate frames that come with the package. You will need two, but some retailers would only ship one.

Don’t assume that all products come with two plate frames for the front and back. Some products are clearly listed as singles, so don’t overlook this.

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