These Best Motorcycle Boots are Made for Riding

These Best Motorcycle Boots are Made for Riding

No matter your status as a motorcycle rider, whether a professional rider or a newbie, you always face the temptation of forgetting your safety and ride on your motorcycle without any equipment. However, what do you do when you hit a bump in the road and tumble meters away from your motorcycle? Aside from the helmet, one of the essential safety gear every motorcycle owner must own is a pair of safety boots. If you have been riding for a long time, you probably have a trusted pair. As time passes, you might have to invest in a new one. What are the best motorcycle boots you can buy today? This article provides a list of the ten best motorcycle boots.

If you are a newbie, you might be thinking of getting your very first pair. Aside from the ten best motorcycle shoes, you can buy today, and we have also provided a buying guide. This guide will help you know the features, and the factors necessary to be considered before buying a pair of motorcycle shoes.

Read on to find out more.

Features to Consider in Good Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle riding is a fun activity, and it is no wonder that many people love it. It delivers adventure and enjoyment to the rider. The adrenaline rush is quite incomparable. As enjoyable as this activity is, however, it comes with dangers. Motorcycle accidents are especially unpleasant to see. Unlike cars that provide seatbelts, motorcycles don’t really offer any safety.
Hence, while you engage in this enjoyable activity, you must take the necessary precautions. One such precautions are wearing your safety equipment. Helmets are the most popular and advocated, but experienced riders who have gotten involved in an accident or two recognize that motorcycle boots are also essential. The best motorcycle boots will protect your legs from dangers. In this section, we will have a brief look at some of the essential factors to consider before buying motorcycle boots.

In this section, we will consider 3 of the different factors that make up an excellent motorcycle boot. They are:

  • Impact Protection
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Ergonomics and Comfort

Impact Protection

When riding a motorcycle, you are going at speeds that make the tiniest stone, pebble, or rock feel like a projectile.

If at speed you are moving at, you hit a rock or debris, one part of your body susceptible to impact are the legs. So many serious injuries have occurred, not due to a crash, but due to these materials hitting the leg of a rider. Similarly, many accidents and injuries have been avoided because the rider had quality motorcycle boots on his feet.

Thus, good motorcycle boots come with layers of material, armor, and padding to protect the feet and reduce the impact of debris and other materials.

Resistance to Abrasion

When a rider has an accident, he is often thrown from the bike and skids for meters on asphalt. This can cause serious injuries. The feet can be scraped against hot asphalt and remove the skin, among other injuries.

Abrasion injuries are more common than you think and more dangerous. If you slide on asphalt at a speed of 45 miles per hour, you are going to lose ½” of skin.

To prevent this, it is essential that motorcycle riders wear gear like sturdy, elongated pants. However, the best protection is from wearing quality motorcycle boots. A high-quality motorcycle boot is made of materials like leather and armor that can protect your feet and shins from peeling their skin when you have an accident.


No matter the level of protection from abrasion or impact a motorcycle boot provides, if it is not comfortable, you will not enjoy the ride. And what is the point of riding if you do not derive joy from it?

Furthermore, your motorcycle boots must feature an ergonomic design. This means that it must have such features like a hardwearing, rigid sole, which makes stopping and moving easy. It must provide enough grip, especially when your feet are on the peg.

Make the smart choice today and choose the best motorcycle boots.

Now, let us review 10 of the best motorcycle boots on the market.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Boots 2024

1. Durango Men's 11" Harness Boot

Durango Men's 11" Harness Boot

Why we like it: The Durango Men's 11" Harness Boots make this list of the best motorcycle boots because of the stylish design, the protective build, and the overall practical value that they offer. Look into every avid biker's wardrobe, and chances are you will find a pair. And if not, it's because they are probably wearing it!

Editor’s Rating:


The shoes look sleek and very stylish. The understated design makes it look incredible. The upper part of the shoe, the more significant part of the height, is made from black leather. It is plain and lacks any decorations bar the harness strap. One thing we have observed is that the more the designs on these types of shoes, the more inferior the quality of materials used.

These shoes are made of leather. The leather isn’t just any leather, but heavy-duty leather that promises to last for a long time, while retaining comfort and suppleness. The outsole is sturdy and guarantees a non-slip grip.

Despite the height, or because of the height, they come with pull tabs that assist you in taking them off. We are sure that as long as they are your size, they are super comfortable to wear. It comes in 5 colors. We especially loved the Oiled Black model.

In spite of the 11″ height, you still have enough room for your calves to breathe.


The shoes are made with an inner sole to reduce the weight on your foot. The side seams of the shoe are taped down, and a cushioned insole with a flexible forepart is added.

Despite the height, the front leg of the shoe allows you to bend down without experiencing discomfort. The durable rubber outsole at the bottom of the boot ensures that even if worn throughout the day, it remains comfortable.

We wore them for half a day without any discomfort. As they are not heavy on design, the minimalist design allows them to be worn on a variety of styles without leaving you looking ridiculous.

Other Features

The shoes come in a variety of sizes. The one we tested has a shaft of 11″, a heel of 1.7″, and a boot opening of 14,5″.


  • Supportive leather lining
  • Durable leather material
  • Nice minimalist design
  • Great ankle support


  • No problems with our model, but some users have reported them coming in size too small

2. Bates Men's Ultra-Lites Tactical Sport Boot

Bates Men's Ultra-Lites Tactical Sport Boot

Why we like it: The cushioned removable inserts, the long-lasting leather and nylon, and the slip-resistant outsole combine to ensure that these boots provide comfort and durability. No wonder we like them and have them as the second-best motorcycle boots on this list.

Editor’s Rating:


If you are an avid boot wearer like we are, then we are sure you’d have heard of Bates. For over a decade, this company has consistently churned out boots that are both comfortable and durable. The Bates Men’s Ultra-Lite Tactical Sport Boot is king in a lineup of high-quality boots from Bates.

They come at a relatively cheap price, which is quite surprising considering how great they feel. The boots are made of high-quality leather and nylon. They come knitted out with a membrane that keeps your feet feeling nice and very cool all day long.

The zippers on the sides of these bad boys offer ease of removal and slipping on. You can say goodbye to struggling to put on / off your boots. Since they are lace-less, you have zero worries about undoing and redoing their laces.


They are built for long-term use. Hence the leather feels strong and durable. With a 1680 denier ballistic nylon, the boots have a very nice, athletic construction. They might not be as comfortable as the number one boot on our list, but they make up for this in their reduced price.

During use, the boots feel very comfortable. Each boot comes with a shock-absorbing, removable EVA footbed. We observed that to improve your comfort, they come with padding around the collar.
The feature we found most impressive in these boots are the soles. The rubber soles of these boots are oil and slip-resistant, and during testing, one of our staff members ran on an ice-rink wearing these shoes without slipping.

One problem with frequently worn boots is the smell they usually have after time. Well, the Bates Men’s Ultra-Lite Tactical Sport Boot doesn’t suffer from this. Since the shoes have a mesh lining, they are very breathable. This keeps the boots fresh and prevents any smells.

This advantage is also a curse. Because it has a mesh lining, if you step into the water, you will have water inside your boots. Although they are rated water-resistant, they are not waterproof.

Other Features

The boots are lightweight. This makes them pleasant to wear for long periods. They also don’t have any metallic parts. Despite the lack of metallic parts, the safety toe is strong enough to protect your feet from common hazards on the motorcycle.

As long as you get them in your size, they provide incredible comfort. They feel snug and stable. For the price they come at, they are an excellent choice of motorcycle boots.


  • It comes at a low price
  • It is slip-resistant
  • It is breathable and wouldn't get smelly due to heat
  • Lightweight while being shock-absorbent


  • It is not a waterproof shoe
  • The soft sole wears out fairly quickly
  • It is not a safety boot

3. BRUNO MARC NEW YORK Men's Motorcycle Boots

BRUNO MARC NEW YORK Men's Motorcycle Boots

Why we like it: Buying a motorcycle boot that fits your needs can be challenging. Buying one that meets those needs while being affordable is even more challenging. And this is why we love the BRUNO MARC NEW YORK Men's Military Motorcycle Combat Boots. They offer comfortable performance while coming at a low price. They look great too and can even be mistaken for streetwear.

Editor’s Rating:


The boots by Bruno Marc look good. Although they are not made of real leather, the faux leather on them seems like the real deal. It features a lace-up design that makes it look modern and not “cowboy-ish”. To give a vintage flavor, it has a decorative buckle just by the side. It comes in 3 shades; black, grey, and brown.

They can be worn on different clothes and can even qualify as a trendy pair of shoes.

Aside from the faux leather’s looks, the sole of the shoe features a durable rubber material that is quite slip-resistant and offers a firm grip. You can rest assured that you will wear these boots for quite some time.

Zippers on both sides of the boot make it easy to wear and remove.


Well, despite the price and the faux leather, the boots still offer a nice feel and performance. The design makes them very comfortable to wear.
While testing on our motorcycle, the boot fit perfectly and is excellent for motorcycle riding.

Nevertheless, the low price and the faux leather eventually show it up. It is not as durable as some of the boots on this list that have real leather. Also, the length is relatively short. It is an ankle-length boot; thus, it doesn’t offer the extra protection that longer boots provide.


  • They are very cheap
  • They offer a fresh fashion option
  • Side-zip fastening makes it easy to wear and remove


  • They are ankle-length and don't provide total protection
  • Less durable than other boots on this list

4. Skechers Men's Pilot Utility Boot

Skechers Men's Pilot Utility Boot

Why we like it: The Sketchers brand is known for the comfort of its shoes and we were pleased to discover this trademark appears in the Utility Boot too. The boot has many good things going for it, including a padded collar and footbed for maximum comfort, and a look that allows you to rock different styles with elegance.

Editor’s Rating:


The Sketchers Men’s Pilot Utility Boot comes at an ankle-length design that allows you to wear it, whether on or off your motorcycle. It has a clean, trendy design that will enable you to pair it with style and look trendy even off the motorcycle.

Unlike the BRUNO MARC NEW YORK Men’s Motorcycle Boots, this boot is made of real leather. This makes it not only look and feel good but as makes the boot hardwearing.

It has a padded collar that ensures it doesn’t chafe the skin. The cushioned insole makes it feel sturdy and fitted.

The high-traction outsole is slip-resistant and makes it offer a firm grip.


It should be noted that these boots aren’t exactly built or designed as motorcycle boots. Therefore, it lacks stuff like a steel toe, lower leg protection, and other features common to dedicated motorcycle boots.

Therefore they offer the most basic of protection. That said, they are very comfortable on the feet. They are lightweight, bouncy, and good-looking. If you are looking for boots you can wear both on and off the motorcycle; then this is it.


  • Beautiful design
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Thick high-traction sole is slip-resistant


  • There is no lower leg protection
  • They are not dedicated motorcycle boots

5. Smith & Wesson Men's Breach

Smith & Wesson Men's Breach

Why we like it: There is so much to like about these motorcycle boots. Not only are they durable and comfortable, but they are also affordable. They are an excellent choice for everyone, regardless of whether you are riding a motorcycle or not. We like their versatility as they can be used every day for different activities.

Editor’s Rating:


These boots look very stylish and sleek. They have a sneaker-like look that enables you to wear them, not only for serious use but also for casual events.

These boots come in 2 color variants, a metallic black, and a nice brownish hue. They are designed to take a beating. Thus whether for a motorcycle ride or labor, these shoes are built to comply. The shoes are made of a combination of nylon and real leather. Thus it is lightweight and durable.

The outsoles of these boots are rubberized and hardwearing. Therefore, the chances of slipping are greatly reduced.


Have you ever found yourself riding in the rain? Well, we have. And having shoes that can take a soaking is one less thing to worry about while in the rain. Thankfully, these boots are just the right shoes to wear even when you are caught in the rain.

The HydroGuard waterproof technology featured on these shoes layers it with enough durability to ensure it won’t come apart as a result of water.

They are quite comfortable to wear and offer a gusseted tongue to keep your feet safe and clean. The added support of these shoes makes them some of the most comfortable boots at this price range.

The shoes have an EVA midsole which is supported by a steel shank. This supports your feet and keeps them in the proper position. While wearing these shoes, you can feel them correcting the arches of your feet and ensuring their proper posture. An added advantage of this is that they are wearable throughout the day.


  • They come at a great price
  • Comfortable for motorcycle riding
  • Waterproof and slip-resistant boots
  • Nice casual design


  • They are not ideal for activities like running

6. Harley-Davidson Men's Scout Boot

Harley-Davidson Men's Scout Boot

Why we like it: Although the manufacturer doesn't list it as such, the Harley-Davidson Men's Scout Boot is one of the best motorcycle boots we have ever tested. They might have a casual and fashionable design, but the comfort they provide and the satisfactory level of safety we experience make them an excellent choice for motorcycle riding.

Editor’s Rating:


The appearance of these boots makes them quite attractive. They are made of high-quality, premium leather, which makes them feel so comfortable yet durable. The foot of the boot is made of calfskin while the shaft is of cowhide.

On the shaft of the boots, there is a metal logo detail. We also found a decorative harness detail at the ankle. This design makes these boots identifiable on sight.

Other design features include a harness strap, rubber outsoles, and a side locking zipper.


These boots might look great, but it is the performance that has got us drooling over them.

The boots have a breathable mesh surface, as well as complete length cushioned sock lining to provide comfort and keep the feet cool at all times.

The rubberized outsole is very hardwearing. It is oil-resistant, slip-resistant, and durable. You can rest assured that you will wear the shoes for a long time before they start showing signs of wear and tear.

To enhance your riding experience, the boots come with a harness strap. This serves the function of improving your grip while on the motorcycle.

During testing, we found the boots very easy to put on and slip off. Despite the intimidating appearance, they are quite lightweight and comfortable. You can wear them all day long without feeling discomfort in your feet.


  • It is very comfortable to wear
  • The style and design look great
  • It is made of high-quality materials


  • It is relatively expensive

7. Maelstrom Men's Tac Force Boots

Maelstrom Men's Tac Force Boots

Why we like it: The Maelstrom Men's Tac Force Boots are built with law enforcement in mind; however, they are still great for motorcycle riding. These boots have some features like leather and nylon materials, reinforced support, YKK zippers, and an overall feeling of comfort, durability, and safety as befits boots used by people in authority.

Editor’s Rating:


One key consideration with motorcycle riding boots is the combination of comfort and protection. These boots offer both. They are made of quality materials that enhance the comfort of the rider in a variety of environments.

The leather material is both polishable and water-resistant. Thus, you can have protection from inclement weather while retaining a high-gloss sheen. The eye lace lets have leather flanking them and leather is used as the foundation f the pull straps.

The upper part of the shoe is made of lightweight, yet durable nylon. This makes it quite flexible and highly comfortable to wear. Furthermore, as it is made of nylon, the upper part of the boots is built to keep your feet dry and cool even in unfavorable environments.

Besides, the outsole of these boots is rubberized. Thus they are hardwearing, slip-resistant, and highly stable.


These boots give a very comfortable feel. The lacing and side zipper allow you to wear or put off the boots easily. We felt very satisfied with the toe spacing on these boots. It is spacious enough not to crunch your toes up against the toe of the boots, while not being too large to have your toes swimming in the shoes and disrupting your balance and gait.

During testing, we observed that the soles of these boots have grooves and traction points that are deep and sturdy. Although this outsole is a tad softer than those of some of the boots in this review, we liked the traction they give. They are neither squeaky nor noisy.

To provide an in-depth review of these boots, we had them worn in different environments and conditions. Whether in the snow or heat, these boots are both waterproof and cool to wear. There is excellent ankle support, as well.


  • They are excellently manufactured
  • They provide great ankle support
  • The boots are waterproof
  • They come at a great price
  • Safety is prioritized


  • Not meant for all-day wearing

8. O'Neal 0324-110 Rider Boots

O'Neal 0324-110 Rider Boots

Why we like it: These boots are made for motorcycle riding. Thus, they do not have the luxuries associated with hybrid boots like some of those with a sneaker-like appearance. We like this honesty from these boots. Aside from the way they look, we also like the safety and durability of them. And while they are super-safe, they are also so quite comfortable.

Editor’s Rating:


Unlike previous models from O’Neal, this version comes with a total design change. It comes with a four buckle closure system that is very easy to use. It features synthetic leather heat shields as well as a molded plastic shin.


The four buckle-closure system on these boots is very easy to wear. We found the interior plush and comfortable. It has an air mesh interior, a cushioned insole, and heel support. Thus, you can wear these boots for extended periods without feeling discomfort.

For more leverage, it comes with a rear pull tab.

As you very well won’t spend the whole day on your motorcycle, the sole is a heavy-traction sole that makes walking safe and easy. It has anti-slip and has a secure grip.

To ensure your protection, the boot features a metal skank, metal toe caps, synthetic leather heat shields, and a plastic shin.

If you are looking for comfort and safety, then these boots are a safe bet.


  • It is nice for walking
  • It offers loads of protection
  • It is easy to don and doff
  • Guarantees maximum support for your feet


  • It is quite tight
  • It lacks memory foam

9. AXO Drone Boots

AXO Drone Boots

Why we like it: If you are looking for dedicated Motorcross boots, then you will like the AXO Drone boots as much as we did. It is safe, sturdily constructed, and ensures that all you have to focus on while riding, is riding!

Editor’s Rating:


The AXO Drone motocross boots are made from high-quality materials that will last for a long time. We observed that these boots are abrasion-resistant and will retain their great looks for a long time.

Although made for the high impact sports activity, these boots can be worn by the ordinary motorcycle rider.


As said earlier, these boots are mainly for motocross. Thus, they are built to withstand stresses that are not everyday occurrences.

They are very sturdy, and we loved the way our feet felt in them. With a mesh lining, these boots offer a non-slip interior. Furthermore, it comes with a wide toe box to keep your ankles and feet comfortable.

Despite wearing them for a while, you can rest assured that these boots will keep their shape for an extended period.


  • It comes with foam glitter to prevent debris from entering the boots
  • The interior has a mesh lining to grant a non-slip interior
  • Roomy yet snug boots
  • Ensures maximum protection


  • It is not comfortable while walking

10. O'Neal Element Men's Boots

O'Neal Element Men's Boots

Why we like it: There are different things to like about these boots, but what we like most is the durability they offer. They are also quite comfortable to wear and offer excellent support for your feet.

Editor’s Rating:


The boots come with a nice design that offers comfort and protection. It has adjustable and replaceable buckles. The soles are well constructed and are built to last for a long time. With the heel support and padding, it is excellent for motorcycle riding.


It offers maximum safety. The leather heat shield and metal shank ensure that your feet are kept safe even with hard riding. The sole is hardwearing and offers excellent support and grip, even on slick surfaces.


  • Offers maximum support
  • t is quite comfortable
  • Easy to wear and remove


  • It is not waterproof

Guide to Buying the Best Motorcycle Boots

We have reviewed 10 of the best motorcycle boots available. Choosing any of these boots will leave you with an enjoyable and safe experience. To further assist you in selecting the best motorcycle boots (you might not have found any of those on our list appealing), this section contains essential factors you have to consider when choosing the best motorcycle boots for your use.

In the mini buying guide, we considered 3 of them. In this main buying guide, we will discuss more of these factors. Let us see.

First, what makes motorcycle boots different from other types of boots? Let’s find out.

Why Motorcycle Boots are Different

Although there are boots that at first glance you’d go “yeah, definitely motorcycle boots”, the truth is many others are not as easy to identify. Therefore, if you are in the market for a motorcycle boot, you might be bothered about buying a pair of boots and finding out later, to some embarrassment but hopefully not to your danger, that they aren’t actually motorcycling boots.
Some of the features that set motorcycle boots apart include:

  • Molded ankle protection
  • Increased Torsional stiffness
  • Tough, oil-resistant soles
  • Double or triple stitching
  • Shifter pads

Motorcycle boots are similar to the best work boots but except for the features listed above. Generally, motorcycle boots feature a sturdier design than regular boots, and an ordinary-looking pair of motorcycle boots is sometimes more expensive than the more fanciful boots. This is due to the extra quality and protective features embedded in the boot.

Other Factors to Consider When Buying Good Motorcycle Boots

These factors are not listed in order of importance. All of them are important to consider, although some are more important than others.

1. Style

Just as there are different styles of shoes, there are also different styles of motorcycle boots. Some are common, while others are a bit less common. Let’s see some of them.
Short Motorcycle Boots
As the name implies, these boots are short in height. They are used by folks who ride motorcycles all day as they are very comfortable. As a result of their reduced height, they are not as protective as the taller styles.

Harness Motorcycle Boots

These boots have a harness around the foot. It can be high or short, depending on the brand.

Tall Motorcycle Boots

These are inarguably the most protective of the bunch. They come at a height that protects the shins. They offer warmth and safeguard your legs from the heat from the exhaust pipe.

2. Purpose of Riding

Before heading out to choose motorcycle boots, you need to define the riding you will be doing. Are you riding on the streets or for sports? Will you get down often, for example, to do deliveries? Is your track off-road, dirt, or trail?

If your riding requires frequent stops, you will most likely be interested in motorcycle shoes that can also be worn as streetwear.

If it is for sports, for example, motocross racing, you will require more heavy-duty boots that offer more protection.

Furthermore, you should consider the weather you will be riding in. Hot weather might cause discomfort depending on the breathability of your boots. If you will be riding in rain or snow, you need boots that will keep you warm and that are waterproof.

3. Material

Since the primary reason for wearing motorcycle boots is protection, you must consider the material the boots are made from. Many normal shoes are made from soft leather, which is next to garbage when it comes to the protection it affords.

Boots are made from different materials. It could be crafted from leather. Some are from faux leather, while others have nylon in them. Others have soft materials. Whichever material you use, ensure that it is strong enough to keep you safe.

Furthermore, the materials should be hardwearing. It wouldn’t make much sense to have to buy a new pair of boots every six months.

Modern boots now come with steel reinforcements to specific parts of the boot. This provides maximum protection and ensures that you are kept safe. However, it should be noted that in most cases, the better the material used, the more expensive the boot is.

4. Price

Just as with most consumer goods, boots come at different prices. You can spend $50 on a pair or spend up to $1000. And in most cases, the price is an indication of the quality. You often get what you pay for. You should not buy a boot for a very low price and expect the same level of comfort or safety that a more expensive boot gives. Thus, if you are looking for a bot that offers essential protection, probably because you are not a frequent rider, you can opt for cheap boots. However, if you are an everyday rider or even a sports rider, it is stupid to buy cheap boots that do not provide comfort or protection.

Nevertheless, if you are prudent, you will find some boots at relatively low prices that still give excellent performance. Some of them are found on the list we compiled above.

5. Comfort and Durability

This might not seem like an essential factor, but it is very vital. The longer you wear the shoes, the more wear and tear it experiences. If you will be wearing these boots once in a while, you will likely be fine with something lightly padded.

However, if you will wear them frequently, almost throughout the day, comfort is essential. You will need to buy something you can wear all day without any issues. Therefore, look for boots that have ankle support or that are lightweight.


Getting the perfect motorcycle boots can be very challenging. There is no perfect boot. However, with adequate research and planning, you can find a pair that will suit your needs.

The ten motorcycle boots reviewed above are some of the very best on the market, as proclaimed by us and thousands of users. You can make your choice from one of them. If however, you do not find a suitable one among them, use our buying guide to note the essential factors to be considered. We hope you make the right choice!

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