Best Motorcycle Seat Cushions for Maximum Comfort

Best Motorcycle Seat Cushions for Maximum Comfort

Years of hard miles on the open road can take their toll on both your motorcycle seat and your body, there’s no shame in that. Due to the fact that it’s becoming increasingly more fashionable to ride bikes with minimally padded seats (cough, cough, cafe racers) as well as unique, fashionable bikes like hardtails and vintage scramblers, life hasn’t been as bad to the posteriors of motorcyclists since before the days of suspension.

But amidst the trend of form over fashion, there’s still hope. Never in the history of motorcycling have there been so many products, materials, and technologies meant to make riding comfortable readily available on the market. With a nice seat cushion, the pains of the road will melt away.

Features to Consider in a Motorcycle Seat Cushion

Seat cushions typically accomplish one goal: help you get more comfortable on the motorcycle. Keep in mind that some are more effective than others, and that different seat cushions come with different levels of quality. Consider the following aspects when looking for a cushion that works with your body.

Padding Material

More than anything else, it’s important to find a cushion with the right padding material. A lot of this comes down to personal preference, but there are a few general trends when it comes to the pros and cons of each type.

  • Memory Foam: Memory foam is a classic for all products meant to be comfortable. It’s arguably one of the best options due to its postural benefits, and it’s come down in price in recent years, but some motorcyclists find it too soft for their personal preference.
  • Inflatable: Some seat cushions inflate with air or even water, meaning you can adjust the firmness and deflate it for storage. The only issue, though, is that they need to be reinflated over time. Seat cushions that can be filled with water can help with temperature regulation, although they’re a bit more inconvenient.
  • Natural Materials: Wool, down, leather, and even wood can be incorporated into seat cushions. Natural materials aren’t not the most comfortable or affordable options, but they’re typically fashionable and long-lasting.
  • Beading: The classic seat cover for RV and truck drivers across the nation is now available for motorcyclists as well. It’s cheap, great at regulating temperature, but a little slippery. Our favorite? This cover from Regway, a beaded cushion made from real wood.
  • Gel: Gel padding is the most expensive option for a seat cushion. Although it’s very comfortable, they’re not supportive enough to be ergonomically safe on long rides, so we haven’t included any gel cushions on our list.

Cover Material

It’s hard to create a rule to classify cover materials, as different grades of nylons, plastics, and leathers all can change based on price and quality. High-grade nylon is more durable and more waterproof than leather, but leather is typically perceived as a higher grade material. Watch out for not just the material, but its quality as well.

Seat Compatibility

When shopping for a seat cushion, you’ve obviously got to pick a product that will fit your seat. We’d stay away from seat cushions that claim to be universal, as one-size-fits-all really is more likely to yield a fit that doesn’t really work that well on any single seat.

Extra Features

Along with the most prominent features buyers look for, some little details can make or break a motorcycle seat cushion or cover. Think about the features below before taking out your wallet.

  • Quality Fasteners: Buckles are better than Velcro, metal is better than plastic, and a product with a warranty is better than a product without one.
  • Waterproofing: Sheepskin and cloth seat protectors might be fashionable, but you’re all but guaranteed a wet butt if you head out in the rain. Look for something that’s sufficiently grippy but that still repels water.
  • Security: A pad that slides around isn’t just annoying, it can be dangerous. Invest in a pad with a proper fit and fasteners that keep the product correctly in place.

You probably have some idea of what you’re looking for, whether it’s an ergonomic gel seat cushion or a sheepskin you throw over the back of your bike. Check out a list of our top 10 favorite options below.

ProductPadding MaterialCover MaterialSeat StyleExtra FeaturesRating
MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat ProtectorSoft-Molded FoamNylonADV, Motocross, Dual-Sport, any longer seatsReticulated construction5
ASI Motorcycle Pressure Relief PadInflatableMeshCruiser, TouringFill Valve4.5
Airhawk R-Revb Cruiser R Large Motorcycle Seat CushionInflatableMesh ClothCruisersAdjustable Air Valve4.5
Aquacapsule Pressure Relief Air Motorcycle Seat PadInflatableLycraCruiser/Touring SaddlesAir and Water Inflatable4.5
KKmoon Motorcycle Seat CoverLayered MeshMeshSport, ADV, and Pillion SeatsWater Drainage, Anti-slip coating4.5
Wehope Seat Air Cushion Pad for Cruiser MotorcyclesInflatableMeshCruiserFill Valve4
Airhawk Dual Sport Motorcycle Air CushionInflatablePolyurethane MeshSmaller Seats/Pillion SeatsWashable Zip Cover, Air Valve4
Alaska Leather Large Sheepskin ButtpadSheepskinWoolCruiserNatural Materials, USA-made4
Vaygway Wood Beaded Seat CushionBeadingWoodCruisersPack of Two, Water-Resistant3.5
Airhawk Small Pillion Motorcycle Seat PadInflatableSeparated MeshPillion Seat, UniversalNon-slip base material3.5

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Seat Cushions 2024

1. Best Overall Motorcycle Seat Cushion: MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat Protector

MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat Protector

Why we like it: This all-purpose cover isn’t just for cushioning, it also protects the seat itself and comes with a year-long warranty that’s rare for the category.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance:

  • Padding Material: Soft-Molded Foam
  • Cover Material: Nylon
  • Seat Style: ADV, Motocross, Dual-Sport, any longer seats
  • Extra Features: Reticulated construction

While this seat was originally designed and advertised towards ATV riders, long-haul motorcycle riders quickly co-opted the product for its durability, adaptable fit, and comfort. While it’s a bit lighter in terms of padding, it provides just the right amount of cushion to add a bit of comfort without feeling like it obstructs movement or reduces the ability to maneuver the motorcycle. It’s also got a full, year-long warranty that takes care of any damage or deterioration up until day 365 of ownership.

With more aggressive riding comes a greater need for a secure fit, and this cover has three sturdy, adjustable quick-release buckles that keep the pad locked in place during use.

Instead of a single pad, this motorcycle seat cushion is made of 22 articulated smaller padded sections, making fit much more versatile than with the typical motorcycle seat cushion. This means it will work for any long narrow seat, such as those seen on Dual-Sport bikes, ADVs, and motocross bikes, but it won’t fit cruiser seats, so check out the Air Motorcycle Pressure Relief Pad if this won’t meet your needs.


  • Versatile fit thanks to 22 small articulated padded, soft-molded foam sections
  • Full-year warranty for any issues
  • Light padding makes it feel less bulky and more maneuverable
  • Works for any number of longer, narrower seats


  • Won’t fit cruiser seats
  • Needs to fit perfectly to be ridden aggressively

2. Best Seat Cushion for Cruisers: ASI Motorcycle Pressure Relief Pad

ASI Motorcycle Pressure Relief Pad

Why we like it: This cruiser-oriented seat cushion has a cushion for airflow and a bulky construction for maximum comfort.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance:

  • Padding Material: Inflatable
  • Cover Material: Mesh
  • Seat Style: Cruiser, Touring
  • Extra Features: Fill Valve

Meant for cruisers and touring bikes, this 15 by 15-inch seat cushion is shock-absorbing and designed with a breathable cover to keep airflow going and reduce discomfort over long rides. It’s a pretty extreme option, though, and while it’s sure to make you much more comfortable on the motorcycle, it’s not a small cushion like the MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat Protector and thus might feel strange or bulky to riders used to harder, narrower seats.

The seat cushion, although it’s all contained under a single mesh cover, is composed of 12 self-contained air chambers. These allow the cushion to articulate around the seat and relieves pressure via the channels in between the air bladders and are great from an ergonomic and postural perspective, conforming to the curves of the body, adding support where necessary and giving way where pressure points, bones, and joints conventionally cause numbness and pain.


  • Inflatable seat cushion works well with cruiser and touring bikes
  • 12 articulated air chambers contained by a mesh cover
  • Adds support where necessary while not being too bulky
  • Channels help relieve pressure against the undercarriage


  • May feel strange to riders used to harder and narrower seats
  • Bulky construction is an extreme solution

3. Best Premium Motorcycle Seat Cushion: Airhawk R-Revb Cruiser R Large Motorcycle Seat Cushion

Airhawk R-Revb Cruiser R Large Motorcycle Seat Cushion

Why we like it: This inflatable pad is cool, ergonomically designed, and adjustable on the fly.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance:

  • Padding Material: Inflatable
  • Cover Material: Mesh Cloth
  • Seat Style: Cruisers
  • Extra Features: Adjustable Air Valve

Although expensive, Airhawk is one of the biggest manufacturers in this space, utilizing pressure-relieving support, 3D imaging, and high-end materials to help improve airflow and reduce pressure on the body while sitting down. While the air chambers are made of polyurethane and do a great job of holding in air, the top cover is made of three layers of mesh to keep the pad cool–which means that this cushion is unfortunately not waterproof, so if you’ll be out in the rain often something like the Aquacapsule Pressure Relief Air Motorcycle Seat Pad might be a worthy alternative.

A single pressure-relieving cutout runs down the length of the seat and elevates the tailbone away from the seat, permitting both air and blood flow to the undercarriage, directly combatting the numbness that some motorcyclists often experience. Our favorite feature, though, is an easy to operate air valve that can be adjusted on the fly to reduce the air pressure in the cushion as necessary, although it shouldn’t be attempted while moving. Make sure to pull over to make any adjustments.


  • Incorporates an easy-to-operate air valve
  • Firmness can be quickly and accurately adjusted on the fly
  • Top cover is made of three layers of cooling, structural mesh
  • Helps both air and blood flow


  • The mesh cover material isn’t waterproof
  • Shouldn’t be deflated while moving

4. Best Waterproof Motorcycle Seat Cushion: Aquacapsule Pressure Relief Air Motorcycle Seat Pad

Aquacapsule Pressure Relief Air Motorcycle Seat Pad

Why we like it: This waterproof ergonomic seat cover is phenomenal for those looking for pressure relief, and can also be filled with water to maximize comfort and heat distribution.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance:

  • Padding Material: Inflatable
  • Cover Material: Lycra
  • Seat Style: Cruiser/Touring Saddles
  • Extra Features: Air and Water Inflatable

This inexpensive seat cushion from Aquacapsule is specifically designed for pressure relief, advertising a 30% improvement over typical stock cruiser and touring saddles, which is not only impressive but also can help you avoid issues with your undercarriage. It can be filled up with either air or water, with air maximizing ease of use and portability, and water maximizing comfort and distribution of heat. The bottom of the cushion has a non-slip material, the cushion itself is waterproof, and uses two straps with buckles to hook to your motorcycle seat.

The cushion is also incredibly economical, at about half the price of premium options like the Airhawk R-Revb Cruiser Seat Cushion. While that’s great, it does give us some pause when thinking about the quality and longevity of the individual inflatable chambers, especially when filling them with water.


  • Inexpensive seat cushion designed to relieve pressure
  • Bottom of the cushion has a non-slip material to prevent cushion movement
  • Can be filled with both air and water
  • Much less expensive than premium options


  • Air pockets aren’t of the highest quality
  • Some concerns with water leakage

5. Best Budget Motorcycle Seat Cushion: KKmoon Motorcycle Seat Cover

KKmoon Motorcycle Seat Cover

Why we like it: A mesh construction and a construction more fit for sport bikes than for cruisers means that this isn’t just one of those typical seat cushions for Harley-Davidson riders.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance:

  • Padding Material: Layered Mesh
  • Cover Material: Mesh
  • Seat Style: Sport, ADV, and Pillion Seats
  • Extra Features: Water Drainage, Anti-slip coating

In a category of products that are primarily dedicated towards cruiser riders and cruiser seats, this particular seat cover is comfortable, stable, and can fit all kinds of non-traditional motorcycles—the only type of seat it doesn’t fit, in fact, is a typical cruiser seat. So really, if you’ve got a sport bike, and ADV bike, or really any bike with a narrower seat, this is one of the best options available. While the mesh material that both covers and pads the seat isn’t technically waterproof, it is at least quick-drying thanks to a matrix of holes that help with drainage.

It’s one of the most effective covers at redistributing heat, with the mesh structure doing an incredible job at preventing the large rises in heat that happen to motorcycles when left in the sun on long summer days. The structure is composed of two separate layers of mesh that not only reflect heat away, but also provide good airflow and vibration absorption that’s just about best in class. Also helping with ease of use and security during operation is the non-slip coating underneath which helps the cushion stay firmly planted.


  • Quick-drying seat cushion meant for narrow motorcycle seats
  • Mesh material is effective at redistributing heat
  • Two separate layers of mesh provide vibration absorption
  • Non-slip material keeps cushion firmly planted on the seat


  • Doesn’t fit cruiser seats
  • Construction with drainage holes isn’t waterproof

6. Best Ergonomic Motorcycle Seat Cushion: Wehope Seat Air Cushion Pad for Cruiser Motorcycles

Wehope Seat Air Cushion Pad for Cruiser Motorcycles

Why we like it: This triangular inflatable cushion helps relieve pressure on the sit bones while tilting the pelvis forward, adjusting the entire body to make riding more comfortable.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance:

  • Padding Material: Inflatable
  • Cover Material: Mesh
  • Seat Style: Cruiser
  • Extra Features: Fill Valve

Straddling the line between narrow (the MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat Protector) and cushy (the Air Motorcycle Pressure Relief Pad), the Wehope Seat Air Cushion is wide at the back to support the sit bones, but narrower at the front to push the hips forward for a more ergonomic seated position.

Because of this design, it doesn’t just cushion but actually adjusts the rider’s posture on the bike. 11 by 11 inches is smaller than average as far as footprint goes, but that’s no issue on cruiser saddles as they’re generally a bit smaller anyways. If you’re looking for something that can pad out a longer saddle (like the ones you’ll see on tourers, scramblers, and cafe racers), check out the KKmoon Motorcycle Seat Cover).


  • Design actually adjusts the rider’s posture on the motorcycle
  • Straddles the line between narrow and cushy in a seat pad
  • Wider at the back to support sit bones
  • Narrow at the front to push posture forward


  • Narrower than other seat cushions
  • Smaller footprint won’t work on longer, narrow saddles

7. Best Motorcycle Cushion for Small Seats: Airhawk Dual Sport Motorcycle Air Cushion

Airhawk Dual Sport Motorcycle Air Cushion

Why we like it: A compact seat cushion isn’t just nice for portability and getting the best fit on small bikes, but it feels light and non-bulky while riding longer distances.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance:

  • Padding Material: Inflatable
  • Cover Material: Polyurethane Mesh
  • Seat Style: Smaller Seats/Pillion Seats
  • Extra Features: Washable Zip Cover, Air Valve

Similar to its larger brother, the Airhawk R-Revb Cruiser Seat Cushion, this cushion from Airhawk is a bit smaller in form than most, but equally as comfortable. With a quick-access air valve that lets you adjust air pressure on the fly, the inflatable pad is covered in a polyurethane cover that is both breathable and washable. All of this comes in a form factor that can crush down to fit in a saddlebag or a backpack.

In fact, it’s small enough that it can be used as a pillion seat cushion as well, although the shape means that it might sit slightly awkwardly and be a bit harder to attach if you’re setting it up as a secondary seat pad. That’s thanks to its small size, which fits on everything from the thickest, widest cruiser seats to smaller and narrower seats seen on sport bikes and ADV bikes. Watch out for the straps, though, as the elastic material and plastic buckles feel flimsy, especially when stretched around larger seats.


  • Small, inflatable cushion scrunches down to a compact size
  • Polyurethane mesh cover is both breathable and washable
  • Small enough to be used as a pillion seat cushion
  • Works on all types of bikes from ADV bikes to cruisers


  • Cushion is smaller than most seat cushions
  • Plastic buckles and elastic straps feel flimsy

8. Best Classic Motorcycle Seat Cushion: Alaska Leather Large Sheepskin Buttpad

Alaska Leather Large Sheepskin Buttpad

Why we like it: This classic yet comfortable wool seat cushion is the perfect combination between modern tech (buckles) and the miracle of natural materials.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance:

  • Padding Material: Sheepskin
  • Cover Material: Wool
  • Seat Style: Cruiser
  • Extra Features: Natural Materials, USA-made

Sheepskins and wool have been popular with motorcyclists ever since the earliest days of motorcycling, and this product pays homage to a different time of motorcycling, where adventurers did whatever they could do to get comfortable over long, rough roads. While the cover itself looks like the sheepskin seat covers of 100 years ago, the bottom attachment system is composed of modern, high-quality straps, hooks, and buckles that keep the cover solidly attached to just about any cruiser seat.

Some of the issues with authentic wool are some of the same issues that are seen on most natural substances: no waterproofing, a propensity to holding off odors, and a slightly itchy texture. Made of 100% authentic sheepskin, though, be advised that this USA-grown and USA-manufactured product has great quality, and with that, a high price tag.


  • Sheepskin cover adds a modern touch to a traditional motorcycle seat cushion material
  • Bottom attachment system is well-designed and durable
  • USA-manufactured with USA-grown wool


  • Prone to hanging on to off smells
  • Natural wool is not waterproof
  • High price tag

9. Best Beaded Motorcycle Seat Cushion: Vaygway Wood Beaded Seat Cushion

Vaygway Wood Beaded Seat Cushion

Why we like it: These wooden, vintage-style seat cushions aren’t just cheap, they also provide phenomenal airflow and come in a two-pack.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance:

  • Padding Material: Beading
  • Cover Material: Wood
  • Seat Style: Cruisers
  • Extra Features: Pack of Two, Water-Resistant

A unique type of seat cushion, these small wooden beads are loved by some and hated by others. Although they provide a kind of massaging sensation and maintain good airflow, many riders have complaints that they feel a bit too slippery. They attach via a bungee-cord style hook, which makes them easy to install, but not particularly permanent. At least the attachment system is universal; we also appreciate the fact that the budget-priced cushion comes in a two-pack.

Admittedly, though, they’re for low-riding cruisers with wide seats. This seat cushion won’t fit sportbikes, adventure-tourers, or even most motorcycles with pillion seats, as it slides around. The wood itself isn’t particularly durable, though, and the wooden beads are prone to breaking. If you ride a lowrider, bobber, chopper, or a cruiser, though, this cover can be very comfortable for you. And for an incredibly economical price, you’ll get phenomenal cooling potential.


  • Free-rolling beads are the preferred form factor for some riders
  • Provide a massaging sensation during use
  • Great cooling potential
  • Two-pack of covers comes at an economical price


  • Wood beads are prone to breakage
  • Won’t fit sport bikes, pillion seats, or adventure tourers
  • Wood mat sometimes slides around during use
  • Bungee-style hook straps aren’t particularly permanent or durable

10. Best Seat Cushion for Pillion Passengers: Airhawk Small Pillion Motorcycle Seat Pad

Airhawk Small Pillion Motorcycle Seat Pad

Why we like it: This small inflatable pillion seat is a simple, universal cushion for ride-along passengers that need a little added comfort.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance:

  • Padding Material: Inflatable
  • Cover Material: Separated Mesh
  • Seat Style: Pillion Seat, Universal
  • Extra Features: Non-slip base material

A common complaint among passengers who ride on the back of a motorcycle is how uncomfortable it can be. The back part of a seat designed for pillion passengers is typically smaller, made of a different material, and less supportive than the primary seat, causing problems for anyone traveling long distances on the back of a bike.

So what’s to be done? Well, a seat cushion goes a really long way. This 9 by 11-inch pad is small but mighty, with a non-slip base material preventing the inflatable (and thus, adjustable) cushion from sliding around too much. With 12 separate air cells all inflatable and made of durable polyurethane, the pad conforms to the seat. It attaches with loops that create a more sturdy base than many pillion cushions that just set on top of the seat without an attachment method.


  • Small pillion cushion is meant for a second passenger
  • 12 durable air cells made of durable polyurethane
  • Pad conforms to the seat, meaning it doesn’t slip around much
  • Attaches with loops that create a sturdy base around the seat


  • Can’t really be used for a single passenger
  • Less comfortable than cushions for primary seats

Guide to Buying the Best Motorcycle Cushions for 2024

While some people claim to like the clean look of a motorcycle seat without a cushion, we’re more on the side of ‘stay comfortable.’ Those who frown upon a motorcycle cushion are probably the same type of people who do nothing more than take their cafe racer around the corner to drink an espresso (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Those who head out on motorcycles for long trips understand that often, comfort takes priority over fashion. Adventure isn’t about fashion, it’s about adventure, and that means you can’t be held back by a sore butt.

Benefits of a Motorcycle Cushion

There’s a great saying about where to spend your money: “Always invest in your bed and your shoes, if you’re not in one, you’re in the other.” Another contact point worth investing in? A motorcycle seat cushion, and it’s not just about comfort.

More Time on the Bike

Have you ever been in a group where it feels like you’re stopping at every exit? If you’re comfortable, it means more time on the seat, which means more miles and more adventure. Make sure you’re still taking occasional breaks, a good rule is a break once every couple of hours.

Postural Health

A supportive postural seat cushion can help align the entire body, aiding with everything from numb legs to back and wrist pain. It’s surprising how effective a seat cushion, especially one designed with ergonomics in mind like the Wehope Seat Air Cushion Pad for Cruiser Motorcycles can be at relieving pains across the whole body.

Blood Flow

Studies have shown that the typical motorcycle seat isn’t just uncomfortable, but it also can restrict blood flow to the undercarriage. Take care of your delicate bits, it’s not worth gambling on medical issues.

Temperature Regulation

All motorcyclists have had really hot days on the bike, made worse by wearing the proper personal protective equipment. Along with dressing in wicking clothes and staying hydrated, a seat cushion with proper ventilation and airflow like the Airhawk R-Revb Cruiser R Large Motorcycle Seat Cushion can go a long way towards keeping you cool.

Posture When Riding

motorcyclist with good posture

Motorcycling is a lot harder on the body than rolling along in a minivan, and for some, that’s part of the appeal. Physical therapists and body experts all have opinions and exercises that can be particularly helpful to comfort on the bike and to reduce soreness and pain after the ride.

Back Posture

The most important part of motorcycle posture is how you hold your core and your back. Make sure you’re keeping your core still, and engaged, with your shoulders back and upright. This will improve both visibility and comfort. Maintain a slight arch with your back, which will help keep your core stretched and comfortable. Imagine that a string is coming out of the top of your head, helping align and keep your posture neutral.

Many issues with pain while sitting and with long-term back pain on the motorcycle can be solved after a rider learns how to hold themselves on the motorcycle properly.

Where to Sit on a Motorcycle Seat

Also important to pay attention to is exactly where you sit on the motorcycle, with the goal being to keep the bike as balanced as possible. Your weight should be directly above the footpegs, with some weight on your feet and little to no weight on your arms. When you encounter rough terrain or a bump, you should be able to effortlessly shift your weight off of the seat for control.

There’s a whole science to maximizing performance based on how you sit on your bike. If you’re interested in learning how to get the most out of your motorcycle by how you sit on the motorcycle, check out this article that discusses the best way to sit on your bike for speed, control, and comfort.

Health Concerns and Motorcycle Seats

Some research shows that most motorcycle seats can restrict blood flow to the genital area, which can lead to a whole host of health issues, most commonly urinary flow issues, nerve damage, loss of sensation, and erectile dysfunction. Motorcycling is risky enough even without the risk of impotence, so any investment you can make in your health is worth it.

Along with a motorcycle seat cushion designed to relieve pressure, take frequent breaks, avoid thin seats, and sit with proper posture to avoid any negative health consequences.

Other Motorcycle Products to Consider

The world of motorcycle accessories is vast, and for good reason, as many clever products exist to make riding more fun, more comfortable, and safer. Consider picking up some of the following products listed below that will make your motorcycling trip the best one yet.

  • Motorcycle Locks: While it’s probably not worth it to lock up your seat cushion, it is a wise investment to invest in chain locks, wheel locks, and frame locks to keep your investment (and prized possession) completely safe.
  • Motorcycle Tires: Often overlooked when talking about comfort, tires are left in the wake of suspension and engine performance when talking about both performance and staying comfy. A good tire can make your ride faster and make your bike more bearable during long hauls.
  • Motorcycle Goggles: Often, motorcycle goggles are overlooked as a PPE option, but many find them more comfortable and breathable than traditional visors (or even worse, no eye protection at all).
  • Motorcycle Glasses: While a pair of sunglasses is better than nothing, you really need a pair of motorcycle-specific glasses for adequate protection and comfort. Best part? A lot of them are less expensive than standard Ray-Bans or Oakleys.


Check out some of motorcyclists’ most common questions on seat cushions below.

What’s the Best Material for a Motorcycle Seat Cushion?

Different riders want different materials when picking out a motorcycle seat cushion, but the most popular type of seat cushions are probably inflatable air-matrix options. Unfortunately, though, that popularity could be due to the fact that air is free. Our favorite material is layered mesh due to the fact that it’s pressure-relieving, cooling, and supportive.

How Do I Keep My Motorcycle Seat Cool?

Every motorcyclist knows the feeling: stop at a restaurant, biker bar, or a gas station, and when you come back out your black leather seat is hot enough to fry an egg. There are a couple of ways to combat the phenomenon, some simple (park in the shade) and some expensive (buy a mesh seat cover).

Our advice? Minimize sun contact when possible, look for mesh-covered, air-filled cushions (this cushion from Wehope has both), and wear long pants that cover your entire leg. Staying cool is about staying smart.

Do Gel Pads Make Motorcycle Seats More Comfortable?

Gel pads are pretty phenomenal for comfort, although they have some problems, predominantly support. While they’re nice for your posterior, they don’t do the same job as articulated air chambers or foam in aligning the spine. So yes, they make the seat more comfortable, but we’d recommend foam, mesh, or air for a good balance of comfort and support.

Wrapping Up

We’ve really run the gamut of motorcycle cushions, providing you with the expensive, the inexpensive, the sturdy, the natural, the classics, and more. At the end of the day, keep in mind that a seat cushion isn’t just a way to make your ride more comfortable: it can help you with postural and medical issues and even provide some protection from wear and tear against the factory seat. For a price that is typically a small fraction of what your motorcycle itself is worth, it’s well worth the investment.

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