Best Rust Remover to Restore Your Metal

Best Rust Remover to Restore Your Metal

Relying on the best rust remover should always be based on top formulas. Different ingredients are used in rust removers and they are already categorized according to what they include in the formula. Classic chemical-based ingredients are still a good option for deep rust. Non-toxic formulas are also available more than ever before. Both of these categories should come with reliable results. Removing rust can take a couple of minutes or even hours. Apart from the ingredients themselves, their concentration can also impact the final results.

Features to Consider in Good Rust Remover

Non-toxic ingredients some of the best rust removers

A few premium products start to introduce non-toxic ingredients in their formulas. They are environmentally-friendly and biodegradable. They can also be used on various surfaces and these ingredients don’t require any protective gloves. Many of them can be derived from vegetables and this is why they are not toxic. Here are a few examples.

Lactic Acid

Produced by the muscles and commercially from fruits, lactic acid is an unlikely ingredient which makes metals more water-soluble. It is added in a few rust removers due to its non-toxic profile.

Gluconic Acid

With a similar action to Lactic Acid, Gluconic Acid is also extracted from fruits. It naturally occurs in honey and wine as well. It also makes metals more soluble in water and it can be used on its own or in combination with Lactic Acid in non-toxic products.

Lauramine Oxide

Made to modify the surface tension of water, the ingredient is a good solvent. It is non-toxic and its action is similar to what other heavy chemical-based products can offer. The following products contain some of these ingredients while others are purely made from chemicals. They are used for different levels of rust.

Top 10 Best Rust Remover 2024

1. Iron OUT Rust Stain Remover Spray Gel

Iron OUT Rust Stain Remover Spray Gel

Why we like it: This rust remover has the main advantage of coming in a spray container and it requires minimum effort from the user.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Safe and versatile, this rust remover works on all types of surfaces. It can be used on car parts as well as on any other area from the house which needs rust removed. It represents one of the easiest solutions in terms of application. The design of its container is what makes it such a valuable choice.

Made to dissolve rust, the solution is a clean option which acts in minutes and hours. Unlike many would believe, just because it is packed in a spray container, it does not actually need to stay on the metal for too long as it needs to be wiped with a wet cloth.

Made in the USA, the product can also be one of the go-to options for regions with high humidity. Areas with long winters are known to bring rust to vehicles as do those with long rainy periods through the year.

Convenient features

Rust can be visible not only on metals. In fact, it is also visible on chrome, porcelain, glass, fabrics, fiberglass and even on plastic. This is why the universal appeal of the rust remover is what can make it a general product to be used around the house, on various vehicles such as SUVs, cars and even on bikes.

The convenience of the rust remover allows the spray to be used easier than most other products. It is sprayed directly onto the area affected by rust. It is then left to act for seconds or minutes. Some parts might require a longer action of a few hours.

Rinsing or wiping is required once the solution has acted. Direct contact with the skin is to be avoided at all costs. As with all powerful cleaning solutions, wearing protective gloves is a must. In case of contact, rinsing the hands with clean water is mandatory.


This powerful and practical rust remover has the potential of being a general solution to fight rust on various objects and surfaces.


  • Comes with a sprayer
  • Made with a 16oz container
  • Suitable for hard surfaces
  • Removes rust from fabrics


  • Might not eliminate all rust marks

2. CLR Calcium Rust Remover

CLR Calcium Rust Remover

Why we like it: With a strong environmentally-safe formula, the rust remover is made with lactic acid from the fermentation of simple sugars.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

With a new formula, the stain remover might as well be one of the most recommended names for those who care about the environment. Its ingredients are impressive as they are still not mainstream in the rust removing world. However, the work to remove rust and the product works as a cleaning agent as well.

In a 28oz container, the formula is easy to use. Its design requires a cloth or a sponge to be soaked with the rust remover. It is then applied to the rusty area and left to act for at least two minutes before wiping away. Its action is fast and the first results should already be seen after the first application. Since the container is quite large, it’s worth considering it for other types of rust removal needs outside those on the car.

Convenient features

As seen above, the formula contains lactic acid. It also comes with Lauramine Oxide is used for even spreading and more consistent results. The ingredient has been rated as safer compared to its chemical alternatives.

Gluconic acid is added to the formula as well. As its name suggests, it is extracted from glucose and simple sugars. Its role in the rust remover is to make the metal more soluble in water. Tripropylene Glycol n-Butyl Ether is then added to the formula to make it last longer. The ingredients’ main action is to slow down the evaporation of the rust remover.


The product is part of EPA’s Safer Choice Program and it is a good alternative to the heavy chemicals used in other similar product which fight rust.


  • Made with unique ingredients
  • Part of EPA’s Safer Choice Program
  • Available in a large container
  • Acts in 2 minutes


  • Needs a sponge for application

3. EliminateRust Stainless Steel Cleaner and Rust Remover

EliminateRust Stainless Steel Cleaner and Rust Remover

Why we like it: This product uses quality ingredients and it also acts as a protective coat against rust.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Safer ingredients in the rust removing world are the future. This is the EliminateRust product as well. It has better ingredients which are less harmful to the environment and it can even be used in the kitchen. Its action is to remove rust. But the formulation of the product allows it to be applied on metals before rust even appears. It acts as a protective coat to keep the rust away longer.

Packed in a small container, the formula is applied to a cloth and then directly onto the metal surface. Its action time can vary according to the rust level. In most cases, it is left to act at least for 2 minutes. However, it can be left to act for up to 6 minutes, which can be the case with rust which has been building up for years.

Convenient features

Many ingredients of the product are organic. Up to 15% of them are anionic. Up to 5% of the ingredients are non-ionic. However, just because the ingredients are better, it doesn’t mean they can come in contact with the skin or with the eyes and the same safety measures apply as with any other similar product.

The product also eliminates marks and grease. This is why it can be used on certain automotive components which come in contact with oil. But it can also be used in the kitchen, where grease tends to build up on metal surfaces.

As a result of its organic nature, the product is used on various types of metal surfaces. Some people even wipe it away with disposable paper towels. Regardless if it’s wiped with paper or textile towels, it is important not to let it act for more than 6 minutes. Even these safer ingredients need to be wiped off the metal surface they are cleaning.


The formulation of the product recommends it as a general-purpose solution to fight rust and keep it away with regular application.


  • Made with some organic ingredients
  • Acts from 2 to 6 minutes
  • Removes grease
  • Suitable for use inside the home


  • May not remove deep rust

4. Evapo-Rust Super Safe Rust Remover

Evapo-Rust Super Safe Rust Remover

Why we like it: With a non-toxic formulation, the product requires no protective gear and it is suitable for large rusty areas.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

With a formula which has non-toxic ingredients, the rust remover is among the most interesting solutions in its class. With a large capacity container, there is sufficient formulation to deal with up to 300lbs of steel.

While the container is large, there’s no sprayer to use and this means it applies with a cloth or with a sponge, depending on the rust. On vehicles or in the kitchen, it can be applied with a cloth. On small metal objects such as auto parts or guns, it can be applied with a handy sponge.

An interesting characteristic of the rust remover is that it does not affect areas with no rust. It doesn’t even affect paint. This makes it highly valuable for cars, SUVs, vans or farming vehicles which normally see rust through the years.

Convenient features

Formulated with no acids, the product is safe to use on various objects. The best part is that it can be used intensively even on small objects as there are no gloves, eyewear or breathing mask needed. With its non-toxic formulation, it can be applied to various tools, which includes automotive or general tools used for mechanics.

Safe to use on cars, the rust remover does not affect its paint. Other vehicles can also be rust free due to this benefit and this includes motorcycles and bikes. Cookware and hardware can also be cleaned by the rust remover.

Sold in 1-gallon plastic containers, the formulation is also long-lasting. It is easily one of the best solutions to last for years and to be used as often as needed on various products. With no solvents, the convenient rust remover is among the solutions which can also be used indoors or in the garage. Since it leaves no odors or fumes, it might be used indoors in spaces such as the garage.


The 1-gallon rust remover is one of the reliable non-toxic formulations which don’t attack other areas apart from rust.


  • Made with a non-toxic formulation
  • Safe for skin and eyes
  • Doesn’t come with odors
  • Made with an environmentally-friendly formula


  • Doesn’t use the best binding ingredients

5. Star Brite Rust Stain Remover

Star Brite Rust Stain Remover

Why we like it: Ideal for marine or RV use, the product comes with an included sprayer suitable for quick application.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

The practical nature of the container allows it to be used on location, as freely as needed. There are no sponges to worry about as it is sprayed directly onto the rusted surface. Formulated for cleaning corrosion and rust, it is perfect for nuts and bolts on cars, boats and other vehicles.

Mechanics know how difficult it is to remove rusted bolts. But the good news is this sprayer acts in just a few minutes. On some of the deeply rusted metals, it will also need a second or a third application. Available in a container of 650ml, the sprayer represents one of the best solutions for those who want to use it as needed for long periods.

Convenient features

With a biodegradable formula, the rust remover is among the solutions which can be safely used for long periods. However, it is not an organic formula and it is still dangerous when in contact with the hands.

The manufacturer recommends first applying it on small surfaces. This is perfect for those who’re want to see how the final result will look like, depending on the minutes it is left to act on a small area.

Another convenient advantage of the rust remover is that it requires no rubbing. This is why it can be among the best options when it comes to minimum user input. Made in the USA, the formula is known to act in minutes so the results are visible even with no scrubbing.


The US-made product is one of the dependable products for removing rust on small or large surfaces, especially nuts and bolts.


  • Made with a sprayer
  • Acts in 2 minutes
  • Recommended for rusted nuts and bolts
  • Available in various sizes


  • Needs more than 2 minutes for serious rust

6. WD-40 Specialist Rust Release Penetrant Spray

WD-40 Specialist Rust Release Penetrant Spray

Why we like it: Made with an applicator, the spray solution is mainly usable on small surfaces such as rusted chains, nuts, and bolts.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

The design of the penetrant spray makes it easily stand out for those who are looking to remove rust on small surfaces. It represents a solution which acts quickly, especially on different types of rust depth. It comes with an industrial formulation which means it has deep action. Furthermore, as its name suggests, it penetrates rust 2 times faster than other products.

But its biggest design advantage is the spray applicator which goes directly to the area which needs rust removal. It is ideal in various hard to reach objects such as nuts and bolts. It can be used on car parts and motorcycle parts. It can also be used on rusted chains, such as those on bikes. Inside the house, it is valuable on rusted surfaces such as pipes.

Convenient features

A distinct advantage of the compact rust remover is that it doesn’t affect the nearby areas next to the rust. It won’t affect plastics, rubber or metal. This is why it is valuable for various expensive products. Packed in a small container, it doesn’t require a sponge for application. It is one of the few products which is hand-held and which allows application exactly where needed.

Made by one of the most respected names in the industry, the rust remover is part of a competitive family. Corrosion inhibitors and silicone lubricants are part of this series from WD-40. It’s reassuring to know that the rust remover can also be backed by other solutions which prolong the life of all metal elements.


This compact rust remover spray acts deeply and quickly. Its applicator is recommended for nuts, bolts, chains, and locks.


  • Easy to hold
  • Includes a small applicator
  • Formula doesn’t damage plastic
  • Doesn’t damage the rubber


  • Doesn’t contain rust-preventive ingredients

7. Kurd Kutter The Must for Rust

Kurd Kutter The Must for Rust

Why we like it: With a water-based formulation, The Must for Rust is one of the safe solutions which can even be used indoors.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Designed to represent one of the best solutions in its class for ingredients’ quality, the product raises to its expectations. Made with non-toxic ingredients, it is among the product which needs no special protective gear to be worn during application.

Available in 8oz and 32oz versions, this solution represents a product which is applied with a sponge or similar textile alternative. It is then left to act for a few minutes before being wiped off. One of its benefits is that it contains binding crystals which attach to the surface of the metal and which prevent rust formation. These crystals are safe and they can even be painted on.

Convenient features

The biodegradable formula is safe to use out in nature. At the same time, it is non-flammable. This is a convenient characteristic as many metal objects can come with flammable residues. For example, removing rust from a fuel tank is possible with the safe formula without having to worry about possible fire risks.

The same formula can be trusted when working on engine or vehicle parts. It is a very concentrated formula so a small concentration can go a long way. As with all concentrated formulas, it is recommended to start with small quantities. It is also advisable to only leave it to act for 2 minutes in the beginning, until seeing what rust it can remove in a short period.


Dissolving rust, the product is water-based and as a result, it is not as harmful to the environment as its chemical-based alternatives.


  • Made with non-toxic ingredients
  • Suitable for the automotive industry
  • Xylene-free formulation
  • Made with a concentrated formula


  • The smell can be an issue indoors

8. Henkel Loctite Naval Jelly Rust Dissolver

Henkel Loctite Naval Jelly Rust Dissolver

Why we like it: The powerful solution is made with old-school ingredients and it shows visible results within 15 minutes.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Made by one of the most respected names of the moment, the Rust Dissolver is one of the many products which are made to specifically deal with rust, at a surface level. Packed in a simple plastic container, it is among the best products when it comes to practicality. However, its plastic bottle does not include a sprayer and as a result, it needs a sponge or a cloth to be applied directly on the rusted surface.

Since the solution needs to be wiped off the rusted surface, it might also need re-application. When used on cars, this solution needs to be limited to action time. For example, a few sensitive surfaces such as chrome can be damaged by a long action time. This is the main reason why Loctite recommends the product to be limited to 5 minutes of action when applied on chrome or similar platted surfaces.

Convenient features

On regular metals, the product can show results in 15 minutes. However, its powerful formulation can also be left to deal with rust for up to 30 minutes. This places it among the leading products for deep rust issues, specific to older metals which have not been cared for rust for years.

In a sense, it has an industrial appeal. But it can be used on any type of surface. Furthermore, it is one of the top product when it comes to heavily corroded surfaces. Boats, cars, and farming vehicles are notorious for heavy corrosion. In any situation, it is recommended to ventilate a room well when applied on metal parts indoors.


The Loctite formulation is one of the popular choices for heavily corroded surfaces.


  • Works up to 30 minutes
  • Removes bluing
  • Can be used on chrome
  • Applied with any sponge


  • Acts slowly than other products

9. Rust911 Oxidation Treatment Cleaner

Rust911 Oxidation Treatment Cleaner

Why we like it: The concentrated rust remover can be used to create 16 gallons of solution.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Concentrated solutions represent one of the best options for those who need to deal with large rusted surfaces. Not particularly useful for small nuts and bolts, the product is mainly recommended for those who need to deal with complex areas which need rust removed on large surfaces, such as car doors, pipes or other metal components.

Many users are unsure of how to use such a concentrated solution. But adding water is only needed for it to transform into 16 gallons of rust removing power. 8oz of concentrate is added to 1 gallon of water and the solution is ready to remove rust from various surfaces.

Convenient features

The distinct strength of the product is that’s it’s non-toxic, even with such a concentrated formulation. This is the main reason why it proves to be such a great option for those who want to reduce their environmental footprint. At the same time, it can be used in the garage or indoors as it comes with no fumes.

The concentrated formulation removes rust from steel, cast iron, and copper. This is why it can be used in various vehicle parts. In most situations, it represents one of the options to be also versatile enough to be used on cookware as well. It works on anything which can suffer from corrosion.


This pocket-friendly concentrated formulation is one of the top products with large applicability in the auto world.


  • Makes 16 gallons of rust remover
  • Cost-effective formulation
  • Cleans iron, copper, and steel
  • Made with non-toxic ingredients


  • Needs separate containers for dissolving

10. Summit Brands Iron Out Rust Stain Remover

Summit Brands Iron Out Rust Stain Remover

Why we like it: Formulated as a powder, the rust remover can be one of the products used on various surfaces inside and outside the home a family needs.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

There are not too many powder rust removers to consider at this moment. This is why the Summit Brands product is one of the most impressive names on the list. It offers flexible use and appropriate rust removal from all types of surfaces. Furthermore, it represents a simple solution to apply directly on the rusted surface with wet cloth.

Made to remove iron build-up, the product can be applied on various surfaces. It works on metals as it works on tile or ceramics. Some people even use it to remove rust from their washing machine. Since it has been formulated into a powder, it also requires less solution than many other similar products.

Convenient features

Since the powder needs to be applied on a sponge or a cloth, it also needs a bit of rubbing into the rusted surface. Users who want a more hands-on approach will find it to be one of the few products which are requiring light scrubbing. But this can turn into a positive aspect, especially when considering various sensitive surfaces such as chromed accessories should not be left under a rust remover for too long.

After every application, the rusted surface needs to be rinsed. Even if the formula is powder-based, it still needs proper rinsing as the ingredients are very strong. Among its indications, it is not advisable to leave it out in the reach of children as it is harmful when in contact with the skin or with the eyes.


The powerful powder may be applied to areas where a spray may not reach to remove rust.


  • Made into a powder
  • Applies sparingly
  • Can be used indoors
  • Softens water


  • Needs light scrubbing

Guide to Buying the Best Rust Remover


Can I use a rust remover on my car?

Some rust removers can be used on cars. Many of today’s products are made to not damage any other surface and to only act on rust. This means that if rust is present on the chassis, the product will not affect the paint around it. On automotive parts such as nuts and bolts, a rust remover can act to remove surface-level rust, which might prevent the parts removal process.

Is it safe to use a rust remover with no gloves?

Many rust removers are not safe to use without minimum safety gear such as protective gloves. Other products are only made to be used with no gloves at all, such as those which are non-toxic. However, most users should wear gloves, especially when having to scrub or clean out the applied formula from the metal surface.

Can a rust remover remove rust from my bathtub?

A rust remover can act on all types of surfaces. On a basic level, it does not know which surface it sits on and it only acts on rust.

How long does a rust remover need to act?

A rust remover is typically applied for at least 2 minutes. Depending on the levels of rust, it might need to stay on the surface longer. However, it is not recommended to leave the product act for a long period in the beginning.

How long will my rust remover last?

Most rust removers can be used for multiple applications. Concentrated solutions can even be transformed into gallons of rust removing formula, simply by adding water. According to the surfaces planned to remove rust from, products should be able to cover them at least a couple of times.

Is a rust remover flammable?

Most rust removers are flammable. Even non-toxic solutions can be flammable. Since most of them are packed in plastic containers, it is recommended to recycle the packaging and avoid contact with direct heat sources.

How to choose the best rust remover

Choosing the best rust remover is not as complicated as many think. Most products offer some results. The difference is made in the time the product acts and in the ingredients, it uses for this purpose. There are various solutions to consider at this time and the following buying guide should be a good start.

Concentrated vs non-concentrated formulas

There is various type of liquid rust removers. They can come in a concentrated formula or in a formulation which doesn’t need added water. With these 2 options in kind, users might be unsure of which path to choose.

Both versions are equally reliable. However, those who might be looking to save money, which are the people who need to deal with rust on multiple occasions, can find the concentrated version better. As seen with the products above, a few concentrated formulas can even offer 16 gallons of rust remover. Unlike many other similar products, rust removers are among the solutions which are simply dissolved with water.

Those who plant to purchase a concentrate also need extra containers to prepare the rust remover. It is best to use containers with lids for small objects such as auto parts. But for safety reasons, storage should be made in bottles with closed caps and even with proper labeling. Both the concentrate and the new formula can be equally harmful and they need to be kept away from the reach of children.

Chemicals vs. organic ingredients

There is a growing trend of organic ingredients to be used in the best products. However, there are not too many products which use entirely organic compounds. As seen above, only a handful of products come with all-natural ingredients.

Interestingly, many organic ingredients are only sourced from vegetables and fruits, through fermentation. This makes them considerably better for the environment. They are also non-toxic. The main benefit of organic ingredients is that they do not harm the skin in case of contact. They also come with no odors or fumes.

As a result, even if they cost more, organic products can be used safely indoors, without necessarily benefiting from the best ventilation. They are also safe for the environment. Those using such products often might need to look towards such formulas which come with a reduced impact on the environment. One such place could be the mechanics’ shop, were rust is deal with daily.

Applicator options

Applying the rust remover is not complicated at all. Sprayers seem to be the easiest solution to work with. On the hand, most of these products are only packaged as a normal liquid and they need a sponge or a cloth for application. It is imperative to ensure there’s no direct contact with the hands with these liquids. The same principles apply to the powder formulation.

However, even sprayed rust removers need to be wiped after a few minutes. It’s one of the reasons why protective gloves should be worn. But even protective gloves are not safe and it is recommended to read the full safety instructions before using such products for the first time.

Liquid vs. powder solutions

As seen above, a few products come in a powdered form. They are not better and they are not worse than typical rust removers in a liquid form. However, they have a set of strengths which makes them unique. A powdered solution usually requires a bit of scrubbing. While effort is needed in their application, the formula is directly applied on the rust and not beyond it, which can be the case with a few spray rust removers.

Safety gear and other safety considerations

In terms of safety, most accidents happen when dangerous rust removers come in contact with the hands or with the eyes. A quick rinse with clean water is the first step towards dealing with such problems. Drinking the solution is even more dangerous.

Some brands go as far as to recommend wearing breathing masks. They can protect users from inhaling fumes and strong odors. At the same time, even safety glasses can be handy, especially when starting to scrub the metal surface. Even products which are made with non-toxic ingredients should be used with care. Some products might even react when being mixed with other formulations. One of the areas which need better information is telling users that these rust removers should never be mixed between them.

Final thoughts

Rust removers might require protective gear or they might not. However, all of them can remove rust at different levels and in different periods. Most users can benefit from simple solutions which allow them to quickly remove rust at home.

Dealing with rust on vehicles, swings, the washing machine or in the drain is easier with such products. Some products are more exposed to elements which favor rust formation, such as high humidity. This is why some products are made to offer protection against rust formation.

The products are generally affordable. They can last for a long period or they can be applied on large surfaces. Since they act in a couple of minutes, it is not advisable to leave the location as the formula is then wiped with a wet cloth or paper towels. Results come fast with the products above and even if they do not affect nearby surfaces such as decorative elements as chrome or paint, it is still advisable to only apply the product on the rusty areas as much as possible. The best results should be visible after the first application, even if older rust marks may need another go.

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