It's Oh So Quiet with Best Sound Deadening Mats

It's Oh So Quiet with Best Sound Deadening Mats

Listening to music while driving can be very relaxing—but only if the audio isn’t too loud. Sound from a rattling metal frame or honking driver can interfere with the sound quality of your stereo. Installing a sound deadening mat is an effective way of minimizing the noise.

As the name suggests, sound deadening mats act by muffling these obtrusive sounds which can make your drive unpleasant.

Do you feel you need one in your car? Have a look at our review as we list the top 10 sound deadening mats on the market. The products on our list were evaluated according to a number of factors including performance, affordability and quality.

All you have to do is pick the right one for your needs—and car.

Features to Consider in Good Sound Deadening Mats

Benefits of a Sound Deadening Mat

Installing a sound deadening mat in the cabin of your car or SUV has many advantages such as:

  • Improving the performance of your stereo
  • Minimizing vibrations caused by the road or a revving engine
  • Reduce driver’s fatigue
  • Allows for a quieter and more comfortable drive
  • Insulates your car; they keep the temperature stable
  • Reduce the impact of suspension sounds

Types of Sound Deadening Mats

You’ll find many brands of sound deadening mats at your disposal. However, there are two main types based on the purpose they serve:

  • Sound blockers: As the name suggests, this type acts by blocking sound from either coming in or out of a space.
  • Sound absorbers: These mats don’t prevent sounds from entering or leaving a space. They’re designed to soften the sound within a particular space.

Most automotive mats feature both functionalities; they act as absorbers and blockers. And now for the reviews.

Top 10 Best Sound Deadening Mats 2024

1. Noico 80mil Sound Deadening Mat

Noico 80mil Sound Deadening Mat

Why we like it: We like that this is a high-quality sound deadening mat which won’t disappoint performance wise. It’s much cheaper when compared to other models making it a cost-effective unit. We also like that the material doesn’t give off any unpleasant odor.

Editor’s Rating:


This mat comes in a stack of nine folded sheets. Each sheet is 29,5” x 19,5” and the mat is designed to cover a total area of 36ft².


The mat is constructed using a combination of butyl and foil. This material allows for easy adhesion so installation of the unit will be a breeze. The material is thick enough to effectively reduce metal vibrations and engine noise.

Keep in mind that the material doesn’t feature insulation properties so avoid using it in areas that produce excessive heat.


This Noico mat weighs only 0,7lb which makes it pretty lightweight. Light mats allow for maximum sound insulation.


This product is specifically designed for indoor use and acts as a sound absorber. This means it’s not designed to block sound out.

With regards to installation, you’ll appreciate that the mat is available in workable size sheets. This makes it easy to cut the sheets into straight lines which ultimately makes the installation process faster.

Just make sure you prepare the metal surface first. You must thoroughly clean, dry and degrease the surface before installation. And make sure that you roll out the foil until it’s smooth to ensure 100% adhesion.

What we don’t like

Unfortunately, the manufacturer didn’t include a roller but you can always purchase it separately. Note that the material features razor sharp edges so wear gloves and practice extra caution during installation.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • High quality roller
  • Easy to cut


  • No roller included
  • Dangerous sharp edges

2. Kilmart Car Sound Deadening Mat

Kilmart Car Sound Deadening Mat

Why we like it: Like the Nocio reviewed above, this product also comes with an affordable price tag. It’s a high- quality product that’s designed to effectively eliminate annoying rattling sounds from your vehicle. We also appreciate how flexible and easy it is to stick on the mat.

Editor’s Rating:


You’ll find 47 sheets stacked in the package. The entire product can cover a total area of 50ft². Each sheet has the following dimensions; 9,8” x 15,7”.


This Kilmat sound deadening mat is made using butyl and foil. Along with sound absorption, the product also offers self-adhesive insulation.

The 50mm mat isn’t as thick as the other brands but still provides adequate sound deafening capabilities. Other mats made of foil such as the Nocio reviewed above have sharp edges. That’s something you don’t have to worry about with this Kilamat mat which has relatively smooth edges.


With a total weight of 0,35lb, it’s considered to be a lightweight mat which allows for maximum sound absorption.


You’ll find the mat extremely pliable which makes it super easy to work with. Since the product comes in sizeable sheets, you’ll find it easy to cut. You can even use an ordinary household scissors to cut the mat. Be sure to make use of a roller to ensure it sticks smoothly and securely.

What we don’t like

Our only concern is with the adhesive. Users have reported that it tends to stick to your gloves so the installation process will take slightly longer. Using the adhesive without gloves will be much easier.


  • Pliable
  • Easy to cut
  • Smooth edges
  • Inexpensive
  • No scent</li


  • Sticky adhesive
  • Thin

3. Nocio Green Car Sound Deadening Mat

Nocio Green Car Sound Deadening Mat

Why we like it: If you’re a fan of the Nocio brand of sound deadening mats but want an even cheaper alternative, consider this product. What we like about this specific product is that it’s environmentally friendly. Not only is this mat 100% water proof, but it also features oil and petrol resistant properties.

Editor’s Rating:


The package contains 17 stacks of sheets which have dimension of 9,8” x 15,7” each. You can cover a total area of 18ft² with this mat.


This mat is made of closed-cell polyethylene foam which is very effective at blocking outside sound. It’s a self-adhesive foam sheet which has an impressive 170mm thickness making it one of the thickest products on our list.

The material allows for noise and heat insulation properties. But what sets it apart from other brands is it also features thermal barrier properties.

This mat acts as an effective insulator which you’ll find handy if you live in hot climate areas. You’re guaranteed a comfortable drive thanks to a well-insulated interior.


This Nocio mat is an extremely low weight product which enhances its absorption capabilities.


You’ll find this mat very easy to cut and install. But you’ll need a heat gun to expedite the drying process. Just be careful not to melt the mat in the process.

What we don’t like

The mat works best as an insulator. So, if you’re looking for a high-performance sound absorber, this isn’t necessarily the best product to pick.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to cut
  • Effective thermal resistant properties
  • Waterproof


  • Not the best sound absorber
  • Adhesive dries slowly

4. Uxcell Car Noise Sound Deadening Mat

Uxcell Car Noise Sound Deadening Mat

Why we like it: We like that this sound deadening mat isn’t only one of the cheaper brands, but it’s also water and moisture proof. It also acts as an effective heat insulator.

Editor’s Rating:


The mat comes as one roll and can cover an area of 16ft². It’s advisable to first measure your interior so that you cut accordingly. You can use it on doors, floors or your car trunk.


The is a self-adhesive mat which is made of aluminum metal. And the exterior is covered with aluminum foil. This mat is 10mm thick which allows for effective sound insulation and absorption performance.

The design of the mat allows for maximum shock resistance thereby minimizing unwanted vibrations during your drive.

Other impressive features of this brand are that it has scratch resistant properties and it’s heat proof so sunlight or heat from the engine won’t damage it. As a result, you can expect reduced energy consumption which allows for fuel conservation.


This product weighs just under 2lb which makes it relatively lightweight.


You can use this mat on your car’s roof, floor or hood—to mention a few areas. Make sure you first prep the area before installation and don’t cover the chassis during wiring. Generally, you’ll find the product easy to apply using the adhesive backing.

What we don’t like

Some users have noted that other mats have creases in the folds. This makes it difficult to stick. But if you receive a defective product, you can always contact the seller for a replacement.

We also don’t like that the installation job will be a little messy but it still works once it’s installed.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to apply
  • Scratch resistant
  • Shock resistant


  • May come with defects
  • Messy

5. Siless Car Sound Deadening Mat

Siless Car Sound Deadening Mat

Why we like it: We like that this product is designed to effectively eliminate road noise and vibration. What impressed us is that it can reduce heat in your vehicle by up to 40%. Also, it’s one of the few models on our list that can be used in different vehicles.

Editor’s Rating:


The mat is available in 20 sheets and each piece is 12” x 23”. It doesn’t cover much area—only 4ft²— so this is the product to pick if you’re not looking to install on a large surface.


The mat is made up of black foil which offers superior adhesion to almost any surface—including oily metal. It’s 1/8” thick and effective at sound absorption. You can use it on car doors, roofs or floors.


Weighing only 2,4lb, you can tell that it’s a lightweight unit which allows for effective sound absorption.


You don’t need to prepare the surface before installing this unit. It sticks onto the surface easily and stays intact. The mat is designed to conform easily to odd-shaped surfaces and wrap easily around tight areas. You’ll find it pretty easy to install and no drilling is required.

What we don’t like

We don’t like that the manufacturer didn’t include rollers with this unit. You’ll have to purchase the roller separately. Some customers reported that the mat arrived with missing sheets. So, carefully inspect your product on arrival and contact the seller if there are any discrepancies.

Also note that it’s one of the most expensive mats on our list.


  • Lightweight
  • Applies easily
  • No area prepping required
  • Effective heat retention
  • Minimizes ratting noises


  • May arrive with missing parts
  • Rollers not included
  • Expensive

6. SoundQubed Q-Mat Sound Deadening Mat

SoundQubed Q-Mat Sound Deadening Mat

Why we like it: This is the product to pick if you’re looking for a mat that’s not only effective at deadening sound but also increasing your bass sound quality. It’s designed to increase the range of your stereo. You’ll get value for your money by investing in this brand because it’s a high-performance unit which is reasonably priced.

Editor’s Rating:


This mat comes as a roll and is designed to cover a 16ft² area.


This SoundQubed mat is made using 100% Butyl rubber. You’ll appreciate how the material is free from additives or dangerous chemical making it a safe product to use. The rubber material works with a self-adhesive layer to easily attach to any vehicle surface.

The mat is designed to eliminate vibrations and significantly reduce noise coming from outside your car. It also works by decreasing resonance from your speakers. This results in reduction of stress and ear fatigue so you can enjoy a comfortable drive.

Aside from eliminating noise, this one also works at insulating your vehicle.


The mat weighs 13,25lb which makes it slightly heavy compared to other mats in a similar price range.


You’ll find installation of this product pretty quick and simple. We recommend that you use a utility knife for easier cutting and a roller to smooth out the mat during installation.

The mat is 2,2mm thick and is easy to mould so it’ll conform easily to those tight & curved spaces.

What we don’t like

You’ll find the mat a little sticky but nonetheless it’s still easy to move around during application. Like most products on our list, this unit doesn’t come with a roller so you’ll have to purchase one.


  • No smell produced
  • Easy to apply in tight spaces
  • Eliminates noise
  • Works as an insulator


  • Slightly sticky
  • No rollers

7. Dynamite 10455 Xtreme

Dynamite 10455 Xtreme

Why we like it: This unit will significantly reduce engine noises and rattling metal parts in your vehicle. As a result, you’ll enjoy improved sound quality from your stereo system. You’ll also enjoy improved bass response.

Editor’s Rating:


This sound deadening mat comes in a set of nine sheets and each piece measures 18” x 33”.


The mat is 0,067” thick and features a permanent adhesive. You’re guaranteed a long-lasting product if you pick this product. The mat is aluminum-coated which makes it heat resistant. You can place it on areas in your car that generate intense heat and it won’t detach.


It weighs 15lb which makes it generally heavier than other models.


You’ll appreciate how flexible this mat is which allows for increased easier application. It cuts easily if you use heavy-duty scissors and seals to smooth surfaces very well.

You don’t need to apply heat to install this mat. But we strongly recommend that you don’t install it in cold weather as it takes longer to dry. It’s ideally suited for placement on car tops, sides and contoured areas.

You’ll have to purchase a roller separately because it’s not included in the package.

What we don’t like

Though it’s easy to install, it takes a long time so you need to exercise patience. Also, the roll comes folded which unfortunately leaves bumpy spots so you’ll need to exert a lot of pressure during rolling to get a smooth surface.


  • Easy to install
  • Improves stereo sound quality
  • Reduces rattling sounds
  • Contours easily


  • Poor packaging
  • Takes long to dry

8. Thermo-Tec 14620 Heat and Sound Suppressor

Thermo-Tec 14620 Heat and Sound Suppressor

Why we like it: This is the mat to pick if you want a product that offers both sound suppression and radiant heat control. We also like that it’s reasonably priced for such a high-performance unit.

Editor’s Rating:


It comes as one roll which measures 60” x 36”. You have to take the measurements of the space you want to cover before cutting the mat.


This sound deadening mat is made using a combination of polyethylene and foil. The foil surface is designed to provide direct protection from radiant heat. It’s 70mm in thickness which is an adequate size for effective sound absorption.

It contains a high temperature adhesive backing which you’ll find very easy to trim and install. Thanks to the strong adhesive, the mat won’t be peeling off anytime soon.


Weighing only 6,4lb, it’s considered a light weight mat which allows for maximum sound suppression.


Because of its impressive heat regulation properties, it’s ideal to place on firewalls, floorboards and doors. The mat is very easy to peel and stick to the vehicle surface. But you’ll need to apply heat first to warm it up so be sure to purchase a heat gun beforehand.

What we don’t like

It’s not the most flexible mat on the market. Fitting it into contoured spaces may prove to be a challenge. Since it doesn’t easily conform to shapes, the final product is likely to have a few wrinkles. But this isn’t entirely a deal breaker because no one will see it.

The manufacturer didn’t include a roller so you’ll have to make an additional purchase.


  • Effective heat insulation
  • Inexpensive
  • Strong adhesive
  • Effective sound suppression


  • Not very flexible
  • May leave wrinkles

9. SSOMJ Car Sound Deadening Mat

SSOMJ Car Sound Deadening Mat

Why we like it: This is a very durable product that’s designed to survive tough environments. What caught our attention with this mat is the unique design and colors including the shiny metallic finish. It comes rolled not folded, so you don’t have to worry about any creases on your product.

Editor’s Rating:


The mat is packaged as a single roll which can cover approximately 21ft² and its dimensions are 78” x 39”.


This mat is constructed using closed cell foam and an aluminum shield. It’s 10mm thick and is a self-adhesive unit. It’s a high-quality mat which features a tri-layer of lightweight laminate foam. Thanks to this material you can expect high noise reduction and impressive thermal insulation properties.

Because the material is resistant to high temperatures, you can place the mat on those hot areas in your car and it won’t peel off. The mat also features non-flammable properties and it’s flame retardant.


As mentioned earlier, it’s extremely lightweight and weighs only 2,2lb.


This product is very easy to cut and fit. You’ll appreciate that it comes with a strong adhesive so you can expect it to stick easily—and for long. You can install it on the engine compartment, under seats or your car floors. Since it has load resistance properties, you can also use it for under floor applications.

Though the adhesive is quite strong, you need to give the adhesive time to stick—approximately 24 hours.
What we

What we don’t like

It’s generally a product worth buying but we’re concerned about the long delivery time. And it costs more than other brands which offer the same functionalities.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Non-flammable properties
  • Strong adhesive
  • Easy to use


  • Slightly expensive
  • Long shipping time
  • Adhesive dries slowly

10. US Energy Products Car Sound Deadener

US Energy Products Car Sound Deadener

Why we like it: We like that this is also a dual-purpose mat; it acts as a sound absorber and heat barrier. Though it’s a multi-purpose mat, it’s still one of the cheapest on our list. We also like that it’s extremely strong.

Editor’s Rating:


The mat is available as a single roll which measures 4” x 20”. It has a pretty sizeable total coverage area of 80ft².


The mat is ¼” thick and features double sided foil and foam insulation. The material is designed to reflect an impressive 97% of radiant heat. Aside from heat, this mat also acts as a vapour barrier. Humidity and moisture won’t damage the unit plus it’s also mold-resistant.

The mat works as an effective sound barrier thanks to the excellent sound proofing material. This makes it ideal to use either indoors or outdoors making it a versatile product.


You’ll appreciate how this is a lightweight product which weighs only 4lb


This mat is easy to cut and clean. Installation will be a pretty straight forward process. The manufacturer included a tape, razor and squeegee as part of the installation kit. But you’ll have to purchase a roller separately.

What we don’t like

The mat doesn’t come with an adhesive. You’ll have to purchase the adhesive separately.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Mold-resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Effective sound barrier
  • Easy to cut


  • No adhesive
  • No roller included

Guide to Buying the Best Sound Deadening Mats

Most sound deadening mats may appear identical. But there are certain features you need to look out for before making your final purchase.

Type of Material

These sound deadening materials contain different substances which determine performance and durability.:

  • Butyl: Most sound deadening mats are made from butyl rubber which is a synthetic polymer. This material adheres easily to a metal frame.
  • Foam: Foam used in the construction of these mats can either be open or closed cell. Closed cell foams are specifically designed to block sound. On the other hand, the open-cell foam acts as an absorber. Foam is generally cheaper compared to other types of materials. This is why sound deadening mats made of foam are generally affordable—not to mention very effective at absorbing sound waves.
  • Natural cotton fiber: This type of material has impressive sound absorption as well as insulation properties. Picking sound deadening mats made of high-grade natural cotton fiber will help regulate the temperature in your car. Aside from temperature and sound insulation, natural cotton fiber is easily recyclable. This is the option to pick if you prefer environmentally friendly products.
  • Acoustic fabric: Some mats are made of acoustic fabric which is usually much thicker and heavier than other types of materials.
  • Mass loaded vinyl: This is a dense rubber like material which is also commonly used in car sound-proofing. The mass in this material acts as an effective sound barrier.
  • Foil: Some sound deadening mats are made of foil. The only major drawback with foil when compared to other materials is that it’s very thin so its sound absorption capabilities may not be the best.

Thickness of Material

The material of these mats varies in thickness. The thicker the material is, the more the sound insulation. Thicker mats also improve the bass from your car stereo therefore enhancing the audio quality.

The average thickness of most sound deadening mats is 80mm, but you’ll find some that are 200mm thick. Regardless of the thickness of the mat, it’s important that you pick one that’s lightweight. If not, you’ll find installation pretty difficult.


As mentioned earlier, the thickness of the mat—along with the material used—directly affects overall weight. You want a mat that’s lightweight for easy installation. Ideally, a square foot of the mat must weigh less than a pound if you expect easy handling.

Size Matters

These sound deadening materials aren’t a one-size-fits-all. They come in different sizes so you must pick one that fits the area you want to cover. The mats usually come rolled up; so you simply cut them to fit the shape you want.

Other mats come in the form of patches or sheets. And these are the type to pick if you intend on covering a small area.


Some manufacturers include padding in the sound deadening mats. This type not only allows for sound absorption, but is also comfortable for the driver especially if you’re going to install it on your car floor.


The sound deadening mat isn’t the only product you must consider. You must also examine the adhesive used to stick the mat to your car’s cabin and look for certain characteristics:

  • Safe to work with because some contain harmful chemicals that may damage your hands during installation.
  • Opt for adhesives that are strong and designed to handle high heat. This way hot areas in the vehicle won’t melt it.
  • It’s self-integrated for a less messy installation


You want a sound deadening mat that’s pliable and easy to work with especially if you’re planning on installing it yourself.

Rolls or Sheets?

Opt for sheets that are easy to work with and apply. Multiple sheets are quicker to install as opposed to rolls. Also, they can cover more space. Rolls will require a lot of cutting which can be both time-consuming and difficult to work with.


These mats also vary in aesthetics; they come in different colors—with black and silver being the most common. Some also feature unique grid patterns.

You can go ahead and pick a color that matches your car interior, but be sure to prioritize functionality over aesthetics. After all, these mats are likely to be used underneath your car door or roof where they’re barely visible.


Some manufacturers include accessories with these mats to make installation easier. A good example is rollers that you can use to smooth out the mat during application. Opting for such brands means you don’t have to purchase the items separately.

Additional Factors to Consider Before Purchase

Before making a final purchase of your sound deadening mat, ask yourself the following questions.

Is it Made of High Quality Products?

These mats are available in different price ranges. But we recommend that you don’t opt for the cheapest on the market. Rather opt for a mat that’s of superior quality.

High-quality mats are more effective at increasing the sound pressure inside vehicles. A higher sound pressure translates to a louder sound at a low volume. Bear in mind that listening to music at high volumes—higher than 85dB—can potentially damage your ears over time.

Is it Universal?

Universal sound deadening mats are designed to fit any type of car. You can also decide to use them indoors or outdoors.

Is it Durable?

You want a product that’s built to last. Thicker mats usually have a long lifespan. Also remember that the durability of a sound deadening mat is largely dependent on the adhesive’s strength. Make sure you pick a product that has strong and long-lasting adhesive to secure the mat firmly in place for years to come.

Does it Retain Heat?

Aside from insulation, you want a mat that can retain the heat—especially in those colder months. This will make your drive much more comfortable in winter.

Is the Mat Coated?

Other sound deadening mats are coated with a layer of aluminum. The advantage of this aluminum coating is that it enhances the heat resistance of the product. This same coating also prevents heat absorption.

Is it Odourless?

Some sound deadening mats—especially those made of rubber— tend to give off an unpleasant odor. In certain cases, the odor may be too strong to handle so rather opt for odorless brands. Bear in mind that not only the mat itself can emit odors, but the adhesives used in application too.

Is it Easy to Install?

You want a mat that’s easy to install. Opt for a mat that’s:

  • Pliable and easy to cut
  • Flexible enough to fit in to tight areas
  • Easy to adhere adhesive backing
  • Has integrated adhesive that allows for a less messy installation process
  • Doesn’t require heat for installation

Handy Tips on Installing Sound Deadening Mats

Installing sound deadening meets is generally easy. You just need to follow the instructions in the user-guide. All the same, we’ve included a few handy tips you can incorporate that can make the installation process even quicker & easier.


  • Read the instruction manual before installing the mat.
  • Place on areas that are made of metal.
  • If you’re to place them on your car doors, it’s advisable to first remove a panel or upholstery for easier installation
  • It’s advisable to take a picture of what the area looks like before installation. This will serve as a point of reference after the job is done as you double-check if you installed properly and returned all components to their original places.
  • Always use a sharp cutting tool to trim the mats to your desired size.
  • Be sure not to leave gaps during application. Even the smallest of uncovered areas can undo your work.
  • Use degreaser to prep the area before installation.
  • Keep a rubber roller nearby during installation. Use this to continuously smooth out the area and reinforce the adhesive.
  • Alternatively, you can use a heat gun to make the adhesive stick better.
  • Wear a work suit and protective gloves because the adhesive is sticky and can get a little messy.
  • Keep a bottle of denatured alcohol nearby to remove grease that’s left on your vehicle.
  • If you’ve never done it before and you’re uncertain on the installation process, it’s advisable. to consult a professional


  • Never place it over your carpet or rubber mats.
  • Don’t place them on the outside of your car unless they’re designed for both external and internal use.

Good to Know

Sometimes installing sound deadening mats can significantly reduce the sound quality of your stereo system. Instead of purchasing a new system, try the following tips to boost your audio experience for instance:

  • Put your equalizer in flat mode and adjust the high & low ends according to the volume you desire
  • Another option is to switch to higher quality music files if you can
  • Set your stereo onto the Free Loseless Audio Codes (FLAC) format for a crisp sound quality

Some cases do warrant replacement of your speakers. Consider replacing your stock speakers with 6 x 9 speakers if you expect exceptional sound quality with your new mat


Where can you store the mats before installation?

For optimum performance, it’s advisable to store the mat in a moderately warm area before installation. This will significantly increase the product’s adhesion and pliability.

Where must you Install the mats?

Ideally you must cover areas such as your doors, trunk, rook and floors. These areas are prone to excessive wind noise and mechanical interruptions. You must also cover the firewall and hood of your vehicle as they generate a lot of heat. Just be sure to use heat resistant material for the hot areas.

Final Words

We can’t promise a completely silent drive once you’ve installed these sound deadening mats. But you’re guaranteed a reduction in unwanted vibrations and noises that affect your sound quality.

From our list of recommendations, which product will you be investing in? Get yourself a sound deadening mat and enjoy your ride more from now on.

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