Best Traffic Cones For the Track or Roadside

Best Traffic Cones For the Track or Roadside

You wouldn’t think there would be much choice when it comes to buying traffic cones. In fact, there’s a wide variety of traffic cones you can buy for safety, educational, practice, demarcation or other purposes.

But as it is with many other products, not all traffic cones are similar in quality and features. We have compiled a list of the best traffic cones available online with a buyer’s guide for your consideration. Scroll down to learn more and choose the best product for your requirements.

Features to Consider in Good Traffic Cones

You may not think you have to particularly scrutinize products when buying traffic cones, but you do. You need to mainly look for the following qualities when buying traffic cones for any purpose:

  • Size — Traffic cones have no standard size. Some are very small, intended to use with kids and pets, while others can be as tall as 28 inches. You will have to choose the right size depending on your needs.
  • Weight — How heavy the traffic cones are will determine how well each piece can hold up outdoors. Lightweight cones can be easily knocked over, even by a breeze.
  • Price — Do you want to spend over 30 dollars on a single plastic traffic cone? You will have to weigh in the price when construction is considered.
  • Build Specifications — If you want to use the traffic cones for road safety and parking purposes, then you will need traffic cones that are built according to MUTCD standards.

You don’t have to look for much when buying a traffic cone, but you need to consider the above features. With these important factors in mind, let’s go ahead and read the reviews of the top traffic cone products.

Top 10 Best Traffic Cones 2024

1. Dazzling Toys 7 Inch Plastic Traffic Cones

Dazzling Toys 7 Inch Plastic Traffic Cones

Why we like it: These affordable multipurpose and multicolor traffic cones are perfect for educational or fun activities.

Editor’s Rating:

Manufactured by Dazzling Toys, these traffic cones are intended for sports, educational activities for kids, parties, gaming, and festivities. These can be used both indoors and outdoors.


These traffic cones come in a 2-pack kit ready for use. Each cone is 7-inches in height and comes in a vibrant color. The cones are available in both bright orange and yellow.

The cones are made of high-quality plastic. The material is able to withstand rain, snow, and hot weather. The plastic cones will withstand long hours of play and rough handling.


The Dazzling Toys traffic cones are perfect for use with young children. They are not big as real traffic cones, but are not too small either. The cones are suitable for use for children aged 5 and up.

The material is quite sturdy. We didn’t experience any brittleness at all. The cones can outlast being thrown around or stepped on by kids.

The cone colors are quite exceptional. These are bright enough to interest children. Each cone is also lightweight, so a kid can stack all into a pile as wished.

The small-ish traffic cones are suitable for kids’ themed events. But these are not only for play. Coaches can use these cones in little league games.

Best of all, these traffic cones are low priced. A pack of 12 won’t cost over twenty bucks so the product is very budget-friendly.

The only problem we found is that the cones do not have a hole at the top. But the plastic can be drilled in order to make holes if needed.

These traffic cones do not glow in the dark. The plastic is quite thick, so putting lights under them won’t make the cones light up brightly.


We found these traffic cones to be highly practical and fun. These are low-priced but are made from high-quality material. The kids will definitely love playing with these.


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Can withstand rough handling
  • Vibrant colors
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Great for kids
  • Practical size


  • No holes on top
  • Not suited for serious safety purposes

2. Cintz 9" Field Marker Cones

Cintz 9" Field Marker Cones

Why we like it: Small but practical, these high-visibility traffic cones are affordable and great for both pets and kids.

Editor’s Rating:

Cintz traffic cones are 9 inches in height each. So they are very small. But the cones are great for playing and activities with kids and pets. The traffic cones come in sets of 10.


These traffic cones are made from hard plastic. Each is colored in a fluorescent bright orange. The paint is made from LDPE (Low Density Poly Ethylene), a type of plastic, so these traffic cones look just like their larger versions.

The base of each cone is 5 inches. The bases are not weighted.

The cones are intended as markers. These can be used to demark areas for any purpose. These are quite great for field play with kids or pets.


The Cintz traffic cones are small and lightweight. We are happy with the affordable price tag and the bright color.

The traffic cones are available in bright orange, not very different from actual safety cones used by the traffic police. The cones will be visible even under low light at dusk or early morning.

Not much can be done with these traffic cones except play. These are quite useful for setting up training courses for learning drivers, children, or pets. The cones are very small so these are great for dog training.

There are no holes or puncture marks to keep these traffic cones pegged to the ground. The bases are not weighted but can hold still. A gentle gust of wind won’t knock these over.

The construction of the cones is quite sturdy. Because of that, the traffic cones can stand even without a weighted base. These cones can withstand the elements without losing color.


We really loved the color of these traffic cones. We highly recommend these for home or festive activities. The cones are small and lightweight, too. The price is adequately reasonable given the features available.


  • Bright orange LDPE color
  • Sturdy construction
  • Suitable for use with pets
  • Good price


  • Bases not weighted

3. Champion Sports Hi Visibility Fluorescent Plastic Cone Set

Champion Sports Hi Visibility Fluorescent Plastic Cone Set

Why we like it: These weighted plastic cones are available in multicolor sets and are very reasonably priced. Plus, each cone is vividly fluorescent.

Editor’s Rating:

These traffic cones are small, lightweight, and stackable. The cones come in a set of 6. The set is multicolor. You will get traffic cones in these colors: green, royal purple, orange, blue, yellow and red.


Each of these Champion traffic cones is 9 inches in height. The cones are constructed from hard plastic with fluorescent qualities.

One major perk of these traffic cones is that the bases are weighted. These cones will not easily topple over or get thrown about by the wind. The weighted bases are great for keeping the cones in place when in use.


These traffic cones are well-suited for use as safety demarcation devices in children’s sports. These can also be used for fun play or educational activities.

We were impressed by the stability of these little traffic cones. The set is intended for kids’, but unlike most toy cones, these did not fall apart easily because of the weighted base.

The cones are impressively sturdy as well. The hard plastic will not break easily. The plastic may crack under pressure, such as through a dog bite or a child stepping on one. However, the cones will not break that easily.

Though the construction is sturdy, and despite the weighted base, these cones are lightweight. A child can easily pick one up to play.

The traffic cones have a high-visibility construction. The plastic doesn’t glow in the dark but is vividly visible in low-light conditions. These cones are great for use in the evenings or at night.


We really loved the bright colors of these traffic cones. The weighted base and fluorescent colors really make these worth the price. And the price tag is quite low as well. Our only gripe is that the set could be larger. Only six cones were provided.


  • Multiple bright colors
  • High-visibility fluorescent plastic build
  • Weighted base
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy


  • Small set
  • Can crack under pressure

4. Work Area Protection Standard Traffic Cone

Work Area Protection Standard Traffic Cone

Why we like it: These are real, adult traffic cones intended for safety. The cones are high-visibility bright orange and are even heat-resistant.

Editor’s Rating:

These are real safety cones made from hard plastic. They are available in multiple sets. The prices per 1-pack can be a bit expensive. However, the features available make these traffic cones well worth the price.


The cones are designed to look just like standard traffic cones. Each cone is 18-inches in height, so these are considerably tall.

The cones are made from Polyvinyl chloride, which is the most commonly used type of plastic. The cones come with VSB reflective collars. Each has a considerably large hole drilled to the top.

The cones are painted fluorescent orange. They don’t come with markers, but permanent stenciling on the cones is available.

These traffic cones have a tensile strength of 1,200 pounds per square inch minimum. Each base has a considerably large size of over 11 inches. These traffic cones meet MUTCD and FHWA requirements for safety.

The diameter of the hole at the top is 1 1/6 inches. Interestingly enough, these traffic cones are heat- resistant up to 160 degrees.


Finally, a traffic cone set for actually adult safety purposes. These traffic cones are tall and closely resemble real traffic cones.

Each cone is made of a hard plastic. The plastic isn’t overly sturdy but is strong enough to withstand everyday rough handling.

The fluorescent orange cones have a reflective collar. The paint of the cones do not fade, so you can use these under direct sunlight.

The design makes these traffic cones really stand out. While there are no visible markings on the cones, customers can request permanent stenciling if needed.


We were really happy with these cones. The color is great and the broad base provides support. It’s the real deal that can be used in actual safety situations.


  • Hard plastic construction
  • Heat-resistant
  • Height like real traffic cones
  • Broad base for stability
  • Meets standard-body investigations
  • Anti-fade paint


  • Expensive

5. Cartman Collapsible Traffic Cone

Cartman Collapsible Traffic Cone

Why we like it: These tall traffic cones are collapsible and very practical to use.

Editor’s Rating:

These pop-up traffic cones can be used for just about anything. Orange in color, the cones are suitable for play or otherwise. The cones can be used in driveways, garages, parking lots, or even during traffic accidents.


They may look like kiddie traffic cones but they are anything but. These traffic cones are 15 inches in height and are suitable to be used in emergency situations.

The cones are made to be collapsible. Each cone comes with a plastic base and a fabric material for the “cone” part. When not in use, the cone can be tucked into a plastic base for easy storage.


We loved the fact that these traffic cones can be used in parking lots, driveways, and other public areas. The cones are, of course, highly compact because of the collapsible nature.

It’s quite neat that the traffic cone can be tucked into the base. The base is made of hard plastic like most traffic cones. It’s slightly weightier than the fabric. When folded, the traffic cone is small enough for easy storage.

The base is wide enough to support the cone, though it’s not weighted. The cone can easily collapse even when there’s a gust of wind. The plastic base can seem a bit brittle, though it didn’t really break.

The cones are said to be visible up to 800 feet. That’s quite a range. We also liked the bright orange color.

These cones can be used for safety use, but only inside the home. The cones are not heavy enough for roadside use.

One downside is that because this cone is collapsible, it’s not solid. Each cone is also quite expensive as well, compared to plastic traffic cones.


We liked the collapsible nature of these traffic cones. If you are looking for easy storage cones, then these would be it. The colors and the visibility range is good as well. There are some minor cons, such as a lack of a weighted base, but those are not major concerns.


  • Collapsible
  • Visibility up to 800 feet
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for non-road safety use
  • Good orange color


  • Lightweight base doesn’t support the cone frame well
  • A bit expensive

6. 3M 90128-4PK, 18" Professional Quality Non Reflective Safety Cone

3M 90128-4PK, 18" Professional Quality Non Reflective Safety Cone

Why we like it: These are very heavy and can withstand being run over. They are solid traffic cones suitable for safety use.

Editor’s Rating:

The 3M traffic cones come in 4-pack sets. It should be known that these traffic cones are not cheap. Be ready to spend around $40 or more for a set. But if you are looking for police-grade traffic cones, then this would be a great product to consider.


Each of these cones is 18 inches tall, which is the standard size for road traffic cones. The cones have white liners. The base is quite rugged as well.

The exterior is painted in bright orange that glows in daylight. The color is very vibrant and will stand out even in low-light conditions.

These cones are made in the U.S. with imported material. The construction is really high-quality and we didn’t notice any issue with the materials.

Each cone has a home on top about 7/8th of an inch. The cones are quite heavy. A single cone can weight as nearly as 13 pounds.


What we really liked about these cones is the heavy construction. The base is not weighted, but the cones themselves are really heavy. These can be difficult to carry, but it’s well worth it knowing they won’t be knocked over so easily.

We set out these cones in winds about 100 mph but the cones managed to stand still. We highly recommend these cones for activities with kids. Children love kicking over traffic cones, but they won’t have an easy time with these.

These traffic cones also impressed us with their durability. Any one of these cones can withstand being run over by a car. They don’t crack, but cave in. Eventually, the cone pops back into original shape, even after being run over by a vehicle.

Another great advantage is the paint. The day-glow paint won’t fade under harsh sunlight. The cones can retain their vibrancy wonderfully.


These traffic cones are well-made and highly resilient. There are really no downsides to this product unless you consider the price. They’re expensive, but would be well worth the price for those who really need heavy cones.


  • Resilient construction
  • Heavy
  • Pops back into shape
  • Can withstand being kicked over
  • Color doesn’t fade
  • Day-glow orange paint


  • Very expensive
  • Hard to carry because of weight

7. Cortina 03-500-10 Vinyl Traffic Cone with Black Base

Cortina 03-500-10 Vinyl Traffic Cone with Black Base

Why we like it: Excellent, high-quality safety cone made from vinyl instead of regular plastic.

Editor’s Rating:

If you are looking for a high-quality, heavy-duty cone, the Cortina 03-500 should work really well. These are not play cones, but are actual pro traffic cones suitable for safety use.

The Cortina traffic cones stand out for their price as well. While most traffic cones are quite expensive, Cortina cones are relatively affordable in comparison. Each cone can cost as much as 20 bucks, but it’s cheap compared to other products of the same size.


A single one of these cones is quite huge. Each cone is 28 inches in height with a diameter of 10 inches. No one would miss these when they are placed on the road.

The cones have two reflective collars. One is placed at about 6 inches high, and the second one about 4 inches high.

They have a black base. The cones are a dark reddish orange color that is highly visible in sunlight.

The cones are constructed from vinyl plastic or PVC. This material is known for being amazingly sturdy.


There are many positive things going on for these traffic cones. Each is very durably constructed from PVC plastic. The cones can withstand just about any weather condition.

You can expect these to last come winter or summer.

The cones have a very high-density base. It creates a lower center of gravity, so these cones can remain stable even without being very heavy. They won’t get knocked over easily.

The density of the base also keeps most of the weight off the cones. Each cone is easy enough to carry, even while holding something else.

The cones have two reflective collars. These are advantageous in the daytime. The sunlight would reflect off the collars, making the traffic cones highly visible.

While we liked the huge size, we thought the cones could be a bit heavier. These can be easily kicked about.


All things considered, this is a great traffic cone product. The cones have a sturdy base and don’t easily fall over. The exterior has anti-reflective collars to be visible in the daytime. It’s highly stable and practical, what’s not to like?


  • Large size
  • Dense base
  • Excellent stability
  • Reflective collars for daytime viewing
  • Good for actual traffic safety use
  • Easily visible


  • Not budget-friendly

8. Comfitwear FCC-600 Traffic Cones with 3M Reflective Collars

Comfitwear FCC-600 Traffic Cones with 3M Reflective Collars

Why we like it: Though a bit pricey, these traffic cones have high-intensity reflector collars and do meet MUTCD requirements.

Editor’s Rating:

Comfitwear traffic cones are as close to the real thing as you can get. Each cone comes with an eye-popping price tag (over 30 dollars!). However, the price is well worth it if you want real traffic cones and not just toy ones.


These cones have orange bodies and a black base. The cones are made of premium-grade PVC plastic. The cones are flexible but are also rugged.

Each cone has 3840 reflective sheeting of high-intensity grade. The cones meet MUTCD specifications for traffic cones.

The base is not weighted with a stand. But each cone is decently heavy by about 7 pounds.


These traffic cones are flexible and versatile. The black base, though not weighted, offers excellent stability. The cones are really well-made and not too stiff.

The traffic cones are wholly maintenance-free. The bright orange color doesn’t fade. The cones don’t crack either. The flexible construction means the cones can handle some roughness. The cones may bend but will pop back into place easily.

Thanks to the high-intensity reflector collars, these traffic cones are always highly visible. The collars ensure the ultimate conversion of light during daytime.
We can assuredly recommend these traffic cones for the home or for parking use as these meet the requirements.

These cones are also fairly heavy. Each cone weighs about 7 pounds, which is not too heavy to carry, and not too light to get knocked over by the wind.

Our one issue with this brand is the price. Each cone is quite absurdly high-priced. Some may balk at it, but it’s possible that the MUTCD qualifications raised the price.


These well-stabilized traffic cones are great for safety use if you don’t mind paying a rather high price. The cones are highly durable and can withstand nearly any type of rough handling. It’s an excellent traffic cone in our opinion.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Hard but flexible cones
  • Stable black base
  • High-intensity anti-reflector collars


  • Unit price is high

9. Reehut 7.5 Inch Plastic Sport Training Traffic Cone

Reehut 7.5 Inch Plastic Sport Training Traffic Cone

Why we like it: Excellent, cost-effective traffic cone set for indoor or sports use.

Editor’s Rating:

Rehut traffic cones can be purchased in either 12 or 24-inch packages. In each case, the price is highly affordable. The cones come in multiple colors too. These cones are intended for use with children, at school games, or for events.


Unlike most plastic toy traffic cones, the Reehut traffic cones are made from a thicker form of plastic. The cones are made of hard plastic that is highly durable.

Each cone is about 7.5 inches in height. The cones are only about 5 inches in diameter, so they are really small.

Each traffic cone comes with four holes for attachment. The cones are also designed for use on many surfaces. Buyers can get the cones in four colors: orange, red, yellow, or green.


For small, child-sized cones, these are really well-built. The Reehut traffic cones are cheap, but they don’t look or function badly. Each cone is considerably 5 inches in diameter, which isn’t very large by standards.

We were happy with the performance of the cones. While small, these can handle rough handling. Plus, they can withstand many types of surfaces, including grass, cement, tile turf, and gym floors.

We liked the four holes for attachment. The holes can be used to keep the cone in place, particularly in little league sports grounds with kids are running all over.

The material is lightweight but flexible, which stands in contrast to the cheap plastic most traffic cones are made of.

These traffic cones, however, are not intended for serious use. They will look cool at kids’ games, parties and similar events. But you cannot use these cones for actual traffic purposes.


We didn’t expect much from these toy traffic cones, so we were pleasantly surprised. They are small but aren’t made from cheap material. The lightweight but flexible design makes them worth it.


  • Well-made
  • Affordable
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Attachment holes available


  • Not for actual traffic use

10. 18" Orange Traffic Safety Cones with Black Base (Pack of 12)

18" Orange Traffic Safety Cones with Black Base (Pack of 12)

Why we like it: These traffic cones are MUTCD ready, maintenance-free, and sturdily built. They have too many perks not to like.

Editor’s Rating:

These stackable traffic cones are excellent for many uses, including parking purposes. The traffic cones come in a pack of 12. The price tag for the whole set is well over 100 dollars. But these would appeal to buyers who really need professional traffic cones.


These rather large traffic cones are about 18 inches in height. Each has a black base, though not weighted. The cones are made from PVC, a reliable and sturdy type of plastic.

The traffic cones are plain orange without any reflector collars. The color is darker orange than day-glow orange.

These traffic cones are designed to be rugged and highly durable. They also meet MUTCD traffic specifications.


We didn’t expect these stackable traffic cones to be particularly sturdy, but each of these impressed us with their stability and durability. The premium-grade build really stands out.

We are not a fan of the expensive price tag for 12 cones. But each cone costs only about $10 in the set, which is remarkably reasonable for a pro-grade traffic cone.

These traffic cones meet roadworthy specifications, so you can use them in parking lots or right outside your front door. The cones are tall and large. It’s easy to see them when doing things like maneuvering exercises.

The color could have been lighter to be seen better in the daytime. Still, thanks to the large size, these traffic cones really stand out.

The ruggedness is excellent. These traffic cones can take a beating. There’s a hole on top too, in case you have any signs to fit.


These traffic cones won’t easily fall over. The excellent height and overall large frame make them easy to see. In other words, they are excellent for use in parking lots. You will have to spend quite a bit on a full set, but if you have serious safety parking needs, these would be worth more than the price.


  • Tall
  • Easily visible
  • Very sturdy
  • Stable base
  • Hole on top
  • Meets MUTCD standards


  • 12-pack is very expensive
  • No reflector collars

Guide to Buying the Best Traffic Cones

Purchasing a traffic cone is a relatively straightforward process, but you need to be aware of the following:

Intended Use

Traffic cones can be largely categorized into two types:

  • Intended to be used as toys or training material
  • Intended to be used for road and parking safety purposes

Toy traffic cones are small and cheap. You can use them like toys for kids to play with at parties. These toy traffic cones can also be used as demarcation tools for kids games. However, they are not safety devices.

If you want traffic cones to be used as safety devices for parking and on roads, then you need cones that meet government standards for proper traffic cones.

When buying, make sure you don’t mistakenly purchase a toy cone instead of a traffic cone. Always look for roadworthy standards for pro-grade traffic cones.


A great traffic cone is also highly stable. The most common hazard traffic cones face is the wind. Do you want a traffic cone that can be easily knocked over by the wind? Certainly not.

Therefore, look for products that are heavy. The cone itself could be heavy, but it could also have a weighted base to create maximum stability.

Don’t buy traffic cones with bases weighed down by sand. Sand can start leaking and cause other problems. The best-weighted bases are just highly dense in plastic, adding to the heaviness.

Using with Signage

Do you want to affix a sign on to the traffic cone? If so, make sure the cone comes with a hole on top. Not all traffic cones do. Therefore, pay special attention to the product description to see if holes are cut into the cones.

Some traffic cones have attachment holes at the base. These are different from holes on top. Attachment holes can be used to secure the traffic cone to the ground so no one can kick it away.

Reflector Collars

Reflector collars make the traffic cone highly visible during daytime. Reflector collars are shiny when there’s sunlight, so motorists can easily spot them.

If you are using traffic cones for parking, consider buying cones with these collars. It’s not absolutely necessary to buy traffic cones with reflector collars, but it can be a plus.

Versatile Construction

Traffic cones are made from different kinds of plastic. Some plastic traffic cones are brittle and break under pressure. Yet others only cave in and pop back into shape when the pressure is lifted.

If you want a traffic cone that can withstand rough handling, then buy a flexible product that can return to its original form.

Roadworthy Standards

As mentioned above, traffic cones that are allowed on the road or in parking lots are those designed according to standards set by the government. Namely, these cones must meet the specifications of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), as written down in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

You must only use traffic cones approved by the FHWA for any safety-related activity.


Traffic cones come in orange, don’t they? Not quite. In addition to orange, you can purchase traffic cones in green or yellow too.

Multicolored traffic cones are fun to play with. But for parking, you will need the standard orange traffic cone.

Stackable or Collapsible?

Collapsible traffic cones are very convenient and easy to use. Stackable cones don’t bend and are much harder to store.

Though convenient, collapsible traffic cones aren’t as sturdy. Stackable cones can be hard to stack and carry, but they retain their shape for a long time.

You will have to decide which type of traffic cone to buy depending on your personal needs.

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