Best Trunk Cargo Nets to Keep Everything Secure

Best Trunk Cargo Nets to Keep Everything Secure

Do you hate to have stuff in the trunk move around when you drive? Then a trunk cargo net might be exactly what your vehicle needs.

Trunk cargo nets secure clutter in place and also offer better storage options. You can buy a cargo net that perfectly matches the size of your vehicle.

The tough part is finding the right product. Hopefully, you will be closer to choosing the right product after reading this article.

Features to Consider in Good Trunk Cargo Nets

There are certain things you should take into consideration when buying a trunk cargo net. The product must mainly fit your vehicle.

In addition to that, here are several things you must keep in mind:

  • Vehicle Model Compatibility: The trunk cargo net must be compatible with the type of vehicle and model you are driving. Take measurements of your trunk and also request information regarding size and compatibility.
  • Stretchability: The material the net is made of should stretch to a certain extent to fit around things in your trunk.
  • Storage Options: Does the cargo net have extra pockets? Look for features that enhance storage capability of the product to glean the best value.
  • Installation: Don’t buy a trunk cargo net that requires drilling holes. Buy a product that can easily be attached to your vehicle.

Top 10 Best Trunk Cargo Nets 2024

1. Zone Tech Black Mesh Three Pocket Trunk Cargo Organizer

Zone Tech Black Mesh Three Pocket Trunk Cargo Organizer

Why we like it: Not only is this trunk cargo net affordable, it comes with pockets for better storage organization. This well-made trunk cargo net for cars will cost you less than $20. It sports an innovative design that actually increases storage space.

Editor’s Rating:


This trunk cargo net is made from black polyester mesh. The cargo net is 12 inches in depth and height.

The width of the cargo net can be adjusted between 44 inches and 56 inches, depending on the model of your car. The material is stretchable.

The net comes with three pockets in addition to the partition. The net has built-in hooks to install it to the trunk.


There are so many major advantages this trunk cargo net offers. First of all, it’s supremely affordable, costing less than a party-size pizza.

The material this cargo net is made from is adjustable and stretchable. The polyester mesh is really durable, too.
You can stretch the width of the mesh to match the make and model of your car. The material will stretch around what you put in there as well.

Perhaps the biggest perk this cargo net offers are the three pockets that are already built in. In addition to the large portioned area the net creates in the trunk, you can put stuff in the three pockets.

The pockets are great for keeping groceries in place. You can also use the pockets to better organize all the clutter in the truck. The pockets are made from the same polyester, so they stretch around stuff too.

You can safely use this trunk cargo net in cars, vans, SUVs, or even pickups. Installation is super easy. Just place the built-in hooks and that’s it.

There are almost no downsides to this product. Some drivers may find the pockets a bit small, but that really depends on how you look at it.


This trunk cargo net is superb for keeping your car organized. It will prevent any clutter from moving around when driving.

The net is made from high-quality material that will last long. Thanks to the stretchability of the mesh, you can use this in just about any car model.


  • Stretchable Material
  • Adjustable width
  • Three built-in pockets
  • Built-in attachment hooks
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Pockets might be too small for some

2. Cartman Cargo Net Hammock Trunk Organizer

Cartman Cargo Net Hammock Trunk Organizer

Why we like it: This super stretchy and tear-resistant trunk cargo net is suitable for almost any passenger vehicle. The Cartman trunk cargo net is not vehicle specific. It can fit into the trunks of most vehicles, includes SUVs and pickup truck beds.

Editor’s Rating:


This trunk cargo net is made from high-grade polyester. The material is stretchable, tear-resistant, and universally suits most vehicles.

It’s also got a fabric pocket net made from a synthetic material called elastic polypropylene. The cargo net has 4 mounting hooks for attaching.

The mounting hooks are self-locking. The “bungee” style straps suit pickup truck beds too.


You can rely on this trunk cargo net to fit just about any passenger vehicle. Not only that, it’s made from a resilient and sturdy material that will last for years in the trunk.

This cargo net is wonderfully flexible. It can stretch around large items without tearing or breaking.

The envelope design has its own pocket for keeping smaller items. The pocket part really helps when you load heavy items.

This trunk cargo net is strong enough not to break even if you load heavy-duty items. That being said, this net is really made for everyday clutter.

This net would keep light objects like groceries, vehicle tools, toys, and similar items from flying around when driving. Don’t try using this to haul really heavy items like machinery.

The nylon hooks attach really easily onto the trunk. The straps perform really well even against heavy winds.

The biggest annoyance with this cargo net is tangling in storage. Be careful when unlatching the net. Fold it properly to prevent unholy knots you might never undo.


This trunk cargo net is immensely practical. It’s great as an organizer for the rear of your vehicle as it can hold just about anything you usually keep in your vehicle.

And the under $10 price tag isn’t bad either. This trunk cargo net offers many things that are truly worth taking into consideration when shopping.


  • Sturdy material
  • Affordable price tag
  • Stretchable and flexible
  • Extra support fabric pocket
  • Tear resistant
  • Compatible with almost any vehicle


  • Tangles easily in storage
  • Not for heavy-duty hauling

3. TrunkNets Envelope Trunk Cargo Net

TrunkNets Envelope Trunk Cargo Net

Why we like it: Perfect for the specified vehicle models or other vehicles with the same sized trunks. TrunkNets is a trusted brand when it comes to cargo nets. This TrunkNets product is made for Chevrolet Equinox vehicle models. It fits perfectly into the model. The price certainly beats the $50 and up dealer prices you will get for vehicle-specific cargo nets. You can use this trunk cargo net on other types of vehicles, as long as the length fits. You can request size information from the manufacturer to be on the safe side.

Editor’s Rating:


This trunk cargo net is made from synthetic fabric black mesh. There are hooks on the top and the bottom to fit the cargo net with ease.


If you have a Chevrolet of the specified model, you will not find a better trunk cargo net than this. It costs less than $10, about four or five times less than the price you will get at a Chevrolet dealership.

The cargo nets are large and spacious. They’re tall enough to hold large grocery bags in place. The net locks well in place thanks to the plastic hooks.

You don’t need to mount this specifically in the vehicle. Just attach the hooks to the preinstalled mounting points in your vehicle.

There are several configurations you can use to place this cargo net in the trunk. But a simple attachment usually does the job well.

The material is stretchable to fit around the large items you put in it. The downside is that the material can continue to stretch and lose its firmness.

The cargo net has additional supports running from the middle of the mesh to hold things in. It’s particularly helpful when you brake.


All in all, the quality of this trunk cargo net is really good. The value you get for the cheap price tag is really worthwhile.

The cargo net is significantly durable and secure, even though it may stretch if you put too many things in. Other than this little downside, it’s perfect for all storage uses in the car.


  • Perfect size for specified vehicles
  • Flexible material
  • Easy to install
  • Tall enough to support large items
  • Great low price


  • Material may stretch too much

4. Lebogner Trunk Storage Net By Car Trunk Organizer

Lebogner Trunk Storage Net By Car Trunk Organizer

Why we like it: This is possibly one of the best, tangle-resistant trunk cargo nets for cars. The Lebogner trunk storage net is probably what you are looking to de-clutter your vehicle. It’s designed mainly for cars. The trunk cargo net costs around $15. It’s not as cheap as some of the high ranking trunk cargo nets mentioned above, but it’s got some features that justify the price.

Editor’s Rating:


This trunk cargo net is made from premium-grade synthetic fabric mesh. The fabric is water resistant and washable.

It’s sized at 35 x 15 inches but can stretch to 43 inches. The package includes mounting hardware for two types of installation.


This size of this cargo net suits most types of vehicles, including vans, trucks, and SUVs. But it will suit cars more because that’s what it’s designed for.

The material this cargo net is made from is really stretchable. It can be flexible to support bulky items without losing its elasticity.

Installation is really easy. Drivers can just hook on the mounting hardware provided. There are actually two different ways you can install this cargo net, according to the instructions.

The material is quite durable. It repels water, so you can wipe it down to keep it clean. Plus, the brand offers a lifetime guarantee for the product.

A cool perk offered is that this net folds up nicely. Folding prevents the awful tangles most trunk cargo nets suffer.

If there’s a downside it’s definitely the lack of strength of the net. It won’t tear up, but it won’t keep any heavy items inside.


This trunk cargo net is really useful for the price. It’s stretchable and great for keeping small stuff inside your car’s trunk. It’s not for heavy items, but that’s not a major letdown.


  • Stretchable
  • Durable
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Easy installation
  • Two ways to install the net
  • No tangle folding


  • May not keep heavier items inside

5. AndyGo Rear Cargo Trunk Storage Organizer Net

AndyGo Rear Cargo Trunk Storage Organizer Net

Why we like it: Great trunk cargo net for organizing large and bulky items. If you are looking for a non-polyester trunk cargo net for a change, this AndyGo may be what you need. It has everything you are looking for in a trunk cargo net.

Editor’s Rating:


The AndyGo trunk cargo net is made from nylon and an expanded elastic strip. The size is 12 x 35 inches.

The material is stretchable up to 43 inches. The package includes the storage net plus four mounting adapters, screws, and four hooks.


This trunk cargo net is designed to keep large and bulky items inside without moving around. The excellent elastic band can stretch from 35 inches to up to 43 to suit different types of trunks.

The netting is double pocketed. There are two layers of net so there’s less chance of stuff spilling out.

Be aware though that the weave on the net is large. The net design involves rather large squares so smaller items may slip through this cargo net.

The mounting hardware is comprehensive. Everything you need to install the trunk net is included.

However, some of the mounting hardware is cheaply made. You will find some adhesive mounts that might come off.

But you can certainly install this trunk cargo net safely. If you are not satisfied with the mounting hardware provided, you can use screws you may have in the garage.


When it comes down to it, this is a very practical trunk cargo net. It may not pass the “great” mark, mainly because this net may not keep smaller items inside. But if you look over this minor downside, this trunk cargo net offers great value for the money.


  • Durable nylon construction
  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Double layered net
  • Stretchable material
  • Great for keeping bulking items in place


  • Smaller items may slip through the net
  • Some mounting gear is subpar

6. 9 MOON 4 Hooks Car Trunk Cargo Net Mesh Storage Organizer

9 MOON 4 Hooks Car Trunk Cargo Net Mesh Storage Organizer

Why we like it: This large and affordable trunk cargo net can double as an interior roof net too. The 9 Moon trunk cargo net is costs less than a fast food meal. It sports a large size that’s great for vehicles with spacious trunks.

Editor’s Rating:


The 9 Moon trunk cargo net is made from premium-quality mesh. The mesh fabric is water resistant.

All the mounting hardware is provided for installation. The brand claims this net can be installed within 30 seconds.

The cargo net can be used on the roof as well. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee.


This is a unique truck organizer made from a durable material. It’s great for preventing clutter in the back from shifting around.

The brand boasts “universal fit” for this trunk cargo net. It does fit well in most vehicles, but it’s best to keep the actual measurements of your vehicle at hand when buying this.

You can expect this cargo net to keep things lying flat. You certainly won’t hear things moving around in the back.

The material is great, but it’s not particularly elastic. It doesn’t really fit around large and bulky items like flexible cargo net options.

Regardless, the installation is really easy with the provided mounting hardware. You can have this installed in less than a minute provided your vehicle has four mounting brackets.

You can actually install this cargo net in at least two ways. You can use it to secure the trunk area, or you can even use it on an interior roof.

As long as you can hook up the mounts on the car, you can place the cargo net any way you want. You can even place it on top of items to prevent shifting.


This trunk cargo net is dirt cheap. But it performs really well like a more expensive product.

This cargo net is great for cars and other vehicles with spacious trunks. It will keep things in without tearing or wearing out easily.

It’s not stretchable, but it can keep things inside. And that’s really what matters when it comes to organizing your trunk.


  • Universal fit
  • Durable build
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Cargo net is weather resistant
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • May not stretch as preferred

7. SNBLO Cargo Net for SUV,Truck Bed or Trunk

SNBLO Cargo Net for SUV,Truck Bed or Trunk

Why we like it: One of the larger sized trunk cargo nets that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The SNBLO trunk cargo net is a universal fit. It comes with four bonus hooks for the price. Speaking of price, it’s super cheap. This is definitely one of the best trunk cargo nets for large-size vehicles.

Editor’s Rating:


This package includes trunk net and four mounting hardware hooks plus the screws. The bonus items in the package include 4 climbing hooks and a travelling pouch with a zipper.

The size is 25 inches tall and 41 inches long. The length can be stretched up to 56 inches, which is quite a large size.

The net is made from black elastic mesh. The mesh is durable and tear-resistant.


This is a supremely durable and strong trunk cargo net. It can reliably hold the clutter in even when you slam on the brakes.

The mesh net is made from a fabric that is elastic and long-lasting. You can stretch the net across the trunk to fit, or the net can stretch around large and bulky items.

The SNBLO is a universal fit trunk cargo net. But it’s advised to take measurements of your vehicle to make sure this net can fit, even if it stretches quite a bit.

The mesh is about a square inch thick. So it can keep even moderately heavy items in the trunk. But don’t assume this cargo net is for heavy-duty use.

The package includes a bunch of mounting hardware plus a very useful storage pouch. The mounting hooks are so-so. But the climbing hooks included are perfect for securing the net in place.

The storage pouch is really convenient for keeping the net stored without causing tangles. If you don’t fold this carefully, it will get tangled.

There are three options to install the net using the carabineer clips. The hooks hold together surprisingly well.


This trunk cargo net is a solid performer throughout. It’s affordable and is great for everyday use. The downsides are minimal and the value is definitely justified.


  • Large size
  • Stretchable mesh material
  • Thick mesh to keep things in
  • Includes storage pouch
  • Long-lasting product
  • Includes many mounting items


  • Some mounting clips may require replacement
  • Not for heavy-duty use

8. EZYKOO [Upgrade] Bungee Cargo Net

EZYKOO [Upgrade] Bungee Cargo Net

Why we like it: A great tie-down cargo net you can install as you like in the trunk or the roof of your vehicle. Most trunk cargo nets are vehicle specific or designed like a rectangular to fit the trunk. The Ezykoo sports a peculiar, non-shape. Meaning, you can install this cargo net as you like. It’s a multifunctional cargo net you can even use on the roof to keep items secures. The price is around $20, so it’s a bit costly compared to others on this list.

Editor’s Rating:


This trunk cargo net is 46 x 36 inches in size. It can be stretched in all directions to go up to 70 x 52 inches.

The mesh part is small with 3 x 3-inch weave. The cargo net comes with a cord and 14 ABS plastic hooks.

The bungee cord borders the net and is made up of a 32-unit elastic rubber band. The cord is 6mm thick, slightly above the 5mm industry average.


If you have trouble securing a conventional cargo net to your trunk, this product might do. It’s designed in a way to place the hooks anywhere.

That means you can attach this net to the trunk, rooftop, or the truck bed of a vehicle. It’s great for tying down cargo.

This is an upgraded version of the cargo net previously offered by this brand. It can actually hold up to 100 pounds of weight.

The plastic hooks are durable and long lasting. Up to 12 of the hooks are completely removable.

This net generally offers users more flexibility and installation options. The bungee cord, not elastic mesh, keeps things secure by tightly fitting around the cargo.

The bungee cord is elastic enough. But the problem is, it can lose its elasticity with long-term use and stretching around big items.

The plastic hooks make this cargo net really easy to install. However, you would need multiple mounting points to secure this net properly.

Another downside is the large square weave. It’s easy for smaller items to slip out of these massive square holes.


This cargo net is great for multiple tie-down purposes. It’s sturdy enough to handle tough hauling jobs.

It’s not exclusively intended for trunks, but it can easily substitute as a trunk cargo net thanks to multiple attachment points. Plus, it comes with a neat storage pouch.


  • Durable material
  • Sturdy
  • Can hold down 100 lbs
  • Multiple attachment points
  • Thick security bungee cord


  • Small things can slip through
  • May not perfectly fit trunk cargo
  • Requires multiple attachment points

9. ZILONG Cargo Net Hammock Trunk Organizer Vehicle Storage

ZILONG Cargo Net Hammock Trunk Organizer Vehicle Storage

Why we like it: Affordable trunk cargo net with an envelope pocket. It’s sturdy to hold back most things. This affordable cargo net will certainly keep the groceries from falling out. It’s really cheap but is well-constructed.

Editor’s Rating:


This cargo net is double layered. It’s 12 inches tall and about 35 inches long without stretching. It can stretch up to 43 inches.

The cargo net is made from durable polyester combined with an elastic polypropylene fabric pocket. Also included are four self-locking hooks, four screws, and adhesive material.


Don’t buy this trunk cargo net without taking measurements. It fits most cars , but it may not fit some SUVs. If you have a larger vehicle, mind the size.

If the size is right, then this trunk cargo net would come very handy. Its pocket-layered construction makes it suitable for holding back both bulky and small items.

The material is stretchable of course. Installation is easy thanks to the provided mounting hardware.

The mounting points work. But these also have adhesives, which means the fit may not be as secure as well.

If you can safely drill holes into mounting points, it’s recommended to secure this. The adhesive can gather dust and easily come off.

You won’t have to worry about the material coming apart. The fabric is amazingly polyester and is tear resistant.

The fabric is long lasting, but be careful about wearing it out. Even elastic can be stretched too far.


This trunk cargo net is not without its problems. But it’s still big and sturdy enough to hold back the clutter.

It can do with better mounting hooks and that’s the only main downside. The envelope design is truly worthwhile other than that.


  • Pocket layer of mesh
  • Tear-resistant material
  • Stretchable material
  • Easy installation


  • Adhesive mounting brackets

10. Yosoo Trunk Storage Net

Yosoo Trunk Storage Net

Why we like it: A unique trunk cargo net that has an adhesive attachment surface. This trunk cargo net certainly has a unique design. This mesh net attaches to the side door or the floor of your trunk. It doesn’t come with mounting brackets. If you want something different, then this truck cargo net is definitely worth checking out.

Editor’s Rating:


The cargo net is made from polyester mesh. The material is stretchable and measures at 15.7 x 9.8 inches.

One side of the mesh net has an adhesive “magic” sticker. It doesn’t come with mounting hooks to attach.


Not mounting places in your car to attach a trunk cargo net? Don’t want to drill holes? Then you can certainly consider this product.

Most trunk cargo nets have to be attached across the trunk with clips and hooks. This cargo net should be stuck using the adhesive tape provided.

You can stick this net literally to the bed of the car trunk. You can also stick it to a back seat or a car side door.

The net has a loop and hook mechanism to secure items that you put in. You can nearly shut it close like a duffle bag to prevent anything from slipping out.

It’s only good for keeping small items though. Any large items, like beach balls or even large grocery bags, will be just too big.

The adhesive, of course, not as good as it should be. The magic tape may come out, especially with age, once the dust settles in on the glue.

But until then, this should work wonderfully. The $12 price tag is well worth it.


You can use this trunk cargo net to keep small things secured when driving. It’s especially useful thanks to the multiple attaching points.

The adhesive surface may not last forever, but you can replace it and start over if you like.


  • Attach to trunk, back of a seat, or side door
  • Easy stick-on installation
  • Great for keeping small items
  • Loop securing method
  • Affordable


  • The sticky surface isn’t durable and may come off
  • Too small for large grocery bags

Guide to Buying the Best Trunk Cargo Net

Buying a trunk cargo net won’t be a problem if you follow the following tips:

Match the Size to Your Vehicle Model

Drivers mainly have two options for buying trunk cargo nets; you can either buy a vehicle specific product or choose a universal fit model.

Some vehicle specific trunk cargo nets are highly affordable. But if you have to buy from the car brand or a dealership, expect to pay a lot of money.

The best method is to choose a universal fit model. However, you should measure the dimensions of your car’s trunk in advance to ensure a good fit.

It’s advised to ask the brand or manufacturer whether a product would fit the make and model of your car.


Attaching a trunk cargo net is really easy. Most come with hooks and screws to quickly and easily set up the net across the trunk.

But some may have innovative attachment points you haven’t heard of before. Be aware of adhesive attachment methods in general.

Adhesives can be very sticky. But, with time, dust settles on the glue, making the adhesive less likely to hold on.

Therefore, understand that you may not receive good value for adhesive trunk cargo nets than others. You don’t need to avoid them, just understand the downsides.

Which Material is Good?

Nearly all trunk cargo nets are made from a synthetic fabric mesh, often made out of polyester. The material is really durable and sturdy but is also stretchable.

When you buy a cargo net, what you really need to know is whether the material is long lasting and tear-resistant. As most nets are made from synthetic fabrics, they are quite resilient. As a buyer, you can worry less about the material, unless it’s specified as something natural like cotton.

Look For Pockets

Trunk cargo nets with pockets are super advantageous. These mainly increase the storage capacity of the product.

You can put things in the pockets to better organize your trunk. You can also keep items partitioned without worrying about the driving movement throwing things together.

Setting a Reasonable Price Range

Don’t plan on paying more than $20 for a reliable, generic trunk storage net. Some may have prices at over $50 but don’t be duped.

Expensive trunk cargo nets are thus so usually because of vehicle specifications. Car manufacturers may charge more for the same product you can get for cheaper elsewhere.

Don’t Plan on Drilling Holes

Some cargo nets may require additional mounting points. You may need to drill a hole manually to accommodate these cargo nets.

It’s really best if you don’t drill holes in your car simply to attach a cargo net. Instead, buy a product that comes with attachment hooks or adhesive tape.

Select Based on Your Needs

Some drivers may require a cargo net for heavy-duty uses. If you need to lug around heavy machinery or luggage, you will have to carefully choose the material.

Heavy-duty use requires a large trunk cargo net made out of really strong material. You will also need adequate extra support.

Most trunk cargo nets are designed for everyday uses, such as keeping groceries from moving around. These nets are not suitable for heavy-duty use.

Therefore, if you have specific requirements in mind, buy a trunk cargo net designed just for that. Know the function of the product before buying.

Mind the Tangles

A storage pouch isn’t necessary to a trunk cargo net. But having one will make it easy to store your cargo net without risking tangles.

Cargo nets are notorious for ending up a tangled mess. Therefore, it’s important to store them properly.

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