Cooper Tires Review: High Quality Pedigree at a Great Price

Cooper Tires Review: High Quality Pedigree at a Great Price

When you’re looking for tires that have a long pedigree and which are known for their high-quality, you need look no further than the Cooper Tires brand. Based in Ohio, America, the Cooper tires company has been around for more than a century after having been established back in 1914 and is still going today after having established a strong reputation for premium quality products and great value for money.

The Cooper brand makes tires for a wide range of vehicles including trucks, SUVs and passenger cars. Not only does this company manufacture specialized tires for use in certain weather conditions like winter, summer and all-season tires, it also makes tires that are designed specifically to suit certain road conditions including off-road, highway and all-terrain tires, as well as tires for use in motorsports activities.

Cooper’s tire options feature an array of cutting-edge design features and technologies that allow its tires to perform at an exceptional level, whether in different types of weather or on specific terrain types. The technologies that this tire brand employs include dry performance, wet performance, low noise output, tread life, and handling.

If you’re ready to learn more about Cooper Tires and whether they could be a good choice for your vehicle, read this review. We will inform you about all the design features and practices integrated by Cooper into its manufacturing processes and show you how this brand has achieved recognition throughout the industry.

The History of Cooper Tires

The first thing you should know about the Cooper tires brand is that it has a long and illustrious history. In fact, its origins date back to 1914 when an organization known as the M and M Manufacturing Company in Akron, Ohio, was established. In 1920, it bought a tire rebuilding company known as The Giant Tire and Rubber Company and, within 2 years, it relocated to Findlay, Ohio. Today, Cooper Tires still occupies this early-established site.

The name “Cooper” dates back to 1920 too. Ira J. Cooper was an auto-parts trader who created the Cooper Corporation to manufacture tires in Findlay. 10 years later, M and M and Cooper had merged, together with another organization known as the Falls Rubber Company. The brand began to grow. In World War II, it manufactured tires along with other equipment to help the war effort for America, and the government eventually recognized the company’s contribution with an Army-Navy Excellent Award.

This helped in the company’s expansion. In 1960, the company was listed on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) as a publicly held corporation and, as a result, new manufacturing plants and products were launched that inevitably led to further growth. The company’s net sales grew to $1 billion over the next three decades.

In 1997, it bought Avon, a UK-based tire company, by which time it had sixty different manufacturing facilities across 13 different countries. In the years following this buyout, it continued forming alliances and buying rubber and tire companies in China, Mexico, and Serbia. Today, Cooper Tires is the world’s 13th biggest tire company. In America, it is second place only to Goodyear and it is the FIA World Rallycross Championship’s only official tire supplier.

Not only does the Cooper brand produce its own tires, but its family of companies also manufacturers and designs tires for Dean, Mastercraft, Roadmaster, Starfire, Mickey Thompson, Dick Cepek, and Avon Tyres.

What Sets Cooper Tires Apart From the Crowd?

Many features of Cooper Tires set this brand apart from its competition. Here, we take a look at some of the many ways in which Cooper Tires’ products come out on top of their rivals.

Emphasizing durability

The Cooper brand focuses strongly on the durability of its products. They know poor tire durability is attributable to manufacturing defects and oversights in the testing and development stages. Cooper tires have worked hard to deliver the best-quality treads for all of the tires that they manufacture so that consumers can be supplied with tires that are long-lasting and sturdy. As a result, those who buy Cooper tires for their vehicles won’t need to purchase replacements regularly.

Tires that have poor durability will also have a shorter tread life. The tire will suffer from bruising and its tread will rapidly wear out. This causes even greater loss of traction. To mitigate this problem, Cooper offers a manufacturer’s warranty on every tire in its range so buyers can enjoy complete peace of mind concerning any concerns over poor tread durability. In the warranty, it states clearly that should the tire become unserviceable but still have tread depth remaining, a partially-paid or completely free replacement may be sought. This is an impressive offer indeed and goes far beyond any guarantee offered by many of Cooper Tires’ rivals.

Not only does Cooper Tires offer an excellent manufacturers’ warranty, but it also offers a 45-day road test guarantee on certain models within its tire range. The tire mileage warranty states that consumers can expect to enjoy between 25,000 and 90,000 miles from their tires depending on which tire model they have selected for their vehicle.

Outstanding safety

Cooper Tires is a brand that emphasizes the importance of both passenger and driver safety. Every design for each Cooper tire model features elements that allow the driver to effectively maintain their vehicle’s handling and grip, even if the surface that they are driving on is affected by snow or water.

Not only that, but design elements have also been incorporated into the Cooper Tires range to ensure that drivers are well-protected from brief loss of control, should reduced handling impact on the driver’s ability to maneuver their vehicle. It is for this reason that Cooper Tires have wider shoulder notches as well as a groove that has been designed specifically to improve grip and reduce hydroplaning for better control on a wet road surface since water will egress from the wheelbase.

As an additional measure to improve grip on the road surface, Cooper has introduced biting edges and studs into its tread pattern designs. These are created to dig into both hard and loose snow, providing sufficient traction to ensure the vehicle can easily power through even difficult terrain.

A brand with scope

Although Cooper Tires is an American company, its products are sold around the globe. Cooper Tires are available in over a dozen countries worldwide and there are several different manufacturing facilities. The main ones are located in Kunshan, Melksham, and Ohio, and provide employment for more than 10, 000 workers.

Although Cooper designs high-quality tires for sedans, it does not overlook the needs of other types of vehicles. Therefore, the brand also caters to trucks, minivans, motorcycles, and SUVs with an extensive product range that incorporates a wide variety of makes and models. Furthermore, Cooper also owns multiple subsidiaries worldwide through which it targets a number of local markets.

Cooper Tires takes a customer-centric approach to its business operations, and with its global availability, it has truly been cemented on a worldwide scale as a global brand that creates premium-quality tires available in several countries. Since the brand also has a long history of making tires for motorsports and passenger vehicles alike, it has risen to prominence as one of the world’s best tire manufacturers.

Cooper Tires’ Design Features

There are a number of design features that allow Cooper Tires’ products to stand out from the crowd. Here, we take a closer look at some of these features.

Fuel efficiency

One of Cooper Tires’ most popular product lines is the GFE-rated (or Greater Fuel Efficiency rated) tire line. These tires have been designed to ensure maximum fuel efficiency from the ground up so its rolling resistance measurement is reduced. This is achieved using the most up-to-date materials and cutting-edge designs.

The compound formula used to create the tread of these tires enables the fuel efficiency of the tire to be optimized, supplying greater forward motion while burning less fuel when compared to traditional tires. GFE tires don’t just provide a lowered rolling resistance, but they also maintain excellent handling and traction on the road surface, making these some of the best tires on the market today.

Better handling

Extensive research has been carried out by the Cooper Tires’ design team to provide the highest possible standard of handling along with the firmest possible grip on the road surface to ensure that their products work perfectly even on challenging terrains.

To this end, Cooper has designed its tires with Adaptive Traction technology. This is known to greatly improve a vehicle’s traction even on rugged terrains and landscapes. Meanwhile, the Secure Grip design pioneered by this manufacturer incorporates a five-rib tread pattern to supply optimal traction on both wet and dry roads so the driver can achieve precise control even when performing a sharp turn at high speed.

Excellent comfort

Cooper tires are known for the excellent comfort they offer on the road whatever the weather conditions or the type of road surface. Technologies such as 3D Micro-Gauge siping, Stabledge, and the latest tread compounds ensure that drivers and their passengers experience the smoothest ride that is both comfortable and quiet.

A long lifespan

The Cooper Tire brand works hard to satisfy its customers, and to do this, it ensures that all of its products are sturdy enough to last for many miles before requiring replacement. In order to do this, Cooper designs its tires with superior tread compounds. As a result, the tires manufactured by the Cooper brand provide excellent utility and impressive value for money. A silica-based, specially designed gel is used in the mix for the tread compound so a premium-quality tire is created that is chip and cut resistant. More importantly, this gel ensures that the minor bruising known to occur over time with tire use has a decreased effect.

The wear square

Cooper has continuously worked hard to offer the most innovative designs and new technology so that consumers can enjoy the best possible driving experience. One unique design feature incorporated into some of Cooper’s tire models is the Wear Square. When the tread of the tire naturally wears over time, part of the tire known as the Wear Square will transform, turning from a visible square patch on the tread to an exclamation mark design to let the driver know that the time has come to replace the tire. As a result, drivers can enjoy a much safer driving experience. They will be protected from the danger of driving with worn tires and so will have a reduced chance of experience spinning out or going flat. Also, not only is this design feature an excellent choice to show the tread wear on a vehicle, but it also indicates any potential alignment issues that could require rectifying.

Ventless technology

Cooper’s ventless tires are designed to provide a crisp and clean appearance.

R-tech construction

The term “R-Tech” is used to stand for “Response Technology”. Cooper positions nylon belts so that they ensure minimal flat-spotting. They also improve tread wear distribution to ensure that it is even. When increased heat is applied, the nylon strips will contract to make the tire more rigid and this improves its traction on the driest surfaces.

Four rib (T-rated) and five rib (H/V rated) tread designs

Cooper’s four-rib tire tread design features several aspects to improve tread wear, traction, and stability. Its wide tread arc improves the tread life and vehicle handling, while its secondary extra-wide grooves reduce hydroplaning on wet road surfaces. The open shoulders allow for improvements in navigating around corners in wet weather while its integrated Acua Channel also reduces the chance of hydroplaning on a wet road.

The five-rib Cooper tire tread design offers all of the advantages of the T-Rated design but also features an additional central rib to improve the driver’s steering response when driving at high speed.

Giving Back to Its Community

One of the features that sets the Cooper Tires brand apart from the crowd is its efforts to give back to its community by actively participating in philanthropic activities and community outreach programs to offer learning and educational opportunities. Although these may be viewed as minor activities, they are still very important and make this brand stand out as a premium contender in the industry.

One of its initiatives in this regard is its Tread Wisely initiative. This is a campaign set up by Cooper Tires to promote safe practices to be adhered to for vehicle and tire safety. The campaign is targeted at young adults and teenagers who are about to buy their own private vehicles. To achieve the aims of this program, Cooper hosts social events and demonstrations on school campuses to inform members of the public and young people.

Recognition Within Its Industry

The Cooper tire brand is eager to be recognized as the best tire manufacturer worldwide, and, indeed, it has managed to gain recognition throughout the industry, even achieving awards for some of its top designs.

These include the Global 2018 Good Design Award. In 2018, the Discoverer AT3 tire family from Cooper was chosen to receive the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design’s Global Good Design award from a total of 900 different entries. This was a prestigious award to recognize the breakthroughs in technology and design that have been incorporated in the form of new concepts and materials to facilitate the experience of the consumer even further.

The Cooper tire brand has been associated over the years with some of the most prestigious motorsports including the A1 Grand Prix when it was its official tire of the 2005-2006 season, and under contract to manufacture treaded rain tires and slick tires for the series championship until the year 2008.

Cooper tires were also the official title sponsor of the British Formula Three Championship from 2009 to 2014, as well as the Champ Car Atlantic Championship’s official tire in 2007. In 2010, Cooper became the IMSA Prototype Lites series’ official tire and the brand has also been the official supplier of the Mazda Road to Indy formula ladder. Not only that, but Cooper remains the FIA World Rallycross Championship’s official supplier.

Top-Selling Cooper Tires

The Cooper range of tires includes  numerous different models, however some of the top-selling include:

    • Cooper Discoverer AT3 Tires – these are tire models suited for SUVs and pick-up trucks. Designed for all-terrain use, they support a safe and smooth ride in many different conditions. With their deeper tread design, they have a stronger grip to withstand the rigors of off-road driving yet still offer a long tread-life that represents great value for money.

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    • Cooper CS5 Grand Touring Tires – if you need an all-in-one tire that’s perfect for offering a smooth ride and excellent efficiency with all-season traction you should opt for the CS5 Grand Touring tire from Cooper. It features a high silica rubber tread for excellent handling in both wet and dry conditions yet it still enjoys a longer tread life ensuring good value for money, especially when taking the low price tag into account. Even better, it incorporates Stabledge technology for better handling and a smoother ride.

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    • Cooper Discoverer SRX Tires – designed especially for SUVs and trucks, the Discoverer SRX tire offers a sportier driving experience without compromising on safety, regardless of the season. This tire model offers better fuel efficiency along with a stronger grip on icy and slippery roads.

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    • Cooper Zeon LTZ Tires – this design was made for SUVs and trucks and is created to handle off-road conditions while also providing a safe and smooth experience when driving on paved surfaces. With the reinforced, durable tire style, this model can support smoother handling with a grippy tread on dirt, pavement, and gravel. As a result, this is a hybrid all-in-one tire that can accommodate all needs.

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    • Cooper Discoverer STT Pro – this extreme mud tire is designed to handle even the harshest terrains easily and with style. Ideal for Jeeps, SUVs, and trucks that drive off-road and that need style and performance at an affordable price, this tire features an ARMOR-Tek3 carcass to deliver optimal protection from damage from rocks and debris that can be encountered off-road. With its 3-2 tread block pattern, it can deliver impressive traction on all kinds of off-road surfaces while still performing brilliantly on-road. It is this model’s versatility that has led to it becoming an incredibly popular tire.

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    • Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 – this is one of Cooper tires’ most durable products and is designed specifically for people who need a high mileage tire for all-year use. This tire comes with the manufacturer’s 45-day test trial for peace of mind for the purchaser. It also features the Wear Square indicator so you can see at a glance the amount of remaining tread life. This tire also uses a trademarked silica compound to significantly enhance road traction even when the surface is extremely wet.

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A List of Cooper Tire Models

The Cooper tire brand produces a range of tire models and products to suit all purposes from regular all-season domestic car driving to motorsports and professional driving use. Here is a comprehensive list of Cooper’s tire models that can be purchased around the globe.

High-performance summer tires:

Cooper Zeon RS3-S

Touring all-season tires:

Cooper CS3 Touring
Cooper CS4 Touring
Cooper CS5 Grand Touring
Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring
Cooper Lifeliner GLS

High-performance all-season tires:

Cooper Zeon RS3-A
Cooper Cobra Radial GT
Cooper Zeon ZPT

Standard all-season tires:

Cooper Zeon RS3-G1
Cooper Trendsetter SE
Cooper Evolution TouR

Light truck/Suv/Crossover tires:

Cooper Adventurer H/T
Cooper Adventurer A/T
Cooper Discoverer A/T3
Cooper Discoverer ATR
Cooper Discoverer ATP
Cooper Discoverer H/T
Cooper Discoverer CTS
Cooper Discoverer HT3
Cooper Discoverer H/T Plus
Cooper Discoverer HTP
Cooper Discoverer Radial STT TEK3
Cooper Discoverer Radial STT
Cooper Discoverer MTP
Cooper Discoverer SRX
Cooper Discoverer S/T
Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx
Cooper Discoverer XT/4
Cooper Discoverer STT Pro
Cooper Zeon LTZ
Cooper Evolution H/T

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