Lexani Tires Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Lexani Tires Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for new tires, you sometimes want something that looks great and feels luxury without breaking the bank. Lexani makes a variety of different tires that are designed to meet that exact goal. While most of the marketing and reputation for Lexani surrounds the fact that these are luxury tires that look great on high end vehicles, their prices are often significantly lower than what you’ll find with other brands.

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, make sure you consider using Lexani tires to help get you where you are going safely. In this guide you will learn more about the Lexani company, the tires they make, and how to choose the right ones for you and your vehicle.

The Lexani Wheel Company

Lexani Wheels is a relatively new company in the tire industry. It got its start in 1996 when founder Frank Hodges began making wheels and grilles aimed primarily at the luxury vehicle market. Interestingly, the company also made wheels for remote controlled cars and diecast models right from the beginning. The company quickly built a great reputation for their custom-made parts that made high end vehicles look absolutely incredible.

Their passion for automotive wheels prompted them to begin making tires in 2006. The company has released surprisingly little information about their initial move into tires, but it has definitely been a success. They focus on providing luxury tires at a reasonable price. While they are designed by the engineers at Lexani, the tires are manufactured in South Korea within the Nexen Tire America Inc facility.

Another notable things about the Lexani company is that they also offer ultra-premium automobile customization. They take existing luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz and Cadillac, and completely retrofit their interior with premium entertainment systems, seats, lighting, and more. They even offer armored customizations to provide passengers with a level of protection that can’t be beat. This segment of their company really highlights their passion for all things automotive. It’s a passion that certainly shines through in their tires as well.

Why People Love Lexani Tires

While certainly not the best-known tire manufacturer out there, Lexani does have a loyal following of customers that is growing all the time. The company works hard to ensure their tires will meet and exceed the expectations of each customer, which has helped them to grow in popularity in recent years. Rather than focusing on just one feature, Lexani makes sure that their tires look great, have advanced features, perform well, and last a long time. All this while maintaining an affordable price tag makes it obvious that anyone looking for a set of new tires should consider this brand.

A Focus on Style

No matter which of the Lexani tires you look at, it is clear that aesthetics was at the front of their mind throughout the design stage. Lexani really markets its tires towards the luxury & performance markets, so making sure they look good has been critical to their success.

You will find several low-profile designs in their performance lineup, which look incredible on high-end vehicles like Mercedes, Porsches, or BMWs. When you move to the passenger category of tires, the options really complement just about any type of car or SUV. Finally, their off-road tires have a bold, rugged look that drivers will absolutely love.

One thing that was really obvious to us when looking at the aesthetics of Lexani tires is that they didn’t just take one standard tire design and adapt it for performance, passenger, and off-roading. Instead, they designed each type of tire from the ground up to make sure its look truly complimented the type of vehicles that it would be used on. The great looks of these tires are made even more attractive if you pair them with wheels that are also designed by the Lexani team.

Unique Technologies

One of the things that we like best about the tires from this company is that they do not just accept the traditional limitations of what tires can be. When they find an obstacle to a design they want to make, their engineers always attempt to invent a solution. The best example of this is when they invented their now patented Extended Flange Technology (EFT). This technology makes it possible to have a large diameter wheel face used with a smaller tire. The end result is a ride that is more comfortable while still having the aesthetic of a large wheel.

Exceptional Handling

All Lexani tires are designed to help keep you securely on the road at all times. They use proven tread patterns along with materials that are known to improve road grip. You will also find that these tires have wide shoulder blocks, which are included to help improve handling while going around tight curves, especially at high speeds. Overall, the tires have good handling, especially their performance models, where it is most important.

Built to Last

These tires are built to last for tens of thousands of miles regardless of what type of driving habits you have. Most of their tire models will come with a 40,000-mile warranty, which is pretty standards across most brands, though certainly not the highest we have seen. The tread design will help to keep the tires operational as long as possible. This is done by having deep, wide treads that help to keep road debris from getting stuck in the tire, which can cause additional wear and tear. They also include a compound in their tires that helps it to resist chips, cuts, and tears during normal driving.

Surprisingly Affordable

When first looking at these tires it was clear that they were a premium option that was designed with luxury vehicles in mind. Based on that, we expected the price to be quite high, but that is not actually the case. The entire line of Lexani tire models is all priced significantly lower than other premium tires on the market. While certainly not in the discount tire category, Lexani tires will be affordable to most drivers today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lexani Tires

When researching this tire brand we ran into a lot of questions about their design, performance, value, and more. Since tires are not only a significant investment based on their cost, but also on the fact that they are one of the most important safety features on a vehicle, it is important to have answers to all your questions before buying.

How Long do Lexani Tires Last?

Most Lexani tires will come with a 40,000 miles warranty. An average person in America will drive approximately 12,000 miles per year, which means these tires should last around 3-4 years. Of course, the type of driving you engage in will also have a significant impact. If you primarily drive on the highway, the tires will last quite a bit longer than 40,000 miles. If you are constantly in stop and go traffic, or you accelerate and brake more aggressively than normal, they will only get up to around the 40,000 mark.

How Do Lexani Tires Perform in The Rain?

All of the Lexani tires are designed to perform well in the rain and other wet conditions. They have deep tread that allows water to quickly be moved out from under the tire and off to the back or sides. This helps to keep as much of the rubber of the tire on the actual road as possible, which will improve handling and braking distances in wet conditions. As with any brand, the specific model of tire you choose from Lexani will have some impact on how well they perform in the rain.

How Do Lexani Tires Perform in The Snow?

As with performance in the rain, the Lexani tires generally perform quite well in the snow and ice, and for much the same reasons. Lexani does, however, have some models of tires that are specifically designed for winter. These tires will perform noticeably better in the snow and ice than either all-season tires or those made specifically for summer driving. If you purchase a winter tire, make sure that you have a second set of summer or all-season tires and that you change them out when the temperature gets warmer. Winter tires perform great in the snow but are not made to withstand the extremely hot temperatures generated by summer driving.

Do People with Lexani Tires File Many Complaints?

Lexani tires are typically rated quite favorably both by experts and by individual consumers. Based on our research, there have been very few complaints about this company in general or their tires specifically.

Are Lexani Tires Available in the United States?

Yes. Lexani tires are sold throughout the United States. They are not one of the most popular brand names, however, so you may not see them in all tire stores, auto dealerships, or mechanic’s garages. Since Lexani tires are classified as premium, they will usually be found in higher-end tire shops. You can also purchase Lexani tires online.

How to Purchase Lexani Tires Online

If you purchase Lexani (or any) tires online, it is important to know how this process will work. When you purchase a tire, you are getting only the rubber tire, not the wheel and rim. Most people do not have the tools and other equipment required to mount the tire onto your existing rims for your vehicle. It is technically possible to mount tires by hand, but without the right equipment it can be time consuming and difficult, which is why you’ll want to have it done by professionals. Despite this, purchasing Lexani tires online is still a great way to get the exact model you want at the lowest price possible. When ordering the tires you want, simply go through the following simple steps:

  • Contact a Local Tire Store – Call a nearby tire store and ask them if they will perform tire mounting. Almost all stores offer this service, and for a very reasonable price.
  • Order Your Lexani Tires – When purchasing your tires, you may be given the option to have them delivered directly to your local tire store. This is a convenient option when it is offered since you will not have to load the tires into your vehicle to bring them in.
  • Have them Mounted – When the tires arrive at your home or the local tire store, schedule a time to have them mounted. The tire stores will have the right equipment to mount the tires and it usually takes just a couple of minutes per tire.
  • Install them on Your Vehicle – If you have the tires mounted on your existing wheels, you will have to have them put back on your vehicle immediately so you can drive away. Your local tire store will typically include this service with the cost of mounting.

While this is not something that most people have done before, it is a surprisingly common process. Your local tire store will have undoubtedly done this hundreds of times already and will be happy to work with you to ensure it all goes smoothly.

The Five Most Popular Lexani Tires

Lexani has a great lineup of tires that can handle just about any type of driving. The following are five of their most popular models to give you an idea of the type of tires Lexani offers.

Lexani LX-Thirty All-Season Tire

This is one of their most popular models and is ideal for everyday driving. It provides excellent handling, very little road noise, and superb comfort. This tire is designed primarily for SUVs and cross overs. The tread will allow you to maintain control on all road conditions including summer heat, winter snow, and heavy rain.

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Lexani LX-Twenty Performance Tire

This performance tire uses a durable twin steel design that provides the extra strength needed for rapid acceleration and hugging the turns. In addition to exceptional performance, this tire also boasts a contemporary design that will look great on most performance vehicles on the market today. This is an all-season tire so you can enjoy it in any weather.

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Lexani LXNine

If you drive a sports car and need to maintain control at high speeds, the LX-Nine performance tire may be perfect for you. It has great traction thanks to the unidirectional tread design, which helps it to hug the road even in rainy conditions. Make sure to note that this is a summer tire, so you will need a separate set of all-season or winter tires if you ever take it out in the snow.

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Lexani LXTR-103 Traction Tire

This is an extremely popular option for the average driver. It is an all-season tire that has an excellent balance between affordability and performance. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, this tire will get you where you are going safely thanks to the great road grip. For the price, you are not likely to find a higher quality or better-looking tire.

Lexani Slayer A/T Off-Road Tire

If you like to go off-roading in your vehicle, this model will get you where you want to go, and back again, without getting stuck. The large size, deep tread, and unmatched grip will hold on to anything you are driving on. While you will certainly love it in the sand, snow, and mud, it does perform quite well on the highway, making it a tire that can truly take you anywhere.

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A List of Lexani Tire Models

Lexani is known for making high-quality tires that not only perform well, but also look beautiful. They have many different models of tires based on your driving needs. Here is a full list of all Lexani tires on the market today:

Lexani Performance Tires


Lexani Off-Road Tires

Mud Beast MT

Trailer Tires


Lexani Passenger Tires


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