Best ATV Ramps to Help Load It On the Trailer

Best ATV Ramps to Help Load It On the Trailer

You can only ride an ATV in circles around your front yard so many times before either boredom or your neighbors do you in. To avoid that fate, it’s advisable to have the means to load your ATV, quad, or side-by-side into your truck or trailer so you can take it out to a fun spot to ride.

The easiest way to load your all-terrain vehicle into a truck is with a ramp. If you’re in the market for off-road adventures and need a ramp, then this guide is for you.

A Quick Guide to Ramps

There are many great ramps on the market right now, which is fantastic for you as a consumer. It’s easy to get something that will work great and last a long time. The hard part is narrowing down the options and picking the one that best fits your lifestyle.

We’ll go through the basics before throwing our top 10 list at you. At the bottom, we’ll get more technical and answer some questions to make sure you get the most out of your purchase.

Ramp Styles

We’ll discuss the little things in more detail here, but there are many different ramp styles. Generally, there are two main categories.

Dual-Vehicle vs. Single-Vehicle

For ATVs and other utilities, you need more width than a traditional motorcycle ramp will offer. You can get that width by using two separate ramps—one ramp for the left wheels, one for the right wheels.

If you don’t want to use two ramps, then you need a wide ramp. Most quads are about 4ft wide, so you need a ramp that is at least 4ft wide for safe loading.

Folding vs. Solid

Folding ramps take up less space when stored but are a little weaker than solid ramps.

Standard folding ramps usually fold along their length, so a ramp that is 2ft by 10ft folds up and becomes 2ft by 5ft.

Bi-fold and tri-fold ramps usually fold along their width, so a 6ft by 8ft ramp folds up to be 3ft by 8ft.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an ATV Ramp

There are three major factors when considering which ramp works best for you. For a more complete guide to choosing, check out our section on it below.

Weight Rating

Some ramps, like this Black Widow ramp, can easily support large side-by-sides. Other ramps are only suitable for child-sized ATVs. Make sure that you have a good idea of what you intend to use the ramp for.


The length of the ramp you need will depend mostly on how high off the ground your vehicle is. A low, flat trailer can use very short ramps where a lifted truck probably needs a full 10ft or more to comfortably load a vehicle into.


A standard quad is about 4ft wide, but other ATVs can be smaller or wider. A ramp that is 6ft wide will be more comfortable to ride up than two skinny ramps, but it will take up a lot more space when you store it.

Warning: Strap or Chain Your Ramp

Typically we’d save warnings like this for the big guide, but it’s too important to be left to the end. Strap or chain your ramps before using them. If you are wondering why, watch this educational video about what happens if you don’t.

Some trailer ramps have built-in hooks, like this ramp made by TOOCA built for trailers, so you don’t have to strap them. Most don’t. Straps don’t cost much, many ramps come with them, and it only takes a few moments to secure them.

With the warning out of the way, let’s get into the product reviews.

ProductStyleWeight RatingLength by WidthRating
Yutrax 70-InchTri-fold1,750lb5ft 10in by 4ft 2in5
Smartxchoices Folding Truck RampsDual folding1,500lbs7ft 5in by 1ft (x2)4.5
Black Widow Punch Plate Tri-FoldTri-fold1,500lbs7ft 9in by 4ft 6in4.5
Titan 10’ Folding RampDual folding1,200lbs10ft by 11.25in (x2)4
Cargosmart Aluminum Tri-FoldTri-fold1,500lbs6ft 4in by 4ft 2in4
Black Widow Wide Ride ArchedTri-fold3,000lbs5ft 5in by 5ft 2in4
Cargosmart S LEDDual Folding “S” shaped1500lbs7ft6in by 1ft (x2)4
TOOCA Aluminum RampsDual Solid5,000lbs6ft by 1ft (x2)4
Rage Powersports STDual Solid1,600lb4ft by 11in (x2)4
Ironton Non-FoldingDual Solid1000lbs6ft by 9in (x2)3.5

Top 10 Best ATV Ramps 2024

1. Best Overall Ramp: Yutrax 70-Inch

Yutrax 70-Inch

Why we like it: The Yutrax ramp is lightweight and inexpensive but still has a high load rating.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Style: Tri-fold
  • Weight Rating: 1,750lb
  • Length by Width: 5ft 10in by 4ft 2in

Best Suited For

You have a truck, an ATV, and a need to load the ATV into the truck. One of the reasons we choose this ramp as our number one pick is because of how no-nonsense it is. It’s lightweight, it’s a ramp, and it will get your ATV into your truck.

If you have a lifted truck, you’ll probably want the longer but more expensive Titan ramps. For everyone else, the high load rating and straightforward design make this ramp perfect.

Standout Features

The biggest thing that makes the Yutrax ramp nice, other than the low price for a trifold, is the weight. This ramp can support a large side-by-side, but it weighs less than even most of the single-wide ramps on our list. It’s only 27 pounds, which is honestly incredible.

That lightweight and compact design means that anyone can easily unfold and position this ramp. It’s easy to transport, and it’s easy to store. Everything about this ramp is easy, which is very nice.


We wish it was longer, and we wish the treads were more like the Cargosmart tri-fold ramp. That really is asking too much, though, since it makes up for those shortcomings by being 2/3s the price and weighing half as much.

It’s hard to overstate just how easy it is to unfold this ramp and position it. All you have to do is strap it, and it’ll support any ATV. Just make sure you don’t step through between the rungs.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Very easy to position
  • Can support a high weight for its size
  • Inexpensive


  • The space between the rungs can trap feet
  • It’s a little short

2. Best Budget Ramp: Smartxchoices Folding Truck Ramps

Smartxchoices Folding Truck Ramps

Why we like it: These ramps are inexpensive and well built, getting the job done without fuss.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Style: Dual folding
  • Weight Rating: 1,500lbs
  • Length by Width: 7ft 5in by 1ft (x2)

Best Suited For

These general-purpose ramps don’t really have any specific use, but they work. They aren’t long like the Titan ramps, so they aren’t good for loading into lifted trucks, and they can’t support enough weight to load a tractor.

They will absolutely get a quad into your truck, though. If you are on a budget but need to load your ATV, they are absolutely perfect.

Standout Features

There isn’t much that makes them stand out on their own. These ramps are well built but not heavy-duty. They don’t have a revolutionary design, and they have a fairly standard expanded metal tread.

None of that matters because the most compelling reason to grab this set of ramps is the price.


It’s easy to dismiss cheap equipment as being low quality… and to be honest, these ramps are not really very high-quality. They don’t have to be, though. It’s a length of aluminum that lets you ride an ATV into the back of your truck. They are light enough to be very easy to work with, and they strike a good compromise between length and portability.

You probably shouldn’t tempt fate, though. Make sure they are strapped, don’t overload them, and look out for leftover burrs and sharp edges. You don’t want to scratch your truck or your fingers. They’re still an amazing value, quality issues aside.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to drive on and off


  • They won’t last a lifetime
  • There are some quality issues

3. Best Premium Ramp: Black Widow Punch Plate Tri-Fold

Black Widow Punch Plate Tri-Fold

Why we like it: This ramp is sturdy, good for a wide variety of applications, and is long enough to get you up into any truck bed.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Style: Tri-fold
  • Weight Rating: 1,500lbs
  • Length by Width: 7ft 9in by 4ft 6in

Best Suited For

The width, solid surface, and full-length edge lip make this ramp perfect for anyone that doesn’t want to expend any energy messing with the ramp. You don’t have to watch your footing or worry about small tires. You can’t miss the ramp or get one tire off. There isn’t much chance of it slipping or misbehaving.

It’s also longer than other tri-fold ramps like the CargoSmart ramp, so it’s easier to get into the back of a truck or trailer. The downside is that the solid top and extra length make it heavy. Stick to the Yutrax if you want to keep things light.

Standout Features

We mentioned it above, but the thing that makes this ramp stand out is the solid surface. One of the issues with ladder rung style ramps like the Yutrax is that smaller wheels can get caught between rungs and make for a bad time. Worse, feet can fit between the rungs.

With the Black Widow Punch Plate ramp, you won’t risk stepping through the ramp or getting a small wheel stuck. You can pull a lawnmower up into the back of your truck or push a go-kart up it with low ground clearance, no problem.


The Black Widow Punch Plate is heavy and expensive. That’s the downside to all those great features; they cost money.

That being said, this ramp is easily the most versatile ramp on our list. The solid top and the width make it easy for anything. ATVs, golf-carts, push mowers, and anything else on wheels that you’d want to roll into a truck bed.

Basically, if you are willing to spend the extra money and put up with the higher weight, then it’s a perfect do everything ramp for you.


  • Solid top makes it easy to load anything on wheels
  • Extra-wide
  • Very secure mounting


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

4. Best Long Ramp: Titan 10’ Folding Ramp

Titan 10’ Folding Ramp

Why we like it: People with lifted trucks rejoice, because the 10ft length of the Titan ramps makes it easy to load an ATV even if it needs to be 4ft off the ground.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Style: Dual folding
  • Weight Rating: 1,200lbs
  • Length by Width: 10ft by 11.25in (x2)

Best Suited For

The length makes it perfect for anyone with a tailgate that sits high off the ground. It’s not just for people with a lift; it’s for anyone that just wants to make loading a lot easier. The longer the ramp, the shallower the angle. The shallower the angle, the less work it takes to go up the ramp. That’s physics 101. If you do a lot of pushing things up ramps, this can save your legs.

The only thing that will let you down is the weight rating. You aren’t going to be loading your Can-Am Maverick or similar 2-seaters. If you have a side-by-side like that, you’re better off getting the Yutrax ramp and parking on an incline.

Standout Features

Aside from the length, which is really the reason you’d buy these ramps, they have a shape that really makes it to load and unload vehicles. The upper section is arched so that it’s a lot more gentle to roll over.

It’s also got a nice attach point to the back of the truck. Unlike the metal “fingers” that most ramps have, the Titan ramps have a solid chunk of aluminum to grip the edge of your truck and hold the ramp in place.


Lifted trucks and ATVs tend to go together, which is why long ramps like these Titan ramps can be found frequently out in the trails. They are well built, easy to drive on and off, and will get you up into a bed even if it’s high off the ground.

The hard part is dealing with the drawbacks that the extra length brings with it. They cost more and are a lot more unwieldy. They are heavier, take up a lot of space, and need to be set up with a higher level of precision.

It’s about safety, though, and going up a short, steep ramp is a surefire way to end up with an ATV on your stomach. Dealing with the drawbacks of the length is easier than dealing with the frustrations of a ramp that is too short.


  • Length is good for lifted vehicles
  • The shape makes it easier to load and unload vehicles
  • They are very safe


  • Long ramps are hard to work with
  • Expensive

5. Best Ramp for Small Vehicles: Cargosmart Aluminum Tri-Fold

Cargosmart Aluminum Tri-Fold

Why we like it: This sturdy ramp is short and narrow, making it great for smaller trucks, and has small treads, making it great for smaller wheels.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Style: Tri-fold
  • Weight Rating: 1,500lbs
  • Length by Width: 6ft 4in by 4ft 2in

Best Suited For

It’s got a short length, a narrow width, and it folds flat. If you’ve got an old Toyota Tacoma with a small bed or a little Harbor Freight trailer and are pressed for space, this ramp absolutely fits the bill. It’s got enough of a weight rating to load even big quads, and it’s light enough to just it pick up and throw it in the back next to the ATV.

Standout Features

There isn’t a lot that stands about the Cargosmart Tri-Fold. What it does have that ramps like the Yutrax doesn’t is nice wide rungs. Where the small wheels on a go-kart might have a lot of difficulty with narrow, far spaced rungs, they won’t have any issue with the no-slip rungs on the Cargosmart.


It’s hard not to compare the Cargosmart Tri-Fold to the Yutrax Tri-Fold. They cost about the same amount of money and weigh about the same when folded. The biggest difference is that the Yutrax has a lot of space between rungs, and the Cargosmart doesn’t.

Also, the Cargosmart can really only realistically support 1000lbs. They call it a 1500lb ramp, but it’s 500lbs per section. Anything with wheels will only sit on two sections at a time. That comes from the fact that the build quality just isn’t as high as other ramps. It’ll still work fine for most quads; you just won’t want to push your prized Harley Davidson up it.

Basically, if you have small wheels or a narrow bed, the Cargosmart is the better buy. It comes with straps and is well built; there’s not a lot to complain about.


  • Great for narrow beds/trailers
  • Has wide treads that are good for smaller wheels
  • Easy to transport


  • Weight rating is lower than other tri-fold ramps
  • Build quality could be better

6. Best Heavy Duty Ramp: Black Widow Wide Ride Arched

Black Widow Wide Ride Arched

Why we like it: It’s extra wide and supports 3,000lbs. That makes loading even large 4-seaters easy.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Style: Tri-fold
  • Weight Rating: 3,000lbs
  • Length by Width: 5ft 5in by 5ft 2in

Best Suited For

It’s only a little over 5ft long, so while it’s not good for a tall truck it is the perfect length for lower beds or trailers. Where it really excels is in the weight rating. That 3000lbs is good for just about everything you could ever want to load onto a flatbed and take on a road trip.

Most trail warriors and crawlers don’t need the weight capacity, but there is one group of people that could really take advantage of these ramps: hunters. A 4 seater Ranger weighs a ton by itself. Throw a driver and a 300lb mule in the bed, and you have enough weight to snap our favorite ramp in two. This Black Widow will take it like a champ, though.

Standout Features

This ramp features a design element that is unlike anything else. It looks like two separate wide ramps from a distance, but when you get up close, you’ll notice the two ramps are connected by a square frame of aluminum. What that allows is for the ramp to be robust without being really heavy.

In fact, it weighs less than the Cargosmart tri-fold on our list despite being able to hold twice the weight.


Like most ramps, whether or not this is the perfect ramp for you is highly situational. If you have a lifted truck, then this ramp is not for you. If you don’t have a heavy ATV, then you will be spending a lot of money when a much cheaper Cargosmart tri-fold would be fine.

If you do have a trailer or a low bed, and you have something heavy like a John Deere Gator that you take camping, there’s pretty much nothing else that will suit your needs. Plus, like the other Black Widow ramps on our list, the build quality is fantastic.


  • Can hold a ton of weight
  • Very lightweight for being heavy duty
  • Great build quality


  • Expensive
  • Too short for many trucks

7. Best Fancy Ramp: Cargosmart S LED

Cargosmart S LED

Why we like it: It has a lot of really neat features, including the ability to light up at night for easy loading in the dark.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Style: Dual Folding “S” shaped
  • Weight Rating: 1500lbs
  • Length by Width: 7ft6in by 1ft (x2)

Best Suited For

These ramps are perfect for anyone with a truck who likes to have fancy stuff. We aren’t saying you have to be the type of person who enjoys showing off, but if you are, then these are perfect.

They are also the perfect size and shape for anyone with a modern, larger truck. Trucks like the F250 or Dodge 3500 have high tailgates, and the extra length and shape of the ramps makes them better suited for those higher cargo boxes.

You will need more space to store them, though, since the shape means they don’t stack flat even though they fold in half.

Standout Features

It’s got so many crazy features; it’s hard to know where to start. First, and most notably, it’s lined with LEDs, so it lights up at night. If you’ve ever tried to load a truck in the dark, you know how nice that can be.

It’s also got a unique shape that makes it easier to ride up and down. It has got a rubberized surface that is way more grippy and safer than slick aluminum rungs on top of that unique shape.


These Cargosmart ramps sit on the border between awesome gadget land and useless gimmick land. Is having a personal runway guiding you into a truck bed a necessary feature? No: most ATVs have adequate lights, and most trucks have bed lights on top of that. Is it really cool anyway? We think so.

The big shame is that they cost so much. Those features come with a big price tag that’s made even worse since you have to buy them individually. They are also heavy; each one weighs as much as the Yutrax Tri-Fold.

Honestly, if the features of these Cargosmart ramps don’t excite you, just get the Smartxchoices ramps instead. They have the same capacity, have a similar easy-load shape, and the pair of them cost less than one of the Cargosmarts.


  • The shape makes it easy to load and unload vehicles
  • Unique non-slip surface
  • It lights up in the dark


  • Expensive
  • The features can feel gimmicky

8. Best Ramp for Large Vehicles: TOOCA Aluminum Ramps

TOOCA Aluminum Ramps

Why we like it: These are inexpensive, well built, and are arched to make it easier to transition on and off the ramps.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Style: Dual Solid
  • Weight Rating: 5,000lbs
  • Length by Width: 6ft by 1ft (x2)

Best Suited For

First things first, if you don’t have a trailer with a ramp rail, then these probably aren’t for you. You’d either have to DIY a rail for your truck or retrofit them with edge supports.

If you do, though, there’s no reason not to have a set of nice aluminum ramps like this. Not only can you use them to load your quad, but if you ever need to load a car or tractor, their 5000lb weight rating is perfect for that too.

Standout Features

They are lightweight and easy to manage. Most trailers that can haul a car or heavy equipment already have a set of ramps. Those ramps are almost always a little too short, made of steel, and are great at breaking ankles. Picture the Rage Powersports STs we recommend, but take away the expanded metal that keeps your foot from slipping through.

These upgraded ramps are just over 30lbs each. That’s nearly half the weight of a lot of standard car ramps. They are also longer, so it’s easier to load, and the treads are wide and easy to roll up.


We gave the title “heavy-duty” to the Black Widow ramp here. That’s because in the context of ATVs and quads, it is really heavy-duty. These ramps can support twice the weight, so by the numbers, they are even more heavy-duty.

The thing is, that in the context of vehicle ramps, these are actually lightweight. While a downside for vehicle ramps, it’s what makes them a great upgrade for the average trailer. They are easy to move around and adjust; precisely what you need if you value your lower back.

Just be aware that they need a rail to mount too. A mounting rail is really nice because it eliminates the need to strap the ramps to be safe. However, your trailer may not have one, and your average truck definitely doesn’t have one. They are too heavy for a truck anyway. Even though they are lightweight for what they are, they weigh more individually than both  Smartxchoices ramps combined.


  • Can handle a lot of weight
  • Easily hooks to a trailer
  • They are easy to manage


  • You need a mounting rail to use them
  • They are still heavier than most ramps

9. Best Short Ramp: Rage Powersports ST

Rage Powersports ST

Why we like it: These are small ramps that are perfect for trailers or low decks.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Style: Dual Solid
  • Weight Rating: 1,600lb
  • Length by Width: 4ft by 11in (x2)

Best Suited For

Do you have a trailer or cargo van? Then these are perfect. They are short, stout, and easy to carry around.

They are also sturdy enough to support even big quads or small tractors. Perfect for loading the side-by-side one weekend to go hunting, then loading the riding mower to take to your mom’s house the next.

Standout Features

There are two nice things built into the Rage Powersports ramps. The first is a carrying handle, which makes them really easy to work with. The second is that they are covered in expanded metal. That makes it super easy to get things up the ramp, even if they have little wheels that would fall between the rungs of a traditional ramp.


Not everyone needs to get up into a monster truck, so it’s nice to have options like this. They are nearly indestructible, fit just about anywhere, and are really inexpensive.

One of the nice things about simple ramps like these or the Ironton ramps is that they are general purpose. Unlike a big folding ramp like the Yutrax, it’s easy to justify using the Rage Powersports ramps for just about anything. Wheelbarrows? Sure. GoKart stands? No problem.

The hard part is that you won’t be able to get into a standard truck bed. They are also heavy. They are the only non-aluminum ramps on our list, and that means that even though they are short, they weigh more than most others. Beware if you have a bad back.


  • Short and sturdy
  • Ok for heavier vehicles
  • Inexpensive


  • Too short for standard trucks
  • Heavy

10. Most Durable Ramp: Ironton Non-Folding

Ironton Non-Folding

Why we like it: They aren’t fancy or compact, but they are indestructible, making them dependable.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Style: Dual Solid
  • Weight Rating: 1000lbs
  • Length by Width: 6ft by 9in (x2)

Best Suited For

The Ironton ramps are perfect for anyone with an average quad or motorcycle and an average truck. They don’t have the length for a lifted truck, and they don’t support enough weight to safely load a side-by-side, but they will slide into the back of a standard truck bed without much issue.

Where they really find a home is with people who need ramps that can survive constant abuse. Landscapers with little tractors, farmers with utility quads, and anyone else that might snap the hinge off of a folding ramp just because of how often they need to use them.

Standout Features

Really the only standout feature is that it’s one of the few long ramps on the market that doesn’t fold. Most manufacturers seem to have gone all-in on making ramps compact and easy to carry, so these solid ramps are getting kind of rare.


There’s really not much to say about the Ironton ramps. The style has been the standard for a long time. It’s only very recently in the history of loading powersports that folding ramps like the Smartxchoices varietal have become the dominant design.

They are a little hard to work with compared to modern ramps, and they cost more for some reason, but the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind.


  • Hard to destroy
  • Simple to use
  • Short enough to fit in the back of a standard bed


  • A little expensive for just being a chunk of aluminum
  • Harder to use than modern ramps

The Big Ramp Guide

As we mentioned above, we want to give you as much info as possible to make the best decision for your adventuring needs. In this section, we’ll get into some of the finer features.

How to Choose the Right Ramp

There’s a lot of variation in ramps despite them being such a simple object. That’s why it’s important to narrow down the one that’s perfect for your situation. In order to do that, you need to know the following things.

What Vehicle Are You Loading?

This is probably the most important question because it determines the main stat you need to look for: the weight rating. A small quad only weighs a couple hundred pounds, a heavy 4×4 quad can weigh upwards of 700lbs, and some side-by-sides can reach the 2000lb mark. Part of the reason we recommend the Yutrax ramp so highly is because of that high weight rating.

If you are looking for something that is closer to a utility ramp for larger vehicles or tractors, it’s easy to reach the 2 or 3-ton mark. At that point, only hardcore ramps like these will fit the bill.

How Are You Transporting Your ATV?

Are you going to be loading the ATV into a trailer, or are you going to be loading it into the back of a truck? Or do you have a utility van? It’s important not to forget the height. Pushing a quad up into the back of a lifted truck takes a longer ramp than a low trailer does.

Lots of accidents occur when people try to ride up a ramp that is too steep. In general, a short ramp is fine for low trailers or vans. A 5-6ft ramp is fine for smaller trucks, and 7ft is ok for most trucks. A 8ft ramp is ok for a short lift or taller truck, and if you have a 4in lift or higher, you will want to stick to a 10ft ramp like the Titan set we recommend.

How Will You Store the Ramp?

This question is easy, and it determines what style of ramp you should focus on. A standard 6ft ramp like the Yutrax ramp will easily fit under a quad in the back of a truck.

If you don’t have room for that or have a short bed, you should be focusing on folding ramps like the Smartxchoices pair.

It’s not only about how you are going to transport the ramps with your vehicle. You also have to consider how you want to store the ramps at your home base. People with small garages or low on space should probably avoid long, single-piece ramps like the Ironton pair.
quads riding in the desert

Other Ramp Considerations

In addition to the general shape, there are some other considerations. Most of them are not as important as the width or load rating, but they might give one a slight edge over another.


The surface of the ramp can make a big difference in how easy the ramp is to use. One of the downsides to the Yutrax ramp is that the ramp surface is just round rungs spaced fairly far apart. Wheels, parts, and ankles can get trapped between the rungs.

On the opposite end is the Black Widow tri-fold ramp we recommend that is nearly solid on the top. The drawback to that one is weight; that solid surface weighs a lot.


There are three main styles that a ramp will use to clip to the tailgate or trailer side.

Ramps like the Smartxchoices and Yutrax ramps use metal fingers to grip the edge.

More expensive and heavier duty ramps like the Black Widow solid ramp use a full-width metal lip that is stronger than the aluminum fingers.

The strongest way to attach a ramp is using ramp rails, like the kind found on the TOOCA ramps. Those don’t need to be strapped, but they need special attach points built into wherever they are being attached.


Most ramps are simple planes—it’s a straight line from the ground to the tailgate. Like the Smartxchoices pair, some ramps have a slight arch to them, which makes the transition from going up to going level smoother.

Some ramps, namely the Cargosmart S type ramps, have even more complicated curves to make it even easier to drive up and down.


What’s the Best Way to Load an ATV?

The short answer is to buy an appropriately-sized ramp and get comfortable riding with low gears at low speeds on high inclines. If you’d like a  longer answer, head over to this webpage.

How Can You Tell How Much an ATV Weighs?

The easiest way to tell is to simply search the make and model on Google and look for the dry weight. Add about 200lbs to be safe, then add your own weight. That way, you will be safe riding your ATV up the ramp when it’s full of gas and oil.

How Long Should the Ramps Be?

You want 3ft of ramp per 1ft of rise. The average tailgate is between 2ft and 3ft off the ground, but many trailers can be as low as 1ft. No matter what, if you are worried, go longer. The longer the ramp, the less work it takes to go up, which makes it safer.

If you want to know why longer ramps take less work, you’ll have to dive into some inclined plane physics.

Stay Safe and Have Fun

Ramps are for your safety. They make it easy to load a very heavy vehicle without having to be an Olympic weightlifter. They also make it much easier to unload a vehicle unless you really love bottoming out the suspension and compressing your spine. Grab a good ramp and get out to the trails—but before you go, make sure you’ve got high-quality tires and a reliable ATV battery, too, or else getting your ATV to and from your destination might be the least of your worries.

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