The 10 Best ATV Tires to Buy 2020


One feature in every ATV that needs a constant upgrade is the tires. That’s a fact. The grip just slips away with time and what may have been good for you a few months ago may just not do it for you today. No one wants to end up doing a tails spin and seriously injure themselves just because they were too lazy to get the best tires.

ATV tires are quite popular since they are constantly being upgraded to meet the requirements of the rider. But what options are there?

Well, as every ATV owner knows, the complexity in the search of the best TV tires lies in the features. Your search will be guided by your individual lifestyle and the type of terrain that you will be blasting across. More on that as we go on.

For now, let us look into the key features to look for in ATV Tires

Features to Consider in Good ATV Tires


The tread patterns create a sense of touch or traction. Whether you are riding for fun or going to work, you want your ATV tires to provide the best traction. That is, how it simultaneously responds to load and power as well as negotiating the terrain to keep you right on the course. With proper traction, you can easily negotiate through different terrains without fear of sliding and doing a 360 with your car.


The radials in any ATV tire have their plies set perpendicularly to the midsection of the tread or in some cases, it is constructed in line with the cruise. The plies stream bead to bead all the way down to the sidewalls and over the tire’s face thereby forming a wrapping pattern. Some special designs have included a steel belt finish to improve on stability and limit wear and tear.

Tread style

The tread styles vary depending on the terrain to be covered. A good tread strikes a perfect balance between tire durability and increased performance when negotiating hard corners. If you were to venture into challenging terrain like mud, you would need a tread design that basically digs deep into the surface and grabs hold in order to move your ATV.

Tire size

The tire size will determine how effectively the ATV will work in terms of horsepower, handling, torque, gearing, and body. You don’t want a small diameter which will overwork the transmission and over rev the engine.

Bias Design

When it comes to bias, we focus more on the tire’s ply which is an indication of its strength and durability. The more plies there are, the more durable the tire is. ATV tires made of a Bias-ply construction are more resilient than radial ones. This is because the Bias–ply construction has great puncture resistance and tough sidewalls.

In addition, due to the strong construction, they offer better traction. Bias construction, however, tends to offer a rougher ride as compared to radials due to its stiff construction that makes the tires heat up faster.

Top 10 ATV Tires 2020

1. Best Overall- ITP Mud Lite AT Terrain ATV Tire

Why we like it: This ATV tire is specially crafted for high-performance sports. It is quite durable with the extended-wear rubber that gives it an extended life above all other tires.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features
By far, this is the best ATV tire in 2018 and a brief look into its unparalleled features will tell you just why it’s topping the charts. This 14.81 pounds ITP Mud Lite is a superior all-weather tire that is specially constructed to handle the trail.

This ITP Mud Lite features a ¾ inch lug with dimensions of 26* 26 *12 inches. It’s a revolutionary 6-ply all conditions tire for the trail. The rim diameter is a staggering 12 inches with a tire depth of 0.75 inches just perfect for the best radial-like ride.

This tire model is suitable for all-terrain vehicles and off-road motorcycles. If you are a mild backwoods or sand rider, the ITP Mud Lite is undeniably the best ATV tire for you. It has the ability to pull you out of a mud pit and at the same time keep you in the lead during your desert race.

Despite the thick tread style, the ITP Mud Lite tires can glide over muddy terrains quietly since they are the lightest of the ATV tires. It provides every rider with an exceptional radial like a cruise with its unique center tread contact on surfaces. It has a 6-ply rating with angled shoulder lags to offer smooth traction in the mud. Negotiating corners has never been easier with the ITP Mud Tire’s smooth stability and responsiveness.

The ITP Mud Tires are undeniably the best in the business and can take up the toughest of any rider’s challenges. You would think that it would have a jaw-dropping price tag on it but that’s not the case. This baby offers all the great qualities you need for the latest model of a high-performance vehicle at a very economical price.

  • It is very durable for a lasting value
  • Great traction through muddy trails
  • It includes computerized engineering for high performance
  • It is the lightest of the ATV tires but also very tough
  • Maintains its high performance in different nature trails
  • None have been recorded so far

2. Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire

Why we like it: This ATV tire gives the rider maximum traction from its angled knobs that can dig into the thickest terrain.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
The Kenda Bearclaw comes in at a close second weighing 17.4 pounds with dimensions of 25 * 25 * 8 inches and a section width of 25 inches. The unique feature with this ATV tire is the built-in-rim that protects the wheel from those annoying dents or digs. Its tread depth is 18 millimeters with an aspect ratio of 8. The central lugs are responsible for stability and provide extra traction.

The Kenda Bearclaw can successfully navigate through the thickest of all terrains and maintain its commendable traction. You can easily find your way out of a mud pit, snow or other soft pack terrains.

These tires will also give you a better handle of your ATV as they guarantee safety and stability throughout your ride. This is made possible by its perfectly angled knobs that can dig into any terrain to give the ATV optimum traction. In addition, the tire is protected from dents meaning that you can ride through a rocky area without fear of getting a puncture.

This tire has gotten a positive review from most customers since it ensures safety and great performance. Though it may seem quite detailed in its features, it is easy to install once you get your hands on the manual. You are bound to be amazed by how reliable it is especially for mountain or camping rides.

  • Of all ATV tires, it has the best traction capacity
  • More durable than other models
  • Easy to control and guarantees safe ATV stability
  • Bold, eccentric design
  • The packaging may easily deform the product

3. Carlisle All Trail ATV tire

Why we like it: It’s very economical and the best tire for driving around construction sites and conducting security patrols.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
The Carlisle All Trail tire features an extended wear tread that effectively delivers when it comes to both durability and reliability. Its dimensions stand at 25 * 25 * 8 inches with a section width if 25 inches. This product is classified with a speed rating of B and an aspect ratio of 8. The rim diameter is 12 inches, enough to provide a good handling and the tread depth is 0.56 inches for optimum traction.

The Carlisle All Trail Tire should be reserved for those strenuous but superior rides. It works well in both hard and smooth terrains and that is why it is preferred for security patrols and blazing through construction sites. It also provides great traction and stability through rough surfaces.

The Carlisle All Trail tire is extremely versatile seeing that it comes in different sizes. What’s more is that it is ideal for utility vehicles, fun carts, and other similar car types. It is therefore reliable for everyday use due to its durability and versatility.

  • Ideal for the desert, mountainous and dirt trails
  • Is a perfect fit on ATVs
  • Can go through grassy terrain without wasting turf
  • Perfect traction stability
  • Comes in different sizes
  • The tire is not full proof to rock hits

4. Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire

Why we like it: It’s the perfect tire to complete home and garden jobs.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
This tire has smaller dimensions standing at 22.5 * 22.5 * 10 inches with a section width of 22.5 inches. A single tire weighs 20.5 pounds with a tread depth of 0.68 inches and rim diameter of 8 inches. The Carlisle HD Field Trax is also classified with a grade C speed rating.

It is ideal for muddy terrain since the tire doesn’t accumulate mud on the treads. That is also why the tire has a longer lifespan. The treads are not worn out by accumulating foreign objects on the terrain. These tires can function well in sand, snow, muddy, rugged or rocky terrain and exert enough power to pull you out of any quagmire. Its extra traction can be credited to the tire’s multidirectional tread pattern.

When it comes to performance, many people compare the Carlisle Field Trax tries to a four-wheel drive utility vehicle. You will notice perquisites of having this tire when you don’t have to clean up the mud on the treads after going through mud pits. The all-rounded tires are suitable for a host of tasks and can be used in lawn mowers, garden tractors, and racing scooters.

  • Durable construction
  • High performance in muddy, snowy, sandy and rugged rocky terrain
  • Provides optimum control and failsafe cornering
  • Provides ideal traction for safe stability
  • Different custom designs for different terrain
  • Only sold as single units

5. Kenda Pathfinder K530 ATV Tire

Why we like it: It has a uniquely versatile design ideal for outdoor adventures

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
This baby weighs 15.2 pounds with an extensive dimension of 24 * 24 * 9 inches. Its section width is 24 inches with an aspect ratio of 9 and a rim diameter of 11 inches. What’s more on this product is that it is designed with a puncture resistant casing that adds on to its durability.

The tire’s high performance is boosted by the functional design of the front and rear tread that provides excellent traction and stability throughout a ride. The Pathfinder also has widely spaced lugs that direct soil away from your tire and effectively reduce traction at the same time. You can depend on this tire to regularly carry out routine jobs without fear of wearing them out, all thanks to the puncture resistant casing.

Of all Kenda ATV tires, this is by far of the highest quality and can be reliable to service you for a long time and guarantee a smooth ride. The Pathfinder is a good buy as it also allows the ATV owner to successfully handle various off-road conditions.

  • Puncture resistant casing
  • Superb traction
  • Durability and reliability
  • Comes in versatile designs for different off-road situations
  • Tread design provides an easy and smooth ride
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Thinner than other ATV Tires

6. Kenda K284 K284 ATV Tire

Why we like it: Its unparalleled quality and affordable price tag

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
This unique product from Kenda weighs 16 pounds and has the dimensions of 23.5 * 23.5 * 8 inches. Its rim diameter stands at 11 inches just like other ATV tires and the section width is 23.5 inches with an aspect ratio of 8. In addition, it is also designed with special features like a puncture resistant casing.

Each knob is faultlessly reinforced for utmost traction and cornering. For that reason, every rider will experience a stable and smooth center contact for off-road adventure areas. The unique tread pattern on the front and rear tires provide an extra traction on slippery surfaces. The tire is versatile and can effectively maneuver through the toughest of terrain including sand, light mud, trail riding and hard pack terrains.

If you are looking to go for a wickedly wild spin, then this is the best tire for you. You can smoothly navigate through challenging terrain and still count on it to maintain an undeniably reliable grip. It is also a great buy for its price.

  • Offers excellent grip
  • Can fit perfectly on 3 or 4 wheels
  • Versatile for navigating various types of terrain
  • Stable for an accurate cornering
  • Long lasting
  • It’s a bit hard to install

7. ITP Mud Lite ATV Tire

Why we like it: This product can be purchased in full set and is perfect for off-road excursions.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
This ITP model is the heaviest weighing a staggering 150 pounds. The dimensions of the largest tire in the set are 26 * 26 * 12 inches and the smallest tire comes in at 25 * 8 * 12 inches. Its rim diameter is 12 inches and the tread depth is 0.75 inches. Being a 6-ply ATV tire it is well crafted to go through sharp rocks, jagged edges and other rough surfaces without getting damaged.

Its sturdy bias construction and the perfect material combination give the Mud Lite high performance when cruising through a desert, mud or other difficult terrains.

Despite the weight, the Mud Lite is perfect for patrolling the desert or muddy areas. Simply for typical adventures. But you can’t expect to win any races with these babies. The tires are too heavy and will slow you down. However, if you need a set of tires at a good budget option, then get the ITP Mud Lite tires.

  • The tires are long lasting
  • Very firm tire construction
  • Affordable price tag
  • Can be bought in a full set
  • Can successfully maneuver through terrains where other tires fail
  • Is quite heavy and for that may slow your ATV ride

8. ITP Mud Lite XL ATV Tire

Why we like it: The Mud Lite XL is an all-weather tire that can access any surface off the road. This tire is flexible enough to adapt to any type of terrain.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
The Mud Lite XL was made to right every wrong done by the ITP Mud Lite. Despite its lower performance compared to its predecessor, it is lighter weighing only 25.7 pounds. Other configurations entail tire dimensions of 27 * 27 * 12 inches, tread depth of 1.13 inches and with a rim diameter of 12 inches. Its aspect ratio is 12 and is ideal for off-road motor vehicles and all-terrain vehicles.

This baby is made to give you more value and for a long time of service with its extended wear rubber compound. It’s a 6-ply mud tire specially designed to handle the toughest all-weather terrain conditions. Its larger dimensional profile ensures superb stability, especially when negotiating corners.

The front of the Mud Lite XL is tailored with a knobby design that is rounded carcass and loose gaps. This unique feature provides extra support and precise steering response for the rider to ensure a smoother ride. The best feature of this model is its trail tire that throws off any mud that comes in contact with the tires making it the best travel partner for a muddy terrain.

The Mud Lite XL is made of high-quality rubber so it’s great for riders who are more experiences with the rough terrain. These tires guarantee you a smooth, radial-like glide on all surfaces. This model is affordably priced and provides great value for every ATV owner.

  • Gives the rider the perfect control and balance needed for a ride
  • Flexible enough to adapt to different terrains
  • Light but sturdy tire construction
  • Designed with first-grade quality rubber to ensure durability
  • Performs poorly on pavements or other smooth surfaces

9. Carlisle Knobby ATV Tire

Why we like it: This product makes it quite easy for riders to blaze across moving surface grounds such as sand or soft dirt. It is also versatile in its applications as it can be used on fun carts, side by side vehicles, any ATV, and other auto utility vehicles.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
This model from Carlisle comes in weighing only 7.1 pounds. Its configuration includes dimensions of 16 * 16 * 8 inches. Quite small compared to other ATV tires. The Knobby has a section width of 16 inches, a rim diameter of 7 inches, tread depth of 0.5 inches and a firm aspect ratio of 8. It’s also made of an extensive network of contact patches and tough tire construction.

One thing every rider loves about the Knobby is its consistency irrespective of the motorsport being undertaken. Its contact patches make it easy to navigate through rocky and other had surfaces while its sturdy construction provides extra traction when gliding over soft terrain. These two functions work hand in hand to give the ride great steering control when taking corners.

The versatility in application of the tire makes it ideal for navigating in almost every other terrain. Its design and configuration make it easy to maintain control, and stability while diving at high speeds. The tire is also very light meaning that it won’t overwork the engine when moving on off-road surfaces.

The Knobby is a great tire that can be used on and off the road. You will get your money’s worth from this product and will love its appealing yet aggressive design. It’s also suitable for first-time riders since it is light and requires only a little power to move the vehicle.

  • Superb stability
  • Great control and stability even at high speeds
  • Guarantees first-class performance in dirt, sand and other different kinds of terrain
  • An attractive look due to its  fun knob design
  • Perfect for on and off-road excursions
  • It is very light to handle
  • Not suitable for overly rocky terrains

10. WANDA P350 ATV Tire

Why we like it: It comes in a set such that when you by it, you get 4 new tires. Its performance on any surface is also not bad.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
The Wanda tire weighs 96 pounds and its configurations entail dimensions of 24 * 20 * 24 inches with a tread depth of 0.79 inches. Its rim width is 6.5 inches. The product design also features shoulder lugs that shield both the sidewall and the rim of the tire. It is made of top quality and heavy 6-ply nylon that is highly resistant to punctures and abrasions ensuring that nothing stops you once you start riding. In addition, it’s pretty easy to install the Wanda tire on your ATV.

This baby will give you first-class handling when riding through rock, mud or dirt surfaces and performs even better in the desert. You can also expect to experience superb traction and stability when venturing into the woods.

Wanda manufacturers have not disappointed with this new set of P350 tires. What’s more is that you can power your ATV with all new tires, since they are purchased as a set of 4 to get the most value that they can offer an ATV rider. The P350 is a great pick for navigating through challenging terrains. However, they still come last in our list as they have fewer performance capabilities in comparison to the other aforementioned ATV tires.

  • Great pick for snowy grounds
  • Offers superb traction in the woods
  • Provides a stable grip and allows an easy moving on turns
  • You are guaranteed of a smooth ride
  • Magnificent handing
  • Heavy 6-ply nylon casing for durability
  • You would have to incur unnecessary costs in mounting the tire

Guide to Buying the Best ATV Tires

Purpose of the ATV Tire

Certain terrains require a specific type of ATV tires. It is easier to buy a tire when you know the terrain you are going to be diving though. Otherwise, you may end up getting stuck in a particular surface. For instance, you cannot use tires intended for the desert in muddy areas. They may fail your expectations. Next time you are out shopping for tires, you can look for the following features of tires to expect in different terrains:

  • Mud
    ATV mud tires hold an aggressive look and have high-performance capabilities. They are characterized by their long lugs and 1 to 2 inches of tread depth. The lugs have a huge space between them to allow the tire to clean itself when the wheel spins. They also require more low-end power to force them to negotiate a turn. They should be primarily a go-to for mud pits and similar terrain.
  • Trail/ All-terrain
    Most ATV’s come in all-terrain tread patterns. As the name implies, these tires can do well in all terrains and last longer than other tire styles. Since they are the most diverse set of the ATV tires, they tend to come in differentiated tire patterns. Some have longer lateral lugs while others have more square lugs. The tread depth in most trail ATV tires is often under an inch.
  • Snow
    ATV snow tires are a blend of the trail and mud tread design. There are two major designs. First one has shorter lugs similar to the trail tire but with the spacing of a mud tire. This design allows the user the advantage of adding studs to the tires. The second has the tread pattern of a mud tire but with lugs similar to the dune tire. This second design has more power to paddle away powdery snow.
  • Sand/Dune
    These ATV tires give the user traction and floatation. All which are necessary to go through a sand dune. Instead of the ordinary tire lugs, the ATV dune tires have long ridges running all through the tire that is perfect for paddling away sand.


Racing can be carried out on any terrain whatsoever. The racing tires, therefore, have an added specialty to them. The tread design and construction is specially engineered for a specific track condition. Any racer is well aware of those various conditions. Racing tires are essentially built with a flat profile to make it easier to ride through medium to a hard packed terrain. Like in Motocross for instance.

Your Driving Experience

Is it your first time handling an ATV vehicle or are you an expert at it? If you are more of a frequent rider, then you will need durable tires with great traction and stability. However, if you are not a fan of getting behind the wheel, then there is no harm in getting a bit less enduring and lightweight tires. They could save you a lot of money especially if you are not always wearing them out on the road.

The Pricing

When all is said and done, you can only get ATV tires that fit within your budget requirement. Price tags vary widely depending on the purpose, size, manufacturer, and quality of the tire. You, therefore, need to know how flexible you can get when it comes to the price ranges and what quality of a tire you can get for the budget that you have.

Ply Rating

The individual ply rating for each tire tells you of the intended use of the tire. It’s basically an insight of what it was intended for. A lower ply rating means that the tire has better traction and control more so when the vehicle is riding on a high incline with a minimal load. Most sports riders go for the low ply tires. A 2-ply tire is such an example of a low ply tire that meets all the minimum road safety requirements, and provides a smoother ride over muddy and other soft surfaces.

A higher ply rating can maintain consistency and provide optimum traction in the most challenging of terrains. The high ply tires are a favorite of ATV owners who carry heavy loads over sticky or muddy conditions. The best muddy terrain tires are 6-ply tires that are well-tailored to shift heavy weight over a strenuous terrain and have an extra perk of being long lasting and puncture resistant.

How to Interpret Traditional Tire Sizing

Many companies that manufacture and sell tires give a dimensional rating on tires. They do this to give the consumer a mental image of the size of the tire. But how do you read the sizing?

Let us take an example of our best ATV brand, the ITP Mud Lite AT Terrain ATV Tire that has a tire sizing of 26 * 26 * 12 inches. You can break down the interpretation like this:

  • 26 – The first figure is the overall height of the tire when it is mounted on the vehicle and inflated to the required air pressure. Therefore the ITP Mud Lite AT is 26 inches tall.
  • *26 – The second rating is on the overall width of the tire when mounted onto a vehicle and also inflated to the recommended air pressure. Our ITP Mud Lite AT is 26 inches wide.
  • *12 – The final rating is on the diameter of the wheel that the tire is mounted onto the wheel. For our ITP Mud Lite AT, it will be mounted on a 12-inch diameter wheel.
If you are still confused about this dimensional ratings, you can watch a YouTube tutorial on how to read these tire sizes.

How to Mount Your ATV Tire

Once you get the perfect tires for your ATV, you may get frustrated to learn that mounting them is a bit of a challenge. You shouldn’t worry because the process requires a certain level of skill for safety purposes. Bad alignment of an ATV tire can lead to a tire explosion, fire or even serious injury or death. It is wise to hire someone to mount the tires for you if you can’t handle it.

However, if you can learn to handle the tire change by yourself and in a safe way then the better. A tire change, by the way, is a basic thing that every driver needs to know how to handle. You do not want to be stuck off the road with a puncture with no one available to help you. You can get step by step instructions on how to change an ATV tire here.

But remember, safety always comes first.

Final Words

There you have it, folks, a detailed guide to help you make an informed decision on getting the best ATV tires when you go shopping around for some. Tires are the most important part of your vehicle. A good engine and suspension mode is all wasted if you don’t have quality tires.

By now you know that the best way to get a tire is to match the type of riding you do with the most suitable tire combination for that function. You will not miss the mark if you choose one of our top ten tires as your favorite option.