The Best Car Trash Bags that Trash the Competition

The Best Car Trash Bags that Trash the Competition

Cars can get cluttery pretty quickly. The easiest solution to prevent candy wrappers from getting between the seats is to buy an auto litter bag.

The number of car trash bags available in the market will surprise you. Like most items for vehicles, there is no one-size-fits-all model when it comes to garbage bags.

If you are looking for the absolute best car garbage bag, read on to find out the top products that might suit your needs (and car) perfectly.

Features to Consider in Good Car Trash Bags

No one gives much thought to buying a trash bag for a car. But keep the following in mind to choose a good product:

Capacity— This indicates how much trash the litter bag can hold. If you accumulate a lot of trash in your car, you would need a large capacity litter bag.

Size— The size is not the same as the capacity. The size refers to the exterior dimensions of the trash bag. This is important to determine whether the trash bag would fit inside your car without disrupting passenger comfort.

Installation— Does the car trash bag have a strap that goes around the headrest? Or does it need to be stuck-on with an adhesive? Pay attention to how the car trash bag can be fitted inside for your convenience.

Once you get down the above three, you can zero in on a good product. You can get more tips for purchasing a good product in the buyer’s guide below.

Top 10 Best Car Trash Bags 2024

1. High Road TrashStash Leakproof Hanging Car Trash Bag

High Road TrashStash Leakproof Hanging Car Trash Bag

Why we like it: The TrashStash is amazingly well made and is completely leakproof. What’s more, it has side pockets and fits in any car model.

Editor’s Rating:

This car garbage bag can be hung on a seat. It’s got many features that drivers will like even if the product is so simply made.

This auto trash bag is also amazingly affordable. If you are looking for a superior product to rely on for a long time, then this is very much worth considering.


The TrashStash is made from a sturdy synthetic fabric with heat-sealed seams. The bag has an auto-shut feature to keep trash out of sight.  

The interior of the bag is lined with waterproof material. The fabric won’t absorb any moisture because of this lining.

The trash bag for cars comes complete with a buckle and a webbed strap. It cinches around the headrest and keeps the trash bag secure at the desired height level.


This car trash bag is completely leakproof. Nothing liquid can get out of this and stain your seats.

Even if it’s just a garbage bag, the metal frame gives it a sturdy construction. The bag won’t collapse while hung to a seat.

It has a very convenient hinged opening. It’s easy to open and snaps shut so odors are kept out of the car.

What’s more, the bag comes with side pockets. You can keep tissue packets or soda cans in the side pockets very conveniently.

The canvas type of fabric the TrashStash is made from is very durable. However, it’s doesn’t really hold up very well. The bag may collapse without a frame structure.

The lining keeps the water from leaking out. But the lining is not removable. When you need to wash the bag, you will have to wash the whole thing.

The waterproof lining is easy to wipe off. However, that can be a bit inconvenient, unless you use a plastic trash bag inside.

Still, one of the biggest perks of this trash bag is that it’s very stable. It doesn’t move side to side like most other hanging trash bags.


This is a great product that universally matches any car headrest. The TrashStash is well made, is durable, and completely waterproof.

Cleaning is a bit of a nuisance, but it’s only a minor worry considering the other perks this auto trash bag offers. It’s well worth the very affordable price tag.  


  • Universally fits any car
  • Doesn’t Sway
  • Leakproof
  • Waterproof
  • Auto shut clasp
  • Side pockets


  • Lining isn’t removable
  • A bit hard to clean
  • May collapse on itself

2. EPAuto Waterproof Car Trash Bin

EPAuto Waterproof Car Trash Bin

Why we like it: This car garbage can is less like a trashcan and more like a trash organizer. It has multiple pockets, a roomy, leakproof interior, and a lid to keep everything out of sight.

Editor’s Rating:

The EPAuto bin is definitely one of the best car trash cans around thanks to the leakproof design. The trash bin even comes with side pockets, the perfect gear for keeping otherwise filthy vehicles clean and neat. Each piece comes in a size of 10″ x 8.75″ x 5.75″ with a 16.5″ buckle that can be adjusted to 29″, making this trash bin suitable for use with most types of vehicles.


What’s really outstanding about the design of this trash can is the waterproof interior. The otherwise regular-looking trash bin has a LiquiShield waterproof interior built-in. It can hold in any type of liquid, like coffee, water, or soda, without spilling over while the vehicle is in motion. The trash bin also has side pockets for sorting your garbage. The bin is spacious inside as well.


This trash bin is just perfect for family vehicles. It can hold in the occasional food wrapper or the straw that typically ends up on the floor of the car without a hassle. There are no linings provided by you can use grocery bags quite easily. Thanks to the adjustable strap, it can be fitted to the headrest of most modern seats. Either that or hand it over the front of a seat. The advantage is that the trash bag is easy to lift off as it is to place. Plus, it comes with a Velcro lid so the trash can be kept out of sight.


It’s a great, well-built trash bag that is worth more than the measly price tag. The leak-proof design allows the bad to hold just about anything, even disgusting diapers. The bin is hung over the headrest so there’s no risk of anyone tipping it over. The lid will keep the bag pinched close without anyone having to look at the garbage inside. The side pockets even make it possible to even organize the garbage.


  • Leakproof design
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple side pockets
  • Adjustable strap
  • Velcro lid


  • No disposable lining

3. IPELY Car Vehicle Back Seat Headrest Litter Trash Garbage Bag

IPELY Car Vehicle Back Seat Headrest Litter Trash Garbage Bag

Why we like it: This car trash bag lacks a wire frame so it can be discreetly placed in a car. It doesn’t jut out when full making the passengers uncomfortable. Plus, the price is unbelievably cheap.

Editor’s Rating:

The Ipely car garbage bag is designed like a small duffel bag that can be looped around the headset. The main advantage is that the bag lacks a wire frame, which can make some car trash bags jut out towards the passengers. There is no such risk with this product. It’s also highly durable and is designed with many desirable perks.


This Ipely car trash bag is made from top-notch Oxford material. It’s very durable and fits well in many environments, including in-car and in-office. Because of the bag-shape, it doesn’t have a lid. It does have a belt to tighten the bag around the headrest, though. Interestingly, the bottom part of the bag has a Velcro adjustment. To dump trash, simply un-stick the Velcro and the garbage would spill out without any further hassle. The complete size is 7″ x 15″. The top is elastic and the whole thing can be washed.


This bag needs no liners and does not require much space. The opening of the bag is elastic, so it can be secured as trash piles up. Also, the tightening top will keep nosy pets and kids away from the car’s garbage. There’s no need to find disposable bags because the Oxford material is easily washable. The discreet design makes it possible to keep the bag and trash out of sight. It will work well for small cars with limited interior space.


This is a long-lasting car garbage bag made from high-quality material that is optimally convenient to use. Placing this in the car is easy and so is getting rid of accumulated trash. But the best part yet maybe the price, which is one of the cheapest compared to other garbage bags. Given the performance and price, it would be a shame not to have this in a small car. As for downsides, the opening cannot be quickly flipped open to discard trash. The bag is also very compact and may not hold some types of trash. It lacks side pockets as well.


  • Velcro bottom for easy garbage disposal
  • Made from high-quality material
  • Durable
  • Very inexpensive


  • No flip-open lid
  • Maybe too small for some cars

4. Case New Lightweight Neoprene Auto Trash Bag

Case New Lightweight Neoprene Auto Trash Bag

Why we like it: The Case New trash bag is great for limited-space use. It’s compact and won’t sway during rides. The Case New trash bag is less like a garbage bag per se and is more like a trash pouch. It looks a lot like a compress bag. The design is unique and is well suited for most types of cars.

Editor’s Rating:


This trash bag is made from neoprene, a synthetic material made from rubber. This material is very eco-friendly and lightweight. It’s different to fabric and is completely waterproof.

The bag is shaped like a triangular compress pouch. It sports a compact size and has a Velcro sealed opening.

The bag is available in multiple colors and patterns. It’s a wonderful change from the bland black color most car trash bags are available in.

It doesn’t have a strap to fit around a headrest. Instead, this trash bag has a small fabric hook opening to fit onto a door.


The rubber auto trash bag is made in China but is amazingly durable and useful. The material is completely leakproof so you can shove cans inside.

The lightweight bag is washable. It lacks an interior lining because the material is waterproof. You can wash the whole thing in one go.

The biggest issue with the trash bag is its small size. You can only put a limited amount of trash in there.

It lacks any side pockets and similar space-increasing features. If you want more capacity, you will have to buy multiple bags.

It’s great at keeping the trash inside, thanks to the Velcro seal. However, there’s only one opening to put in the trash in and get it out.

It’s easy to soil the opening when emptying the trash. But the bag is easy enough to wash each time so this might not be a major issue.

This bag doesn’t really hang anywhere in the car except on the hooks on side doors or the window opener. You can use a rope or a belt of your own to secure around a headrest. Otherwise, you will just have to use it pinched between two seats.


This product comes highly recommended for those seeking a compact and waterproof car trash bag. If you don’t like those headrest hanging trash bags, this might be it for your vehicle.

The capacity is quite small, which can be inconvenient, especially on long road trips. The price seems a bit expensive given the small size.

But other than these issues, this is a highly usable car trash bag.


  • Waterproof
  • Durable material
  • Compact Size
  • Velcro seal
  • Easy to wash


  • No headrest strap
  • Too small to hold multiple soda cans
  • Pricey for the size

5. Big Ant Waterproof Car Trash Bag

Big Ant Waterproof Car Trash Bag

Why we like it: This large-capacity car trash bag is the perfect product for busy people on the go. Big Ant car trash bag costs around ten bucks. The price is well worth it considering its capacity. This trash bag doesn’t secure around a headrest. So if you are looking for an alternative to that, Big Ant is an excellent option.

Editor’s Rating:


The square-ish Big Ant car litter bag is made from a rough and sturdy polyester fabric. It has a built-in interior lining that is waterproof.

The trash bag’s design has a lid. So it’s shaped like a car trash can, but it collapses if needed.

The bag has a 38 cm adjustable strap. You can fit this bag anywhere inside your car, even if it’s not the headrest.


This car trash bag has a massive capacity of 2.5 gallons. It’s also completely waterproof. You can put an open bottle of water inside and it won’t leak a drop.

The trash bag also has three side pockets for keeping wrappers, tissue paper, or hand sanitizer as you like. The capacity makes this auto garbage bag really worth the price.

It’s great for family vehicles where the interior can get cluttered really easily. The trash bag comes with a long strap so you can fit it into a side door or the headrest.

The versatility for fitting the trash can is really great. If you want to keep it out of side near the doors, the strap will come in very handy.

It has a small lid to keep the garbage out of sight. The lid has a small Velcro seal. The lid doesn’t completely close, however, and that’s the only major complaint.

The lining is inbuilt, so you will have to use an extra plastic trash bag if you want to remove the trash without  washing the bag.

The interior lining can be wiped clean. But the best way to clean it is to wash the bag.


The biggest perk of this car trash bag is that it supports a massive capacity. It’s reliably waterproof and doesn’t cause any leaking whatsoever.

You can also install the trash bag just about anywhere in your car. Because of these qualities, this product is amazingly useful.


  • Completely waterproof
  • Large capacity
  • Side pockets available
  • Long strap
  • Velcro seal for opening


  • Interior lining not removable
  • Lid doesn’t close completely

6. Car Garbage Bag Disposable Auto Trash Bag

Car Garbage Bag Disposable Auto Trash Bag

Why we like it: These eco-friendly car trash bags are super affordable, leakproof, and are very easy to remove and dispose of. Think of the simplest definition for a car trash bag, and this is it. These generic trash bags are the car version of those plastic trash bags you may have in your kitchen. These bags are disposable and quite affordable. If you don’t like hanging massive trash bags on a headrest, this might be the product you are looking for.

Editor’s Rating:


These car trash bags are made from calcium carbonate mixed in with starch. The bags look just like white plastic trash bags. However, these are biodegradable and not at all detrimental to the environment like plastic bags.

The bags are quite small. Each comes with a part with sticky tape for securing the trash bag on a surface like a dashboard.

Each package contains 30 pieces of trash bags. The typical retail price is around $10.


If you are a vehicle owner who doesn’t care much for cleaning trash bags, then you may like these. These small trash bags are easy to install, remove, and get rid of. Because the bags degrade in about 80 days, you won’t have to worry about polluting the environment.

These trash bags do not have straps or drawstrings to hang around anything. Instead, there’s a small sticky tape. Remove the safety strip and a bag will be ready for installing.

The bags easily stick to plastic-like surfaces of the car like the dashboard. It will stick relatively well to leather, but don’t expect these bags to stick to headrests with fabric coverings.

The stickiness doesn’t come from regular glue. When you remove a bag, it won’t leave any residue.

The bags are quite small so the capacity is very limited. You can put in some paper trash and a crushed soda can or a paper cup in there. The maximum weight that these bags can hold is three pounds.


These disposable car trash bags are the perfect alternative to plastic. There’s no cleaning mess. You can just discard the bags with the trash.

The bags are limited in capacity, and that’s the only issue. These trash bags would be perfect if you don’t accumulate lots of trash in your car.


  • Disposable
  • Stick-on installation
  • No residue from sticky tape
  • Biodegradable


  • Very limited capacity
  • Won’t stick to fabric seat covers

7. UTSAUTO 2 PACK Car Trash Bags

UTSAUTO 2 PACK Car Trash Bags

Why we like it: These compact bags are available in highly affordable packs of two. If you are on a budget, these 2-pack auto litter bags would be the perfect purchase. The trash bags are compact, but you get two for a price less than ten bucks to increase capacity.

Editor’s Rating:


The UTSAuto trash bags are made from high-quality Oxford cloth. The bags have wire-rimmed circular openings with elastic adjustments.

Each trash bag has a strap for securing around a headrest. The bottoms have Velcro seals.


Despite the dirt cheap price tag, these car trash bags are made from high-quality material. These look like pouches except for the circular top.

The capacity of the bags is limited. You can put in a lot of paper waste, but only a single standard soda can. But there’s two so you won’t run out of space that easily.

The trash bags are really easy to secure around a headrest. The Velcro bottom is super convenient to empty the trash.

These trash bags are highly compact, so these are best for small vehicles. The bags are quite versatile too. You can use one to store items other than trash.

The UTSAuto litter bags are leakproof, but not wholly waterproof. The bags can keep some liquid inside, but not too much.

Each bag is washable too. Cleaning and installing is really convenient with these.


These trash bags are as convenient as disposable ones but in a very reusable manner. These are adequate for small cars or non-family vehicles.

The bags have limited capacity but are leakproof. The price is really affordable so there’s nothing much to complain about.


  • Leakproof
  • Compact size
  • High-quality built
  • Reusable and durable
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Small capacity
  • Not waterproof

8. High Road TrashStash Hanging Car Trash Bag

High Road TrashStash Hanging Car Trash Bag

Why we like it: The gorgeous print makes this trash bag more like a highly useful in-car decoration and less like an unsightly regular trash bag. The High Road TrashStash bag is very much a high-capacity auto litter bag. But that’s not the main reason to love this. Unlike regular black trash bags that look like in-car dumpsters, this one is available in stylish Baja prints. If you like your car interior to look fancy even down to the trash bag, then this product is well worth considering.

Editor’s Rating:


This car trash bag is made from 500 denier polyester. This is a heavy-duty fabric suitable for doing some heavy lifting without breaking.

These massive capacity auto litter bags are made to hang from a headrest. The bag is made with heat sealed seams, so it’s perfectly leakproof.

The bags have a spill-proof liner inside. You can expect these American-made auto trash bags to hold up to 3 gallons of garbage.

The bag has a hinged, spring-frame supported opening. You can close the bag to keep trash out of sight.

The trash bag even comes with a quick-release buckle for dumping the trash. The straps are reinforced and webbed to ensure stability.


This car trash bag is unique in how stylish it looks. The exterior print is absolutely charming to look at.

But looks aren’t the only thing that’s going for this trash bag. It supports a massive capacity and is made from sturdy material to hold heavy weights.

You can easily strap this around a headrest. The bag will prevent any spills. However, it’s not completely waterproof.

This trash bag can be closed. But if you fill it up to its capacity, it won’t close and the trash will be visible.

The lining is inbuilt so you don’t need to use anything else extra to prevent spills. However, this makes cleaning a bit complicated.


This is a top-notch car trash bag best suited for those who seek style as well as capacity. The leakproof, heavy-duty trash bags would certainly keep trash off seats.

But do keep in mind that the style comes with a price. Costing close to $20, you may find much cheaper products that can perform just as well.


  • Beautiful design
  • Support large-capacity trash
  • Made with heavy-duty material
  • Reinforced straps
  • Leakproof


  • Pricey
  • Not completely waterproof

9. Mayco Bell 30Pcs Car Garbage Bag

Mayco Bell 30Pcs Car Garbage Bag

Why we like it: These stick-on disposable trash bags are spacious and are perfect for car owners who don’t want to be bothered with weekly cleaning. Tired of cleaning reusable auto trash bags? Sick of seeing large trash bags sticking out of the headrest? Then these disposable trash bags are certainly worth considering. These are minimal maintenance and are relatively affordable.

Editor’s Rating:


Each of these disposable car trash bags is made from biogas material. These look plastic, but according to the manufacturer the bags degrade in 80 days.

The small bags have a sticky strap for attachment. The bag’s opening is elastic to better hide the trash inside.


These garbage bags are moderately sized. You can easily put in used tissues, candy wrappers, and maybe a soda can or two inside.

The mouth of the bags is elastic. Once the trash is shoved in, it will be kept mostly out of sight. However, these bags don’t entirely close and don’t prevent odors from leaking out.

The stick-on straps are relatively adhesive. They stick on well to plastic and solid parts of the car like armrests and dashboards.

However, these are not as sticky as they should be. The adherence to seat covers, even leather ones, is pretty shoddy.

The bags are leakproof but not waterproof. You will have to be careful not to put too many things inside because the weight might cause the stick strips to fall off.


These disposable trash bags are near perfect. The bags could do a better job of sticking to seat covers, but in general, the adherence and performance are acceptable.

There’s no mess involved with using these. You can use the bags anytime you like on the go and dispose of them whenever needed.

For about ten bucks, you get 30 bags, so the price is very affordable. As far as disposable trash bags for cars go, these are some of the best.


  • Disposable
  • Stick-on installation
  • Elastic opening
  • Biodegradable
  • Affordable
  • Leakproof


  • Not waterproof
  • Doesn’t stick well to seat covers

10. FORID Colorful Clear Garbage Bags

FORID Colorful Clear Garbage Bags

Why we like it: Simple and colorful trash bags are well-suited for cars thanks to massive capacity and leakproof-ness. These are the simplest types of car garbage bags money can buy. These bags are available in rolls in multiple colors. You can buy up to five 8-gallon rolls for around $16. The price is very reasonable considering the amount of product you get.

Editor’s Rating:


These plastic trash bags are made from pure PE material, meaning plastic. This plastic is highly durable and doesn’t break easily.

Each trash bag is considerably large. You can expect one of these to hold between 5 to 8 gallons of trash.

The bags are designed as regular trash bags and are available as rolls. The bottom has an integral forming to prevent leaks.

The rolls are available in five colors: green, blue, yellow, pink, and purple. The rolls have non-elastic openings.


These trash bags are made for both in-car and home use. You can use one in any car but the trash bags don’t come with attachments.

If you have a trash bin for your car, you can use one of these bags as liners. Each bag is leakproof and easily disposable.

You can use one of these bags without a trash bin or a can either. But you will have to lift up the bag off the floor to dispose of trash.

The biggest advantage is the capacity of these trash bags, which surpass nearly all attachable trash bags for cars.

If you need to dispose of massive amounts of trash in your car, such as on road trips, then these trash bags would come in very handy.

The bags are odor-free and are great at trapping smells inside. The material is plastic, but is more eco-friendly than regular plastic, according to the manufacturer.


Don’t expect these multipurpose car trash bags to be like regular trash bags. These are disposable, but don’t come with any attachments.

It’s possible to come up with a custom way to attach one of these bags to your car. Otherwise, you will have to keep one on the floor.

If you want a large capacity disposable car trash bag, then this would be perfect. These bags are also great to use as liners for trash bins or fabric bags you keep in your vehicle.


  • Massive capacity
  • Leakproof
  • Prevents odors
  • Durable
  • Resistant to breaking
  • Great as liners


  • No attachments for installing inside cars
  • Not entirely waterproof
  • No enclosures to hide the trash

Guide to Buying the Best Car Trash Bags

Don’t give only a passing thought to buying a trash bag for your car. You might come to regret your decision.

Most auto litter bags cost less than $20. But don’t let the cheap prices distract you. You can make thoughtful decisions even with auto litter bags.

The wrong product could end up making a nasty spill in your car, after all. Therefore, keep the following tips in mind when buying a car trash bag:

Decide on Disposable Vs. Reusable

Auto litter bags fall into two main categories: disposable and reusable.

Disposable trash bags for cars are made from plastic or an eco-friendly equivalent. You use these trash bags once and then you can throw the bag away with the garbage.

Reusable car trash bags can be used with liners. These bags aren’t as unsightly as plastic bags.

Some reusable bags have in-built liners to make them waterproof or leakproof. You may not need to use liners at all.

Reusable car trash bags can be washed and used as many times as you like. This is obviously the most environmentally-friendly option.

But if you don’t like washing trash bags, you can use a biodegradable disposable car trash bags. However, don’t expect disposable products to have a large capacity as reusable bags.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want a reusable car trash bag or a disposable one. Assess your needs and make a decision.

Understand the Difference between Waterproof and Leakproof

You would definitely want a car trash bag that doesn’t cause any nasty leaks. There are plenty of leakproof and waterproof auto garbage bags that will keep even liquid trash tightly sealed in.

But do be aware that there’s a difference between the two terms. A leakproof car trash bag is largely leak-resistant but is not entirely waterproof.

A waterproof car trash bag can hold even a liter of water inside without causing spillage, leaks, or breakage. A leakproof bag cannot do the same.

Therefore, don’t conflate the two terms. If you want zero leaking at all, the best option is a waterproof car garbage bag.

Choose the Capacity Depending on the Number of Passengers

The capacity refers to how much trash the garbage bag can hold. Determine this depending on how much trash your car accumulate over a week.

If you have children traveling with you to and from school, buy a large-capacity auto litter bag. These bags can hold 2 or 3 gallons of trash, including multiple soda cans.

A small car trash bag is suitable for just one or two passengers. Keep in mind that larger trash bags are more conspicuous.

Choose the Size of the Trash Bags Depending on the Size of the Car

You might also want to consider how spacious the interior of your vehicle is when you buy an auto garbage bag. For example, a large-capacity car trash bag that fits on a headrest may cause problems for passengers in the back seat.

For small cars, a compact car trash bag is the best. Make sure the trash bags you purchase don’t stick out too much or take over passenger space.

Installation Method is Important

Car trash bags can either be hung from the headrest or a door. Stick-on versions can be stuck to seats, armrests, or the dashboard.

Choose which installation method is best suited for your needs. Most car trash bags wrap around the headrest.

If you prefer interior comfort and free space, you can choose a cat trash bag that can be draped across the door. It’s important that the bags says in place well, of course.

The material is Worth Considering

Look at the material the trash bag is made to determine durability and other important factors.

Reusable car trash bags are made mostly from synthetic fabrics. Some are very sturdy and can hold heavy weights without breaking.

Disposable auto litter bags are mostly made from PE plastic. But you can choose an alternative biodegradable version too.

The material the trash bag is made from will tell you how durable it is and whether the advertised weight is actually supported in practice.

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