Best Auto Glass Cleaners for Streak Free Clean

Best Auto Glass Cleaners for Streak Free Clean

Finding an auto glass cleaner that’s capable of providing a streak-free clean can be harder than you think. Many products on the market promise a brilliant clean but not all of them deliver. Many people resort to all kinds of home mixtures such as lemon juice or plain vinegar to get rid of stubborn marks and streaks.

Instead of frustrating yourself with elaborate schemes to clean your auto glass rather focus on what to look out for when selecting a proper glass cleaner. This buyer’s guide will give you an awareness of the features that makes up a good glass cleaner and what doesn’t.

We’ll also share the top 10 auto glass cleaners on the market and give you a comprehensive breakdown of what they can deliver. We’ll highlight the pros and cons of using a car glass cleaner because it’s important to assess the drawbacks. Lastly, we’ll teach you how to properly clean your auto glass so you’ll never get stuck with streaks or haze on your auto glass again.

We’ve done the research. We’ve eliminated the marketing fluff to give you a practical and objective overview of the best auto glass cleaners on the market currently.

Features to Consider in Good Auto Glass Cleaners

There is a lot to consider before selecting a car glass cleaner. Firstly, you’ll need to check if the product is ammonia-free as it can be harmful to inhale. You’ll also need to be cognizant that using an aerosol can is completely different from using a spray bottle.

We’ll unpack the top 10 class cleaners on the market and share with you why we prefer it & the special features each product possesses. But before we get there, let’s clarify why you can’t use ordinary household cleaners on your car.

Why You Can’t Use Household Cleaners on Your Car

Household cleaners aren’t designed for auto glass. Most household glass cleaners contain ammonia which is harmful to use in your car. It doesn’t only become a safety hazard when inhaling it but it also dries out your vinyl and leather.

Normal household cleaners leave streaks behind that become difficult to remove after a long period. It can also cause fogging on your windows which can result in a car accident as it obstructs your view.

Car glass cleaners are specially designed to clean your windows and windshield so it leaves no streaking behind. It also protects your glass from scratches and removes dirt particles easily & safely.

Let’s get to your quick reference guide to help you select the best auto glass cleaner for your specific demands.

Top 10 Best Auto Glass Cleaners 2024

1. Invisible Glass 92164 Premium Glass Cleaner

Invisible Glass 92164 Premium Glass Cleaner

Why we like it: If you travel with kids a lot you’ll know how difficult it is to get those tiny fingerprints of your windows. The little ones’ sticky fingers touch everything. Invisible glass cleaner has a special formulation specifically targeted at removing fingerprints and smudges. It’s a dry formula that contains no foamy substance or harmful additives and prevents grimy residue. The solution is designed to give you a streak-free clean every time. It also attracts contaminants and dust if you use a microfiber cloth when cleaning your auto glass.

Editor’s Rating:

Why We Recommend It

It’s called invisible glass because it looks as if your glass has disappeared after cleaning it with this glass cleaner. You can see right through your windows and windshield without a trace of any dirt or grime.

It’s also safe to use on tinted windows and gives you a high-quality clean. Because it’s effective in cleaning your glass properly it lessens the frequency of doing it. You get gleaming windows with no trace of smears or smudges.

Special Features

What stands out with this product is how easily it removes dirt, smudges, and stains from your glass. You don’t have to repeatedly go over the same area either. It only requires two squirts of glass cleaner on a microfiber cloth and it wipes the dirt right off. No hassles.

For the best clean it’s always advisable to wash your windows first and then apply the glass cleaner for optimal results. It’s ideal for everyday use as it causes no build-up or film on your auto glass. It can also be used for your mirrors, table tops and other glass surfaces in the house.

The only downside is the cap of the container is very tight so be careful not to hurt your hands when trying to twist it to open. Simply nudge it to both sides and then twist to open & spray.


  • No streaks on all your auto glass
  • It leaves your windows sparkling
  • Easily removes fingerprints and smudges


  • It’s difficult to open the container cap
  • Water-based and evaporates easily

2. Sprayway Glass Cleaner

Sprayway Glass Cleaner

Why we like it: This glass cleaner comes in a pack of four which makes it affordable and good value for money. Special precaution was taken when formulating the solution so it’s ammonia-free. You’re also guaranteed no streaks with every clean. It’s safe enough to use on tainted windows or delicate glass with no risk of fading. It has a pleasant smell that isn’t chemically imbalanced or harmful to inhale. This formula is drip-free and has a light foaming agent which effortlessly removes dirt & grime from your glass. Because the glass cleaner has no ammonia in it you don’t have to worry about it leaving a film on your glass or damaging your car interior.

Editor’s Rating:

Why We Recommend It

If a product can save you time and money it gets our thumbs up. That’s the case with Sprayway glass cleaner. The special formula used in this glass cleaner ensures you get a thorough clean in less time.

Cleaning the exterior windows might be the hardest glass to clean as they’re more exposed to the natural environment. This product has powerful properties that remove grime quickly in one wipe. It’s also effective for your mirrors and glass inside the house.

Special Features

We love products that are ammonia-free because it makes it better for your health and safety. It comes in an aerosol can but doesn’t have a chemical smell that’scommon with this kind of product. You get a fresh and clean smell instead.

You also don’t have to use a large portion to get your glass clean. A little goes a long way with this product. It only requires a small amount on a microfiber cloth and you get a streak-free clean with every wipe.

Be mindful when you’re using the spray can as it seems to lose pressure when you don’t handle it properly. Instead, try and shake it & hold it upright when using it for a better application.


  • It has no ammonia which makes it safer to use
  • It comes in a budget-friendly four-pack
  • It’s a time saver


  • The spray can be problematic
  • You can’t use it in direct sunlight

3. Meguiar’s G8224 Clarity Glass Cleaner

Meguiar’s G8224 Clarity Glass Cleaner

Why we like it: Have you ever had trouble removing hard water spots from your windshield? It takes some doing getting rid of those spots, right? This glass cleaner can help you remove it quickly and save you some energy in the process. The fast cleaning agents included in the formula remove hard water spots and smudges efficiently. The bottle is easy to use and squirts onto your cloth in one motion. You don’t require plenty of the solution to remove the dirt, only a small portion will give you a decent clean. You can also find it at any store in your area or you can order it online.

Editor’s Rating:

Why We Recommend It

It’s priced reasonably when compared to its competitors. You can use it for your car or around the house on any windows or glass. It’s safe to use around children and pets & smells refreshing.

You get a streak-free clean and it leaves no dirt particles behind. The inside of your car can sometimes get hazy because of the build-up of chemical products over time. This glass cleaner removes the haze and fogginess from your window & leaves it shiny for a longer time.

Special Features

The design of the container makes it easy to use. You can simply squirt the solution on a cloth and wipe. There’s no need to go over the same area over and over again as it cleans properly with every stroke.

It leaves no residue on your windows and picks up fine dirt particles & grime off your glass. If you don’t follow the instructions carefully you might get negative results such as streaks and film. By following the instructions you’ll get a streak-free clean consistently.


  • The container is easy to handle
  • Affordably priced
  • Your glass is cleaner for longer


  • The smell can be off-putting for some
  • You can get streaks if you don’t follow the instructions

4. TriNova Premium Glass & Mirror Cleaner

TriNova Premium Glass & Mirror Cleaner

Why we like it: TriNova prides itself on manufacturing cruelty-free products that haven't been tested on animals. People that are sensitive to chemicals can use it safely as no adverse reaction to the product has been reported. This formula can remove stubborn stains from your windscreen and auto glass. You can also use it for ordinary household items such as mirrors, showers and any glass surfaces. It removes the dirt and grime easily with one spray on the affected area. It saves you time as you don’t have to repeatedly go over the same area to remove smudges and streaks.

Editor’s Rating:

Why We Recommend It

This product is used by professional car dealerships that keep their show cars in pristine condition. It provides an excellent clean with no streaks with less effort. If you need to clean several glass surfaces this formula will help you get through your work faster.

Where some other glass cleaners will leave a fine film behind after cleaning, this product gives you transparent glass. It increases your safety on the road because your view isn’t obstructed by bug sap or fog on your windshield.

Special Features

The features that got our attention is the fact that TriNova is socially responsible and made sure its product is manufactured cruelty-free. We also appreciate the zero-hassle approach of using only a small quantity of the formula on a damp cloth and it wipes away the grime & dirt.

The only concern is the length of the sprayer can be problematic so make sure it’s properly inserted for a better application of the solution.


  • Straight forward and easy to use
  • It saves you time
  • The product is animal cruelty-free


  • The sprayer can be troublesome
  • Higher priced than similar products

5. Hope’s Perfect Glass Cleaner

Hope’s Perfect Glass Cleaner

Why we like it: It comes in a two-piece value pack that's budget-friendly. You get a 67 Oz refill bottle and a 32 oz spray bottle for ultra-convenience. Unlike some of the other products we've listed this solution can be used in direct sunlight. It also removes stubborn haze that builds-up over time and gives you no streaks with every clean. Because the product is versatile you can use it on your car glass as well as on mirrors, tabletops and any other glass surfaces.

Editor’s Rating:

Why We Recommend It

Perfect Glass scooped up a prestigious award of being rated number one by consumers in a leading magazine in 2015, 2011 and 2008. When compared to other glass cleaners this product only took 11 strokes to clean your window whereas others took up to 70 strokes.

It’s safe to use on tinted windows and environmentally friendly because of its ammonia-free content. It’s best used when you spray it on a microfiber cloth and then you wipe the targeted surface. Avoid spraying it directly on the glass if you want better results.

Special Features

Perfect Glass has been in the industry for many years and has perfected its streak-free formula to save you time & energy when cleaning your glass surfaces. You don’t have to look for shade when you apply it as it can withstand direct sunlight.

It’s affordable and safe to use on tint film & sensitive glass surfaces. It leaves no lint or residue behind but gives you sparkling windows every time. The only drawback is it doesn’t remove hard soap scum easily. You have to apply the solution copiously to get rid of soap scum.


  • Rated as the number one glass cleaner in a leading magazine
  • It delivers 100% streak-free cleaning every time
  • It can clean your windows with only 11 strokes


  • It doesn’t remove soap scum easily
  • Premium price

6. Safelite Glass Cleaner

Safelite Glass Cleaner

Why we like it: Another value for money product that comes in a four-pack. Safelite is professionally graded and gives you an ultra clean with every use. It easily dissolves dirt and grime from your car windows & windshield. Smudges and fingerprints which are usually difficult to remove come off easily with only one wipe. It lowers the frequency of having to clean your auto glass. It also minimizes the dirt particles and residue it attracts after a clean. It’s straight forward to use and doesn’t need additional products such as a window cleaner sponge to make it more effective.

Editor’s Rating:

Why We Recommend It

It comes in an aerosol can which is easy to use and sprays onto the surface you need to clean. The fast-acting agents in the solution break up the dirt easily and you can wipe it off with no hassle. The product is formulated with denatured alcohol to avoid using ammonia.

It dries quickly and there are no worries about it dripping or streaking. You simply wipe it off after applying it with no rinsing necessary.

Special Features

There’s no mess with this glass cleaner and you don’t have to use water either. You simply spray it on your glass surface and wipe it off after a few minutes. The specially designed formula has powerful cleaning properties that break up the dirt so it comes off quicker.

It leaves behind a fresh clean fragrance and no streaks. You can also use it on your windscreen, windows and any glass surfaces in & around your home. It’s multi-functional and versatile.


  • The fast-acting properties remove dirt and grime easily
  • You don’t need to rinse it off
  • Multi-purpose use in and around the house


  • May require a face mask and goggles for protection
  • It can leave a film behind if used excessively

7. Rutland White Off Glass Cleaner

Rutland White Off Glass Cleaner

Why we like it: Rutland has taken special precautions to produce a glass cleaner that’ll protect your windows and glass surfaces with every clean. It's safe enough to use on any glass surface and won't scratch or micro-pit your glass. It also doesn’t contain any ammonia which has been proven to damage ceramic glass. The chemically balanced solution will provide a fine clean to windows, mirrors and tabletops. It can also remove the white residue from your fireplace glass if you’re using a gas log.

Editor’s Rating:

Why We Recommend It

It has superior cleaning power that can remove tough soot from the glass. It’s multi-purpose and can be used for various applications around your home. It comes in an 8oz container with which you squirt directly onto a cloth for better results.

If needed you may apply it directly to the glass surface and let it stand for a while if tough soot & scum needs to be removed. It gives you a streak-free clean with zero residues of lint when you use a microfiber cloth when cleaning.

Special Features

This product makes it easy and safe to clean fiberglass & your delicate glass surfaces. Even though it has powerful cleaning properties it’s still safe to use every day. This is a trusted brand among professionals and comes highly recommended because of its superior cleaning power.

The only negative about this product is the time it takes to get a proper clean. Some surfaces need to be completely covered with the solution and stand for a couple of minutes before you can clean it.


  • Powerful cleaning properties
  • Removes tough sooth and grime
  • It cleans fiberglass safely


  • Requires a lot of rubbing and time to remove grime
  • No value pack

8. Mothers 06624 reIVision Glass and Surface Cleaner

Mothers 06624 reIVision Glass and Surface Cleaner

Why we like it: We enjoy the trigger spray bottle that easily spews out the solution in one squirt. It’s convenient to use on any glass surface including countertops, windows and even SmartPhones. This product is ammonia-free which provides a safer clean. It comes in a 24oz container that’s priced affordably. You get a streak-free clean because the formula is specially designed to leave no streaks behind.

Editor’s Rating:

Why We Recommend It

We’re impressed with the efficiency of this solution. The container is easy to handle and allows you to point & spray. You can spray it directly onto the glass surface or on a cloth and wipe it clean.

When you wipe the area it removes the dirt in only a few strokes. When you buff your glass use a separate cloth to get a shiny finish. It keeps your glass cleaner for longer and takes less time than other solutions.

Special Features

We appreciate the glossy shine it leaves after applying it to your auto glass. It’s versatile and can be used on your car glass & household glass. It’s safe to use on your electronics and sensitive glass surfaces.

The only downside is after using it for an extended period it can cause a build-up on your glass. Make sure to rinse it well after applying it every time to avoid a build-up.


  • The trigger spray bottle is convenient to use
  • It’s versatile and multi-purpose
  • Removes stains easily on any glass surface


  • Prone to leave a build-up over time
  • It can’t be applied in direct sunlight

9. Shine Society Glass and Window Cleaner

Shine Society Glass and Window Cleaner

Why we like it: We’ve been talking about using a microfiber cloth with all the glass cleaners we’ve listed thus far. Shine Society has gone a step further and includes a complementary microfiber towel with each bottle of glass cleaner. It professionally removes smudges and streaks from your windows in a few easy strokes. The anti-streaking formula ensures no streaks are left behind after cleaning. All you get is a clear shiny glass surface with every use.

Editor’s Rating:

Why We Recommend It

This glass cleaner doesn’t only remove dirt but disinfects your glass surfaces. It has been proven to eliminate all bacteria that are present on your glass surfaces by 99.9%. The product is completely natural and safe to use around pets & children.

The container is convenient and easy to use. You simply spray onto the targeted area & wipe it off with your microfiber towel. You’ll get transparent windows every time you use it. It comes in an 18oz container which makes it excellent value for money at this low price.

Special Features

The specially formulated solution gives you a guaranteed streak-free surface with every clean. The product is also environmentally friendly and made from natural sustainable ingredients.

It doesn’t have a harsh chemical imbalance that can adversely affect people that are sensitive to chemicals. Spray on a generous portion for an ultra-clean.

The only downside is you can’t use it in direct sunlight.


  • An environmentally friendly solution
  • Natural ingredients
  • Free microfiber towel
  • It eliminates bacteria from your surfaces


  • You need to use a liberal amount to get a good clean
  • The container is small

10. Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner

Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner

Why we like it: You get exceptional quality when you use this glass cleaner. It can be easily applied on a cloth or directly on the intended glass surface you need to clean. Clean transparent glass isn’t only good to look at but safer to drive with as your view isn’t obstructed. It easily removes any road grime and dirt particles from your windows. It's ammonia-free so you can safely apply it to the inside of your car. You get a sparkling shine after wiping and buffing it with a microfiber towel.

Editor’s Rating:

Why We Recommend It

It’s safe to use on all your glass surfaces and doesn’t scratch or leave any streaks behind. It comes in a 22oz spray bottle that’s convenient to use on your car or glass surfaces in the house. It’s ideal for use on your car, boat, RV and other glass surfaces.

This is one of the least expensive glass cleaners on our list which makes it extremely affordable. Because it’s specifically designed for your auto glass requirements it removes tough stains and fingermarks quickly & easily.

Special Features

This product comes at an incredible price with very competent features. It cleans all glass safely and efficiently saving you time & effort. It’s versatile enough to use on boats and trailers & gives you a crystal clear clean with every use. The spray bottle is simple to use and you only need a small portion to get rid of any marks.

The only negative aspect of this product is you can’t let it air dry. You need to buff it before it dries to avoid any streaking or smears.


  • It can be used on tinted glass
  • Use it for RVs, trailers and boats
  • The least expensive glass cleaner


  • It can’t air dry
  • Prone to peeling

Guide to Buying the Best Auto Glass Cleaners

With so many glass cleaners available on the market it’s easy to get hoodwinked. Knowing which key features to look out for will assist you in selecting the right auto glass cleaner for your car.

We’ll also share some pros and cons of using a glass cleaner as well as the proper way to clean glass. This buyer’s guide is intended to be used as a guideline to assist you in navigating your way through the countless options available.

Most glass cleaners give you comparable features which make it difficult to differentiate one product from the next unless you have expert insight. The following explanations of features can assist you to select the best one for your requirements:

  • Ammonia-free: Ammonia isn’t good for your car or your health. Always select a glass cleaner that’s ammonia-free. Ammonia shouldn’t be used on your tinted windows and it’s harmful to inhale.
  • Safety: Always check whether the product you select can be used on stained glass or tinted windows even if it’s ammonia-free. Some solutions aren’t appropriate for tinted glass.
  • Application: Make sure the container is convenient to use and easy to apply to any surface. Most glass cleaners come in an aerosol can or a spray bottle. Both are appropriate but many people prefer spray bottles as they distribute the solution better. Avoid products that drip as it can create a mess.
  • Price: Price will always remain a key consideration. It doesn’t mean the least expensive product is the inferior one. Some competent glass cleaners are less expensive than expensive versions that deliver less. Rather look closely at the features of each glass cleaner and don’t select purely based on price.

Pros of Using Glass Cleaners:

  • The solution is specially formulated so no haze will develop because the chemicals in glass cleaners prevent it from happening
  • It eliminates any streaks when used correctly with a microfiber cloth
  • Ordinary soak can’t remove stubborn stains and contaminants but glass cleaners have special chemicals that easily remove tough stains
  • The properties in car glass cleaners are specifically formulated for your car and therefore provide efficient cleaning power every time

Cons of Using Glass Cleaners:

  • Some glass cleaners contain ammonia which is harmful when inhaled in enclosed spaces such as your car
  • Some glass cleaners drip and leave a residue behind
  • You cannot apply most glass cleaners in direct sunlight as it evaporates quickly; this means you need shade or you have to wait for cloudy days before you can clean your car

How to Use a Glass Cleaner Correctly

Now that you know how to select the best auto glass cleaner for your car how do you make sure you’re using it correctly? Here are some easy tips on how to properly clean your car glass.

Wear Safety Gear

It’s important to protect your hands and face if you’re working with a harsh chemical such as auto glass cleaners. Use gloves to ensure your skin doesn’t come in contact with the solution.

Some people have an adverse reaction to chemicals so be cautious and protect yourself. If you’re using an aerosol spray it’s advisable to wear a face mask and goggles for total protection.

Select an Appropriate Cloth

Don’t take for granted the efficiency a microfiber lint-free towel can provide. The science in using a microfiber cloth is it generates electrostatic charge that picks up particles of the glass. It doesn’t drag it around as you clean.

When you’re using an ordinary rag such as an old T-shirt or used towels they’re prone to cause streaks and can even leave scratches on your windows & glass.

When Cleaning Use Straight Movements

There’s a misconception that using circular movements is the best way to clean your glass. Using linear movements is better to avoid streaking and it ensures the entire area is covered.

A well-kept secret among professional cleaners is to clean the outside of your car windows using horizontal movements. The inside surface should be done using vertical movements. There’s no logical explanation of why it works, but it does. Simply try it for yourself.

Two Separate Cloths Must be Used When Cleaning

Even though it might seem convenient to use only one cloth for cleaning and buffing it’s not recommended. Use a separate cloth for cleaning and a new one for buffing.

If you use only one cloth for both activities than you would simply transfer the same dirt to another section of your car. It defeats the purpose, right? Rather have two separate rags prepared, one for cleaning and one for buffing to get the best results.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

If you clean your car windows or windscreen in direct sunlight it increases the evaporation rate which can leave streaks and residue on your glass. It’s advisable to clean your auto glass in the shade to allow for a streak-free clean. Some car glass cleaners can be used in direct sunlight but the conventional liquid base glass cleaners are best used in the shade.

What’s Required for a Proper Clean:

  • Glass cleaner: When selecting a glass cleaner for your car make sure it’s a residue-free type. It’s also important to use a glass cleaner specifically designed for the surface you need to clean. If you’re cleaning your car windows ensure you select a glass cleaner that doesn’t leave any streaks behind.
  • Microfiber cleaning towel: This piece of cloth is such a handy cleaning tool to use when cleaning your auto glass. Opt for a lint-free one or at the very least 300 GSM rating microfiber cleaning towel.
  • Protective gear: Because you’ll be exposed to certain chemicals that may be harmful when inhaling or handling, wear the right gear. It’s better to use gloves when working with these products. Using a face mask and goggles can also protect you if you’re using aerosol sprays.

Final Words

Isn’t it wonderful to know that streak-free windows are possible with the right glass cleaner? The frustration of getting your windows sparkling clean can finally be something of the past. Simply follow the guidelines we’ve provided and enjoy more leisure time with friends & family.

Your safety is important so avoid any build-up that can cause fogging or haze when you’re driving. Select products that are safe to use and environmentally friendly. Moreover, base your selection on more than simply the price tag but all the important features we’ve listed.

Enjoy cleaning your auto glass with fewer hassles.

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