Best Ceramic Coating to Cover and Protect Your Car

Best Ceramic Coating to Cover and Protect Your Car

The term ceramic coating ultimately refers to a liquid polymer transparent coating, which to cover and protect your vehicle. Also referred to as Nano-coating, the best ceramic coatings are chemically bonded to your vehicle’s paintwork, using innovative technology to provide that just out of the showroom shine and armor-like protection for years to come.

Most ceramic coatings offer a fantastic hydrophobic veneer, meaning that water will bead up as soon as it hits the surface and simply roll straight off; taking dirt and dust with it. Applying a ceramic coating is also a more affordable option long term, reducing the number of times you need to clean your car and maintain it. Providing a durable and flexible shield that will protect your vehicle for longer, the ceramic coating will keep your car looking like new with minimal maintenance.

If you are thinking about using ceramic coating to protect your paintwork, read on for a full in-depth review of the best in the business. We have broken down all of the factors that you need to consider when choosing your coating, as well as choosing our top ten favorites of 2024.

Features to consider in Good Ceramic Coating

There are so many benefits to applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle, including:

  • Protection: Keeping the paint on your car looking like it just drove out of the garage, ceramic coating ultimately aims to protect your vehicle from its environment. Whether it is bird droppings, tree sap, road salt, or anything else, a ceramic coating will keep it looking newer and shinier for longer.
  • Ease of Maintenance: The coating’s hydrophobic abilities means that your car stays much cleaner for longer and you will not need to wash your vehicle as frequently.
  • Enhanced Shine: The coating’s hydrophobic abilities means that your car stays much cleaner for longer and you will not need to wash your vehicle as frequently.
  • Chemical Resistance: Ceramic coatings are also often chemical resistant, in that they prevent contaminants from clinging onto your car’s paintwork and causing permanent damage.
  • UV Resistance: Some ceramic coatings are also UV resistant. This means that such coatings are able to protect the paintwork. Reducing the risk of paint fading or peeling off due to the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • Cost: In comparison with car wax, which needs to be applied around once every three months, ceramic coating is a more affordable option. Some of the coatings discussed can protect your vehicle for several years and the water repellent properties mean that you will also save cash on getting your car cleaned.

Top 11 Best Ceramic Coating For Cars 2024

1. CarPro Cquartz kit

CarPro Cquartz kit

Why we like it: If you are looking for a ceramic coating that works quickly and does not require a whole bunch of tools, the CarPro C.Quartz Kit offers a professional finish you can achieve at home. CarPro are world leaders when it comes to auto-detailing and ceramic coating and the use of innovative technology in this ceramic coating ensures that the paintwork on your car stays pristine for longer.

Editor’s Rating:

Offering a sleek glossy finish and providing a super hard armor-like surface, this CarPro ceramic coating feature an impressive 70% Sio2 with 99.9% purity. Furthermore, it has been created with the use of exclusive nano-technology to provide the ultimate protection for up to two years, including chemical stain and UV resistance. 

With the vast majority of reviews online indicating an excellent finish and premium performance, this fast-action formula is super durable. When it comes to self-cleaning, this is probably one of the best products on the market. The excellent hydrophobic qualities mean that this coating is both water and dirt repellent, and it is reported to prevent at least 50% of light wash marring. Plus this professional ceramic coating will even protect from damage caused by tree sap and bird droppings! The kit includes an applicator and five cloths and the 50ml bottle should be plenty to enough to cover one vehicle or two smaller ones. 

CarPro suggests that the product is easy to apply, but online, some reviews have indicated that this may not be the best ceramic coating choice for a beginner. Moreover, it should be noted that you will need to use the CarPro shampoo to clean your car afterward. Several reviews have also highlighted that the CarPro Cquartz is particularly difficult to remove without professional assistance.


  • Easy to apply
  • Premium finish
  • Super hard 
  • Excellent hydrophobic qualities
  • Fully inclusive kit


  • Limited to CarPro shampoo
  • Difficult to remove

2. Color N Drive Ceramic Coating Kit

Color N Drive Ceramic Coating Kit

Why we like it: Utilizing 9H Nano Technology, the Color N Drive ceramic coating is a unique ceramic paint sealant that offers a shiny gloss coat and super tough 9H durability. Providing protection from a whole host of contaminants, this specially formulated nano-coating provides excellent results in just one coat.

Editor’s Rating:

Online reviews have suggested that Color N Drive has excellent durability, lasting on average around 5 years or 150 car washes. This is particularly impressive, with this product having one of the longest life spans out of all the ceramic coatings discussed here. As well as providing a mirror-like aesthetic, the Color N Drive kit will also ensure protection from frost, acid rain, scratches, and even stone chips. Wherever you are driving, Color N Drive coating has got you covered. Furthermore, this ceramic coating is UV resistant, protecting your paint even if constantly exposed to the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Providing you with everything that you need, the complete kit contains everything that you need to apply your ceramic coating including a spray bottle, two coated sponges, two microfiber cloths and safety gloves. This is a relatively user-friendly product, but there have been some suggestions online that the instructions are not quite as easy to follow as some of the other examples. Furthermore, reports have indicated that there is quite a significant preparation time involved to achieve the best results.

With a 3D high gloss and a 9H hardness rating that is resistant to damage, Color N Drive is easily one of the most popular choices amongst amateurs and professionals alike.  Whilst there are some minor limitations, the vast majority of reviews online are 4 and 5 stars, with most people praising the excellent finish that they were able to achieve.


  • High gloss
  • Premium 9H protection
  • Excellent water repellent
  • Scratch resistant
  • Lasts for 5 years


  • Preparation time

3. Migliore Strata Coating

Migliore Strata Coating

Why we like it: Protecting your vehicle's paint and exterior, Migliore is a US-based company that is well-known around the world for their top-quality auto range. Their ceramic coating product is certainly considered one of the best in the world, and it is not very hard to see why.

Editor’s Rating:

The Migliore Strata coating has been created using innovative technology, and it features nano-bionic particles which will provide a tough 3D structure that shines like a mirror. Offering premium performance, this ceramic coating provides protection against bird droppings, tree sap, and chemicals elements, as well as being UV resistant and scratch-resistant. The glossy ceramic particles will provide your car with its very own suit of armor. You will not need to clean your car quite as much, with the product being efficient at resisting streaking, swirling and water spots. Moreover, Migliore is said to provide extreme deep gloss like no other coating. Keeping your paintwork looking bright and shiny for longer, this versatile product can also be used on your rims, trim and exhaust. 

If you are looking for a user-friendly ceramic coating in which even beginners can achieve a professional standard, the Migliore Strata is a solid, reliable choice. Users of all skill levels are able to easily apply this product. However, success will depend on ensuring that you do proper prep work, and it is important to ensure that you follow the instructions carefully.  

Online reviews have suggested that this is a highly effective ceramic coating, but the premium quality finish does come at a pretty premium price. It is slightly more expensive than other options, but you are definitely paying for quality. However, whilst the Migliore Strata does provide a powerful barrier, this does only last for 12 months, which is lower than some of the other products discussed here.


  • High gloss
  • Hydrophobic
  • Quick application
  • Self-cleaning
  • Versatile Product
  • User-friendly


  • Only a year
  • Expensive

4. Adam’s Ceramic Paint Coating

Adam’s Ceramic Paint Coating

Why we like it: Adam’s Ceramic Paint Coating is also an excellent choice, promising to provide eye-catching protection with a deep shine. Providing a semi-permanent bond with your vehicle’s paintwork, this ceramic coating from  USA based company will keep your car looking its best.

Editor’s Rating:

 Protecting against the usual hazards, including chemicals, UV rays, dust, and dirt, Adam’s offers a 9H hardness rating and will last approximately two years, or 190 washes. This transparent nanocrystalline coating durable coating is a highly hydrophobic solution, providing a barrier against most forms of contaminants, and Reducing swirl marks and scratching.

This is a user-friendly option and several reviews online have also highlighted that the kit is easy enough to apply. This is a full kit, which includes the prep solution, Ceramic Boost, two soft towels, two applicator towels, and two microsuede applicators. However, it is a labor-intensive process and it definitely takes quite a long time to ensure the best results. If you are looking for a quicker short term solution Adam’s Ceramic Spray coating is a fast and easy approach. For the spray coating, cure time is around four hours and this is much better suited for beginners. However, if you are looking for the increased protection and durability the Ceramic Paint Coating that is discussed here will require around 24 hours and a fair amount of prep. For example, in order to achieve an ultra-high gloss finish, you will need to ensure that you wash clay and prepare your car properly.

There have also been some suggestions that the Adams is a little bit expensive comparably. However, when you consider the amount of product you get, this could be a great value option if you need to apply ceramic coating to more than one vehicle. You could also store the extra for future applications, but make sure that it is kept in a cool dry place.


  • Premium quality
  • Fabulous shine
  • Hydrophobic
  • 2 years 
  • 9H Hardness


  • Slightly pricey
  • Some prep required

5. Ceramic Coating Pro

Ceramic Coating Pro

Why we like it: The Nano Bonds Ceramic Pro is a versatile product with minimal maintenance required. Promising effortless cleaning, this product will enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics. Plus, the 100% transparent gloss coating provides a crystallized layer between your vehicle and its environment. Lasting a seriously astonishing 5-10 years, depending on the car's environment, the impressive durability of this product sets it apart from the rest.

Editor’s Rating:

Suitable for use on your car, RV, board, motorbike or any other vehicle, the Nano Bonds Ceramic Pro coating has been designed using a unique formula that will create a secure bond with your cars paint. With 80% pure silicon dioxide, it offers a multi-layer coating with various elasticities to protect against a whole assortment of environmental hazards. It has high abrasion resistance, excellent resistance to heat, and it will protect your car from snow and ice in the winter as well as damaging UV rays in the summer. It is also anti-dust and mud and can prevent oxidation and corrosion.

The Nano Bonds Coating is relatively easy to apply, but there is significant preparation time in order to ensure the best results. Furthermore, some users online have reported that one bottle was not enough to cover their entire vehicle. This should definitely be taken into consideration, particularly if you have a larger car, as when you consider this in relation to the cost of this product, it could get expensive. 

With such excellent results and long-lasting protection combined with a high gloss finish,  the Nano Bonds Ceramic Pro is a solid reliable choice, but it is on the pricey side and the perfect result will take time to achieve.  


  • Versatile
  • User-friendly
  • Excellent hydrophobic properties
  • Dirt repellent 
  • Crystal gloss


  • One bottle may not be enough
  • Significant prep time

6. Ethos Ceramic Wax

Ethos Ceramic Wax

Why we like it: Combining the benefits of wax with a ceramic coating hardness and durability, the Ethos Ceramic Wax is an affordable choice that offers a premium level of protection. The high gloss finish is particularly impressive, and you will easily be able to see your reflection due to its mirror-like qualities.

Editor’s Rating:

Infused with 30% pure silica, the Ethos Ceramic Wax offers UVA and UVB protection and it will protect your car from environmental hazards, corrosion, oxidation, and UV rays. Moreover, the Ethos ceramic coating is both scratch and fingerprint resistant, and the silica infusion technology allows for excellent shine and optimum clarity. Making car maintenance a breeze, the non-stick water repellent coating will ensure that your vehicle repels stains and water, reducing the potential for water spots and swirls. 

The product is relatively easy to apply, and professional-level skills are not necessary to achieve a perfect finish. Plus, you should easily be able to ensure even coverage and you can even wipe it off if you have applied too much. However, it will take around 12 hours to dry, and some online reviews have said that both the prep time and the application process do take a long time. It should also be noted that there was one user online who stated that their coating had cracked, leaving behind a white powder and some residue. Furthermore, other reviewers have indicated that the durability of the product had been affected when driving in high-pressure environments. 

The durable semi-permanent membrane will protect for approximately a year, which is slightly less time than some of the other options.  However, this is a great value pick, and the reliable performance and low price tag mean that this would be an excellent choice for anyone on a budget. 


  • Easy to apply
  • Water repellent
  • Affordable
  • Tool- free application
  • UV resistant
  • Excellent durability


  • Coating may crack
  • Only lasts for a year

7. Nasiol ZR53 Love and Protect

Nasiol ZR53 Love and Protect

Why we like it: Providing showroom shine and premium protection, the Nasiol Love and Protect Ceramic Coating does what it says on the tin. With excellent resistance against acid, rains, scratches and the sun’s UV rays, as well as providing a highly hydrophobic surface with a crystal gloss finish. Keeping that carwash freshness for even longer, Nasiol’s ceramic coating will prevent any damage caused by chemicals, erosion, and oxidation.

Editor’s Rating:

This is a dual layers product, in that it is soft at the bottom where it bonds with your car’s paint and it has a harder top layer. This aims to protect the vehicle whilst maintain flexibility and elasticity. Furthermore, this is an ultra-versatile product which will protect every last detail and can be used on your rims, plastic trim, headlights, and bumper. The hydrophobic effect will ensure that water will immediately bead on contact, rolling off the vehicle and taking dust and dirt with it. A single coat of this 9H water repellent veneer will protect your car’s paintwork for an impressive 3 years. This has been echoed across online reviews, with several users particularly praising the long-lasting crystal gloss effect.

Each kit contains a 50 ml bottle of the Nasiol solution, two microfiber gloves, an application pack and 2 pairs of safety gloves. If you are struggling or wish to clarify the instructions further, check out the selection of online video tutorials on the Nasiol website. Only one coat of this top-quality coating is required, and most users have said that it is easy to apply at home. However, it should be noted that this fast-action formula works fast and it is important that you buff off any residue before it dries. Several users online have suggested that it may leave behind a mark on the coating if not done quickly. Moreover, it is also highlighted that the curing time for this product is fairly significant at around 48 hours.


  • Showroom shine
  • Dual layer protection
  • Impressive durability
  • Versatile


  • Long curing time
  • Some residue may be left behind

8. Sonax Profiline Ceramic Coating

Sonax Profiline Ceramic Coating

Why we like it: Through German-engineered technology, the Sonax ceramic coating will ultimately coat your car like a second skin. It is a hard as glass protective layer that will provide extreme resistance against the environment, including salt, tar, pollution, UV rays, and chemicals. Keeping your paintwork pretty by preventing erosion and oxidation, this flexible ceramic coating leaves behind just a deep gloss finish that will last for around a year.

Editor’s Rating:

Price-wise, this is considered a mid-range product, and yet it offers the performance and capabilities of some of the higher-end options. It is an all-inclusive kit, with no special equipment required. Each kit includes the Sonax Profiline base coat (75ml), the gloss coat, 2 application sponges, 1 microfiber cloth and 1 pair of gloves. Clear and straight forward instructions will also be included. If you are shopping in Europe you will also receive the Sonax preparation solution, but this is not legally sold in the US. Although this is ultimately a two-step process, the application time is still relatively average, and you can apply the second layer just one hour after the first. However, it still remains that whilst prep time may be lower than other options; this is still quite a significant amount of work for just one year of protection.

However, whilst some have reported that the aerosol does allow for improved ease of use, others have suggested that this may result in overspray. Furthermore, there have been several reviews online that state that the nozzle had got clogged up. There have also been some suggestions that it can be difficult to ensure an even coating. As a result, it is recommended that you Work carefully in a well-lit environment.


  • Extreme  resistance
  • Deep gloss finish
  • Affordable
  • Multi-layer coating


  • Only lasts for a year
  • Some issues with application

9. Aneil High Gloss Ceramic Car Coating Kit

Aneil High Gloss Ceramic Car Coating Kit

Why we like it: Keeping your vehicle’s paintwork pristine for longer, the Aneil high gloss ceramic coating will leave behind a showroom shine whilst also providing excellent protection with 9H hardness. Also known as Mr. Fix, this dual-core ceramic coating utilizes the latest German nano synthetic technology to assure premium performance.

Editor’s Rating:

Forming a veneer with a purity of 98.5%, Mr. Fix will preserve your vehicle’s paintwork and is said to protect from all manner of contaminants, including UV rays, stone chips, and salt.  The unique molecular characteristic means that this product from Aneil is ultimately a quality hydrophobic gloss coating, which features a high-temperature UV resistance, is scratch-resistant and can protect from acid rain and oil oxidation. This is further supported amongst online reviews, in which several users have reported that this is a particularly good choice if you are often driving in harsh environments. The stable molecular structure ensures long-lasting performance and the Aneil High Gloss is reported to last an impressive 3-5 years, depending on your environment, car and how often you wash your vehicle.

Each kit includes a 30 ml solution, cloth, and sponge, with more bottles required for a larger vehicle. Whilst this is a user-friendly product, the instructions are lacking and not quite as clear as what they could be. Furthermore, although preparation time is around average, you will not be able to touch or use your car for around 12 hours after application

Applying ceramic coating can be an expensive undertaking, but the Aneil High Gloss is a great value product.  It offers long term protection, has excellent corrosive properties and possesses fantastic durability.  Furthermore, the Aneil High Gloss coating is solvent-free, non-toxic and environmentally- friendly. Making sure that your paintwork remains smooth and bright, this is a solid choice that easily makes our top ten.


  • Deep Gloss
  • Excellent durability
  • Nano synthetic technology
  • Tough 
  • High resistance 
  • Affordable


  • Unable to touch vehicle for 12 hours
  • 1 bottle may be insufficient 

10. Shield One Advanced Nano Hydrophobic Coating

Shield One Advanced Nano Hydrophobic Coating

Why we like it: Providing a flawless finish and a high gloss shine, you can shield your car from damage caused by water and dirt with Shield One’s Advanced Hydrophobic Coating.

Editor’s Rating:

As we have mentioned throughout this review, the term hydrophobic refers to a ceramic coating’s ability to repel water, and this is an area in which this Shield One product particularly excels. Moreover, this product will deepen and enhance the color of your paintwork, making sure that your vehicle stands out from the crowd.

Featuring advanced polymer protection, the nano-coating solution ensures a smooth and even finish through forming a secure bond at the molecular level. It is also ultra-versatile and can be used across your car’s interior and exterior. It can even be applied on glass, plastic components and wheels. Moreover, it also doubles as a glass cleaner and a clay bar lubricant. Finally, it is not just limited to use for the car; this is a multi-purpose product that can be used for your vehicle, but also for your home, boat, RV, or anywhere else.

The Shield One Hydrophobic Coating ultimately acts as a sealant, offering a 9H ceramic coating booster. As a result, it does only last for around six months, but it has a quick spray-on/ wipe-off application and it is a great shortcut to ceramic coated protection. If you are looking for a quick boost, without the extensive prep or professional support, this product will protect your paintwork and leave behind a high shine. It is super easy to apply, just follow the clear instructions to DIY a professional ceramic finish car care.

 With regards to quality results, excellent protection, and all-round car care for less, the Shield One Advanced Nano Hydrophobic Coating is reliable, but it is only a short term solution.


  • Ultra-hydrophobic
  • Advanced nanotechnology
  • Dirt and water repellent
  • Whole car protection


  • Short term solution

11. Hocossy 10H Nano Super Ceramic Coating

Hocossy 10H Nano Super Ceramic Coating

Why we like it: Although it may not offer quite the same performance as some of the other ceramic coatings discussed, Hocossy is available at a great value price. There have multiple different ceramic coatings available, including this seriously impressive solution with a 10H diamond-hard layer.

Editor’s Rating:

Leaving behind a deep gloss shine, the nanoparticles offer a crystal effect that will enhance and revive. The optical brighteners will restore your car’s original color, just leaving behind a fully transparent 30 um thick layer of tough protection. Improving anti-scratch significantly, this product has the power to stand up to hazards, such as acid rains, UV rays and all manner of environmental concerns. It also features heat resistance of up to 760 degrees and is anti-corrosive with a pH tolerance of 2-12. Sealing your car’s paintwork and making sure that it stays pretty for longer; this is also effective at preventing damage related to rust or oxidation.

It is super easy to apply, and the kit is fully inclusive; containing everything that you will need for the tax.  However, it is important to note that some users have had issues applying this due to the speedy drying time. Ensure that you have buffed away all residues before it dries, or you may be left with a mark. It has also been suggested that one bottle was not enough to cover a mid-size car, and it is important to take this into consideration. However, it does only last around 6-12 months, and you may wish to opt for one which stays put for longer.

Almost a hybrid between professional-grade ceramic coating and coat wax, this product may not have the durability of some of the others discussed but it still offers excellent protection and it is ultimately a great value solution.


  • 10H Diamond Hard Protection
  • Excellent value
  • Anti-scratch
  • UC protection
  • Anti-Corrosive
  • Brighteners


  • Limited durability- 6-12 months

Guide to Buying the Best Ceramic Coating

Other Factors

When you are choosing the perfect ceramic coating for your vehicle, there are several factors to consider, including:

  • Durability: The durability of the ceramic coating is particularly important, with longevity ranging from just one year’s protection and five-plus. While it may seem wise to pick a coating that lasts for longer, it is also important to ensure that you have considered everything else.
  • Ease of Use: If you are a beginner, it can be difficult to apply ceramic coating so ease of use is also important. Some coatings may require specialized skills or tools, and others may be better suited to professional use. If you planning on using a DIY ceramic coating, we recommend that you check out reviews online to see what others have had to say regarding the application process.
  • Environment: The environment that your car tends to be in the most can also influence your decision when it comes to ceramic coating. For example, the weather and climate can affect the one you pick. If you live in a particularly sunny area, it might be wise to choose a product that features UV resistance so that the coating provides protection against the sun’s harmful rays and helps to prevent oxidation of your car’s paintwork. Whereas, cars that are frequently exposed to nature or if you live in a particularly green area, may benefit from protection against tree sap or bird droppings.
  • Car usage: The number of times you use your car, how often you wash it and the types of road that you are driving on can also impact on your choice.  If you use your car frequently, there is an increased likelihood that it is exposed to more hazards daily. As a result, you may require a coating with increased protection. If you are looking for minimal maintenance, a hydrophobic coating is the best choice. As we have already discussed above, this means that it will repel the water, taking away dirt and grime; ultimately reducing how often you will need to wash your car.
  • Cost: Obviously, we also need to consider the cost, and although the premium options may provide a better finish and longer-lasting protection, they can be quite expensive. To pick the perfect one for your budget, consider all the factors that we have discussed.

Applying Ceramic Coating


The success of your ceramic coating will ultimately depend on how thoroughly you have prepped the vehicle. Different ceramic coatings may require different preparation methods, so, as always, we recommend that you check the manufacturer’s instructions before you begin.

  • Wash: Always begin with making sure that the surface of your vehicle has been thoroughly cleaned and is completely free or any debris, contaminants, swirls or watermarks.
  • Clay: Some of the ceramic coatings discussed recommend a clay bar treat, which will ensure the proper removal of all dirt and grime as well as any car wax residue. Using clay mitt, apply gently pressure across the vehicle’s surface until it feels completely smooth.
  • Polish: Even if your vehicle is new, it may still require polishing to correct imperfections and lock in a perfect finish. Either polish with a non-wax polishing compound or by using an electric polishing machine.
  • Wipe: Using a microfiber towel, give the car one last wipe down to remove any remaining oils or waxes. A surface that is completely free of any residue is essential for the coating to bond with the paintwork, so make sure that you pay careful attention to each step.


If you are considering a DIY coating at home, check out our top tips and simple steps for a smooth application process.

  • When you are using ceramic coating,  ensure that you wear appropriate protective wear, especially gloves to avoid any contact with the solution.
  • Work in a well-lit closed environment, such as a garage.
  • After you have prepped your vehicle, you may wish to cover any windows and panels, especially if you have opted for a spray coating.
  • Wrap a sponge with the cloth and then add a few drops of the liquid before wiping  your vehicle.
  • When wiping the product into the paint, ensure that the coating is level by using even pressure throughout and always true to keep layers thin.
  • Ensure that you have an even consistent coating before wiping off any leftovers with a damp towel.
  • It is recommended that you leave your ceramic coating for a minimum of 24 hours, but 48 hours ensures the best possible results.


One of the best things about ceramic coating is that it can significantly reduce the number of times you will need to wash your car. However, even after a ceramic coating, brush marks are possible. As a result, it is important to stay away from harsh coarse brushes. If you are looking to get your car washed professionally, you can let them know that you have applied a ceramic coating and discuss the best possible methods for cleaning.

For the best results, use a car shampoo that has been created with ceramic coating in mind and avoid the use of any strong chemical or abrasive solutions. Some of the products discussed will require you to use their specific car shampoo to maintain the best possible results.


Can ceramic coating prevent scratches?

Although ceramic coating can provide some resistance against scratches, it cannot be guaranteed. If you are looking for increased scratch resistance, consider a 9H ceramic coating, which offers diamond-level hardness and improved protection. You could also consider a multi or dual-layer product for increased resistance.

Can I use a ceramic coating on an older vehicle?

It may depend on the vehicle itself, but if you are coating an older car, more prep time is likely to be required. Furthermore, if your paint is chipped or has become thin, there is a risk of ceramic coatings interacting with the bodywork on your vehicle, and potentially causing permanent damage. If you are looking to give an older vehicle the ceramic coating treatment, you may wish to seek professional advice and assistance.

Do I still need to wax my car?

No, the ceramic coating is an alternative to waxing. Reducing the amount of time you need to spend on your vehicle to maintain that brand new finish.

How do I remove ceramic coating?

It can be difficult to remove some of the products discussed above. However, it is considered that the best way to remove the solution on your car is by polishing or compounding. Seek professional advice before doing this yourself.

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