The 10 Best Car Coolers And Warmers to Buy 2020


Those who’ve suffered at the hands of high temperatures know the importance of the best car coolers and warmers. Apart from keeping drinks and foods cold, a car cooler and warmer can also keep drinks and food warm. From cool soda drinks to hot cups of coffee, there’s no doubt a car cooler and warmer has its place, especially for days spent away from home

Features to Consider in Good Car Coolers And Warmers

Even the best car coolers and warmers can be affordable. However, their benefits are diverse and worth taking into consideration. Organizing outings is easier as a result. From day trips to full holidays, its worth considering the benefits offered by a car cooler and warmer.

Cooling drinks

Cooling drinks seems to be the number one task assigned by users to their best car coolers and warmers. A few examples include soda cans, beers, wines, and water bottles. From one water bottle to 6 large water bottles, car coolers and warmers come in all shapes and sizes.

Keeping foods warm

Apart from cooling drinks and foods, a car cooler and warmer also works the other way around. Keeping tea, coffee and readymade food warm for longer means picnics or days out can be even more enjoyable.

Tasty treats away from home

When judging the portability of the best car cooler and warmer, users find its true value. Acting like a small fridge away from home, the car cooler is often-times used in some of the most remote locations, such as on hikes. The following best car coolers and warmers are selected according to their size and according to their cooling capacity.

Top 10 Best Best Coolers And Warmers 2020

1. Coleman Cooler 40-Quart Portable Cooler

Why we like it: Suitable for car use, the Coleman Cooler is one of the most popular products in its class also due to the trust the brand enjoys at the moment.

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Design Features
Without doubt, the simple design of the cooler and warmer is enough for the needs of most travelers. Holding up to 44 cans, the car cooler and warmer is a capable design which can be used for short day trips such as outdoor barbeques or for longer stays away from home, such as camping holidays.

There’s not too much to worry about the design. With a top lid which can open both to the left and to the right, the cooler is practical and easy to use. It is why so many users can consider placing it right next to the backseat as well as in the vehicle’s trunk. Its larger size is what families are usually after. For a number of users, the cooler is mainly the go-to option for larger amounts of food and drinks.

Convenient Features
The thermoelectric cooler is powered by the car’s battery. As a small mobile fridge and warmer, it is used for drinks and foods. With a cooling temperature which allows cold drinks to remain cold, there is a 40-quartz capacity offered by the cooler. The goods can stay up to 40 degrees cooler than the surrounding environment temperature.

Of course, there is no perfect cooler and wormer. Coleman’s cooler is a typical car cooler and warmer and this means it will only cool from cold. It will not freeze ice creams or water bottles in hot weather. But for travel purpose, it can make the difference both for tasty food and for refreshing drinks.

With a large capacity and top practicality, the car cooler and warmer is one of the best choices for families or couples.

  • Made with a practical lid design
  • Large capacity of up to 44 cans
  • Works in all cars
  • Suitable for barbeques and camping
  • Affordable for 44 quarts
  • No attached wheels

2. Wagan EL6224 24 Liter Electric Car Cooler and Warmer

Why we like it: Perfect for picnics, romantic gateways and days at the beach, the cooler and warmer easily fits in most cars.

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Design Features
They’re not too much to be said about a compact car cooler and warmer. It is this compact design which allows it to be taken on any road trips as it doesn’t require too much space. Made with vertical load, the cooler is easy to operate. The manufacturer also included a carry handle on the cooler. As a result, drinks and food can be taken further from the car to the park, to the beach or to a cabin.

Insulated with polyurethane foam, the cooler is also among the durable designs of its class. As long as it doesn’t go through any physical shocks, it can be used for years to come. There’s an ongoing discussion on the perfect size cooler and warmer. The electric cooler and warmer holds 4 bottles of 2L or 27 small refreshments cans.

Convenient Features
From cold juice and beer to cold sandwiches or warm food, there are plenty of benefits to using Wagan’s design. With a tight-closing lid, there’s no need to worry about any loss of cooling power. In fact, it takes about 30 minutes to cool 20 degrees Celsius below the ambient temperature. With only 30 minutes required for tangible cooling, the cooler can also be considered for short rides and one-day events.

The convenience of the design also means that it can easily be transported with its top handlebar. There’s a 7 feet power cord offered for 12V DC power included in the pack. It might not be the longest cord, but it works for most types of modern vehicles. Some cars are even known to have a DC power outlet in the trunk, so the total cable length might not be needed.

With a design suitable for transportation, the cooler works for basic drinks and food for one or two persons.

  • Quality lid design
  • Made with a practical handlebar
  • Cools in 30 minutes
  • Made with a 24L capacity
  • Not the longest power cord at 7 feet

3. Cooluli Electric Cooler and Warmer

Why we like it: With an included AC/DC adapter, this versatile cooler and warmer also has the friendlies design of the moment.

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Design Features
Based on a unique design, the cooler and warmer actually looks like a small fridge. It comes as one of the solutions which are easy to use if only there is enough space for the front door to open. Since it does not has a top door access design, it needs a bit more room to access the drinks or the food.

This design characteristic is what makes it different but it is also why the cooler may only be placed in the trunk. But going deeper into the design, users might find it’s not just about the space of the cooler and warmer.
On the outside, there’s a self-locking front door with a top-quality seal for better insulation. The case is made from ABS plastic, which is known for its durability. The same material is used for the handles on the sides of the cooler. A high-end energy system which produces low noise levels is added on the inside. But most importantly, the advanced power supply is what allows the cooler to switch between AC and DC current.

Convenient Features
Food grade materials are used on the inside of the cooler and warmer. Many users can consider packing it at full capacity. This capacity equates to 12 cans of soda. This is why refreshing drinks can be cooled easily inside the cooler for the entire family. Furthermore, there’s a simple switch to be used to toggle between cooling and heating food.

Used in small vehicles and in RV’s especially due to its design, the cooler can be powered directly from the vehicle. A 6-foot cable has been added to the pack so that users can easily connect it to the vehicle’s 12V outlet.
When it comes to possible drawbacks, all users need to know the cooler is actually a top quality product. However, some users have noted that an extra-large handlebar would have been a great addition so that they would not have to lift it as high to reach the side built-in handlebars.

With a quirky design and AC/DC power compatibility, this cooler may be the most modern affordable design.

  • Made with an attractive design
  • Uses durable ABS plastic materials
  • Switches between AC and DC power
  • Available on pink, green, black and yellow
  • Stores 12 cans or 10 liters
  • No large handlebar

4. Knox Electric Cooler and Warmer for Car and Home

Why we like it: With a large capacity, the car cooler and warmer is perfect for groups or families out camping.

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Design Features
It’s without a doubt that the biggest strength of the car cooler and warmer is actually its large design. In fact, the car cooler is so large that it can handle up to 6 2L bottles. 60 cans of soda can be chilled in the cooler. This is why some users might consider it for small sporting events, such as kids’ football games.

The design of the large cooler is adapted for modern use. It comes with all the practicality needed for any situation. One of the distinct advantages of what can be a heavy cooler is the mounted wheels. With the help of the built-in handle, users can actually pull it across various flat surfaces. This can be handy, especially when the cooler is packed with drinks, which only add to its total weight.

Convenient Features
The large cooler also comes with a 48-quartz cooling power. It means that it can chill down to 40 degrees and heat up to 130 degrees. From the typical beverage such as a soda or a beer to heated food such as pasta which remains tasty, it can handle most needs of groups or families.

There a practical divider included in the car cooler as well. It can be used to separate drinks from foods and it can be removed easily if needed. But one of the most convenient features of the cooler and warmer remains its tractability. With its built-in wheels and large pulling handle, it represents one of the simplest and most efficient designs to avoid carrying extra weight.

In terms of power needs, the cooler and warmer connects to the vehicle’s DC current. Its power cable is only 5 feet long, but this should cover the needs of most modern vehicles. With a foldable handle, it is also great for storage purpose when not in use.

The 48-quartz car cooler and warmer has an impressive 45-liter capacity, perfect for group events.

  • Large 45-liter capacity
  • Designed with a separator
  • Cools down to 40 degrees
  • Carries up to 60 cans of soda
  • Wheeled-based design
  • Short 5-feet power cord

5. Gourmia GMF668 Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler

Why we like it: With a built-in speaker, the mini fridge can be used at home or in the car, as needed.

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Design Features
Without doubt, the quirky design of the car cooler and warmer is actually made for the younger users. The speaker of the cooler is actually connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. It is also what makes it a special design, suitable for parties, small groups or family birthday parties.

With a 4-liter capacity, the cooler can cool or warm 6 cans. The interesting aspect of its design is just how easy it can switch between cooling and heating. If users don’t need any chilled beer for relaxation they can opt for tea or coffee which means they can also use the mini fridge for long rides, like those made on holidays.

But the mini fridge is also made with an attractive all-black design. Suitable for all types of cars, it can easily be one of the permanent additions to any car, due to its design. But the integrated speaker also means it can be used to listen to music while away at the park, in camps or even as an alternative to the car’s stereo.

Convenient Features
A self-locking latch has been included with the car cooler and warmer. This means all drinks and the food stored inside are safe. A removable shelf can help organize all of its contents. Of course, removable shelves are nothing new in the world of car coolers and warmers. But they can be a good addition to prevent food and drinks from moving around.

With AC and DC current compatibility, the car cooler and warmer can also be used outside the car. It goes without saying that it actually does a fantastic job as a second fridge inside the house as well. So when users don’t need it inside the car for various trips, the mini fridge can be used as a regular fridge for favorite drinks inside the house.

The added Bluetooth and the cooling capacity down to 32°F below ambient temperature make it a reliable affordable mini fridge when away from home.

  • Distinct elegant design
  • Affordable compared to its rivals
  • Included speakers and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Cools down to 32°F below ambient temperature
  • Small for large families

6. Black+Decker TC212B Black Portable Travel Cooler/Warmer

Why we like it: With an included shoulder strap, the portable car cooler and warmer can be easily a top choice for picnics.

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Design Features
With such a practical design, the cooler and warmer is among the most interesting in its class. It has actually managed to change the profile of car coolers and warmers, offering a travel bag perspective. With this design, it is how users are actually able to take the cooler camping, on a picnic or to other remote locations. There are even two included cup holders in the coolers which makes it a recommended choices for couples’ picnics.

Up to 12 soda cans fit inside the cooler and warmer. Of course, users can also consider the product to keep their food warm, especially when traveling outdoors. With a removable top lid, the cooler is very easy to handle, especially when used in small cars.

Convenient Features
One of the advantageous features of the car cooler and warmer comes with its included shoulder strap. Instead of looking at the product as a fixed design, users can see it as a walking option to be taken to parks, boats, and kids’ events.

There’s a side pocket added to the cooler as well. It can be used to keep different tools and objects such as bottle openers. But one of the most convenient features of the car cooler and warmer is actually its shut-off advanced function. When it detects low voltage, it automatically shuts off. This protects the cooler and it also protects the car’s battery.

A 12V DC adapter is added to the pack. Most cars have a 12V outlet either in the front, next to the driver, in the back or even in the trunk. It is why the cooler might as well be placed in the trunk. However, for safety purpose, it should be secure to avoid movement during turns.

Ready to be placed on the shoulder, the cooler eliminates the need for ice packs and heating products.

  • Designed to be carried on the shoulder
  • Included accessory pouch
  • Made with a dual cup holder
  • Chills down to 40 degrees
  • Available in black only

7. Knox Electric Cooler and Warmer for Car and Home

Why we like it: This classic-style car cooler and warmer can be enough for the undecided users not needed any special extras.

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Design Features
With a 32-liter capacity, the cooler and warmer reminds of the first designs of the products. However, it is still very reliable and it offers a medium to large storage capacity. Storing up to 30 cans of soda, it might be enough even for large families and small groups. A day of summer spent outside might be easier to tackle with the cooler.

The design of the cooler and warmer also features 2 cables. One of them is for standard wall outlets and the other is for car power adapters. While the cooler is not typically used indoors, it can be a solution on a weekend away at the lodge. But at the same time, it requires no extra accessories to power it from the car’s battery.

Convenient Features
As most car coolers and warmers, the Knox Electric design comes with two compartments. They can be used to cool different foods or they can be used as a preventive measure for the foods wobbling around when taking corners.
Chilling drinks down to 40 degrees and heating food up to 130 degrees is what the cooler and warmer can offer. There’s an LED indicator installed which can make readings easier, without having to open the cooler to check the temperature manually.

For those seeking to take the cooler to the beach or camping, the added carrying handle can help as well. It might not be the most modern handle, but it is made from durable plastic, which is all that’s needed from such an affordable design.

With AC and DC power compatibility, the cooler can be a solution for both food and drinks.

  • Based on a 34-quartz cooling power
  • Suitable for up to 48 cans of soda
  • Eliminates the need for ice packs
  • Made with a durable handle
  • The lid doesn’t open to both sides

8. Wagan EL6244 Blue 46 Quart 12V Thermoelectric Cooler/Warmer Car Fridge

Why we like it: While it looks like a suitcase, the car cooler and warmer is actually a mobile solution to be considered for all types of travel needs.

Editor’s rating

Design Features
There’s no denying that a car cooler and warmers on wheels are certainly appealing to many potential users. With its expandable handlebar, it is used exactly as a traveling suitcase. This means users don’t actually have to carry it avoiding lifting heavy weights.

Two access doors are situated on top of the car cooler and warmer. Just like in premium designs, they are actually inclusive of magnets which ensure they close tightly. Accessing the drinks or food is easier as a result.
Three main compartments are found inside the cooler. But they are actually based on mobile dividers. These dividers can be removed when not in use. Furthermore, all of them can be cleaned to ensure the cooler is free from bacteria.

Convenient Features
With 46 quartz power, the cooler is among the most capable designs in its class. Things don’t get much better even if users decide to invest much more in an alternative design. But one of the most convenient features of the cooler comes with the fact that it requires no ice. Practically, cooling be ensured on the go, without having to deal with all the issue of melting ice.

Another convenient advantage comes with the size of the cooler. Its family-size is perfect for parents and kids who are looking for fresh snacks and drinks while away from home. Its size also means the cooler is probably going to be stored inside the trunk, as it might not fit between the front and the backseat.

With a large design and luggage profile, the cooler is among the most practical choice when size is of great importance.

  • Made from durable plastic
  • Includes a collapsible handlebar
  • Based on wheel transportation
  • Made with magnetic access doors
  • Too large for some users

9. Wagan EL6206 – 6 Quart 12V Portable Electric Cooler/Warmer

Why we like it: With a compact design, the small car cooler and warmer might be a quick solution for the single user.

Editor’s rating

Design Features
When it comes to its design, there is not much to expect from such a small cooler and warmer. It can handle drinks and food for one or two users and it can be a lightweight solution to be carried when there is not too much space in the car, SUV or truck.

Holding up to 9 cans, the design of the car cooler also includes two cup holders. This is why they can be used even as a serving tray for the backseat passengers. Indicator lights are included as well. Users can count on them to tell whether cooling or warming is activated.

Convenient Features
There are various reasons to use such a compact cooler. One of them is given by the number of users. But other interesting reasons can be considered as well. For example, the cooler can be used for keeping medicine cold. Mums can consider such a small cooler to keep breast milk cool. Without doubt, not all users are seeking the largest type of car cooler.

Its practicality is also a distinct advantage. Apart from being small, it also comes with a carrying strap. For this reason, it is among the simplest and most efficient designs of its price range. There’s no reason not to pack delicious sandwiches when leaving home with such a practical cooler.

Given its size and affordability, the car cooler and warmer might be hard to match when seeking compact solutions for drinks and food.

  • Two included cup holders
  • Can be carried with a shoulder strap
  • Suitable for all cars, SUVs, and RVs
  • Suitable for keeping breast milk cold
  • Not compatible with wall power plugs

10. Housmile Electric Car Refrigerator

Why we like it: With an attractive design and a low noise performance, the ultra-practical car cooler and warmer is suitable for all users.

Editor’s rating

Design Features
With a weight of just 6.4 pounds, the car cooler and warmer is among the lightest in its class. Its attractive design also makes it one of the most appealing options users can consider. At the same time, it suffers from a real lack of customization options. If just a select number of car coolers are available in multiple colors, not the same can be said about the Housemile Electric Car Refrigerator.

Up to 12 cans of soda can be chilled in the cooler at a time. This means that it may still offer enough storage space for the needs of a couple. A convenient shoulder strap has also been added for users to rely on for easier transportation.

Convenient Features
One of the most convenient features of a car cooler and warmer is that it allows users to eat healthy foods while away from home. Instead of relying on unhealthy snacks, fruit juices, sandwiches, and even cooked food can be transported in the car cooler and warmer.

Toggling between the cooling and warming function is easy. At the same time, users can start chilling their drinks down to 36.5°F-41°F when the outdoor temperature is under 68°F. Warm up results can lead to temperatures of up to 140 °F.

Powered at the car’s cigarette lighter, the car cooler comes with a long cable, of nearly 9 feet. This is why it can also be one of the considered options for RVs, where the power cable needs to be longer. With a friendly design, the car cooler is perfect for 7-liter versatility.

With a power consumption of up to 68W, the car cooler and warmer is reliable even for long term use.

  • Low noise at 35db
  • Compact and easy to carry design
  • Made with a 7-liter capacity
  • Cools and warms food and drinks as needed
  • Stores up to 12 soda cans
  • Only connects to the car’s cigarette lighter


Does a car cooler need power?

A car cooler and warmer needs to be powered and connected to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Some of the most complex designs are actually also compatible with a wall outlet.

Is a car cooler and warmer safe for kids?

All car coolers and warmers are safe for kids to operate. This is one of the reasons they are so popular with young families. Furthermore, a car cooler can keep breastmilk cold when away from home.

How durable is a car cooler and warmer?

A car cooler and warmer is typically durable. Its ABS plastic construction is what allows the coolers to be used for years and years. However, even in these conditions, the car coolers and warmers should not be dropped.

Does a car cooler and warmer work when the car is off?

A car cooler and warmer will only get power from the cigarette lighter while the ignition is on. This is why coolers and warmers should actually be used the most while they are connected to a power source.

Does a car cooler and warmer work with metal cans?

Metal cans such as soda or beer can are placed in a cooler and warmer. It is perfectly safe to add these types of metals cans inside the cooler.

Guide to Buying the Best Coolers And Warmers

Choosing the best car coolers and warmers might be a matter of personal choice. But if there are a lot of subjective characteristics, there are also a lot of objective features to look at. For most users, the following characteristics are at the base of an inspired purchase.

Size matters

Deciding on the best size for the car cooler and warmer might not be too easy. All potential users need to take into account their personal needs as well as the needs of their families. In most cases, a 30-40L car cooler and warmer might be enough. For others, the right product might require less storage space.

When it comes to size, users also need to know that it affects cooling capacity. This is where a larger cooler might need extra power to cool drinks and food. The size of the car cooler and warmer is also a must-consider option for those with kids. A larger design is suitable for extra kids’ drinks and foods.

Design and practicality

The design of a car cooler and warmer can be different from case to case. From a box-style design to a carry-on design, there are various options to consider. When it comes to its practicality, a water cooler and warmer actually needs to fit the vehicle of the user. If many users prefer to place the cooler in-between the front and the backseat, some designs might only be placed in the vehicle’s trunk.

However, the practicality of the car cooler and warmer is also influenced by its profile. It is where the car cooler can be seen as a car-only design or as a cooler which can be easily be taken to on-foot remote locations, as is the case with the shoulder-placed coolers and warmers with their comfortable straps.

Power connectivity

Power connectivity is mostly limited to cigarette lighter plugs. However, there are a few top designs which also offer wall plug connectivity. This is why these complex designs can be truly useful when away from home, while camping. Since coolers only cool while power is connected, it is crucial to see that complex designs can work both inside cars and inside homes.

Power connectivity also needs to take into account the length of the power cable. From 5 feet to 9.5 feet, it is important to consider the compatibility with the vehicle. RV’s tend to need longer power cables. But for most vehicles, even shorter power cables should be fine.

Since there are cigarette lighters in different locations of a vehicle, it is important to plan ahead on the storage space of the cooler inside the vehicle. Trunk-based cigarette lighters are often seen on the list of extra options for modern vehicles. This is one situation where they can prove useful.

Added accessories

The accessories of the car cooler and warmer are not divers. In most cases, they are limited to extra power cables or dividers. However, foldable handles and built-in wheels prove to be more practical than expected. Since they are normally seen on large car coolers and warmers, it is important to find the right accessories for each user.

Families might need to carry more objects and extra food while camping. This is why many users can consider such gliding designs, more than carry-type car coolers and warmers. It is also crucial to find the right balance between these extras and the actual cooling capacity needed on an individual level.

Final words

The best car coolers and warmers are more portable than ever before. Manufacturers make them more user-friendly at the moment. However, most users still need simplicity and durability. Cooling powered is also of great importance.
As with all electric products, a warranty should cover any possible issues which might occur soon after the purchase. Some of the most respected brands in the industry offer durable products which have already been proven to last well in time. Even if they are mostly used during the summer, they can be relied on for years. Furthermore, some users also consider them for wintertime use, especially with the warmer function.