The 10 Best Laptop Vehicle Mounts to Buy 2020


We live in an exciting fast moving world, where access to information is a necessity. Technology is so interwoven into our world, creating the need for nifty tools which are easy to use. A laptop vehicle mount is one of those tools which are no longer a luxury but a must have accessory; especially for people who use their cars as mobile offices. It’s equally beneficial to anyone who needs quick access to his or her laptop while traveling.

Accessibility is the important factor here because time is money. Having access to your laptop anytime, anywhere will make you work more efficiently. Think of the advantage of responding to that important Email quickly or scheduling appointments with clients and simply keeping track of anything important online.

Of course you can use your SmartPhone to quickly check Emails but it doesn’t provide the same functionality as having your laptop handy.

The mount doesn’t only cater for drivers but can be safely used by your passengers also. They can watch movies while you drive. Now that certainly gives new meaning to road trips, right?

Features to Consider in Good Laptop Vehicle Mounts

Of course the market is filled with products that promise a lot but don’t always deliver. We’re going to help you cut through the marketing noise and determine what you really need.

Do You Really Need A Laptop Vehicle Mount?

Research has shown that every year over 120,000 people are hurt by flying objects inside vehicles. This occurs not only during an accident but during turns, sudden stops and unexpected manoeuvres.

It’s extremely dangerous having your laptop on the passenger seat during transit. Rather use a sturdy laptop vehicle mount to ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers. It also offers you the convenience of turning your vehicle into an office instantly with no effort at all.

It’s not simply a matter of getting the latest accessory because it’s cool. It all comes down to safety and efficiency.

Now let’s discuss a few options. We rated them so you can gauge which is the best value for money.

Top 10 Best Best Laptop Vehicle Mounts 2020

1. Mobotron MS-426 Standard Car iPad Mount

Why we like it: We appreciate the versatility that the Mobotron MS-426 laptop mount provides. This is a powerful mount that gives you stable support and a lot of functionality. It’s flexible enough to securely hold both laptops and tablets.


The main mounting arm rivals the mechanical arms used to mount TVs. This shows you the workmanship that went into building this impressive mount, which can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It’s built to last. Even though the MS-426 is on the chunky side, it leverages its size to its advantage.

Adjusting the mount to a 180° vertical motion or complete 360° horizontally is easy. The arm allows you to adjust the mounting surface fully. It’s that kind of adjustability and flair which makes this laptop vehicle mount stand out.

Why Use the Mobotron MS-426 Car Mount
The easy installation makes this mount even more appealing. There is no drilling required and it easily secures to the passenger seat rail. Make sure during installation that the passenger seat rail is flat and the bolt is easy to access & visible. Once mounted you can enjoy the flexibility of adjusting the tray vertically or horizontally to your comfort level.

Special Features
The extendable rear and front sliding bracket is a pretty neat feature. It also has a sure-grip laptop deck which will secure your laptop safely on the deck.

The pan can be hand controlled allowing easy access to adjust the tray vertically and horizontally. The deck can also be adjusted using the two quick-release levers and knob-screws. Its universal mounting base makes it multi-purpose and very easy to use.

  • Easy to install
  • Very adjustable
  • Affordable
  • More room than traditional units
  • Can become wobbly
  • Durability

2. Mobotron MS-526 Heavy-Duty Mount

Why we like it: Do you prefer your machinery full-size and stout? Then this mount might be right for you. The Mobotron MS-526 heavy duty mount can handle more than a little weight.


It can accommodate laptops up to 17 inches and still provide the sure-grip deck like the Mobotron MS-426. It also has a fully adjustable tray which allows for different positioning.

Again, installation is hassle free as no drilling is required. The only requirement is that your vehicle must have a flat passenger seat rail with accessible bolts. This mount is fitted with lock-in levers that allow you to quickly install or uninstall in seconds. There will be no excuse for anything to get in the way of your work.

Why Use the Mobotron Heavy Duty Mount
The sure-grip laptop deck remains an impressive feature. Looking at this mount’s size it still provides agile flexibility with a fully adjustable tray. It can comfortably accommodate larger laptops up to 17 inches.

Overheating of laptops is very common but the ventilation ports on this mount help to keep your laptops cool during operation. The well designed unit boasts with an easy to use no drill installation method. Installation is hassle free in any vehicle.

Special Features
The quick lock-in and release levers are some of the best features. It makes it easy to install and uninstall in seconds. Laptops from 10″ to 17″ can be easily secured with the sure-grip laptop deck with extendable rear and front bracket. The ventilation ports are also handy and keep the laptop cool during operation & the no drill installation is always a plus in our books.

  • Heavy duty quality
  • Value for money
  • Steady fit
  • Easy to remove
  • Bracket unsteady
  • Need more bracket options

3. AA Products Laptop Mount

Why we like it: If you’re looking for a good addition to your work tools but need to watch your spending, this AA Products laptop mount is worth a look.


This laptop mount has a tube that can extend to help you move your unit into the ideal position. It’s made from lightweight forged aluminum which makes it durable and resilient. Again no drilling is required to install this bolt-on laptop mount.

The tray of the mount provides ample work space you can use. The flat surface allows you to write notes, store documents or complete paperwork when the unit isn’t holding your laptop. This gives you dual functionality that can be vital when you need to meet deadlines.

To easily remove the mount, simply use the quick-release switch found on either side of the stand.

Why Use the AA Products Laptop Mount
We’re crazy over cup holders, but who isn’t, right? This stand boasts twin cup holders. We think it’s a pretty neat feature and can be very useful on the long road. Bear in mind the fabric composition means they aren’t the strongest holders but that doesn’t take away from their usefulness.

Installation is via the drill free bracket design. This has been standard across all models as it’s convenient and easy to use. The design on this mount is pretty simple but it’s efficient and crammed with useful little extras.

Special Features
The quick release on both ends of the unit makes it easy to uninstall. The flat metal tray is multi-purpose and can be used for several tasks, such as writing or any paperwork that needs to be done. The metal tray is solid and hard wearing.

Space is maximized with the tube that can extend in your car, making the mount less invasive.

  • Can mount two laptops
  • Lightweight and solid
  • Versatile
  • Bolts unfasten easily
  • Can become unstable

4. Bracketron Mobotron Universal Mount

Why we like it: Sometimes using your vehicle as an office equates to working long hours on your laptop. This necessitates using a laptop with superior computing power. It’s a well-known fact, as the CPU speed and power increases, so too does the heat that emits from the laptop. Does that sound familiar? If so, you should consider taking a look at the laptop vehicle mount from Bracketron.


It has outstanding ventilation capabilities. This unit is fitted with a centrally mounted ventilation port plus vertical and horizontally heat sink ports. That means, you have a cooler laptop for longer thanks to this innovative design.

Why Use the Bracketron Mobotron Universal Mount
The locking mechanism on this unit is pretty impressive and suits the design perfectly. The mount easily clips onto the corners of the laptop. The thought of a grip on might sound like a flimsy hold but it provides a strong and secure lock while also leaving the keyboard free for you to use at leisure.

The multi-jointed metallic arm is strong and allows easy movement. This unit has a quick release system for easy mounting and removing. At this stage one can expect nothing less than a drill free installation method. Any other way to install a mount will simply be too much of a hassle.

Special Features
The excellent ventilation it provides is absolutely its stand out feature. It can carry the weight of a 17” laptop easily allowing stable mobile computing. It mounts to the passenger side quickly and with very little effort. It’s compatible with both vertical and horizontal seat bolts.

  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Competitive price
  • Good arm support
  • Adjustable
  • Not too sturdy
  • Little versatility

5. AA Products T-100B Laptop Mount

Why we like it: This durable laptop mount could possibly be one of the easiest installations from the range.


It’s made from quality materials which include lightweight aluminium. Because it requires no drilling, setting it up is a dream. You simply attach it to the passenger seat and you will never have to install it again.

Say goodbye to the hassle of complicated removals that takes a lot of time. The quick release levers attached to the base bracket makes removing the mount hassle free.

Adjusting your device to the perfect position is easy with the tube that can extend. The double jointed knobs allow movement up to 360 degrees.

Why Use the AA Products T-100B Laptop Mount
The bendable braces around the borders of the metal tray holds your laptop firmly in place. The twin cup holders are designed and fitted for easy accessibility. If you need to connect your camera directly to the arm, the tray is fitted with a camera joint that doubles as a tripod.

The installation could not be easier plus the total composition of the mount is lightweight but durable.

Special Features
The 360 degree angle provided by the ball-head allows you to easily swivel the mount into the best position. It’s that flexibility and agility that we appreciate so much on this mount. The tray can also be conveniently removed with the quick-released camera connector.

The tray is fitted with twin cup-holders and four adjustable tray brackets. The tube guarantees maximum space coverage. No drilling is required as the mount bolts to the seat. Now that gets a thumbs up from us.

  • Easily assembled
  • Sturdy
  • No drill installation
  • Durability
  • Not as versatile

6. RAM POD I Laptop Mount

Why we like it: We think the RAM POD laptop mount is a definite contender when it comes to ultimate versatility and function.


It does not require any drilling, which makes installation super easy. The mount is also fitted with an 18″ aluminium rod. The ball socket arm is compact and versatile. The trays are reasonably priced and you can find different options to select from.

The ball socket design makes it easy to switch from SmartPhone to tablet to full size laptop. This is the kind of versatility you need from a quality mount. The device is designed to hold everything comfortably without it wobbling around causing damage to your devices. It’s built to fit snugly.

Why Use the RAM POD Universal Laptop Mount
Finding a mount that doesn’t take up a lot of room is the ideal. The RAM delivers in that aspects as the tray is fitted for the device size and is easy to switch between devices. The aluminum rod is durable and provides maximum support.

The lightweight design makes it easy to assemble. Mounting requires no drilling and quickly bolts to the passenger rail of most vehicles.

Special Features
Weighing in at only 1.2lb definitely makes this unit stand out. The single one-inch ball socket arm provides the versatility and adaptability needed for optimal use. It bolts easily to the passenger rail with no drilling required. The 18 inch aluminum rod is steady and fitted well when we tried it.

  • Light weight
  • Flexible
  • Easy to adjust
  • Durability
  • Brackets does not slide well

7. RAMs RAM No-Drill Mount

Why we like it: We prefer recommending trusted brands that has shown through experience and quality that they do deliver. RAM ranks among those trusted brands having been around for a long time making quality laptop mounts.


Similar to any other RAM brand laptop mount, this unit is strong and durable. The mount only requires a double bolt system that securely anchors the mount to the vehicle floor. This makes installation a breeze.

The only disadvantage is that RAM mostly designs mounts for certain vehicles only. If you don’t drive a Chevrolet truck such as a Silverado, Yukon and Hummer H2 OR Sierra this mount is unfortunately not suited for you. The mount is designed for the above models only.

Why Use the RAMs RAM No-Drill Mount
This mount is definitely on the chunky side buts its durability makes up for the extra mass. When they designed this laptop mount, they had the truck driver in mind. It gives superior support to withstand the challenges which comes with a tough terrain and off road driving.

Safety was also a priority when they designed this mount. Its sturdiness in volatile situations provides maximum support against shakiness or the unit becoming unfastened. If safety is your number one priority, then this laptop mount is right for you.

Special Features
This is specifically designed for tough terrain and off road driving. It’s compatible with specific vehicles allowing a perfect fit. There is no drilling required for installation and superior safety features provide total support.

  • Durable and resilient
  • Off Road support
  • Well built
  • Not compatible with all vehicles
  • Limited functionality

8. Jotto Desk Laptop Mount

Why we like it: Like most of the mounts we listed, this stress free assemble makes installation super easy. It simply requires you to bolt the mount to the passenger rail. The drill can have a rest for a while as no drilling is required.


The innovative design of the Jotto mount ensures that the passenger seat will not be restricted but will allow normal movement. The mount can also be adjusted to many different settings.

If you need extra space the tray can be removed. It provides support for both large and small laptops without having to adjust any settings. This versatility in the Jotto design is what makes it a sure winner.

Why Use the Jotto Desk Mount
Installation is easy as it simply bolts on the passenger seat. There are some limitations with this model. It’s design favors the Ford driver but don’t panic yet. Jotto has a host of other units which suits the non-Ford driver.

There is no need to buy a complete new mount either. You can simply select your preferred base and adjust the tray and arm accordingly. It’s really a simple switch that requires very little effort.

Special Features
When installed to the passenger seat rails it doesn’t interfere with the movement of the passenger seat. As with most mounts we listed, no drilling is required.

The universal desktop mounting solution will fit any size of laptop. It’s also easy to remove without using complex tools when you want to get it out completely.

  • No drilling
  • Universal mounting
  • Easy to remove
  • Directions not detailed
  • Pricey

9. AutoExec (AEGrip-03Elite) GripMaster Tablet/iPad Mount Car Desk

Why we like it: If you’re on a tight budget the GripMaster Efficiency Elite by AutoExec is definitely an option to consider.


Even though this unit is good value for money the design is easy on the eyes. The top is made of beautiful strong birch wood with a unique grip surface design. The grip surface is fashioned to allow a range of different accessories to be mounted firmly. Mounting your mobile phone, tablet or even your mobile printer is easy and safe.

To give you the longevity you demand the top is mounted to a rugged polypropylene plastic base. You can easily install the desk seat belts to the front passenger seats. Removal also requires only a few seconds due to its simple unlocking design.

Why Use the Mount-It Universal Mount
If you’re the type of person who needs some help when it comes to organizing, this might be the right fit for you. This unit safely secures loose items and you can enjoy the hidden storage & hanging file space with peace of mind that your valued possessions won’t get lost.

AutoExec Elite desks are notorious for their durability and special attention to detail when it comes to design.

Special Features
Installation only requires the desk to be seat belted into the front passenger seat. This makes it super easy to remove or install.

The top surface of the desk is covered with the rubber non-slip material to ensure maximum hold for all your devices.

  • Grip pad is solid
  • Non slide surface
  • Grid pad secures well
  • Bulky
  • Surface can rattle

10. AA-Products K005-B1 Car Laptop Mount

Why we like it: AA- Products really hit the ball out of the park with this mount. Talk about cutting edge innovation and style. It also has the desktop mount style which seems to be popular with manufacturers.


The convenient flat tray can double as a desk if you need to get some paperwork done while in transit.

We always get excited when we see twin cup holders on a mount. It’s the perfect addition to a functional unit with the quality Velcro straps for firm hold. Important to note is that the material used isn’t the strongest, so be careful not to put too much pressure on it.

Why Use the AA-Products K005-B1 Car Laptop Mount
Moving away from the cup holders, the adjustable screen support is also a good feature. The mount is fitted with a simple but useful clip which expands from the back of the tray to support your screen. This provides ultimate protection when you’re constantly moving around, especially over rough terrain.

Special Features
The K-005B1 is fitted with the upgraded no-drill bracket for easy non-drilling installation. You can easily adjust the height from 18.5” to 24” without any hassle. Due to the adjustable screen support bracket, you can conveniently adjust the screen to your perfect angle.

The bracket also provides superior protection for your screen while the T-head connector gives you the flexibility to tilt back and forth. The tray includes twin cup-holders and two sets of Velcro-straps.

  • Multiple cup holders
  • Screen support
  • Innovative design
  • Installation complex
  • Low quality

Guide to Buying the Best Laptop Vehicle Mounts

Points Worth Considering

Most of the mounts we listed require a fair amount of space from the passenger side when installing. Depending on the type of laptop mount you select you might require a little less space or much more space. It all depends on the model you select. But space considerations are only the beginning.
Some other considerations to keep in mind while selecting a laptop vehicle mount are:

  • Shields: Does the unit provide you with some sort of shield (even a black cloth counts as a shield), which enables you to read the screen in bright daylight?
  • Screen: Sometimes you have to use your laptop as a GPS device. Does it provide added support for the LCD screen?
  • Ports: Check if the mount covers any of the ports while the laptop is mounted in the car, e.g. serial ports or USB ports? Access to ports are important and a well-designed laptop mount should leave gaps for any drives or ports that need access along the edge of the laptop.
  • Battery: Battery size is sometimes a consideration as well. For example, some netbook/mount combinations will work if a smaller 3-cell battery is being used, but won’t work if you have a bigger 6-cell battery. It’s wise to check for compatibility.
  • Position: Check if the mount isn’t in the way of your stick, that’s if you have a stick-shift car. Also check the proximity of the mount to the beverage cup holder. Spills don’t go well with electronic devices such as your laptop for instance.
  • Safety: Theft prevention is an important issue to consider. Sometimes you might want to leave your laptop in the vehicle while it’s parked. Then you should consider getting a mount which allows for some sort of locking.

Benefits of a Laptop Vehicle Mount

Statistics shows that the average person spends around 293 hours in his or her vehicle, every year. Most of us know the frustration of being stuck in traffic. Why not get some work done while there?

With a stable laptop vehicle mount which is designed for support and safety, you can get the best out of your time on the road. Laptop vehicle mounts are designed for optimal functionality from the driver position. This provides ultimate convenience for all drivers including truck and 4×4 drivers.

The portability that laptops provide makes them extremely handy devices to use. Safety however becomes a concern if you’re using your laptop without a secure mount. To safeguard against the risk of using your laptop without it, it’s advisable to take the time and money to invest in a quality laptop mount. It will save you distress later.

Sales agents, rental agents and many other types of outbound laptop users have one aspect in common: they know productivity is key. One sure way to become more productive is having a laptop vehicle mount installed in your car.

Armed with a laptop that can connect to the internet and a mount you will increase production. When you can comfortably go online whenever you have a chance to pull off the road, your clients and boss will be impressed at your quick, excellent work results. It’s also safer, as you don’t have a moveable object lying in your car which can become a danger if there’s sudden impact.

Important Features To Consider


The weight capacity of mounts is important because you need to ensure it can handle the weight of your laptop. Laptops are usually lightweight and compact when compared to average desktops. This principle however changes slightly if you take into account the increased weight added if the object is moving around.

The force will increase your laptop’s weight and may cause major damage to your car & injury to any person in the car. To avoid this catastrophe you need to check the weight capacity of your mount and be sure it can handle your device.


Don’t settle for a mount without the long arm component. This is how you’ll pull your laptop closer when you’re ready to work. Even better: make sure there’s a locking mechanism you can operate with one hand.

Size of Deck

On the laptop mount you will notice an even surface where you can place your laptop. That is called the deck of the mount. When selecting the perfect mount check the size of the deck.

Even though most of the vehicle laptop mounts are big enough for normal sized laptops, it’s always wise to double check before buying it. The size matters because you want a secure fit to avoid any wobbling while working on it.

The mounts we listed are luckily compatible with most laptops. There is however the possibility of you owning a smaller and lighter device that is close to a tablet size in which case a deck designed for tablets and iPads should be on your shopping list.

Materials and Construction

As with any durable device, the materials used to build it should be of high quality. This is especially true for a laptop mount because it will be put under enormous strain once installed. It must be able to support your laptop securely in any position.
Due to its adjustability and the height it needs to provide, ensure it’s made from long lasting metals. Inspect that the clamps and locks on it is sturdy and will not wear out easily. This is one device you can’t skimp on in terms of quality and durability. If you’re not careful you’ll create unnecessary risk.

Easy Installation

Thanks to modern technology you will find that most laptop vehicle mounts can be installed without even drilling. Most likely you can attach it on the passenger seat’s bar near the floor. A seat bolt also makes for a strong foundation.

Still not Convinced?

So you’re still not sold on the idea of getting a laptop vehicle mount in your car? Perhaps we should list the benefits and share how easy it’s to install for you to reconsider.

The Benefits

The list of benefits speaks for itself:

  • It will increase your efficiency
  • It provides increased protection for tech devices
  • It improves the professional image of mobile workers
  • It provides flexibility for both passenger and driver for easy access to the device
Sounds good, right?

Are there any disadvantages? Of course. You’re going to spend some money when you’re already managing a limited budget. Having a chunky piece of metal in your vehicle might also not be the look you were going for. But the safety and efficiency a good laptop vehicle mount will provide, will be worth the investment.

Installation of Laptop Mounts

Need a hassle free installation? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get if you’ve picked a laptop vehicle mount which needs no drill to install. Many of the mounts simply bolt onto the passenger seat for easy installation anyway.

The mounts on the current market are designed for easy installation. Expediency seems to be the new drive.

Let’s quickly go through it. Shove the passenger seat back till you reach the end of the railing. At the base of the vehicle are runners anchored securely to the surface. Remove the forward facing bolt. Now attach the mount to the open hole and bring the runner & bolt hole in perfect alignment. Make sure it’s a secure fit. All that’s left to do now is to put back the bolt in its original position and you’re good to go.

Final Words

We’ll end off with a few safety tips.

Remember the most important consideration while installing any type of contraption, including laptop vehicle mounts, is safety. It’s your responsibility as the end user to ensure that your product is safe by checking if it’s “airbag friendly” or “airbag compatible”. Although many hardware manufacturers promote their products as safe the ultimate responsibility lies with the user.

If you’re unsure where to identify the airbag deployment zones and the area recommended for equipment installation, refer to your vehicle manufacturer’s manual. Check if there is any security related information you need to pay attention to.

If the impact of vibrations of your moving car is causing your mount to disassemble you should monitor this. No screws should be loose or wobbly. You don’t want a falling or swinging mount in your car.

A well mounted laptop can bring the convenience of an office into your vehicle. But make sure you don’t drive your vehicle while looking at the laptop, as this will get you into the emergency lane straight to the nearest hospital. So even though productivity is key, your safety is even more important.

Now, the only question is, when are you getting yours?