Up to Scratch: The 10 Best Car Scratch Removers

Up to Scratch: The 10 Best Car Scratch Removers

Getting your first car is a proud moment for you. You’re also extremely aware of any changes that may occur on your car especially when it’s new. The sad truth is that from time to time, your car will get scratched from stones that fly up from the road or from people walking past your car in parking lots.

Whatever the cause of the scratch is, you need something that can help you remove the mark from your car. Sometimes you can pay to have this done by professionals, but scratches that aren’t deep can by fixed easily using a scratch remover.

There are many different types of scratch removers on the market so it may be difficult to select the right brand for you. Before we give you the top 10 list of best scratch removals on the market, let’s learn more about what these products can do for you.

Features to Consider in Good Car Scratch Removers

How do Car Scratch Removal Products Work?

Typically car scratch removers are made from mild abrasive compounds. Scratches leave grooves or indents on the surface of your car’s paint. The indents can be highly noticeable especially when the scratch casts shadows when light shines on the area.

Auto scratch removers are designed to scrape a thin layer off your car’s top coat so it will be flush with the groove or indent. The scratch remover basically blends the scratch out to make it almost invisible. Some products fill the indents and provide a wax coating to prevent further damage to the area.

3 Types of Car Scratch Removals

1. Scratch Removal Kits

Do you need simply a scratch remover formula or do you want an entire kit? If you already have an abrasive compound, a polish and cloths then all you need is the scratch remover product. But if you’re new to scratch removers and you’re not sure about what you need, perhaps opting for a kit will be a better option.

Car scratch removal kits include the following products:

  • Sandpaper
  • Sanding blocks
  • Microfiber pads
  • Polish
  • Rubbing compound
  • Cloths and accessories

Your purchase also depends on the severity of the scratch. If the scratch is not superficial and the groove is deeper you may need to prime, fill the blemish & repaint the area. But for light scratches, you can simply buff the surface out using a top quality scratch removing product.

2. Abrasives

Abrasives are probably one of the most important products to consider when it comes to scratch removal. You can get two types of abrasives. It can either come as sanding block or a rubbing compound in paste form.

The rubbing compound can be sold separately or it can be mixed into a scratch remover compound. Compounds are usually mild and add extra polish to the area once it blends out the scratch.

3. Polish

Sometimes the polish can be integrated into the scratch removal product. If your scratch remover doesn’t have added polish you may have to purchase the polish separately.

Polish is an important product to have as it adds an extra protective coating to your car’s paintwork. It acts as a conditioner and prevents your car’s paint from cracking, drying out or peeling.

Benefits of Scratch Removers

The top benefit of scratch remover products is they save you money. Even the most expensive scratch remover products aren’t a fraction of the cost you’d spend at the body shop. Another benefit is most scratch removers have added wax.

If you care about the external aesthetics of your car, giving your car an extra polish or wax will improve its appearance. But the paintwork is not simply to add an appealing look to your car; it’s also there to protect the bodywork from rusting.

Scratches and blemishes on your car increase the risk of rust which will also decrease the value of your car. Auto scratch removers are an inexpensive way to maintain your car’s paintwork.

Top 10 Best Best Car Scratch Removers 2024

1. 3M Auto Scratch Remover

3M Auto Scratch Remover

Why we like it: This is the perfect compound to remove fine scratches off your car. 3M scratch remover can be applied by hand or you can use a machine. Rating

Editor’s Rating:

To save you more cash at the body shop you can apply 3M to medium scratches too.

About the Product

You get an 8oz bottle of magic as the 3M auto scratch remover is versatile. The scratch remover gets the job done quickly by polishing the scratches on your car instead of filling the damage with wax. 3M is a fine abrasive and finishing compound all put into one bottle.

The 3M auto scratch remover polishes your car as well as removes the scratches from your car’s surface. You can apply the product with a microfiber cloth or with a hand machine. It’s best to use a handheld machine with this product so you can achieve an even finish. The formula seals in all your hard work and gives the top layer a glossy appearance.

3M also goes a long way so you don’t have to apply a lot of product to an area. Simply use a drop of the formula on each problem area to blend the scratches out.

Type of Scratch it Removes

3M’s versatile scratch remover can work on any stubborn surface. You’re able to remove scuffs, difficult stains, blemishes and even car wash scratches easily. The formula also eliminates swirl marks and makes your car look brand new every time you use it.

What’s Included?

The 8oz bottle of scratch remover comes alone with no added accessories. But the brand does offer a full kit with the same product that will cost you a little more. If you decide to purchase the entire package you will receive an abrasive square, a foam applicator and a microfiber cloth.


  • The compound is combined with a polish
  • Easy to apply
  • Trusted brand


  • Doesn’t come with added accessories

2. Meguiar's G17216 Ultimate Compound

Meguiar's G17216 Ultimate Compound

Why we like it: The Meguiar's G17216 Ultimate Compound can help eliminate pain defects, scratches, oxidation, water spots, and other types of blemishes. It's one of the best rubbing compounds on the market now as it cuts fast and restores the clarity of surfaces without swirling or scratching. The car finish saves a lot of time and effort because it's very easy to use.

Editor’s Rating:

Easy to use

The clear coat safe formula dramatically reduces the time and effort to restore abused or neglected paint finishes. It won’t leave any haze or fine scratches on your car. The compound has a very high cut rate which will leave the surface looking amazing. Why? The micro-abrasive technology is designed for detailers and body shops so you are getting a professional-grade product.


The Meguiar’s G17216 Ultimate Compound is completely safe for single stage and clear coat paints. You can effectively restore the clarity and color of neglected or dull finishes. The revolutionary formula can cut as fast with its gritty and abrasive compounds. Yet it is still gentle enough to avoid scratching the paint further. Application is available by hand or with a buffer.


The rubbing compound will provide you with a stunning finish. It has a special micro-abrasive technology which adds gloss to the finish and leaves it looking new. After washing and drying cars thoroughly, you can apply this compound to the surface to get the best possible effect.

The Meguiar’s G17216 Ultimate Compound is one of the best products available now because of its efficiency. It is also extremely easy to apply. The Meguiar’s G17216 rubbing compound removes paint blemishes and defects without causing more scratches. As a result, it is as efficient as more harsher compounds though safer and hassle-free.


  • Restores the clarity of your car's surface without swirling or scratching.
  • It's easy to use which helps save you a lot of time and effort.
  • Created with a special micro-abrasive technology to provide a "like new" finish.
  • It's effective and safe to use on single stage and clear coat paints.


  • Not the most ideal rubbing compound for larger, more obnoxious scratches.

3. Meguiar’s G10307 Scratch X2,0 Specialized Compound Scratch Removal

Meguiar’s G10307 Scratch X2,0 Specialized Compound Scratch Removal

Why we like it: Meguiar is a tried and tested brand that’s well known & trusted. Rating

Editor’s Rating:

The Meguiar G10307 is a versatile scratch remover that can be used on more than one area of your car such as tire rims.

About the Product

After the success of Meguiar’s Scratch X formula, the company decided to make some upgrades. The result is Meguiar’s scratch X2,0 formula which is another top-rated scratch remover.

It’s the same loved formula but now you can use it with rotary polishing power tools whereas the Meguiar’s X formula was only suitable for hand use.

Part of the secret that makes Meguiar’s G10307 formula a fast action product is the micro-abrasive technology. The formula makes it easy to remove light scratches and oxidization without the need for extreme pressure.

Type of Scratch it Removes

The Meguiar X2,0 can be used on light clear coat scratches. It also removes swirl marks made by sanding machines. Use it to clean off stubborn stains or blemishes. What’s more, the formula also polishes your top coat to give it a strong glossy finish.

If you have deeper scratches you may have to opt for the Meguair’s G17216 formula as the X2,0 compound is only a light abrasive product.

What’s Included?

This is not a scratch remover kit, but Meguiar does offer full accessories with the same product with another package. If you don’t already have polishing power tools, microfiber cloths or sponges you can look into purchasing these accessories separately from the Meguiar brand.


  • Produces fast results
  • Safe to use on clear coats
  • Easily removes stubborn stains


  • Can’t be used for medium scratches

4. TriNova 33320 Scratch Removal

TriNova 33320 Scratch Removal

Why we like it: TriNova 33320 is a quality scratch removal as only the finest quality ingredients are combined together. Rating

Editor’s Rating:

The dual action of the formula removes scratches and polishes your car’s top coat. This shaves time off your car detailing process because of the all in one formula.

About the Product

TriNova comes in a 12oz volume and it will last you because you don’t need to apply a lot of the product on a problem area.

As mentioned before the formula contains its own polish which is made from premium ingredients. The polish is gentle on your car’s top surface and adds a protective layer on your paintwork. The polish also enhances the color of your car by giving it a smooth and glossy finish.

You’re able to use the product using a hand microfiber cloth or an orbit polishing power tool. It’s best to use an orbit polisher as it provides consistent pressure that allows for an even coating of the product.

Type of Scratch it Removes

TriNova’s 33320 formula can be used to buff out light scratches on your car’s clear coat. It’s also used to clean off stubborn stains and blemishes. It’s not suitable for deeper scratches as it’s a gentle formula that’s designed to buff out light scratches and swirl marks.

What’s Included?

With your TriNova 33320, you will receive an additional buffing pad. The pad also helps you spread and incorporate the product evenly over your top coat. TriNova’s buffer allows you to work on small problem areas but if you’re working on a larger surface area you should use an orbit machine.

The buffer has a soft texture so it won’t create any additional scratches or swirl marks on your top coat. It may be the ideal item to use for polishing because of the smoothness of the buffer.


  • Added premium polishing solution
  • Comes with additional buffer pad
  • It has a large 12oz volume


  • Can’t be used for medium scratches

5. 3M 39071 Scratch Removal Kit

3M 39071 Scratch Removal Kit

Why we like it: The 3M 39071 scratch removal kit is the perfect set for the novice car enthusiast. Rating

Editor’s Rating:

This 3M scratch removal system comes with everything you need to uphold the external aesthetic of your car.

About the Product

3M’s 39071 is meant for small details as it only comes in 1oz packages. But even though the formula comes in small sachets the product goes a long way. The formula spreads out evenly particularly if you use the correct buffing pads to apply the product.

This mild abrasive compounds and polishes the surface area of your car fast. You won’t have to apply additional polish as the formula already has polishing ingredients integrated into the product. This shaves a lot of time off of your detailing process.

The only downside to this product is the small amounts you get in the sachets. So if you need to do more detailing work in the future you’ll need to purchase more sachets

Type of Scratch it Removes

3M’s car scratch removal formula is gentle so it can only remove light paint scratches and scuff marks. But because of the light formula, you can also use it to remove stubborn stains and watermarks. It’s also safe to apply to your tire rims to remove tough dirt.

Because of the integrated polish, it will add an extra sheen to your paintwork. The polish will also provide an additional protective layer on your top coat.

What’s Included?

The reason why professional car detailers produce optimal results is because of the tools they use. Luckily for you, the 3M brand aims to put those same tools into your own hands.

With the premium scratch remover formula, you’ll receive a disc pad holder to use on a rotary machine. You get an additional compounding pad, a polishing pad and 1oz of rubbing compound.


  • Features three step repair process
  • Includes accessories
  • Produces fast results


  • The volume of the formula only comes in 1oz

6. Chemical Guys COM129 04 Scratch Removal Formula

Chemical Guys COM129 04 Scratch Removal Formula

Why we like it: The Chemical Guys COM129 04 formula is a one-step process product. This means you only need to apply this product to remove scratches and polish your car’s surface simultaneously. Rating

Editor’s Rating:

Because of the one-step process, it shaves time off of your car detailing process. You won’t have to apply additional polish as the formula does everything for you while you’re buffing out scratches.

About the Product

The Chemical Guys scratch remover product comes in a large 16oz bottle. In this bottle, you get an all in one product that helps you get that mirror finish you want on your top coat.

Chemical Guys don’t use wax or fillers to fix the problem but instead, they use diminishing abrasive technology. The technology includes an abrasive that gets finer over time which removes the need for compounding and polishing.

You can use the Chemical Guys scratch removal with a microfiber cloth to work on minor scratches or small problem areas. For larger surfaces, it’s safe to use the product with an electric rotary polisher.

Type of Scratch it Removes

The Chemical Guys formula can remove light scratches on your paints surface as well as stubborn stains and blemishes. It also adds a smooth finish to rough areas. The mild abrasive also takes care of swirl marks and scratches produced by car wash machines.

What’s Included?

There are no added accessories that come with this product. But Chemical guys do offer different volumes of the same formula. You can get a 12 pack of 4oz bottles which makes up for 48oz of this product for reasonable prices.

You can also purchase the Chemical Guys VSS Scratch and Swirl remover sold separately from the formulas.


  • Removes light and medium blemishes
  • Doesn’t include silicone
  • Works on all color top coats


  • You have to purchase the scratch and swirl machine separately

7. Turtle Wax T-241A Polishing Compound

Turtle Wax T-241A Polishing Compound

Why we like it: The Turtle Wax formula comes in an easy to use paste for all your difficult detailing projects. Rating

Editor’s Rating:

This product is perfect for older cars (pre-1990) with no clear coat.

About the Product

Turtle Wax is one of the oldest brands on the market when it comes to auto detailing. That’s why the product is so popular because many motorists prefer the brand.

Originally Turtle Wax was produced in the days where cars had no clear coats. These cars were manufactured before 1990. Which means this product is a gentle formula that even newer cars can benefit from.

Even though there are many mild abrasive formulas on the shelves they don’t provide the same results. So if you want a premium and trusted brand to use on your new car give Turtle Wax a try.

The Turtle Wax formula is a light to medium auto cleaner that quickly provides a smooth even finish to any dull or oxidized top coat. This includes painted metal and chrome finishes. You can use the formula to clean off heavy scuff marks off your tire rims easily.

Because of the thick paste consistency, it’s best to use the Turtle Wax with a soft cloth and not power tools. This makes it easier to incorporate the paste on a problem area without applying too much pressure.

Type of Scratch it Removes

The Turtle Wax was designed to remove light to medium scratches off of base coats and clear coats. It can also remove stains off other surfaces made with different materials such as acrylic finishes or chrome. This versatile paste restores faded finishes in one easy step.

What’s Included?

You don’t get any included accessories with the Turtle Wax formula but you can simply use a clean cloth that you have handy. It doesn’t require any special buffing pads but you can use one if you prefer. A buffing pad will make it easier to remove the access residue of the paste.


  • Heavy duty paste that cleans tough problem areas
  • Safe to use on all applications
  • Trusted brand


  • The paste residue is difficult to remove afterward

8. Tibet Almond Stick

Tibet Almond Stick

Why we like it: Some motorists don’t have time to do an entire detailing project on their cars. That’s why the Tibet Almond stick is beneficial for the busy motorist. Rating

Editor’s Rating:

It’s a user-friendly formula that works well on any car surface.

About the Product

The Tibet Almond stick is an easy to use product that can be applied to different surface areas. It’s a versatile product that’s not only designed for cars but for furniture too. This isn’t a heavy duty formula so it’s mostly used on glass and lightly scratched surface areas.

Tibet manufactures this stick into a tightly rolled cotton ball that gets soaked in a secret formula. Using the stick is straightforward. All you have to do is rub the formula over the affected area. It fills the cracks or scratches of the surface area and blends them out so they become invisible.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to use the formula on deeper scratches on your car but it can be used on your car windows. You can use the Tibet stick in and around your house as it’s designed to fill scratches & blemishes on wooden floors.

Type of Scratch it Removes

You could possibly use the Tibet Almond stick for light scratches on your car’s top coat but it may not be a permanent solution. The reason for this is because the formula simply fills the scratches temporarily. Perhaps you can use the formula until you can find a stronger scratch remover you prefer.

You can use the formula on your car windows and windshield as the product makes scratches & blemishes invisible on glass surfaces.

What’s Included?

You don’t need any additional polishing power tools or cloths as the integrated cotton helps you incorporate the product on to the area easily.


  • Easy to use
  • It’s gentle on all surfaces
  • Can be used on furniture


  • Only hides scratches and doesn’t remove them

9. Barrett Jackson9965 Scratch Remover

Barrett Jackson9965 Scratch Remover

Why we like it: Barrett Jackson is a fast working formula that’s easy to apply and incorporate onto problem areas. Rating

Editor’s Rating:

It’s a premium brand of scratch remover that has all the ingredients in one bottle to polish & enhance your car’s paintwork.

About the Product

The Barrett Jackson brand uses a unique formula that not only hides the scratch but polishes & blends the area out to give a smooth even finish to your paintwork.

Some abrasive formulas need time to melt the paint surface so you can blend it out over the scratch. But Barrett’s scratch remover works fast and it’s easy to remove the residue of the product. Wiping the product off is quick as its consistency isn’t thick and sticky like other formulas.

The only downside to this formula is it merely hides the scratches by filling in the grooves and blemishes. The advantage is the product doesn’t fade the paint of your car as some abrasive formulas make the top coat appear dull over time.

Type of Scratch it Removes

The Barrett Jackson formula fills in scratches, blemishes and light dents on your car’s top coat. The integrated polishing ingredients smooth the areas out for an even and glossy finish. It can also be used to clean off dirt and contaminants on your car easily.

It’s also safe to use on all types of painted surfaces on different kinds of material such as acrylic, vinyl and even painted steel or chrome. You’re able to remove stubborn scuff marks on your tire rims and clean those difficult areas on your car such as the bonnet & front bumper.

What’s Included?

Barrett Jackson’s formula doesn’t come with any additional accessories but it’s safe to use with any kind of cleaning cloth.


  • Fast action formula
  • Easy to use
  • Safe to use on all applications


  • Wears off easily when it rains

10. Mothers 08408 Light Abrasive Polish with Top Shine

Mothers 08408 Light Abrasive Polish with Top Shine

Why we like it: Mothers 08408 scratch remover formula can be used on any type of paint surface. Rating

Editor’s Rating:

Its unique formula removes medium scratches on cars and in other applications such as bicycle frames and even motorbike paint jobs.

About the Product

The Mothers California Gold scratch remover is a light abrasive formula that’s gentle on your paint’s surface. But because of how light the abrasive formula is you may have to apply the product more than once to eliminate medium scratches.

The formula is designed to smooth out rough surfaces so your top coat will have an even glossy finish. Mothers light abrasive formula also makes it safe to use on plastic surfaces such as vinyl.

This scratch remover product manufactured by Mothers California Gold doesn’t have wax integrated into the formula so you’ll need to add this step into your detailing process. It’s advised that you always give a top coat of wax to seal in the product and to give your car an extra layer of protection.

Type of Scratch it Removes

The fine abrasive compound can even out light to medium surface scratches as well as blemishes and grooves. You’re able to use the Mothers California Gold formula to clean and shine metal & chrome surfaces easily.

You can use the formula on any color car as well as black cars because of the light abrasive compound. It won’t fade the paint on a black car or mix the colors of the base layers. It’s safe to use on other types of applications such as buses, motorboats and yachts.

What’s Included?

You don’t receive any additional applicators or accessories with the Mothers California Gold product. But you can use it with a normal household cloth or an orbit polisher.


  • Stores the shine of your car’s paintwork
  • Delivers a glossy finish
  • Easy to apply


  • You’ll need to wax the area after using the product

Guide to Buying the Best Car Scratch Remover

Scratches that can be Fixed

The paint on your car is made up of three different layers working together to protect your car’s bodywork.

The bottom layer provides protection from corrosion and acts as a primer for the second layer which provides the color. The final layer sits on top and it’s a clear lacquer layer that gives cars that brilliant shine. Car scratch remover products are amazing but they can have their limitations.

The top two layers can be repaired by a premium scratch removal product. This is because these products are mild abrasives. The product essentially melts the paint around the scratch and fills the damaged area which can be blended out to make the scratch look invisible.

If you’re experiencing a deep scratch that penetrates all three layers, the paint alone won’t be able to fill the damaged area. If you can see the metal of your car, a scratch remover won’t be able to solve the problem. You’ll need to fill the scratch and then repaint the area.

How to Remove a Scratch from a Car

It’s always good to know how to blend out problem areas with a scratch remover product. Here are a few tips you can follow if you have any scratches on your car.

Assess the Damage

The first step is to properly asses the problem area. Take a closer look at the scratches to determine how severe they are. You can easily handle light scratches with an auto scratch remover.

As mentioned before a car’s exterior has three layers. Scratches on the top layer appear white and can easily be blended out with a remover. If the scratch has penetrated the second layer it can still be fixed with a remover but any damage deeper than the second layer will need another approach.

Clean and Dry the Area

Before you start the scratch removal process make sure the problem area has been cleaned and dried thoroughly. The spot should be free of all dirt before you can use the scratch remover as dust, sand or oil can damage the area further.

Light Scratch Problem Solving

If the scratches on your car are light all you’ll need is your remover product and a soft towel. Add the scratch remover to the towel and rub the scratch out gently. Scratch removal products were designed with the right combination of abrasive and polish to fix light scratches.

Other scratch removers apply a coat over the scratch to cover them up. You should note that these products only offer a temporary solution. Over time the scratches will become visible again. The only permanent scratch removal process is to use a mild abrasive product.


For scratches that penetrate the first and second layer of your car’s paint, sanding of the area will be necessary. You can sand the area by using either a sanding block, sandpaper or a rubbing compound. Gently sand the area with light pressure until the scratch is gone and the area appears dull.

The Repair Compound

After sanding the area you’ll need to apply a repair compound. Apply a small amount of the product to a microfiber cloth and rub the problem area with moderate force.

Polishing the Area

Using a polish removes any roughness left behind from the rubbing compound. After sanding the area and applying the repair compound you will need to polish your car.

As mentioned before some products come with polish combined with the scratch remover but if not you’ll have to use a separate polish on the area. The polish will provide a smoother and glossier surface & it will add extra protection to your top coat of paint.

Use a Premium Car Wax

Some polishes have a wax formula inside the product. If your polish or scratch remover doesn’t have added wax you’ll need to use a separate product and coat the area or your entire car with the wax product.

Wax seals in all your hard work and coats the polish & scratch remover products with a protective layer. Your polish will last longer and your car will be cleaner & glossier as it repels dirt.

Best Scratch Removers for Black Cars

The different layers of paint on a car aren’t necessarily the same color. So fixing scratches on black cars is more difficult than other color cars. The reason for this is because the base coat and prime colors are sometimes lighter than the black paint. Blending scratches out may make the problem worse especially if you’re using a standard scratch remover product. You’ll need a restorative black car scratch remover with wax.

How to Fix Car Paint Fade

The abrasive compounds in scratch removal products can cause fine marks on your car’s top layer. Over time the area can be lightened due to the elements. Fading paint requires you to remove the fine lines or marks produced by scratch removal products.

To do this you can use a rubbing compound to help remove the dull outer surface of the paint job. You’ll need to do a lot of prep work such as washing and drying your entire vehicle before using a rubbing compound.

The application of rubbing compounds requires even pressure so you’ll need to use a tool such as an orbit sander to help you with the job. Using a fluffy orbit buffer will be more effective when fixing remover induced paint fade.

Once you’re done using the rubbing compound you’ll need to buff the area immediately. You should use a premium car polish for this process as it will provide an appropriate shine and enhance the color of your car. Afterward, you can also opt for a re-paint sealant for extra protection and gloss.

Final Thoughts

If you’re serious about maintaining your car’s exterior aesthetics you should always have a bottle of scratch remover handy. A product that can save you time and money is worth investing in.

Be sure to select a scratch remover that has a combination of wax and polish so it seals & protects your car’s top layer.

As you can see there are many high-quality products on the market. Take pride in your ride and pick a product that will enhance that amazing paintwork on your car and make it seem brand new for years to come.

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