Best Motorcycle Stands to Store and Work on Your Bike

Best Motorcycle Stands to Store and Work on Your Bike

Some of the best motorcycle stands are simple structures. Usually made as a simple steel frame, motorcycle stands can help keep motorbikes upright. Some motorcycles don’t even have a kickstand. Regardless of the reason to purchase a motorcycle stand, it is best to choose a durable design, as there should be no reasons to make an upgrade to such a simple product in the near future.

Features to Consider in Good Motorcycle Stands

It’s not complicated to choose the best motorcycle stand. Many users have the freedom to create their own stand at home. But those with no time and no knowledge on how to handle metal structures can consider a motorcycle stand, which is highly affordable anyways.


The shape or the design of the motorcycle stand can be a good indication of what users can expect in terms of everyday use. From the typical design made to lift the motorcycle off the ground with a lever to a single-wheel design, there are a few notable options to consider.


The materials of the motorcycle stand are different as well. Most of them are made of steel. However, a good number of leading motorcycle stands are actually made from aluminum. The following 10 motorcycle stands combine some of the best designs and materials for the ultimate final result.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Stands 2024

1. Venom Sport Bike Motorcycle Front & Rear Combo Wheel Lift Stands

Venom Sport Bike Motorcycle Front & Rear Combo Wheel Lift Stands

Why we like it: Lifting both the front and the back wheel of the motorcycle, the stand works for storage and maintenance purposes.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

The simple design of the stand is what actually makes it practical. Suitable for both wheels of the motorcycle, it is one of the stands which are used for various purposes. Most people use it for storage. But at the same time, the stand can be used for general maintenance work on the motorcycle.

Based on steel design, the stand is one of the durable options for all types of bikes. It also includes wheels in its design. This allows it to stay stable on various surfaces but it also allows for easy adjustments when needed.

As long as the bike is in its width, the stand will lift all bikes. Its intended use is for indoor spaces. While it might work for outdoor storage during the sunny days, it should not be left out in the rain to avoid corrosion damage.

Convenient Features

Using the stand is not complicated. The front stand is actually placed right beneath the front wheel. The stand then needs to be pushed down for the front side of the bike to lift. The same goes for the back of the bike. The other stand is placed under the rear spoof for the bike’s back wheel to lift.

When it comes to motorcycle stands, one of the main concerns of the users comes with scratches and possible damages to the bike. Luckily, this is not the case with the Venom stand. Right where it touches the front fork, the stand is actually fitted with rubber. This prevents all types of scratches to the bike. With improved stability based on the four small wheels added to the sides of the stand, the motorcycle can stand up better and safer.

Unlike many other more expensive motorcycle stands, it is also a choice for the long-term. But most importantly, it can be a versatile stand. For some bikers, it can make an important difference in motorcycle maintenance as well. For example, it allows users the ability to freely clean and lubricates the motorcycle’s chain. For this reason, it can be the first stand for those seeking to get their hands dirty and their bikes clean and shiny.


The simple motorcycle stand comes with added wheels for stability and added rubber to avoid motorcycle scratches.


  • Made with steel, rubber, and plastic
  • Suitable for lifting both the entire bike
  • Fits most sports bikes
  • Suitable for home maintenance work


  • Not made for single-sided swing-arms

2. Extreme Max 5001.5010 Standard Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Extreme Max 5001.5010 Standard Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Why we like it: Locking the front wheel in place, the chock is suitable for one-person operations. It is used for storage and safe motorcycle transportation.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

The simple chuck is one of the most efficient designs of its class. It allows different motorcycles to be considered with its front wheel lock. It does not require too much effort and users simply need to roll the front wheel over the chuck to lock the motorcycle in place.

But the main advantage of the chuck remains its compact design. Unlike more elaborate motorcycle stands, it doesn’t require too much space, even during motorcycle transportation. But it is typical to see stability problems on such compact designs sometimes. Extreme Max eliminates this problem by simply adding a front crossbar for extra stability. The added length of the bar is what prevents the chuck and motorcycle from tipping to a side.

Made with pure steel, the chuck is also quite durable. It might also be one of the strongest designs in its class when it comes to dealing with heavier motorcycles, such as cruisers. With an added powder coat finish, the chuck is also resistant to corrosion, being able to withstand light rain as well, unlike most other stands.

Convenient Features

From 17 to 21 inch wheels, the chuck works for a large number of motorcycles. There’s a V-shape cradle design which is a great platform to keep the wheel in place. With tires of different widths, it still does its job very well. Most users appreciate the V design which prevents the wheels from tipping to the side.

There’s an adjustable rear cradle to customize as well. But the most convenient feature of the simple chuck comes with its lateral stability. In most cases, manufacturers have to go for a bulky design to add lateral stability. In this case, a simple bar which is in contact with the ground at all times is all it takes.


This compact chuck comes with a distinct V-shaped tire cradle and a wide stance for improving support.


  • Suitable for tires between 17” and 21”
  • Improved stance and lateral support
  • Made from pure steel
  • Designed with a black powder coat finish


  • Ratchet straps not included

3. Extreme Max Motorcycle Scissors Jack

Extreme Max Motorcycle Scissors Jack

Why we like it: A motorcycle jack can be just as useful as a stand. The Extreme Max jack allows easy bike cleaning and maintenance.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

There are various designs used to elevate motorcycles. From the tradition’s point of view, the scissor design remains trustworthy and durable. This is where Extreme Max managed to create a top design to be used on any type of motorcycle. The ease of use of the stand recommends it for both professional use as well as for home use as well.

The key to its success is also its stability. There’s a large contact area with the motorcycle which allows it to be considered among the stable designs. Bridging the gaps between the frame rails, the supportive stand is also covered with rubber. Simple rubber has a dual role. It prevents scratches on the motorcycle but it also prevents slips.

Another distinct advantage is given by the low slim fit design of the stand. Simply put, there are plenty of low rides which are impossible to be lifted with a center lift jack. But with a collapsed height of just over 3 inches, the Extreme Max stand is easy to lift even when used under low motorcycles.

Convenient Features

An impressive characteristic of the scissor design is given by its fully extended height. At 14”, it provides plenty of clearance for bikers to access the motorcycle easily. While it can be used as a stand, the jack can also lift the bike for chain lubrication, tire cleaning or any other type of maintenance work. It is also important to know the stand is safe. There’s a built-in brake system which prevents it from collapsing.

When it comes to motorcycle weight, it is also important to notice how well the stand deals with various bikes. Since it is made from heavy-duty steel, the motorcycle is easily among the durable options which allow a more sustainable profile up to 1.1100lbs.

Being operated manually with a wrench, the stand is also durable. There are no knobs which can fail in time and this makes the all-metal construction a choice which practically needs no upgrade in the future. However, this is conditioned by actually respecting the maximum weight of the stand.


As one of the most durable stands in its class, it’s also worth taking into consideration for light commercial use due to the increased area of contact with the motorcycle and the resulting stability.


  • Made with pure steel
  • Operated by a wrench
  • Protects the motorcycle with rubber
  • Available with Dolly for transport purposes


  • Not to be used with impact wrenches

4. MaxxHaul 70075 Motorcycle Wheel Chock

MaxxHaul 70075 Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Why we like it: Being among the most affordable chunks, this simple design has already been proven on flat surfaces and on trailer beds.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

Without a doubt, simple steel design is always attractive for motorcyclists. The adjustable chock comes to show how reliable it can really be for different types of motorcycles. Its feedback is solid until now. Users are happy transporting enduro bikes on trailers safely with the chock. Large cruisers are also secured on the chuck. Even sports bikes can be secured on the chuck. The secret to this versatility lies in the 3-position brackets adjustments. It practically works for tires of all sizes.

There’s a pivoting cradle design to count on as well. It works for loading and unloading the motorcycle. The weight of the bike works in the advantage of the biker with this design. But if these characteristics are seen on other designs, users also need to know there are a few advantages to consider with the stand as well.

It’s surprising to see the manufacturer actually includes all hardware needed for truck bed installation in the pack. It is not rare to see users transporting their bikes with the chuck. But at the same time, the chuck can also be permanently fixed to the floor in the garage or in the backyard for extra stability. Based on its powder coat finish, the stand is also durable.

Convenient Features

The 3-position bracket fits any bike. From skinny to fat tires, there are no designs which cannot be considered on the chuck. Since the cradle doesn’t come with a V-shape, removing the bike from the chuck is easy as well.

Since it mounts securely to the floor, the motorcycle stand offers one of the semi-permanent designs. If it is fixed to the floor, it actually loses its mobile appeal. This is why it is mainly suitable for those who have a fixed position for their motorcycle.


With durable design and an included hardware kit, the stand offers a great return on the investment considering its affordability.


  • Made with pure steel
  • Suitable for all tires
  • Can be fixed to the floor
  • Suitable for trailers


  • Tie-down straps not included

5. CHN RSW-1 Rear Wheel Spool Stand with Fork Bracket

CHN RSW-1 Rear Wheel Spool Stand with Fork Bracket

Why we like it: With added wheels, the lifting stand is mainly operable for one wheel, but it can be used for both wheels of the motorcycle.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

As seen in a few similar designs, the lifting motorcycle stand is one of the best solutions of its class. It comes to show there’s plenty of positives in the world of biking and it can be among the top options for those seeking the ultimate level of freedom as it is not bound to a single place in the garage.

There is a simple design to the stand which means it is mainly made of steel, rubber, and plastic. The rubber parts are in contact with the bike to prevent scratches while plastic is used on the wheels. When it comes to the frame, it is entirely made of steel.

Convenient Features

The most convenient feature about the stand is just how easy it is to operate. Unlike many similar stands which even need tools to lift the bike, the CHN stand simply slides under the wheel. With one movement, the users push the stand down as it raises the bike from the fork.

This type of versatility is what makes the stand easy to use even for those who’ve not used a motorcycle stand before. Therefore, there’s no doubt the motorcycle stand can be used with various bikes. However, it will need light assembly and instructions are not included.


Made with a steel frame, the motorcycle stand requires very little physical effort in the bike lifting process.


  • Offers top durability
  • Suitable for most types of bikes
  • Supports easy lifting
  • Minimum assembly required


  • No instructions manual

6. MaxxHaul 70271 Adjustable Motorcycle Wheel Chock

MaxxHaul 70271 Adjustable Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Why we like it: The stable chock comes with a pivoting cradle which allows simple motorcycle roll in.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

Designed as a simple and stable cradle, the chock impresses with its overall practicality. It is not complex at all and unlike similar designs, it only uses a compact chock which means it saves space in a number of situations.

Since it comes in a compact design, the motorcycle stand can actually save space in the garage or it can be one of the minimalistic designs on the trailer during transportation. For most users, it has the possibility of actually supporting even heavier motorcycles.
Made from heavy-duty steel, the chuck also comes with a front lateral stability bar. Anchor points have also been added for stability. In daily use, these anchor points would be secured to the floor with nuts and bolts.

With a design which accommodates wheels between 3 to 5 inches, the chock is supportive as well. Its support and weight tolerances allow it to deal with weights of up to 1.800lbs. At a weight of 37.2lbs, the chock becomes one of the mobile solutions to allow full mobility around the house.

Convenient Features

The versatility of the chock is universal. Most motorcycles will fit on the stand. Furthermore, there are 6 cradle adjustments for different wheel diameters. These adjustments are made for wheels between 3 and 5 inches.

A pivoting cradle also allows the motorcycle to be safely rolled onto the chock. The locked position of the chock means the motorcycle will not slip back. Of course, the most stable situation for the chock is when it’s actually fixed to the floor. With plenty of stability, it offers immediate responsiveness and it can even avoid slips which are possible with a pivoting cradle when improperly fixed to the floor. It can even be fixed to a trailer for transportation purposes. However, the chock could come with larger rubber wheels for extra grip on cement surfaces.


The versatile chock is made from heavy-duty materials and its pivoting cradle holds most motorcycles firmly in place.


  • Made from heavy-duty steel
  • One-person motorcycle pick up
  • Allows floor fixing
  • Made with 6 cradle adjustments


  • Small rubber feet

7. Pit Posse Off Road Universal Motorcycle Stand

Pit Posse Off Road Universal Motorcycle Stand

Why we like it: Made for off-road motorcycles, the stand offers a sturdy design with an included to tray for extra practicality.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

Made from reinforced aluminum, the motorcycle stand is among the efficient solutions for dirt bikes. There are many situations where an off-road motorcycle needs to be on a stand. From simple storage to cleaning or maintenance work, a motorcycle stand offers the simple solution needed for all types of work.

One situation where the stand is particularly useful is with pre-race storage, where the bike can be prevented from sinking into the ground. But since it comes with an included tool tray, the stand is also useful for any type of work on the bike, from adding chain lube to dealing with spark plugs.

Convenient Features

Supporting off-road motorcycles of up to 300lbs, the motorcycle stand is among the practical designs which can be called durable due to its simple design and tough materials. Its height reaches 17 inches, which offers good ground clearance for all motorcyclists.

Available in multiple colors, the motorcycle stand also comes with a surprising warranty policy. Its users are offered a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, which goes to show just what can be expected in terms of durability. Of course, the stand is rust-resistant and it can be used for more than 5 years, especially when kept free from scratches.

When it comes to bike compatibility, the options are numerous. There’s a large rubber surface on the top of the stand which makes things easier in terms of stability. The likes of Kawasaki, Suzuki or Yamaha can be used with the stand.


Sturdy, durable and available in different colors, the motorcycle stand offers a durable supportive design for most off-road performers.


  • Made from lightweight aluminum
  • Designed with a large rubber top
  • Supports most off-road motorcycles
  • Designed with a welded tool tray


  • The welded tray is not removable

8. Yitamotor Red/Black Dirt Bike Lift Steel Stand

Yitamotor Red/Black Dirt Bike Lift Steel Stand

Why we like it: Made for off-road performers, the stand offers smooth elevation with weights up to 330lbs.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

Not all off-road motorcycles come with a kickstand. This is why many of them are only able to stand with solutions such as the one made by Yitamotor. Available at an affordable price, the stand offers smooth elevation which is in the user’s control. The attention to detail is higher than with most other similar designs. For example, the safety pin remains permanently attached to the elevation arm so that it doesn’t get lost too easily.

With an adjustable height top plate, there’s enough elevation to lift most bikes off the ground. A large rubber top surface ensures the bikes are safely in place with no slip risks. However, the top plate does not have a hole in it as many other designs for quick oil changes. This can be one of its limitations.

Convenient Features

The actual height range of the motorcycle stand is between 9.9 and 18 inches. There’s a lift lever which makes the life of the user much easier, especially when the stand fits under the bike. The manufacturer also added a damper shock to the stand. It considerably improves the descent and it prevents falls and any other accidents when lowering the motorcycle to the ground.

Locking rings, nuts, bolts, and a safety pin are included in the pack. Other cleaning accessories are not included. Due to the damper shock, there is no storage space to rely on. However, when smooth elevation is of importance, users can consider this modern design for daily use.


With distinct benefits in the area of user experience, the damper shock stand is made to get off-road motorcycles off the ground.


  • Made with a damper shock
  • Supported by a strong lever
  • Prevents safety pin misplacements
  • Made with an anti-slip pad


  • No oil change hole on the supportive surface

9. STKUSA 1100Lbs Motorcycle Lift Scissor Center Jack Lift

STKUSA 1100Lbs Motorcycle Lift Scissor Center Jack Lift

Why we like it: With 2 screw adapters for variable height, the motorcycle stand is suitable for direct frame contact.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

The design of the motorcycle stand allows the bikes to be lifted from the frame. This type of design is suitable for various motorcycles. Most importantly, it ensures that both points of contact are actually only made with the frame.

Unlike other similar stands, there is no flat rubber top surface to hold the bike in place. Instead, the lifting stand is cradling the motorcycle by the frame and it can be lifted to various heights by the user. The crank-operated jack offers smooth operation which has been shown to work with bikes of various sizes and weights.

Convenient Features

The lifting rage of the stand varies between 95mm and 400mm. This range allows the motorcycle stand to lift the wheels of the bike off the ground. Used for storage and maintenance purposes, the height is in line with what can be seen on other scissor-type stands.

When it comes to safety and stability, the stand is further improved with side wings. The wings have a 3” length to the left and to the right and they represent an efficient design alteration for extra stability for taller bikes.

The total weight capacity of the stand is 1.100 lbs. It is not the strongest from this perspective and users should ensure their personal motorcycles are not heavier to avoid any accidents. Since it can collapse fully, the stand can also be considered for travel purposes.


This compact expandable stand offers a distinct design with a crank-operated jack for bikes of up to 1.100lbs.


  • Suitable for heights of up to 400mm
  • Crank-operated design
  • Made with 3” wings on the side
  • Designed with 2 screw adapters for height


  • Only supports up to 1.100lbs

10. Dragway Tools Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Dragway Tools Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Why we like it: Made with durable aluminum, the chuck can be operated by a single person. Its design locks the front wheel of the motorcycle.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

Made to fit various types of motorcycles, the stand locks and holds the front wheel of the bike. It is not complicated to use and it does not require an extra pair of helping hands to load and unload the motorcycle.

Removing the bike is not complicated. When the motorcycle is pulled back, the stand automatically releases the front wheel. The pivoting cradle ensures this operation is smooth and simple. With a design featuring an upper shoe, the wheel sits firmly in place, in any of its 3 selected pin holes.

Convenient Features

Conveniently made for all types of tires, the stand is mainly used on 16”, 17” and Harley-Davidson 21” tires. All tires fit well and the good part is the stand comes with rubberized feet so that it keeps these various bikes in place.

However, the mobile nature of the stand is what truly makes it a distinct solution. Unlike any other bike stand, it is easy to move around the front yard, the garage or any other flat surface. With a long base, it also sits well without necessarily needing to be anchored to the floor.


With an elongated design, the stand offers a stable platform for 16”, 17” and 21” motorcycle tires.


  • Suitable for cruisers
  • Designed with a 5-point cradle
  • Made with an adjustable upper shoe
  • Based on high-grade alloy steel


  • May need to be secured to the floor


How do I know which stand fits my motorcycle?

Knowing which stand is right for a type of motorcycle is a matter of wheel fit. Most universal stands fit multiple wheels. However, the stand’s product description should show just which wheels can fit best.

Is a motorcycle stand difficult to install?

A motorcycle stand should not be difficult to install. Assembly might be required. A few designs which are anchored to the floor should also come with full instructions.

Where can I install a motorcycle stand?

A motorcycle stand can be installed in most indoor locations and in a few outdoor locations. A flat surface is typically needed. Stands can also be mounted on trailers when transporting the motorcycle.

Is a motorcycle stand durable?

Most designs are based on a simple metal frame, which lasts well in time. However, not all frames are made with a powder coat finish and not all stands can last if they come with a low weight capacity.

What tools are needed to install a motorcycle stand?

Typical tools needed for a stand’s installation include the tools from the motorcycle kit. No special tools are needed and some of the latest stands need no assembly at all.

Guide to Buying the Best Motorcycle Stands

Buying the best motorcycle stand can seem complicated with many similar designs. In terms of price, they are seen as affordable and one product is comparable to another. However, there are few general guidelines discussed in the fans’ community on the best stands and what is at the root of this personal choice.

Wheel fit

The first thing to ensure is the proper wheel fit. As seen in the products above, this fit varies considerably from 17” to Harley-specific 21”. There are varies wheels which can fit in such a stand. But the cradle’s shape can dictate this fit as well. V-shaped and flat cradles are seen in most cases. They have good value in the real world and they are not superior to each other. However, some V-shaped cradles might require a bit more effort to pull the motorbike back. This alone should not be seen as a deterrent.


Anchors are now seen in raising numbers. They can be used to secure the stand either to a cement surface or to a trailer’s surface. Many modern motorcycle stands which offer this possibility even include the nuts and bolts needed for the operation.

Using anchors can also defeat the purpose of a mobile motorcycle stand. As not all products are the same, it is important to note users can actually find the right solutions for mobility even without anchors, without sacrificing stability.


Steel, heavy-duty aluminum, rubber, and plastic are the most popular materials used in the construction of motorcycle stands. Since not all products are the same, their quality is also impacted by the choice of materials. If most products in today’s market can struggle to offer the best results in terms of durability, motorcycle stands are low tech products and high durability should be expected.

There are a few good products to consider when it comes to the highest weight capacity. They are typically made from steel. Other products use aluminum and they can be a top alternative for added durability with a lightweight profile.

All stands should come with some type of damping material in the area of motorcycle content. Of course, most of these are actually rubber materials. But some stands only offer plastic, which can scratch the bikes with improper use.


A distinct characteristic of motorcycle stands is their portability. Since they are small and lightweight, they can easily be carried from place to place. It is why they are so often seen as some of the best accessories for motorcycle storage.

Most bike owners keep their motorcycles in the garage. Others prefer to park them outside during the summer. In a number of cases, they can even be parked under a roof, but not necessarily indoors. Regardless of the location, it can be satisfying to know the bike can be parked in different locations due to the mobile.

During transportation, motorcycle stands need to be secured to the trailer. This can be made with nuts, buts or screws. However, most people will also have to use various straps to properly secure their motorcycles. Straps are not included with any type of motorcycle stand and they need to be purchased separately.

Main purpose

The main purpose of the motorcycle stand can also represent a good indication of what’s to expect. Most users have the ability to go for a solution strictly for storage while others prefer to have an option with sufficient practicality for regular maintenance work. Whichever the case, most motorcyclists need to decide on the role of the stand before the purchase.

In a few situations, even the best stands can be used for tasks such as cleaning or lubing the motorcycle chain. Rare stands even come with a tray for tools and other cleaning accessories. A good example on the versatility and purpose of the stand comes with the designs with an oil drainage hole on top. These designs are actually hybrids as they serve multiple purposes.

Some of the best designs of the moment are made following simple rules and in many cases, knock-offs can appear quickly. Since there are many counterfeit products in this class, it’s important to know they can actually be unsafe. Characteristics such as maximum weight actually need to be tested and proven to avoid accidents. A good measure unit would involve simply having a look at the product’s warranty policy. This is the first step in avoiding making a bad purchase of a counterfeit motorcycle stand.

Final words

With a short list of characteristics to look at, the low tech motorcycle stand is one of the simplest yet mot usable purchases a motorcyclist can consider. Apart from basic gear such as helmets and clothing, motorcyclists can also find their way towards an easier lifestyle with a motorcycle stand.

In many cases, even the best motorcycle stands is more than a simple platform to put the engine on. It can serve as a maintenance platform or even as a cleaning platform. Dirt bikes are often placed un such stands for deep cleaning after a few rides out on the gravel. But most users can relate to having to do a quick oil change. This is where elevation is necessary. At the same time, with a number of motorcycles not made with a kickstand, there are good reasons to consider a motorcycle stand.

The biggest enemy of most stands is extra weight and corrosion. This is where the maximum weight capacity needs to be proven according to the manufacturer. Corrosion can be avoided by not leaving the motorcycle stand out in the rain. Ideally, it would be stored inside, together with the motorcycle stand. A number of manufacturers only make products which can be used indoors, such as the scissor-type motorcycle stands. Taking care of these two elements means users can enjoy their stands for years to come. The best part is that even the best motorcycle stands are affordable as they can come at the equivalent cost of a good pair of spark plugs.

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