The 10 Best Wheel Locks to Buy 2020


We live in difficult and dangerous times. Wheels are some of the valuable car parts that are very easy to steal. A thief only needs a few minutes, a jack and a wrench to steal your car wheels without a sound. Vehicle owners grapple with various risks especially when they pack in suspicious neighborhoods. You may have come across a car sitting on concrete blocks or brick after its wheels were stolen. This is why you need to equip your vehicle with wheel locks. Regardless of whether your car has aftermarket wheels or factory ones, you want to protect them from theft. Wheel locks are a cheap investment in ensuring that those wheels do not get stolen.

New wheels are attractive and fascinate many thieves. Rampant wheel theft leaves vehicle grounded for a while and costs the owner to replace the stolen wheels. The crime is difficult to trace. A wheel lock is a simple anti-theft device that can easily safeguard one of the most valuable car parts. Wheel locks prevent your vehicle from moving freely and discourages thieves from nabbing your vehicle wheels. In this guide, we recommend the 10 best wheel locks.

Features to Consider in Good Wheel Locks

As you look for wheel locks, there are 3 characteristics you should consider i.e., ease of use, durability, and security.


For a wheel lock, security is paramount. If a wheel breaks easily or is easy to unlock even without the key, your vehicle wheels will be stolen easily as if they do not have the locks. Good wheel locks have a high level of variance. In locks, a high degree of variance in locks ensures the locks are more difficult to pick and eradicate any worries of people with similar locks unlocking and stealing your vehicle wheels.

Some vehicle wheel locks come with different locking mechanisms. The locking mechanisms not only provide security but also defend against most theft. These mechanisms provide an added advantage as an additional layer of protection.

Ease of use

Cumbersome wheel locks to install leave you vulnerable to vehicle wheel theft. The ideal wheel locks are easy to install and remove using the right key. Usually, the best wheel locks are considerably lightweight. Although heavier and security intensive wheel locks add plenty of security, you may end up using them less often.

It is a great idea to select the safest wheel lock that is easy to install and remove without much hassle. Usually, wheel locks that fit in your palm meet this feature nicely.


Wheel locks should be durable. Perhaps the wheel lock may not withstand sustained attempts to crack them since it causes wear and tear. However, they should be able to cope with the elements when left outside for a very long time. Most wheel locks are equipped with a protective coating to withstand whatever the environment throws at it.

In case you live in a region with plenty of snow or salted roads, the environment can be brutal on the wheel locks. If you reside in an area with hostile elements, you should contemplate getting more resilient wheel locks compared to what you would otherwise purchase.

Top 10 Best Wheel Locks 2020

1. McGuard 24157 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Locks

Why we like it: These are standard wheel locks that are perfect for people who need small, compact and secure wheel locking mechanism.

Editor’s rating:

Design Features
The McGuard 24157 wheel lock is equipped with a 12mm x 1.50 thread and is 1.28 inches long. The lock interior is made from steel while the outer surface has chrome plating to safeguard the lock against corrosion.

The set is equipped with 4-wheel locks that can be placed on your vehicle tire lugs. You can get 21 or 19 mm hex size, depending on your car’s lug size. The locks surpass OEM standards making them ideal for aftermarket-manufactured vehicles if the need arises. A special lock is needed to install and remove these lugs, which ensures that no thief can remove them using a traditional wrench and steal your wheels. The locks have a computer-generated key design that allows the locks to be installed in multiple key patterns. The narrow groove eliminates the likelihood of anyone using pliers or other tools to remove these locks.

Convenient Features
At only 1.28” long, these lugs are hidden from thieves and do not attract attention when locked in place.

McGuard uses chemically treated steel. The manufacturer crafts steel such that it meets its OEM standards. The steel is very reliable and its durability is exceptional. The plating process goes through 3 layers of nickel and an extra microporous chrome layer that gives the wheel locks a smooth finish that safeguards the locks from rust.

McGuard 24157 is simple to use and comes with a single wheel lock functions like other common wheel locks. The user-friendly steel collars make it much easier to remove and install the locks. The narrow groove pattern in the lock makes it hard for any meddling removal tools.

This locking mechanism is great if you want to maintain a low profile. There are compatibility concerns so ensure the product is appropriate for your wheels.

  • Quality locks
  • Easy to install
  • Low profile
  • Good price
  • Does not fit all cars

2. TOYOTA Genuine Accessories 00276-00900 Wheel Lock

Why we like it: The wheel lock is crafted specifically to be used on Toyotas. This lick is weight-balanced so you won’t have to consider rebalancing. These are ideal for various Toyota models ranging from Lexus sedan to Tacoma and the Highlander.

Editor’s rating:

Design Features
This Genuine Toyota Accessories Wheel Lock is among the best wheel locks available in the market. The set includes a unique key that allows you to install and remove the wheel lock nuts. This is a great feature since it protects your vehicle wheels from being stolen. The nuts are weight-balanced and their shape makes them really simple to install.

The wheel locks are crafted from hardened steel through precision machining. A special key together with a guide allow for easy installation of the wheel locks. The material is durable, rustproof and can withstand ordinary wear and tear.

Convenient Features
These wheels feature a triple-nickel plating that enhances the wheel locks quality. Also, it is a decent feature since it safeguards against corrosion arising from extreme weather elements. As well, the feature denotes high performance, durability, and quality offered by these wheel locks. The manual included in this wheel lock set is easy to understand and follow for convenient fitting and removal of these locks.

Toyota was keen on adding an artistic feel to the outer surface which makes it appealing to the eye and is exceptional in its task of warding off any attempt to steal your wheels.

This wheel lock can be installed in various models of Toyotas. It is worth a try. The wheel locks are crafted from high-quality steel and in case your key is damaged or lost you have a way of getting a replacement.

  • Easy to install and remove
  • High quality
  • Fits various Toyota vehicles
  • May begin rusting after a few months

3. Gorilla Automotive 61641 Acorn Gorilla Guard Locks

Why we like it: Compared other wheel locks reviewed, this Acorn Gorilla is a master of all trades. The external socketed and round design eliminates the likelihood of unlocking the wheel locks through vice grips. As a car owner, you protect your investment as much as possible. Also, this locking mechanism fits most aftermarket-vehicles.

Editor’s rating:

Design Features
This set of Acorn Gorilla comes with 4 locks. The wheels come in various sizes ½ inch, 7/16 inch, 12mm x 1.25, 12 mm x 1.5 and 14 mm x 1.5 and 1.5 inches long. The locks are constructed from treated and hardened steel with a chrome finish that gives it an elegant look.
Like other best wheel locks, these wheel locks feature triple-nickel plating as well as chrome finish that safeguard excessive corrosion.

Convenient Features
This wheel locking mechanism is of uncompromising quality. This Acorn Gorilla outwits wheel thieves who tend to look victims whenever possible. The wheel lock is excellent owing to its exterior design that makes the wheel locks impossible to unbolt without using the right key.

Apart from reliable construction and design, these Gorilla wheel locks tend to be durable and the chrome on the steel makes the locks beautiful. Also, the set comes at an affordable price.

This wheel lock is among the best. A look at its features makes it easy to acknowledge why it has such a high rating. Prospective buyers will enjoy the high-quality product at an affordable price. Owing to the advanced features and design, this can easily be used on vehicles such as commercial vehicles or trailers parked for a prolonged period when not in use.

  • Comes in different sizes which allows this strong set of wheel locks to be used in different vehicles
  • The wheel lock set is reasonably priced
  • The 600 conical seat design of each nut allows the locks to remain in place unless you have the right key
  • No lock for the spare tire which leaves it vulnerable to theft

4. Honda Genuine Accessories 08W42-SNA-100 Alloy Wheel Lock

Why we like it: These are crafted for Honda manufactured vehicle. The wheel locks do not stand out since they blend nicely with regular lugs. Although they can be expensive compared to others, they are will not disappoint.

Editor’s rating:

Design Features
These lug wheel locks feature a chrome-plated exterior. They are made from a strong, high-quality nickel to ensure that they do not rust or corrode when installed on your vehicle. The triple-nickel finish has a natural shine and helps to withstand corrosion if you live in areas where snow and rain are common. As well, the hardened-steel body is theft resistant. Without the right key, no one can pry these off your car or use power tools to get rid of the locks from your rims and tires sets.

Convenient Features
You get a matching key in each wheel lock set. This set of Honda wheel locks comes with a storage pouch in case you decide to remove the lug nuts from your vehicle. You will be able to store the lug nuts together with the locking key easily when you do not need them. This will allow you to keep tabs of the whereabouts of the protective lugs if you decide to install them again on another Honda car in future. Also, the pouch ensures that you do not misplace the key socket.

Honda uses quality, stable and durable materials in designing these wheel locks. The hardened steel guarantees that the wheel locks won’t corrode or rust giving you service for years. The solidly designed lug nuts provide not only protection for your Honda vehicle but also safeguards the rims you decide to install on the car after purchasing them.

  • Provides reliable protection
  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • After several months it may begin to rust
  • May not be suitable for all Hondas

5. Genuine Subaru B321SFG000 Wheel Lock Kit

Why we like it: If you are looking for the best set of wheel locks for your Subaru cars, then this provides a decent option. You get a unique key to ensure no one is able to unlock the lock nuts in an attempt to steal your vehicle wheels.

Editor’s rating:

Design Features
The wheel locks normally support 12mm x 1.50 and 12 mm x 1.25 like other wheel locks. They are made from hardened steel that allow the wheel locks to withstand huge torque without breaking. The exterior chrome plating prevents rusting and corrosion.

Convenient Features
Subaru provides warranty for these wheel locks. Unlike various other companies, Subaru provides a total replacement in case of damage or poor workmanship received to wheel locks before opening the package.

These high-quality wheel lock lug nuts are ideal for most Subaru models. Although Subaru may not be a best-seller or a big deal, their accessories are an entirely different story. Subaru produces some of the finest accessories available and wheel locks fall under this category.

The wheel locks are manufactured to meet the OEM standards. Thus, the material used in manufacturing the locks is shipped from OEM. The materials do not come any better than these since OEM manufactures some of the finest toughest materials available.

The wheel locks are manufactured from high-quality components. Protecting your vehicle is essential and selecting the appropriate part can be challenging. However, sticking with a genuine OEM part is the best choice. These wheel locks are cheap considering that only one lock is used per wheel and they can easily outperform other typical wheel locks.

  • Produced to meet OEM durability and toughness standards
  • Fits most Subaru models between 2012 and 2017
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Effective and easy to install
  • A bit expensive compared to the competition
  • Not suitable for other vehicles
  • The locks stick out so it is possible to meddle them open

6. BMW Genuine Wheel Lock Set

Why we like it: BMW has attained iconic status as a quality car manufacturer across the world. BMW reputation attracts thieves but with these BMW wheel locks that support multiple BMW models, you will be able to fend off thieves.

Editor’s rating:

Design Features
This wheel lock set comes with 4 locking bolts one for each wheel and includes 2 keys. One of the keys is for the trunk while the other is a backup if the first one is lost. This genuine BMW wheel lock set uses wheel bolt lock with an adaptor.

These conical wheel locks will dissuade wheel thieves. The wheel set is ideal for people who remove their wheels several times in a year.

Convenient Features
The manufacturer provides a 2 year or 24,000 miles warranty for this wheel lock set. Most OEM BMW wheels attract thieves and are easy to steal using basic tools. Although you may not entirely deter thieves from stealing your BMW wheels you can prevent such occurrences by installing this set of wheel locks. The wheel lock set provides protection against wheel theft and provides you peace of mind as you leave your vehicle in some unfamiliar areas or places where the vehicle is not attended. Today, there are few vehicle manufacturers whose mention illicit a sense of quality irrespective of the cars they manufacture. BMW is among the reputable vehicle manufacturers. The genuine BMW wheel locks provide unmatched reliability to various BMW models.

This Genuine BMW wheel lock is among the among BMWs lifestyle products. The product quality is guaranteed and you will enjoy the service provided by these wheel locks for years. The heel locks require a unique driver that comes with the kit. The lugs nuts cannot be uninstalled using traditional tools. These wheel locks are ideal if you have concerns about your BMW nice factory wheels being stolen.

  • Easy to install
  • Made from tough material
  • Tight key fit to avoid slipping
  • Meant for BMWs

7. Genuine Audi Accessories 4F0071455 Wheel Lock

Why we like it: Genuine Audi 4F0071455 wheel lock is among the best wheel locks available in the market. Not only does it protect your vehicle but also the high-quality and long-lasting performance provides peace of mind.

Editor’s rating:

Design Features
The wheel lock set comes with 4 security nuts and four dust caps. The kit comes with all the necessary accessories needed to install the set. These include cap removal tool, locking wheel bolt caps, and uniquely designed anti-theft key socket.

Convenient Features
Audi is among the luxurious car manufacturers today. Taking care of your valuable car is crucial even when you leave it unattended. This Audi wheel lock set is compatible with A4 Sedan, A6 Sedan, Audi A3, and A5 coupe, TT Roadster, A6 Avant, A5 Cabriolet, A4 Avant and TT Roadster 02+.

Audi vehicles attract a lot of attention even from thieves who may want to steal bespoke wheels. For an Audi owner, this wheel lock is ideal. This is a good option for those who want additional security for their brand new Audis. The wheel lock comes with a rotating ring that prevents the wheel bolts from being unlocked without the appropriate adapter. The set comes with a carrying case that helps keep the wheel lock key safe at all times.

With this genuine Audi wheel lock, you have added security for your wheels. After spending year locking for the ideal one-off wheels or months polishing each wheel, you won’t want your wheels at risk of being stolen. This wheel lock set will give you extra peace of mind by securing your expensive wheels without costly changes. The wheel locks will replace one of your bolts in each wheel with a unique key that is included in the kit.

  • Easy to install
  • High-quality design
  • Supports a fraction of Audi models

8. DPAccessories LCB3L2HE-BK04LK4 Wheel Locks Set

Why we like it: DPAccessories is among the best makers of accessories. Thus, these DPAccesories Wheel locks are regarded to be among the best in terms of quality and durability.

Editor’s rating:

Design Features
The wheel locks have machine-precision threads to ensure they fit perfectly on your car. The locks are crafted from hardened and cold-forged steel to guarantee reliability and durability. The outer surface ensures long term protection against corrosion. These wheel locks fit vehicles that have ½” 20 thread wheel studs and wheels that support a 600 seat with either a 13/16” or ¾” hex.

Convenient Features
These locks do not come with a generic key. All the locks in the same model come with different keys to ensure no key can unlock a different lock. These locks provide a degree of customization. First, you can choose between the four and five locksets. Also, you may choose the color you want for your locks. They come in either chrome plating or jet black finish. Also, DPAccessories offer free replacement for a damaged or lost key. All you need is the key card you got after purchasing the lock. Send it to DPAccessories then wait to get your key in no time.

These DPAccessories wheel locks come with a closed end bulge that increases the security of your wheels. They feature a proprietary cathode black coat that enhances the durability of the locks. The locks are pleasing owing to the sharp look of satin black paint. The locks undergo quality control checks to ensure the manufactured locks are of great quality.

  • Free replacement for lost key
  • Blends with stock lugs
  • Comes in 2 finishes
  • Hardened and cold-forged steel makes the lock a lot tougher compared to other locks
  • Precision threading that ensures the locks fits your vehicle
  • May corrode after 8 to 12 months
  • Can be unlocked if someone gets the torque and positioning right using pliers.
  • The paint will come off

9. Muteki 32906B SR Series Black SR48 Open End Lug Nut Set

Why we like it: These are among the most popular lug nuts. The knurled ends provide better grip and have a cool appearance. The lug nuts are designed to offer race performance, cool looks and to ward off vehicle wheel thieves.

Editor’s rating:

Design Features
The set comes with 20 lug nuts. Each of the 20 lug nuts weighs less than 2 ounces. They have an open-ended design and are 48 millimeters long with knurled ends. They can be uninstalled using a 17-millimeter socket.

They are made using cold forged chrome vanadium metal which allows them to withstand anything that can be thrown at them on the street. Also, the nuts are designed with a bigger 600 cone seat that provides better wheel contact. Muteki lug nuts come in different colors. You can get them in chrome neon, chrome titanium, purple and black.

Convenient Features
Most owners of customized vehicles find the standard shiny chrome wheel locks bland. Thus, the more colorful Black Muteki lug nuts offer sporty vehicles the right appearance. Although they are a bit expensive compared to other wheel locks, you can’t deny that these Japanese built lug nuts have a much better look.

The Muteki SR 48 Lug nut kit with 20 pieces is enough for 4 wheels that come with 5 lug configuration. The cold forged vanadium lug nuts are manufactured to last. Unlike aluminum counterparts, these provide durability since they won’t strip. The race functionality allows stud engagement and the open ends enable you to use standard OEM studs or race wheel studs. The knurled ends provide a better grip. The lug nuts are suitable for tapered aftermarket wheels.

  • Each nut is lightweight weighing less than 2 ounces
  • The chrome vanadium design keep the nuts looking attractive
  • Less susceptible to chipping
  • The 20 nuts in this set cater only to the 4 wheels in use. In case of emergency, the spare tire will use normal nuts

10. Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock

Why we like it: This wheel lock is versatile enough to work on cars, boats, trailers, and ATVs among other vehicles. The locking mechanism features 2 keys and can resist any picking attempts.

Editor’s rating:

Design Features
This wheel chock mechanism has arms that are rubber coated to protect the wheel finish. This wheel chock lock weighs 6.39 pounds and the dimensions are 4 by 11.7 by 15.5 inches.

For extra durability, the wheel chock lock has a powder coat that protects it from rust and scratches. The wheel lock has a pick-resistant internal mechanism. This ensures that thieves do not break the lock using small locks.

Convenient Features
In case you want to safeguard your valuable wheel and keep it safe even when unattended and parked in areas with less traffic, then Trimax TCL65 seems to be the best bet. The wheel chock can be attached on any of the wheels to prevent the car from being towed or stolen.

The clamp-style vehicle wheel lock provides optimum protection for your tires and rims. The wheel chock lock can be adjusted to fit different wheels. The chock lock is made from durable steel that cannot be broken using pliers, wrenches or any other tools. The lock comes with a chock that avoids rollaway preventing a thief from driving your car or putting your car in a trailer.

The Trimax TCL65 is a durable wheel check that prevents thieves from stealing your wheels. It is a good choice for people who want total security for their trailers, cars, and boats. Fleet owners prefer it because of its heavy-duty steel coupled with a decent locking mechanism design.

  • Universal design that fits any vehicle wheel
  • Simple to install and remove
  • Stops the wheels from rolling
  • The locking mechanism may be difficult to use
  • Can be small for trailers

Guide to Buying the Best Wheel Locks

Everybody even the marauding thieves love the eye-catching wheels. If your car spends a lot of time in parking lots or parked on the street, investing in affordable anti-theft wheel locks is easy insurance against wheel theft. Taking into account the value of wheel locks in protecting your vehicle wheels from theft, investing in a dependable product is important. When going to purchase wheel locks, you need to be prepared. This will save you both money and vehicle wheel.

What is a wheel lock?

A wheel lock replaces the standard lug nuts and comes with a unique face pattern that allows it to be installed and removed using a unique key that comes with a lock. These are considerably cheap and you can install them without the need to go to your dealership or an auto repair. Also, installing wheel locks means that you will need to always have the key to be able to remove the wheel whenever necessary. Check out this video for some of the recommended Wheel locks.

Types of wheel locks

Wheel locks come in different shapes and forms. What you need is to find the appropriate one depending on your vehicle rim and wheel. There 4 common types of wheel locks available in the market.

  • Spline Drive: They are among the best types of wheel locks that offer great security for your wheels in any condition. They have a closed end design while providing excellent gripping and stud engagement. These are easy to install and are ideal for cars that have thicker lug diameter. These are ideal for aftermarket vehicles.
  • Alloy wheel locks: These as the name suggest are built from solid alloy. These have a sturdy design and provide smooth security for your vehicle wheels. Usually, alloy wheel locks come from vehicle manufacturers. You require a unique socket that the manufacturer provides to remove these locks.
  • Locking Lug nut: These have special rigged patterns that make it impossible to uninstall using a normal wrench. It comes with a special key designed to install the wheel lock. The locks are installed in the rim exterior surface and are difficult to break. These are popular among buyers because of their fancy exterior and tend to be the most powerful that cannot be broken using a conventional wrench.
  • Clamp Wheel Lock: This lock differs from other wheel locks. This is a clamp that is put around the wheel for added security against thieves. These ensure that no one can move your vehicle when these are attached. This means your vehicle together with the wheels is secure. You have to uninstall the clamp whenever you want to move the vehicle. The downside such locks is that they tedious to use. Thus, people do not use them every day. However, they are sporadically used when parking in areas with a reputation for vehicle theft.

Things to consider in a wheel lock product

If you are contemplating the purchase of wheel locks to enhance the anti-theft protection of your wheels, there are various factors to consider. Apart from checking the different models and their associated advantages and disadvantages, you should also take into account various factors based on your requirements among them cost, handling and safety. For some details on how to install wheel locks, check out this video.

Here is a catalog of the things you should consider before purchasing the best vehicle wheel lock.


Strong wheel locks are capable of saving you precious wheels on your car. Thus, when purchasing wheel locks do not compromise on the price. Most of the cheap wheel locks have a design that is not strong enough to secure your wheels from a determined thief. Thus, always consider quality wheel locks even though they may cost several bucks.


Before purchasing a set of wheel locks, you should check your car manual to see if the wheel is compatible with the locks. Also, ensure you know the size of your wheel since there are various wheel lock sizes in the market.


Usually, a set of wheel locks comes with 4 locks. However, there are brands that provide more than four locks. It is recommended when purchasing wheel locks you purchase a set that has more than 4 locks. Although these tend to be a bit expensive, it is a convenient and worthy purchase.

Material and safety

When purchasing vehicle wheel locks, pay special attention to the material and safety. There are huge differences between models in this aspect. Even though most locks consist of sturdy steel and a safety key, these components in some devices are less stable and of less quality compared to others. So focusing on what matters is very important.

Unique key

Some manufacturers of wheel locks offer a universal key for the locks they produce. Such locks are easy to manipulate and can leave your wheels vulnerable. Thus, ensure you purchase locks that have a very unique key that only fits your unique lock.

Handling and assembly

The handling and assembly of the wheel locks you choose should be easy and fast. These may differ depending on the manufacturer. The locks should be easy to install and remove. They should not be complicated and should be sturdy to withstand any manipulation by thieves. The best wheel locks should have these features.


When your vehicle is equipped with expensive wheels, protecting them with a set of lug nuts is a risky game. Good wheel locks provide maximum protection to your wheels. They are as important as anti-theft equipment and car alarms. Some of the brands are a bit expensive although they provide extra protection. In this guide, we provided you some valuable information on the best vehicle wheel locks. When purchasing wheel locks take into account size, durability, manufacturer guarantee and price of the wheel locks. Ensure you avoid cheap locks that are easy to break.