Best Chrome Polishes to Make Your Metal Feel Loved

Best Chrome Polishes to Make Your Metal Feel Loved

Whether it’s your vehicle or a worktop, an unloved metal surface is not only an eyesore, but it can also become a hazard. Chrome polish can help you here by allowing you to work over that surface, deal with any serious issues such as rusting, and bring out that all-important shine. Where do you start then when it comes to making a purchase, and what are the best products on the market today?

What You Need to Know About Chrome Polishes

To help you choose the right chrome polish for you, we’ve compiled all the must-know information about them here.

What Makes a Quality Chrome Polish?

There are a few different factors to consider when looking into any high-quality chrome polish brand’s formula. These will include:


Providing a long-lasting protective coating is essential. This shields chrome against the effects of the weather and oxidation; it also offers protection from the UV sunlight that hits the hood.


The product you purchase will likely determine this, with some of the more general polishes being done by hand, while others may require a rotary buffer.


The polishe’s consistency will give you some idea of its purpose. For instance, a liquid solution is typically used for cleaning, and creams are typically focused on tarnishes.

Then it’s just a matter of asking yourself why the chrome polish is needed, and what you’re hoping to get out of it.

Why Is Chrome Polish Necessary?

Keeping metals in good working order is vital, especially when it’s a vehicle you’re taking on the road. Primarily, though, chrome polish comes down to two factors.


This will include general rusting and scratches, along with various other tarnishes in the metal you want to seal over. The integrity of any metal must be kept to a safe standard, as you don’t want your car wearing away, which is why some level of protection is needed. Keeping rust from eating away at your vehicle is a must for all drivers.


More of an aesthetic choice, there’ll be those out there that take a high degree of pride in exhibiting their wheels. Not many will want to drive around a rust-bucket, though, which is why there are plenty of more general chrome polishes out there too. It’s then simply a question of how shiny you want your car.

Now it’s on to choosing the polish itself and finding the right product for you.

Types of Chrome Polishes

The makeup of the chrome polish itself is something you need to consider before making any purchase. Different needs and requirements have relevant products aimed at them.


Typically for smaller, more specific jobs, dealing with more serious tarnishes and blemishes. Only needing to smooth it on over the areas affected, not much is required, which is useful when it’s limited. Here you’ll find brands like Simichrome again, getting right down to the fine details.


Best suited for working into the rust, while also removing the surface level grime. Smearing it over larger areas, it’s typically stickier in its constitution, as you can work at buffing it out. It also brings out the shine, along with clearing up any pitting or watermarks, giving it an intensive professional job.


This is ideal for larger surface level jobs, as it’s not so strong. Still, though, it’s massively popular due to how quick and easy it is, as you only have to smear it across, before lifting it by either hand or machine. Sometimes it’s also possible to spray it on with some brands as well.


Some brands will come with wadding already soaked in polish, which again includes Eagle One Nevr-Dull, as you break a piece off, wipe, then dispose of after use. As previously mentioned, these are best for clean up jobs, paving the way for the heavy-duty polishing work underneath.

When it comes to making the final decision, you must make sure the brand is compatible with the polishing job in question. Then it’s just a matter of applying the formula.

What to Consider in a Chrome Polish Brand?

Some brands may have instant name recognition, but it’s essential not to overlook some of the smaller companies out there, as you could miss some real gems. Seeing beyond the label, you need to look at some of the primary factors underlying your purchase.


We’ll talk more about this further down below, but to start with, taking stock of the work you’re considering is vital. For example, are you only looking to clean and shine your car, or are you looking to get rid of some severe rust? Different polishes focus on specific jobs, and you need to know this before going in.


A familiar brand name will be a significant decider here, but there are quite a few smaller companies out there that have been flying under the radar for many, which we’ll look at in the further detail.


You’ll find that different price brackets can give you some general indication of what you can expect from a product. For instance, at around $5 for 10 to 15 oz, you’re looking at your more general budget range. Between $10 and $15, you start to find more specialist products, especially if the amount provided is limited.

With that in mind, check out our top chrome polish picks, then go ahead and look at our in-depth guide below to get the most out of your product.

Top 10 Best Chrome Polishes 2024

1. Best Overall Chrome Polish: Blue Magic 400

Blue Magic 400

Why we like it: Entirely non-abrasive, the shiny finish of the Blue Magic will leave every chrome metal surface gleaming. It’s also easy to apply by either a machine or by hand.

Editor’s Rating:

A smaller brand, the Blue Magic Metal Polish Cream is gradually gaining recognition beyond the US with its powerful and potent formula. After application, a silicone film is left, providing lasting protection for those looking for a more vigorous polish.

Strength and Texture

One of the first things you’ll notice is the smell, as it’s incredibly intense. So make sure to apply the polish in a well-ventilated area while using a mask. You do not want to inhale this in large doses.

It’s also best to stir it up a little before use if only to make the application somewhat easier. Once you apply it, though, you can use a cloth, smear it on, and then buff it out.

Coating and Shine

Being non-abrasive with its ammonia-based formula, this leaves behind a clean, shining coat, providing an excellent finish to any metal surfaces. The opportunity to apply it using a polishing machine is perfect for wheels and various other metals. It does tend to leave behind a slightly bluish hue, but you can remove this with some extra effort, plus the help of a buffer.


Despite it coming in smaller sized containers, weighing in at 7oz per jar, it still offers better value for money than many of its competitors. As one of the more powerful cream-based chrome polishes, it’s excellent for wheels. Standing up to the most considerably oxidized metals, it’s best suited to both protecting and increasing the shine, removing any blemishes that may have occurred. While more powerful polishes are out there on the market, such as the Simichrome All Metal Polish Tube, this offers a more accessible polish for everyday use. You don’t need to use too much of it either, gaining most efficiency when using it in small amounts.


  • Works on all metals
  • Simple to apply by hand or machine, it leaves no scratches
  • Provides a long-lasting protective coating
  • Removes all effects of oxidation and tarnishes


  • Ventilation and masks required at all times
  • Can leave a bluish tinge, which means extra buffing

2. Best Premium Chrome Polish: Simichrome All Metal Polish Tube

Simichrome All Metal Polish Tube

Why we like it: While on the more expensive end, this is a must for anyone looking for a professional job when it comes to removing any blemishes, scratches, and tarnishes.

Editor’s Rating:

On the more professional end of popular chrome polish brands is Simichrome, a relative newcomer to the market. Still, while it may be a younger brand, it more than proves itself, with this premium polish flying into second place.

Strength and Texture

Likely to be the most potent product on this list, you’ll be purchasing Simichrome for its ability when tackling the toughest tarnishes and markings. Highly regarded by professionals, it’s well known for its strength, making it a more than formidable contender. When using the chrome polish paste, it’s best applied in smaller, more manageable chunks when smoothing it onto any metal surface.

Coating and Shine

Restoring metal surfaces to their original condition, this will bring out the natural shine in an instant. Leaving a longer-lasting protective coating too, it retains its shininess, keeping it from tarnishing and rusting further. On top of that, there’s few, if any, toxic substances that will damage the metal chrome surface.


A major draw for this particular polish is the rate at which it works, clocking in at around all of thirty seconds. The speed factor will appeal to both those looking for a professional job and those on the go. While it may work quickly, though, you’ll find that it’s best applied by hand, targeting smaller, more stubborn marks. Being one of the more professional products, it does need to be handled with care, as it can potentially ruin a finish if not used properly. That said, it’s one the best when it comes to seeing the finished results fast.


  • Acting in under 30 seconds, it's one of the fastest chrome polishes around
  • Doesn't contain toxic substances that damage surfaces
  • Provides a robust, long-lasting protective coating
  • Highly effective on any metal surface, restoring it to new


  • One of the most expensive polishes, it needs to be used sparingly
  • Not so useful for general cleaning

3. Best Budget Chrome Polish: Mothers California Gold

Mothers California Gold

Why we like it: Simple to apply, this is ideal for anyone looking for a fast-acting, affordable chrome polish, efficiently protecting for everyday use.

Editor’s Rating:

One of the cheapest chrome polishes out there, Mothers, is a much-beloved brand with car enthusiasts. It’s perfect for giving surfaces a brisk run over with its quick and easy application, cleaning them up, making them as good as new.

Strength and Texture

With a reasonably thick consistency, this particular chrome polish has a creamy texture to it that’s soft when applying. Giving more of a gentle clean, it provides a powerful polish that gets the job done. Offering a smooth mixture, it’s potent, yet typically doesn’t smear or streak across surfaces.

Coating and Shine

Using an advanced polymer formula for the coating, it maintains its shine long after application. It also offers a robust safeguard against any rusting or oxidation that may occur over time. Brightening the surface, it cleans it up, bringing out the shine, restoring the metal as close to its original state as possible.


There are other multipurpose cleaners, such as the Quick Glo Chrome Cleaner, which are simple to use. Still, when seriously tackling those surfaces on a budget, Mothers excels. Restoring and preserving most metal surfaces, this offers an all-around polish and clean for a reasonable price. There’s no fear of scratching either, with it being soft and smooth, as it’s applied with a minimum of fuss. With it being cheaper too, there’s also the option of using it more often, regularly giving the metals a touch-up.


  • Inexpensive and straightforward, it's easy to apply
  • Great for rusting and spotting, along with everyday protection, such as fingerprints
  • Can safely come into contact with other surfaces, including glass and mirrors
  • Perfect for bumpers and wheels


  • Not so good on older metals
  • Can take some effort, as sometimes leaves a clouded effect with swirl marks

4. Best Heavy-Duty Chrome Polish: Chemical Guys Heavy Metal Polish Restorer and Protectant

Chemical Guys Heavy Metal Polish Restorer and Protectant

Why we like it: This ideal for any heavy-duty cleaning jobs, with its significant restorative properties removing any adverse signs of rust and oxidation.

Editor’s Rating:

When it comes to more damaged metal surfaces, this is the product many look to in their time of need. Providing a heavy-duty formula as it says in the title, this is predominantly for tackling weightier metal surfaces.

Strength and Texture

Using either a machine or cloth, the formula itself is relatively easy to apply to any surface, although it’s typically best on heavy metals. Smoothing it in, it’s a powerful chrome polish, although they do offer a lighter brand as well. Use that afterward, though, as the heavy metal polish does hold some considerable power behind it.

Coating and Shine

With a UV block mixed in protecting against sunlight, along with a protective sealant, it’s both sturdy and robust. It may not fill the deep scratches buried within the metal, but it does pad out the lighter ones, giving the surface a nice glossy coat. Leaving behind a sparkle and shine, it’s perfect for supplementing other brands when it comes to polishing.


Removing light rusting from the surface with ease, Chemical Guys is an excellent product for clearing up any extensive external damage. The Heavy Metal Polish offers a reasonably powerful protective sealant, though, perhaps most notable for its UV protection. Because of this, it’s ideal for holding back any weather damage, making it useful for when it comes to extensive use outdoors.


  • Can be applied easily by either hand or machine
  • Offers more robust protection for heavier metals
  • Clears up any tarnishes or other contamination
  • Leaves a shiny layer of protection


  • The amount provided in each bottle is limited
  • Is a little more expensive

5. Best Cleansing Chrome Polish: Eagle One Nevr-Dull Wadding Polish

Eagle One Nevr-Dull Wadding Polish

Why we like it: With over seventy years in the field, this is one of the more reliable brands out there, providing a quality polish that covers a diverse range of metals.

Editor’s Rating:

Despite being a little more expensive, this delivers, with its ability for cleaning up a whole variety of different metal surfaces. Safe and easy to use, it insulates against all manner of outdoor wear-and-tear.

Strength and Texture

Made up of wadding fiber, you tear a piece off and polish the metal’s surface without any need for a machine or buffer. With the polish wadding being pre-soaked, it’s easy to use while also preventing any spillage or excess waste. Attacking the grease with its potent formula, this makes for a quick cleanup job that requires little else besides what’s in the container.

Coating and Shine

Primarily used for bringing out the shine, many use this on their exhaust, as it clears up the metal’s surface. Taking some of the rust off too, it smooths over the scratches bringing its sheen back almost immediately. It may not be the most substantial coating out there, but it’s notable for cleaning up quickly.


Many will testify to this because of its ease of use, requiring little work from your end. Non-abrasive to touch, it’s application is straightforward, as all you need is the tin and a cloth to wipe over before and after. Popular with motorcyclists due to the debris their exhausts pick up from being close to the ground, it lifts a lot of the muck and tar quickly and efficiently. Anyone looking for quick routine maintenance may find this chrome polish to their liking.


  • Well known for its versatility when it comes to metal surfaces
  • Great at getting rid of tar
  • Can be applied easily without any tools
  • Useful when protecting against the weather, it maintains the shine outdoors


  • Is a bit on the pricier end
  • Can dry out if not fastened tightly

6. Best Time-Saving Chrome Polish: 3M Chrome and Metal Polish

3M Chrome and Metal Polish

Why we like it: A reliable brand and strong contender, this is another good quality all-rounder that offers value for money with its no-nonsense cream polish.

Editor’s Rating:

In terms of brand recognition, 3M is at the forefront of industrial goods production, working with cars for over a hundred years. With this in mind, it’s no surprise then that their chrome polish is an all-around quality product.

Strength and Texture

The texture is rough, which may be a little abrasive for higher-quality chrome, but this makes it perfectly suited for more rusted metals. Using a microfiber cloth to buff it out once you’ve applied it will help smooth it out here. With its advanced formula, what 3M also brings to the table is power, as it works into those heavier tarnishes with the slightest of ease.

You may find that the amount is slightly limited, but it does provide what you pay for, despite there being visible air pockets on occasion. That said, you don’t need all that much to make it work, as it’s most useful when applied in smaller doses.

Coating and Shine

Bringing out the natural shine of the metal, 3M provides an all-round cleanup job when it comes to some of the bigger tarnishes and rust pits. Not known for smearing, it offers a sparkling coat without needing to put in too much effort. Making it ideal for quick coatings when you only need a touch-up, it’s a great time-saver.


Like Mothers California Gold and Nevr Dull, 3M is an already well-established brand, with a whole range of industrial products behind it. It’s this that paves the way for it as a robust mid-range alternative in the chrome polish market. Effective against metal pitting, and applicable to pretty much all chrome, this is ideal for general use, keeping the surface free from grime. While it might not be the most professional cream polish out there, it does what it sets out to, helping prevent any corrosion or rust in the process. If you’re someone looking for a chrome polish job without any fuss, then this may be for you.


  • Clears up the surface of most metals quickly and easily
  • Not much is needed
  • Is effective on a range of different metals
  • Great for use on metal pitting and spotting


  • Can be a little abrasive on high-quality chrome
  • There can sometimes be pockets of air within the containers

7. Easiest-To-Use Chrome Polish: Turtle Wax Chrome Polish & Rust Remover

Turtle Wax Chrome Polish & Rust Remover

Why we like it: Providing a range of options when it comes to detailing and chrome polish, Turtle Wax is a brand that knows what it's doing.

Editor’s Rating:

When it comes to chrome rims, this is one of the best out there, given how it deals with oxidation. Wheels face the constant threat of rusting through road salts, which is where Turtle Wax excels.

Strength and Texture

Using a cloth to smooth the solution into and across the metal surface as a liquid formula, it’s quick and easy. Not too runny, you won’t find a lot of excess with this, and you don’t need a great deal to get the job finished. Despite being a weaker polish, it makes up for this in price, as it’s a cheap, inexpensive option.

Coating and Shine

Its non-abrasive mixture, best as a cleaner, works while polishing the metal surface. With only one coat required, the solution is applied by hand, leaving a light protective coating behind. It more than works for one of the budget options, bringing a coat and shine for a fraction of the cost.


While Turtle Wax probably won’t cover you when it comes to severe surface damage, and light surface rust may also prove to be a problem, it makes up for its shortcomings in price. Providing a quick and easy clean, it’s ideal when you need to clear up the car instantly. Using it alongside other chrome polishes is likely your best course of action here, as you can touch up and restore any previous job. All this makes Turtle Wax one of the go-to purchases for the casual car enthusiast, as it doesn’t take too much effort, nor does it break the bank either.


  • Well equipped for clearing general rust
  • Safe in contact with both rubber and plastic
  • Leaves behind a protective coating against further oxidation
  • An inexpensive option when it comes to chrome polish


  • Does require some effort to buff it out
  • Can leave behind stains if not careful

8. Best Multipurpose Chrome Polish: Quickway Brands Quick Glo Chrome Cleaner

Quickway Brands Quick Glo Chrome Cleaner

Why we like it: Working as an 'all-in-one,' this combines chrome polish with both wax and cleaner, being a sturdy brand that was endorsed by none other than Jay Leno.

Editor’s Rating:

With its cleaner, wax, and polish combined, Quickway has cornered the market when it comes to the all-in-one chrome polish. That said, any job is time-sensitive, as it has a limited shelf-life, but what it does do, it does well.

Strength and Texture

The Quick Glo chrome cleaner has a non-toxic formula that’s safe to use by hand and is environmentally friendly. Suitable for everyday use around the workshop, it cleans up various surfaces with its all-in-one cream texture. Simply spreading it across the surface, it’s relatively liquid in its make up, which can also be a problem if it’s left in humid spaces.

Coating and Shine

Working into the rust holes, it seals up the surface, really clearing up the metal, bringing it back to its original shine. Also useable on surfaces such as glass, Quickway covers water holes, cleaning all liquid spots and smears. It then forms a light protective coating protecting against any further water damage.


Better for general use around the workshop with its shorter shelf-life, it compensates through its ease of use on a variety of surfaces. Settling around the mid-range in terms of strength, it’s great for protecting against water build-up. Because of this, it’s extremely popular with boat owners, polishing those chrome surfaces ready for sailing. From brass to chrome, to glass, this all-in-one is a great little multipurpose cleaner for keeping close to hand.


  • Works on a variety of different surfaces, not just metal and chrome
  • Environmentally friendly formula
  • Both cleans the surface and adds a protective layer
  • Non-toxic, it's safe to use without the need for ventilation


  • Can liquefy if stored in a humid or warm area
  • Occasionally not so effective on chrome itself

9. Best Protective Coating: Star Brite Chrome & Stainless Polish

Star Brite Chrome & Stainless Polish

Why we like it: Making many high-quality industrial products, including marine-grade cleaners, Star Brite's chrome polish offers excellent protection when it comes to stainless steel.

Editor’s Rating:

With the option of applying this to a wet or dry surface, you can effortlessly spread this polish using a cloth. It also provides a robust protective barrier, with the chance to reapply the formula after 10 to 30 days for even better results.

Strength and Texture

It has a smooth, creamy texture that’s easy to spread across most metal surfaces, and it’s easy to apply by hand. Only needing a cloth, it doesn’t take much effort, with its non-abrasive formula. It drys into a haze after using it, which you can then buff off to reveal the shiny surface underneath.

Coating and Shine

Best for shining up stainless steel surfaces, this particular polish is geared towards brightening metals, giving them that sparkle. It does work at protecting too, retaining that shine, while also preventing corrosion and stains. Maybe not so strong against deep down tarnishes, it manages to hold off fingerprints and smears with due diligence.


As you’d expect from a name such as Star Brite, it’s all in the shining surfaces when it comes to this chrome polish. Picking up on stainless steel, it’s easily applicable to both dry and wet metals. It’s best to use with a buffing pad, topping it up once in a while to keep the sparkle going. Therefore, this polish is best suited to providing a clean, gleaming finish, following a more intensive workout from a more powerful polish.


  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Protects against discoloration, as well as rusting
  • Efficiently clears up rust stains
  • Leaves a protective coating, which you can boost every 10 to 30 days


  • Can leave streaks meaning a lot of cleaning's required
  • There's a strong, pungent smell of kerosene

10. Best Rotary Buffer Chrome Polish: Surf City Garage Killer Chrome Polish

Surf City Garage Killer Chrome Polish

Why we like it: Offers mirror finishes when used with a buffer, making Surf City a decent chrome polish for bringing out the sparkle.

Editor’s Rating:

Providing a budget-friendly clean up job, this brings a fast shine to most metal surfaces. It’s a simple, effective formula with the chance to apply it either by hand or rotary buffer.

Strength and Texture

Being medium strength, this is easy to apply straight onto the chrome itself, although it does require a bit of shaking up beforehand. Reasonably thin in its consistency, not much is needed when covering a larger area. You will need to be a little careful not to waste any, though, as it pours quite quickly.

Coating and Shine

Leaving a shine to the metal, this works well with a buffer, really cutting into the grime, bringing the brightness up to the surface. Spreading across the metal nicely, it leaves a good coat too, even if it only really removes the outer layer of rust. It’s best used in conjunction with a more powerful polish, letting this effectively complimenting it.


Specifically made for restoration, it’s a solution formulated to not scratch the metal surface while cleaning. That means, while it’s slightly less substantial as a serious chrome polish, it does work well when shining up your set of wheels. Being more of a liquid-based cream, it’s ideal for working over the surface following the heavy lifting of other more powerful chrome polish brands. Going great with a rotary buffer, it’s perfect for giving the final finishing touches to any restoration job.


  • Ideal for any restoration work
  • Requires little effort, with its fast-acting formula
  • Only small amounts are needed
  • The formula is safe to work with by hand


  • A bit watery, it's sometimes hard to work with
  • The container isn't very secure

Guide to Buying the Best Chrome Polish

woman buffing chrome polish on wheels

So, we’ve summed up ten of the best chrome polishes currently on the market, but now what? While knowing some of the best chrome polishing products that money can buy is a great place to start, you’ll also want to know how to apply it and what it can do for your car. We’ll cover it all; first, we’ll take a look at why people use chrome polish and what benefits it can provide.

What Can Polishing Offer You?

You might be someone who really couldn’t care about keeping up appearances, but what if I told you it was more than just an aesthetic. In the previous guide above, we looked at what goes into a quality polish, so here we’ll take a closer look at why this is so important.

  • Prevents rusting and oxidation: this may seem obvious, but it’s crucial, as rust is not only an eyesore but also dangerous if left, with the metal potentially breaking apart.
  • Protects against the weather: traveling outside is always going to take its toll whatever measures you may take, but a decent polish can help keep environmental effects at bay.
  • Retains value: with a vehicle, you’ll likely want to sell it at some point, and you can’t do this with a beaten exterior, as that’s going to put potential buyers off in an instant.
  • Increases longevity: you want to keep any vehicles and metals in working order for as long as possible, and chrome polish can do that, maintaining their integrity for longer.

What Type of Metal Are You Polishing?

Matching up your chrome polish with the metal surface is a significant part of choosing the right brand. Some will need you to focus solely on chrome, while others may require something a little more specific to tackle them head-on.

If you’re not so worried about getting the full shine, opting for more everyday upkeep of your surfaces, then the multipurpose all-in-one Quick Glo Chrome Cleaner may be more up your alley.

For those enthusiasts, though, something a little direct might be in order, such as the Simichrome All Metal Polish, bringing an air of sleek professionalism to your wheels. First, though, you should assess the situation in hand.

What’s the Damage?

First things first, before you begin any polishing work, you need to fully assess what the damage to your vehicle is, so you know exactly where you stand. Here’s a quick rundown of the problems that may arise when it comes to metal surfaces:


This is a fairly straightforward one, but it’s essential, as you need to keep the rust from building across any surface. Caused by oxidation of the metal, using a chrome polish to seal over it and bring out the shine is what you want. When it comes to heavy metals with severe rust, something like Chemical Guys can help you here.


These are a little tougher to deal with, and won’t always come out straight away. Digging into the metal requires focus, sealing over the area, making you work on it as closely as possible. Sometimes it may also need another layer of paint if it’s particularly bad, but you want to get as much as you can with the polish first.


When it comes to pitting corrosion, you need to find something that seals over the rust while also protecting from the climate. Mainly affected by the weather, it needs something that will provide a sturdy coating.


This is more aesthetic, which may not bother the casual motorist so much, but it’s always nice to ensure your wheels aren’t too faded. If you’re a car enthusiast, though, this can be a problem, especially when it comes to showcasing vintage models. Lifting the shine requires more of a cleaner, such as Star Brite, before proceeding on to something more serious.

Grease and Dirt

Cutting through grease can be a pain, especially when it never seems to wipe away. Add dirt on top of that, and it can become an issue, especially when you want to deal with the metal underneath. Certain brands, such as the Eagle One Nevr-Dull, is made especially for clearing up messes, picking up the dirt and grease with its polish-soaked material.

How to Apply Chrome Polish

While the job requires a high standard, you also want to ensure it’s made as easy as possible. You don’t want to add any unnecessary stress, which is where the polish application comes into question. What then, are the two main options available to you here?

By Hand

Preferred by the general motorist, this is what most will choose. First, you want to wash the car and surface, making sure it’s free from any grit that could potentially scratch it. Then, taking a cloth, which is usually microfibre, you essentially smear the formula over the targeted area, rubbing it in a circular motion. You want to do this until it disappears into the metal.

Using your hands is best for more general polishing work when you need to do a simple job. That said, when focusing on some of the smaller scratches and tarnishes, you’ll also want to go by hand, as machines typically buff up and shine larger areas.

By Machine

Usually involving a rotary buffer, you first apply the solution by hand, either to the metal surface or to the motorized buffing pad itself. It’s often best to use it straight on the buffer, getting it all over and then buffing it out similar to how you’d do it by hand. The only real difference is that you’re giving it a far more intense work over. Some experience is needed, though, as you need to know how fast it’s going, and you don’t want to end up burning the surface.

There are brands like Surf City designed for the rotary buffer. It all depends on what you’re looking for with the polishing and what you want from it.

Whichever method you choose, though, you always want to make sure the solution itself is clean, as again, you don’t want any grit getting into it. Once you’ve done all this, then you’re well on your way to the final product.

How to Maintain Polished Chrome

Whether it’s for a vintage showcase classic car or a set of wheels for heading to work in without looking too grimy, you’ve finally finished the job. Now it’s just a case of maintaining that exterior, ensuring that you update the polish as and when it’s necessary. Some polishes, such as Star Brite, can easily be repolished every 10 to 30 days, making sure it keeps its fresh shine intact and ready to go.

Find the Right Chrome Polish for You

Once you’ve taken all the chrome polish basics on-board, making your choice will be far more straightforward. There’s not much to it, and, as long as you haven’t chosen anything too abrasive, you should be well on your way to buffing up the shine all year round.

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