Stay Comfy While You Work with the 10 Best Creeper Seats

Stay Comfy While You Work with the 10 Best Creeper Seats

Whether you are a professional mechanic or weekend warrior, a creeper seat is a must-have. Car repairs and maintenance can take a toll on your body. The best creeper seat helps to prevent strain and injury while improving productivity.

You will find different styles and shapes of creeper seats. Your aim is to find a model that makes repair and maintenance work painless. If you can’t seem to find your way around different brands, today’s guide will help you choose the best for your needs.

What is a Creeper Seat?

Mechanics work can be back-breaking. That is why the creeper seat was designed. Creeper seats make repair work around cars much easier. Some are simply rolling seats made to provide the proper sitting position. You don’t have to stand when working your way around an automobile.

Others are in the form of rolling benches which allow you to slide under the vehicle. While others are a combination of the rolling seat and rolling bench. Such creeper seats can convert from a rolling seat to a rolling bench in a cinch.

Features to Consider in Good Creeper Seats


The more padding there is on a creeper seat the more comfortable it is. Achieving comfort in any garage goes hand in hand with performance. You don’t want to deal with more aches because of a poorly constructed creeper seat. Check to see that the cushioning and soft materials around the head and back are ample for your needs.

Construction Materials

You will find creeper seats with construction from metal, plastic, and plywood. Plastic and metal are the most durable while plywood is the least durable. Again, on comfort, note that plastic mechanic seats can be molded to offer more comfort than metal. As such, it is a matter of balance between durability and comfort.


How smoothly does your creeper roll? It’s all about the ease at which the seat will move around the car, and in and out of the underside of cars. Smooth-rolling wheels ensure that you won’t endure fatigue rolling around. The type of wheels you pick depends on the floor of your garage.

If you have a smooth garage, you can make do with small wheels. But a rough floor needs large wheels for smooth rolling. The materials of the wheels also affect the overall durability of the seat. Rubber wheels last longer than plastic wheels.

Tool Tray

A tool tray is a feature that most mechanics will use on their creeper seat. It is perhaps the second-best advantage of getting a creeper seat. One, it can be magnetic such that screws will not scatter as you move. Second, it allows you to have your favorite tools at your fingertips.

You should look for a model whose tool tray has a low profile.


Car creepers usually have a height from the floor to the frame of 2,75 to 5 inches. A low-profile creeper ensures that you can access underneath the car and have space to work from. Creeper seats start at 14 inches to 22 inches. The right height depends on the type of job.

If you always switch from seated to lying position, purchase a 2-in-1 creeper instead.

Weight Capacity and Height Dimensions

Creepers have their recommended weight and height. Most of them vary in weight capacity from 175 pounds to 450 pounds. And in length from 36 to 40 inches. They also vary in width from 14 to 26 inches. It’s important that your creeper fits your weight and height. Otherwise, you are looking at discomfort that cannot be solved with more cushioning.


Another important feature is the weight of the creeper. If you are a professional mechanic, chances are you will have calls for on-road repairs. A heavy creeper can be unwieldy and difficult to carry every time you are on call.

Safety Considerations Around a Creeper

No matter the type of creeper seat, safety should be first and foremost on your mind.

  • Always ensure that you are using a jack stand and not a jack alone. Most accidents that happen to mechanics are usually due to a failed stand. But jack stands provide solid support when the vehicle is raised.
  • Use the tool tray that comes with the creeper instead of your chest to store tools when working. You don’t want to lose nuts and bolts while juggling tools on the floor.
  • Keep your garage safe from accidents. We are talking about having all vehicles properly parked. And, all tools properly stored.
  • Always wear safety gear for your ears, eyes, and hands.
  • Lastly, store your creeper on a wall rack or hang it wheels up on the wall or a safe spot on the floor. This way, it will be out of the way, and secure from kids and other mechanics. No one wants to step on a creeper that sends them flying to the floor.

Top 10 Best Creeper Seats 2024

1. Best Rolling Stool: Torin Big Red Rolling Creeper Seat

Torin Big Red Rolling Creeper Seat

Why we like it: This stool offers versatility, mobility, and durable performance. All the while being able to handle lots of weight. Detailers will like its height allowance for spot-on lower-body buffing.

Editor’s Rating:

Fully Padded Seat

When it comes to achieving comfort, nothing does it better than ample padding on a creeper. The Torin Big Red Rolling Stool has a fully padded seat. It provides comfort during long hours of work. This way, you won’t suffer from an aching butt.

This creeper can support an impressive 300 pounds. It beats sitting on an actual stool because of the cushioning. In the process, it saves your back since you won’t be kneeling or bending when performing bodywork.

Durable Construction

For the price, Torin has done an excellent on the build-quality of this creeper. This model has an all-steel frame. It is well-protected from the elements thanks to the red coat of paint. No worries about damage to the frame due to exposure to humidity and water.

What’s more, the base gets its support from four high-performance casters. These casters can rotate over 360-degrees. They ensure that you can roll in a straight line and in the direction that you intend every time. We also like that the casters are medium-sized such that they can roll smoothly on most types of floors. Well, except the rough ones.

Large Tools Tray

The inclusion of an organized tray is a nice plus with this creeper. It allows you to keep tools at your fingertips. This makes it easy to work without constantly standing to get tools.


Torin Big Red Rolling Creeper Seat is a comfortable model. It brings convenience to any automobile shop. The seat accommodates considerable weight thanks to its steel frame and cushioning. If only the tray is metallic and magnetic. Your screws could stay in place.


  • Thick padding on the vinyl seat
  • Caster wheels glide over 360 degrees
  • The steel frame is rust-protected
  • Large plastic tray for lots of tools


  • Tool tray is made of plastic

2. Best Convertible Creeper Seat: Pro-Lift C-2036D Zipper Seat

Pro-Lift C-2036D Zipper Seat

Why we like it: We’ll admit; the low price is one of the main reasons why the garage shop creeper made it on our list. And though it has a reasonable price tag, it has many features you’ll find impressive as we’ll highlight below.

Editor’s Rating:


21.85” x17.33” x 4.61”

Weight Capacity

This mechanic creeper features a low profile design. Thanks to its versatility you can fold it into a “Z” shape and consequently convert it from a creeper to a seat.

For your comfort concerns, this creeper has thick vinyl padded cushions that are designed to create a comfortable base. This way you can lie on the creeper without experiencing any discomfort. Not only is the seat padded, but the creeper also has a backrest for added comfort.


This mechanic creeper features a low profile design. Thanks to its versatility you can fold it into a “Z” shape and consequently convert it from a creeper to a seat.

For your comfort concerns, this creeper has thick vinyl padded cushions that are designed to create a comfortable base. This way you can lie on the creeper without experiencing any discomfort. Not only is the seat padded, but the creeper also has a backrest for added comfort.


The creeper also features six casters for easy mobility. As a result you can easily move underneath the car as you perform your maintenance tasks. Thanks to the retractable pin, you can easily change the seat.


The Pro—Lift creeper is covered by a 90 day warranty and it comes into effect from the date of purchase.

What we don’t like

We aren’t particularly impressed by the quality of the product. A few users have noted that the casters broke after a few uses and the screws & nuts came loose.

Also, you might find it shorter than most creepers so your waist won’t be well supported.


  • Comfortable
  • Low profile
  • Instructions easy to read and follow


  • Durability questionable
  • Wheels small

3. Best Professional Rolling Seat: Pro-Lift C-3001 Pneumatic Chair

Pro-Lift C-3001 Pneumatic Chair

Why we like it: The backless style of this seat ensures you can move freely. It accommodates various tasks including detailing thanks to its adjustable height.

Editor’s Rating:

Heavy-Duty Construction

Pro-Lift C-3001 Pneumatic Chair is a stylish, yet comfortable. It features a reinforced steel construction to improve durability. With its non-corrosive finish, you can count on it for reliable performance in the long run. We like that it also includes soft, but durable vinyl.

The seat is armless and round. It allows easy maneuvering around a car, especially when performing detailing work. Furthermore, this seat has five heavy-duty casters. They have a 360-degree swivel to facilitate smooth rolling.

Height Adjustable

Perhaps the most convenient feature of this creeper is the height adjustability. When it comes to working on the upper body as well as the lower body, all you need is this stool. It offers a pneumatic lift system from 15 to 20 inches. The platform remains stable at any height. That’s why it can comfortably support 300 pounds at 20 inches high.

Functional Tool Tray

Some creeper seats in the same price range have a plastic tool tray. That’s where Pro-Lift beats the competition. Their tool tray is metallic which adds to the overall durability of the seat. Not to mention, the tray includes organizing sections for holding screws and tools.


Pro-Lift C-3001 Pneumatic Chair is designed to enhance comfort and functionality. From the height-adjustability to the reinforced steel support, this chair is super convenient. It keeps everything within reach. You can use it as a full-time mechanic or for DIY at home.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Adjustable height from 15 to 20 inches
  • Built-in metallic tray
  • Requires minimal assembly
  • Reinforced vinyl cushioning


  • Casters are not ideal for rough floors

4. Best Mechanic’s Creeper Seat: Traxion 2-700 ProGear Mobile Gear Seat

Traxion 2-700 ProGear Mobile Gear Seat

Why we like it: This seat has lumbar support. Being a couple of inches higher than most creeper seats, it feels great for tall guys.

Editor’s Rating:

Comfortable for Long Periods

The first thing that every mechanic seems to notice is the padding. It has super thick padding and lumbar support. The result is a chair that any guy can sit on for long hours without suffering from lower backache. Especially because of the height adjustability. It starts at a low of 13,5 inches and can go as high as 17,5 inches.

For tall guys, this is a plus. You won’t feel as if your knees are going up your chest at the lowest height. And, because it is quite wide, it maintains a low center of gravity. It does not feel like you will tip offer when you max out the height.

Large Casters

Traxion 2-700 ProGear takes mobility to the next level. Whether you have a smooth floor or one riddled with cracks, the casters won’t have a problem rolling. The casters are five inches wide and have construction from TPR. This material is a mix of plastic and rubber.

It can roll over hoses, cords, and rough floors with no problems. For crowded mechanic shops, no more worries about getting stuck or risking injury.

Rotating Gear Tray

Many tool trays rotate. But that is when you are moving. It means tools tend to be on the side that you can’t easily access from the front. The gear tray on the Traxion 2-700 spins on its axis. It is such a convenience where access is concerned. It even has grips that help to rotate the tray.


The racing seat design on the Traxion 2-700 gives you functionality and productivity. It is a seat made with performance in mind. It fits a wide array of tasks including brake jobs and bodywork.


  • Height adjusts to a low profile
  • Lumbar support prevents lower back pain
  • Large casters are ideal for all floor types
  • It has a built-in handle for portability


  • Assembly of the casters is a bit confusing

5. Best for Workshop: WEN 73012 Pneumatic Rolling Mechanic Stool

WEN 73012 Pneumatic Rolling Mechanic Stool

Why we like it: This pneumatic stool features small-size casters. Weekend warriors will like this stool as it is heavy-duty. It also supports various projects.

Editor’s Rating:

Multi-Layer Cushioning

You don’t want to replace your mechanic stool a year after buying it. With the WEN 73012, you can depend on its layers of cushioning. It ensures that the padding does not give for a long time. It also features a thick layer of the vinyl cover. It comes in a sleek black color. The vinyl cover protects the padding which is why it is capable of maintaining its look for a decent time.

Steel-Frame Construction

As we said, steel is the most durable material for creepers. WEN 73012 follows through with a metallic frame. It can support a max 300 pounds which fall right in with mechanic stools in its class. The most impressive part is the inclusion of a pneumatic height adjusting system.

This stool can adjust in height from 15 to 20 inches. A handy lever makes the process a cinch since you don’t need tools. What’s more, most people attest to its stability especially when you using it at its highest height. It is as comfortable as they get.

Non-Marring Casters

Notice that WEN 73012 has 2,5-inch casters. These are quite small and we wouldn’t recommend them for rough floors. For workshops with smooth floors, they are the perfect match. The casters support Omni-directional movement. They can swivel in all directions. You never have to stand when you maneuvering around a car. The best thing about these casters is that they don’t leave marks around floors.


The WEN 73012 mechanics stool is a budget-friendly model for the workshop. It performs with excellence to our expectations. The multi-layered cushioning and steel frame improve comfort. You can work without overexerting your body.


  • Thick, multi-layered padding
  • Five non-marring casters
  • Offers large onboard tool storage
  • Adjusts in height from 15 to 20 inches
  • Vinyl-protected top
  • Ball-bearing construction improves durability


  • It is not ideal for long hours of sitting

6. Best Professional Creeper: Omega 91000 40-Inch Foldable Z Creeper

Omega 91000 40-Inch Foldable Z Creeper

Why we like it: This is a professional-grade multi-position creeper. It is top of the line in terms of design while being relatively affordable.

Editor’s Rating:

Two-in-One Design

The Omega 91000 Z Creeper is the heavier duty of the two Z-shaped models in this list. This model supports heavier persons up to 450 pounds. It is also longer since its steel frame is 40 inches long. It supports big guys and gets you comfortably working on hoods.

This creeper converts simply by pulling a pin. The pin retracts as soon as you use it so no use of tools. The mechanic’s seat is at a comfortable 14-inch height for most people. The flat creeper is not low-profile. It sits at 5 inches from the ground. For most people, this will get you working on the lower body but you won’t have much room for the underside of vehicles.

Built to Last

Omega 91000 features a powder-coated steel frame. It is designed to withstand the rigors of a busy auto shop. Not only that, it comes with six, 3-inch polyurethane wheels. The wheels are oil-resistant. They can maintain a considerable grip on oils and fluids.


Omega 91000 does great in most aspects. It offers productivity in that it can go from a creeper to a seat. But even though it is quite comfortable, the vinyl seems a bit thin. Also, the assembly instructions could be clearer. Once you set it up, you can start enjoying the fold-up seat ability.


  • The bed is well-padded for creeper use
  • Six swivel casters move smoothly
  • Accommodates up to 450 pounds
  • Suitable for tall persons over 6ft
  • Converts to mechanic seat without tools


  • It has a high-profile design that does not support working on the underside of cars

7. Sunex 8514 Telescoping Tractor Seat

Sunex 8514 Telescoping Tractor Seat

Why we like it: From the 22-inch height, this stool is designed for working on tall trucks and tractors. It offers back support which is crucial for long working hours.

Editor’s Rating:

Wide, Cushioned Seat

Back support is always a welcome feature in a creeper seat. More so for those who are full-time mechanics. This creeper seat features a super-wide seat that is 16 inches wide. It has thick cushioning and lumbar support. This means you won’t take a day off because of back and shoulder aches. It helps you to maintain proper sitting posture which is critical in a mechanic’s field of work.

Robust Construction

We are not only happy that Sunex 8514 has a steel frame. But also, because it features four chrome casters with rubber treads. It is perhaps the most durable on the list. This is because the frame features an industrial-quality finish to protect against corrosion. This seat also has a 300-pound weight capacity.

Our most likable feature is the rubber wheels. These wheels not only tread smoothly but they are not noisy. Again, the rubber protects floors from marring. It’s for those who keep an organized space including a clean floor.

Telescoping Height

This is a tractor seat. As such, the height can reach considerably high. With the inclusion of an air cylinder, this seat can go from 18 inches to 22 inches. It is the perfect fit for every tall car that could require lots of bending when performing repairs. And, it includes an onboard tray that is 17 inches in diameter. It can hold lots of tools which is an additional convenience.


Sunex is known for being a leader in shop equipment. The Sunex 8514 proves that you can depend on the brand. It fulfills expectations concerning the build quality as well as the comfort level. It offers back support which feels nice when you have back to back jobs.


  • Telescoping height from 18 to 22 inches
  • Air cylinder and casters are replaceable
  • It has a heavy-duty steel frame and vinyl cover
  • It offers a one-year warranty
  • Rubber tread for improved mobility


  • The wheelbase is thinner than the top which can offset its balance

8. Best Detailing Creeper: ATD Tools 81010 Hydraulic Creeper Seat

ATD Tools 81010 Hydraulic Creeper Seat

Why we like it: This stool is the perfect height for detailing. It is armless meaning movement is not restricted. In addition to the height adjustability, it fits in with most mechanic’s needs.

Editor’s Rating:


Being able to go from a low to a high profile in detailing makes all the difference. The ATD Tools 81010 stool offers height adjustability using a hydraulic system. It gives you a lever which makes the whole process effortless. You will like that it gets to a low of 16 inches and a high of 21 inches.

Like the Sunex 8514, it comes in handy when dealing with trucks and tractors. Not only that, but it also supports use by persons of different height.

Heavy-Duty Construction

This stool has a steel frame coupled with a heavy, vinyl seat. This model promises durable performance since it is stain, and burn resistant. This feature is nice especially if you spend time welding and working with fluids. It remains in the same nice condition as new for the longest time.

Not only that, this stool features industrial-strength casters. The wheels offer additional strength when rolling around most floors. The casters are also oil and chemical resistant. At 2,5 inches wide, we don’t see these casters being useful on rough floors. Otherwise, it would have been perfect for cracked floors.

Simple to Assemble

This seat needs a little bit of assembly. We noticed that the instructions are not straightforward. If you are used to dealing with tools, you can easily tell where each part goes. You start with the base where you attach the casters. The cylinder connects to the tray and the seat goes into the upper metal with the help of four screws.

After that, all you need to do is perform periodic oiling and cleaning of the seat.


ATD Tools 81010 stool is a versatile model for auto detailing. It has excellent quality and is designed to offer exceptional comfort. Its steel and ball bearing construction is dependable which is why professionals and DIYers will like it the same.


  • Wide seat at 14 inches
  • Comes with a large tools tray
  • It has a 2-year warranty
  • It features heavy vinyl padding
  • Lever-operated height adjustment from 16 to 21 inches


  • Wheels are only 2,5 inches in diameter

9. Best Creeper Seat with Magnetic Tools Tray: Whiteside Professional HD Mechanics Seat

Whiteside Professional HD Mechanics Seat

Why we like it: This seat is a professional style model. It has a magnetic strip in its tray. This makes a lot of difference when dealing with nuts and bolts.

Editor’s Rating:

High-Quality Construction

Whiteside Professional HD Mechanics Seat boasts stability and comfort. The high-back design provides proper sitting posture as it grips the lower back. It keeps you from bending awkwardly when doing most repair jobs. As such, you can work longer and get more work done.

You’ll like that it has a super-wide base which improves safety when rolling around. Not to mention, it has a height of 17 inches. This means you can work on different projects with the knees at a comfortable level.

When it comes to the frame, Whiteside has invested in a 1-inch tubular steel frame. It is rust and corrosion-resistant.

Large Tools Tray

Most creeper seats have gear trays. But not many provide a magnetic strip. Say goodbye to scattered nuts and screws with Whiteside’s tool tray. The magnetic strip comes in handy to hold delicate screws and provide easy access. And, since the tray does not rotate when you move, everything remains in position every time.

Oil-Resistant Wheels

The polyurethane wheels on this seat are oil, grease, and chemical resistant. They glide smoothly such that you won’t use lots of energy working around cars. Since the casters are only 3 inches wide, you will find them great on smooth floors.


Whiteside Professional HD Mechanics Seat is a large, heavy-duty seat for lumbar support. It goes all-in with the construction quality. From the vinyl padding to the oil-resistant casters. It is a premium choice for full-time mechanics.


  • Comfortable working height of 17 inches
  • It offers lower back support
  • Easy movement with oil-resistant casters
  • Wide seat with an equally wide base for stability
  • Magnetic strip holds delicate parts


  • It is a bit pricey

10. Pro-Lift C-2800 Stool and Seat Combo

Pro-Lift C-2800 Stool and Seat Combo

Why we like it: This model offers versatility as it combines a seat and a step stool. It relieves mechanics the need to buy separate equipment. This combo improves productivity in every auto shop.

Editor’s Rating:

Versatile Performance

The Pro-Lift C-2800 Stool and Seat Combo is built for multipurpose use. If you are looking for a seat and a step stool, then you have your best fit in this model. The mechanic seat has a height of 14 inches. When seated, it provides a nice position when performing bodywork.

On the other hand, you have the step stool. You have to make the 16,5-inch step to get on top of it. We agree it is a bit high to make the step in only one move. For the space-saving solution, we like how the whole stool and seat work together.

Made to Last

This creeper seat comes with a steel frame. It combines the sturdy frame with thick vinyl padding. It is of a nice quality seeing that it is stain-resistant. It is also resistant to wear and tear. With the two rubber stoppers, we don’t see the step stool rocking or becoming wobbly.

Looking at the rolling performance, this model offers four swivel casters. They are Omni-directional meaning you can turn and slide around with ease.

Besides, this creeper also includes a plastic tools tray. It is not the most impressive. But because it is stable, we can see it lasting as long as the rest of the seat.


Pro-Lift C-2800 Stool and Seat Combo is all about saving space and versatility. It does all these without compromising on quality. The seat is also pocket-friendly which is a bonus given the type of work it can perform.


  • It offers unrestricted movement
  • Step stool offers a solid grip
  • Vinyl padding maintenance comfort and durability
  • Rubber stoppers prevent rocking on the step stool
  • Affordable for a step stool and creeper seat combo


  • Casters may need replacing after a while

Guide to Buying the Best Creeper Seats

Benefits of a Creeper Seat

Creeper seats are extremely useful when it comes to working around a car. They are just as important when sliding in an out of car frames.

Prevent most work-related injuries in auto shops

Auto mechanics have a higher injury rate than the average worker. This is according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BSL). Over 15,000 auto shop injuries were reported in 2015 alone. Add that to the number of unreported injuries and the figure is way higher.

Cumulative trauma caused by overexertion is top among injuries reported by mechanics. Such strains and overexertion can be avoided with a creeper seat.

Improve Productivity

How many vehicles would you repair if you didn’t have to keep kneeling and standing? Probably more than your current number. Creeper seats prevent fatigue which means you will work faster and more accurately. And, you won’t need to get out of the creeper when changing tires or performing body detailing.


Most creepers adapt to the work at hand. They help to save valuable time when switching between trucks and low-profile vehicles. Because of the additional comfort, it means you can work longer.

Improved Safety

Fluids and oils are nothing unusual in an auto repair shop. Creepers help to keep your back off the ground. They minimize contact with floor chemicals. In turn, they keep you safe from chemical burns, skin irritations, and long-term exposure effects.

Proper Back Support

Low back pain is not only common among computer workers. It is just as rampant among mechanics. Creepers offer proper back support which is important to spinal health. With the right creeper, it prevents harmful situations that can keep you out of your job.

Types of Creeper Seats

Creeper Seats

These are just that. Seats with casters and a tool tray. Creeper stools/seats are designed for body detailing and bodywork.

Low-Profile Creepers

These are most common since they are very functional when sliding in and out of cars. They do not have fancy features like extra padding. All they have is the proper structure that allows room for working under cars.

Convertible Creepers

Also known as two-in-one creepers, this type combines a stool and a back panel. They can convert from a low-profile creeper to stools which help to work on the car’s body as well as the underside.

Materials to Consider in a Creeper Seat


Plywood creepers vary from reinforced backboards to thin plywood sheets. The durability of plywood creepers depends on the thickness of the plywood. Cheap models tend to be less durable than expensive ones.

Pressed cardboard backing

The cheapest creepers are made of this material. They are the least unreliable and will, therefore, not last long. The material is easily damaged from exposure to moisture and humidity.


This material can be heavy-duty with padding and all. Or it can be bare, left to absorb oils, coolants, and other fluids. Again, a cheap wooden creeper is less unreliable than an expensive, well-padded model.


Plastic is resistant to stains and exposure to water and humidity. Compared to wood, it tends to be more reliable especially when it is padded.


This material is the most reliable. It can stand up to the rigors of auto repair. What you need to look out for is the welding and protective measures against rust and corrosion.

Bottom Line

If you work endlessly on cars, you cannot underestimate the importance of a creeper seat. It saves you tons from bending and kneeling. It keeps you in the proper working height and sitting position. Getting the best creeper seat is in your best interest. It increases your efficiency and improves productivity. Go ahead and fix cars without the consequences of repetitive strain.

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