Stop Right Now for the Best Disc Brake Locks

Stop Right Now for the Best Disc Brake Locks

The best disc brake locks are now stronger and easier to use. Made from the hardest steel, they offer a first anti-theft measure worth taking into account by any motorcyclist. Comparing these safety tools with others has little significance as none is really perfect. However, the best disc brake locks can offer a lot of protection with a very compact design, which is great for travel purposes.

Features to Consider in Good Disc Brake Locks

The best disc brake lock might not be very easy to find since there are thousands of options to consider. Most of them are made from metal. But using technology, they can have an improved profile. For example, some disc brake locks are actually fitted with an alarm, which is an extra safety characteristic.


The materials of the best disc brake locks tend to be all metal. They can be made from pure steel or they can come in a combination with other materials. Carbide reinforcements are now seen in more and more disc brake locks.


Included alarms can sound loud, even above the 100Db mark. This means that whenever someone is trying to steal a motorcycle, the audio alarm goes off as well, deterring all possible ill intentions. It’s reassuring to know that the alarm system is not damaged while left out in the rain.

Motion sensors

Motion sensors are another way disc brake locks can actually prevent motorcycle theft. As soon as they detect suspicious motions, the lock can ring the alarm, which can even prevent motorcycle theft before it’s too late. The following disc brake locks are among the solutions to consider when it comes to successfully combining some of these safety characteristics.

Top 10 Best Disc Brake Locks 2019

1. Kryptonite Keeper 5s Yellow Disc Lock

Kryptonite Keeper 5s Yellow Disc Lock

Why we like it: With an efficient design which fits even small vent holes, the brake disc lock is a strong solution which can be used on its own or with a master chain lock.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Ensuring proper motorcycle security might not be easy as no solution is perfect. But the Kryptonite disc lock is strong and it can be successfully used with other safety measures to prevent bike theft. It features a 5mm pin lock diameter. This means that it’s not too big to fit small vent holes.

Another distinct advantage of the smaller pin comes with the compact overall size of the disc brake lock. This is why it can be such a great traveling companion of motorcyclists. There are 2 keys which ship with the disc brake lock and they can be used successfully for long periods of time without breaking. Their ergonomic design reduces the actual pressure on the padlock. These keys are also made from stainless steel which means they will stay in good shape as long as possible.

Convenient features

Installing the disc brake lock is not complicated at all. Many motorcyclists compare it to a stapler in the way it locks the disc brake, preventing the motorcycle from running. All of the mechanisms of the disc brake lock are protected against the elements. This means that even if the motorcycle is left outside, the rain will not damage it.

However, as with all disc brake locks, it is wise to apply oil for lubrication. This keeps the rust away rust away and it allows the lock to work as new for as long as needed. In terms of accessories, a bright orange cord is also included in the pack. It is actually used to remind motorcyclists there’s a disc brake lock in place, to avoid actual physical damage being made to the disc.


With a narrow 5mm pin, the compact disc brake lock is a suitable choice for some of the most vented discs on the market.


  • Made with a 5mm lock pin
  • Includes 2 stainless steel keys
  • Locks the disk brake as a stapler
  • Made with a waterproof case


  • Needs lubrication

2. Mysbiker Disc Brake Lock

Mysbiker Disc Brake Lock

Why we like it: Made with forged stainless steel, the disc brake lock suits most motorbikes with its 6mm pin.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Packed with top features, the disc brake lock is among the strongest in its class. It represents an appealing design as it combines top physical characteristics with an alarm, which means it is ready to offer multiple layers of protection.

Its pin is not the thinnest, but at 6mm, it will fit many disc brakes. From sports bikes to Harleys, it has its place either on the front or on the rear wheel. Those afraid they are going to damage the disc brake by riding way while the lock is mounted also get a signaling 15cm cable which has the role of a visual reminder.

Apart from these top features, its design also features a movement sensor. Unlike other disc brake locks which can still struggle when the bike is lifted to be stolen, the Mysbiker lock has a sensor which detects movement and sounds the alarm. Even if the motorcycle is lifted off the ground, its movement will trigger the sensor and the alarm.

Convenient features

There’s a waterproof design in place as well. It covers all the essential electronics such as the sensor and the alarm. The batteries of the system are also protected from water damage. At the same time, these batteries will need to be replaced from time to time. Guided instructions on battery replacement are sent out together with the disc brake lock.

But one of the most convenient features of the lock remains its strong pin, which is very hard to overpass with simple tools. This is why the carbide reinforced steel pin is one of the top designs for proper safety.

3 keys are added to the pack. They are simply made from brass but they are also backed by a mini wrench which can be used to open up the battery compartment. When it comes to the drawbacks of the system, it seems that only the material of the keys can be improved to meet the highest standards.


This complex disc brake lock features a 6mm pin and one of the most sensitive movement sensors to trigger the alarm.


  • Made with an alarm
  • Includes a movement sensors
  • Offers 3 access keys
  • Made with a waterproof design


  • Keys are made from brass

3. Yohoolyo Disc Lock Alarm Motorcycle Alarm Padlock

Yohoolyo Disc Lock Alarm Motorcycle Alarm Padlock

Why we like it: With 6 cell batteries, the alarm padlock is noisier than a power tool when triggered and sturdy as a result of all-metal construction.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Made from pure steel, the disc brake lock is compact and versatile. It can practically be installed form any angle, regardless of the wheel’s positions. It’s 360 adjustability freedom allows it to be one of the versatile tools which can be considered on motorcycles, endure bikes, sports bikes, scooters, and regular bikes. However, it does come with a 6mm pin which means it is thicker than many of its alternatives and may be restrictive on the smallest disc brake holes.

The waterproof design of the disc brake lock doesn’t restrict the parking location of the motorcycle. However, as with all pure metal products, some light oiling might be needed to keep it working smoothly. But it’s reassuring to know that all of its electronics are actually safe inside as water won’t reach them.

Installing the disc brake lock is fast and easy. Practically, it just needs its pin to be pushed down and locked with the key. The alarm and the motion sensors are automatically activated when the disc brake lock is set to its closed position.

Convenient features

The padlock comes with included batteries and even with replacement batteries. But how does one even know when to replace these batteries in the first place? One of the best parts about using the disc brake lock is that its alarm will starts sounding less sharp when batteries fade. It is a signal that they need to be replaced.

There are 2 keys which are included in the pack. For safety purposes, it is recommended to store them in separate locations, in case one gets lost in time. However, it is the technology inside the lock which makes it so appealing.

With a sensitive motion sensor, it only takes someone touching the bike to start emitting sharp sounds every 3 seconds. At the same time, it is important to understand that these sounds will continue to be heard and they are not silent by any means. When it comes to possible drawbacks, there are not many to mention. However, some riders have noted that the lock can be a bit sensitive with its motion alarm, so those with kids playing around might need to go through a short training period to ensure it is not triggered by mistake.


Made with features such as an alarm and a motion sensor, the disc brake lock offers a complete product, which can even be used as a sole safety measure on most motorcycles.


  • Made with waterproofing
  • Includes motion sensors
  • Can be installed from any angle
  • Designed with rust-resistant materials


  • The motion sensor can go off at times

4. Eforcar Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock

Eforcar Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock

Why we like it: At 550g, the heavy disc brake lock features all-metal construction, perfect for preventing stolen motorcycles or bikes to be ridden.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

The all-metal construction can be seen and felt. At 550g, the small disc brake lock is quite heavy. For many motorcyclists, it is actually what’s needed in order to add a new layer of protection to their own bikes.

Made with steel, zinc alloy, and copper, the disc brake lock is difficult to break. Designed with a push-down locking mechanism, it is ready to be installed on motorcycles, bikes, and scooters. But the mechanical side of the disc brake locks is not its only strength. The lock also features an included alarm, which works wonders when it comes to added protection. If parked in a public space, the alarms act as a deterrent which can keep thieves away from the bike.

Convenient features

Since the motorcycle can’t be drive off, the only method of really stealing one would be to lift it. But this is too heavy and too complex for most thieves and this is why the disc brake lock is such a good small anti-theft measure.

It even has a smart locking system in place. Whenever the pin is pressed down, it will automatically lock itself within 10 seconds. The keys are only used to open the lock as a result. With an added small screwdriver, all motorcycle owners can replace its batteries when the time comes.


The small disc brake lock is automatically activated whenever the pin is pressed down, reducing user input as much as possible.


  • Includes 3 access keys
  • Automatically locks when the pin is pressed down
  • Included motion sensor
  • Made with zinc alloy and copper


  • Could be a bit louder

5. Jacool Alarm Disc Lock Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock

Jacool Alarm Disc Lock Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock

Why we like it: With a long reminder cable, the disc brake lock is one of the suitable options for outdoor motorcycle parking.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

One of the main areas of interest when purchasing a disc brake lock comes with the safety pin. In the case of the Jacool lock, the pin is made from steel and it is carbide reinforced. The long 14mm pin offers reliable protection against basic theft tools.

With the same stapler design as most disc brake locks in this class, it is one of the most reliable solutions for locking in all directions. There’s a long reminder cable included as well. It alerts the motorcycle owner that the lock needs to be removed before riding away.

Inside the disc brake lock, there’s a battery-powered alarm. This alarm is powered by 6LR44 batteries, which are included in the pack. The great part is that these small batteries can actually power a 110Db alarm which can keep thieves away.

Convenient features

There are 3 keys which can unlock the lock. But the lock can’t really unlock with a master key due to an extra layer of protection. If someone is trying to open it with another key, the alarm will go off. It will beep from time to time until the right key is used on the lock to open it up.

Battery replacement is also simple. The 4 screws at the bottom of the lock need to be removed to access the old batteries. Whenever the sound of the alarm is a bit off, it is a sign the batteries need to be replaced. Together with the 2m reminder cable, the disc brake lock offers basic protection and it can even be used with a motorcycle cover.


This feature-packed disc brake lock is an affordable layer of protection for motorcycles parked in public places.


  • Made with a carbide-reinforced pin
  • Alarm reaches 110Db noise levels
  • Ships with 3 keys
  • Alarms go off when the wrong key is inserted


  • Sensitivity loss with low batteries

6. Master Lock Disc Brake Lock with Steel Shackle

Master Lock Disc Brake Lock with Steel Shackle

Why we like it: The simple Master Lock design does not include an alarm but it is based on a durable zinc steel construction.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Designed to be an affordable alternative to some of the most feature-packed disc brake locks, the Steel Shackle is a pure solution to lock any disc brake in place. With a width of just 2 inches, it easily fits disc brakes and it allows one of the fits from all angles motorcycle owners can enjoy.

Its design is based on a zinc steel body which is very durable. In fact, the manufacturer offers an anti-theft guarantee to back its durable product. In terms of design functionality, the disc brake lock features the same push-in pin mechanism which ensures it’s safely in position.

Convenient features

3 keys are included in the pack. They can be used at various times, but since there are no alarms to worry about, the keys are mainly used to open the lock mechanically, with no other electrical systems to the overpass.

An included reminder cord is also included. It is long enough to reach up to the ride position which means motorcycle owners will never ride away while the disc brake lock is installed. However, the main drawbacks of the disc brake lock remain the low tech construction as there’s no alarm to count on. However, those seeking a more durable zinc steel construction might not have too many alternatives to consider.


The main advantage of the 2” disc brake lock lies in the zinc steel materials, which are among the best, especially given its high affordability.


  • Made with zinc steel
  • Push-to-lock pin design
  • Made with a ¼” shackle
  • Includes a reminder cord


  • No alarms included

7. Bibowa Disc Brake Lock With Alarm

Bibowa Disc Brake Lock With Alarm

Why we like it: With a 110Db alarm, the disc brake lock is one of the rare designs even available in multiple colors.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Since there is a large number of disc brake locks to consider, it’s nice to see the Bibowa lock has its own visual identity. It represents one of the most suitable designs to fit all types of motorcycles, both by size and by color. Everybody can find the version of color which fits their bike, from yellow and green to red or silver.

Made with a small 6mm pin, the lock fits even the smallest disc holes. This is why it is so versatile and it can be used on a wide range of motorcycles as a result. Of course, the more holes a disc has, the likelier it is to use the brakes intensely but the lock fits most of them from any angle.

Convenient features

There’s waterproof protection in place as well. Apart from keeping all electronics safe, it allows immediate protection even during the rainy days. This is why it is a disc brake lock which can be used in all weather conditions.

Without too much emphasis on versatility, the manufacturer also knows the disc brake can fit a wide range of motorcycles. From cruisers and choppers to racing bikes and enduro bikes, the disc brake lock offers one of the reliable designs, especially since it also features an alarm.

The alarm goes off in a matter of seconds whenever someone tries to open the lock with a different key. It recognizes that the key is not the right one and within 3 seconds, it sounds the alarm. The batteries needed to power the loud alarm are also included in the pack.

A long bright orange remainder cord is also included in the pack. The lock and its accessories are stored in a carry pouch, which makes organizing travel much easier. Finally, in order for the alarm to be at its loudest level, batteries need to be changed from time to time.


The colorful disc brake lock is a suitable design for added safety and it comes packed with accessories and durable keys.


  • Available in 5 colors
  • Includes 3 durable keys
  • Made from alloy steel
  • Resists drilling and sawing


  • Needs to be louder

8. Kryptonite Kryptolok 10-S DFS Security Disc Lock

Kryptonite Kryptolok 10-S DFS Security Disc Lock

Why we like it: At 2lbs, the security disc lock is the heaviest in its class and a recommended design against sawing attempts.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Without any added alarms and electronics, the disc brake lock manages to offer one of the best designs in its class. It offers unmatched value for the amount of steel used in its construction. At 2lbs, it is quite heavy and even heavier than many more expensive alternatives.

Made from forged steel, the disc brake lock can be installed on all motorcycles. It locks in position with a 10mm pin, which is not the longest in its class, but which fits the thin profile of the disc brake. Like a few of its alternatives, it is also available in different colors. According to user preferences, options on silver, yellow and red can be considered with the same characteristics.

Convenient features

There are 3 straight keys offered with the disc brake lock. While there’s also a carry pouch included in the pack, it is not recommended to keep all keys together with the lock. As a general precaution, it might be wise to simply keep all keys in different areas of the house. There have been numerous cases where motorcycle owners had to break their own locks as they lost the keys.

Suitable for disc rotors with a maximum height of 8mm, the lock can be installed from various angles. It represents a valid design when it comes to overall functionality. As a result, it is now seen on various motorcycles as well as on professional bikes which feature disc brakes.


Available in 3 colors, the heavyweight disc brake lock is one of the bulkiest designs made to resist physical damage such as drilling.


  • Available in 3 colors
  • Suitable for disc brakes of up to 8mm
  • Heavy at 2lbs
  • 88mm maximum distance for disc insertion


  • Only made with 2 keys

9. Mindy Disc Lock Anti-Theft Lock Security Disc Lock

Mindy Disc Lock Anti-Theft Lock Security Disc Lock

Why we like it: Seen as an additional theft deterrent, the simple disc lock can be considered by all motorcycle owners due to its high affordability.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Without integrating an alarm, the disc brake lock offers one of the simplest and most reliable solutions when it comes to keeping thieves from stealing a motorcycle. It fits all motorcycle disc brakes due to its 6mm small pin design.

Made from alloy steel, the disc brake lock also comes with simple operation. Whenever in position, it only requires users to push down its pin to lock it in place. Unfortunately, its design does not include any color option as it does not integrate any alarm system either.

Convenient features

There are 2 straight keys which operate the disc brake lock. Their design is quite unique and it becomes highly unlikely that someone would actually pick the lock. However, the disc brake lock fits most motorcycles and bikes, where the theft time is short and where most thieves are actually looking for easy break-ins using power tools.

While the product has an innovative design, it is rarely seen as a stand-alone anti-theft solution. This is why most motorcycle owners actually use it in addition to a bike chain lock. As a secondary anti-theft safety measure, it works well and it allows all users to enjoy increased safety.


The innovative disc brake lock features a unique key and easy use, mainly suitable as an additional safety measure to prevent motorcycle theft.


  • Made with a unique design
  • Manufacturer from a metal alloy
  • Includes unique straight keys
  • Fits small 6mm disc brake vent holes


  • Not as sturdy as other locks

10. Veison Acekit Bicycle And Motorcycle Brake Disc Lock

Veison Acekit Bicycle And Motorcycle Brake Disc Lock

Why we like it: With an original design, the lock fits holes smaller than 6.5mm and disc with a width of up to 46mm.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

The durable disc brake lock is made with old-school techniques with a CNC machine. It means that it is among the durable products to protect motorcycles. Apart from its manufacturing, it also comes with an intriguing design. With 4 ribs, it offers a unique system which can lock most disc brakes in place.

A 6mm pin has been added to the disc brake lock. It is a suitable solution for added durability and compatibility with motorcycle and bike disc brakes. But the uniqueness of the disc brake lock can also be seen in the design of the keys. Made to look considerably different than all other keys, they represent an extra layer of safety exactly where it’s needed.

Convenient features

Covered by a 1-year warranty, the disc brake lock represents one of the reliable solutions to keep motorcycles in place. There’s even a reminder cable included in the pack to alert the motorcycle owner of its existence.

At 400g, it is not the heaviest in its class. This is why the lock can be a secondary safety solution and in some cases, it may as well be the only safety precaution due to its travel-friendly size. Made with zinc alloy, it’s main areas of defense include high resistance to sawing and drilling.


Made by a company with decades of manufacturing experience, the disc brake lock has a unique design, made to resist various types of power tools theft attempts.


  • Unique 4 ribs design
  • Suitable for motorcycles and bikes
  • Fits all disc holes of up to 6.5mm
  • Cylinder resists sawing


  • Only fits disc widths of up to 46mm


Will disc brake locks fit on my motorcycle?

Most disc brake locks will fits most motorcycles. However, it is the depth of the disc brake and the diameter of its holes which can possibly limit the fit.

How safe is a disc brake lock?

A disc brake lock is not unbreakable. It is also not a perfect anti-theft solution as they are none which fit this criterion. However, a disc brake lock can be a considerable deterrent for thieves and it is arguably the smallest solution used for motorcycle safety.

Can a motorcycle with a disc brake lock be lifted?

A motorcycle with a mounted disc brake lock can still be lifted. However, it is generally difficult to carry out such acts as motorcycles can be quite heavy.

How loud is 110Db?

A regular 110Db alarm is very loud. It is louder than the noise power tools make. If the motorcycle is parked in front of the house, the alarm should even be heard inside.

What can I do about accidental alarm triggers?

Accidental alarm triggers are mainly caused by the motion sensor. There is no way to reduce the sensitivity of the sensor. However, users can simply ensure the motorcycle is clear from pets or falling branches.

How can I care for my disc brake lock?

A motorcycle disc brake lock doesn’t need much care. Whenever its pin is sliding slowly, oiling is recommended. Whenever the alarm sound is off, changing the batteries of the lock is also advisable.

Guide to Buying the Best Disc Brake Locks

All motorcycle owners should use the best disc brake locks. They are not expensive and they can be a compact solution to be used when traveling. At the same time, such a small design as the one of the disc brake lock can go a long way when it comes to an extra safety measure alongside something more substantial as a bike chain.

Additional or sole safety measure

A disc brake lock can be used as a sole safety solution or together with other safety products. They can include:

  • Chains with locks.
  • Ground anchors
  • Bike trackers
  • Sheds
  • Garage door defenders

With most of these other safety solutions, a disc brake lock provides an unobtrusive extra measure to protect the motorcycle from theft. However, common sense should be applied even with a disc brake lock. Riders should avoid storing their motorcycles out in the open or in areas which are favor theft.

The durability of the materials

A good reason to use a disc brake lock comes with the durability of its materials. From regular steel to forged steel added aluminum or other metals, these materials are known for their durability. Typical testing involves the durability against cuts or drilling. Most disc brakes should offer a minimum barrier from this perspective.

But the materials of the disc brake lock can also vary according to its design. In some cases, the inner sensors also need to be protected. While they can be accessed and disabled, it would take a long time to achieve this. It is why thieves do not prefer to stand around for too long.

The benefits of an audio alarm

Some of the best disc brake locks come with included alarms. These alarms are usually very loud. They represent one of the best solutions when it comes to an extra measure of safety, as is the case with motion sensors.

Alarms are based on a simple sensor powered by batteries. It won’t work with drained batteries. Alarms can also go off with no reason at all. But in most cases, an alarm can act as a strong deterrent for those trying to move a bike.

Thieves trying out different keys on the lock will also have the surprise of triggering the alarm. In a few cases, the alarm is directly activated when the wrong key is inserted in the lock. At the same time, the alarm can also come with various programming which can ensure a delayed response or a continuous noise made every 5 to 10 seconds.
Apart from these aspects, alarms have no other benefits. They do not automatically call the police and they can be just a drop in the ocean if the motorcycle is parked far from homes or populated areas. This is why even when using a lock which comes with an alarm, it is still wise to park the motorcycle in a safe area where it has at least some level of supervision.

The real benefits of a motion sensor

Motion sensors are worth the purchase of a disc brake lock on their own. Whenever someone moves the motorcycle, the motion sensor activates the alarm. Before thieves even have the capacity to get the motorcycle started, the alarm goes off. This means the sensor can act as an extra safety measure. However, most issues users have with disc brake alarms are actually caused by the motion sensor. Often activated by the wind, it only leads to false alarms. But for most motorcycles, this small discomfort is still not a considerable issue to overlook from time to time.

Advantages and drawbacks of a compact safety solution

As a compact design, a disc brake lock might have its weaknesses such as reduced strength compared to large chains and locks. However, it also has some benefits, especially in the area of portability. Practically, the disc brake lock can easily fit in the pocket of a motorcycle vest. This is why there are good reasons to consider the disc brake lock as the friendly design which goes everywhere with the ride.

Those traveling a low know that all safety solutions can’t be carried along. In most cases, motorcycles are stored in a garage at home. But while away from home, a set comprised of a disc brake lock and an additional chain with a lock can be enough.

Final words

Leading in terms of physical strength and compact size, disc brake locks represent one of the simplest yet most efficient safety measure motorcycle owners can consider. Their prices vary but they are still low compared to many other safety options.

Most importantly, the best disc brake locks come with a range of characteristics which make them harder and harder to overpass. The most important characteristic is still represented by its materials, which need to resist various tools. Other features include various alarm sensors which can act additionally or even before those with bad intentions get close to the disc brake lock.

While a disc brake lock is mounted, the motorcycle can move. This means that even if it starts, the motorcycle cannot go anywhere until the lock is opened with its original key. This is an important aspect as some disc brake locks will sound an alarm whenever someone tries to pick the lock.

For insurance purposes, it might also be important to see which other safety solutions
would bring the monthly cost down. Just because an insurer doesn’t require a disc brake lock doesn’t mean it can’t be considered alongside the mandatory safety solutions. It proves that in all cases, the more safety solutions can be applied, the safer the motorcycle is, even if parked in a garage at home.

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