Warm Your Hands with the Best Heated ATV Grips

Warm Your Hands with the Best Heated ATV Grips

Some of the best heated ATV grips can offer extra comfort during cold weather. In more extreme riding situations, heated grips also offer pain relief as extra cold can sometimes come with extra discomfort to the extremities such as fingers. Installing heated ATV grips is not complicated and they can replace old grips successfully. Connecting the grips to a power source is also needed for them to actually produce heat.

Particularities such as different zone temperatures, design or LEDs make the best heated ATV grips different. However, they function based on the same principles and their role is to offer extra hand warmth as soon as possible and as efficiently as possible. Since ATVs are often used in high altitudes or during the colder months of the year, they might be a much-needed upgrade for many vehicles, as most of them do not include such functionality as factory standard.

Features to Consider in Good Heated ATV Grips

But how does one really choose the best heated ATV grips? Apart from subjective characteristics such as design appeal, there are a few areas which make up this basic ATV accessory. From installation to adjustability, they have small differences and their own strength and weaknesses.


Plug-and-play designs are among the best when it comes to installation. Heated grips with no needed glue can also make the difference. Gluing the grips to the handlebar is not a good idea. But the instant connectivity offered by the best heated grips allows straightforward installation which can be made at home.

Heat level adjustments

Not all heated ATV grips offer a single temperature option. In fact, a few grips are actually able to offer a more complex action when it comes to heating. Up to 3 heating levels are now found even on some of the most affordable ATV grips and as a result, the heat level can be adjusted further according to personal preferences.

LED indicators

LED indicators are still missing from most heated ATV grips. However, they can be top features as they can indicate battery levels and even prevent ATV’s battery to be overused, especially during the winter. The following best heated ATV grips combine some of these characteristics from the start.

Top 10 Best Heated ATV Grips 2024

1. BikeMaster Heated Grips

BikeMaster Heated Grips

Why we like it: The elegant grips come with no open end which means the style is not compromised for comfort.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Designed to represent one of the most elegant heated grips, they are probably among the most popular as well. Most users find the grips particularly appealing for their impressive 5-level temperature control. It is often that poor materials lead to improper responsiveness and low durability. Since ATVs are all used outdoors, this can be a problem for many designs.

But the BikeMaster heated grips don’t actually have this issue. They are made from durable rubber. It means it will resist both heatings from the inside and from the outside, as well as all other elements such as rain or snow. The rubberized surface also offers a good grip, with no slipping risks. Many will find them as good as the original grips and this is, arguably, as high of praise as possible with heated grips.

Convenient features

There’s an included LED indicator for the 5-level temperature controls. It is this level of adjustability which allows users to make the most out of the grips and select the right amount of heat for the outdoor temperatures.

It solves one of the biggest problems heated grips have, overheating. It is why so many ATV owners feel reluctant with heated grips in the first place. But the good news is the BikeMaster grips offer different levels of temperature, which equate to more comfort and added freedom of adjustability.

Suitable for 12V DC application, the rubber grips come with everything needed for installation. The connective cables are included as well. Properly securing them on the ATV is also important when it comes to a complete installation job.


Made with durable rubber, these heated ATV grips feature 5 impressive levels of temperature control.


  • Made with resistant rubber
  • Designed with closed ends
  • Made with 5 levels of temperature
  • Suitable for 12V DC power


  • Tight left grip

2. Symtec 215047 Heated Push On Grip

Symtec 215047 Heated Push On Grip

Why we like it: Made with dual zone heating, the ATV grips are ready to offer enhanced riding in low temperatures.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Installation is easy on the heated ATV grips. They represent one of the most powerful options when it comes to installation, which proves easy. However, a number of users have noted that the grips might need to be warmed up to loosen and to actually be able to install them on the handlebar.

Together with the grips, users also need to install the controller. It features LED lights so that users know the temperature settings. The dual zone heating is also represented with LED lights. Both on the grips and on the thumb, the dual heating is among the most efficient options in terms of customization.

Convenient features

By far, the biggest advantage of the Symtec grips comes with the 5 levels of temperature control. It is what allows them to offer unmatched controls and the ability to make the most of a design which is simply meant to offer the user the ability to have custom heating.

With included memory settings, the controller can also remember the heating preferences even after the ATV is shut off. However, the controller is not perfect, like most other alternatives in this class. It mounts via an included plastic mount which is not the most durable option in extreme weather. However, the grips themselves are actually solid and they will last long. With added thumb warmers, they can be used in the most demanding conditions.


The customizable heated ATV grips are mainly to be used by those who seek extra adjustability.


  • Made with 5 heat settings
  • Includes dual zone heating
  • Push-on grip design
  • Included DC plug-in


  • Plastic controller mount

3. Heat Demon 215047 Dual Zone ATV Clamp-On Heated Grip Kit

Heat Demon 215047 Dual Zone ATV Clamp-On Heated Grip Kit

Why we like it: Fitting all 7/8” handlebars, the grips are suitable for most ATVs and they come with functions such as auto shut down.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Designed to be among the best when it comes to dual zone heating, the ATV grips are easy to install. They simply slide onto the handlebar and they will stay there as long as needed. In some cases, the installation process can take longer, mainly due to the contraction of the rubber on low temperatures. It might even take heating the grips up before installing them on the handlebar.

The set includes two grips, one for each hand. With all the cables needed to power them up included in the pack, users can also make the most of their own set by installing it themselves. A silicone thumb warmer has also been added on the grip. It is why their design allows proper comfort for the entire hand. Made from non-slip rubber, the grips can be used for multiple hours at a time, even with sweaty hands.

Convenient features

There are a few convenient features to consider but the auto shut-off seems to be lauded by all users. After two hours, the heating function of the grip stops automatically. This way, the battery of the ATV is protected. With a maximum consumption of 40W, the grips are not too demanding on the battery, however.

An included controller is also installed on the handlebar. It features LED lights to signal the warming levels of the grip. With 5 different levels, there are 5 LED lights to look at. The dual zone heating function also has attributed LEDs.

Cables are also included in the pack. Only one of the power cables is actually live when the ignition key is turned to the On position. However, some users consider protective tubing for the connectors which are exposed and which can be damaged in time by bad weather.


This solid grip set comes with battery-protection auto shut-off functions and it includes multilevel temperature settings.


  • Includes an auto shut-off function
  • Only 45W power needs for the grips
  • Suitable for multiple temperature levels
  • Backed by detailed instructions


  • Connectors exposed to rain damage

4. Oxford OF692Z Heaterz Premium Sports Heated Handlebar Grips

Oxford OF692Z Heaterz Premium Sports Heated Handlebar Grips

Why we like it: Based on a quality controller and durable silicone wires, the grips can be one of the most durable choices for ATVs.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Designed to represent one of the complex grips of the moment, the Oxford set is mainly made for durability and comfort. Unlike any other grips, it comes with a diamond thread design, inspired by racing grips. It offers a proper grip on each ride and even going uphill or downhill on an ATV is safer as a result.

Apart from the design of the thread, there’s a smart design on the heat controller as well. Users can select their own temperature form the 5 presets which are controlled with manual up and down buttons. Each temperature range has its own corresponding LED light. In terms of actual heat, it covers all ranges down from 100%, to 30%. All users can set their own desired temperature preferences as a result, depending on the weather conditions.

Another interesting design characteristic is given by the angle of the silicone cables. They are angled downwards and as a result, they collect less rainwater and they are more durable. Ice damage is also considerably reduced as there is no extra weight on these cables to worry about.

Convenient features

The 2 ring connectors need to be wired to the battery. The good news is that battery plug attachment are also included in the pack. But other more advanced features also prove useful in low temperature riding conditions. For example, the grips have an auto switch-off system which turns the power off whenever the battery is lower than 10.5V. At this point, the battery could not get recharged and the protective system of the grips ensure they are safely in place as long as needed.

With a one-piece molded construction, the grips also tend to be more durable than their alternatives. This is down to the fact that glued pieced tend to fall apart quicker. With unique ATV battery-protective systems, the grips become a durable solution on their own as well as for the vehicle.


The battery-efficient grips come with a soft one-piece design, perfect for intense use.


  • Designed with a diamond tread pattern
  • Saves battery life
  • Made with a durable and intuitive controller
  • Installs with basic tools


  • Controller mount can be improved

5. Heat Demon 215049 High/Low ATV Clamp-On Heated Grip Kit

Heat Demon 215049 High/Low ATV Clamp-On Heated Grip Kit

Why we like it: The 3-position grips are suitable for ease of use as they are not complicated, even for beginners.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

The entire design of the grips is practically based on simplicity. This is the main reason for which users have the capacity to select one of only 3 settings easily. These are the high, low and off functions which users can select as they ride. With a limited number of options, the possible failures or complications are reduced as well. It is why many ATV owners are choosing the set over other 5-level adjustability alternatives.

The grips fit all 7/8” handlebars and this means they are suitable for a varied number of uses. At the same time, it is also worth noting that many of them are able to fit them with no extra help and with tools which are found in the garage.

Convenient features

The combined power consumption reaches 40W. This is on par with some of the best designs in the class and it practically reduces the pressure on the battery as much as possible. With 20W per grip, it is a set which can work for hours and which will not be an issue for batteries during winter time.

Installation is quite easy as well. Even if the grips are minimalistic, without a separate controller, it can still take up to half an hour to install the two grips. Basic installation tools to be used include a flathead screwdriver, water, and soap. In other cases, users can simply slide the grips onto the handlebar.

Since there are only 3 functions to control, there is no separate large controller with LEDs as with other grips. But this can be an advantage for those who only need a minimalistic solution without asking too many questions.


With a limited number of features, the heated ATV grips are mainly suitable for heavy or commercial vehicle use.


  • Made with just 3 functions
  • Included cabling
  • Maximum 40W power consumption
  • Fits all 7/8” ATV handlebars


  • Not for those who love customization

6. Koso AM111030 7/8" + 1" Apollo Heated Grips

Koso AM111030 7/8" + 1" Apollo Heated Grips

Why we like it: The heated ATV grips feature integrated thumb switches, which doesn’t require the hands to come off for any adjustments.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

The biggest design advantage of the Koso Apollo heated grips comes with the integrated thumb switches. As their name suggests, they are operated by hand, improving the safety of the ride. In theory, riding at high speeds might need hands to be on the handlebar at all times. In practice, this is also the case at lower speeds. It is why the integrated switches are such a large advantage. At the same time, it is also important to see the practicality of the system, which comes with up and down buttons for temperature levels. Even more, the color of the LED light changes with the temperature level.

There are 5 temperature settings which can be selected without lifting the hands of the handlebar. Once the cables are in place, their corresponding LED lights are also powered. Furthermore, another advantage to these design as opposed to using a separate controller comes with durability. Weather sealing is why grips can last a long time.

Convenient features

As a few of the best heated ATV grips, the Koso kit also cuts off power when the battery of the vehicle is dangerously low. This protects the battery and it also allows it to be recharged. It is known that most batteries cannot be recharged beyond a certain point.

Another convenient feature is given by the memory function of the heated grips. Practically, even after they are switched back on, they still remember the heating level previously set by the user. This is then coupled with the ease of use. For example, in order to simply switch them off, the user needs to long press a button and they switch off immediately.


With integrated controls, the ATV grips are elegant and fairly easy to use at all times.


  • Made with integrated switches
  • Includes plug-and-play connectors
  • Made with the low battery warning
  • Wide temperature settings


  • Could be 0.25” larger than standard grips

7. Kolpin 50-0360 Hot Thermal Grip

Kolpin 50-0360 Hot Thermal Grip

Why we like it: With a tight fit, the heated ATV grips are suitable for all ATVs as well as for motorbikes.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

The design of the grips is known to be tight. This is why the handlebar needs to be perfectly clean before installation. In order to place them on, the handlebar needs to be properly cleaned with no traces of glue left on it.

When it comes to accessories, their cables are also included in the pack. They connect directly to the battery and they represent one of the best solutions when it comes to added comfort. Together with the grips, users also need to find a pace for a wired controller. It is this controller which allows the grips to be adjusted as needed.

Convenient features

There are three main functions to be seen on the controller. Apart from an Off function, there are two heat level settings to rely on. Many users feel the hottest level is suitable even while wearing gloves. This recommends the heated grips even for the colder winter rides.

However, the fit is very tight, unlike with many other grips in this price range. This is why the installation process might take a bit longer. However, once in place, the ATV grips show their true versatility and unmatched heating even through the gloves.

All connectors included in the box are plug-and-play. It is why they are so suitable for those who need a modern design which can be mounted at home. Without any special type of tools, the grips are installed directly on the handlebar and they are directly connected to the vehicle’s battery.


With a tight fit, the ATV grips will not feel like they are taking away anything from the feel of the vehicle, all while offering plenty of heat.


  • Includes all accessories
  • Made with comfortable rubber
  • Includes a handlebar controller
  • Comes with 2 heat levels


  • The tight fit needs extra strength

8. Oxford HotHands Heated Overgrips

Oxford HotHands Heated Overgrips

Why we like it: Made to be used in cold weather, the ATV grips are a simple design from Oxford’s line of accessories.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Simple designs are often valued by users. It is certainly the case with the Oxford grips which are made with just a few controls and which offer as much heat as needed during the winter. Of course, as with all such grips, the warmth actually comes to the inside of the palm and fingers. The wind esistance will place its toll on the outside of the fingers regardless.

At the same time, heat production is at a sufficient level in order to warm up the hands even when wearing gloves. The 7/8” size means they will be installed on most ATVs today. Another design advantage is given by the off function. It switches the grips off when the ATV is not in use and rotecting its main battery as a result. Of course, users still need to remember to manually switch them off at the end of each ride.

Convenient features
There’s a rainproof design in place on the heated ATV grips. This is why it will last a lot longer than its alternatives. As a result, the ATV accessories are also backed by a 2-year warranty, which is not the case for many other options.

The fit is also considered very tight. In order to place them on, the handlebar needs to be properly cleaned of remaining glue with warm water. After installation, the grips can also be removed and used on any other ATV or replaced during the summer months.

An electronic switch is also included in the pack. Even if there are only 2 heat levels, the switch is used during various times of the day, when the outdoor temperature varies and when the heating temperature varies accordingly.

The durable ATV grips are among the few designs which are truly made with a rainproof design.


  • Made with a rainproof design
  • Suitable for all ATVs
  • 22mm design
  • 22mm design


  • Not best for temperature customization

9. Iztoss Motorcycle ATV Scooter USB Heated Grips Handlebar

Iztoss Motorcycle ATV Scooter USB Heated Grips Handlebar

Why we like it: Based on USB charging, the neoprene grips are highly versatile as they can be used on multiple types of vehicles.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

The convenience of USB charging has now made it to heated grips. Made from neoprene, they simply slide over the ATV’s handlebar. Charging is possible via a power bank or a USB charger. Since the materials are thin, heating time is considerably reduced compared to other options.

However, the biggest advantage of grips comes with neoprene materials. With a stretchy profile, neoprene allows the grips to be used on handlebars between 22 and 30mm. This is why they can be considered a top solution when it comes to custom handlebars as well.

Convenient features

It only takes about 15 minutes for the grips to heat. This is why many users consider them for multiple daily ATV rides. There are only 3 heating levels to choose from and a controller is sent out to offer quick adjustments. The good news is the controller doesn’t have to be fixed on a handlebar as with other designs.

But the biggest advantage of the grips remains the USB compatibility. Practically, it can completely remove the energy demands of the battery which means it is one of the options to be used for hours, even when cold starts can be a problem for ATVs.


With thin neoprene materials, the grips are ready to heat the hands in only 15 seconds.


  • Made with neoprene
  • Heats in 15 seconds
  • Charges via USB
  • Mounts on 22mm-30mm handlebars


  • Not best for durability

10. Western Power Sports Heated Grip

Western Power Sports Heated Grip

Why we like it: Made to fit ATVs with thumb throttles, the heated grips are available in packs of two.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

The efficient design of the grips allows them to be used for long periods of time. They run as long as the engine is running and they require minimum input once installed. At the same time, the ATV grips are among the best when it comes to easy fit. Entirely made from rubber, they represent one of the most suitable designs for flexibility and control. At the same time, they can be easily removed once the winter is over.

Convenient features

Unlike most similar ATV grips, the Western Power design is mainly suitable for long rides. The grips do not heat as fast as others but this also means power consumption is also reduced. It can be an advantage for those who might already be experiencing battery problems, which are prevalent during the winter.

Made with rubber which resists cracking, the ATV grips are ready to handle negative temperatures. At the same time, they can be removed and replaced with the standard ATV grips when heating is not needed due to rising temperatures.


With sealed controls and low power consumption, the ATV grips are to be used in extremely low temperatures.


  • Made with durable rubber
  • Switches off when the engine is off
  • Designed for thumb throttles
  • Included handlebar controller


  • Limited heat level customization


Are heated ATV grips warm?

Heated ATV grips are really warm. They provide a more comfortable experience when gripping the handlebars during low temperatures.

Can I wear gloves with heated ATV grips?

Most grips are strong enough to heat the hands even through the gloves. It is typically the lower temperature settings which are insufficient to heat the hands through gloves.

How do I install heated ATV grips?

To install heated ATV grips, users first need to remove the old grips from the vehicle. Before placing the new grips, the handlebar needs to be properly clean. This means residue such as dry paint or glue need to be removed in order for the new grips to fit the handlebar. Most heated grips are slightly larger in diameter and fit should not be an issue. However, since they are made from rubber, they can slightly contract in low temperatures. It is why it can be a good idea to store the grips indoors before installation.

Which heated ATV grips are best for me?

When it comes to the best ATV grips, the decision should actually be based on the type of ATV use. Those who plan to rent out an ATV might need solutions which heat up quickly to serve multiple customers through the day. Using an ATV on a personal level can also mean that the right heated grips are those with the highest durability and reliability without battery drainage.

I only need the grips during winter, which can I choose?

Since heated grips only make senses during the winter, they are normally replaced back with the original grips as temperatures rise. All heated grips can be removed as needed.

My ATV sits outdoors, can I use heated grips?

It is normal for an ATV to have to deal with negative temperatures. Even heated grips are made with durable materials and as a result, they can last longer even when the ATV is parked outdoors.

Which is better – neoprene or rubber?

A few options see above are made from rubber while others from neoprene. Rubber is hard to match when it comes to durability. On the other hand, neoprene is more flexible and it fits a wider range of handlebar sizes, above the standard 22mm.

How long do heated ATV grips last for?

Heated ATV grips should last at least a few years. Some manufacturers even back them with 2-year warranties and this means they should serve users at least for a number of winters.

Guide to Buying the Best Heated ATV Grips

Finding the best-heated ATV grips is not complicated. These grips are fairly simplistic in construction. It is the way the heat is delivered and the materials which can make the difference in the end. There are a few other characteristics to consider and they are not limited to temperature control or accessories but they can also include versatility, especially with stretchy grips which can be used on various handlebars.


The materials of the heated ATV grips play their role in the best choice picture. In most cases, materials include rubber and silicone. In others, they include neoprene, as seen above. However, rubber grips are widely accepted due to their responsiveness and the fact they do not allow the hands to slip off the handlebar. At the same time, users have the capacity to make the most of their designs simply by choosing a rubber which is durable and practically weather resistant.

Rubber can also be a grip which is easy to install. Provided the handlebar is already clean, users have the freedom to make the most of their designs with an installation process which only lasts for a few minutes.


The controls also play their role in the picture of the best ATV grips. From one-button to feature-packed controllers, there are a number of options to consider. It must be said, none is truly better than the other as they all serve their own type of user.

Simple controls with maybe 2 heat levels and an on/off button are great for those seeking a simple design and who just want to sit on the ATV and drive away. More complex controllers allow full temperature customization but they also require more time to be put seeking the perfect temperature. It is why it can take longer to drive away with complex controllers.

Design, fit and versatility

The design of the grips themselves is very different. From basic options mimicking the factory-mounted grips to diamond grips, there are many options to consider. But even the most comfortable grip still needs to properly warm the hands. It is why even some of the simplest grip designs still offer dual zone heating.

The versatility of the heated ATV grips can be best seen with neoprene designs. As seen above, they can cater to handlebars between 22mm and 30mm which means they are perfect for a number of uses even outside ATVs. They can be used on motorbikes or on other vehicles and they have their own versatility, even if to the detriment of grip strength to an extent.

Weather sealing and durability

Weather sealing plays its role as well. It provides the durability users hope for with every piece of electronics on board. This is why it’s still baffling to see that a few heated grips come with exposed connectors which can be damaged by water. At the same time, it is also important to see the products which stand out when it comes to the way the design favors durability. For example, cables which are already pointed downwards can last longer.

Temperature level adjustments

The adjustability of the temperature is the new frontier of the heated grips and competitiveness between manufacturers. Between a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5, heated ATV grips represent one of the best options to fully control the warmth of the handlebar according to the outdoor temperatures.

These temperature level adjustments also come with LED lights in many cases. Users can immediately tell which temperature level is set simply by looking at the controller’s lights. Furthermore, it’s also important to see the various other functions offered by these lights which can also signal zonal heating functions.

Final words

The right fit is just the first step in choosing the best heated ATV grips. They go further than many expect and they are also better suited for tackling low temperatures than the standard unheated grips. At the same time, they are now made with impressive adjustability. Heated ATV grips are now made with different temperature levels and they represent one of the best options for those seeking the ultimate comfort in low temperatures.

Unlike many other ATV accessories, heated grips can also be easily installed at home. For this reason, it is important to consider that some users even prefer to remove them and go back to the standard grips during the summer months. However, the heating function can also be stopped so that the grips remain on the vehicle at all times.

Another important aspect when making an informed decision is given by the nature of the design. As with all grips, comfort is also heavily influenced by the thread of the rubber. This is why it can be important to ensure the grips are comfortable for long hours of use. Since there are so many designs to choose from, there are diverse options to consider. However, it the users who eventually have the freedom to create their own comfort level together with adjustable heating temperatures, according to the adjustability options they need. It is the design and the temperature adjustability features together that lead to the ultimate comfort on any ATV.

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