Best MINI Cooper Accessories for that Vintage Cool

Best MINI Cooper Accessories for that Vintage Cool

Whether it’s new or old, creating a MINI Cooper that screams you, is totally achievable. There are tons of accessories and equipment to make your MINI personal. It can reflect your style and show class giving you a whole new driving experience.

With dozens of MINI Cooper accessories, it’s important to determine the important ones. Therefore, you can avoid being confused when looking to enhance the performance and look of your car.
In this article, we look at the hands-on accessories that every MINI Cooper owner will love. They are practical, enjoyable, and some qualify as just cool. Here’s what you need to know about the best MINI Cooper accessories.

Features to Consider in Good MINI Cooper Accessories

Identify your Needs

Have a look at your lifestyle, driving habits, and preferences. They will help you identify what your car needs, and the stuff that’s going to improve your driving experience.

For example, if you need to connect your smartphone, start shortlisting the choices available for your model.

Safety Comes First

Safety is of utmost importance to any car owner. When looking for MINI Cooper accessories, prioritize safety over everything else. After that, you can go after the exotic features. We are talking airbags, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, warning triangle, etc.

When you fulfill safety needs, you can try out stuff like hood shields, headlight rings, and customized lamps.

Set a Budget

Accessories can suck you in with the feeling like you need to have it all. That’s why you need to set your spending limit. It will help you avoid buyer’s remorse after buying things that are just a waste of money. Having a budget also saves you energy and time so that you can stay focused.

Popular MINI Cooper Accessories

Body Kits

Many people speak of body kits as an acquired taste. We can’t help but agree that body kits alter the look of your car dramatically. They include modified body parts composed of spoilers, side skirts, bumpers, bonnets, and roof scoops.

A body kit comes in handy after you have substantially upgraded your car’s engine. It does not improve the performance of the car, but rather, the aesthetic appeal.

Car Cover

The outdoor elements can be very unforgiving. To protect your MINI Cooper, you’ll need to invest in a good car cover. It protects your car’s paintwork from dust, dirt, sun’s rays, scratches, bird droppings, and many others. You can get an all-weather cover that is waterproof and has additional padding.

It can secure your car through windy conditions, salt water, ice, mold, and mildew. The car cover of your choice should fit snugly. It should not leave gaps where dirt can accumulate between the cover and the car.

Seat Covers

When you want to spruce up an old MINI Cooper, or protect new seats from wear and tear, seat covers will come in handy. You will find different styles and materials for MINI Coopers. But ultimately, they should fit properly. If you can’t find a suitable style for your model, there are universal fit seat covers that will fit your MINI, no matter the size of the seats.

And don’t forget, seat covers will maintain your car’s resale value.

Mount for Phone or Tablet

Your hands should always be on the steering wheel when driving. The last thing you want is having your hands distracted dialing a number or replying to a text. With a phone mount, you can hold your phone securely at a comfortable angle. This way, you can have your hands where they are supposed to be.

A mounted phone gives you easy access to navigation, music, and phone apps without risking your driving.

Alloy Wheels

Apart from being aesthetically appealing, alloy wheels add practical sense to your MINI Cooper. Alloy wheels though more expensive than steel wheels, are lighter. They are from an alloy of light metals. That is nickel, aluminum, and magnesium.

Because they are lighter, their acceleration is quicker and stoppage is even faster than that of steel wheels. Alloy wheels put less strain on suspension. And, they also facilitate faster dissipation of heat from brake components.

HID Bulbs

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs are unlike stock bulbs. They burn as long as 6000 hours compared to 500 hours on most stock bulbs. You will rarely replace HID bulbs and you’ll get higher light intensity. They provide better visibility, especially in extreme weather.

Waterproof Floor Mats

First, you will want to get your floor mats from an OEM manufacturer. Floor mats protect your car’s floor from sand, dust, debris, and everything that you and your passengers may throw at it. They should protect the footwells from dirt and moisture as well as keeping your feet dry.

Radar Detectors

Radar detectors are wonderful pieces that allow you to drive in freedom and save tons of cash. Their ergonomic design is often coupled with modern technology. These include Bluetooth, GPS, and smartphone integration. A radar detector gives alerts of speed traps and police cameras. You can conveniently protect yourself from speeding tickets and driving hazards.

Navigation System

You can go for built-in GPS but a portable GPS unit is practical if your MINI did not come with its integrated GPS. First, you need to consider the price since features are determined by the price-point. If your car did not come with an integrated GPS unit but you want an aftermarket model, it’s important to buy from an OEM. Though quite expensive, you will enjoy original features.

Portable GPS units are inexpensive. Look at stuff like screen size, type of receiver, and topographic mapping, before picking a navigation system.

Audio System

A drive without music can be quite boring. Your MINI requires the best audio system so that you can enjoy listening from the radio or music player. The truth is that the system that came with your MINI is probably crap. Even BMW can’t beat it when it comes to producing premium music systems for MINIs.

You can build a car stereo system from scratch or replace a few components from your current system. Building from scratch is ideal without a budget while replacing components is budget-friendly.

Security Accessories

Your MINI Cooper comes with built-in security features. What you want is to add more security features that make it hard for clever thieves to bypass. We are talking gear locks, steering wheel locks, hood locks, and remote locking systems. It’s important to you use security accessories comprehensively instead of one or two.

When you combine devices, it becomes difficult for a thief to steal your car. Always keep in mind if there are two MINI Coopers that a thief can choose from, they will go for the easier one to steal.

Top 10 Best MINI Cooper Accessories 2024

1. Bovee Bluetooth Car Kit for In-Car iPod Integration (WMA3000B USB)

Bovee Bluetooth Car Kit for In-Car iPod Integration (WMA3000B USB)

Why we like it: This kit supports Bluetooth Media Streaming for iPhones and Androids. It can control music using your steering wheel and head unit controls.

Editor’s Rating:

Plug and Play Design

Bovee Bluetooth Car Kit connects to your car using the existing stereo’s aux-in port. This is the headphone input jack found on your car’s stereo. It is as simple as plugging in. And, you can start playing music and receiving phone calls without breaking any laws.

This model is compatible with MINI Coopers outfitted with factory-fitted iPod kits. It also works with aftermarket iPod integration. As you can see, it is quite effortless as no more installations are required.

Advanced Wireless Technology

Don’t live in the past. Bovee introduces this kit with WIRELESSTOOTH technology. With the help of the built-in iPod integration cable, you no longer need to manually plug in your iPod. This kit will automatically reconnect with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod when you re-enter the car.

Clear Audio Quality

While many Bluetooth car kits suffer from echo issues, Bovee remains super clear. What’s more, this kit switches between calls and music automatically. You don’t have to tap anything to have the music going after you receive a call. It is such a lifesaver when it comes to hands-free music streaming.


Bovee Bluetooth Car Kit is perhaps the easiest way to get Bluetooth music on your MINI Cooper. It turns on automatically and identifies the source. The kit does not interfere with Bluetooth calling. If your MINI does not have proper Bluetooth setup, this is the kit for you.


  • Sound quality matches OEM iPod Integration
  • Reconnects fast when you renter the car
  • Simple plug and play installation
  • Tracks music using steering wheel controls


  • Cables are a bit short

2. Grolish LED Courtesy Lamp Car Door Welcome Lights

Grolish LED Courtesy Lamp Car Door Welcome Lights

Why we like it: These car logo lights install fast without any modifications. They exude bright projection to ease entry and exit of your car.

Editor’s Rating:

Never Miss a Step

Grolish Welcome lights fall on the aesthetic rather than performance side in accessories. But under the cover of darkness, it’s easy to miss a step. With the Grolish Logo LED Lights, you will always step out onto floor lit with the manufacturer’s logo. It is not only stylish, but it also gives your car the spotlight in the midst of other vehicles.

Simple Installation

Grolish does not offer an installation service. But getting these lamps up and running is super easy. The LED lamp installs in minutes. All you need is pry out the existing light assembly with a screwdriver. You will see an intermediate cable that comes with the projection light. The cable attaches to the power cable.

The light should go up. If it does not, just turn the plug around. After that, it is a matter of popping in the LED lamp with the logo side up into the original opening.

Built to Last

This set of door lights are of ABS plastic and aluminum alloy. They are relatively lightweight and built to last for a decent period. We like that these lamps are made to high standards. But they cost less than half the price of most car projector lamps.

Better still, Grolish uses a long-lasting LED chip. It has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. The lamps have low power consumption. But output a bright MINI logo which illuminates the ground.


Grolish LED Courtesy Lamp Car Door Welcome Lights are an authentic aftermarket add-on. They are not expensive making them one of the perfect ways to customize your MINI Cooper on a budget.


  • Simple and straightforward to install
  • Serve more than an aesthetic appeal
  • Low power consumption
  • Up to 50,000 hours lifespan


  • It’s a tight fit for some 2013 MINI Cooper models

3. CravenSpeed Stubby Jr Antenna Replacement

CravenSpeed Stubby Jr Antenna Replacement

Why we like it: This stubby antenna looks sleek whether roof or fender mounted. It is an ideal replacement for the not-so-handsome factory antennas that snap off easily.

Editor’s Rating:

Looks Good on MINI Cooper

Long antennas often get snapped off. Whether during washes or when getting through a low-height garage ceiling. But with a short stubby antenna, you can say goodbye to such situations. CravenSpeed Stubby Jr customizes your MINI Cooper’s look without compromising performance.

It will easily fit any MINI Cooper from 2001-2019 and is cheaper than a factory replacement. It fits perfectly to the factory base

Made to Last

CravenSpeed Stubby Jr Antenna installs in seconds. It does not need any tools. It screws in manually by hand. At only two inches tall, Stubby Jr is full metal. It is billet aluminum machined and powder coated to ensure it does not chip, crack, fade or rust. The hardware is stainless meaning it will also not succumb to rust.
Thanks to its short height, it is safe from natural hazards and accidents during car washes.

Clear as Day Reception

Stubby Jr. has the same clear reception as that of your original antenna. Its sound quality is also not heavily affected by the height neither is the coverage. As such, you won’t be making compromises when you go with a short antenna.


CravenSpeed Stubby Jr Antenna has been designed to look and work great. It tailor fits the original base and is sure to fit under your garage’s door since it is only two inches high. As for the reception, it strives to match that of your original antenna.


  • Machined and powder-coated for durability
  • Installs in a few seconds
  • Fits original antenna base
  • Solid reception for local and regional channels


  • There’s loss in sound quality in some areas

4. QZS Car Seat Belt Shoulder Pads Strap Covers Cushion

QZS Car Seat Belt Shoulder Pads Strap Covers Cushion

Why we like it: These seat belt cover pads are thick but not bulky. They feel very comfortable since they do not provide a tight fit.

Editor’s Rating:

High-Quality Construction

QZS seat belt shoulder pads are authentic straps covers. They are designed to meet high-quality standards. From the embroidery to the way they sit on the safety belt, you can tell they do not sacrifice safety for comfort.

These belt covers are quite thick but you don’t feel their bulk. They allow the belt to fit securely such that they will not slide out of you in an accident.

And, when the belt retracts, they slide down without your input.

Fits Interior Perfectly

If you are looking for seat belt pads that match your car’s interior, this is the pick for you. These shoulder pads are black in color. If you have red or black seats, you have a perfect match. The pads prevent discomfort and irritation that comes with wearing a seat belt for extended periods.

Talk of those times you have to drive for hours. With these pads, you won’t have a reminder that you are wearing a seat belt. And when it comes to getting them out, the Velcro opening will come in handy. The good thing is that it has a nicely knitted edge that does not leave the Velcro exposed. This means it won’t rub against your skin.

Carry Brand’s Name

Another nice feature is that these pads have the MINI Cooper logo embroidered on them. For your car, it is a classy touch. Apart from being comfortable, you will be happy it’s an accessory that reminds you why you got a MINI Cooper.


QZS seat belt shoulder pads ensure superior comfort on the road. The material sits safely allowing the seat belt to perform its job. The color is perfect for MINI Cooper as they come in black.


  • 8 inches long to cover more area
  • Relieves chafing and rubbing from seat belts
  • Do not compromise safety
  • Velcro opening for easy set up onto seat belt


  • Available in black color only for MINI Cooper

5. VCiiC Front Cup Holder Coasters

VCiiC Front Cup Holder Coasters

Why we like it: These coasters catch all the spills and debris that are at times difficult to get out of cup holders.

Editor’s Rating:

Decorative and Functional

If your MINI Cooper is an R55-R59, you will want to get your hands on the VCiiC front cup holder coasters. These coasters are in a checkered pattern that matches MINI Cooper’s theme. But that’s not all they are all about. These coasters are made from soft silicone that is flexible with a 3D surface.

The coasters come in a pair to fit the two front cup holders. They keep your cup holders clean since they will catch all the spills and crumbs that come with eating in your car. You will find them very functional since you’ll rarely clean your cup holders.

Stay in Place

These coasters have a gummy base. You won’t find yourself with a coaster stuck to the bottom of your coffee cup. They secure to the base of the cup holder. Fortunately, they are easy to wipe because of the silicon construction.

However, you don’t want to be fond of spilling drinks. The material is not super absorbent. But, you can remove them for a wipe down so you can rest assured your cup holders will always be clean.

Standard Size

We mentioned that these coasters are intended for MINI Coopers R55-R59. But they fit most other models in this line. The standard size means they can be a little smaller or bigger. If they happen to be big, the bright side is that you can trim them.


We can’t say coasters are the best thing to happen to your MINI. But if you want to add color and taste to your car, these are just awesome. The checkered design like a checkerboard, is not printed. They will last longer because you don’t risk smudges from ink running off because of drips.


  • Fit well for intended models
  • Keep base of cup holders clean
  • Soft silicone is designed to last long
  • Easy to clean drips and spills


  • Come only as a set of two

6. Yu Motor 2Pcs Foldable Sunroof Shade Sunshade Heat Isolate

Yu Motor 2Pcs Foldable Sunroof Shade Sunshade Heat Isolate

Why we like it: This sunroof sunshade is a convenient way to block the sun’s rays and heat in the warm summer days. It is practical especially if you pack your MINI in the sun.

Editor’s Rating:

Practical Sunroof Sunshade Solution

MINI Cooper’s sunroofs are just incredible in fall and spring. But come summer and you wish the mesh that blocks out light could work better. That is where the Yu Motor 2Pcs Foldable Sunroof Shade comes in. This shade comes as a set of two to block out light and prevent excess heat from accumulating in the car.

The shade keeps the interior cool when parked in the sun. And if you are sensitive to the sun, the shade improves comfort by completely blocking out the sun’s glare.

Custom Fit for MINICooper

This sunroof shade is made to fit the MINI’s dual roof. It comes with a sunshade for the front sunroof and another for the rear sunroof. Both sunshades come in their own pouches. The material is a silver-coated UV-resistant fabric. Its open size 18,9 x 27,6 inches. It provides a snug fit that is not too tight that it will likely tear when removing it.


Most people seem to have problems with the metal frame of this sunshade. Once you get it not to bow, it will fit as intended. And when it comes to removing it, the flexible frame ensures it will not snap out of the fabric. No tools are needed hence it is a straightforward process. Storage also comes easy. The sunshades twist and fold neatly in the pouch.


Yu Motor provides an easy solution to a common challenge experienced by MINI Cooper drivers. It works as expected thanks to its heat isolate design. This model is of decent quality. Except that it tends to wrinkle. You may iron it on low if you can’t stand the wrinkles, though.


  • Blocks out the sun completely
  • Installs and de-installs without tools
  • Keeps car’s interior cool and comfortable
  • The UV-resistant fabric does not fade


  • At times it can be difficult to install the sunshade

7. MINICooper All-Weather Floor Mats

MINICooper All-Weather Floor Mats

Why we like it: These mats fit your car’s floor completely and accurately to give absolute interior protection. They keep the car neat and tidy no matter the weather.

Editor’s Rating:

Full-Coverage for MINI Cooper 2011-2016

These floor mats are preferable if you are looking for the perfect fit for MINI Cooper 2011-2016. You don’t want them a bit small because they will keep moving and you have to fix them before you enter the car. If you get the correct fit, these mats provide full coverage for the front of your car.

They come in a set of two and do need to be cut to fit the floor contours. You will find them very helpful when driving in mud or snow. They keep the floor from taking on the elements as you will have these mats to clean instead of the car’s floor.

Functional Set

These mats are from durable rubber. The material is odorless and meets regulatory standards for quality and safety. As such, we don’t see them being a safety hazard or performing below par. Talk of performance. MINI Cooper Floor Mats come with defined grooves to trap debris and allow easy cleanup.

The edges line up well such that nothing goes under. Because they are of quality rubber, they control moisture and dry up quite fast. They also have ridges which help water run-off from the top so that it does not accumulate near your feet.

Visual Appeal

Apart from weatherizing the interior, these floor mats also add class to your Mini. They have the MINI Logo and their black color matches the interior of any MINI Cooper.


MINI Cooper All-Weather Floor Mats meet high-quality and safety standards in floor mats. They do not emit offensive odors. They also provide protection from mud, snow, debris, and liquids. They fit-to-size and are easy to clean. For the price, we believe they are worth every dollar.


  • Heavy-duty rubber for all-weather protection
  • Grooves and ridges trap moisture and dirt
  • The tight fit ensures they do not move from position
  • Easy to install and maintain


  • Passenger side does not have Velcro pads

8. iJDMTOY Behind Tachometer Bolt-On Mount

iJDMTOY Behind Tachometer Bolt-On Mount

Why we like it: This phone mount can secure any phone while complementing the interior of the car. The behind tachometer placement is practical. It's especially so when you want to use your phone as a navigation device.

Editor’s Rating:

Attaches Securely

iJDMTOY Behind Tachometer Bolt-On Mount attaches securely to your car. It will not fall off when driving on rough roads. It bolts directly to the back of the MINI’s tachometer. And, it takes up little space such that it will not block out anything on the dashboard.

This mount fits phones and GPS devices up to 85mm wide. The holder for the phone expands to accommodate phones of different sizes. Most people use this phone mount with a phone in its case and it still fits with one hand gesture.

Easy to Use

This mount holds the phone tightly. At the same time, it provides an effortless way to position the phone. It has an adjustable vice-grip. It offers easy access to the screen without blocking the view to the road. And it sits so you can read the screen even on rough terrain.


iJDMTOY includes the tools and screws required for a DIY installation. It does not have instructions. But you can search online for the installation instructions. Or, call customer service to have someone explain how to go about it. The only care you need to take is when unscrewing the speedometer. The mount comes with a non-magnetic tool.


iJDMTOY Behind Tachometer Bolt-On Mount is a practical phone mount that will not break the bank. It meets our expectations regarding a secure and flexible attachment. It sits in the right position while providing room for holding phones and GPS devices.


  • Bolts securely to MINI Cooper’s tachometer
  • Compatible with most smartphones and GPS devices
  • Sturdy design allows phone ease of use
  • Positioning prevents blocking the view of the road


  • Big phones sit high and can block one’s view when placed at the center of the mount

9. MINICooper Convertible Wind Deflector

MINICooper Convertible Wind Deflector

Why we like it: This wind deflector is tailor-made to guarantee a perfect fit. It resolves wind turbulence and noise by up to 75%. It allows driving with more comfort as less noise is experienced in the cabin.

Editor’s Rating:

Peaceful and Quiet Driving

Driving in your convertible is all about feeling the rush of wind in your face. But sometimes you want to speak to your passengers. This Convertible wind deflector provides a dramatic reduction in noise and wind turbulence. You can listen to music and carry a peaceful conversation with passengers.

This wind deflector also helps to extend the convertible season. Since it redirects wind to the back of the convertible you can put the top down through winter and spring. For those who drive to work in their MINI convertible, you won’t have to comb messy hair when you arrive.

Installs Easy

This wind deflector fits seamlessly with your MINI Cooper 2009-2013. It is custom made for your model so it will not need any modifications. As such, installation should be in less than a minute and so is removing it. Since the wind deflector can stay in place whether the top is down or not, you never have to remove it when it’s not in use.

Complements Visual Appeal of Convertible

We love our convertibles. We can’t have anything detract from its visual appeal. This wind deflector complements your convertible’s looks. It matches with the interior as it follows with MINI’s colors with black trims.


MINI Cooper Convertible Wind Deflector diverts wind away from the cabin. It is your ticket to a more comfortable ride through the seasons of the year. It installs easily and folds for storage. It can also be left in place and will not cause distractions to your passengers.


  • Effective and unobtrusive
  • Installs in seconds
  • Can fold for storage
  • Blocks out 75% of wind turbulence


  • May distract passengers with long hair since wind is diverted to the back

10. Formosa Covers MINICooper Car Cover

Formosa Covers MINICooper Car Cover

Why we like it: This car cover provides protection from the outdoor elements. It is a heavy-duty cover that is designed for every day and long-term storage.

Editor’s Rating:

All-Weather Protection

Formosa Covers MINI Cooper Car Cover is one of those that boast superior quality. It has a construction from breathable spun polypropylene material. The material is water repellant and is heavily treated for UV resistance. It can protect your MINI Cooper Hardtop 2 door and 4-door from sun damage, tree sap, dirt, snow, rain. And, it won’t crack in cold weather.

Built to Last

This car cover comes with double-stitched seams. The seams are long-lasting as they resist wear and tear over time. Also, it has an elasticized hem that provides a secure fit. It will not pull from the car in windy conditions. Better still, it includes reinforced poly grommets at the center to enhance a secure fit. And, you get some room where you can put a cable lock.

Not Bulky

This car cover stretches to 158 inches long and weighs 5,3 pounds when folded. It comes with a drawstring bag that boasts the same material. It allows for portability since you can carry it along with your luggage.


Formosa Covers MINI Cooper Car Cover ensures that your car remains secure until you need it. It provides a nice level of protection except from hail and blizzards. It’s something you want to consider if you’ll be leaving the car outdoors in extreme weather. Otherwise, it is a dependable cover for 90% of the time.


  • Durable material can stand up to the elements
  • Secures around the car
  • Breathable material prevents dampness
  • Can be modified using a self-adhesive antenna patch


  • It does not protect against hail and extreme cold
  • It does not fit Clubman and Countryman models

Guide to Buying the Best MINI Cooper Accessories

Buy Original or Branded Accessories

Most problems you find with most non-OEM accessories is that they are of low-quality. They may be cheaper but they can damage your car. Most of them work only for a short time hence costing more money in the long run.

Know your MINI

MINI Coopers come in different models. The best you can do is know everything pertaining to your MINI’s parts sizes. It saves you from disappointments since you won’t be trimming or returning oversize parts. It also saves from installing the same part several times.

Find out the Impact of an Accessory to the Car

Don’t stop at the installation. Ensure you take a look at how the accessory is interacting with your car. If it shows signs of interfering with the car’s system, then it does not have room in your MINI. Although most damages are repairable, it’s better to get it right the first time. It’s not enough for an accessory to look like the original. It has to work as accurately as the original.

Compare Accessories from Different Sellers

You never know what an accessory is missing until you compare it to another. Never settle for the first accessory that fits in with your budget. Chances are there’s another that may uncover features you didn’t consider in the first pick.
Comparing also gives you a chance to compare rates. It helps you go with the best offer.

Always Check the Warranty

Never overlook the warranty on auto accessories. Some are pricey and buying them without a warranty can be a costly affair. Examine the condition of the accessory to ensure that it is new and in good condition. Some sellers may polish a part such that it looks like new. Such a part will most times not have a warranty.

Bottom Line

Customizing your MINI Cooper gives you a whole new and better driving experience. From car covers to sunshades, and Bluetooth car kits, there are endless choices. Whichever device or accessory you get for your MINI, remember not to make compromises. Ensure that it fits in with your needs and your MINI Cooper will thank you.

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