The 10 Best Floor Mats for Your Car

The 10 Best Floor Mats for Your Car

While most drivers use the carpet mats that come stock in their car, a set of aftermarket floor mats can provide huge benefits. Along with sprucing up the look of your vehicle, new floor mats can protect your car floor, improve its resale value, and make it easier to clean. And while aftermarket floor mats have a reputation of being pricey, you can typically get a full, high-quality four-piece set for well under $50.

The Main Factors to Consider in a Floor Mat

There are tremendous variations in floor mats, with some simply designed to replace old mats at the lowest possible price and other premium models meant to hold up to intense use and long driving miles. When shopping for a floor mat for your vehicle, consider the following features:


While new cars usually come with a custom-fit floor mat, aftermarket car floor mats are typically manufactured in a universal size that can be trimmed down to fit your own vehicle. If you’re buying a universal mat, measure the rough footprint of your floor to make sure that whatever you purchase can be properly trimmed down to size.

Less commonly, floor mat manufacturers will design a mat for a specific model or series of models. Before purchasing this type of mat, double-check that it will fit your exact car make, model, and model year. When choosing from Amazon, it will provide a drop down menu where you can input the make and model of your car to see if it’s compatible.


A set of floor mats can be categorized based on how many separate mats it contains.

  • Two-Piece Set: The most common and least expensive set of floor mats only outfit the two front seats. For budget variations, these can be usually purchased for well under $30.
  • Three-Piece Set: A three-piece set outfits each of the front two seats with individual mats and the middle row seats with one mat that extends across the whole vehicle.
  • Four-Piece Set: A four-piece mat set typically works with cars that have middle bucket seats, with one mat for each of the front four seats.
  • Five-Piece Set: Five-piece floor mat sets place one mat per seat in the first two rows, and one long mat in the back bench seat. These sets are normally the most expensive. Some five-piece sets also include a trunk liner.


Most cars come outfitted from the factory with carpet mats. These floor mats are custom fit to the car but aren’t waterproof and, therefore, are susceptible to wear, staining, and even mold. Aftermarket carpet floor mats, especially all-weather floor mats, are most commonly made out of rubber, although occasionally other materials are used. On cheaper mats, traditional synthetic rubbers are used, but as you move up in price, proprietary rubber materials with unique properties can be purchased.

That’s an overview of the basics, we go into more detail in our full guide, but now it’s time to check out some great floor mats you can get for your car.

Armor All Black 3-Piece Floor MatSemi-Universal TrimmableThree PiecesRubber5
FH Group Black Rubber Floor MatTrimmableFour PiecesSynthetic Rubber4.5
Motor Trend FlexTough Contour LinersSemi-universal trim-to-fitThree PiecesOdorless EVA Rubber4.5
AmazonBasics Four Piece Heavy Duty Car Floor MatTrimmableFour PiecesRubber4.5
Motor Trend Black Deep Dish Rubber Floor MatsTrimmableThree PiecesPerformance Rubber Polymer4.5
Ford F-150 WeatherTech Floor LinersFord F150 SuperCrew (2015-2018)Three PiecesPatented High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) material4
Husky Liners SuperCrew WeatherBeaterChevy Silverado/GMC SierraThree PiecesWeather-proof Proprietary Rubber4
BDK ProLiner Original Universal Fit Heavy Duty Floor MatsSemi-Universal Trimmable (Front 27” x 18” / Rear 17” by 54”)Three PiecesPerformance Rubber Polymer4
Motor Trend DualFlex Two-Tone Rubber Car Floor MatsTrimmable (27” by 17”)Four PiecesAdvanced Performance Rubber Polymer4
FH Group Universal Fit Carpet Floor MatSemi-Universal (Front: 25″ x 18″ / Rear: 18″ x 12″)Four PiecesCarpet3.5

Top 10 Best Floor Mats 2024

1. Best Overall Floor Mat: Armor All Black 3-Piece Floor Mat

Armor All Black 3-Piece Floor Mat

Why we like it: Famed car accessory outfitter Armor All delivers a mid-range and smartly designed set of durable floor mats targeted and SUV and truck owners.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance

  • Fitment: Semi-Universal Trimmable
  • Pieces: Three Pieces
  • Material: Rubber

Famous car brand Armor All’s Full Coverage Floor Mats are a near-flawless offering for a particularly economical price. The standard weather-proof rubber material is deeply grooved so as to channel dirt and water away from the edges, making for easy cleaning.

Rinsing the mats is easy, just a quick hose-down will wash away dirt, grime, and stains. Interesting to note is that Armor All doesn’t use a proprietary material for their mat, probably to cut costs, although we have no complaints with the simple synthetic rubber they use.

Patent-pending plastic nubs called Carpet Claw Technology dig into the carpet floor of the vehicle, anchoring the mats tightly to the floor. Since these mats include the traditional rubber nibs seen on other floor mats, these mats stay perfectly in place. This improves safety and ease of use, as a fixed mat won’t sneak under pedals or require adjustment while driving.

The mats are trimmable with a thinner material towards the borders making the product easier to customize. The back mat, which extends across the full second row, is thinner than average, making its fitting more universal but worsening its durability. The mats come in Tan, Black, and Grey versions, meaning that Armor All probably offers a color that perfectly matches your car’s interior.


  • Carpet Claw Technology helps these mats dig into the floor, preventing sliding
  • Tan, black, and grey colors available
  • Thin mat helps with fitting to nearly any vehicle
  • Deep grooves help channel dirt and water away from carpeted surfaces
  • Simple synthetic rubber is effective and inexpensive


  • Thinner mat construction is less durable
  • No proprietary rubber material

2. FH Group Black Rubber Floor Mat

FH Group Black Rubber Floor Mat

Why we like it: Manufacturer FH Group’s plain black floor mats are simple but durable, inexpensive, and can be trimmed down to size to fit almost any vehicle.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance

  • Fitment: Trimmable
  • Pieces: Four Pieces
  • Material: Synthetic Rubber

In a market that’s flooded with model-specific products and expensive brand names like Weathertech and Husky, it is refreshing to see a manufacturer like FH Group making a simple and generic floor mat that performs competitively at a low price point.

This set includes four floor mats (two front and two rear) for under $50 compared to the premium manufacturers’ $150-plus price points. Made of a similar rubber, the mats are both stain proof and water-resistant, while the edges have elevated borders that stop dirt and liquids from spilling onto your carpet. Short but effective nib technology keeps the mats from sliding around.

While all of these features so far are on par with premium models, our personal favorite part of this product is the fact that these mats are trimmable. While front mats start with dimensions of 30 by 17 inches and rear mats have dimensions of 18 by 18 inches, each individual mat can be cut down to size to fit your vehicle. This means that the FH Group mats are some of the most versatile in our lineup, fitting everything from big SUVs like the Jeep Wrangler and the Chevy Equinox, all the way down to compacts like the Toyota Corolla. All in all, these mats are durable, effective, versatile, and inexpensive.


  • Durable rubber mats can be cut down to size
  • Edges have elevated borders to stop water from leaking onto your carpet
  • Versatile mats fit everything from big SUVs to small compacts
  • Simple and generic floor mat is competitive in both performance and price


  • Relatively simple mat doesn’t use advanced rubber technology

3. Motor Trend FlexTough Contour Liners

Motor Trend FlexTough Contour Liners

Why we like it: A solid set of car floor mats are made even better by their multiple color options, odorless construction, and grooved non-slip surfaces.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance

  • Fitment: Semi-universal trim-to-fit
  • Pieces: Three Pieces
  • Material: Odorless EVA Rubber

With six distinct color variations, it is not hard to find an option that perfectly matches the interior of your vehicle. That said, the most popular color of these Motor Trend Flex Tough Contour liners is a universal black that goes with everything. The deep grooves in the rubber help contain water in wet conditions until you can clean the mats. A high sidewall prevents water and dirt from spilling over the edge and onto the carpet floor of your vehicle.

A couple of clever and often-overlooked features make us love this mat. You get the normal characteristics we’ve come to expect like no-slip nibs and a flexible yet durable material. Yet we particularly appreciate the odorless rubber, as some mats tend to stink up the car with an unpleasant smell during the first month of use. Also appreciated is HEPA compliance, which reduces the quantity of airborne chemicals in your vehicle after installation.

Other than that, this is a pretty typical mat, with trim-to-fit sizing, grooves for traction and water channeling, and a large single mat for the back seat. The products fit in a wide variety of vehicles, but they’re smaller than other mats. This lessens the need for trimming but also lowers the amount of protected floor surface area.


  • Six distinct colors match can match any interior
  • Odorless manufacturing and HEPA compliance reduces odor and chemical load
  • No-slip nibs keep the flexible rubber material in place
  • Grooves for traction and water channeling


  • Small size reduces the amount of protected floor surface area

4. Best Budget Pick: AmazonBasics Four Piece Heavy Duty Car Floor Mat

AmazonBasics Four Piece Heavy Duty Car Floor Mat

Why we like it: A generic, sturdy, and inexpensive four-piece set manufactured by Amazon rivals more expensive brand names, but at half the price.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance

  • Fitment: Trimmable
  • Pieces: Four Pieces
  • Material: Rubber

While Amazon’s in-house brand AmazonBasics normally gets mixed reviews on their car products, we’re impressed with their effort on these ultra-economical floor pads. Made of a thick, padded, waterproof rubber, these all-weather mats are sturdy and have minimal branding which makes them fit for nearly any vehicle.

Part of the reason these mats are cheaper is the fact that they simply use less material than other manufacturers, and a 20-inch by 28-inch size for the front mats yields a footprint almost a full square foot smaller than Motor Trend’s Deep Dish Mats.

While these mats are technically trimmable, cutting them down to size is a bit trickier than with other models, again, thanks to that ultra-thick construction. It’s a double-edged sword, and although they’re tricky to trim, that design choice means it’s difficult to wear through the mat. Amazon, probably thanks to this thick format, does provide a full year warranty.


  • Ultra-economical floor pads are made of a thick, padded waterproof rubber
  • Thick rubber is resistant to wear
  • Full-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Trimmable construction helps customize the fit


  • Smaller footprint than other floor mats
  • Thick construction means they’re hard to trim down to size

5. Motor Trend Black Deep Dish Rubber Floor Mats

Motor Trend Black Deep Dish Rubber Floor Mats

Why we like it: Motor Trend’s ‘Deep Dish’ design extends up the sides of the footwells, protecting the car floor from splashes and keeping things watertight. They’re also trimmable.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance

  • Fitment: Trimmable
  • Pieces: Three Pieces
  • Material: Performance Rubber Polymer

With a large surface area and an adaptable footprint, Motor Trend’s universal mats will fit almost any vehicle, and they’re relatively inexpensive as well – coming in at under 50 bucks. This makes them a good pick for a budget-oriented shopper.

A small of number nibs do a great job of keeping the mat in place, which is sometimes an issue with some options that are trim-to-fit. These mats have a large footprint that extends further across the floor, giving a larger contact patch that also improves waterproofing. Sidewalls create a barrier against spillage, while grooves channel water towards the center of the mat.

One of Motor Trend’s innovations on these floor mats is its Performance Rubber Polymer Technology, which is designed to be permanently flexible against all shapes of car floors. Since these mats are designed to fit a wide range of cars, they have to be more flexible, but still durable. Their proprietary rubber technology does a terrific job of walking this fine line. They’re also trim-to-fit to further refine the shape, but you’ll never get a truly custom fit due to these mats’ universal design.


  • Large surface area and adaptable footprint make this mat fit on most vehicles
  • Big contact patch improves waterproofing
  • Proprietary rubber technology is rubber but still durable
  • Priced well under $50


  • Universal design means it’s hard to get a custom fit

6. Best Premium Floor Mat: Ford F-150 WeatherTech Floor Liners

Ford F-150 WeatherTech Floor Liners

Why we like it: Meant for the mid-sized Ford F-150, these expensive mats are specifically designed for the contours of Ford’s geometry, leading to a perfect fit (and expensive price tag).

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance

  • Fitment: Ford F150 SuperCrew (2015-2018)
  • Pieces: Three Pieces
  • Material: Patented High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) material

Well-known brand WeatherTech has a hard-earned reputation: with ads in every major auto publication and a presence on the shelves in nearly all auto parts stores, the company is renowned for its wide product line and excellent attention to detail.

In this case, a patented HDTE (High-density tri-extruded) rubber makes up the material, leading to a durable, cushioned, weather-proof mat that repels water. Fit is perfect, and while this specific version is compatible with Ford F150s from 2015-2018, the company also offers slightly different versions meant for pre-2015 F150s as well as models compatible with the newest F150s, a testament to their commitment to the production of custom products.

A WeatherTech mat is simply a perfect fit, every time. It’s also backed by a lifetime guarantee, known to be one of the best warranties in the industry alongside Husky’s lifetime warranty.

So while these mats have just about everything we could ask for, a great fit, durable proprietary materials, and a warranty still can’t make up for an astronomical price (much of which goes to WeatherTech’s large marketing budget). If money is no object, these mats are well worth consideration, but for everyone else, a universal fit set of floor mats like Armor All’s Full Coverage Set will be nearly as good at about one-tenth of the price.


  • Patented HDTE material is cushioned, durable, and waterproof
  • Wide product line means a truly custom fit
  • One of the best warranties in the industry
  • Company has a renowned attention to detail with their products


  • Ultra-expensive price point

7. Husky Liners SuperCrew WeatherBeater

Husky Liners SuperCrew WeatherBeater

Why we like it: An expensive model of car floor mats uses all the design bells and whistles, fits Chevy Silverados and GMC Sierras perfectly, and includes a lifetime warranty.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance

  • Fitment: Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra
  • Pieces: Three Pieces
  • Material: Weather-proof Proprietary Rubber


The best part of these mats, simply put, is the fit. Designed to perfectly position against each and every contour of a Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra, the floor mats slide into place like a glove. High sidewalls mean that the nibs holding the mats in place are practically unnecessary, and these mats won’t move around at all during operation.

The downside to this is that they’re only usable in two vehicle models, the Chevy Silverado and its GMC companion, the Sierra. Specifically designed grooves and traction pads are placed strategically on the mat, with more traction on high-use areas (near the pedals) and less where traction isn’t as needed (the back seat).

While a particularly high price tag turns some potential buyers off to these products, Husky backs up these mats with incredible durability, customer service, and a lifetime warranty. The proprietary rubber technology can last longer than your car itself, and if for whatever reason it doesn’t, Husky will replace your floor mats no-questions-asked. Still, though, at up to four times the price of budget mats, it’s a tradeoff that is difficult to make.


  • Construction uses a proprietary weather-proof rubber material
  • High side walls prevent the mat from moving around during operation
  • Great durability and lifetime warranty
  • More traction in high-use areas near pedals


  • Price much higher than budget car floor mats

8. BDK ProLiner Original Universal Fit Heavy Duty Floor Mats

BDK ProLiner Original Universal Fit Heavy Duty Floor Mats

Why we like it: Using a specially designed matrix of rubber nibs to keep the mat in place, this mat uses big sidewalls and a proprietary rubber that can hold up to years of use.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance

  • Fitment: Semi-Universal Trimmable (Front 27” x 18” / Rear 17” by 54”)
  • Pieces: Three Pieces
  • Material: Performance Rubber Polymer

BDK is a California-based importer that mainly deals in inexpensive car floor mats, with this model being their most popular for good reason. Utilizing a proprietary advanced-performance rubber polymer, it is particularly durable and will hold up to many miles of wear and tear.

Elevated sidewalls prevent water and debris from spilling out over the edge of the mat, although the edges have a low profile, much smaller than the walls of mats like Motor Trend’s Deep Dish Mats. A shorter height makes them slightly more prone to spilling. Construction also includes a grid of ergonomic grooves that help keep the foot in place while driving.

The most clever part of the construction, however, is the matrix of rubber nibs on the bottom side of the mat. These nibs are highly concentrated in the most important areas, leading to a mat that stays in place practically as if glued. The product, although it’s sized to be semi-universal right out of the packaging, is trimmable for a more customized fit with just a simple pair of scissors. A pro tip—place your original mat on top of the new one before trimming to perfectly copy the shape of the originals.


  • Matrix of rubber nibs keeps mat in place
  • Size is customizable with a pair of scissors
  • Grid of ergonomic grooves help keep the foot in place
  • Semi-universal sizing fits most vehicles without being cut down


  • Low-profile walls are slightly more prone to spilling water

9. Motor Trend DualFlex Two-Tone Rubber Car Floor Mats

Motor Trend DualFlex Two-Tone Rubber Car Floor Mats

Why we like it: Motor Trend’s performance-oriented mats are available in exotic colors and work perfectly on sports cars and other performance vehicles.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance

  • Fitment: Trimmable (27” by 17”)
  • Pieces: Four Pieces
  • Material: Advanced Performance Rubber Polymer


At a slightly higher price point and with some more performance-oriented features like a rubber pattern optimized for traction, Motor Trend goes after a more premium customer with these floor mats. Loud accent colors match more exotic sports cars; red and blue are on offer as well as the more-sedate tan and grey options, although we wish they would have offered a plain black color.

The trimmable mats have a relatively large footprint with dimensions of 27 by 17 inches, meaning that the mats might not fit on ultra-compact sports cars. While technically trim-to-fit, these mats don’t have as much room for customization as other mats, with only about 3 inches of the trimmable border before you’ll run into the thick, water-blocking sidewall that can’t be cut.

An advanced rubber polymer is used in the mat to keep things flexible and grippy even after many years and exposure to water and sunlight. These mats don’t crack, split, or deteriorate over time, backed up by a satisfaction guarantee from Motor Trend’s customer service team.


  • Performance-oriented design is great for sports cars
  • Trim to fit design can be customized
  • Satisfaction guarantee from Motor Trend’s customer service team
  • Loud accent colors match exotic vehicles


  • No plain black mat on offer
  • Not as much room for sizing customization as other car floor mats

10. FH Group Universal Fit Carpet Floor Mat

FH Group Universal Fit Carpet Floor Mat

Why we like it: These ultra-generic and ultra-inexpensive mats are cheap but lack the weather-proof features and custom fitting of other options, although they’re good for use in mild climates.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance

  • Fitment: Semi-Universal (Front: 25″ x 18″ / Rear: 18″ x 12″)
  • Pieces: Four Pieces
  • Material: Carpet


These carpet FH Group mats are available in all of the most common colors, from classic black and grey to the slightly-less-common beige. For those looking for a more custom look, exotic colors are also available. Do note, which colors are available at any given time rotates with stock availability.

The mats are made of a tight-knight carpet with faux leather accents. The top layer connects to a thin bottom layer of rubber. The driver’s side mat has a rubber heel pad to minimize wear while driving.

While these mats are right alongside the most economical all-weather mats in terms of price, they lack an important feature—waterproof construction. This isn’t a deal-breaker for those who live in mild, dry climates, but for other shoppers, we’d recommend a product that’s a bit more sturdy.

Our biggest issue isn’t with the material, though, it’s with the sizing. Due to their material, these mats aren’t trim-to-fit like many of the all-weather rubber mats, and for this reason, they count on a ‘semi-universal’ fit that hypothetically works with a wide variety of cars. In some cases, this works acceptably, but on other vehicles, mats bunch up, don’t install correctly, or worse, slide around. Make sure you measure your vehicle before purchasing these mats to minimize unpleasant surprises.


  • Semi-universal fit works in a wide variety of vehicles
  • Rubber heel pad minimizes wear
  • Exotic colors for those who want a custom look
  • Faux leather accents


  • Need to measure vehicle before purchasing to ensure a good fit
  • Carpet construction means these are not waterproof
  • Not trim-to-fit

Guide to Buying the Best Floor Mats for 2024

Buying parts and accessories for your vehicle is a big deal: for most people, a car is a deeply personal purchase, and modifying your car is no different. Floor mats are an important vehicle customization that can greatly improve your driving experience, but due to the huge amount of sizing options and types of mats available, it can sometimes be a challenge to pick the right product. Read on to clear up some common questions of car floor mat buyers, and later we’ll go over some cleaning tips to keep your footwells pristine.

Frequently Asked Questions

With hundreds of options available for purchase, it’s sometimes tricky to find the right floor mat for your vehicle. Below are some of the most common questions we get regarding all-weather, OEM, and aftermarket floor mats.

Who Should Buy Aftermarket Floor Mats?

A few types of car owners are best served by purchasing a new set of floor mats. Those who often drive in poor weather conditions may want a new set of floor mats to make the interior of their car more weather-proof. Drivers who have issues with their stock floor mats should consider purchasing new floor mats, and those who frequently use their car for work may want to consider new floor mats to help protect the floor of their vehicle from heavy wear.

What Is an OEM Floor Mat?

OEM stands for ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’ and refers to the products that come stock with the vehicle. If you’re shopping for new floor mats and you want to get the exact same floor mat, look for a product with labeled ‘OEM’ for your car’s make and model. Otherwise, a non-OEM all-weather mat can present an opportunity to upgrade.

How Often Should I Replace My Floor Mats?

As with most car parts that wear out, when you should replace your floor mats depends on multiple factors. Floor mats can last for 50 years if you take off your shoes before driving, or they can last for a single winter on a work truck where roads are heavily salted. As a general recommendation, there are two key moments when you should consider replacing your floor mats:

  • Visible heavy wear: If your floor mat is threadbare, has holes, or the sides of the mat begin to curl up, it’s time to purchase a new one. These visible wear indicators aren’t only unsightly, but they can also be dangerous and interfere with the operation of the pedals.
  • Slipping: If your mat becomes slippery enough to slide around, it is vital that you replace it immediately. A mat that slips around on the floor can get caught in the pedals and cause you to be unable to brake, potentially causing an accident.

Do I Need All-Weather Floor Mats?

While all-weather floor mats can be used in any vehicle, they’re commonly purchased for car owners that often drive in inclement weather. Water, road salt, and dirt are the biggest enemies of carpet floor mats, and rubber all-weather floor mats perform better in bad conditions.

If you live in an area with minimal snow and rain, a carpet floor mat will hold up pretty well compared to a rubber floor mat. If you’re in an area with severe winters or severe rains, purchasing an all-weather mat will pay off over time.

What Are the Best Floor Mats?

The best floor mat is the one that fits your car: if you buy a floor mat that isn’t compatible with your vehicle, you won’t be able to use it. Other than that, we’d recommend a mid-range all-weather mat like Armor All’s Universal 3-Piece Set for a typical road user. While more expensive, ultra-durable mats are great for drivers that are hard on work vehicles and need a custom fit, whereas a less-expensive all-weather mat is just fine for the typical user.

Do I Need Tools to Install Floor Mats?

No, you don’t need any tools to install floor mats. If you buy the correct size of floor mats, you can simply replace them by sliding them into the floor. For the best performance, we’d recommend a quick vacuum clean of the car floor before installation to minimize slipping. We have an article about car vacuums if you haven’t got one and are interested. If you have a trimmable mat, customize it by layering your stock mats over the new product and drawing an outline for a perfect fit.

Will Floor Mats Stay in Place?

Floor mats have to pass legal safety standards to make sure they stay in place during operation. As floor mats are considered a piece of safety equipment, they undergo testing to make sure they’ll stay sufficiently in place during driving so as to not interfere with the operation of the pedals.

Cleaning Floor Mats

Let’s look at how to go about cleaning the various kinds of floormats so that your new purchase will continue to look great over time.
blue rubber floor mat in car

Cleaning Rubber/All-Weather Floor Mats

Along with being waterproof and protecting your floor from heavy weather, aftermarket all-weather floor mats are an upgrade from factory carpet mats because they’re easy to clean. To clean rubber mats, simply remove them from your vehicle and give them a rinse with water. For stains from salt or heavy dirt, a sturdy brush can go a long way.

Cleaning Carpet Floor Mats

Cleaning carpet floor mats is a bit trickier than cleaning all-weather rubber mats. Since dirt, salt, and water permeate the carpet, deep stains require attention and car-specific cleaning products to be removed.

To clean a carpet floor mat, first remove it from the car and suck up dirt and other particulates with a vacuum. After the major dirt is gone, apply a car-specific mat cleaner (although a carpet cleaner can do in a pinch), and give it a hearty scrub. With deep stains, completely removing discoloration might take some elbow grease. Follow the instructions of your specific cleaning product, as sometimes you should rinse down the mat, but sometimes the cleaner should be left in the mat as a carpet conditioner. Finally, lay the mat out in the sun to dry.

Benefits of Floor Mats

The purchase of floor mats has a benefit that goes well beyond personal ease of use and comfort while driving. Generally, purchasing a set of floor mats improves three things:

Ease of Cleaning

Carpet floor mats are flawed: they are not waterproof, stain-resistant, or easy to clean. While some drivers prefer the look of a carpet floor mat, most who upgrade to an aftermarket mat will purchase an all-weather floor mat.

All-weather floor mats are slip-resistant, weather-proof, and stain-proof due to their impermeable rubber construction. To clean, simply remove the floor mat from your car and give it a rinse down. No more vacuuming, carpet conditioning, or perpetually-wet floor mats.

Resale Values

Purchasing a replacement mat can have positive benefits on the used sale price of your car, increasing the value of your car should you decide to resell it or trade it in.

  • Protecting Your Interior: With stock factory mats, water seeps underneath, causing unpleasant odors, discoloration, and sometimes even rust or mold. A weather-proof mat prevents this, protecting the floor of your car.
  • Improving Aesthetics: Aftermarket floor mats simply look better in your vehicle, adding a premium and custom look to the interior.


As floor mats wear out, they can become more slippery, which slightly increases the risk of an accident. Floor mats should solidly grip and fit the floor or your vehicle so that they don’t slip under the pedals, preventing safe operation. Manufacturers have recalled floor mats that are unintentionally prone to slipping under the pedals. For this reason, periodically checking floor mats is a vital part of routine maintenance.

Wrapping Up

A floor mat is one of the best, and cheapest, ways to upgrade your vehicle. Along with upgrading the look of your car’s interior, there are also performance and safety benefits. A sturdy floor mat will perform better in poor weather and slip around less, improving safety. An aftermarket replacement mat can also keep your car in better condition, improving its resale value.

For a purchase that typically costs well under $100, some aftermarket floor mats are an option for any vehicle owner to improve their driving experience, whether that’s to improve resale value, upgrade your interior, or simply to increase your comfort while driving. It’s fair to say buying a floor mat for your vehicle is worth the price, so enjoy browsing our list and finding one that’s right for you.

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