The 7 Best Motorcycle Helmets for Safety and Style

The 7 Best Motorcycle Helmets for Safety and Style

So you have finally bought your favorite motorcycle and you are extremely excited to start riding it. While riding a motorcycle can be a great adventure and you can feel like you are conquering the world, there are a few safety things we also need to keep in mind. One of these is your head and your head can take serious damage from an accident, not to mention, the best motorcycle helmets are also mandatory when it comes to obeying the laws of the road.

Motorcycle helmets are available in many shapes and sizes with some of them being rated as better than others. Since this is the case, many people wonder which of them are the best and this where we come in. Having done a ton of research, we can safely mention a couple of the best motorcycle helmets that you can find on the market today.

Features to consider in Good Motorcycle Helmets

Before we get into the look and the design of the top motorcycle helmets, there are a couple of important things you should know. You might see a couple of different types, but this is done for more comfort and leisure. Toe keep you from being confused with them, here are the main types of motorcycle helmets on the market today:

The Full-Face Helmet

The most common helmet that you will encounter is the full-face helmet. These are the helmets that we most riders wear every day. Since they comfortably cover the entirety of the head and face, they offer all-round protection. Many of them also include things like Bluetooth, but they can be more expensive than some of the others.

The Open-Face Helmet

Imagine you are going on a low-speed trip and you want to take in some of the sun and enjoy your view. You might need something with less protection, but more visibility. The open-face helmet can be one of your best friends. However, their lack of protection means that these helmets are commonly used at a lower speed like on scooters.

Modular Helmet

The modular helmet has only recently become more popular amongst bike riders. This helmet is a combination of the open-face and the full-face helmet. It incorporates a hinge system that will allow you to flip open the helmet when you want to. They can be a little more expensive, but the versatility they offer can make life so much easier.

Half Helmet

If you love watching movies, you might note that in most of the action scenes, many of the stars wear these half helmets. The half helmet is still legal, but basically protects only the most important part of the head. If the bike accidentally tips and you land your head, the half helmet can be there to effectively protect you.

Off-Road Helmets

The off-road helmet is one that can play a major role in keeping you safe. These helmets have been designed to effectively protect you when you are outdoors. They have a full-face design incorporated, but with so much dust being around, the main goal of the design is to provide you with great ventilation. These helmets flourish in providing ventilation.

Dual-Sports Helmet

Since riding off-road and occasionally on the road might be part of your riding style, you can choose the dual-sports helmet. These full-faced helmets have been designed to open up like the modular helmet, but still, give you some great protection. Since hinges have been incorporated, the only downside can be the weakness for heavy crashes.

That being said, it is time to dive into some of the top motorcycle helmets on the market today. We have also included a full buyer’s guide that will show you which features we deemed important to make your decision making a little easier. Here are the top helmets currently available on the market today for any motorcyclist.

Top 7 Best Motorcycle Helmets 2024

1. Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Helmet

Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Helmet

Why we like it: Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Helmet is made of high-quality material to protect your head while riding. The built-in Bluetooth can be connected to various devices such as smartphones.

Editor’s Rating:

Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Helmet features removable and washable inner lining. This lining is designed to absorb moisture and you can remove to wash it before it starts producing a bad odor. It comes with a drop-down visor which doesn’t get stuck as you are adjusting it. It’s also scratch-free to allow better visibility while riding. This helmet was an improvement on previous designs, which now provides many benefits to the users. It’s lightweight and has a flat panel shield. It comes with a shell base that has a neck brace to make sure that it holds well on your head. The helmet will not come off from your head on impact.


  • It has plenty of safety features such as a neck brace.
  • It has soft padding for comfort.
  • The helmet has removable inner liners which are washable.
  • There is no distortion to music while traveling at high speed.


  • The instructions on how to operate Bluetooth can be confusing.

2. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Helmet

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Helmet

Why we like it: The ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Motorcycle Helmet has an impressive 8 hours of talk time and with 110 hours of standby time, meaning you can communicate with fellow riders for a long time.

Editor’s Rating:

The ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Motorcycle Helmet has a Bluetooth range of up to 1000 feet, helping you to communicate with two riders over long distances. Since this helmet has washable microfiber liner, you can wash it when it needs to be cleaned up. It comes with inbuilt speakers and noise cancellation features to ensure that you have a clear conversation with other bikers. The helmet gives you GPS instructions and you can listen to music through the Bluetooth which is compatible with MP3 Player or your phone. The control system has one touch for answering calls, rejecting and redialing. It has vents on the chin and top to allow more ventilation. If you haven’t used the helmet for some time, you can recharge the battery for about half an hour to activate it.


  • The speakers work well without noises interrupting even when traveling at high speeds.
  • It comes with visors which have protective covers.
  • It’s a high-quality helmet with strong hinges and comes with a variety of features.
  • The battery lasts long after charging it.


  • The speakers don’t have much bass sound.

3. Conquer Snell Racing Helmet

Conquer Snell Racing Helmet

Why we like it: We all like the basic or traditional sense of a motorbike helmet and this exactly why we like the Conquer Snell Racing Helmet. It is basically a traditional helmet with some of the modern features being integrated.

Editor’s Rating:


One of the first features that simply pops at you when you look at this helmet is the construction and the materials used. It has been constructed mainly from fiberglass materials and while this not as durable as carbon fiber, I would give the slight edge it has in weight to the Conquer Snell Racing Helmet at just 4.9-pounds.

This fiberglass composite shell has also been backed up by a state of the art 3mm visor and the visor and while it might not sound like much, you need to understand that it is constructed from shatterproof materials. It is also fire retardant like the rest of the helmet while having the ability to prevent fog from setting in.


The interior is also one area that we can see has gotten a lot of attention from the manufacturer. Not only does it have extra padding, but this padding is fire retardant while providing your head with a softer cushion when you land on your head. If we look even closer, we find a liner that will wick away most of the moisture.

You might squeeze back your ears a little bit when you put the helmet on. However, this is only the padding and it will adjust to the side of your head when you are inside. This is one of the helmets that feels like it molds to the shape of your head, which should reduce the feeling of claustrophobia that some people have in motorbike helmets.

Other Features

Speaking of the fit, the sizing is true when you buy it. It does not have many other things to consider aside from the size of your head when you want some comfort. With all of these padding features, you might think that it is warmer inside. However, the large ventilation holes punch right through to your face to provide some air.

Another great benefit of this padding is the fact that the helmet basically nullifies all the noise coming from the outside. This can be in the form of a crowd or the wind when traveling at high speeds. You should also note that it has been certified as one of the approved helmets for racing, but does not have features like Bluetooth.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Fire retardant construction
  • Fogproof visor
  • Reduces noise significantly
  • Cheaper than other top helmets


  • No Bluetooth features
  • The fit is a little tight

4. Fuel Helmets SH-FF0017 Full Face Helmet

Fuel Helmets SH-FF0017 Full Face Helmet

Why we like it: The Fuel Helmets SH-FF0017 Full Face Helmet is one of the top helmets on this list due to the design of the unit. Since it features an ergonomic design that has been backed up with a stylish outer design, it is a great buy.

Editor’s Rating:

Vented Design

One of the things we all want when buying a helmet is as many ventilation ports as possible. This is exactly what you will find when you consider the Fuel Helmets SH-FF0017 Full Face Helmet. It is constructed from durable ABS materials, giving you a hard shell to work with, but the ventilation ports are everywhere.

You will find ventilation ports at the back of the head area and you can find some at the front. All of these ventilation ports will give you an ability to close them when you travel at high speeds. Not only will this make the helmet more aerodynamic, but you will reduce some of the drag and noise that comes inside.


One of the things we could not find is a removable inner liner and this had us wondering. However, the cheek pads will serve as this inner liner to absorb most of the moisture. Not only this, but they can be removed and replaced. However, many people simply pop them into the washing machine to have them cleaned.

Other Features

Since the helmet is rather basic, it is hard to pinpoint any massive features that are worth noting. However, it does have a stylish design that will look good on almost anyone that wears it. All of the ventilation ports have been disguised as part of the hiding mechanism to make them look more stylish and effective.

It is worth noting that the helmet has been DOT approved to ensure you have all the safety mechanisms. It is also fire retardant and would help you to avoid any potential pitfalls when you do hit the ground at speeds.


  • Dual-vented design
  • Looks stylish on anyone
  • Reasonably priced
  • Removable cheeks pads
  • DOT certified construction


  • The fit is a little snug
  • Vent switches are a little loose

5. ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

Why we like it: If you are looking for an affordable helmet that will not force you to break the bank, the ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet is one of the best basic helmets for beginners. It also offers a lot of comfort features.

Editor’s Rating:

Aerodynamic Design

The helmet has been constructed to be aerodynamic and to keep you moving forward at the right speed with a lot of comfort. It has been constructed with a durable ABS shell that will not only offer you a lot of protection but also keep the noise to a minimum on the inside. Using this helmet, we have seen that it does not cause any real drag for the rider.

Another aerodynamic feature is the design and way they have incorporated the design of the ventilation holes. Since these can often cause a lot of noise and drag, having them reduced and made smaller means that you still get a lot of air penetration while remaining a lot cooler on the inside. The wind can also come in from the bottom.


This might not be one of the fancy helmets with all the special features that most people are raving about. However, these basic features have been made to the very best one can possibly expect them to be. Due to the lack of all the tech features, you can expect to pick it up for almost a quarter of the price of the tech helmets.

Other Features

Wrapping up this helmet, we need to have a look at the fit and the comfort features. As you would expect with a top brand like ILM, they have incorporated the same high-end inner lining as there top helmets. This lining is machine washable and it can absorb a lot of moisture, while also wicking away this moisture.

For the winter months, you get an additional neck scarf that will tie into the helmet. This scarf has been designed to ensure you stay warm and it can counteract some of the cold effects of having too much ventilation. With two different visors to choose when you ride, it is much easier to find the one that will suit the conditions the best.


  • A streamline aerodynamic design
  • Optimal inner ventilation
  • Includes a scarf to protect you from the cold
  • Really affordable
  • Two visors are included to use at your own peril


  • Not the best noise reduction features
  • Does not have modern features like Bluetooth

6. YEMA Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

YEMA Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

Why we like it: Nothing compares to having a sleek design for your helmet. The YEMA Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet is a sleek helmet that almost looks like one of the suits that Batman would wear during movies.

Editor’s Rating:

Sleek Design

The main feature that definitely comes to mind is the sleek design of the helmet. Not only is it designed to exceed the expectations, but it will also turn a couple of heads when you wear it in the streets. The helmet features multiple ventilation ports in the front and on the back that are all covered up by nice vinyl’s.

It looks like something that we would find in a movie and it deviates away from the traditional black color that we see most people use with the motorcycle helmets. This matte black tends to stand out a little more while giving you an authentic look that only you will have.


One of the things we don’t always consider important is whether or not a helmet is actually designed for both genders. Fortunately, the YEMA Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet has been made in all kinds of sizes that will even accommodate women. This should not come as a surprise as the brand has also designed some top-quality youth helmets.

Other Features

It has many of the same features that we expect to see in top quality helmets and these features are the standard that is tested for at DOT tests. Thanks to it ap[approval, you can assume that it is a fairly consistent helmet design. The helmet also features a lower than expected price, making it much more affordable for the average Joe.


  • Sleek outer design
  • Maximum ventilation ports
  • Men and women can use it
  • Reasonably priced
  • DOT Certified


  • No Bluetooth features

7. Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet

Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet

Why we like it: It is about time that we also include a half-helmet on this and the Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet is one of our favorites. It is so simplistic and easy to use for all your outdoor adventures.

Editor’s Rating:


While you can find this helmet in a wide variety of different sizes, the main sizes all have a few adjustments that you can make. Instead of buying multiple for your family, you might be able to get away with only one. The strapping on your chin is one of the most effective ways that you can make adjustments.

Not only this, but the helmet is fully covered on the inside and this will ensure that every part of your head is protected. We would only recommend buying different sizes if someone does have an oversized head or an under-sized head. The quick-release strap is perfect for taking it off when you have arrived.

Sun Protection

One of the most important features that many of the top half-helmets lack is the inability to keep you sufficiently protected from the sun. Fortunately, this can be a thing of the past as this helmet now features a drop-down sun visor. It is scratch-resistant and can serve as some of your sunglasses on the road.

Other Features

As we have seen with some of the top helmets, the ability to wick away some of the moisture seems to be an important thing. Much like these full-faced helmets, the Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet also includes an EPS liner. It can wick away moisture, while also giving you a clean helmet when you take it out and wash it.

Finally, I think this helmet is slightly more expensive than many of the others. However, it is backed by a 5-year limited warranty from the manufacturer that will definitely give you some peace of mind along the way.


  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Accommodates all sizes
  • Removable inner EPS lining
  • Includes a drop-down sun visor
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • A little pricey for a half helmet

Guide to Buying the Best Motorcycle Helmets

Motorbike helmets are not only selected depending on the type of helmet. There are also a couple of other features that will make them stand out. While you might think you have seen the best helmets so far, many people might be wondering elsewhere. Fortunately, this buyer’s guide can help you find the best of the best:


Motorbike helmets are not made to be equal and some of them have been constructed from better materials than others. These materials include things like carbon fiber and fiberglass that will make it extremely durable, while also keeping the weight to a minimum. You should consider looking at the materials that have been used as well when making your decision.

For the most part, the cheaper helmets are commonly made from ABS plastic or Thermo polymer plastic. This is generally plastic that has been heated to a certain temperature and cooled down to make it much harder. It might not have the same tensile strength as we find in things like carbon fiber but will give you a lot of durability.

Helmet Design

Yes, we have already discussed the different types that you can find, but this is not where it should stop. You also need to look at the overall design of the helmet and make sure that it looks like something that you can wear for a very long time. These things can include color. However, black is a great neutral color that goes with almost anything.

Linking to the helmet design, we also have the addition of the aerodynamic features. The way and the location the vents have been placed or integrated can help improve the ventilation. Some of the best helmets have the vents hidden in some sort of accessory. Not only does this look great, but it also makes the helmet more aerodynamic.


The weight is a minor feature and not one that many people look at explicitly and say this helmet is too heavy. However, many people like to use their helmets for road trips and if you have ever worn a motorbike helmet for a couple of hours, you might notice that it tends to get pretty heavy over time. The 5-pound mark seems like the perfect weight for a motorbike helmet.


It is fundamentally important o look at the sizes of the helmet. You would want to find one that fits like a glove to ensure you can benefit from all the features. Most brands will have their own sizing chart that we recommend using. Once you have the perfect fit, there is nothing you won’t be able to do and the helmet will ensure that you are always protected.

Safety Features

The safety features can be a big one and it can make a massive difference to the way you choose your helmet. There are a couple of safety features that we deem mandatory for selecting a great motorbike helmet. Here are a couple of these features that will not only give you peace of mind but ensure your safety if you fall.

  • DOT Certified: Before a helmet can be used on the road, it should be DOT certified. This means that it has been tested for material quality and to have optimal ventilation for the rider.
  • Moisture Wicking: Moisture-wicking does not seem like a safety feature. However, the build-up of sweat can cause us to feel drenched in liquid. Unfortunately, you will need to get rid of the moisture, as many people have occasionally lost control of the bikes.
  • Fire Retardant: This feature links directly to the materials that have been used and you need something that can keep your head safe if you crash and the bike does catch on fire.
  • Fog-Resistant Sun Visor: The sun visor is much more important than many people give it credit for. If you can’t see, you are more prone to make an accident on the road.
  • Ventilation: Not all of us can handle the same type of temperatures and it is important to find a helmet that can cool you down. Studies have shown that people can actually blackout when they are exposed to heat for prolonged periods.

It is worth noting that many of these features can spike the price of the unit. However, it is better to pay more expensive than pay with your life. In reality, we can’t put a price on the value of our lives at any given point.

Additional Features

Motorcycle helmets don’t stop there when it comes to features and there are also a few accessories that you can add to make it even better. These accessories are a little expensive, but since your helmet is a once-off purchase, you can spend the extra bit of cash:

  • Strapping: It is no secret that you want to be as comfortable as possible when it comes to the straps. A fully adjustable strap seems to offer the best use and you can adjust it on the fly while riding.
  • Bluetooth: Not all helmets are made with Bluetooth, but it can be an added bonus when you need to communicate with people. With a Bluetooth connection, you can call and answer incoming calls much easier.
  • Padding: The padding translates directly to comfort, but most helmets also have an inner liner. The liner has been included to wick away most of the moisture and it can potentially keep you dry at all times.
  • Intercom: The intercom works closely with Bluetooth and many people that have this feature in their bikes can communicate with one another while they are on the road. It does not violate any road laws either.

These are four of the most important features that we think you can have as accessories. Yes, they will make the helmet more expensive, but at the end of the day, your helmet will be more hands-on. It is worth noting that each of these features also varies in terms of the overall quality they are made with.

Frequently Asked Questions

With all the important stuff out of the way, some people might not yet be ready to buy a good helmet. I have seen a couple of questions from people and to help set your mind at ease, I have also done some research to help you. Now, you can select the perfect helmet without worrying about anything else.

How Often Should I Replace My Motorbike Helmet?

Some people don’t like to replace the helmet, but it is needed if you really want to be safe. Since the helmet is exposed to the elements, it can take a few shots and even reduce the strength of the materials. For this reason, most manufacturers will recommend that you replace the helmet after 5-years. If not used often, this time can be extended.

Does The Helmet Actually prevent Brain Injuries?

This is one question that even I have had for many years and while many people simply believe the marketing, I had to do some additional research. The fact of the matter is that our skulls are not durable and too many shots can rattle around your brain. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has determined that a motorbike helmet can reduce the risk of death by up to 39%. It can also prevent head injuries by almost 70%.

How Do I Take Care Of My Motorcycle Helmet?

This is one of the most common questions that many people have. If left unchecked, your helmet might actually lose some of its features. To keep your helmet in the best possible condition, it is recommended that you often check it for cracks. With new technology, these cracks can be fixed and the helmet will be as good as new.

It is also important to clean out the helmet often. I personally recommend cleaning it once a week. However, you can clean it even more often if you are someone that rides with your bike every day. Additionally, it is recommended not to accessorize the helmet without the help of a professional to ensure that you don’t do any lasting damage.

Final Thoughts

Your motorbike helmet will be your pride when you are out on the road. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on the quality and whether you have the best motorbike helmet. All of these helmets have been thoroughly checked and selected on the merit they bring to the table. We would recommend them all. Let us know in the comment section if you agree and if we have missed any of your favorite helmets.

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