The 10 Best Motorcycle Lifts to Buy 2020

The 10 Best Motorcycle Lifts to Buy 2020

The best motorcycle lifts suits various weights. From 300lbs to 3.000lbs, there are a few options in terms of weight as well. Those with multiple motorcycles should always choose the heaviest engine as guidance. Placing weights higher than the maximum admitted range on the lift will eventually break it.

But the weight support of the motorcycle can also be influenced by accessories such as casters. The more weight a lift handles, the more it actually resembles a simple frame, mare for pure strength. A few examples of what the actual weight of motorcycles looks like can be found below.

  • Cruiser – 400 to 700lbs
  • Chopper – 650 to 720lbs
  • Sports bike – 300 to 500lbs
  • Tourer – 800 to 1.000lbs
  • Dirt bike – 100 to 125lbs

There are plenty of exceptions for these weights, but the guidelines are somewhat to be abided by. Since there are many types of lifts, it’s worth having a look at what’s currently available. Here are the 10 best motorcycle lifts to consider.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Lifts 2020

1. Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000lb Triple Lift Jack

Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000lb Triple Lift Jack

Why we like it: With 4.000 pounds lifting capacity and patented design, the lift is one of the few truly customizable designs.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

There’s no doubt the patented design of the lift makes it a unique product. Since it is covered by the patent, it means that no other lift can copy it. The removable lift saddle design has been included in the patent. Another patent includes the padded lift rails. These patents are in place to actually suit multiple types of vehicles, from motorcycles to ATVs.

Built-in wheels make the motorcycle lift a suitable solution for garages and driveways. Since it is based on wheels, the motorcycle lift can easily be moved around. However, the wheels can lock into position to turn the lift into a fixed design. As a result, it can be used for motorcycle storage as well as for any maintenance work which can be made at home.

The design of the motorcycle lift allows height adjustment between 8” and 5/8” max. There’s an included safety bar which locks it into position whenever the user finds the desired height. All of these mechanisms are made to meet and even to exceed the ANSI and ASME safety standards.

Convenient features

With a 2-ton capacity, the heavy-duty motorcycle lift can be used for many types of bikes. It comes with an anti-slip surface which can even be removed for cleaning purposes. The patented anti-slip surface will ensure accidents are kept at an arm’s length.

With a high lifting capacity, the product is suitable for cross bikes and even for tourers. Any type of bike can be fully supported by the lift. This means that typical maintenance tasks such as chain oiling are well supported.

Multiple types of frames are supported by the lift. Given the fact that it can slide directly under the motorcycle, it allows users a simple operation which reduced the effort and the strength needed to use other similar lifts. There are no more back issues to worry about as with other lifts.


The high capacity design, its patented sections, and the sliding use make the motorcycle lift a popular solution.


  • Made with a patented design
  • Suitable for weights of up to 2 tones
  • Can be used on other vehicles
  • Meets ANSI standards


  • Some bikes will need tying down

2. OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift

OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift

Why we like it: With 17inch skids, the 1,500-pound motorcycle lift is made to offer support for all types of heavy bikes.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

With a removable handle, using the motorcycle lift is not complicated at all. Practically, there’s no heavy lifting involved. Using the handle, motorcycle owners can slowly lift their bikes so that they have access to regular maintenance or support for general cleaning tasks.

Once the motorcycles need to be lowered again, this can be done easily using the foot pedal release. It works to further improve comfort and as a result, it can be a good function for those with back issues. When it comes to versatility, it’s great to see the handle can offer unrestricted access to the load.

The support rails are small compared to what many users can be expecting, but their weight capacity is still high. In fact, they support the motorcycle by the frame very well. Although the handle is described as offering 360 access, it is actually the lifted motorcycle which comes with 360 access in the right space.

Convenient features

With a 2-year warranty, the heavy-duty motorcycle lift is among the strongest in its class. It will work for smaller bikes as well. Two transportation wheels are added to its frame. Interestingly, these wheels can also be taken off which is a top characteristic for a more mobile lift.

The lift range debuts at 3-1/2in and it goes up to 16-3/4in. With included ratcheting straps, the lift is also safe to use with various types of motorcycles. It is known that not all bikes maintain their stability when up on the platform. As a result, the motorcycle lift is well-equipped to tackle any demanding tasks.

4 straps are included and they secure the motorcycle to the lift. With the help of the casters which can lock into position, the lift and the motorcycle are connected and the possibility of slips or any other accidents is considerably reduced.


This versatile motorcycle lift comes with included ratcheting straps to secure various types of bikes.


  • Made with a 1,500-pound capacity
  • Designed with 17in skids
  • Offers an adjustable height range
  • Includes casters


  • Thin pump pedal securing bolt

3. Extreme Max Motorcycle Scissors Jack

Extreme Max Motorcycle Scissors Jack

Why we like it: A motorcycle jack can be just as useful as a stand. The Extreme Max jack allows easy bike cleaning and maintenance.

Editor’s Rating:

Design Features

There are various designs used to elevate motorcycles. From the tradition’s point of view, the scissor design remains trustworthy and durable. This is where Extreme Max managed to create a top design to be used on any type of motorcycle. The ease of use of the stand recommends it for both professional use as well as for home use as well.

The key to its success is also its stability. There’s a large contact area with the motorcycle which allows it to be considered among the stable designs. Bridging the gaps between the frame rails, the supportive stand is also covered with rubber. Simple rubber has a dual role. It prevents scratches on the motorcycle but it also prevents slips.

Another distinct advantage is given by the low slim fit design of the stand. Simply put, there are plenty of low rides which are impossible to be lifted with a center lift jack. But with a collapsed height of just over 3 inches, the Extreme Max stand is easy to lift even when used under low motorcycles.

Convenient Features

An impressive characteristic of the scissor design is given by its fully extended height. At 14”, it provides plenty of clearance for bikers to access the motorcycle easily. While it can be used as a stand, the jack can also lift the bike for chain lubrication, tire cleaning or any other type of maintenance work. It is also important to know the stand is safe. There’s a built-in brake system which prevents it from collapsing.

When it comes to motorcycle weight, it is also important to notice how well the stand deals with various bikes. Since it is made from heavy-duty steel, the motorcycle is easily among the durable options which allow a more sustainable profile up to 1.1100lbs.

Being operated manually with a wrench, the stand is also durable. There are no knobs which can fail in time and this makes the all-metal construction a choice which practically needs no upgrade in the future. However, this is conditioned by actually respecting the maximum weight of the stand.


As one of the most durable stands in its class, it’s also worth taking into consideration for light commercial use due to the increased area of contact with the motorcycle and the resulting stability.


  • Made with pure steel
  • Operated by a wrench
  • Protects the motorcycle with rubber
  • Available with Dolly for transport purposes


  • Not to be used with impact wrenches

4. Pit Posse Motorcycle ATV Scissor Floor Jack Lift

Pit Posse Motorcycle ATV Scissor Floor Jack Lift

Why we like it: The scissor lift is one of the few old-school designs operated with a foot pedal.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

With a very rare design, the motorcycle lift is still operated by a classic foot pedal. It’s not clear why these types of lifts are not as manufactured as they used to be but it’s certainly true they have their own advantages. One of them is the fact users don’t actually need to bend down whenever they want to operate the lift. Those with low back pain can understand this perfectly. At the same time, the extra strength of the foot means the lift can be up easily. Another distinct advantage is given by the tool-less operation of the lift as everything is included for it to work as intended.

The height adjustability range is impressive as well. It allows users to adjust it anywhere between 13 and 36 inches. It is why the lift is perfect for light motorcycle fans who want to perform various maintenance tasks on their bikes.

Included casters make the lift even better suited for mobility. Pushing it around the garage is not as complicated as many would think. At the same time, the motorcycle lift is among the top options in its small segment for permanent caster designs, which means it will stay mobile at all times.

Convenient features

But the versatility of the casters comes at a price. It is why the lift only supports weights of up to 300lbs. Given the maximum height it elevates motorcycles, it’s still somewhat reassuring to know that the heaviest motorcycles will not be lifted on the stand.

The large contact surface is made to last. Its size is 13” by 16” which means it is above average for the contact surface. Most users can rely on it for proper motorcycle stability. There’s a large hole in the middle of the contact surface which is used to drain oil from motorcycles. With simple design characteristics, the lift becomes one of the properly planned designs to consider.

In terms of build quality, the lift is as reliable as its users hop for. Made from pure steel, it is a long-lasting design. However, this durability is only within the maximum 300lbs weight limit, regardless of the size of the motorcycle.


With a foot pedal, a drainage hole, casters, and a steel frame, the motorcycle lift are suitable for home use.


  • Made with a scissor design
  • Operated by a foot pedal
  • Made from pure steel
  • Includes an oil drainage hole


  • Limited weight capacity

5. Vivohome Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle ATV Lift

Vivohome Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle ATV Lift

Why we like it: Suitable for manual and automatic (pneumatic lift cylinder) operation, the lift has applicability in the home and light commercial use.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Made with solid materials, the motorcycle lift is mainly made to be used at home. But its versatility and 1,500lbs weight capacity recommend it beyond this as well. Low physical effort is needed to operate the motorcycle lift and this is valuable for most bikers. With the help of an included foot pedal, the motorcycle is lifted in the air, a safety pin locks it in place while a secondary foot pedal lowers the motorcycle as needed.

This versatility is impressive in itself. However, the lift is also compatible with automatic solutions to lift and lower motorcycles, such as those used in repair shops. The lift can be operated with an attached compressed airline.

With or without automatic operation, the lift still features 3 positions safety locks. For safety purposes, users should try out a few practice lifts with no motorcycle to get used to these safety positions. With the help of non-slip rubber pads, the motorcycle is also less likely to slip off.

Convenient features

The hydraulic system ensures there’s not much muscle power needed to lift the motorcycle. This is also completed by the high 1,500lbs weight capacity of the lift. In terms of how high a motorcycle is lifted, the maximum point is set to 14,5”. At its lowest height, the lift sits at 4,5”.

But inside the pack, users will also find a few other accessories together with the lift. They include a handle, tie-down straps, adapter bars, and a user’s manual. With all these accessories, each motorcycle can be further secured to the lift, which makes them an interesting choice for better convenience.

Two swivel casters help out users move the lift wherever needed. This is also one of the reasons why it can be a top design for enthusiasts who might even be working on the motorcycle at home as well as for professional use.


This complete motorcycle lift comes equipped with a hydraulic system and extra attachment straps for a stable lift.


  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Includes a hydraulic system
  • Includes a footplate
  • Based on swivel casters


  • Requires assembly

6. Black Widow BW-1604A Motorcycle Jack

Black Widow BW-1604A Motorcycle Jack

Why we like it: Operated with a 7/8” socket or wrench, the all-black motorcycle jack stands out with its simplicity.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Not all users seek the most complicated designs. As a result, not all users are actually looking for solutions which come with multiple pieces, which cane eventually brake. This is why the Black Widow is actually one of the most durable designs of its class as there are not many parts to break down.

It folds completely flat and this makes it perfect for storage. Those on the road can also appreciate its simple design which suits travel purposes. A number of motorcycles can even be transported on a platform to reach a destination and a traveling lift might be needed. The Black Widow can be one of these ultra-mobile lifts.

Steel construction also means that even with a compact body, the lift is still made to handle pressure from all sizes. In fact, the large top platform distributes the weight of the motorcycle equally. When it comes to actual weight, the lift is limited to 1,100lbs.

Convenient features

With a collapsed height of just over 3 inches, the motorcycle lift stands out the most when it comes to compactness. To lift the bike and to raise the lift, users have two options at hand. One is the 7/8” socket and the other is an adjustable wrench.

The lift can be used on its own even on the largest motorcycles. However, since it has such a versatile design, it also comes with the option of a second lift, which could mean large bikes get completely off the ground.

Another convenient feature comes with the collapsible design of the lift. It practically fits right under the motorcycle and for this reason, it is recognized as a solution to be used as an efficient parking design.


With a fully collapsible design, then it can work on its own or together with a second lift to lift all motorcycles off the ground.


  • Supports weights of 1,100lbs
  • Raises and lowers using a wrench
  • Made from steel
  • Elegant all-black finish


  • Doesn’t include safety straps

7. LiftMaster 1100 LB Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift

LiftMaster 1100 LB Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift

Why we like it: With 2 height-adjustable saddles, the lift is mainly recommended for its frame-only contact with the motorcycle.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

The simple crank is operated with an adjustable wrench. Made with a scissor design, it raises to the floor manually. Unlike a few similar lifts this size, it also comes with included saddles which hold the motorcycle by its frame. These saddles are also adjustable, offering them a more complex solution for added stability.

There are no casters to count on but the advantage of the lift comes with its collapsible design. As all similar designs, it collapses fully being a solution which save space and which slides directly under the motorcycle.

Convenient features

When it comes to the height adjustment convenience, there is a range between 3,5” and 15 ¾”, the equivalent of 400mm, to count on. But unlike many similar designs, the lift also comes with multiple locking positions to ensure everything is in place. As a result, it features 6 height positions which are secured with a pin against falls and other accidents.

From 90mm to 400mm, most motorcycles can be lifted completely off the ground. Two screw adapters are then used for variable height adjustments. Holding the bikes by the frame, the stand can keep them elevated as long as needed.

Since it is entirely made out of steel, the stand might need a bit of lubrication from time to time. Regular chain oil should do the trick and it should allow the lift to be elevated as smooth as possible, without a jerking move.


With two saddle adapters, the motorcycle lift is among the options with 6 fixed height positions up to 400m.


  • Only measures 3,5” when collapsed
  • Adjustability between 90mm and 400mm
  • Includes two saddle adapters
  • Locks in 6 positions with a safety pin


  • Need lubrication

8. Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift

Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift

Why we like it: Lifting motorcycles up to 34,5”, it is a product worth purchasing for general maintenance work.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

The scissor design of the motorcycle lift sees it as one of the rare solutions which lift the bikes really high. At a maximum height of 34,5”, the stand is in a class of its own. As with all motorcycle lifts which go above the average height, it also comes with a limited weight capacity. At 300lbs maximum loads, it offers one of the distinct solutions worth taking into consideration.

For those seeking a bit more simplicity, the lift is a great alternative, even with its lower weight capacity. This is basically due to the added foot pedal. For many bikers, the foot pedal is a good enough reason to make a purchase as it can make the daily use of the motorcycle easier.

Convenient features

With a platform of 13” by 16”, the lift is even covered with rubber for extra stability. There’s even an oil drainage hole in the middle of the platform. Since it can be raised so high, changing the motorcycle’s oil is quite easy.

In terms of safety, users can rely on a locking bar which eliminates the risk of accidentally pressing the release foot pedal. But maybe the most convenient feature of the lift is the no-tools operation. If other lifts need wrenches to be operated, the Extreme Max lift can be simply operated with a foot.


With an impressive height range, the motorcycle lift is operated by foot and it even sits on casters.


  • Made with an oil drainage hole
  • Reaches heights of 34,5”
  • Requires no tools
  • Made with a padded rubber platform


  • Only handles up to 300lbs

9. Smartxchoices Red/Black 1500 lbs Motorcycle ATV Hydraulic Scissor Jack Lift

Smartxchoices Red/Black 1500 lbs Motorcycle ATV Hydraulic Scissor Jack Lift

Why we like it: Based on hydraulics, the lift is one of the choices for motorcyclists looking for ANSI-certified products.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Since it comes with ANSI and CE certifications, the lift can be used both at home and for commercial purposes. While it doesn’t stand out in terms of originality, it uses some of the proven principles in its class to offer a solution which can be used with little muscle power.

Its design is based on hydraulics and a handle. As a result, it is easy to operate as many times as needed throughout the day. Made with casters, the lift can be moved around the repair shop or the garage easily. With an included foot pump, it is one of the straightforward designs for reliable use.

Convenient features

The hydraulics might be comfortable, but the system is not made for the heaviest loads. However, it will take weights of up to 680kg, which is more than enough to cover most motorcycles. There are 3 locking positions to count on and they are made to offer sufficient lift for small and large motorcycles.

When fully collapsed, the lift only measures around 4”. It elevates motorbikes up to 14,7”. This means it is not one of the highest lifts in its class. However, since it comes with a weight of just 28kg, it can be moved from location to location.

A handle, two adapter bars, and the jack are included in the pack. There are no ratcheting straps included and users will need to buy them separately. However, given the all-metal construction, it is expected that the lift handles its weights well, even if it needs assembly upon arrival.


Made with a certified design, the motorcycle lift meets high manufacturing standards, specific in products made for commercial purposes.


  • Based on hydraulic lifts
  • Includes two adapter bars
  • Supports weights of up to 1,500lbs
  • ANSI-certified design


  • Not the lightest option

10. Pit Posse Off Road Universal Motorcycle Lift Stand

Pit Posse Off Road Universal Motorcycle Lift Stand

Why we like it: Specifically made for off-road motorcycles, the lift stand is also one of the lightest options to consider.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Made from extruded aluminum, the motorcycle lift is among the best options for travel, mobility, and general versatility. It’s made to hold off-road motorcycles and its foot pedal allows very easy operation. It is also one of the few lifts which are actually available in various colors. It is why it can even match the motorcycle.

The aluminum construction also makes the lift suitable for general maintenance work. Off-road bikes also need serious cleaning. When it comes to deep cleaning, having the motorcycle up on a lift can only help in its own way.

Convenient features

The most convenient feature of the lift comes with its 2 height ranges. The low height range varies from 11” to 15”. The higher range takes the motorcycle from 12” to 17”. With such impressive versatility, it will lift all dirt bikes off the ground.

Other materials are used in its construction and they include durable rubber. The good part is that even if oil gets spilled on the motorcycle lift, it will still not damage the protective rubber. Furthermore, the durability is also backed on paper. There’s a 5-year warranty user can count on for extra trustworthiness.


With a colorful design, the lift is among the few 2-stage height adjustable options for off-road motorcycles.


  • Made from aluminum
  • Available in different colors
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Made with a foot release trigger


  • Not suitable for cruisers and sports bikes


Which lift suits my motorcycle?

Finding the best lift should start with the weight capacity. If the motorcycle’s weight is under the maximum weight capacity of the lift, it can already prove a useful purchase. Some motorcycles, such as those used on off-road terrains even have their own custom lifts.

What is the height range?

Height range refers to the adjustability range of the motorcycle lift. This is situated between a minimum and a maximum. Collapsible lifts can have a higher adjustability range.

Is steel better than aluminum?

Most motorcycle lifts are made from pure steel. However, others are only made of aluminum. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. However, both materials can be the foundation of durable lifts if the maximum load is abided by.

Can I use 2 motorcycle lifts?

Some motorcycle will need two lifts to get off the ground. Two lifts can be used together to get them off the ground with both wheels.

Do I need ratcheting straps?

Ratcheting straps are not offered with all motorcycle lifts. However, they can be a great addition for added stability. At least one strap should be used on each side of the motorcycle.

Guide to Buying the Best Motorcycle Lifts

With hundreds of options, choosing the actual best motorcycle lift is not easy at all. From materials to designs, there are many aspects to consider. Some motorcyclists even choose the first lift they see, which often leads to various accidents or even poor general user experience.

There are many variables to a simple lift, even if it doesn’t look like it at a first glance. From general problems such as a small safety lock pin to more serious problems such as a wobbly surface, there are many bad situations to avoid. Most of these can be avoided with research that takes just a few minutes. Motorcyclists can find their own products with a weight capacity suitable for their motorbikes and with usability which works for on an individual level.


Starting off with materials, motorcyclists should always know that a lift may show signs of wear and these are the signs which are typical to poor materials. In many cases, it is the sub-standard materials which also prompt a motorcycle lift upgrade. It is also one of the reasons why all users should correlate the materials with weight capacity and even with the warranty, as a guarantee of durability.

Steel and various forms of aluminum are used for most modern lifts. But even steel is different in shape and size. This is why the weight capacity of motorcycle stands is so different. At the same time, there’s no space to make any improvisation and even other materials, such as those on the contact surface, are also made to last a long period.

Manual vs automatic lift

Most lifts are manual. A select number can be connected to automatic machines for a simpler lift, especially those made for commercial use. However, even manual lifts are different from each other. They represent a simple solution which is operated by a wrench, a hand or by the foot.

Manual lifts can also combine various solutions for proper functionality. However, it has been recognized that foot-operated lifts are among the easiest to work. They require less muscle power and there’s no need for constant bending.

Adjustability range

The adjustability range of a motorcycle lift varies greatly. From the fully collapsed lifts of 3” to the scissor designs which can go as high as 36”, there are plenty of options to consider. At the same time, users have the freedom to choose their own lifts when it comes to overall adjustability range.

But regardless of what the range looks like on paper, it should still lift the motorcycle completely off the ground. This is why it can be important to choose a solution which works constantly even for motorbike storage purposes. The higher the bike goes, the easier it is to work on it as well.

Oil check ready designs

Some motorcycle lifts offer owners the possibility of actually changing the oil. These lifts normally come with a hole in the middle, which is where the actual oil drains from the motorcycle. Since this operation requires some type of container, it is advisable to lift the motorcycle high enough first, to allow good clearance before placing a container underneath it.

Foot pedals and other accessories

Foot pedals, casters, and straps can go a long way when it comes to everyday use. It takes time to adjust the straps but it can be worth it with some motorbikes. It also takes time to use hand tools to elevate the lift. This is why a foot pedal can simplify the process as much as possible.

Casters are worth the investment on their own. They allow the lift to be moved from spot to spot. However, they can also limit the maximum weight capacity as well as to reduce the stability of the lift. This is why a few manufacturers only add casters to one side of a motorcycle lift.

Straps are included in the box with a number of lifts. But they can also be purchased separately. It is best to read the safety instructions on the straps before using them for the first time. As a simple rule, the straps need to be tightly installed as they are not allowed to wobble or to be installed with no tension.

Assembly vs no assembly

Most lifts are shipped in boxes. They require some type of assembly. Others, especially those which fully collapse, are sent out fully assembled. In regards to safety and warranty conditions, all lifts which need assembly need to be put together according to what the manufacturer advises. But the good news is even with these designs, the assembly process should not take more than 30 minutes for most products.

Certifications and warranty

Many motorcycle lifts are actually covered by warranty. This warranty typically goes beyond the 2-year mark. It allows one of the best coverages for motorbike products of all classes. It is also a testament that manufacturers stand by their products. Furthermore, it is important to know that most brands today offer plenty of functionality, even if their products are not covered by such a generous warranty.

Final considerations

Even the best motorcycle lifts need to be tested and tried out before actually being used for the first time. Given their assembly is in line with what is actually recommended by the manufacturer, it goes without saying that there are a few areas where user can rely on the lift, such as stability.

Installing a motorcycle lift is not complicated. Finding a place for it should always be based on fully flat surfaces. It is on these surfaces that motorcycles can actually be safe and stable. In most situations, motorcycles might also need securing straps to keep them in place.

But the convenience of the motorcycle lift is the most important. Users have the freedom to consider these lifts as reliable as possible as they are to be used with tools, with the hand or by foot. Giving plenty of attention to the use of the lift is important, as it will guarantee its durability.

Checking the weight of the motorcycle is the first step towards the right lift. But it also important to get the most out of the purchase. It is why being able to change the oil of the motorbike or to simply have it up for cleaning can come as great advantages. At the same time, the best motorcycle lifts support these daily tasks. It is mainly up to the user to secure the motorcycle properly before undergoing these tasks.