Best Octane Boosters for Peak Performance

Best Octane Boosters for Peak Performance

Octane boosters are useful for many cars. Since not all gas stations sell high octane gas, the best octane boosters can be handy for a large number of cars. Opinions on octane boosters are not as straightforward as new users think. Some drivers say they are only useful for high-performance cars while others state they show their benefits on commuter cars as well. However, not all octane boosters are the same. Some of the best octane boosters can help the engine run at peak performance, which can only result in a smoother drive and a prolonged engine life.

Features to Consider in Good Octane Boosters

There are many reasons to consider octane boosters. However, most drivers are mainly looking to such products in order to save money. The fact that there are other benefits such as a cleaner engine can only be seen as an added benefit.


The lower price of the octane booster use in comparison to high octane gas can be enough to prompt drivers in using it on a constant basis. With increasing fuel prices, octane boosters can be a real alternative with no risks for the engine.

Reduced pinging

Eliminating pinging is another benefit of octane boosters. In fact, the formulas are known for their effect on how the engine runs. Many drivers report lower engine noise as a result of adding octane boosters to the gas. Here are the top products to consider.

Top 10 Best Octane Boosters 2024

1. Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster

Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster

Why we like it: Mostly suitable to save money by buying low octane gas, the booster also comes with other benefits, such as reduced pinging.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Available in 15oz bottles, the Lucas Oil Octane Booster does its job impressively well. Its high-performing profile means that it is suitable for different vehicles and even for different purposes. A pack of 12 can be used for regular drives and commutes in order to save money.

Since its low octane gas is sold in local gas stations or since higher octane vehicles are typically more expensive to drive, the octane booster can save drivers’ money. It is used on a daily basis to raise the octane level of the gas and to basically make the car run better.

Convenient features

One of the first convenient results of using the octane booster comes with the cleaner fuel burn. This has been noted by a number of drivers. Of course, the cleaner burn is also what leads to fewer emissions. For most drivers, it is advisable to simply add the booster in order to reduce their impact on the environment, especially when driving on long commutes.

Made to offer an extra boost compared to other vehicles, the booster is used for pining as well. Pining can occur in high mileage vehicles as well as in newer vehicles. However, this sound problem can be eliminated with the octane booster. No knocking is heard even in hot weather, which means the octane booster really works.

Since it has a versatile formulation, the octane booster is suitable for various types of vehicles. It works with fuel injected vehicles as well as with carbureted engines. The manufacturer also claims the booster is 3 times more efficient than its alternatives. Of course, this might depend on the type of vehicle but the efficiency of the booster has already been proven. Drivers should also know that if their vehicles have been running on low octane gas for a long period of time, it may take a full refill to see the results they want.


With high efficiency, the octane booster is mainly recommended for clean fuel burn and reduced pinging.


  • Made with a proven formula
  • Reduces fuel emissions
  • Improves pinging
  • Works with fuel injected and carbureted engines
  • Mainly works with one ounce per gallon ratio


  • Only available in packs of 12

2. Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus

Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus

Why we like it: The Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus works especially well with old vehicles, cleaning them out so that they are able to run better.

Editor’s Rating:

Cleaning Action

The most notable thing about this cleaner is that it contains an impressive amount of PEA. This is a substance that has been proven to get rid of deposits that coat your fuel system. In fact, this product is particularly good at getting rid of hard-to-remove contaminants, like the ones that have built up in older models.

The other advantage is that this cleaner targets every aspect of your fuel system. So, you can be sure that your fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves, and combustion chambers are all cleaned up, no matter how rough they may seem.

Performance Improvement

The great thing about using this product in your vehicle is that you get noticeable results. For instance, you will instantly be able to see an improvement in your cold starts, allowing you to get moving faster, especially in cold weather. Since there will be no more deposits, you will be able to experience better fuel economy and stability over a long period of time.

If you are trying to get a vehicle that has been in storage for a long time to start up quickly and to run smoothly, then you should give this product a try. You will see that even if the car hasn’t been driven in a long time, it will not miss a step when you finally take it out.


The only thing that is really lacking with this fuel system cleaner is value. This is because, for the amount that is available in the bottle, you should be able to treat about 20 gallons. While this might work for smaller or newer vehicles, it can end up getting a little pricey for you.


  • Works well to clean older systems
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Improves cold starts
  • Works on entire system


  • Poor value for money

3. Royal Purple ROY11757 Max Boost

Royal Purple ROY11757 Max Boost

Why we like it: Restoring the octane level by up to 3 points, this solution is suitable for low octane fuels and optimum engine performance.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Available in 473ml containers, the octane booster is among the products used to raise octane levels. Its packaging might not do it justice as the additive might not be as easy to add to the fuel tank. But the formulation comes with visible results even after the first refill.

The way the formulation works is by actually replacing lead additives. It protects the engine and it offers it the improved performance it can work with when the octane level is higher. One of the side benefits of the formulation is that it manages to clean the injectors of the engine. This is why drivers might even notice a smoother running performance.

Convenient features

Loss of power is visible with many vehicles when low octane fuel is used on a constant basis. The Royal Purple formulation manages to bring this power back to the vehicle, just as it would be when fueled with high octane gas. Of course, most vehicles adjust the performance of the engine according to the octane level of the gas.

But even with these adjustments, proper performing engines might still not be seen as often as they should be. This is why most vehicles can still experience engine knocking sounds even with the computer-aided adjustability. This is why it’s worth using the octane booster even on newer vehicles.

The octane booster comes with a powerful formulation. While it is used in various vehicles, the manufacturer informs drivers the product is not street legal. This is why it could be used in other high-performing vehicles not driven on public roads.


This high-performing formula increases octane level by 3 points, improving engine performance in top vehicles.


  • Adds 3 octane numbers to the gas
  • Made to replace lead additives in low octane gas
  • Improves engine power and power loss
  • Made for reduced pinging


  • Not street legal at the moment

4. Klotz Octane Booster

Klotz Octane Booster

Why we like it: Raising the octane level, the booster is recognized for its stable fuel burning effects.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Constantly among the recommended octane boosters, Klotz’s product is one of the reliable options for all types of vehicles. The results might depend on the balance of additive versus fuel, but engines could potentially benefit from fuel a few octanes higher. Packed in 16-ounce containers, the octane booster is easy to use. Drivers actually report adding different quantities of octane booster to their fuel, but all the results are indeed improved.

Convenient features

Substituting lead from gas, the octane booster is suitable for added lubricity. It is among the products which make the engine run smoother but which also stabilize flame burn speed. It is believed that the octane booster can add up to 10 octane numbers to the fuel, which can come with significant improvements both for injectors and for carburetors. But at the same time, these improvements can also be seen in the way the car deals with pinging.

The booster is mainly recommended for gasoline. One of its benefits is that it also absorbs moisture. Since higher octane doesn’t mean a higher gas percentage, the extra additives of the octane booster are what can make the cars run better, with improved fuel economy and similarly to their performance on high octane fuel. As a result, drivers can save money with Klotz as well.


With higher octane, the booster does a great job with gasoline and it cleans injectors and carburetors.


  • Easy to mix with fuel
  • Cleans injectors and carburetors
  • Significantly raises octane levels
  • Stabilizes fuel burn speed


  • More affordable in its gallon version

5. 104+ 10406 Octane Boost

104+ 10406 Octane Boost

Why we like it: A 16fl oz bottle of the octane boost can treat up to 18 gallons, considerably improving engine performance.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Sold individually and in packs of 6, this octane booster can be used for multiple fuel refills. One bottle is enough for 18 gallons of gas and it is poured directly in the fuel tank. One of the first results of the octane booster formula is reduced pinging. This is the case with many products but low octane gas is known for its unfulfilled engine performance under certain situations. For example, some drivers living in hilly areas report that pinging is severe when the vehicle’s engine needs to work extra hard. This is where the octane booster proves a great product as it solves this issue.

Convenient features

A convenient result of better fuel burning rate is improved fuel economy. Since the octane booster is used even on older vehicles, it can actually save drivers’ money by lowering fuel consumption. At the same time, it also allows users to save money at the gas station as higher octane gas is not needed anymore.

Known for its complex profile, 104+’s Octane Boost also cleans the injectors. It is used as a small measure of keeping the engine in a good condition over a longer period of time. It is also used on all types of gas, include gasoline with ethanol. If some products used to create problems for the oxygen sensors, this is not the case with the octane booster as it is perfectly safe to use.

Forged in Chicago’s auto industry, improves power and acceleration as a final benefit. Since it improves the way the engine works, it can also be one of the most suitable options users can consider, especially when it comes to proper peak performance, not limited by the octane number.


The popular product can be used on all types of vehicles and it represents a solution which also keeps injectors clean.


  • Designed with a practical packaging
  • Cleans the engine and the injectors
  • A bottle is suitable for 18 gallons of gas
  • Safe to use for oxygen sensors


  • Only saves money when in its 6-pack version

6. Blue Magic Turbo 108 Octane Boost

Blue Magic Turbo 108 Octane Boost

Why we like it: Made for vehicles with high horsepower, the octane boost formula is suitable for top engine performance.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Many drivers find it difficult to use their vehicle’s engines at a top performance level when these engines are extra strong. This is why the octane booster is even used in some racing vehicles. But optimizing engine performance and its results can be seen in different types of cars. Shipped in a container of 473ml which is enough for a tank of gas and in a pack of 12, the octane booster increases octane level and restores proper horsepower with a practical design.

Convenient features

Engine knock is specific to low octane gas in some vehicles. The problem is eliminated with the octane booster. With reduced pining, all engines can run at least smoother, if not in optimum parameters simply as a result of the added octane booster.

Starting the car will also improve as a result. Since engines are powered by burning fuel, the octane booster improves the rate in which the gas is burned. It helps cars start better, especially from a cold engine.

But since it comes with a vast octane improvement, the octane booster is also used in racing. For many vehicles, it can make the difference between good performance and the best performance. Furthermore, the octane booster is also valuable in saving fuel. This can be an issue for really powerful engines which are known for their lower fuel efficiency. But since it is also highly versatile, the octane booster is also suitable for other types of vehicles, such as commuter vehicles, but maybe in a smaller concentration.

Another specific situation which might be encountered in many vehicles comes with knocking under hard acceleration. This is where all drivers can immediately tell a difference when the Blue Magic octane booster is added to the fuel as it allows the engine to run smoother, practically eliminating both knocking when idle and knocking when accelerating.


As one of the performance-orientated octane boosters, Blue Magic’s formulation is suitable for some of the most powerful engines on the road and on the track.


  • Suitable for cars with turbochargers
  • Increases octane level from the first tank
  • Perfectly safe to use and will not harm sensors
  • Formulated to reduce engine knock


  • Only available in packs of 12

7. Gumout Octane Booster

Gumout Octane Booster

Why we like it: Available in a smaller bottle, the Gumout Octane Booster is a viable product for weekly use.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Since the octane booster is designed in smaller 296ml bottles, it is very easy to handle. It can be mixed with a full tank of gas to offer better engine performance. Its practical nature also allows drivers to carry a few bottles in the trunk at all times. So the design of the octane booster means drivers can still use the formula, even when traveling.

Convenient features

The main benefit of the formula comes with the boosted octane level in the gas. It improves the gas in a way in which it becomes more efficient. Its profile is made for everyday cars and it can be used without the worry that there could be some possible issues for the car. Since proper combustion is restored, the engine can begin to run more efficiently, to the parameters it can reach from the manufacturer. The octane gas booster will not make the car any more efficient than it physically can be from the factory, but it will bring those cars which are underperforming to the best operating level.

But the octane booster can also reduce emissions as a result. Since fuel burns more efficiently, it is also better suited for reduced carbon emissions. This could be one of the reasons why more and more commuting drivers should actually be encouraged to use the octane booster.

As smoother engine also means drivers can enjoy a quieter engine. This is why it can suit those seeking a simpler experience, especially in the conditions in which engine knocking can be disturbing both for the driver and for proper engine performance. In most situations, drivers can also find the right way towards their own ping reduction without actually having to spend thousands every year to get the most expensive gas for the car.

Since engines are different, the octane booster can be used on all of them. Rarer naturally aspirated engines can still benefit from better engine performance. But most modern turbocharged and supercharged engines can also benefit from the octane booster, even if they already come with multiple oxygen sensors.


This reliable octane booster can be one of the affordable options for a daily commute car.


  • Instantly increases the octane level
  • Reduces the emissions of the vehicle
  • Safe to use on turbocharged engines


  • Not available in larger bottles

8. STP Octane Booster Fuel Additive

STP Octane Booster Fuel Additive

Why we like it: As many fuel additives, STP has two objectives. It increases the octane level and it also cleans the engine.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Sold in individual bottles or packs of 12, the octane booster is among the more interesting options as it comes with a complex formula. It allows drivers to use it themselves and it is simply added to the fuel with every full tank. For the exact balance of fuel to additives, it is recommended to read the full instructions.

Designed with an ergonomic bottle, the additive can easily be added to any vehicle. It is not made for performance vehicles and the octane booster is mainly suitable for typical daily commute vehicles are any other type of vehicle without too much horsepower.

Convenient features

One of the convenient benefits of the octane boosted comes with higher octane levels. Drivers simply don’t need to pay more for this type of fuel at the gas station and this is why they can actually save money, even if the booster needs to be added on a constant basis. This is due to the fact the booster and its additives is actually still more affordable than the high octane fuel at the gas station.

With better power, drivers will immediately notice improved vehicle acceleration. This is why it can be among the leading designs for better fuel economy as well as for higher engine capacity. Of course, it is not a tuning fuel and it will not add any horsepower to the standard capacity of the engine. In fact, it will only ensure the engine is working at its maximum power capacity.

The fuel’s complex formulation also means that it can deal with specific engine knocks as they are common among the cars running on low octane gas. Pinging is reduced and the engine can run smoother as a result. One of the tests drivers can do is to run with the gas without any octane booster and record the noise level of the engine with a smartphone app and then repeat the test with the added octane booster.


This practical octane booster can be used as often as needed as it will not damage the engine of the vehicle.


  • Sold individually and in packs of 12
  • Reduces knocking of the engine
  • Made to restore acceleration time
  • Suita cap-less gas systems


  • Small bottles require buying in bulk

9. Race-Gas 100032 Race Fuel Concentrate

Race-Gas 100032 Race Fuel Concentrate

Why we like it: With up to 105 octaves, this booster is highly recommended for racing or high-performing cars.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Packed in a large 946ml container, the octane booster is made for high-performing cars. Such cars are known for their higher fuel consumption and this is certainly the case with the octane booster which also comes in a larger packaging than most other products in its class. However, it is still easy to use and it can still be added to the fuel, directly by the driver. Some owners of vehicles with hundreds of horsepower engines will also find the octane booster useful.

Convenient features

With a capacity to boost the octane level up to 105, the formula is mainly suitable for high-end engine performance. It may not be needed for streetcars, even if it will work with standard engines as well. However, most of its benefits will actually be seen on some of the most powerful vehicles in terms of engine capacity.

The formula of the octane booster is tested so it doesn’t damage oxygen sensors. It raises the chemical energy of the fuel to a high but safe level. It has also been tested on 2-stroke engines as well as E85 engines. But it will also work on regular turbocharged engines.

A standard mixture could use two ounces per gallon of 91 octane gas. This then results in gas with at least 96 octanes. Preventing detonation and pinging, the octane booster is among the formulas which make the engine run smoother, even if there is no immediate difference in the speed of acceleration, as many drivers report. However, since it improves the way engines run, it may be worth the investment, especially with the higher price of high octane gas.


This powerful formula has proven lab results in the area of high-performing engines.


  • Available in large containers
  • Potentially raises octane levels to 105
  • Lab-testes safe formula
  • Doesn’t harm catalytic converters


  • Not worth it for standard commuting engines

10. Superkote 2000 Octane Booster

Superkote 2000 Octane Booster

Why we like it: As one of the most affordable octane boosters in its class, the Superkote is recommended for constant use.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Since fuel is expensive, the octane booster comes to offer an affordable alternative. It is one of the simplest and most efficient solutions for users to find their own way towards better performing engines. Without offering spectacular results as is the case with a few racing-orientated octane boosters, Superkote’s Octane Booster is actually made for the average vehicles, taking people to work and back. It is packed in a practical plastic bottle which is easy to use and which allows the formula to be added directly to the gas, after adding fuel at the gas station.

Convenient features

One of the first noticeable effects of the octane boosted comes with the improved gas mileage. This is due to the fact that it actually manages to optimize the way fuel is burned inside the engine. But the street legal octane increase also means vehicles can finally work at their standard capacity. It has been pointed out by many drivers that engine performance drops with low octane gas.

The horsepower performance can also be seen at full capacity after adding the octane booster. It comes to realign the engine with its true performance. But apart from actually restoring parameters such as acceleration or top speed, the octane booster can also work as a formula which protects the engine. It keeps the injectors clean which is recommended for long engine life.


As one of the most affordable octane boosters, it is even one of the solutions to finally deal with fuel economy on standard vehicles.


  • Raises octane levels and cleans the engine
  • Increases vehicle performance
  • Restores proper horsepower capacity
  • Maintains the injectors clean


  • Not useful for racing vehicles


Is an octane booster safe?

The best octane boosters are always safe to use. They should always come with lab-tested formulations.

Does an octane booster need to be used repeatedly?

An octane booster is not a product which is used once. The formula is added to the fuel whenever going to the gas station. It is with constant use that it shows the best results.

My car is turbocharged, can I use an octane booster?

All engines can benefit from an octane booster. Turbocharged engines, aspirated engines, and even racing engines can benefit from optimum performance, which is specific to high octane.

I have a racing car, will an octane booster help?

An octane booster can be used on engines with extra horsepower. In this case, they can even benefit from their own higher octane boosters.

Are octane boosters safe for oxygen sensors?

Lab-tested octane boosters are safe for oxygen sensors. They are also safe for injectors and any other type of mechanical or electric parts.

How much octane booster should I add to the fuel?

For the best results, drivers should always follow the instructions printed on the recipient.

Guide to Buying the Best Octane Boosters

For the best octane boosters, drivers need to look at a few characteristics. Of course, there is a tendency to make them as complex as possible at the moment. For example, if the add to the octane number, they can also be made with additives which clean injectors. So using octane boosters can be one of the small steps taken in the direction of better engine maintenance.

Results in octane boosting

The actual number of octane boost differs from product to product. It also depends on the volume of gas it is added in. If a standard tank comes with 91 octane gas, it can be boosted up to 98 octane levels. But at the same time, there are other products which are suitable for performance vehicles. In this case, they can come with an octane level as high as 105.

The octane boosting results also depend on the type of gas which is put in the car. But most drivers actually use octane boosters on lower octane fuel, in order to save more over time. Testing the actual octane boosting results might not be too easy for the average driver. But there is a simple test driver can use to determine the improvements. Pinging is one of the main areas where an immediate difference should be heard with a higher octane fuel. This is why most drivers should actually listen to their engine and then be able to say if a product is working or not.

Mileage benefits

The mileage benefits of the octane booster are still debated. However, many drivers say they are able to see better mileage with their products, even if just to a small degree. But since the engine is optimized to work in normal parameters, mileage should also improve.

Of course, there are many other variables to mileage improvements. One of them is the actual weight load in the car, which can be higher when there is a full tank of gas. Another variable comes with the tire pressure, which still needs to be the same as it was before adding the octane booster in order to make an accurate assessment of a product.

Improved acceleration

Acceleration is among the first to improve as a result of an octane booster. Most users have the freedom to test this out themselves. Of course, the improvement is only going to be in the normal acceleration parameters of the car and they are not going to make the car have more horsepower or torque than it actually has.

Apart from actual acceleration improvements, drivers should still be able to hear a difference when the car is gaining speed. The motor should not be as loud when accelerating. The good news is that this can be tested out immediately.

Benefits to pinging

Pining is one of the main problems drivers consider octane boosters for. Nearly all cars are actually suffering from this mild issue with low octane gas. This is why it’s actually a good idea to see which products eliminate pinging. If some octane boosters can diminish pinging, the best octane boosters can completely eliminate the issue, in the same way in which high octane gas would.

Cleaning the fuel injector system

The best octane booster should also have the capacity to clean the fuel injector system. It is one of the first ways in which a formula is able to take care of the car. Unfortunately, there is no simple way to tell if cleaning is actually happening inside the injectors. What is clear is that some of the best octane boosters are actually made to act molecule by molecule, ensuring that any residue build-up toe to low octane gas use is eliminated.

Racing vs. standard engines

Not all engines are the same. If standard street cars use a type of octane which can be purchased in most gas stations, not the same can be said about racing cars. This is why it can be interesting to see how racing enthusiasts can benefit from an extra helping hand offered by performance octane boosters. As seen in the examples above, they can take good fuel to a 105 octane level. This is why it can be one of the products aimed at maximizing the full potential of a racing engine, which is more important than with a standard engine, especially from the perspective of acceleration and fuel economy. Pinging might not be as important with these engines.

Price compared to high octane gas

The main benefit of adding octane boosters comes with the lower fuel price. If the price of the booster adds to the price of the regular fuel and leads to a final price higher than that of high octane gas, it simply defeats its purpose. This is why all drivers should make calculations and see if it’s truly worth using octane boosters. The good news is that with most octane boosters, the saving can be considerable over the years.

Final considerations

Some of the best octane boosters are now made to offer a versatility which goes beyond fuel efficiency. They can help prolong the life of the engine or of the fuel injection system. Octane boosters are also among the most interesting choices for those seeking the ultimate level of engine performance. As fuel is one of the true driver-influenced choices for the performance of the car, together with engine oil, it is important to find the right products to make the car run in its normal parameters.

Testing out products is requires to see their efficiency. Apart from enjoying a quieter engine, drivers should also see benefits in the way the car runs, although this is not mandatory. One of the areas where improvements are seen is with acceleration. Furthermore, drivers should also be able to find their own ratio of octane booster to fuel level, as there could be a few small differences to the manufacturer-recommended ratios. Testing out different levels of octane booster is the simplest way to achieve this.

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