The 10 Best Power Inverters to Buy 2020


Some of the best power inverters can prove life-saving while on the road. Transforming DC current in alternating current (AC) will provide the electricity needed to power devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Car, vans, and RVs can benefit from such a power inverter. The greatest part is that power inverters have such wide applicability.

It’s not just about charging smartphones as it can be about powering laptops, TV and even various electrical cookers. Having this power from the vehicle means travelers don’t need to rely as much on their location as they can still enjoy the comfort of their daily lives at home with all of these gadgets.

Features to Consider in Good Power Inverter

When it comes to purchasing a power inverter, there are a few basic characteristics to understand. First of all, not all power inverters have the same capacity. Secondly, there are two types of power inverters, regardless of their capacity.


The size of a power inverter is mainly 1.000, 3.000 or 5.000 watts. Most of the power inverters available to purchase are somewhere in-between when it comes to power. The larger the devices which are being powered, the higher the wattage of the inverter should be. If a car power inverter can come with lower wattage, an RV power inverted might need to come with higher wattage to power larger electronics.

Modified sine wave

The modified sine wave power inverters offer just enough wattage for everyday electronics. They are also cheaper to manufacture and this is why they will be more affordable to purchase.

Pure sine wave

The pure sine wave power inverters have a higher power capacity. They are also compatible with almost all electronics. They can also work with multiple devices at the same time as a result of this extra power. Some of the following power inverters are best for the consumer looking to power everyday devices.

Top 10 Best Power Inverters 2020

1. Bestek 300W Power Inverter

Why we like it: Suitable for most devices such as phones and laptops, this compact power inverter is all that’s needed when away from home.

Editor’s rating:

Design features
The first design characteristic to notice about the power inverter is just how practical it is. Without coming with unnecessary bulkiness, it is among the products which don’t take too much space in the car.

But even with such a compact size, it actually features 2 USB ports. But the device might even look heavy for the first-time user. While it is made from durable aluminum, it is not too heavy. It is actually made with aluminum to avoid overheating and to add good protection capacity.

Convenient features
When it comes to what the power inverter can do, users will be happy to know it can power all smartphones and it can even support fast charging. At 110V AC, the power inverters can also charge larger devices such as tablets and laptops.

As most car power inverters, it actually connects through the cigarette lighter. One of the most convenient product features comes with its safety standards and systems. One of the problems some power inverters have is with irregular current, which can actually damage the charging batteries. This is not the case with Bestek’s power inverter. Under or overvoltage charging is controlled by the inverter so that the power is safe at all times.

There is also a system which protects against overheating, which can be an issue after hours of use. Part of this overheating system is given by the aluminum case, which conducts heat away from the circuits better than most other materials. But at the same time, there is an integrated small fan for heat dissipation inside the power inverter. This fan runs continuously while the device is one.

The 300W power inverter is one of the simple and efficient devices mostly for smartphones and laptops.

  • Made with durable aluminum casing
  • Charges up to two devices at the same time
  • Designed with overheating protection
  • A built-in 40amp fuse as a safety measure
  • Safety fuse can be hard to access

2. Energizer 2000 Watt 12V Power Inverter

Why we like it: The 2.000W version Energizer power inverter can connect either directly to the car’s battery or to the 12V cigarette lightener.

Editor’s rating:

Design features
Energizer offers this power inverter in different versions. From 1.000W to 4.000W, it can suit all needs. However, the 2.000W version is reliable and it provides a good balance of power, at least for most users.

The design of the power inverter shows its true practicality. Most users will connect it directly to the 12V lighter of the car. But the inverter can also be connected directly to the battery, which can be useful for RVs or even as a device for extra power at the weekend cabin. Its design support such practicality. There is a negative power input terminal, a positive power output terminal, and a ground terminal for the connecting cables.

In terms of temperature management, the power inverter comes with a cooling fan, which is automatically operated. Other design characteristics include a digital display. It shows the battery level as well as the output voltage. Warnings such as overload risks are also shown on this display.

Convenient features
The modified sine wave power inverter works with most everyday devices. Charging phones and laptops is fast and safe with the Energizer inverter. There are two USB ports conveniently situated in the front of the device for quick access. 2 standard North American outlets are also present next to the USB ports.

With the ultra-silent performance, the power inverter can work for longer periods of time without too much discomfort. But one of the most convenient features is given by its LCD display, which shows crucial information to the user. It allows all users to even check the temperature of the inverter, which is not something offered by too many manufacturers.

Heavy duty cables are also included in the pack. They can be useful for those seeking a more robust power inverter, especially when it comes to powering larger appliances. But for most users, the simple direct 12V connector should work just fine.

This powerful power inverter stands out with its simple design but it has 2 methods of connectivity and a built-in screen, which are premium features.

  • Can connect directly to car’s battery
  • Includes 2 USB ports and 2 AC outlets
  • Charges phones and laptops
  • Shows power and temperature
  • Not suitable for large appliances

3. Bestek 2000W Power Inverter

Why we like it: The powerful inverter is mainly suitable for outdoor use and large electronics.

Editor’s rating:

Design features
With powerful performance, this power inverter is one of the largest in its class. It comes to meet the needs of some of the most demanding electric devices user can think of. But this is actually based on a powerful 2.000W power capacity.

Unlike most other power inverters, this large design is suitable for heavy-duty work. It has 3 North American power outlets, one more than most other products. This means that it can serve heavy use. To facilitate power conversion, it also comes with battery connecting cables. They are mainly suitable for those seeking to plug the inverter directly to the car’s or RV’s battery.

Often seen as the perfect picnic solution, the power inverter comes with high-quality aluminum. It is suitable for better cooling efficiency and for improved durability. Since it is also larger than most other power inverters in its class, it also features a carrying handle on the top. So if stored in the trunk, the inverter can easily be transported towards the car’s battery.

Convenient features
With 2.000W, the power inverter should power most large appliances used for picnics and other outdoor activities. This includes electric grills, floodlights of TVs. Suitable for camping purposes, it proves to be a convenient solution which can be used for other smaller devices, of course.

But the Bestek power inverter also comes with good safety features. They are obviously important, especially with up to 3 electric devices connected at the same time. Users will be able to hear an audio alert whenever there is an overloading risk. But there is a soft start function as well. It ensures the safety of all connected devices.

Since it is made from aluminum, the power inverter is durable. It also remains cool when other power inverters start to overheat. This is also one of the results of the included fan which runs continuously. Users also need to know that paying for accessories is not needed. There are 5 pieces of 50 amp fuses included in the box.

Suitable for outdoor days, this powerful inverter connects directly to the vehicle’s battery.

  • Powerful performance for most electronics
  • Performs well with temperature control
  • Covered by an 18-month warranty
  • Included soft-start function
  • No USB ports

4. Potek 500W Power Inverter

Why we like it: Since not all users need extra power, the Potek power inverter is mainly suitable as a lightweight choice.

Editor’s rating:

Design features
With a practical design, Potek’s power inverter does not need too much storage space. It represents a simple and reliable solution which can be used to power smartphones and tablets. Other electronics such as amps might also be powered by the inverter.

There are two power plugs and 2 USB ports on the front of the power inverter. They represent one of the distinct options when it comes to practicality. All of them can power devices on their own or at the same time. Users simply need to connect the power inverter to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

Convenient features
But the biggest benefit of this small power inverter comes with its included digital display. It shows the input power, the output volts and watts. But it is also able to signal users whenever it runs on low voltage. High voltage alerts are included. Auto-off functions are also included, especially in the case of possible short circuit accidents. Overload and overheating protection systems are included as well. All of them are displayed on the digital screen.

Of course, the 500W version of the power inverter is mainly suitable for smaller devices and electronics. It works with phones, tablets, and laptops. However, this is enough for most users. The power inverter connects to the car’s battery directly with the included clips. But it can also connect via the cigarette lighter for a more convenient method of charging electronics. 2 fuses have also been included in the pack. They are replaced when needed as they are considered an extra safety measure.

Compact and practical, the power inverter with a built-in digital display is made for charging gadgets while on the road.

  • Made with a compact design
  • Included LCD display
  • Connects to the battery or to the 12V cigarette lighter
  • Ships with 2 fuses
  • Not suitable for larger electronics

5. Erayak 1500W Power Inverter

Why we like it: Connecting directly to the vehicle’s power terminals, the inverter offers a constant power of 1.500W.

Editor’s rating:

Design features
There are 3 North American plugs and 2 USB ports to connect to on the power inverter. Made with a familiar design, the power inverter uses lightweight materials, suitable for traveling. Most of the time, it will stay in the vehicle, so being lightweight can help.
With a simple on/off button, the power inverter can be powered only when needed. All the connecting cables to the vehicle’s power terminals are included in the pack. They are fast to connect and they can provide constant power of up to 1.500W.

Convenient features
This mid-range product can work with charging needs on the road. Sending a few quick emails from the laptop is now possible as it can fully charge its batteries. The power inverter is convenient to use, with only a few steps needed to connect to the battery.

Of course, there is no digital display to worry about. This means that the product is indeed simpler. But simpler doesn’t mean less efficient or less safe. This is why it comes with full short-circuit protection. Other safety measures include the implementation of overload performance as well as overheating protection. This way, even if it comes with no display to indicate the current issue, it will still automatically shut off for safety purposes. With a strong aluminum body, the power inverter is safe to use even for long hours at a time.

This aluminum housing design is a convenient solution for DC power stored in 12V batteries.

  • Designed with 6 internal fuses
  • Comes with 2 USB ports
  • Charges smartphones and laptops
  • Made with aluminum housing
  • Not the most silent design

6. Haitral Power Inverter 3.000W

Why we like it: With such high wattage, the power inverter is recommended for all types of large electronics and even power tools.

Editor’s rating:

Design features
With a 3.000W power capacity, the device is one of the most interesting choices for those seeking an all-in-one design. From powering smartphones to powering electric drills, there’s nothing it can’t handle. One of the convenient design characteristics of the power inverter comes with the three included fans. They are used to handle heat management better. For most users, this means that the power inverter can work for longer.

Inside the power inverter, copper is used for circuits with higher durability. Furthermore, one of the issues of practicality with connecting cables is eliminated. The power inverter comes with simple connectors which are screwed in place for safety purposes. But the positive and negative connectors are quickly locked in place so that power can constantly be transferred from the battery to the devices.

Convenient features
The convenience of such a powerful inverter is hard to overlook. Of course, investing in such power simply to charge a smartphone might be too much. But those who need to power a TV or those who need the power for a few handheld power tools will find it particularly appealing.

Made with two power outlets, the inverter can even power two devices. So users can enjoy watching TV and charging their smartphone at the same time. This can be maintained for hours safely. Users don’t actually have to monitor the temperature of the power inverter. It also comes with overheating protection. Overload protection is included as well so that all devices can stay safe while connected.

With a powerful profile, Harital’s modified sine wave inverter can be considered for those who have multiple appliances and tools which need the current.

  • Very powerful for its size
  • Designed with two small fans and one large fan
  • Ships with 2 car battery cables
  • Can be used with some solar power systems
  • No USB ports

7. Kriëger 1100 Watt 12V Power Inverter

Why we like it: Suitable for camping, outfield work, power failures or recreation, the power inverter has a complex design.

Editor’s rating:

Design features
Made with a bulky design, the power inverted could even look stronger than it really is. But at 1.100W, it is among the lower power designs. Even with lower wattage, it can still be used in multiple applications. One of the distinct characteristics is the included LCD screen. These screens simply make the life of the user easier. With battery level indicators, temperature indicators, high and low voltage indicators, the screen offers a better understanding of how the device works. This can be very useful, especially for those new to power inverters.

Convenient features
At a constant performance level, the power inverter comes with 1.100 Watts. At peak performance, it can reach up to 2.220W. With 2 USB ports and 2 power outlets, it can work with multiple devices at once.

Its convenience is also in the way it can be used. While most users think that it can handle a single device, the power inverter actually works with different types of devices. While it is made to be portable, it can also be installed on certain panels, like wooden custom panels in RVs. To its advantage, it also comes with remote control. As a result, even if it is in a fixed position, it can still be used from a distance.

This versatile power inverter is recommended for most non-demanding gadgets.

  • Made with a digital display
  • Included safety systems
  • High and low voltage warnings
  • Included remote control
  • Not the lightest at 3.16lbs

8. Duracell Power DRINVPS175 Black Power Inverter

Why we like it: This compact solution is one of the top choices for the quick on-the-road vehicle to household power.

Editor’s rating:

Design features
Such a compact design will always be appealing to a number of users. It comes as a small power inverter which is quick to plug and quick to use. Without the bulky design which is normally seen in the segment, it is still capable of offering the type of power needed for small devices.

Even with a compact design, it still offers two power outlets and 2 USB ports. Kids can play on their phones on the backseat while a passenger can use a laptop. All devices can be powered at the same time.

Convenient features
The convenient features of the power inverters are hard to match. Of course, its lower 175W performance is not necessarily the strongest. But for smartphones, tablets, and laptops, it offers constant performance. One of the small issues comes with the louder fan noise, which needs to work extra hard to cool a small casing.

This compact design is perfect for long family road trips, holidays or weekends away.

  • Made with a pocket-size design
  • Suitable for most handheld devices
  • Quick cigarette lighter charging
  • Included cooling fan
  • Loud for some users

9. Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter

Why we like it: At 2.000W, the power inverter can be used on for most electric devices.

Editor’s rating:

Design features
Designed to be a robust power inverter, Ampeak’s approach has led to a product which is used in multiple scenarios. Since it is robust, it can handle outdoor use with ease. In real life, this means it can be taken camping where it can charge laptops or power coffee makers. It can also be used for power tools which means it can come in handy for maintenance work at the weekend cabin.

Designed with an LCD display, it offers new users simple and efficient readings. From possible overload to the high-temperature warning, the digital display is mainly suitable for data readings.

Convenient features
At 2.000 Watts, it’s no wonder the power inverter has such diverse use. There are 3 cooling fans inside the casing which means it can be used for hours. If coffee making doesn’t take more than a few minutes, things might be different with power tools or cooking devices. This is why the power inverter can be used as often and as long as needed. Those seeking a more permanent solution for its use can also make the most of the included mounting slot design.

Since the power inverter is suitable for long charging sessions, this also means that larger batteries can be charged on it as well. 8-cell laptop batteries and DSLR camera batteries are among the most demanding when it comes to durability.

Some may argue that 2.000W is the perfect power output Ampeak’s design is here to prove it.

  • Made with 3 power outlets
  • Suitable for long hours of charging
  • Built-in audio signaling alarm
  • Comes with USB ports
  • Not suitable for variable speed tools

10. PowerBright Pure Sine Power Inverter

Why we like it: The affordable power inverter offers 2 power outlets suitable for phones, tablets, laptops, and music players.

Editor’s rating:

Design features
There is a durable design to count on for the power inverter. Made with heat-dissipating anodized aluminum, it is one of the products which can work for long hours and long drives with the family. It can also be used in RVs but its best performance is still with small devices and appliances such as coffee makers, rather than power tools or large TVs.

There are two power outlets on the front of the power inverter and they work directly or with a converter for USB-charged devices. A power button is also available so that users don’t have to unplug it to pause charging.

Convenient features
At continuous 600W, the power inverter offers reliable performance. However, the most demanding devices and electronics may suffer from limited performance. Charging electronics such as power tools which offer variable performance might be too much for this small power inverter. However, charging phones and laptops is easy. For those who also want an extra reassurance when it comes to constant electricity, replacing the standard cables with 4awg battery cables seems to be a better option.

Since the power inverter is suitable for long charging sessions, this also means that larger batteries can be charged on it as well. 8-cell laptop batteries and DSLR camera batteries are among the most demanding when it comes to durability.

This compact solution is one of the affordable ways to ensure smartphones, laptops and cameras are fully charged when away from home.

  • Simple and efficient electronics
  • Lightweight construction
  • Recommended for beginners
  • Made with a built-in cooling fan
  • Could use stronger battery cables


Can I use a power inverter in my car?

A power inverter can be used in different vehicles. Cars are only one type of vehicle where they can work. Some of the most powerful power inverters are in fact used in RVs where larger appliances need the extra wattage.

How long will it take to charge my smartphone?

It should not take long to charge a smartphone than with regular charging with a power inverter. If there are constant power and fast charging, this should be as fast as the battery of the smartphone can support.

Will a power inverter damage my laptop?

Charging laptop batteries with power inverters is perfectly safe. Of course, as with any other type of electronics, it is advisable to have a constant power source which will not damage the battery in any form.

Can a power inverter be used in bad weather?

If the power inverter needs to be connected directly to the battery, it is not safe to do this in rainy weather. If the power inverter is connected inside the car to the cigarette lighter, then is perfectly fine to use in any weather conditions.

I have a large TV, which power inverter should I choose?

Large TVs are bigger consumers than in smart handheld gadgets. It is advisable to choose one of the power inverters with larger watt capacity.

I want to use an electric grill, can I plug it in a power inverter?

Preparing tasty picnic meals is possible with a power inverter. Most electric grills are not too demanding and they can even work on the lower wattage power inverters.

Will a power inverter drain my car’s battery?

A car’s battery will eventually get drained by constant power inverter use. Even without it, any battery will need to be replaced in time.

Can a power inverter by the handle by kids?

A power inverter should not be handled by kids, especially if connected directly to the battery. For more safety information, general guidelines, suggestions, and tips on how to safely use a power inverter, all users should read the full instructions manual of their power inverters and electronics.

Guide to Buying the Best Power Inverters

There are so many great power inverters to choose from that the decision can seem complicated. Luckily, some of the best power inverters can work for different types of devices. But those who’ve never used a power inverter before can start applying tips below to make an informed purchase.

Maximum watt power

Maximum wattage is still one of the most important indicators of a power inverter. The good news is that most products are actually very powerful for what the users actually need. In fact, most users only charge their smartphones in their cars.

However, not all users are like this. It is users who need to charge all types of other devices who will start understanding wattage for what it really is. The balance of wattage and affordability sits just above the 2.000W mark. Some of the more powerful power inverters will actually be more expensive. At the same time, they will offer the most rewards when it comes to the overall sustainability of constant power, which is important, especially with large consumers such as power tools.

Wattage is not the only important characteristic, especially when not in line with constant power. The way the inverter manages to offer constant power is at least as important. In too many cases, even charging laptops can prove difficult due to power fluctuations. This is where even some users report display problems on their laptops during charging time, mainly due to this variable power.

Number of charging ports

The number of charging ports is now increasing on power inverters. However, not all of them are the same. Most power inverters mainly offer 2 or 3 outlets. Some of them may also come with USB ports. Having these two ports can prove important in today’s world where people have more and more gadgets.

The positioning of the ports is also important, as well as their number. This is why many users are simply unable to plug their favorite electronics due to the limiting positioning of the power inserts. One problem often seen in the space is with the positioning of the inverter itself, which can limit the access of to the power outlets. This is where smaller power inverters are reliable, especially in smaller cars where there is not too much space to work with.

Heat control and safety standards

Overheating used to be a big problem in the world of power inverters. The good news is that there are plenty of great designs to consider at the moment. Aluminum is now largely used instead of plastic, even on affordable power inverters. The material is known for its good capacity on heat management.

At the same time, cooling fans are important as well. Users have the ability to choose the products they want to use when it comes to heat management. But unfortunately, they might need to choose those with 2 or 3 fans, especially when connecting multiple devices at once. Without being overly cooling, extra fans can still do a better job at eliminating cold air from power inverters.

Digital displays

Digital displays are worth a discussion of their own. It is not necessary for a power inverter to come with a digital display. However, those which are able to offer such an integrated solution may make the lives of the user easier.

Most digital displays are similar in the type of information they offer. This can start with the actual battery voltage. But digital displays can also show information on high voltage or low voltage. Temperature can also be displayed for users to see. In most cases, the temperature is constantly displayed in graphic form.

But are these readings useful? Most of them can be useful. However, some of the readings might not actually have too much impact on the way the power inverter is used. Such an example can be seen with the temperature indicator. The best power inverters actually come with automatic shut off when the temperature gets too high. In fact, high temperature can be caused by multiple actions. However, having an automatic response system will actually protect the power inverters and all electronics connected to it.

Intended purpose

One of the often overlooked buying tips is to simply consider the purpose of the power inverter. The fewer devices it needs to power, the more compact the purchase can be. There is no point in investing in large power converters if that power is not actually going to be used. In fact, they might even be forgotten and not used at all due to their complicated setup.

On the other hand, those who want to get a bit more serious about the electronics, gadgets or tools they want to power may only go the route of large power inverters with multiple outlets. But the actual size of the power inverters can also be seen from a different perspective.

A larger power inverter is easier to connect directly to the battery via cables. Since there is plenty of free space to handle the cables, it can prove to be a quick operation But the good news is manufacturers also understand this. It is why some of the best power inverters made to connect directly to the battery are actually larger.

In terms of durability, a good tip is to purchase extended warranties when possible. Unlike TVs or smartphones, power inverters don’t actually get upgraded if they don’t break. They are made to last for years, at least in theory. Some users advice to purchase additional warranty coverage when possible. Most products are covered by an average warranty of 18 months. But this can be extended with some manufacturers.

Final considerations

The best power inverters can be useful for camping, long trips, weekends away and even at home. They transform the power from the battery in AC power which is suitable for all electronics. With difference power capacity, these power inverters are actually among the simplest and most efficient tools to consider. For many users, they represent a viable option to stay connected.