The 10 Best Tow Straps to Buy 2020


Tooling up with a tow strap during an off-road trip means you can salvage a stuck or disabled vehicle by pulling it to a more favorable location if you happen to get a simple, rugged and easy to use tow strap is a must-have for a superior all-terrain towing toolkit. Even though cast in the same mold, a tow strap and recovery rope exhibit a sharp contrast.

The borderline between the two stems from their difference in the stretchiness of the core material. A tow strap has less stretchy polyester ideal for hauling a freely moving vehicle behind another. For that reason, they can easily rip under extreme pressure when snatching a stuck vehicle.

Conversely, recovery straps specially designed for hauling a disabled or stuck vehicle feature improved safety, strength, and durability. Manufacturers now push out products that straddle the two types of straps in their towing applications.

You need the factors below in your bag of tricks when hunting for these straps for emergency incidents.

Features to Consider in Good Tow Straps

Recovery Straps vs. Towing Straps

Generally, towing straps differ from ones used to rescue a vehicle from ditches, snow and mud. Recovery straps made from stretchable nylon fabrication snatch a car out of a treacherous situation include hooks on each tip.

Recovery straps provide better safety than chains or steel cables due to ease of use and lightweight build. They pack up to three times the strength of nylon straps while the smooth materials reduce injuries and property damage.

Tow straps have metal hooks that may come off cleaving the air like a missile making them a bad idea for recovery. These straps use materials such as polypropylene with less stretching. Accordingly, you have to bear in mind the purpose of each tool as tow straps make easy picking lurking with danger.

Materials & Design

Heavy-duty or professional-grade materials line with waterproof, highly durable and UV-resistant polymer coating provide superb performance. If you want to steer clear of ropes that curl, kink, crook or pinch, scrutinize the properties of the materials used. Go for high elasticity, rugged and strength for maximum pull or easy handling.

You get messes off your chest with proper coating that repels grime and washes easily. Double braid construction technology acts as a shock absorber and stores kinetic energy. Extra pulling power gives you the edge when the stored kinetic is unleashed. Materials that float in water make shoreline recovery a breeze. Premium abrasion-resistant and weatherproof recovery straps will not decompose or mildew.


Straps may snap or break cutting through the air like hell and high lightning leaving any onlookers nearby maimed. You need a tool designed for safety with polyurethane or ballistic nylon coated eyes for extra protection, strength and grip. Recovery straps are safer than steel if they break because of overloading. A wear pad provides added protection against load edges. Some designs prevent dangerous recoil when broken.

Length & Width

Choosing the most appropriate strap size give you the much needed strength. To help you crunch the numbers, roughly 10,000 lbs. vehicle requires a 1-inch wide strap. Hence, get a 3-inch strap to rescue a trapped jeep of 30000lbs. For multi-use straps, a 6-inch will do the job for different vehicles.

Given that an extra-wide strap has less elasticity, you’ll need the most suitable size for foolproof recovery systems. In the same breath, product description may cite assembly breaking strength when new and towing capacity. Ensure you do not exceed hauling capacity.

Top 10 Best Tow Straps 2020

1. Rhino USA Tow Strap 3”x 30ft

What we like: This heavy-duty model with triple reinforced loop straps keep you on the safe side by locking the anchor points securely in place. It is made of exotic poly silk webbing making it lighter and stronger with optimum elasticity for snatching applications. The smooth rope does not pose the risk of injury or vehicle damage like chains and wire cables.

Editor’s rating:

Materials & Design
This version of Rhino USA’s recovery straps offers the most rugged polyester and silk webbing tool in the market. Their products dominate the market with the highest quality materials and protective features such as sleeves. Heavy-duty and professional-strength materials provide abrasion-resistance giving you peace of mind in the trenches.

This strap blends polyester and silk blend webbing for the toughest yet softest properties. In addition to its flexibility, this strap has extremely high strength to weight ratio which extends product life. Triple reinforced loop ends lock each anchor point securely in place to mitigate risks during recovery. Thanks to the green sleeves tapering the straps ends, this piece packs superior protection and high tensile strength.

With break strength limit above 30,000lbs, this 3”x20’ represents the cream of heavy-duty and emergency off-road towing ropes. Furthermore, it will not break as long as you don’t exceed the workload capacity. Nylon straps pale in comparison with this Rhino heavy duty product.

From its protective sleeves to its exquisite craftsmanship, the Rhino recovery rope throws in the element of convenience. A rugged drawstring bag with generous room for your vehicle accessories makes portability or storage a breeze. The branded shackle hitch receiver brings ease of use and handling adding safety in the worst recovery situations. Indeed, this Rhino combines simplicity with high quality for peak performance.

The Rhino USA heavy-duty strap delivers the strength and flexibility required to recover vehicles stuck in mud or snow. However, it’s not a one-size-fits-all strap while you should not exceed its 10,000 working load limit which fall short of our expectations. It cannot match the strength of straps with a towing capacity of up to 150,000lbs. In such cases, the strap can only be mothballed for emergencies or spare. Still, it promotes safety and uptake of energy to make recovery more efficient.

  • No hazardous hooks or metal components
  • Materials used do not eat away painted or plated surfaces
  • Saves time with easy handling
  • Lightweight, flexible and stackable
  • Strong durable webbing
  • Low towing capacity

2. Sunferno Ultimate Tow Recovery Strap

What we like: Sunferno strap offers a multi-use tool for towing, recovery and bush rescue without flying components into rage. With 35000lbs break strength paired with the synergy of stretch and pull action, you can take on extreme-duty applications. And it has more goodies from the safety department, including reinforced eye loops, and protective sleeve.

Editor’s rating:

Materials & Design
The single-ply, heavy duty strap made from patented polyester and nylon mixture give it 35321lbs breaking-strength to withstand extreme tension and strain. It offers high tensile strength, durability and weatherproof construction to endure the cruel elements. The high visibility profile sticks out in the bowels of darkness for nocturnal rescues.

Waterproof coating soaked deep into the rope fibers makes cleanup fast and easy. If you need a tool to remove fallen trees, logs or stump, this extreme-duty strap will do the job. When held in the palm of your hands, it has a solid feel that translates to high tensile strength and flexibility. Water resistant coating repels grime and washes easily.

Convenient Features
The strap comes with reinforced eye loops for better shackle grip and protective sleeve to hold injury at bay. Large eyes allow quick attachment. The eye style provides extra protection and grip. Apart from its rich safety features, the package has money-saving goodies, including a wrap tie, protective sleeve, towing/recovery guide eBook, and a carry bag.

A vast majority of users utilize the Sunferno strap as a multi-use piece for vehicle recovery, tree log and stump extraction. Made from a blend of patented polyester and nylon, it has high tensile strength, better elasticity and ruggedness. It has astonishing towing capacity and breaking strength for heavy duty applications. The only downside is the loss of elasticity making it unsuitable for repetitive recovery demands but you can invest in this string for one vehicle.

  • 35000lb break strength with excellent flexibility and strength
  • Water-resistant for quick cleaning
  • Reinforced eye loops
  • High tensile strength to weight ratio
  • Superior protection and safety
  • All accessories except the bag have to be paid for

3. Smittybilt CC330 3”x30’ Recovery Strap

What we like: If you want a system that frees you from the stresses and strains of setup intricacy, this Smittyblit 3”x30’ pairs with shackles or hooks to disentangle your vehicle right off the bat. Apart from its exceptionally durable, rugged and versatile design, off-road connoisseurs also covet its 30,000 pounds breaking strength. It withstands stress when pulling making it an ideal recovery strap to hook around a tree or other object and uproot with Herculean power.

Editor’s rating:

Materials & Design
With long-standing experience in the recovery world, Smittybilt has carved a name in the off-roading world for heavy-duty DIY products to upgrade your emergency armory. Recently, the brand has been making a footprint in the market with a steady growth of automotive fans. First-rate quality, stitching and coating puts a feather in the brand’s cap.

In the same vein, the Smittyblit is made from high tensile polyester for superior strength. It has rigid stitch patterns and internal core yarns to prevent abrasive tear and damage. It adds an extra seam to the double-stitched webbing with a dual hook design for the ultimate strength and longevity. Shoppers in the market for the highest towing capacities should look elsewhere.

In terms of break strength, this rugged rope flexes its muscles with 30,000lbs pull rating. Its reinforced construction eliminates damage, reduces stress and infuses tension into the rope. It remains impregnated without getting slack. The break strength meets vehicle rescue or stump removal demands with ease.

Convenient Features
For on the go users, this Smittyblit folds into a pocket-sized spool wrapped in premium fabric for portable and stackable benefits. The universal fit synchronizes with d-ring shackles to get you behind the wheel in a matter of seconds. Install by attaching the strap at a sturdy frame point. Anchor shackles secure the string. Braided eye design enhances safety and ease of use. Add that to the double-hooped design and you reap extra protection, firm grip and improved strength.

In all, Smittybilt CC408 equips off-road enthusiasts with a stronger, lighter and versatile strap to do the job across a wide range of situations. It is steeped on a double-stitched webbing to enhance durability, longevity and resilience. It transforms your jeep accessories with a versatile and multi-use tool for recovery, log or trump removal. The company’s bounty for this product includes an extended warranty so you can seal the deal with more confidence.

  • Double-stitched webbing for improved durability and strength
  • Collapses into a spool for storage
  • Lightweight with high tensile strength
  • Ease of use and handling
  • Superior safety
  • Universal fit
  • 8 foot long for recovery purposes

4. Keeper 02942 30’x4’’ Recovery Strap

What we like: With 10,000 pounds maximum vehicle weight, this recovery strap boasts deadly breaking strength to rescue stuck or disabled cars, tractors, trucks and heavy equipment. Keeper puts a premium on high tensile strength materials that exceed the demands of the toughest situations. The stretch and recoil action makes machine recovery easier than chains or cables.

Editor’s rating:

Materials & Design
The Keeper 30’x4’’ recovery strap uses proprietary Hi-Test webbing and abrasion-resistant materials pushing your breaking strength limits to the extremes. With Hi-Test webbing, you get abrasion-resistant materials that double in brass as shock absorbers. When stacked against chains or ropes, this Keeper 02942 emerges stronger, lighter and more compact making it a must-have for the well-travelled trail goers.

The backbone behind the stretch and recoil action allows this strap to elongate up to 20% of its original length while it does not distort or break. Solid construction and rich stitching provides exceptional strength and flexibility. It has high tensile strength due to richly-stitched patterns to withstand towing tension and stress.

It is lighter and safer than chains or traditional ropes while it does not invade space in your car. Corrosion-proof materials eliminate rust or stains in your repair kit. It will withstand hauling stress when pulling trucks, cars or trucks making it a life-saver. The length promotes stability of the vehicle on the ground. The large eye style easily mounts onto frame hook to help you get rolling on the go.

Convenient Features
Dyed-in-the-wool trail enthusiasts have plethora applications for a heavy-duty strap like the Keeper 02942. It packs unrelenting pulling power to rescue a vehicle or heavy duty machinery from mud, snow or ditch. The stretch and recoil action makes vehicle recovery a breeze. The Hi-Test technology protects your tool from abrasion and the elements for extended product life. For intuitive setup, this nylon recovery strap comes with a sizable eye and loop sewn design for quick installation.

If the whole idea of hitting the trail is eating you up, this Keeper 30’x4’’ will bring your disabled or stuck vehicle around. This nylon and high tensile enfolded in Hi-Test webbing can pull out heavy equipment, trucks and tractors. As some users have pointed out, this towing strap may not act as your snatch recovery tool as it has low elasticity than advertised. Furthermore, low elasticity requires excessive thrust which increases the risk of breakage and accidents. Also scrutinize its limitations to avoid exceeding breaking strength and danger.

  • Hi-Test webbing for solid construction
  • Stretch and recoil action
  • Lightweight, compact and stackable
  • Loop sewn design for easy setup
  • Abrasion-resistant and shock absorbing properties
  • Versatile
  • Not ideal for snatch recovery applications

5. ALL-TOP Heavy-Duty Recovery Strap Kit

What we like: With the All-Top toolkit, you have all the pieces you need at your disposal to snatch your beast out of trouble. You get 22% elasticity to hit the sweet spot during a snatch rescue operation without exerting excess force. The generously-stocked recovery kit broadens your off-road adventures with a foolproof system. Strengthened stitching enfolds nylon and Neoprene for improved durability.

Editor’s rating:

Materials & Design
This recovery strap toolkit has everything from soups to nuts to deal with all off-road challenges. The strap is a 3-inchx30ft designed to sustain a 32000lb breaking strength capacity making it easy picking for a 4×4.

The All-Top snatch strap comes with 100% first-rate nylon webbing with weatherproof and wear-resistant qualities to prolong the lifetime of your tool. Reinforced edges and eyelets also enhance protection over the long haul.

With 22% elasticity rating, this strap stores kinetic energy to make recovery effortless and reduce the likelihood of accidents. It elongates and releases kinetic energy pulling force as it regains its original length. The pulling thrust from the strap creates a “snatching effect” to heave a vehicle quickly and safely. The tightly woven materials promote even pressure distribution and quick recovery applications.

Convenient Features
Top it all with a pair of strengthened D-ring shackles to make your recovery operations painless with a money and-time saving piece. It works in sync with adjustable neoprene sleeves which provide a strong grip on your D-ring shackles. What’s more, the neoprene protector sleeves boast materials with weatherproof characteristics and withstand scratch and tear. You also get a rugged storage case to store your gear in apple-pie order.

At the end of the day, this repair kit offers the whole shebang to conquer off-road nightmares with peace of mind. As long as you have snatching recovery down to a fine art, the nylon strap works like charm. It has abrasion-resistant, weatherproof and heavy-duty materials to prolong product life while minimizing wear. You also get added layers of protection with defensive sleeves, reinforced loops and highly visible profile for nighttime recovery.

  • Adjustable neoprene sleeves
  • Abrasion-resistant, weatherproof nylon
  • Water-resistant coating repels dirt and washes easily
  • Can take on heavy-duty recovery
  • 22% elongation
  • 32000lbs breaking strength
  • 3 Year Unlimited Warranty

6. Mozzbi Tow Strap Alloy Latch Hooks

What we like: Mozzbi tow strap with latch hooks adds an ultra-strong piece with richly-woven, premium-grade polyester for a sturdy and durable strap ideal for emergency situations. It works with deadly accuracy under extreme conditions or inclement weather. It exudes maximum power for a multi-use strap to hold setbacks that come your way at bay.

Editor’s rating:

Materials & Design
Mozzbi put itself on the map with high quality automotive maintenance accessories that take do-it-yourselfers’ emergency armor a notch higher. The company uses premium-grade materials and exquisite craftsmanship so you can match full steam ahead without worries lingering in your mind. They have diverse product collections for the automotive world.

This novel Mozzbi tow strap comes in a simple design and superior quality polyester to endure the abuses of haulage. The minimum breaking capacity allows you to heave a van, truck or car out of a trap. You can also pull heavy equipment, trees and other objects without breakage. High quality materials brave snow, sand, UV, grime and rain elements.

With its double-stitched webbing, this robust and rugged multi-purpose strap has plenty of juice for the worst emergencies. Weatherproof and anti-abrasive build ensures it does not rot, tear or stiffen under any extreme conditions.

strong>Convenient Features
Onto the convenience department, this Mozzbi tow strap includes solid alloy latch hooks so you can easily mount it and securely lock into position. The safety latch minimizes the risk of detachment or breakage. In fact, the product has protective sleeves on the ends for superior safety. It sports a fluorescent lime color that sticks out in darkness making the strap useful at dead of night. A free travel case makes storage and transport of your emergency kit a breeze.

This heavy duty tow strap offers a versatile tool that makes you a safe pair of hands in the worst scenarios. It saves you hours of stress and nail-biting rescue missions from a breakdown anywhere. With 10,000lbs minimum breaking strength, it will pull cars, vans, SUVs, trucks or even boats. Plus, you get novelty that never wears with precision engineering and double-stitched webbing. Besides, it has safety latch hooks to hedge against vehicle damage.

  • Weatherproof and abrasive-resistant
  • Sturdy webbing and premium-grade polyester
  • High visibility
  • Protective sleeves on the edges
  • Safety latch hook
  • Free travel case
  • Multi-use tow strap
  • Unsuitable for full size vehicles

7. TGL 2”,20’ Tow Strap

What we like: This heavy-duty strap has made a name for reliability and durability in the towing world. It consists of superior quality materials to last long without getting battered by repetitive use. You can extract a vehicle that has conked off at the brow of a hill, stuck in mud or rocky terrain. It provides a highly versatile tool for easy maneuverability when paired with a rescue vehicle.

Editor’s rating:

Materials & Design
At first glance, the TGL 2”,20’ Tow Strap looks and feels tough as nails. It is made of solid polyester fabric with lightweight and high tensile strength properties. With tightly woven fabric, it has extra strength, maximum weather resistance and durability it will last long for super-quick recoveries. You can use it repeatedly as it does not flex out of shape like low density fabric straps.

With reinforced loops on this strap shields the mounting point on both vehicles and also keep the operation safe. It prevents abrasion and withstands the cruel elements from the sun, snow or mud. Its load capacity clocks in at 10,000lbs for heavy-duty performance. The tow strap gives you versatility for a broad array of applications.

Furthermore, TGL 2”,20’ Tow Strap comes in a resplendent yellow color shot with streaks of black. This gives it high visibility making nocturnal recovery and towing pretty easy.

strong>Convenient Features
For off-road enthusiasts, high working load limit and a break point means you can meet or exceed your rescue expectations. Well, this tow strap has enough power to extract a jeep from snow, trenches or mud. Reinforced loops prevent wear and tear due to abrasion attendant to multiple recovery operations. Additionally, TGL straps have a wear bar that acts as an indicator for ease of use and handling. This winch strap coils into a compact and pocket-sized form for storage when not in use.

On the whole, TGL straps represent the pinnacle of high quality engineering and a minimalist profile. With a working load limit of 3,333lbs and a breaking strength of 10,000lbs, this tow strap brings professional-grade strength to your toolkit. It is made from durable polyester and reinforced loops to withstand years of use without a scratch. Even better, it comes at half twice the price of its rivals which gives you an incentive to put your money into the product.

  • Extreme-duty construction
  • Reinforced loops to prevent abrasion
  • Wear bar indicator
  • Solid polyester materials
  • High visibility
  • 10,000 breaking strength
  • Lies at the lower end of the capacity spectrum

8. Neiko 51005A Tow Strap

What we like: The rugged polyester webbing construction puts polypropylene straps in the shade when it comes to strength and peak performance. This simple piece of art makes towing vehicles easier and holds accidents at bay.

Editor’s rating:

Materials & Design
Only a handful tow straps can compete with the premium-grade construction of the Neiko 51005A tow strap. This strap packs superior strength from its high tensile polyester webbing matrix that infuses punch-drunk power and flexibility for consistent pulling performance. Accordingly, this reinforced weaving pattern improves durability and shields the strap edges against fraying and droopiness.

Once you have set it up, you will grow fond of the weather-resistant build hardened for inclement weather and all the elements. You can venture out without worrying about climate as it maintains its shape. Whether its mildew, mold or UV, this polyester tow strap has a winning combination of premium materials that make it harder than the back of God’s head.

Solid metal hooks included make handling a cushy job. They are made from drop forged steel hooks for rugged strongholds that will not succumb to towing tension. The hooks incorporate a safety latch for a secure grip to steer clear of fatal projectiles.

strong>Convenient Features
One of the hands-on features that makes this tow strap your go-to accessory is the bright yellow color. It sticks out like a sore thumb in roadside emergencies for improved safety. With a pair of safety hooks on both tips, everything can be done by a nod and a wink. Drop forged and heat treated solid metal hooks incorporate safety buckles for extra-secure recovery or extreme-duty applications. This heavy-duty accessory will not go under the wrecking ball with the durable and anti-abrasive classic woven pattern. It has exquisite webbing that protects edges against abrasion and wear. High visibility makes it a nighttime life saver.

One of the aspects that could keep you drooling over this Neiko 51005A is the high-contrast yellow hue that makes it well-suited to the highway. However, beneath this emblematic highway color, the strap packs forceful power for safe and quick clearance of traffic incidents. As always, heavy duty polyester weaving gets the nod over cables or chains. When properly cared for, this product will last a lifetime and give a bang for every driver’s bang.

  • Premium-grade polyester webbing pattern
  • Extreme-duty metal hooks
  • High visibility highway yellow color
  • Abrasion-resistant and wear-proof
  • Lighter and easier than chains
  • 10,000lbs maximum capacity
  • Not ideal to rip up stumps due to breakage

9. Motormic Tow Strap Recovery Kit

What we like: Adventurists will be conceited with this recovery kit as it comes filled to the brim with all bits and pieces. It has loops on the ends instead of hooks with 30,000lbs rating strong enough for virtually all pulls.

Editor’s rating:

Materials & Design
Of course, what matters here is the tow strap but not the accessories but Motormic’s generosity deserves a second look. The tow trap rated 10,000lbs working load and 30,000lbs breaking point allows you to nose a jeep or 4×4 through labyrinthine terrain easily. Motormic used robust and high tensile polyester making it a heavy-duty, no-frills recovery strap.

Its weather-resistant fabric inhibits frost damage as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and heat insulation up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Speaking of accessories, the heavy-duty hitch ¾” d-ring shackle made from durable, forged and corrosion-resistant steel extends the unit’s lifespan. An innovative pin locks that mate to all species of hitch receivers made from one piece enhances durability and sturdiness. It has an extra hole and pin for superior safety with a more secure installation.

strong>Convenient Features
Thanks to the red silicone isolator for the d-ring hitch, this system suppresses noise and protects finish from damage. Reinforced sleeves have on both ends means this strap will endure the high tension and strain that characterizes heavy-duty pulling. Additionally, the clevis shackle special safety ring will ensure you don’t lose your shackles. Four rubber washers facilitate perfect installation, protection and a superior grip. Even better, the safety lock pin prevents theft or getting lost. You also get a heavy-duty tool bag to pack all accessories.

For off-road drivers in the market for an all-round kit that adds all bells and whistles, you can never go wrong with this Motormic Recovery Kit. The four-in-one strap is extremely versatile for recovery, tree removal or winch extension. It boasts high density polyester for hauling mammoth trucks, heavy farm machinery or large debris. With eye-popping 41,455lbs breaking strength, it provides a workhorse for off-roaders, emergency rescuers or anyone who needs to heave heavy objects.

  • All-round recovery kit with all bells and whistles
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Sizable, well-padded and reinforced double-web-loop ends
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Multi-use tool
  • Innovative and generously-packaged kit
  • A bit pricier but worth it

10. Cinchas ARB Surtidas Recovery Strap

What we like: With 17,600lbs of breaking strength at your disposal, this ARB snatch strap will nose through a bogged or immobilized vehicle to safety with clockwork accuracy. ARB snatch straps come woven and fabricated with high grade materials for superior durability.

Editor’s rating:

Materials & Design
Off-roaders know a snatch recovery strap needs to render better elasticity to unleash kinetic energy to give you a better hand of your vehicle. For that reason, the Cinchas ARB Surtidas has a 20% elongation due to the use of pristine nylon making it a fail-safe tool for snatch recovery operations. Given the high elasticity, this recovery strap has loads of kinetic energy that makes recovery a breeze.
It has thick, dense webbing well-suited for water and UV resistance. You will experience the difference with reinforced loops when snatching due to its firm grip that enhance safety and efficiency. Retractile loop paddings allow you to push your snatching capabilities to the extremes.

The premium-grade nylon makes this tool a must-have for heavy duty service. This ensures it has improved elasticity and flexibility without compromising durability. In terms of versatility, the 30ft can pair with another strap or re-loop for the best recovery experience.

Convenient Features
At the outset, the ARB recovery strap makes easy picking for an extension when joined with another piece. With the high kinetic momentum, you can easily rescue a vehicle with another one. Users attest it works like a dream in mud or snow scenarios. This strap has extra-padded loops for a firm grip and improved safety. Onto safety, you get eye and seam protectors.

This Cinchas ARB Surtidas will stretch and return to its original length to make a snatch recovery easy while it minimizes the likelihood of accidents. The lineup offers a 4WD model rated 17,600lbs and heavy-duty version clocking in at 33,000lbs. You can create a ‘snatching’ effect with the high elasticity in confluence with the momentum of a recovery vehicle to extract a bogged or immobilized 4×4 or heavy duty machines. But this is a double-edged sword as you cannot use it as a tow strap.

  • Kinetic energy aids in vehicle recovery
  • Durable and robust nylon core
  • Reinforced eyes for extra protection and improved grip
  • High flexibility and elasticity
  • Richly padded loop ends for better safety
  • Standard and heavy-duty models
  • Stretchable string only for snatch recovery

Guide to Buying the Best Tow Straps

Materials & Capacity

A vast majority of recovery straps are made of nylon or polyester. Nylon gets the nod for high elasticity needed for snatch recovery operations as it builds up kinetic energy that kicks in when heaving. The general rule of the thumb is to take the rough 10,000lbs rating x inches of width x the number of layers to know the right size for the tensile strength. However, the total capacity representing the maximum weight of the vehicle to be recovered tends to throw more light.

Width vs. Length

Here, you have to note that each inch for the width increases the capacity of your strap by 10,000lbs with the ply constant. However, increased width inversely reduces elasticity. You need to crunch the numbers to ensure your vehicle acquires the minimum working weight to induce stretch.

Conversely, the length of your strap distorts pressure distribution at each point and hence goes to the root of durability. To allow the rescuing vehicle more maneuverability, go for a 30ft strap. It’s also ideal for safe pressure distribution and extra protection if the strap rips apart.

Setup and Operation

The mounting style can help you get things done in a jiffy if you create a firm grip effortlessly. You must have all bits and pieces at hand before hitting the trail. Portability and compactly stackable straps easily find their nook in your 4WD for off-road journeys. Tool up with d-ring shackles for a quick extraction. Some repair kits include everything from soups to nuts.

Reinforced Loops and Edges

The loops along with connection points fall prey to wear and tear due to higher frictional resistance making them the weakest links. But a miss is as good as a mile; these points must make up for the defect. Extra padding provides superior strengthening for these contact points. Neoprene remains the best material for abrasive-proof contact points due to its ruggedness and wear-resistance.


For lone off-roaders, the best tow straps allow you to pull yourself up by your own boot straps. Rough terrains expose your vehicle to treacherous mud, snow or sand. You need to prepare with a foolproof recovery toolkit with all the vital tools. A recovery strap is lifeblood for any emergency arsenal. It allows you to wrap your vehicle around your little finger and nose it through to safety without paying for a tow truck. However, you have to get the right breaking strength, load capacity and specially designed tool to stay on the safe side.