Ride in Style with the Best Sheepskin Seat Covers

Ride in Style with the Best Sheepskin Seat Covers

You know the feeling: the temperature is nearing triple digits and the leather seat in your vehicle burns your legs as you sit down. Or, the temperature is just below freezing, and the seat is about to turn you into a block of ice.

There’s no need to feel the extremes so intensely in your vehicle. Sheepskin is the perfect option because it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also makes your car look fancy and protects your seats.

Finding the best seat cover can be difficult, so we’ve scoured the Internet for the best sheepskin seat covers so you don’t have to.

How to Pick the Right Sheepskin Seat Cover

Not all sheepskin is the same, and not every seat cover is made in the same way. The following factors should be considered when you’re looking to purchase a seat cover.

Type of Sheepskin

Most seat covers say they are made of Australian sheepskin. This sheepskin is most likely from Merino sheep since they are the most popular breed. Merino wool is soft, thick, and long and is frequently used in clothing.

Other Australian breeds include:

  • Corriedale: Bred from Merino sheep, this wool isn’t as soft and is frequently used for felting.
  • Polwarth: Also bred from Merino sheep, this breed produces very thick wool.
  • Coopworth: This wool is the thickest of the Australian sheep breeds and doesn’t come from the Merino sheep family.

Wool is sometimes mixed, and since many breeds came from the Merino, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what kind of wool was used. Australian sheep breeds have long and slightly curly hair, so you can expect the products to be thick and fluffy.

Wool lengths vary from breed to breed. Many seat covers are made with long-haired sheepskin since they came from Australian breeds. That said, you will be able to find covers that are made with shorter wool lengths. There isn’t much of a difference between long and short hair, so you can choose whichever you prefer.

Compatibility with Airbags

In 2009, side airbag requirements went into place which resulted in all our new vehicles having airbags in the sides of seats or the side of the vehicle (or both). Some companies voluntarily put side airbags into vehicles as early as the 1990s, but it wasn’t too common.

Seat covers pose a potential risk to your safety if the side airbag is located in your seat. The airbags deploy out of the seat, and if they’re covered up, they won’t be able to extend all the way.

Fortunately, many seat covers are made with side airbags in mind. You can find seat covers that don’t have sides, so they’re completely safe to use. You can also find covers that wrap around the seat but have slits cut in the sides to allow the airbag to deploy.

Seat Compatibility

Most seat covers are listed as universal, claiming that they can fit on any seat. This isn’t always true, of course. Many seats are made the same way, but there’s still enough variation that voids the statement “one size fits all.”

Before you purchase a seat cover, measure every part of the chair and compare them to the measurements of the seat cover you want to purchase. You might be able to squeeze a small cover onto your chair, but you might speed up the wear and tear process by doing so since it will stay stretched and tight. A cover that’s too big will look saggy and might move around too much.

Features like headrests, seatbelts, and armrests can cause a universal seat cover to not fit your seat. Most seat covers are made for seats that have detachable headrests and seat belts that aren’t attached to the chair.


Before you choose a seat cover, look at what attachments the seat cover uses to secure it onto the seat and make sure it will work with your chair. Some covers use bands that go around the seat, velcro flaps, or straps that fit through the opening between the seat cushion and the back of the chair.

Your chair’s design might not be compatible with the seat cover, so try to determine if you can make it work for your chair. If you think you’ll need to make modifications, you’re better off waiting until you find a cover that will fit your seat. We talk about this in each review so you can determine if it’s good for you.


The quality of a sheepskin seat cover can be determined by a few things:

  • Tanning process: Improper tanning of the hide will lead to an oily feel on the wool and might damage your seat.
  • Stitching: A high-quality seat cover will be made with a single pelt of sheepskin, so there should be very few stitches and seams. There should only be stitches where additional material and straps are connected.
  • Softness: High-quality sheepskin is soft. If it’s rough, it likely wasn’t tanned properly or it was treated with too many chemicals.
  • Density and length: Low-quality sheepskin will look saggy because the hairs aren’t densely packed together. The hairs of a good sheepskin should stand up straight and tall.
  • Natural color: Good sheepskin can be dyed, but that might affect their quality even if it’s only slightly. Quality pelts are usually off-white or whatever the color of the sheep was.
  • Imperfections: The leather shouldn’t have any holes or cracks.
  • Scent: There shouldn’t be any kind of odor, especially a chemical odor. Low-quality tanning processes tend to smell more chemically than the high-quality kind.

Now that you have an idea about materials, seat compatibility, installation, and the marks of quality you’re looking for, we’ll discuss each of these factors in our 10 reviews of great sheepskin covers.

Top 10 Best Sheepskin Seat Covers 2024

1. Best Overall Sheepskin Seat Cover: Aegis Black Luxury Australian Sheepskin Wrap Seat Cover

Aegis Black Luxury Australian Sheepskin Wrap Seat Cover

Why we like it: The hair on this seat cover isn’t too long or too short and the sides are open so there’s room for airbags to pop out. It’s a well-rounded product that will suit most people’s needs.

Editor’s Rating:

This Aegis sheepskin seat cover is a basic style of seat cover. It isn’t excessively fluffy and doesn’t offer storage space, but it does offer high quality at an acceptable price. If you’re looking for a great product at a good price, this is the one to look at.

Type of Sheepskin

This car seat cover is made of Australian sheepskin. The hair is cut short to just an inch and is super dense, so it will feel soft and thick. The material that goes under the seat to keep it in place is faux, but everything on top is genuine.

Airbag Compatibility

This cover doesn’t have sides on it, so you don’t have to worry about side airbags not working correctly. This also means it can fit on a wide variety of seats.


Since it doesn’t completely wrap around the seat, it’s super easy to put into place. It has straps with buckles just like a children’s car seat or backpack has. You simply place the cover over the seat, wrap the straps around as you need them, and click it into place.

It also has a hook that goes in the crease between the cushion and the back of the seat. This keeps the cover in place and will prevent it from bunching up. If your seat isn’t detached between the cushion and the back, you might not be able to get this part to work properly.


The seat cover is made from one pelt, so there are very few seams meaning it will hold up for quite some time. It’s thick, doesn’t shed, and doesn’t have a bad odor, so you can tell it’s made from a high-quality pelt.


  • No sides mean the airbags can safely and easily deploy
  • Soft and thick, which helps with body temperature regulation.
  • Easy installation


  • Might not work with low riding seats
  • No pockets

2. Best Premium Sheepskin Seat Cover: Eurow Luxury Sheepskin Seat Cover XL

Eurow Luxury Sheepskin Seat Cover XL

Why we like it: This seat cover is made to fit larger seats and will fit all the way around them. You don’t have to settle for ill-fitting seat covers on your larger chairs.

Editor’s Rating:

Many universal seat covers don’t fit over larger seats that are in SUVs and pickup trucks. If you’re looking for something that will fit your larger-sized chairs, this is the right product for you.

It comes with a convenient pocket on the back to store your goodies in. Installation doesn’t require any tools, but it might be difficult to maneuver since all the hooks attach at the bottom.

Since the cover wraps around the entire seat, it won’t be compatible with collapsible armrests or seat belts that are located on the seat.

Type of Sheepskin

The front of this seat cover is genuine Australian Merino sheepskin. The wool is cut down to about an inch thick. If you’re looking for something fluffy, this isn’t it, but it’s certainly plush and soft.

The back and underside of the cover are made of an acrylic material that matches the front side of it. This is so it will stretch as it needs to so it can properly fit your chair. The faux material will do the stretching, not the sheepskin.

Airbag Compatibility

The seat cover wraps around the front, back, and sides of the seat. While this style is usually a cause for concern about safety, Eurow designed this cover with an opening on the sides to accommodate the airbag. It’ll be able to pop out as intended, so you don’t have to worry about compromising your safety just to have a comfortable chair.


Installation might be a bit tricky for this one. It’s easy to slide the cover over the seat, but it’s attaching all the hooks that might cause problems. It has six elastic straps with hooks and a ring that the hooks attach onto. It sounds simple enough, but you have to do this underneath the chair. If you’re able to detach your chair, it’ll be an easier process.


Merino sheepskin is a sheepskin that’s highly sought after because it’s soft and durable. The design has several seams on it that have the potential to break and means it’s made from more than one pelt. More than one pelt isn’t a bad thing, but it does mean that there could be slight variations between panels on the product.


  • Openings for airbags to pop out
  • Storage pocket on the back
  • Made of Merino sheepskin that’s known for being super soft


  • Might be difficult to install
  • Not made from one single pelt

3. Best Budget Sheepskin Seat Cover: Sisha Sheepskin Seat Cushion Cover

Sisha Sheepskin Seat Cushion Cover

Why we like it: Sheepskin products are usually a slight investment, but this cushion cover allows you to enjoy some sheepskin in your car for only a fraction of the price.

Editor’s Rating:

If you want a sheepskin seat cover but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, a simple cushion will do the trick. Since it’s just the bottom cushion that sits on top of the seat, it can pretty much fit in any car seat. It’ll save your legs from the hot or cold seat, but of course, your back won’t receive any benefits.

Type of Sheepskin

This seat cover is made with long-haired Australian sheepskin. It’s incredibly soft and fuzzy so it’ll be sure to keep you warm in the winter. Since sheepskin regulates body temperature, the long hair won’t be a problem in the middle of summer.

Airbag Compatibility

This cover is completely airbag-friendly since it’s only a partial cover that goes on top of the cushion of your chair.


The cover has straps on the bottom that wraps underneath the seat and hook together. The straps are meant to go around the front and back of the seat, but since the cover is a square, you could probably wrap it around the sides of the seat if you really wanted to.

Going underneath car seats is usually a difficult task, so while it may be simple to install, it might be easier to have someone help you.


Despite the low price, this seat cover is of great quality. It’s made from a single pelt so there aren’t many seams to worry about. The pink seat cover being reviewed is clearly dyed, so the quality might not be the same as a natural-colored seat cover since dyes can affect softness.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Won’t interfere with side airbags
  • Will fit most seats


  • Not a full seat cover
  • Might need a second person to make installation easier

4. Best Sheepskin Seat Cover with Storage: Leader Genuine Sheepskin Seat Covers

Leader Genuine Sheepskin Seat Covers

Why we like it: You can keep all your stuff handy with this seat cover. It has a pocket in the back for convenient storage and a small pocket in the front so you can keep your phone nearby.

Editor’s Rating:

Seat covers can be annoying because they cover up the storage that’s already on your chair. Fortunately, this Leader sheepskin cover has storage built into it so you don’t have to sacrifice much-needed space. You can’t use the airbags with this cover, so this might be a safety concern if you have a vehicle with side airbags.

Type of Sheepskin

The front of this seat cover is made of Australian Merino sheepskin. The hair is short so it might not be as plush as you were hoping for, but it’s still thick and soft.

The back and sides of the cover are acrylic faux sheepskin. There might be a color variation between the faux and the real sheepskin.

Airbag Compatibility

This cover isn’t compatible with side airbags that are in the seat. They won’t be able to pop out since they’ll be trapped in the seat cover. Side airbags became a requirement in 2009, so this cover won’t work with newer models of vehicles.


Installation is fairly easy for this seat cover. It slips over the chair and elastic straps will hold it in place at the bottom. This cover should be able to fit most seats, but you’ll need a detachable headrest for this seat cover to fit properly.


Merino sheepskin is super soft, so you can expect it to be high quality on the front. There are many seams, so it was made of more than one pelt, so there might be some variation between panels.

The acrylic faux sheepskin on the back and sides are much lower quality than the sheepskin. It doesn’t look the same and has a completely different texture than the sheepskin does. The faux part is what will be seen by your passengers, so you might not want to choose this one if that will bother you.


  • Large back pocket and small front pocket
  • Made of super-soft Merino sheepskin
  • Fits most seats


  • Not compatible with side airbags
  • Must have a detachable headrest for it to fit properly

5. Best Sheepskin Seat Cover for Side Airbags: Eurow Genuine Australian Sheepskin Sideless Seat Cover

Eurow Genuine Australian Sheepskin Sideless Seat Cover

Why we like it: This seat cover is perfect for seats with side airbags because it doesn’t have side panels. It’s versatile and will fit on almost every seat without compromising your safety.

Editor’s Rating:

This seat cover is perfect if you need a seat cover that doesn’t restrict the side airbags. It doesn’t wrap around the seat with fabric, but instead uses straps that won’t get in the way. Only the bottom part of the cover has fabric that wraps around the seat so it shouldn’t take but a few minutes to install.

Type of Sheepskin

This cover is made of Australian sheepskin with acrylic faux sheepskin at the bottom. The hair is short and isn’t as plush as other seat covers on this list, but it’s still thick enough to be comfortable.

Airbag Compatibility

Since this cover doesn’t have sides to it, it’s completely compatible with side airbags. The straps that keep the cover in place won’t interfere with the airbags, either. The airbags will be able to pop out easily and won’t get stuck behind the cover.


Installing this cover is simple and should only take a few minutes. The bottom has faux sheepskin that wraps around the bottom of the seat with a strap to secure it in place. There are two small straps with hooks that go between the cushion and the back of the seat to prevent the cover from sliding around.

There’s a strap that goes across the back of the seat and straps that go around the headrest. The straps will be easier to work with if the headrest is detachable, but if it’s not, you should still be able to wrap them around a fixed headrest to secure the cover into place.


This cover is made from one pelt. The only seams are on the sides and where the genuine sheepskin attaches to the acrylic sheepskin. The color of the sheepskin is natural which means the quality wasn’t lowered by harsh dyes.

The only downside to this product is that the straps are known to break pretty easily. When you install this cover, try to keep the straps a little loose so they won’t get too tight when you sit down. They’re more prone to breaking when pressure is applied, so try not to put unnecessary pressure on them by pulling them too tight.


  • Will fit most car seats
  • Won’t interfere with airbags
  • Doesn’t take long to install


  • Straps can be pretty flimsy

6. Best Long-haired Sheepskin Seat Cover: Sisha Authentic Australia Sheepskin Car Seat Cover

Sisha Authentic Australia Sheepskin Car Seat Cover

Why we like it: Long-haired sheepskin tends to feel cozier than short-haired and it has a fun look to it, too. If you like the look and feel of long-haired sheepskin, this is the best option for you.

Editor’s Rating:

This is another good seat cover that allows the side airbags to pop out. The sheepskin is only on the front, and the back is suede leather that’s attached with straps. The back has a convenient pocket and a pleated edge that makes it look high-end.

Type of Sheepskin

Long-haired Australian sheepskin is used for this product. The individual hairs are roughly 3.5 inches long, making this one of the lushest and fluffiest seat covers you can buy.

Airbag Compatibility

This seat cover works well with side airbags because the back is attached with straps, so the sides aren’t covered up. Airbags can easily eject without being obstructed, so this cover won’t cause any safety concerns.


This cover attaches with buckles on the headrest and on the back. A clip is used between the back of the seat and cushion to prevent the middle of the cover from moving around. The bottom of the cover uses a hook to hook underneath the chair. The hook can go onto any part of the chair, so you can get it as loose or as tight as you want it.

If you don’t have a detachable headrest or a space between the cushion and back of the seat, this will be a bit more difficult to install and you might not be able to fit it as intended.


The cover is made from one sheepskin pelt, so you can expect consistent coloring and quality throughout the entire cover. The back panel is made of suede leather so it’s durable and can withstand typical wear and tear.


  • Long and fluffy fur that’s incredibly soft
  • Buckles and hooks make it easy to install
  • Straps won’t cover the airbags on the side of the seat


  • Might not fit correctly if the seat headrest is attached

7. Best Fluffy Sheepskin Seat Cover: IMQOQ Sheepskin Fur Car Seat Covers

IMQOQ Sheepskin Fur Car Seat Covers

Why we like it: The sheepskin on this cover is incredibly fluffy and will make the interior of your vehicle stand out for sure. It’s not fluffy all over, so it will feel like you’ve sunken into it a bit and are surrounded by fluff.

Editor’s Rating:

There’s just something about extra fluffy seat covers that make you feel expensive. These covers should meet those expectations if that’s what you’re looking for. They’re a bit obnoxious, but we mean that in a good way.

One thing to note about these covers is that they’re not entirely genuine sheepskin. This product comes with two seat covers, so the price for each one comes out to a little cheaper than what the average single 100% sheepskin cover would be.

Type of Sheepskin

The long-haired parts of these covers are genuine sheepskin. The hairs measure about 3.5 inches but might be a little longer.

The short part in the middle is faux fur. It’s about a half-inch in length and covers the areas where you sit and lean on, as well as where the crease of the seat is.

Airbag Compatibility

These covers are perfect for chairs with side airbags because the front and back are connected with straps instead of fabric.


These covers are one of the easiest to install. The bottom part wraps underneath the front of the seat and the top wraps around the headrest and secures with velcro. There are parts you can put between the cushion and the back to keep it in place.


Since the edges are the only part with real sheepskin, there are several seams. Several seams usually mean the product was made from multiple pelts which could cause inconsistency between panels.

The back of the covers are made with suede leather and have a pleated skirt and a storage pocket. They’re dustproof and sturdy and can withstand some wear and tear.


  • Incredibly fluffy sheepskin
  • Velcro for easy installation
  • Convenient pocket in the back


  • Not 100% sheepskin

8. Best Sheepskin Seat Pad: Desert Breeze Australian Sheepskin Seat Pad

Desert Breeze Australian Sheepskin Seat Pad

Why we like it: This seat pad doesn’t have to be strapped into your car to use it, so you can put in whichever seat you want or even take it inside and use it on your office chair.

Editor’s Rating:

If you’re looking for a sheepskin seat cover because you need relief while you sit for extended periods of time, then you probably need the same kind of relief elsewhere. Working an office job or even sitting at the kitchen table can be uncomfortable when you have pain or discomfort. Why spend more money on several products when you can just buy one?

This seat pad has a leather bottom with non-slip cloth underneath it so it’ll stay in place while you sit. It’s great for the car because you can set it down and not worry about it sliding around while you’re driving.

One big downside about this pad is that it isn’t recommended on heated seats because it might get damaged if it gets too hot. If your seats are heated, then give this one a miss.

Type of Sheepskin

The seat pad is made from Australian sheepskin. Each pad comes from a single pelt so there will be consistent quality throughout the whole bad. The sheepskin has been trimmed to one-inch thickness. It’s dense and plush and will definitely give you the comfort and softness you’re looking for.

Airbag Compatibility

There aren’t any complications with airbags since it’s just a seat cushion.


You’re going to say “duh,” but all you have to do is put it on your seat. It can go on the driver’s seat, passenger seat, and any of the back seats. Big car, small car, something in between – it’s most likely going to fit whatever you have.

It’s a square measuring 20 x 20 inches. If your car is particularly small, it might hang off the edge a little bit.

There aren’t any straps or hooks because it has a non-slip bottom and is meant to be moved around as you need it. Even with a special padding on the bottom, it might move around when you sit down if you hit the edges, but movement isn’t too much of an issue since it’s big enough to cover most seats.


This seat pad is made of high-quality Australian sheepskin. It’s durable and won’t get matted since the sheepskin is short. It’s thick and plush and won’t have any thin patches. You can wash it in the washing machine if it gets dirty and it won’t get messed up.


  • Use it in whichever car seat you want
  • Can also be used in any kind of chair
  • Machine washable
  • No installation necessary


  • Shouldn’t be used on heated seats

9. Best Two-Pack Set of Sheepskin Seat Covers: OxGord Sheepskin Seat Covers

OxGord Sheepskin Seat Covers

Why we like it: This pack of two seat covers is high-quality at an affordable price. This pack will most likely save you some money when you compare it to the price of buying two individually priced seat covers.

Editor’s Rating:

If you’re looking for a seat cover, you’ll probably want two, so your driver and passenger seats aren’t mismatched. Seat covers are typically sold individually, so it can be expensive to buy two of them.

Buying a pack of two can save you some money, and this pack by OxGord offers great-quality covers for a decent price.

Type of Sheepskin

This seat cover is made of Australian sheepskin on the front side. The back and sides are made with a faux fur that looks similar to the sheepskin. There might be some slight color variation between the two but they’re a close match.

Airbag Compatibility

These seat covers aren’t compatible with side airbags. The faux fur wraps around the sides and back of the seat, so airbags that are in the chair won’t be able to pop out. This can be a safety hazard if you get into an accident and need the airbags to deploy.


Installation is pretty easy. The top slides over the chair like a sock. Then, you wrap the bottom around the front of the chair. There are straps on the bottom to secure the cover into place. The straps have velcro to keep them secure.

Velcro can get clogged from hair and debris, so the straps might eventually stop working. If this happens, you can clean out the side with the hooks (the scratchy part) and it should work like new again.


The sheepskin on these covers is only on the front sides and they have a diamond pattern, so there are several seams to make the pattern. However, it comes from one pelt and is quite sturdy.

The sheepskin is trimmed pretty short to more than one inch, so it won’t feel as plush as other seat covers. But, you won’t have to worry about brushing or fluffing this one as often if you’ll ever need to at all.


  • Convenient 2-in-1 pack
  • Easy to install with velcro straps
  • Sheepskin doesn’t have to be brushed


  • Not compatible with side airbags
  • Velcro might become loose over time
  • Irregularly stocked

10. Best Faux Sheepskin Seat Cover: Maples Faux Sheepskin Wool Seat Cover

Maples Faux Sheepskin Wool Seat Cover

Why we like it: The synthetic fur looks and feels just like genuine sheepskin. It’s a great alternative if you want the look without using an animal product.

Editor’s Rating:

Not everyone is comfortable with having the skin of an animal in their vehicle, and that’s okay. Fortunately, modern technologies have allowed manufacturers to create alternatives that are so close to the real thing that you can replace it altogether. This car seat cover looks like the posh sheepskin covers you see in fancy cars, but they’re completely synthetic.

Type of Sheepskin

The “sheepskin” on this cover is synthetic. Many synthetic covers have a chemical smell to them, but this one doesn’t. You won’t have to give it time to air out before you put it in your car.

The faux fur is incredibly soft and will feel a lot like the real thing. The hairs are about two inches long, so they have the furry look of other sheepskin covers.

Airbag Compatibility

The faux fur is only on the front side. The back is made of faux suede leather and is connected to the front with straps. Since the sides aren’t completely covered, the side airbags will be able to eject without being blocked.


Elastic bands are used to hold the cover in place. The front sits on top of the seat and then you can stretch the elastics around the chair to secure it.


Synthetic sheepskin is pretty sturdy and you don’t have to worry about whether or not it came from a single pelt, as it’s not authentic. However, one thing to note is that it doesn’t conduct body temperature quite as regular sheepskin does. You’ll feel warm in the winter, but you might feel warm in the summer, too.


  • Looks and feels like genuine sheepskin
  • Won’t have a harsh chemical smell
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with side airbags


  • Might be too warm in the summer
  • It’s not real sheepskin

The Complete Guide to Buying the Best Sheepskin Seat Covers

Buying a sheepskin seat cover might seem like a simple thing to do. You just pick the fluffiest one, add it to the cart, and check out – right? You could if you don’t care about quality, but that’s absolutely something you should care about.

Real sheepskin isn’t cheap. You can definitely find some great deals online, but they’re still going to be more expensive than faux fur options. This is because sheepskin is durable, soft, and is highly sought after for luxury items like apparel and rugs.

Many companies try to market their “authentic” sheepskin as authentic when it’s in fact the opposite. Of course this deception is accompanied with authentic prices, making you think that something with that price tag couldn’t possibly be fake.

Real sheepskin has many benefits that synthetic wool doesn’t have, so we’ll break it down for you real quick in this guide. We’ll also explain how to determine real sheepskin from the faux stuff and which type of cover to choose for your vehicle.

Varieties of Sheepskin

Sheepskin is collected and treated in different ways to achieve specific looks and feels for particular products. Seat covers are typically all the same kind of sheepskin, which is long and thick. The following are different types of sheepskin:


When you think of sheepskin, you’re probably thinking of the long and thick kind that you see on fancy coats or rugs. That’s the traditional long wool. This is what most car seat covers are made with because the untrimmed wool is soft and keeps you cool or warm depending on the season.


Short curly pelts come from curly-haired sheep. These sheep usually have long wool, but it’s trimmed to be very short so it can be used on blankets or clothing.

Infant Care

Sheepskin that’s used for baby blankets is specially treated and sanitized to prevent odor and bacterial growth. The wool usually comes from an entire lambskin pelt, so it’s smaller than other sheepskin blankets.


Sheepskin is often used for medical purposes because it can help control body temperature and improve air circulation. The wool is dense and short so it feels springy and works as an excellent seat cover for hospital beds and wheelchairs. Its specific tanning process allows it to be machine washable.


Sheepskin blankets for pets are made with lower-quality wool and the leather is allowed to have imperfections like cracks or holes. Even though flaws are allowed, it’s still a luxury item for pets.

Slink Skin

Slink skin comes from young lambs in New Zealand born in early spring who didn’t survive. The wool is curly and very fine and the leather is some of the softest leather available; it’s highly sought after and is considered quite luxurious.

Rest assured that lambskin only comes from natural casualties. Unfortunately, young lambs die every year because they weren’t strong enough to make it to warmer weather.


This type of sheepskin is primarily used for the leather. It’s used for shoes and boots because the leather looks nice on the outside, and the wool feels comfortable on the inside.

How to Tell If the Sheepskin Is Real

It can be difficult to decipher whether sheepskin is real or not online. You’ll be able to tell once you have the product in your hands, however.

The best way to tell if a pelt is genuine is to look at where the wool is attached to the leather by spreading apart the individual hairs. If it’s genuine, you will see a smooth surface underneath the hair. You might occasionally find some scars, but it’s still genuine if it has any.

Synthetic wool is attached to leather with some other kind of material. It’s usually a mesh backing or another type of weak cloth. You’ll likely see grids between the wool and the leather. Genuine wool doesn’t need companion fabric to be attached to leather because it’s already attached.

Other ways to tell if a pelt is genuine is if:

  • You can tug on the wool and the hairs don’t fall out.
  • The leather is soft.
  • A single pelt is small (if it’s large, then several were sewn together).
  • You can pour water on it but it will still feel slightly dry.

Of course, shopping online doesn’t give you this chance, but we’ve been clear in our reviews which products are genuine sheepskin and which aren’t.


Sheepskin is incredibly durable. When you’re choosing a seat cover made of a genuine pelt, be sure you’re in love with it because with proper care, it can last a couple of decades or even longer.

The wool can bend thousands of times but it won’t break. That’s perfect for seat covers since they’ll constantly be sat on for long periods of time. Synthetic wool is more likely to have hair falling out of it and will have bare spots over time.

Genuine sheepskin is also water-resistant, so if you get a little clumsy and spill on it, it’s not the end of the world. Depending on how the seat cover was tanned, you might be able to put it in the washing machine.

Sheepskin Benefits

Sheepskin has a surprising number of health benefits. Faux fur doesn’t compare when it comes to benefits – it’s flammable, traps bacteria, and doesn’t insulate temperatures. Sheepskin, on the other hand, does many things that make it a great option to use in the car.

Regulates Your Body Temperature

A 3-inch pelt of wool might not sound appealing during the summer months, but it will actually help keep you cool. If you have a sheepskin seat cover in your car, it will prevent the hot seat from burning your legs and will help you quickly cool down once the air conditioner is turned on.

Wicks Away Moisture

Sheepskin can remove moisture from your skin. Since it also regulates body temperature, it’s a great way to cool down in the summer.

Sheepskin is typically used for medical purposes because it can prevent moisture from causing infections on the skin. Since it doesn’t trap bacteria, it’s a sanitary option for preventing moisture buildup.

Provides Circulation and Relief

Regulating body temperature helps improve your blood flow. Since the wool is thick, it evenly distributes your weight so pressure points won’t stop circulation. If your leg falls asleep while you drive, a seat cover or seat pad will give you relief.

The natural springy traits of sheepskin will conform to your body for extra comfort. The support offered by dense wool can help relieve aches and pains, especially on long road trips.


Genuine sheepskin is treated with very few chemicals, if any, so they’re a great option for those with sensitive skin and allergies. It can even be soothing on eczema and rashes.


Sheepskin requires some maintenance to keep it fluffy and like new. The fur can go flat over time so regular brushing will help it stay standing up. Dirt can get trapped in it, so brushing it and shaking will help knock it loose.

If you spill something on your seat cover, act quickly to clean it up. Start with a dry towel to blot out the stain, and if that doesn’t work, use a damp cloth and sheepskin detergent. Regular soap has enzymes that’ll ruin the sheepskin, but specially made detergent won’t hurt it and will actually make it feel softer.

If you frequently dine in the driver’s seat, consider keeping some sheepskin detergent in your glove box. If stains can quickly become permanent if they aren’t cleaned up immediately.

Leaving baking soda on the messy area will absorb odors. After you spot clean an area, let it air dry instead of using the dryer or other heat sources.

Final Thoughts

A sheepskin seat cover is an aesthetic upgrade to your vehicle that comes with a string of benefits. They last a long time if well maintained, so they can be considered a long-term investment. Synthetic covers that don’t use sheepskin and merely mimic its effects are also good options, as “fake” sheepskin is very close in look and feel to the real thing, and doesn’t involve the use of animals. So, whether faux or real, a sheepskin cover of your choice will make your ride comfortable and cool. Enjoy our list.

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