The 10 Best Wheel Chocks to Buy 2020


Anyone who works closely and frequently with heavy vehicles should make safety their first priority. When it comes to safety, there’s no substitute for it. There are even organizations such as ASE International, OSHA, and MSHA whose job it is to keep all workers safe by setting several safety standards. According to such organizations, one of the most crucial safety mechanisms for job-site vehicles is wheel chocks.

There are various kinds of wheel chocks available, and they’re made of different materials. These serve various purposes according to their weight ratings, so you need to choose the right one to suit your own needs. Read on to learn more about wheel chocks and how you can find the best one.

What are wheel chocks?

Before we go through the best wheel chocks on the market, let’s learn more about them. Simply put, wheel chocks are wedge-shaped items which are strategically placed against the wheels of a vehicle. This will prevent any unnecessary and accidental movements of the vehicle. You can use such a mechanism in various industries such as aviation, mining, construction, and others. Simple as they are, they can prevent vehicles from rolling, slipping, shifting or sliding when not in operation.

There are some products which have graded or rubberized surfaces on their bottoms. This feature helps improve the traction of the chocks for different surfaces. There are also some products which have shorter or higher wedges which help hinder movements and even absorb any impact from accidental movements of vehicles. There is no such thing as a universal or standard wheel chock. So, you need to make sure that the one you choose has a rating and a design which can handle the application you’re planning to use it for.

What should you look out for in a wheel chock?


Before choosing wheel chocks, think about where you will place them and what kind of surface your vehicle is usually parked on. Pavement, dirt, gravel, and other types of surfaces would have varying traction. This means that you would need a specific type of chock to keep your vehicle stable.

You should also consider the grading of your land. This will help you determine where you will place your chocks on your vehicle in relation to its shape. Considering these two factors will help you make the right choice.


The next thing to look out for when choosing wheel chocks is the size. To determine the size of the chock you need, you should also know the height of your tires. Use a tape measure to find the measurement. According to the professionals, the best wheel chocks to purchase are those which measure about a quarter of the height of your tires.

As soon as you’ve found the appropriate size, you should also make sure that the wheel chock snugly fits next to your tire. In some cases, you may have to use more than a single wheel chock. The good news is that there are products out there which come in packs of two or more wheel chocks.

You may need more than a single wheel chock in situations such as when you have a heavier vehicle, or you will park on a slope or an incline. Just make sure your wheel chocks are of the right size and that you’ve snugly placed them against your tire to prevent any accidental movements.

Your own vehicle

All types of wheel chocks perform the same main function. However, you have to choose the right one for your own vehicle. Since gravity and the vehicle’s weight combine to force your vehicle’s wheels downhill, you need to choose chocks which can handle the pressure. Find out the maximum weight the chocks can accommodate and compare that to the weight of your vehicle before you purchase.

Aside from the weight, the type of your vehicles and the tires will also help you determine what product to choose. For instance, you would need different chocks if you own a sedan compared to if you own trailers or large equipment such as earthmovers. Check the specifications of the product first before you click that “buy” button.

Gross operating weight of your vehicle

The stronger your vehicle is, the stronger the chocks you will need if you want them to support your vehicle adequately. So, if you own a haul truck that weighs 400-tons, don’t choose a pair of chocks that’s meant for a small pickup truck!

Number of wheel chocks you need

Also, consider how many chocks you would need. This would depend on all the other factors we’ve discussed such as the surface of the ground where you normally park your vehicle, the type of your tires and your vehicle, and more. Some vehicles may need only a single chock while others may need more to keep the vehicle safely immobilized.

Top 10 Best Wheel Chocks 2020

1. Camco 44414 Wheel Chock

Why we like it: This is one of the best wheel chocks available as it has a nice, bright color,and it will help keep your vehicle in place. With this product, you can re-hitch confidently. The Camco 44414comes in a pack of two, and you can use both chocks for tires which have a diameter of up to 26-inches. It has UV inhibitors, and it’s made of a hard plastic that’s durable.

Editor’s Rating:

The Camco 44414 has a unique design which allows it to effectively keep vehicles in place and prevent any accidental movements. You can confidently re-hitch these wheel chocks as they’re highly effective and durable. This is a premium product which comes in a pack of two. Both chocks have a bright yellow color which makes them visible even from far away.

This is a very popular product because of the effectiveness and the lightweight feature. The wheel chocks may look simple, but they can keep your trailer or other vehicles in place when you leave it parked or while you’re loading or sleeping in it. Because they’re so light, you can easily bring these chocks with you wherever you go.

The Camco 44414 is also very versatile since it works for tires which have diameters up to 26-inches. They’re made of a rubber material that’s durable so you can keep on using them for a long time.

If you’re looking for wheel chocks with high visibility to prevent your vehicle from rolling away, then this is the product for you. Another one of the best features of this product is that it’s very affordable. The Camco44414 wheel chocks will be an excellent addition to your arsenal for your vehicle.

  • These bright yellow wheel chocks are easy to see and will keep your vehicle in place.
  • They come with UV inhibitors, and they’re made of hard plastic that’s highly durable.
  • With this pack of 2 wheel chocks, you can re-hitch your ride confidently.
  • They’re easy to use, efficient, and come at a reasonable price.
  • It’s not suitable for heavy-duty applications.

2. Camco 44492 Super Wheel Chock

Why we like it: Here’s another popular product from the same brand as our top choice for wheel chocks. The Camco 44492 will also keep your vehicles in place and prevent any unwanted or accidental movements. It has UV inhibitors, and it’s made of hard, plastic material that’s extremely durable. It’s very easy to use, and once you start using it, you’ll realize how effective it is.

Editor’s Rating:

With this wheel chock, you can confidently re-hitch your vehicle. It’s simple, easy to use and highly efficient too. The Camco 44492 comes in a bright yellow color so you won’t forget to remove it before you leave. It has a simple design, it’s available in various options, and you can purchase this product in a single pack or a pack of two. This Super Wheel Chock can handle RVs, trailers, and other kinds of vehicles too.

Aside from the efficiency, this wheel chock is also lightweight. This makes it easy to store and highly portable. Looking at the design of the Camco 44492, you’ll notice that it’s simple and user-friendly. It performs its main function well, and it even comes at a reasonable price making it an excellent investment for your vehicle.
Just place this wheel under the wheel of your vehicle, and you won’t have to worry that it will accidentally roll away. Then when you’re ready to go, just pack it up, and you’re good to go! Since it’s a Super wheel chock, you can use it for tires with diameters up to 29-inches.

The Camco 44492 is of a hard, plastic material that’s extremely versatile. Because of this durability, you can re-hitch with confidence and keep your vehicle from moving. It’s a solid wheel chock that has UV inhibitors and a bright yellow color for enhanced visibility.

  • A brightly-colored wheel chock that will keep your vehicle in place.
  • Made with hard plastic that’s durable.
  • It’s easy to use, effective and comes with UV inhibitors.
  • The lightweight product is very affordable.
  • Not suitable for bigger, heavier vehicles.

3. YM W4194 Solid Rubber Wheel Chock with Handle

Why we like it: This is a durable wheel chock made of solid rubber that’s designed for heavy-duty loads. The YM W4194 has a rubber bottom with a non-slip feature. This maximizes the traction on the surface of the ground when you use it with your vehicle. It even comes with a rubber handle that’s already built into the chock for easy use and easy transport.

Editor’s Rating:

This is a well-constructed product that’s made of reinforced rubber material. It’s highly durable, and it can provide a reliable grip on virtually any kind of surface. This means that you won’t have to worry about your vehicle moving around or rolling down a hill accidentally as long as you use this chock.

The rubber material of the YM W4194 resists ozone weathering, abrasion, and tearing. It also comes with a handle that’s also made of rubber which allows you to place it easily and bring it along with you from one place to another. The product also comes in a pack of two making it very helpful, especially for heavy-duty loads.

The YM W4194 is one of the top products available because of its high-quality construction. It’s made of solid rubber allowing you to use it for different vehicles, not only the lighter ones. It’s a durable wheel chock with a non-slip bottom which enhances the traction, so it stays in place in different kinds of surfaces.

Finally, this product is lightweight too. This feature, along with the convenient handle makes it easy to bring the YM W4194 along with you no matter where you go. Also, the weight of the wheel chocks makes it easy for you to place them under your tires to keep your vehicle steady.

  • Lightweight, efficient, and will provide you with excellent service for a long time.
  • Made of solid rubber material that’s durable and can handle heavy-duty applications.
  • The bottom is of non-slip rubber which maximizes the grip on surfaces.
  • Has unique rubber handles for convenience and easy portability.
  • They have a very strong rubber smell which only goes away after some time.

4. MaxxHaul 70072 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Wheel Chock

Why we like it: Just looking at this wheel chock will convince you that it’s tough, efficient, and durable. The MaxxHaul 70072 is of solid rubber that’s non-slip too. It’s perfect for any climate and for different kinds of vehicles too. It’s very sturdy, but it’s lightweight too making it easy to use and easy to transport from one place to another.

Editor’s Rating:

The MaxxHaul 70072 is of an all-weather construction making it highly durable and suitable for different types of climate. It also has a traction pad made of rubber to keep your trailer secure without moving around accidentally. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to work on their vehicles or keep them securely parked thanks to the non-slip surface that’s also oil-resistant.

This wheel chock is of solid rubber making it suitable even for heavy-duty use. It comes with a handle making it easy to use from positioning, removing, and transporting the chock from one location to another. It’s a simple chock but it gets the job done, and it will last for years to come.

Excellent traction
This is one of the best wheel chocks on the market now thanks to its excellent traction. The MaxxHaul 70072 has traction ribs in a horizontal direction which adds to the grip on tire treads which, in turn, restricts the movement. It’s a straightforward and powerful wheel chock which you can use with your vehicle on level ground no matter what the weather condition. It will provide superior traction to all your vehicles.

With all its features, the MaxxHaul 70072 still comes at a very affordable price. The solid rubber construction and the all-weather feature makes this a superior product. Plus, it also has uniquely designed traction ribs which enhance the grip on your tires to keep your vehicle in place whenever you need it to remain steady. It’s also lightweight enough to bring with you wherever you go.

  • They’re of solid rubber making them extremely durable.
  • A lightweight wheel chock that’s suitable for any climate.
  • Comes with a traction pad that’s also made of rubber to keep your vehicles secure.
  • It’s a non-slip wheel chock that comes at a reasonable price.
  • Some customers don’t appreciate the strong smell.

5. Fasmov Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Wheel Chock

Why we like it: These heavy-duty wheel chocks are also made of solid rubber. They’re durable, effective, and easy to use. You can use the Fasmov with vehicles, ramps, and other types of lifting devices. With this product, you can keep your tires from moving no matter what the climate is.

Editor’s Rating:

One look at these wheel chocks will tell you that they’re extremely durable and designed for heavy-duty applications. Placing these under your tires will prevent them from rolling and thus, keep your vehicle in place. The rubber construction makes them tough, and the ribbed design provides extra traction.

The Fasmov wheel chocks provide a superior grip on virtually any kind of surface. With these wheel chocks, you can confidently re-hitch your trailer. You can also use the chocks for vans, RVs, trucks, passenger cars, and more.

The Fasmov wheel chocks are of solid, high-quality rubber material. The product comes in a pack of two, and these are the best companions you will ever need to keep your vehicle in place. The design of these chocks allows them to prevent unexpected movements and rolling of vehicles. Because of the premium material and construction, they can also withstand any weather conditions.

As we’ve mentioned, these are of solid rubber. This material ensures the extreme durability of the wheel chocks. The material of the Fasmov is also oil-resistant and non-slip. Because of all these features, the chocks will prevent your tires from moving unnecessarily. The durability of this product ensures its longevity as you use it on all your trips.

  • Constructed of solid rubber material making these wheel chocks very sturdy.
  • You can use them to keep vehicles in place or with other kinds of lifting devices.
  • The rubber material has a non-slip oil feature.
  • Although tough and efficient, it still comes at an affordable price.
  • It’s not resistant to rot.

6. Tri-Lynx 00030 Chock ‘R Dock

Why we like it: This is another durable and strong wheel chock for you to consider. It comes in a bright color making it easy to spot even from far away. The Tri-Lynx 00030 is easy to use, and it will keep your vehicle safe. It functions efficiently as a chock, and you can also use it as a tongue dock.

Editor’s Rating:

This brightly-colored wheel chock is very efficient. Using the Tri-Lynx 00030 will keep your vehicle in one place without having to worry about any accidental movements. Aside from this, the chock also functions as a tongue dock making it highly versatile. But this isn’t the only versatile feature.

Just like all the other products from the Tri-lynx brand, you can use this one on rigs of any size. Also, it’s fully compatible with all the other leveling products from the same brand. Aside from being easy to use, it’s also easy to clean this wheel chock.

Another great feature of this wheel chock is its durability. It’s made of a high-impact plastic material that will last for a long time. The molded wheel chock comes with a convenient depression. This feature of the Tri-Lynx 00030 allows it to function as a base where you can securely rest the shaft or the wheel which support the tongue of your trailer.

Easy to use
This product has a rugged and rough construction which makes it suitable for heavy-duty use. But it’s also lightweight enough to carry around with you no matter where you go. The Tri-Lynx 00030 is great for trailers, small boats, and more. It’s easy to use, but it’s very efficient once you’ve placed it correctly. It’s also strong enough to use on vehicles which weigh up to 1,200 lbs.

  • This versatile wheel chock can also function as a tongue dock.
  • It’s lightweight, has a bright color that’s easily visible, and it’s easily portable too.
  • Made with a heavy-duty, rough construction.
  • It’s suitable for trailers, small boats, and more.
  • It’s quite expensive.

7. YM W4245 Rubber Wheel Chock with Eyebolt

Why we like it: The YM W4245 has a reinforced rubber construction. It will provide your vehicle with a secure grip on virtually any kind of surface. The rubber material of these wood chocks makes them resistant to ozone weathering, abrasion, and tearing. The design permits you to position these chocks on either side of the tires. They even come with steel eyebolts in case you need to attach a chain.

Editor’s Rating:

These wheel chocks ensure enhanced reliability and safety. The YM W4245 has eyebolts, a convenient feature for attaching chains and more. It’s made of high-quality rubber, and it comes in a pack of 2 wheel chocks. This means that you can use them both for both rear wheels of your vehicle.

You’ll enjoy using these wheel chocks because of the special rubber material. The material makes the chocks resistant to weathering, wearing, and abrasion. When you use this product, you’re sure that your vehicle won’t move or roll around unexpectedly. The best thing is that it comes at a very affordable price despite all its great features.

The YM W4245 is of durable materials which are UV-resistant. This is an excellent choice if you want to immobilize trailers, campers, and other types of vehicles. The high-quality rubber of these chocks gives it superior longevity. The material also makes it resistant to the common wear and tear of outdoor equipment such as wheel chocks.

Easy to use
The ease of use of the YM W4245 makes it another one of the best products on the market. These rubber chocks have eyebolts on their sides for easy and fast placement. This means that you won’t have any difficulties positioning the wheel chocks from either of your tires’ sides. Also, the functional design and the durability make it suitable for different weather conditions.

  • The reinforced rubber construction provides a secure grip on various surfaces.
  • Made of durable rubber that resists weathering, abrasion, and tearing.
  • The design allows you to position them on both sides of your tires.
  • Comes with eyebolts made of steel so that you can attach chains to the chocks.
  • Some customers feel that the angle of these chocks is quite steep.

8. Vestil LWC-15 Laminated Rubber Wheel Chock

Why we like it: You can use this wheel chock to prevent any accidental movements of your vehicles. It’s made of laminated rubber, and it even has a convenient handle for easy portability. The Vestil LWC-15 resists weathering, abrasion, slipping, ozone, and tearing. Its metal handle has reinforcement to make it stronger and to help you as you position and remove the chock.

Editor’s Rating:

This wheel chock is of several layers of high-quality rubber making it suitable for heavy-duty use. The Vestil LWC-15 is suitable for securing heavy boats, trucks, and even large rigs. It weighs a whopping 12 pounds to ensure that it will stabilize any type of vehicle and keep it secure.

This wheel chock with a reinforced handle prevents the unwanted and accidental movements of vehicles with wheels. It’s made of laminated rubber that’s resistant to ozone, tearing, abrasion, slipping, and even undesirable weather conditions.

The Vestil LWC-15 is a highly durable product that’s well-constructed. This wheel chock has a convenient handle making it easy to place and remove from under the wheels of vehicles. The built-in handle is of metal while the chock itself has a curved surface. This feature makes it efficient at preventing slippage as soon as it comes into contact with your tire.

The Vestil LWC-15 has a mounting plate and a handle which provides reinforcement to the chock. You can use the rubber chock to prevent accidental rolling or movement of wheeled vehicles when you’re expecting extreme or changing weather conditions. This makes it very versatile as it’s also resistant to damages and other environmental factors.

  • This wheel chock effectively prevents accidental movements of vehicles.
  • It comes with a convenient handle already attached to it for easy placement and removal.
  • It’s made of rubber that’s laminated and extremely durable.
  • The curved surface connects with tires well to prevent slippage.
  • It has a strong smell of rubber when you first use it.

9. MLTOOLS Wheel Chocks

Why we like it: These wheel chocks from MLTOOLS have a high-grip to keep your vehicle from moving around or rolling down the road. It’s made of a rubberized material which provides you with added slip-resistance. It works well on lifts, shop floors, and other types of surfaces. It’s an American-made product that comes with a lifetime guarantee to increase the buyer’s confidence.

Editor’s Rating:

These wheel chocks come in a bright color for improved visibility. There’s no chance of forgetting to take them with you before you leave because of their color. The wheel chocks from MLTOOLS are of durable rubber, and they’re specifically designed for light use in the industrial field. With these chocks, you can keep your care securely immobilized in its tracks.

You can also use these for floor jacks, household loads, and even forklifts. These are durable but lightweight wheel chocks which you can bring with you wherever you go. The material also allows for superior longevity so you can keep on using the chocks for years to come.

Aside from the attractive color, these chocks also have a superb design. You can use the MLTOOLS wheel chocks to stop your vehicle in its tracks. The chocks are of a high-compression rubberized material which provides extra resistance from slippage. They also have built-in handles for easy placement, removal, and transport. Also, these are lightweight wheel chocks for enhanced portability.

If you’re looking for wheel chocks with a high-grip feature, then this pair is perfect for you. They’re made of high-quality rubber material that’s slip-resistant and very reliable. The MLTOOLS wheel chocks will keep your car secure, and you can also use it for servicing. They also have an attractive bright color so you won’t lose sight of them no matter where you are.

  • High-traction wheel chocks which are easy to see too.
  • Made of durable rubberized material that provides additional slip resistance.
  • Keeps your vehicles in place but are also great for lifts or shop floors.
  • Made in the US and comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • It’s not suitable for heavy-duty applications.

10. Hopkins 11930MI FloTool Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks

Why we like it: The Hopkins 11930MI is a superb safety device you can use with ramps and with other types of lifting devices. You can also use it to keep the tires of your vehicles from moving or rolling accidentally. The wheel chocks come in a nestable and stackable design for convenient and easy storage. They’re made of resin material making them durable and suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Editor’s Rating:

These black-colored wheel chocks are extremely durable and efficient. The Hopkins 11930MI are of a special resin material, and they have solid bottoms. Both the material and the design of these chocks make them very sturdy and tough. You can place them against the wheels of your vehicle then you don’t have to worry about accidental movements. Also, the plastic material resists weather, wear, and slipping.

These wheel chocks have a patented design, and they’re meant to handle a lot of weight. They have special traction ribs which give them the stability required to keep your vehicle securely immobilized. They’re solidly-built and easy to use making them perfect for handymen, mechanics, and everyone else in between.

For wheel chocks, size really matters so you should make sure that you’re getting a product that will suit your own needs. One such product can be the Hopkins 11930MI, a safety device which you can use with your vehicles, with ramps, and even with other types of lifting devices.

Easy to use
The Hopkins 11930MI wheel chocks are also very user-friendly. You can use them for various purposes aside from preventing your tiles from rolling or moving around. The chocks have a stackable design making them easy to store and bring around while you travel. The product comes with 2 chocks which you can place on both rear wheels of your vehicle.

  • It’s a simple but effective safety device which you can use with different types of lifting devices.
  • These wheel chocks will help prevent your tires from rolling.
  • Comes in a nestable, stackable design for convenience and easy storage.
  • The product includes 2 durable wheel chocks.
  • Some customers don’t appreciate that the chocks are completely hollow.

Guide to Buying the Best Wheel Chocks

These are the best wheel chocks available on the market now. All these products are of high-quality, they have their own special features, and they’re suitable for different types of vehicles. Before you make a choice, consider these important factors to ensure you have purchased the best product for vehicle safety at job-site or elsewhere.

What important factors should you consider when buying wheel chocks?


One important factor to consider is the shape of the wheel chock. These products are relatively affordable in general, but they will go a long way in terms of safety. Wheel chocks come in different shapes although all of them have an inclined plane design. If you find the best one and you use it correctly, it will perform its job well.

All types of wheel chocks will provide your vehicle with an incline to keep it steady and prevent it from rolling, shifting, and moving unnecessarily. Choose a wheel chock with an appropriate shape and size so it can hold on to your vehicle’s tires and the ground efficiently. Read the specifications of each product so you can determine which one is the best for you.


The next thing to consider is the material of the product. Most wheel chocks are of both synthetic and metal materials. There are aluminum wheel chocks with teeth on their bottoms. These teeth grip the surface of the ground to provide your vehicle with the stability it needs to remain immobile.

There are also rubber or synthetic wheel chocks with a non-slip feature. These also provide stability by creating friction with the surface of the ground. Most wheel chocks come with treads to create friction between the chock and the tire of your vehicle.

Some wheel chocks are of molded urethane or recycled rubber material, both of which are very durable. These types of chocks may last longer as they’re also resistant to tears, abrasion, and weather damage. Furthermore, those made of urethane are also resistant to damage from solvents and oils.

Apart from the material, there are also some products on the market with a curved design to hug the shape of your vehicle’s tire. Although most wheel chocks have a simple pyramid design which makes them able to firmly wedge in the tight space between the ground and the tire.

Practical features to look out for when choosing a wheel chock

In our previous section, we’ve discussed how it’s important to consider the characteristics of your own vehicle before you make a choice. But it would also be very helpful for you to look out for these practical features:

Tire diameter

When the wheels of your vehicle have a bigger diameter, your wheel chock would need a higher rating to support the surface area. You should also check the wheel chock’s slope and see if it’s appropriate with the type and the size of your tires. Remember that the wheel chock you choose should at least be a quarter of the height of your tires. Wheel chocks are rated for the vehicle weight and you should know about this in detail.


Finally, the brand of the wheel chock is also worth considering. Keep in mind that a good brand name would come with a brand guarantee. Since wheel chocks aren’t very expensive items, you may want to invest a few extra bucks to get a product from a reputable brand.

Wheel chocks from well-known brands are usually backed by strict safety regulations, comprehensive testing, and continuous innovation. All these will make you feel more confident about the product you’re purchasing. Also, such products would come with good customer service in case you run into any problems.

The Verdict

Although wheel chocks may seem like simple devices, there’s a lot to consider before a product to purchase. Doing this will ensure that you’ve chosen the best wheel chocks to suit your needs. Earlier in the article, we’ve reviewed some of the best products available on the market in 2018. Choosing any of those on our list will ensure a superior buy.

Now that you know more about wheel chocks, how to use them, and how to choose the best one, selecting a product will be a lot easier. Since there are many products available, make sure you know what you want and what you need before making a choice. Good luck!