Best Spare Tire Covers to Spare You the Hassle

Best Spare Tire Covers to Spare You the Hassle

Fear being stranded on the side of the road due to a flat or burst tire? You have every reason to. Statistics show that approximately seven tire punctures occur every second. This means no matter how vigilant of a motorist you are it’s inevitable. The only thing you can do is be prepared by always driving with a spare tire.

This seems like common sense to most drivers but have you stopped to think about the importance of keeping it covered? Leaving your spare tire exposed to direct sunlight, rain or dirt will effectively render it useless. To avoid any damage to yours why not include a spare tire cover on your shopping list?

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Picking the right spare tire cover is just as important as buying the wheel itself. But since there are so many to select from this can often leave you in doubt of what will be value for your money. Want to know how to make the right purchase? Let’s summarize the factors you need to consider.


The covers come in varying price ranges but know this: Never make the assumption the most expensive tire on the market is the best. You can get a good quality cover at a reasonable price. However in some cases paying a bit more might get you a cover with a few extra features. The important thing is to make sure they are features you actually need.

How Durable is it?

Since your wheel will be continuously exposed to harsh weather elements only the strongest cover will do for maximum protection. A cover that’s specifically designed to withstand even the hottest of days and heaviest of rains is ideal. Make sure of the durability by reading reviews.

What is it Made of?

How solid is the construction? Modern tire covers are made of different materials. While some look fancy what you want is one that’ll effectively protect your tires. Make sure the material is both weather proof and water resistant for optimum results. In some cases manufacturers even go a step further making them dust proof.

Rusting is common in some materials due to moisture. To avoid this you need a cover designed to not only keep water out but prevent moisture build up. Covers constructed with heavy duty vinyl will effectively prevent this.

How Easy is it to Install?

Covers come in varying designs. While some may appear trendy are they easy to mount? Ideally the cover you pick must be quick and easy to install.

Size Matters

Picking the correct size is extremely important. Regardless of the design the cover must fit perfectly and completely cover the wheel. An incorrect size will just lead to sagging which could cause friction or water build up. How do you ensure you buy the right size? Check the number on the side wall of your tire and buy a cover that matches that exact size. Or you can measure the tire size yourself.


While on the subject of design you don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style when buying a cover. An elegant looking cover will greatly enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Why compromise design over functionality? You can have both.

Now let’s look at some of the best ones on the market.

Top 10 Best Spare Tire Covers 2024

1. Boomerang Toyota RAV429” Rigid Tire Cover

Boomerang Toyota RAV429” Rigid Tire Cover

Why we like it: Rav4 owners will love this hard spare tire cover that provides superior protection. Boomerang is well known for its sleek but strong quality products and this Rav4 cover is no exception.

Editor’s Rating:

These covers are available in three sizes to increase your chances of getting the perfect fit. For extra reinforcement you can purchase the optional lock kit which is sold separately. Because of its superior construction it’s guaranteed to last long.

Even though it comes at a low price it’s far from cheap looking. The shiny black color & design is guaranteed to make your vehicle stand out—in a good way. Despite the cover being sleek you can further spruce it up by adding a sticker. Not fond of the black color? Simply repaint it—and yes the material allows for that.

Apart from looking great this cover is weatherproof. As a result it’ll effectively protect your spare tires from harsh weather elements.

Chances of it being stolen are low because of the secure fit.


Diameter: 27” – 29”
Weight: 5lb


It’s made from a combination of strong plastic, vinyl and leather.

Key Features

This cover features a molded black textured ABS plastic face plate. The plate is stitched to a durable automotive grade soft vinyl band.


As rigid as it looks it’s very easy to install and remove.


It’s specifically designed for Toyota Rav4 users but can fit other models including Honda.

Useful information

You’ll appreciate that it comes with a three year warranty. And if you’re unsure of the size of your spare tire you can contact the manufacturers before you buy.

The glossy exterior looks great but you might need to take it easy on the visits to the car wash. Constant washing might just remove that shine.


  • Tight fit
  • Looks great
  • Sturdy


  • Shiny look might disappear after a few washes

2. Sparecover abc –Rav4 -28-Silver ABC Series Black 28” Tire Cover

Sparecover abc –Rav4 -28-Silver ABC Series Black 28” Tire Cover

Why we like it: Here we have a superior quality spare cover that’s designed to cover your tires entirely. Unlike the other brands which have zippers this cover can easily be installed without them.

Editor’s Rating:

It’s guaranteed to stay in place regardless of extreme weather conditions. Because it’s made of heavy duty material you won’t be making another purchase any time soon. Unlike some covers which can’t handle the carwash this solid cover will not be damaged during a wash–even in the most intense clean ups.

Even though it costs slightly more than the other covers its sturdy build makes it worth it. In some cases the stitching on the seams might appear loose but it doesn’t take away from its ability to protect your tire effectively.

We also like that it’s easy to clean and holds up well in the rain.


Diameter: 28”
Weight: 1.5 lb


This cover features a heavy tuxedo black marine grade vinyl exterior. It’s handmade in Central Florida and finished with upholstery welt (piping).

Key Features

It has a Toyota Rav4 logo direct screen printed in metallic silver. Because there are no exposed threads as is the case with some products your tire cover is likely to last. The soft tire cover has a UV resistant vinyl exterior to protect your asset from the sun.


It’s easy to install thanks to its simple slip on style. Note during installation you might want to tug it at the bottom for a more snug fit.


This cover was made with the Toyota Rav4 in mind. It’s custom made to fit 1996-2004 OEM Toyota Rav4 models.

Useful information

It comes in two sizes to accommodate different spare tire sizes. However beware there are a lot of imitations of this product on the market especially from China. Sure, it’ll be half the price but you’ll be getting an inferior version in terms of quality & durability. For this reason make sure you buy the authentic US brand for a high standard product.


  • Durable
  • Sturdy design


  • Expensive

3. Boomerang Hummer H2 Rigid Tire Cover & Chrome Dome

Boomerang Hummer H2 Rigid Tire Cover & Chrome Dome

Why we like it: This is the official GM licenced Hummer tire cover. For such an expensive car you only want the best cover right? Here we have a hard version that not only fits easily but will effectively secure your spare tire. These black textured rigid tire covers are designed to last you a long time.

Editor’s Rating:

This one will protect your tire from sun damage among other elements. And the design looks kind of sporty for those who are into that sort of thing. You have the option of having the official Hummer H2 logo printed in metallic silver ink.

We also like that shipping of this tire cover is extremely fast which is a plus. Also, for the price it’s a good quality & long lasting product.


Diameter: 35”
Weight: 4.5lb


It’s covered with a durable automotive grade vinyl fabric that’s stitched to a color matched and molded plastic face.

Key Features

There’s a replacement shiny chrome dome included which looks great.


This rigid cover is quick and easy to install. It’ll fit securely with no slippage.


These covers are only compatible with 2005 -2010 Hummer H2 with factory spare tire mounted license plates.

Useful information

For a more secure fit you can purchase an optional lock kit available separately. However you must order it together with the tire cover.

It doesn’t have any straps or tie downs for further reinforcement. Nonetheless it’ll securely cover your spare tire.

For a more accurate sizing it’s advisable to have a look at the size chart provided by the manufacturer. If however you wish to order a non standard size you might want to contact the seller before making your purchase.


  • Quality design
  • Fast shipping


  • Doesn’t come with straps

4. Amfor Set of 4 Tire Covers, Waterproof Aluminium Film Tire Sun Protector

Amfor Set of 4 Tire Covers, Waterproof Aluminium Film Tire Sun Protector

Why we like it: Apart from protecting your wheels from all sorts of weather conditions including sun damage it also protects them against dirt, rust and corrosion. Are you into shiny looks? You’ll like the attractive glossy & shiny silver color. Plus they provide full coverage and fit well as long as you buy the correct size.

Editor’s Rating:

Storing it won’t be a problem because it folds up for easy storage. It’s also easy to remove and clean when necessary. We also like that these covers are compact and lightweight but are still effective at keeping your tires in place.

This set includes four tire covers with varying diameters so they fit different tire sizes. For the cost they’re quite good quality.


Diameter: 27” to 29”


Water won’t be penetrating your tire thanks to this cover made of waterproof aluminum material. It also features thick cotton wool lining. The material is a bit thin compared to other covers and therefore might not last as long.

Key Features

It features a hook design for secure fastening so even high winds won’t blow it away.


It’s pretty easy to install and doesn’t require any tools for the job. This is thanks to its easy slip on design.


You can use these tires on RV, trailers, campers, cars and trucks.

Useful information

They come with two handy hooks but the plastic material they’re made of is not the best quality. Also, the elastic the hooks are sewn on is too long making it difficult to connect them to each other. But nonetheless you can still secure the wheel in place without necessarily fastening the hooks.

However, note the sizing might not be as expected as they may be too small for your tire. Consider buying a size up.


  • Easy to install
  • Fits multiple tire sizes
  • Stays in place


  • Durability of hooks questionable
  • Run small

5. Classic Accessories Overdrive Deluxe RV Wheel Cover Wheels

Classic Accessories Overdrive Deluxe RV Wheel Cover Wheels

Why we like it: This brand offers stylish covers while not compromising on the quality. The white color makes for an elegant looking spare tire cover. Apart from looking great it’s made of materials that’ll make it stand the test of time.

Editor’s Rating:

You’ll find four wheel covers in each package. The multiple sizes increase your chances of finding the right fit for your spare tires. These covers aren’t difficult to store, you can simply fold them when not in use. Plus they come with a handy storage bag made of high quality material which is quite convenient.

The covers are designed to protect your tires against sun damage, dirt, rust and harmful UV rays. The material is also water proof.


Diameter: 26.75” – 29”
Weight: 4.14lb


The cover is made of rugged vinyl material with a soft non scratch black backing. Cleaning is a breeze thanks to this material.

Key Features

The covers are designed for a secure fit thanks to the elasticized back panels. You’ll also find two rear eyelets/grommets on each cover which secure the bottom flap for a neat look. Furthermore you have the option of reinforcing with a rope which is included for a tighter fit.


These covers also feature an easy slip on design for fast and simple mounting.


You can use them on RV or boat trailers and other cars.

Useful information

In the event of any damage they come with a three year limited warranty.

Even though they come with eyelets to secure them the cover still provides a snug fit without clinching it in. You might also need to buy a size up for the right fit as the sizes tend to run a bit small.

Buying the exact size as your tire might fit but you’re likely to force them on when installing. This will cause them to tear and wear out faster.


  • Beautiful covers
  • Fit great
  • Storage bag handy


  • Run small
  • Plastic rings not durable

6. Classic Accessories 75347 Overdrive Universal Fit Spare Tire Cover

Classic Accessories 75347 Overdrive Universal Fit Spare Tire Cover

Why we like it: Here we have covers designed for protection against all sorts of weather elements including sun damage. The brand is known for its simple but attractive designs. Even if your spare tire isn’t brand new this cover will have the back of your vehicle looking neat.

Editor’s Rating:

Apart from protecting your tires from sun damage these covers are also mildew resistant so you can expect minimal moisture build up. Compared to other models these covers are reasonably priced while not compromising on quality and functionality. Once secured it stays in place regardless of windy conditions.

Because it’s made of thick and durable material it’ll still look brand new even after a year in spite of constant exposure to the sun. This cover allows you to customize it for instance adding a personalized sticker.


Diameter: 26.75” – 29.75”
Weight: 12.8oz


The cover is made of wipe clean vinyl which is waterproof and it also has a soft non scratching backing.

Key Features

The cover has an elasticized back hem which allows you to easily adjust the cover for a more secure fit.


For a fast and easy fit you can use the quick connect clips provided. However note the hooks may be difficult to connect depending on the vehicle.


These covers offer attractive protection for spare tires on RVs, vans or trucks.

Useful information

For your convenience you’ll find tire sizes listed on the back of the package. This way you can determine sizing without necessarily measuring your tires. Plus you’ll be happy to know they come with a three year limited warranty.

However note this product might expose users to Di-iso-nonly phthalate (DINP) which is known to cause cancer and birth defects.


  • Nice clean look
  • Secure fit
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to install


  • Durability of bungee cord questionable
  • Hooks may be difficult to connect

7. Spare Tire Cover PVC Leather Watrproof Universal Spare Wheel

Spare Tire Cover PVC Leather Watrproof Universal Spare Wheel

Why we like it: Here we have a multi function spare tire cover which isn’t only waterproof but dustproof. It’s designed to guard your spare tires against rain, mud and other elements. Of course, like any good cover, it’s UV and mildew resistant.

Editor’s Rating:

Regardless of changes in temperature the shape of the cover is still maintained. Not only will it protect your spare tire but the stylish cover will greatly enhance your vehicle’s appearance. The cover is made of durable and breathable material which will last longer than some others.

Though the sewing is a bit crooked it still makes for a secure fit if you buy the correct size. We love it for its patriotic flag design which looks great. However the red on the flag might run over the stripes in some instances.


Diameter: 15”- 17”
Weight: 1lb


The cover is made of high quality PVC leather material. This is the thickest material on the market so you’re guaranteed durability.

Key Features

This cover has an elasticized back hem which allows for an adjustable fit. Along with the cover you’ll get a storage bag.


You won’t need any tools to mount this cover which is very easy to install and remove. It also has quick connect clips for fast installation. Extra caution needs to be practiced when installing it to avoid ripping because it has a tight fit.


You can use this spare tire cover on most cars including Honda CRV, Jeep Wrangler Suzuki, Ford and trucks.

Useful information

You’ll appreciate that it comes with a hassle free warranty plus a 100% money back guarantee—or a replacement cover if you’re not happy with the product.

However after initial purchase you might want to leave it outside for a bit because it has an unpleasant rubber smell.


  • Nice flag design
  • Reasonably priced


  • Might have a rubber smell
  • Sizes run small

8. Moonet Universal Spare Tire Cover Black( 15 inch)

Moonet Universal Spare Tire Cover Black( 15 inch)

Why we like it: If you’re all for simplicity you’ll like this simple but practical spare tire cover. This cover offers an easy but effective way of protecting your spare tire from the sun, rain, mud and other weather elements. The material it’s made off makes it pretty easy to maintain. For the price it’s a great buy.

Editor’s Rating:

Because of the quality of this cover other messes can easily be wiped or hosed off. By picking this cover you won’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. Why? This simple elegant design is not only made to guard your car effectively but will make it look fashionable.

Though it’s not constructed using vinyl the fabric looks considerably strong & thick and might last long. Depending on the size you pick it might be a bit big so additional straps are required


Diameter: 24” – 26”
Weight: 1.05 lb


The cover is made of PVU leather.

Key Features

It also features an elasticized hem. This will enable you to adjust it to fit your spare tire.


Installation will only take a matter of minutes. No tools are required to do so. A number of reviews have indicated it might tear during installation. Because of this extra caution needs to be exercised and buying the correct size is extremely important to avoid tear.


This is a universal cover designed to fit most cars.

Useful information

Rain is kept at bay if you purchase this cover which is waterproof. Plus it has a non scratch backing. However, make sure you know your exact tire diameter before buying to avoid incorrect sizing.

Though it comes with a string and elastic band to secure it the elastic band doesn’t have a clinch to secure it. You might have to buy some fasteners to effectively secure to avoid it being blown away by strong winds.


  • Great quality
  • Reasonable price


  • Might be blown away

9. Healink Spare Tire Cover PVC Leather Waterproof

Healink Spare Tire Cover PVC Leather Waterproof

Why we like it: This brand offers a cover which will effectively protect your spare tire from rain, wind, dust and the sun—whether inside or outside the garage. Regardless of the temperature it won’t change its shape. This compact cover is not only portable but breathable as well.

Editor’s Rating:

Apart from being waterproof the covers are dustproof as well. We like that the cover also comes with a storage bag for easy handling. You won’t spend much to get this spare cover tire. But that doesn’t mean you’ll get a low quality product. For such a low price it’s a quality and durable cover.

We like that the elastic around the cover is thick. This means your tire will be securely attached to your vehicle. If you’re all for making a statement the unique design of the flag printed on it creates a unique & trendy look.


Diameter: 23” – 27”
Weight: 15.2 oz


The cover is constructed from soft vinyl and high quality PVU leather which has a non scratch back.

Key Features

One of its main key features is the elasticized hem. Because of this hem it allows for an adjustable fit.


It offers hassle free installation with no tools required whatsoever. It also has quick connect wires to aid in the installation process.


It’s suitable for use on most cars including the Jeep, Suzuki, Ford and Campers.

Useful information

The manufacturers are so confident of their brand they offer a 100% money guarantee if you’re not happy with the product. You can also get a new replacement for any quality related problem.

One of the major drawbacks however is the strong plastic smell it has on initial purchase. Because of that we suggest not unpacking your new investment in the house.


  • Affordable
  • Attractive bright colors
  • Fits well


  • Strong nasty smell

10. Leader Accessories 26”- 28” Spare Tire Cover

Leader Accessories 26”- 28” Spare Tire Cover

Why we like it: Looking to protect your spare tires from cracking because of the sun? Then you’ll like this spare tire cover which is also great for preserving your tire in winter. The cover is both UV and water resistant. And it’s a great way to conceal that not so good looking spare tire.

Editor’s Rating:

The covers are designed to protect your tires from the sun, dirt and corrosion. Whether your vehicle is parked or moving your spare tire will be guarded from all types of weather elements. You can expect it to cover the entire wheel for absolute protection.

Unlike most covers which are affected by a visit to the carwash this cover is likely to survive it. Though it might be slightly big this might work to your advantage as it’ll be easier to put on. Forcing a tight cover on might result in premature wear & tear. However you don’t have to worry about it being blown off.


Diameter: 26” – 28”
Weight: 14.1ounces


It’s made of waterproof vinyl and soft cotton and also has a non-scratch backing.

Key Features

It features an elasticized back hem for a snug fit although you might find in some cases the elastic isn’t sewn all the way round. This however doesn’t compromise on the fit.


Installing this cover is fast, simple and intuitive.


You can use it on different cars for instance a Jeep, Trailer, RV or SUV.

Useful information

Though it’ll fit your spare tire at the back well it might not work well for your roof rack spare tire mount. This is because there’s not enough coverage on the back of the cover plus the elastic isn’t strong enough.


  • Fits well
  • Great texture


  • Stitching not very secure

Guide to Buying the Best Spare Tire Covers

Benefits of a Spare Tire Cover

Buying a spare tire cover will provide you with the following advantages.

UV Weather Protection

Weather and UV rays are among the biggest enemies of rubber. After continuous exposure to these elements wear & tear is bound to happen. Apart from protecting the tire from different elements it’ll also protect the tire from uneven discoloration.


Tires are generally expensive and if left exposed they’re easy to remove quickly. Sure, you can use a security wheel lock but why not have the best of both worlds by getting something that provides both security and protection?

A spare wheel cover conceals the tire under the cover and reduces the risk of being noticed by thieves. Also, the locking system will keep it securely locked in place.


Tire covers are not one size fits all items. They come in different sizes and as a result you have the option of customizing it to fit your exact tire size as well as the mount on your car. This way you’re guaranteed a perfect fit.

Apart from customizing the size you can also personalize the material to suit your style and taste. Are you a fan of shiny vinyl? Do you want textured denim on your cover? All these options and more are available to you when you purchase a spare tire cover.

Making a Statement

Apart from customizing the material you can also pick a color that matches your car. If you’re into making statements you can put a sticker or logo on your spare tire cover to make it stand out.

Rodents Alert

Weather elements are not the only thing that’ll cause damage to your tires. Rodents such as rats and mice will make your wheels their new home—and snack on them if uncovered.


Exposure to humidity will also cause extensive damage to your car.

Types of Spare Covers

There are two types of spare covers which we will briefly discuss below.

Hard Cover

This type is made of rigid material such as molded plastic or stainless steel. Some are made with a combination of both. These hard covers function in two parts namely the face plate and the ring. The face plate covers the front of the tire while the ring wraps around the tire and is locked in place by a latch. They are well known for providing maximum security & protection.

Advantages of a Hard Cover

A hard cover comes with the following advantages:

  • It lasts longer
  • It’s resistant to mold and mildew
  • Provides security and peace of mind

Disadvantages of a Hard Cover

  • They‘re more expensive. They can even cost twice the price of the soft covers.
  • May be a bit difficult to mount. In extreme cases you might need to modify your existing tire mount to cater for the cover.

Soft Cover

This cover is constructed using sift vinyl. With this type you wrap it around the spare tire and tighten it in the back with an elastic cord. Want that extra protection & durability? By spending a little extra money you can buy a high end soft cover which comes with an interior felt pad.

Advantages of a Soft Cover

  • Compared to the hard spare covers they cost much less.
  • Since they’re available in many designs you’re bound to find one that meets your personal style. This type is easy to customize.

Disadvantages of a Soft Cover

  • When compared to their hard cover counterparts these are less durable. Be prepared to purchase another one in a couple of years.
  • The soft covers are not as secure as the lockable hard covers.

Good to Know

Below are a few handy tips when it comes to spare cover tires.


Sure, your cover might have cost you a considerable amount of money but here is one important rule to note—when it’s run its course it’s time to discard it. Simple. Once it starts to show any signs of wear and tear you have to replace it immediately if you want to effectively protect your spare tire.

How Necessary is Necessary?

Granted, your wheel might be chromed, painted and polished which you would want to showcase to the world. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need a spare tire cover. Constant exposure to the sun is bound to degrade its finish. A cover will go a long way in slowing down the process.

Where to Buy

You can expect to find these spare tire covers almost anywhere including online. Buying a cover directly from the manufacturer of your car is recommended. Why? Your chances of getting the correct fit are high.

When buying from a store check the legitimacy and reputation before purchasing one.

Of course, you can decide to buy online just make sure you’re buying from reputable websites. But don’t just buy the first cover you see. Do a little research—read some reviews. Apart from reducing buyer’s remorse you’ll make a more informed decision. End result—you’ll get a quality product.

Tip: To save a few dollars when buying online look for offers of free shipping

Easy Cleaning

Of course, whatever cover you decide on should allow for hassle free and easy cleaning.

Additional Features

Though these tires come with a number of features it’s important to check if the features will add to the functionality. Certain features that are useful include:

  • A cover with an elastic top for a more secure fit
  • Drawstrings at the bottom that make it possible to pull the cover tightly for effective fastening

Final Words

There you have it: The importance of picking a quality cover relates to keeping your spare tires securely protected. The last thing you need is to find your spare tire torn or damaged when you need it the most—or stolen.

Remember it’s not only about buying the spare tire cover, but picking the right one. With so many at your disposal make sure you compare products so you purchase one that matches your tire and your specific needs.

Quality, fit and durability should be at the top of your list but you can see you’ll probably find an aesthetically pleasing feature too. Which one do you pick to become a smart and stylish vehicle owner with one purchase?

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