Restore Your View with 10 Best Windshield Repair Kits

Restore Your View with 10 Best Windshield Repair Kits

Dealing with windshield cracks can seem complicated. Those who want to avoid spending a lot of money on a replacement can use the best windshield repair kit to try and minimize various cracks. From small 1-inch crack to large linear cracks, these issues can be dealt with by some of the best repair kits on the market. The best part is they are affordable and considerably cheaper than a new windshield.

Features to consider in Good Windshield Repair Kit

What do the best windshield repair kits contain?

Some of the best kits come with a full list of products to ensure users don’t need to make any other purchase to make the windshield fix. There are a few products which don’t include them as well. However, they can repair faster.


The resin is the actual product which makes the crack fix. It fills out the crack and it represents the best option for transparent filler which minimizes the appearance of the crack.


An applicator in the form of a plastic syringe is included in most repair kits. It helps guide the resin and it represents a solution for a clean operation. A syringe can also ensure the resin does not get in contact with the hands.

Scraping blade

A scraping blade is also included in some kits. It is easy to use as well and its role is to help eliminate any excess resin after application, especially when already dry. The following kits contain all of these products and accessories.

Top 10 Best Windshield Repair Kits 2024

1. Rain-X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit

Rain-X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit

Why we like it: The kit is suitable to minimize the appearance of chips and cracks but it can also stop them from spreading.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

The affordable windshield repair kit is one of the best in its class. It is already proven as it has been sold across the country to numerous car owners. It is used on all types of the windshield and it has two main directions of action. One of them is to simply minimize the appearance of the windshield chips. At the same time, it can also stop them from spreading. It is known that even the smaller windshield cracks can spread quickly, in a matter of seconds.

Based on a resin formula, the kit removes the air from the cracks and it fills them to make them windshield stronger than before. Of course, there are limits to what the kid can do. It is why for the best results, it is applied directly on the cracks, especially if they are not more than 12 inches in length.

Convenient features

Working as a true resin, the kit is invisible. While this is great when the product is dry, applying the invisible resin requires attention. Many users are not able to differentiate the areas with or without applied resin. However, soon after the resin is dry, a scraper can be used to remove any excess dry resin.

A simple blade, perpendicular to the glass, can act to remove the resin and smooth out the windshield. But a convenient characteristic of the repair kit is that the resin can be used again when and if needed. This is why it can be applied again when new cracks appear on the windshield. But it can also be applied again in case the original crack starts to spread. Available with clear instructions, the repair kit is suitable for all types of users, even for those who’ve not used a similar product before.


The repair kit stands out with its clear instructions and reliable resin which can be applied and re-applied as needed.


  • Applied in minutes
  • Suitable for laminated windshields
  • Eliminates air pockets
  • Can be used on multiple repairs


  • Doesn’t stick on waxed windshields

2. Blue-Star Fix your Windshield Do It Yourself Windshield 2 Repair Kits

Blue-Star Fix your Windshield Do It Yourself Windshield 2 Repair Kits

Why we like it: Including 2 repair kits, the Blue-Star Fix product can be used to repair windshields in the sun.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Dealing with windshield cracks can be difficult. Simply replacing the entire windshield can cost a lot. But the Blue-Star Fix solution can be an affordable method of dealing with the cracks at home. There’s no heat gun needed in the process as with other products. The resin fill simply dries out in the sun.

The formulation of the resin allows it to remain transparent even after it dries out. This is why many users will have a difficult time seeing which parts of the crack are filled and which are not. The best solution for this problem is to apply it quickly, with no pausing.

An injector is already included in the kit and the resin is applied directly with it as needed. It will dry out in the injector so it won’t be suitable for a follow-up windshield repair. This is why there’s a second injector included in the pack.

Convenient features

There is no mixing required with the repair kit. Users simply apply it directly to the crack. As shown above, there’s no need for an actual heater to make the resin dry. It dries out naturally in minutes, especially out in the sun.

A good tip for a smooth job is to avoid cleaning excess resin with a towel. Instead, a small blade can do wonders and immediately remove excess resin. Dry resin is then harder to remove and a blade might only be the sole solution at this stage.

There are various types of cracks the kit is suitable for. However, most of them are not anything else than those made by small rocks. This is why they are generally small and if they measure only up to a few inches, they might still be dealt with by the kit without needing a windshield replacement.


Made for rock cracks, the kit is one of the quality options and few resins made in the USA.


  • Cost-effective repairs for the windshield
  • Includes mount seal tabs
  • Doesn’t require a heating gun
  • Includes a razor blade


  • Doesn’t include gloves

3. Permatex 09103 Windshield Repair Kit

Permatex 09103 Windshield Repair Kit

Why we like it: This kit has instructions with photographs and it is one of the recommended solutions for newbies.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Not everybody is a skilled windshield repair person. But the great news is this minimalistic kit can be used by car owners of all ages and experience levels. It features graphics instructions which are perfect for quick guiding. However, it is not applied any differently compared to any other kit in its class. It is one of the simplest solutions to apply on cracks of up to 1 ¼”.

There is no mixing to worry about with the product. Other repair kits require users to mix solutions in different proportions and the final result might not be the best for this reason. However, the Permatex windshield repair kit is one of the suitable solutions for no mixing and direct application. This type of formulation allows the resin to be applied as soon as the crack is discovered. This is why drivers should store such a kit in the trunk at all times for preventive reasons.

Convenient features

Another convenient feature of the windshield repair kit is offered by the application temperature range between 50°F and 75°F. Made specifically to dry out in the sun, it is a quick repair solution. It does not need heating such as the kits used by professionals.

Another convenient aspect of the resin is that it can be applied in shaded areas. This is where car owners have the best visibility and where it’s the easiest to see the cracks being filled by the resin. With an improved spring lock system, applying the resin is not complicated. Following the instructions with photographs makes this even easier.


With an included pedestal and push pin, the windshield repair kit is mainly suitable for small crack.


  • Includes graphic instructions
  • Comes with a razor blade
  • Ships with an adhesive disc
  • Needs no mixing


  • Mainly used on small cracks up to 1 ¼”

4. Yoohe Car Windshield Repair Kit

Yoohe Car Windshield Repair Kit

Why we like it: Dealing with a half-moon, star-shaped or bulls-eye cracks, the kit is very easy to use.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Made from the strongest resins, the kit is one of the options to be considered regardless of the shape of the windshield crack. There are a few cracks which are seen over and over. The half-moon crack is similar to half a circle where the top crack is going to a side, similarly to the bottom part of the crack. The star-shaped crack is probably one of the worst, especially since it can impede vision considerably during the night with oncoming traffic. Another type of crack that the kit can deal with is cobwebs. This type of crack can also take longer to fix.

There are a few things which car owners can do to ensure the success of this kit, which needs to be applied to clean windshields. As soon as a crack appears, drivers should place some tape over it to prevent moisture and dirt getting inside. These types of particles can be blocked inside by the resin.

Convenient features

Using the kit is straightforward. No special tools are needed. Before applying it, users should count on the included blade to scrap out any glass pieces left inside the cracks. Then, the rubber mount needs to be placed in the center of the crack. There is a resin chamber included in the pack and it needs to be put on the rubber mount next. Resin is then introduced via the resin chamber. The cured film is then applied on top. It is ideal to then move the car in direct sunlight for up to 20 minutes.

Detailed instructions are also available on the kit. But it will mainly work with laminated windshields. From cars to trucks and SUVs, it can work to the same high standards regardless of the vehicle. With included curing film, it can be a permanent solution on damaged windshields. It doesn’t need to be removed after it dries completely. At the same time, the resin will stay in place even after rain or after washing the vehicle.


This simple kit is recommended for all types of cracks and it has practical applicators included.


  • Made with quality resin
  • Suitable for bulls-eye and star cracks
  • Applies in minutes
  • Dries in 20 minutes


  • No cleaning air pump included

5. Blue-Star Windshield Repair Kit

Blue-Star Windshield Repair Kit

Why we like it: Made in the USA, this kit contains a resin suitable for application in the shade.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Many windshield repair kits can be used and applied in minutes. But the Blue-Star windshield repair kit is among the most interesting names in its industry. It allows users to apply it fast, even when the temperature is not as high as when using a heat gun.

However, there is no perfect resin for skin safety at the moment and Blue-Star is no exception. This is why the windshield repair kit should be used with a pair of gloves. Some may even consider eye protection glasses as the chemicals are quite strong. This is particularly recommended with long cracks, which take longer to fill.

One mistake people often make with this kit is to simply put the car in the shade to cool it off and then use water to cool it off quickly. Water should not be added to cool off the windshield quicker and the vehicle should be parked in the shade for sufficient time to allow it to naturally cool. Water and moisture might prevent sealing the cracks properly. But even in perfect conditions, the cracks might still be slightly visible.

Convenient features

The kit is based on an injection system, very similar to what is seen on other top products. It works to a high standard when it comes to practicality, mainly due to the compact size of all the pieces. The resin needs to be squeezed into the injector and then applied slowly and continuously. All air should be eliminated from the cracks. Extra pockets of air will be visible if not eliminated.

There are other aspects for beginners to consider. For example, most of the curing time is not dedicated to applying the resin. Most of the time is spent waiting around for the resin to dry. This is why the process itself is quite short. It may be one of the reasons people are skeptical of trying out this solution themselves.

As with all windshield repair kits, there’s an actual limit to what can be achieved. It’s important to understand that if cracks are still large and visible on the windshield, a complete replacement is imminent and recommended for traffic safety.


Those who don’t own a heat gun will find the repair kit suitable for their cracked windshield.


  • Needs no special tools
  • Applies in shade
  • Includes an injector
  • Offers clear instructions


  • Cautions apply when working in the heat

6. Gliston Windshield Repair Kit for Big Cracks

Gliston Windshield Repair Kit for Big Cracks

Why we like it: Dealing with large windshield cracks takes time, this is why this set includes protection gloves.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

The design of this repair kit is very familiar. An application suction tool is placed right above the center of the crack where users need to insert the resin. Since it is made to deal with large cracks, the repair kit needs to be moved around the windshield as needed. Furthermore, it can be one of the solutions to deal with other types of glass repairs.

There’s a new formula for the resin and it has a 20PA shear strength. Unlike a few other resins, it doesn’t yellow in time as it remains transparent. As a result, it can be applied to various cracks. Typical windshield cracks include bulls-eye cracks which are often the result of rocks or debris from the road. The kit can also be seen as a solution to prevent the windshield from cracking further, as this is always the case, regardless of the type of cracks.

Convenient features

It should not take more than an hour to resolve even the largest cracks. The included gloves of the kit can protect the hands during this time. However, the improved resin should be applied sparingly. Too much resin will cause buildup and scrapping it off will take longer as a result.

Since it has strong penetrative action, the resin eliminates air pockets from the cracks. These air pockets are a matter of concern. They are also easy to overlook large cracks. It is always best to apply the resin in good visibility and using the kit in the evening is not recommended as a result. All instructions are easy to follow and they are based on a step-by-step guide. This is why there’s no need to take the vehicle to a windshield specialist for the repair.


Made with a harder resin, this kit is suitable for added durability and it could be an option on commercial vehicles such as vans.


  • Made with 20PA strength
  • Bonds loose glass
  • Suitable for cracks up to 12”
  • 20-minutes repair time


  • Strong smell

7. Arisd Car Windshield Repair Kit

Arisd Car Windshield Repair Kit

Why we like it: With an included pedestal and injector, the kit is used without room for error for most types of repairs.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

This convenient kit is one of the easiest to use. It comes with an included pedestal which practically means users have little room for error such as applying resin outside cracks. The good news is the pedestal doesn’t need to be held with the hand. It is simply temporarily glued to the windshield with the included adhesive sticker.

Once the pedestal is in place, the 2mm resin can be inserted in the syringe. Before applying it through the pedestal, all trapped air from the syringe needs to be eliminated. Once the resin has been applied, it is left to dry naturally.

Convenient features

Suitable for laminated windshields, the kit comes with 5 cured film products. They are applied directly on top of the resin to smooth out the crack. This also means the pieces can be put together to fix large windshield cracks. However, these large cracks can still be troublesome, especially when situated right in front of the driver. If the job is not satisfactory, the windshield should be replaced.

An instructions manual is also included in the kit, detailing all of these steps. Many would see its instructions manual as the best in its class. With clear indications and description of the steps, the manual is easy to follow. It also includes graphics which make it easier to understand how the resin needs to be applied. It can make the difference between a good repair and the best repair results.


This large cracks windshield repair kit is considered for its very clear instructions, especially useful for newbies.


  • Includes 2 adhesive seals
  • Ships with 5 cured film sealants
  • Includes impressive instructions
  • Includes one blade


  • Dangerous in contact with the skin, eyes or painted surfaces

8. Bamoer Auto Windshield Repair Tool

Bamoer Auto Windshield Repair Tool

Why we like it: Minimizing the appearance of chips and cracks, the repair tool is used directly on the windshield without taking it off.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Based on rubber mounts, the resin fills cracks and chips allowing them to be minimized as much as possible. They are not eliminated as this is not possible with any kit. But the resin acts in minutes and allows car owners to continue their journeys without a complete and expensive windshield replacement. The kit is ready for action as soon as the crack appears. If it is applied on the windshield it can also protect the crack by not allowing it to expand.

The kit itself also comes with all products needed in the repair process, not just the resin. The rubber mount is directly installed on the glass while the 5 curing strips included in the pack finish off the task in style. This means that windshield wipers will glide over normally, without any interruptions.

Convenient features

The repair operation lasts up to 20 minutes. Preparation stages will take more. Cleaning the windshield is necessary before. After the resin has dried in the sun, users need to remove the repair film and scrape off any excess resin. The small blade included in the pack is enough for any excess resin.

For the best results, it is recommended to allow the resin to dry out directly in the sun. Professionals would use a heat gun or a UV light for this process. But those repairing the windshield at home will have to find this no-tools solution to rely on for faster resin drying. The kit contains 2ml of resin in a small bottle. This amount is sufficient for most types of cracks.


All cracks up to 20cm can be minimized with the kit and the best part is that it is one of the fastest to dry.


  • Quick-drying time
  • Repairs cracks of up to 20cm
  • Can be used on bulls-eye cracks


  • Will damage the hood if in contact with its paint

9. Versachem 90110 Windshield Repair Kit

Versachem 90110 Windshield Repair Kit

Why we like it: Suitable for chips under 1-1/4”, this repair kit is a one-off product which is applied quickly on small cracks.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Made as a handy solution, this kit is less complicated than others. It is also only made to be used on a single crack. If the windshield has multiple cracks, there is no sufficient resin to deal with multiple issues. However, the kit is made to deal with small cracks just above 1 inch which means cracks have to be dealt with as soon as they appear.

In a way, it is a solution which stops the progression of the damage. This is why it can be one of the leading solutions for those seeking to deal with the crack as soon as it appears. Allowing the crack to enlarge might take it beyond the point of repair.

Convenient features

Since it is made to deal with small cracks, the repair kit is to be applied quickly. Its drying time is 20 minutes. Since the windshield can crack more under pressure, it is not a good idea to lean on the windshield while applying the resin.

Users should always be careful of the solutions they use and they might need to stay clear of the windshield to avoid larger cracks. This can be a problem, especially if the crack is towards the middle of the windshield, an area where it may be harder to reach.

Another good tip is to clean the crack as much as possible. Sand or dirt might enter or even bits of glass might be still present. They can minimize the effect of the repair kit. Furthermore, several users have noted that the results on larger cracks are not worth the effort, so it is best to abide by the official recommendations on applying the resin on cracks of up to 1-1/4”.


This compact solution is a one-off product made to deal with the occasional crack and not with multiple windshield cracks.


  • Great at the beginning of a crack
  • Suitable for all laminated windshields
  • Clear when dry
  • Cures in sunlight


  • Only suitable for one repair

10. Blue Star Windshield Do It Yourself Windshield Repair Kit

Blue Star Windshield Do It Yourself Windshield Repair Kit

Why we like it: Suitable for cracks 2” or below, the windshield repair kit comes with a full list of accessories, including protecting gloves.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

The kit has a simple purpose of minimizing all windshield cracks of up to 2”. Made with a rubber piece and a resin tube, it also includes a syringe which offers the best solution for quick application. The presence of the syringe should mean that the resin is quite hard to get on the hands. However, for protection purposes, users are offered simple gloves as well.

Convenient features

Like many of the best windshield repair kits, it also comes with detailed instructions. The kit is easy to apply and even those following online tutorials agree its best results are actually when applied in the sun. It is important to leave the resin dry out in the sun.

Since it is made for small cracks, there are limitations to this kit as well. One of them is with linear cracks, which are considerably longer than 2”. It may also be the case that these longer linear cracks can cause wiper blade streaking.


Perfect for bulls-eye cracks, the windshield repair kit is one of the best for small cracks.


  • Affordable kit
  • Includes a syringe
  • Includes free gloves
  • Made with a penetrating resin


  • Not made for liner or spider cracks

Guide to Buying the Best Windshield Repair Kit


How fast can I repair my windshield?

A windshield repair may take up to an hour, depending on the size of the crack and the drying time of the resin. Most repair kits advertise repair times of around 30 minutes.

Do I need to clean my windshield?

All windshields need proper cleaning before a repair. This ensures there are no dirt or dust particles left in the cracks.

Can I use a hairdryer on the resin?

Hairdryers are not required for the resin to dry. Most manufacturers only recommend leaving the car out in the sun.

What happens if I get resin on my hands?

If resin gets on the hands, it is best to wash the hands with clean water multiple times. In case rashes or other symptoms persist, it’s best to visit a doctor.

How to use the best windshield repair kit

When it comes to using the windshield repair kit, even the best products need plenty of attention. The good news is the repair process is similar on all products. Regardless of the chosen windshield repair kit, all of them have to go through similar steps.

Prepare the windshield and the crack

One of the most underrated steps is the actual preparing of the crack. It needs to be clean and dry. It is not advisable to apply resin on a wet windscreen, which can be the case after rain or after taking the car out of the carwash.

The crack can be cleaned with any type of blowing tool or a microfiber cloth. Those cleaning the cracks with a cloth also need to ensure there are no fibers left on the cracks as they’ll get trapped by the resin. The best preparation is always the one which is not rushed.

A good tip to take into consideration is that the actual cleaning of the windshield is going to take longer than the resin application time. Even if a brand advertises a windshield which is repaired in minutes, it may still take longer to follow through with the repair, especially if the crack has dirt build-up.

A windshield can also be repaired as soon as the crack appears. Drivers who store a repair kit in the trunk can pull over and immediately apply the resin in case of a windshield crack, such as those caused by small rocks on the road. This stage normally requires minimum cleaning and it is also one of the best solutions to stop the crack spreading further.

Apply the resin

The actual application of the resin is normally similar from kit to kit. Small resin containers are included in these kits, but they are not applied directly from the container. Instead, they are applied via a resin holder or in most cases, via a syringe.

Adding the resin to the syringe is next. Before using the resin on the crack, all excess air should be removed from the syringe. Most kits have enough resin for one application and this is why it should only be used on the crack, starting with its center point.

Spread the resin along the crack

The resin can also be applied along the length of the crack. It is normal to spread it out and some resins can deal with longer cracks than others. However, there are various techniques applied with long cracks, as they are more difficult to deal with.

One of these techniques requires an extra pair of hands for help. While the windshield is slightly pushed from the inside of the vehicle for the cracks to open up, another person fills the cracks with resin from the outside. This is why it can be one of the best options when it comes to filling long cracks which are hard to reach by the resin at times. If the resin doesn’t fully penetrate the cracks, air pockets remain inside. This is why it’s worth having some extra help to deal with this issue. At the same time, it is also worth investing in the solutions which are penetrative by nature as there are different quality resins to choose from.

Leave the resin dry

Leaving the resin dry can be one of the most nerve-wracking actions. Since there’s nothing to do but wait, many users simply don’t have what it takes when it comes to proper patience. At the same time, the repair kit states that most resins dry in the sun.

Alternative methods involve suing UV guns as well as heat guns. But the average user doesn’t have these tools and using the simplest solution for drying is the best approach. It should not take more than an hour for the resin to dry. However, once dry, the protective film needs to be removed and all excess resin needs to be scrapped away.

Remove excess resin

Excess resin is found on nearly all applications. It is why many users need to consider the time needed to remove this at the end of the repair process. Normal kits include scrapping blades. These small blades are similar to shaving blades and they are applied with moderate strength to remove resin, without scratching the surface of the windshield.

The excess resin might be very hard to remove if it is not scrapped after application to the cracks. It’s worth investing in the products which resist a long period but they can only do so when properly used. At the same time, all excess resin will represent a small bump in the path of the wiper blades. But most importantly, the excess resin can do more harm to the visibility form the vehicle.

Final considerations

When buying the best windshield repair kit, it is important to understand that no product is perfect. At the same time, some windshields are beyond repair. If visibility is poor even after the repair, a replacement windshield is needed.

There are plenty of cracks which can be fixed or their appearance minimized. This is why it is important to note the various cracks and how they can be fixed with a single resin application. Most of these cracks can be dealt with in their incipient stages. This means car owners need to act quickly. Most resins can stop cracks from becoming longer.

After applying the resin by the book, driving can be resumed in normal conditions. The real driving test will be during the night when incoming traffic with vehicle lights can represent a problem on visibility along the windshield cracks. If these cracks are no longer visible, the task is finished. At the same time, larger cracks can look considerably smaller. A small dot on the windscreen will not affect visibility and even with it, drivers can still be safe and enjoy the best visibility.

All of these tips apply to cars which are out of warranty. In many cases, new cars in their warranty period will need to be taken to the dealer for a repair or a windshield replacement. In some cases, the insurance company will pay for a new windshield.

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