Kumho Tires Review and Buyer’s Guide

Kumho Tires Review and Buyer’s Guide

When you have to choose a set of tires for your car, you want to make sure that it’s a high-quality tire. You need to pay attention to the rubber used, the treads of the tire, the sidewall, and how long the company warranties their product for. When you look at all of these factors side-by-side, make sure that the tire you’re looking at checks off all of the boxes. If a tire fails you, it might cost you more than just money; a blown tire can harm both you and your car.

Kumho tires are well-known in the automotive industry for providing high-quality tires at a fair price. The tires that Kumho Tire Company manufacturers are durable, safe, and come with plenty of variation. From an extensive warranty to quality treads, Kumho tires fit the needs of most consumers and bring value to the table.

Kumho tires have had a lot of time to develop, and over the last sixty years, they’ve been able to have their engineers come up with outstanding tires. Not only are their tires great, but Kumho tires are known for being affordable for everyone. In fact, Kumho tires are much less expensive than some of the top brands like Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Toyo Tires.

Kumho Tire Company can maintain a low price and high quality by reverse-engineering the best tires they find or produce. When they notice that something is working, or if they lack in a specific area, Kumho adapts and changes. Also, Kumho tires can be made using recycled rubber, which in some cases drives the price down even further.

If you want to learn more about Kumho tires and if they can be a good fit for your vehicle, read on. We’ll be breaking down everything you need to know about the famous tire brand, from their history to their design features. Let’s get started.

A Brief History of Kumho Tires

Learning about Kumho Tire Company and the tires that they produce is more than just going over a handful of their bestselling tires. For this reason, we’re going to spend some time laying out the vast history that made Kumho Tire Company what it is today.

Kumho tires have been in production for a long time. The company was established in 1960, by Park In-chon, as a part of the Kumho Asiana Group called Samyang Tire. The name changed from Samyang Tires to Kumho Tire Company as the brand began to evolve throughout the 20th century, which is why the company is now known as Kumho Tire Company today.

Kumho Asiana Group is a South Korean conglomerate that owns businesses within the automotive industry, Korean art museums, electric companies, and other South Korean brands. Kumho Tire company-operated safely under the shield of Kumho Asiana Group for decades. Still, in 2018 Kumho Tires branched out on their own after a rubber scandal impacted the trust of the brand. Today, the Chinese tire manufacturer Doublestar owns the majority of shares in Kumho Tire Company.

When the company first began producing tires, these tires were not only consumer tires. Kumho Tire Company had a lot of dealings with South Korean aerospace companies and began to work on many different projects for aircraft. By working on tires that need to be built to specific specifications to fit the needs of tight-window operations, Kumho Tire Company became great at making tires for many different uses. Plus, the experiences they had working with aerospace companies allowed them to build a better tire for passenger cars as well.

Kumho Tire Company started small, but as the brand became successful, the company grew. Headquartered in South Korea, the company opened numerous subsidiary companies for different markets. One example of a Kumho Tire subsidiary is Kumho Tyre Ltd, their subsidiary located in Birmingham, England. Kumho Tire Company also maintains seven plants across the world, and they’re split evenly between China and South Korea, with one plant being located in Vietnam.

Aside from manufacturing capabilities, Kumho Tire Company favors research just as much as other brands. The company has three research facilities geared towards product development and enhancement. These facilities are located in the United States, South Korea, and England. Kumho Tire Company also produces tires for another brand, Marshall, which is a tire brand that many of you may be familiar with.

Kumho Tire Company has a complicated history, but that history has forged them into the company they are today. While there may have been scandals in the past, Kumho Tire Company recalled all faulty tires has had no code issues in almost a decade. Overall, Kumho Tire Company is a brand you can trust.

What Sets Kumho Tires Apart

Kumho Tire Company is a particular tire company. While every tire company tends to have its unique selling point, it appears as if Kumho Tire Company took each selling point of the top brands and combined them. Here is what we mean.


Kumho knows how to bring value to their customers. Tires don’t need to be expensive to bring safety and quality, which is an idea that Kumho has built a lot of momentum on. Not only are their tires affordable, but they’re attainable for everyone.

The way that Kumho provides value is unique in that its tires are not cutting-edge or flashy. Kumho takes existing tire designs and builds upon them to offer you only the best tires possible. When you take what’s already working, and improve on it, the value that you’re bringing customers is huge. Sure, their tires may not stand out as much, but they’re able to engineer high-quality tires without the high price tag.

When it comes to pricing, Kumho makes sure that their tires are less expensive than some of the big competitors. For example, Kumho tires tend to be between thirty and forty percent less costly than Bridgestone and Michelin tires. Keep in mind that this doesn’t apply to every single tire from Kumho, but on their passenger line of tires this is almost always the case.


Kumho offers superior durability compared to its competitors. While their tires may not be the strongest on the market, the warranty that covers them is. Kumho knows how important it is for your tires to stay on the road longer, and they’ve taken the necessary steps to make sure that you’re covered if something happens.

Kumho tires are made with strong tread walls derived from polymer and rubber from China. While Chinese rubber carries a negative stigma, Kumho proves that the stigma is far from the truth. Kumho builds strong tires by overestimating their tread life and studying how their tread wears down based on your driving style.

As a company, Kumho approaches tires differently. Instead of giving a generic tread life rating, it looks at all of the different types of driving. Every one of their tires is tested for city driving, highway driving, intense competition driving, and safe driving. By considering these different styles of driving, Kumho can make accurate assumptions about the life of their tread. An example of this in practice is how Kumho suggests you can get 10% more tread life or 10% less tread life based on how you drive.


Kumho Tire Company is excellent at giving consumers a comprehensive warranty. In many cases, the warranty they provide will last the entire lifespan of a tire. Not only do you get a quality tire from Kumho, but in some cases, you can get a brand new tire if anything happens to yours. Kumho knows how important this can be for a consumer, which is why their warranties are some of the best you can find.

The warranty that Kumho tires come with depends on the tire, and on average, the warranty tends to be around 45,000 to 55,000 miles. Compared to other companies, this is about average. Where Kumho exceeds the competition, though, is with its line of tires that have an 85,000-mile warranty. Not only is this warranty impressive, but when you factor in the price of their tires, Kumho quickly becomes a bargain.


One aspect of Kumho that stands out is the variety that the company brings to the table. Kumho knows that everyone drives a different vehicle, which means that they need to have a wide variety of tires. The good news is that Kumho has one of the broadest variety of tires that you can find.

Kumho tires may appear generic at first, and in some cases this is true, but everyone can get their hands on a quality Kumho tire. The company produces off-road tires, performance tires, summer tires, all-season tires, winter tires, and more. Plus, not only does Kumho make all of these tires, but they each come in plenty of different size options. The typical sizes of Kumho tires that you can find ranges from 14 inches to 30 inches. So, truck or car, Kumho has you covered.

Special Performance Packages

Kumho tires are made with many different drivers in mind, which means that each line of their tires offers distinct benefits. Kumho has a lot of variety, from sports tires to off-road tires, everyone is included. While this may be the case, Kumho has unique performance packages that appeal to performance enthusiasts. If you have a high-end car or partake in driving at the track, Kumho will suit you.

Kumho’s performance line of tires is all about stopping power. It’s one thing to go fast and grab traction, but coming to a stop is equally important. If you can’t hit the breaks, the safety of both you and your vehicle is at risk. For this reason, Kumho focuses on making sure that their performance tires have the proper tread for enhanced stopping power. Along with this stopping power, Kumho makes sure that the tread keeps the tire on the road too. For hooking, cornering, or drifting, Kumho tires can be a great choice.

Kumho’s performance line of tires also emphasize longevity of your vehicle’s components. When you have enhanced braking power, it can prolong the lifespan of your car’s braking system. From the calipers down to the pads, Kumho tires can preserve the entire mechanism. When considering handling, Kumho tires can ease the burden of your shocks and struts when going through turns or over pot-holes.

Kumho Tires Design Features

We’ve gone over what makes Kumho Tire Company a great brand, but now it’s time to shift our focus onto the tires themselves. In this section, we’ll take a look at a handful of design features that make Kumho tires high-quality.

3D Imaging

Using computers to enhance the design of tires is fairly new technology, and it’s only been around for about a decade. Kumho uses 3D imaging to test their tires before they make it to your vehicle. These tests include safety, handling, and durability. Kumho also uses this same imaging technology to make sure that their tires can be sized accordingly for a wide variety of vehicles. The research and development of this technology is overseen in the United States to make sure that all Kumho tires are up to code.

ESCOT Tension Control Technology

ESCOT Tension Control Technology is used in Kumho passenger tires to enhance the amount of grip they have. Increasing the grip is achieved by using this technology as a coating that holds the edges, sidewall, and treads firmly together. For durability, when you have the entire tire using each of its parts in unison, the tire is going to last much longer.


Kumho does something special with their tires to make sure that they stick to the road. To increase the amount of traction that you have, select Kumho tires feature microtreads. These microtreads work by creating hundreds of small biting edges to help you stick to the road. To compare this to other tires, most tires only have a handful of biting edges woven within them. The microtreads are unique, efficient, and they’re helpful with handling.

Silica Tread Compound

Silica-strengthened tire treads increase a tire’s ability to navigate through water, snow, ice, and dirt. The silica compound is made up of rapeseed oil, rubber, and silica. The combination blends to create a coating that seals the tire to help it ward off these harsh elements.

Silica-enhanced tires also have a longer lifespan. When a tire can successfully defeat the elements, that tire is going to last longer than tires that fail to do so. Instead of taking punishment, Kumho silica enhanced tires can negate that punishment. For this reason, certain Kumho products have warranties well over 50,000 miles.

Deep Sipes

Deep sipes are important in tires for a few reasons, but you want mainly deep sipes to disperse water and other hazards while you’re on the road. Kumho uses deep sipes in their tires to keep your vehicle from hydroplaning and losing control. If you happen to lose control of your vehicle, the deep sipes that Kumho puts in their treads helps you regain control quickly.

Kumho Tires Sponsors and Recognition

Speaking about the quality of a tire is one thing, but understanding a company’s mission is also essential. Kumho is a company that values programs other than automotive ones, and this is evident within their sponsorships and community programs.

Record-Breaking Tire Production

South Korea came into the tire market late, but Kumho Tire Company propelled them into the global market. The South Korean tire company was able to break the Korean record by producing over one million tires by 1976. Then, Kumho Tire Company continued to grow.

Throughout the 1990s, the company ramped up production and made Kumho tires a well-known brand around the world. In 1990, their production number exceeded one hundred million tires, and they became the 10th largest tire company globally.

Good Design Award

Kumho had three of their tires win the Good Design Award, along with 27 other tires from popular companies. The Good Design Award is an important metric to consider because it takes 3D imaging, safety, durability, and the materials used into consideration. The tires that won this award include the ecsta PA51, the Majesty 9 Solus TA91, and the WinterCraft Wi51. So, not only did Kumho win this award, but they received the award for off-road tires, all-season tires, and their winter tires.

The Play Safe Campaign

One of Kumho’s more well-known partnerships is with the Manchester United Football Club. While the two entities operate as partners in some cases, Kumho is currently listed as a sponsor and platinum chip partner. Through this sponsorship, Kumho made themselves recognized and revered in the Manchester community.

The Play Safe campaign was a huge success and saw Kumho teaching children about the dangers of playing in the busy roads. The goal of the program was to partner with Manchester United Football Club to educate the youth living there, and overall, the campaign was a great success.

European Formula 3 Racing

Kumho sponsors companies from around the world and is a big fan of pumping money back into the sports and automotive industries. One example of this is their partnership with American racing events and European racing events. European Formula 3 Racing had a lack of sponsors, but Kumho was quick to insert themselves into the problem to create a solution.

NBA Sponsorship

Kumho Tire Company is one of the largest donors that the NBA has. When you look at an NBA court, you’ll be able to spot Kumho Tire Company’s logo. The sponsorship between the NBA and Kumho Tire Company has been ongoing since February of 2014.

Who Are Kumho Tires For?

Kumho tries their best to make sure that their tires are suitable for everyone. In most cases, Kumho tires can be an excellent choice for most consumers. Still, knowing who Kumho tires work best for is vital if you’re considering choosing these tires for your vehicle.

Kumho tires incorporate a lot of great qualities, but what makes them stand out the most is the price, quality, and warranty. If you’ve recently lost a tire or failed an inspection due to a lack of tread, Kumho tires are a cheap fix that won’t have to think too much about. Kumho tires can save you money, and additional trips back to the shop.

While Kumho makes great off-road and competition tires for select vehicles, where they excel is with all-season tires for passenger cars and light trucks. Their all-season line of tires comes with one of the best tread warranties you can find, and they’re more affordable than other brands.

If you’re considering using these tires on a high-end car or a vehicle you won’t be using every day, you might want to avoid Kumho tires. In this case, you’ll notice that the tires won’t last as long if you’re not always using them. What this means is simple; the tire will wear down before you reach the warranty. Overall, Kumho tires are for people looking to get the most value out of a tire and drive their cars often.

Best-Selling Kumho Tires

Kumho Tire Company makes a lot of tires. Kumho tires come in all different styles, dimensions, shapes, and utility. While this may be the case, that there are a few tires that Kumho sells a lot of. These tires include:

Road Venture AT51

The Road Venture AT51 line of Kumho tires is an all-terrain tire that delivers on its promise. These all-terrain tires use a tread design that incorporates multiple biting edges to help you grip the road in harsh weather conditions, even the snow. Plus, the Road Venture AT51 tires offer a quiet and smooth ride.

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Kumho Wintercraft

The Kumho Wintercraft line of tires is best suited for drivers that have to deal with snowy conditions. The tires have plenty of biting edges to hold up well in deep slush, snow, ice, and even black ice. One thing that makes this tire unique is that it has a special stud design that helps the tire grip down on the road in more than one area. When you’re stuck in the snow, you need all of the help you can get.

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Crugen Premium KL33

For off-road drivers, Kumho created the Crugen Premium KL33 tire. The Crugen Premium Kl33 is a monster of a tire, and it provides a well-rounded off-road experience with the usage of wide tread gaps and micro tread grooves within those gaps. Traction and stability wise, these tires are tough to beat.

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Kumho went all-in with the ECSTA PS31 tire. For a performance tire, it comes at a fair price and offers remarkable style with the checkered flag on the sidewall. The tire is made with 3D imaging to make sure the four-channel wide grooves are perfect in each tire, and that the solid rib center behind the sidewall remains sturdy. For a quality performance tire at a fair price, the ECSTA PS31 is a great option.

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A List of Kumho Tires

Kumho Tire Company has a lot of best selling tires. The four tires that we’ve shown you so far are great, but they don’t fit the needs of everyone. Here is a look at every tire that Kumho has available:

Passenger Tires

Extreme Performance Summer

Ecsta V720

Max Performance Summer

Ecsta PS91

Ultra High-Performance Summer

Ecsta PS31

Ultra High-Performance All-Season

Ecsta 4X II
Ecsta ASX
Ecsta PA51

High-Performance All-Season

Ecsta AST
Ecsta PA31

Grand Touring All-Season

Ecsta LX Platinum
Majesty 9 Solus TA91
Majesty Solus
Solus KH16
Solus KH25
Solus TA31
Solus TA31+
Solus TA71
Solus XC

Standard Touring All-Season

Solus TA11
Racetrack & Autocross Only
Ecsta V700
Streetable Track & Competition
Ecsta V720 ACR
Temporary/Compact Spare
Spare Tire T121
Spare Tire T131

Light Truck and SUV Tires

Street/Sport Truck All-Season

Ecsta STX KL12

Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season

Crugen HP71
Crugen Premium
Solus KL21

Highway All-Season

Crugen HT51
Road Venture APT KL51

On-/Off-Road All-Terrain

Road Venture AT51

Off-Road Maximum Traction

Road Venture MT KL71
Road Venture MT51

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