Lionhart Tires Review and Buyer’s Guide

Lionhart Tires Review and Buyer’s Guide

Lionhart Tires is a company that hasn’t been around for long. Still, they’ve made a big splash in the domestic and foreign markets in recent years. The tires that the company produces offer innovation, technology, special fitment, performance, unique cosmetic and pricing options, and even off-road performance. Like brands that have been around for decades, Lionhart has become a competitor that’s worth looking at.

Lionhart Tires have not always been the most widespread, but now they offer tires for almost any make and model. Regardless of whether it’s a passenger car, luxury vehicle, off-road truck, or any other vehicle, Lionhart Tires have a tire for you.

The “lion” in Lionhart symbolizes strength, durability, courage, and leadership. The “Hart” in Lionhart symbolizes caring, value, moral integrity, and pride. While the meaning of a brand name doesn’t directly affect their products, Lionhart Tires hold up to these values presented in their name.

For example, Lionhart Tires have been exceeding European and American standards for the past five years. The Lionhart Tires that exceed these expectations can be found on sports cars and high-end vehicles like the Mercedes Maybach, Jaguar F-Type, and other premium vehicles. When high-end companies respect Lionhart Tires, it’s a great indication that the brand is made with good quality.

Lionhart Tires, overall, are high-quality tires that offer safety and durability at less than market value. Compared to other tire companies, Lionhart Tires tend to provide more bang for your buck in every tire category. If you want to learn more about Lionhart Tires, and whether or not they can be a good fit for your vehicle, read on. We’ll be taking a look at the company’s history, and what makes a Lionhart tire special.

A Brief History of Lionhart Tires

Lionhart Tires are manufactured in China and marketed towards the North American markets. The market includes Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Lionhart Tires have been around for about five years, and during that time, they’ve been able to exceed expectations and develop positive reviews. The history of Lionhart Tires is a brief one, but one worth looking at. In the short five years that they’ve been around, Lionhart Tires have become a staple brand in the United States.

Lionhart Tires entered the market as recently as 2015, and the company struggled to gain ground at first. The reason behind their struggle was a lack of consumer trust due to their tires being manufactured overseas in China. The quality of some Chinese products is questionable, and other Chinese tire brands failed to maintain the quality that Japanese and American tire brands tend to have. So, when Lionhart Tires was introduced to the American market, other companies and consumers were quick to discredit the brand.

While this was the case when Lionhart Tires inserted itself into the western market, the Chinese stigma quickly went to the wayside once consumers began to see the value that they provide. Lionhart Tires typically boast high ratings, an average of over 4 stars on Amazon, which is important considering they’re up against top brands like Toyo Tires, Goodyear, Bridgestone, and Sumitomo. While that score may not be perfect, it signifies a step in the right direction.

Lionhart Tires were able to gain a footing in the Western market around 2018 when it launched a marketing campaign through social media outlets. By using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the company was able to show consumers how great their brand was. At first, consumers were skeptical, but this changed quickly.

The reason that consumers began to trust Lionhart is simple; their tires were just as good as homegrown and Japanese brands. For example, Lionhart offers similar treadwear warranties on tires that cost half the price of other tires. When you have a cheap product that performs like the best, it’s easy to gain footing in hostile markets.

Today, Lionhart tires continue to build on their momentum. While they’re still a bit behind some of the best brands in the United States, they’re starting to catch up. With the quality and style that Lionhart tires have, it won’t be long before they match the sales of better-known brands. So, if this is the first time you’re hearing about Lionhart Tires, it won’t be the last.

What Makes Lionhart Tires Special

Lionhart Tires are special for a few reasons, but the biggest one is their value. Lionhart Tires know the value of good tires, and along with that value, innovation followed. Let’s have a look at what makes Lionhart Tires special.

Social Media Support and Presence

One of the most underrated components of a tire company is its active engagement with the community. Lionhart Tires is one of the few companies that speaks directly with consumers on their social media platforms, and in some cases, even supports them. When you follow a Lionhart social media account, it doesn’t seem like a corporate account, but an account run by one of your close friends.

At times this can seem like an odd business decision, but when you operate an account in a friendly way, it makes the company more approachable. Instead of putting up a barrier between themselves and consumers, Lionhart Tires eases anxiety while building trust. Plus, other big brands like Wendy’s tend to use social media similarly—it’s only nearly unheard of among tire companies.

Lionhart Tires maintains a social media presence across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While their Twitter account is slacking, that slack is picked up by their 7,000+ Instagram followers. The account features deals and discounts, promotes their brand, and supports enthusiasts that sport their tires. While social media engagement might not be important to everyone, maintaining a relationship with consumers is a sign that a company cares about the product they make.


Lionhart Tires understands a consumer’s need for value in a tire. Your tires need to last long, but they also need to be affordable if you plan on replacing them. Lionhart Tires are marketed as replacement tires, and for the value, Lionhart Tires are some of the best replacements you can find

The value of Lionhart Tires is impressive. Compared to other tires designed to serve the same purpose, Lionhart Tires cost almost half of the price in all vehicle categories. Whereas as a standard passenger tire can cost upwards of $80 to $110, Lionhart passenger tires cost half the price. Also, while Lionhart tires tend to be inexpensive, the company still includes a warranty on most of their tires.

The standard warranty that you’ll come across is 30,000 miles, but some passenger tires can see up to a 40,000-mile warranty. While their promise may not seem impressive compared to brands like Goodyear, you have to consider that you’re paying half the price. Overall, Lionhart creates a perfect blend of value within their tires that makes them an appealing choice.


Lionhart Tires knows how vital a large selection of tire options is. Everyone has different vehicle needs, which is why Lionhart Tires keeps a tire stock that can accommodate most makes and models. Plus, even if your vehicle doesn’t fit any tires they have, Lionhart Tires can be special ordered to fit your vehicle.

Lionhart Tires are versatile and offer a wide range of sizes and dimensions between 14 and 25 inches. Lionhart Tires offer a selection of off-road tires, summer tires, luxury tires, competition tires, and customizable options for special vehicles like trailers. The versatility you can find with Lionhart Tires is one of the best qualities that the company has.

As a bonus, Lionhart Tires manufacturers tires for trailer usage. One of the many issues that trailer owners face is finding the right tire for their trailer. A lot of popular tire brands tend to overlook the importance of appealing to these consumers, but Lionhart does the best they can to make sure that trailer owners are taken care of.


Lionhart Tires provide exceptional value without sacrificing quality and innovation. Products made in China tend to carry a stigma of poor quality, but Lionhart Tires have been shown to hold up just as well as Japanese and American counterparts. Their tires tend to have quality on par with top tire manufacturers, and they even exceeded expectations of Europe and the United States.

Lionhart Tires maintain a lot of contracts with high-end sports car companies who use their tires as OEM parts. Lionhart Tires display superior technology, innovation, and durability suitable to be used as a vehicle’s initial set of tires in any situation. Plus, when a high-end company is using Lionhart tires as OEM tires, you know that they’re quality tested and assured.


One thing that a lot of tire companies fail to achieve is stylish tires that enhance the appearance of your vehicle. The style of a tire can add to the street appeal of your vehicle, and give your vehicle the cosmetic touch that it needs. Where others fail at producing a nice looking tire, Lionhart thrives.

Lionhart tires come with plenty of tread options to fit your style needs. Each tread pattern has different benefits, but based on the choices you have, you’ll always be safe on the road regardless of which style of tire you choose. If you want tires that look great on your vehicle, Lionhart tires are some of the best looking tires you can find.

Lionhart Design Features

Lionhart Tires are designed to fit the needs of a majority of consumers. With superior technology and testing capacity, Lionhart Tires are designed with care and durability in mind. Let’s take a look at some design features that are found in Lionhart Tires.

Ultra-High-Performance Passenger Tires

Lionhart Tires caters to the speed demon in everyone. The company knows that some consumers may delve in high-speed fun on the street, even in cars that aren’t sports cars.

A unique product that Lionhart Tires produces is an ultra-high-performance passenger tire (UHP). While other companies advertise high-performance tires, Lionhart Tires can be fitted to passenger cars like sedans, minivans, and light trucks.

Computer Testing

In the past, computers and tires used to be separate. Now, almost every company uses computer imaging and 3D designs to ensure that their tires are of the highest quality. Along with other tire manufacturers, Lionhart Tires emphasizes their use of computer technology when building a tire.

Lionhart Tires are tested and quality assured with the help of 3D computer imaging. While this design feature isn’t unique to Lionhart Tires, their use of this testing shows that their tires are on par with more well-known brands. Lionhart Tires are tested for treadwear, handling, and size dimensions before they ever make it to your vehicle.

Twin High Angled Lateral Tread Grooves

On Lionhart’s line of truck and off-road tires, you’ll find unique tread grooves that enhance the appearance and performance of your vehicle. The channels within these treads ensure that a tire doesn’t have premature wear and that there is a smooth transition from pavement to dirt. The high angled grooves provide a comfortable riding experience that increases the lifespan of a tire.

The construction of these tires is robust, and unlike some other tire brands, Lionhart is not afraid to add a little bit of steel to their tires. Twin steel belts lined with polyester sit behind the sidewall of a Lionhart tire, which ensures that debris and damage is repelled easily. Compared to tires that only use polymer and rubber, the addition of steel adds the necessary weight and strength to keep your vehicle grounded.

Symmetrical Tread Blocks

Symmetrical tread blocks ensure that a tire won’t collapse on itself and lower the chance of a blowout on the road. Whereas asymmetrical tread blocks enhance performance at high-speed, symmetrical tread blocks keep your vehicle secured to the road without the risk of blowing out or spinning out. On a passenger car, symmetrical tread blocks are the way to go.

These tread blocks incorporate the same usage of steel, polymer, and rubber, which makes it easier to recover if your vehicle loses control on the road. Whether you’re on the street or at the track, it’s nice to know that you can recover if you encounter danger.

Silica-Enhanced Tread

By enhancing their tread with silica, Lionhart can make tires that last longer than the competition. The silica enhancement boasts superior durability compared to standard tires and makes sure that your tires hold their tread life well beyond your expectations.

Silica enhanced tire treads also increase performance and traction in winter conditions. The compound consists of rapeseed oil, rubber, and silica. When these materials are mixed, snow and ice are easily warded off as a tire rolls over them. For grip, a silica-enhanced tire is better than standard carbon black.

Superior Handling

The handling of your tires is crucial, because without proper handling you can be putting yourself in danger. For this reason, Lionhart Tires is a company that values tread that promotes good handling. Lionhart Tires are made with different tread patterns that serve different purposes for each line of tires.

Their all-season treads tend to focus on deep sipes that displace water to improve traction in unfavorable conditions, and their off-road tires focus on wide tread gaps to enhance comfort and traction surface area across the dirt.

Not every Lionhart tire has the same tread pattern, which is another thing that makes the brand worth considering. Depending on the conditions that you’ll be driving in, you can choose different tire options. For handling, this is important for a few reasons. The main reason is that an off-road vehicle will need to handle differently than a passenger car, which means you need a different tread pattern.

Lionhart Brand Recognition

Lionhart Tires haven’t been around for long, but due to their rapid rise they’ve been able to establish themselves as a well-respected tire company. So, let’s have a look at what makes Lionhart Tires special.

High-End Recognition

Lionhart Tires are found on some of the most expensive vehicles out there, and not as aftermarket tires, but as OEM tires. High-end brands like Mercedes choose Lionhart to support their luxury vehicles, sports cars, and in some cases, passenger cars. When high-end brands use a tire, it’s a good idea to use that same tire. Not only do high-end companies use Lionhart Tires, but a lot of them maintain contracts with the company; Mercedes is one of them.

Who Lionhart Tires Are For

Lionhart Tires are made for the North American market, and while they’re made in China, they do offer remarkable value overall. Lionhart Tires have a specific niche that they fit into, so let’s take a look at who these tires are best for.

Replacement Tires

Lionhart Tires are for consumers that need cheap replacement tires. While they offer a wide range of benefits, the value of Lionhart Tires is superior to the competition. For replacement tires, Lionhart Tires are the best option. When you need a replacement tire, replacing the whole set is a great way to keep your car looking uniform and riding smoothly. Not only do they look great on your vehicle, but in some cases, you can get a full set of Lionhart tires for under $200.

High-End Vehicle Owners

For those of you that own a luxury vehicle or sports car, Lionhart tires are a great choice. Lionhart tires are less expensive than similar high-end tires, and with luxury vehicles, Lionhart tires can be found as OEM parts. The stylish tread patterns that Lionhart tires offer also makes them the perfect choice for making any luxury vehicle look even better.

The Bestselling Lionhart Tires

While Lionhart Tires have tires for all vehicles, there are a few tires that sell better than others. Before we present you with a list of all the possible tire choices, let’s take a look at the bestselling tires.

Lionhart LH-001

The Lionhart LH-001 tire is one of the more well-rounded tires that Lionhart makes. The LH-001 tire is an all-season tire that promotes good fuel efficiency, excellent traction, and durability that can last well over 50,000 miles. The Lionhart LH-001 also has the most extensive warranty that the company offers.

LionClaw MT

The LionClaw MT is Lionhart’s best off-road option. These tires are designed for crossovers, jeeps, trucks, light trucks, and select passenger cars. What makes these tires special is the wide tread gap and their ability to handle harsh terrain and weather conditions. When considering an off-road tire, for the price, the LionClaw MT tire is an excellent option.


The LH-Eleven tire is one of Lionhart’s performance lines of tires. These tires are relatively new, but they hold up very well on high-end cars and passenger cars. Whether or not you’re drifting, cornering, or drag racing, these tires get the job done well. Not only do these tires perform well, but they also look attractive with their tread design.

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The LH-CTS line of tires is focused on trailer applications. These tires are popular because of their inexpensive price tag, durability, and 30,000-mile warranty. Not a lot of tire brands focus on the needs of trailer owners, which makes these tires a great choice.

A List of Available Lionhart Tires

You’ve seen the best tires that Lionhart has to offer, but there are plenty of tires available. Here is a look at all of the Lionhart tires being sold today:



Light truck



  • LH-CTS

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