The Security Light Is on, but My Car Is Not Starting, Why?

The Security Light Is on, but My Car Is Not Starting, Why?

There are various reasons for your car not to start even though the security or theft light is on. We’re going to take you through the main possible things it could be.

Drained Car Batteries

Your car’s batteries are drained and need to be recharged for it to turn on. Batteries require a high voltage current to start, while the security warning light, on the other hand, requires very little power input to stay on. Even a drained battery can supply sufficient power to keep an LED light on because they draw minimal current.

Restarting Your Car

If you want to restart your car, you’ll have to jumpstart it with a booster pack or with the help of jumper cables from another vehicle. If you know how to do this, you’ll be able to go on your way with no additional steps required to fix the issue. If not, and you’re stranded at a remote location, you can call 1-800-AAA-HELP to be connected to the nearest AAA Roadside Assistance Center.

Alternator Problem

It’s also possible that your car batteries are fine and the car’s not restarting due to other issues. Get the battery tested and see whether the problem lies elsewhere, like the alternator going out. It could cause some instruments to keep drawing power from the battery even when the engine is shut off, resulting in a drained battery that fails to supply adequate voltage for the car to start. A loose, frayed, or cracking alternator belt could also lead to poor alternator performance.

Electrical System Issues

If the security light stays on after restarting the car, there may be an issue with your vehicle’s electrical system, requiring additional service by a qualified technician.

Blown fuses are the leading cause of malfunctioning electrical systems in a car. There might be excessive current flowing through the fuse system leading to burnt fuses or damage to tertiary equipment like LED lights, radio transmitters, etc. The security light might also not switch off due to the continuous current flow to the bulb because of faulty wiring.

While some electrical problems are easy to identify and troubleshoot, most car electrical systems are complicated entities that shouldn’t be messed with unless you are an expert.

Spark Plug Issues

If the electrical system is working fine and the battery testing shows no problems, the culprit might be the spark plug. If there’s a lack of adequate electric current flowing to the spark plug, your engine will struggle to turn on or not start at all. Check for loose spark plug wires, faulty wiring, or other issues with the spark plug components to resolve the issue.

Get your car serviced if your alternator or spark plugs aren’t in ship shape. It’s also imperative to visit the service center if your interior or exterior lights behave erratically, draw continuous power, drain engine batteries, or otherwise cause trouble when starting your vehicle.

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