What Is the VSA System in Honda Cars?

What Is the VSA System in Honda Cars?

The auto tech industry is evolving faster than ever, with electric and self-driving cars being praised worldwide. However, despite these big changes stealing all the attention, some small additions make cars more secure and improve the overall driving experience.

One of the new security improvements is Honda’s VSA system that can help reduce the number of road accidents and assist driving in poor weather conditions.

What Is the VSA System?

What Is the VSA System

VSA is the abbreviation for Vehicle Stability Assist, and it is included in most newer Honda models. It uses fine-tuned sensors to monitor road conditions, enhance control by increasing traction, and improve stability when accelerating, turning, and braking.

VSA is automatically on each time you start your engine, but you can turn it off if you feel like you don’t need its help. However, this security system can be of great assistance when driving in rainy and snowy weather when the traction is reduced. In these situations, people often slide, skid, or plow due to loss of control, and VSA can intervene to prevent these events and save you from a road accident.

The VSA system can brake individual wheels, regulate engine power, and perform similar functions a driver wouldn’t be able to do in a split second (or ever). It can also increase handling during turning when you don’t steer enough, or you tend to oversteer.

Why Is My VSA Light on During Driving?

If you see a blinking light that looks like a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in the middle, it means that VSA has assisted your driving. The system has been activated to help steer the car more safely, and you may notice a few changes when you drive, such as a short-term decreased engine power.

If you see the VSA light blinking a little too often, you may want to pay attention to your driving. The warning light can also stay on permanently, which usually means that you have disabled the VSA system. You can use the console switch to turn it back on.

Sometimes when the VSA light is permanently on, it may indicate that something is wrong with the system. If this occurs during driving, you should pull to the side of the road, turn the engine off, and then turn it back on. Like with most tech things, this reset should help the VSA get back to normal. If the light stays on, you should take your Honda to a professional for an inspection.

Your VSA light could come on if something else is wrong with your car, but other warning lights also accompany these events. It may also turn on if you have different tires, as it records the activity of each wheel, and it goes crazy if you don’t have the matching tires.

Is the VSA System Any Good?

VSA is an excellent security system that can be potentially life-saving. It helps prevent accidents, improves the overall driving experience, and also rarely has any operational issues.

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