Why Are My Headlights Flickering When Driving?

Why Are My Headlights Flickering When Driving?

Your vehicle’s headlights randomly going on and off can be annoying and inconvenient. But most of all, it can be dangerous. You shouldn’t be driving with flickering headlights, especially in the evenings or in bad weather conditions, as headlights help you see better in the dark, rain, or fog. Read on to learn the possible causes of flickering headlights.

Although a lot of issues can be responsible for flickering headlights, the most common reasons are always traced to a faulty electrical system. Other clues to figuring out why your vehicle’s headlights are flickering include the frequency of the flickering.  If it flickers at random or at regular intervals, you could be dealing with a loose connection or a wiring problem. Flickering on and off at regular intervals is definitely a sign of a wiring problem. Other issues like the five below can cause headlights flickering.

Causes of Headlights Flickering

Causes of Headlights Flickering

Weak Battery

Your car battery provides the bulk of electrical energy needed to power the car and the car’s electrical components. Your headlights also rely on the battery to function, and a dying battery could be responsible for your headlights dimming or flickering. If your car battery is low on juice, dying, or failing, I recommend you get a replacement battery as a safety precaution.

However, a car battery has an average lifespan of three to five years, although in some cases, it could be less than that, depending on their activities with the car. So, if you think the car battery is not to blame for the flickering problem, there are other causes to consider.

Bad or Worn-Out Bulbs

Headlight bulbs also get worn out or damaged just like the light bulbs in our homes, and this can cause your headlights to flicker. You can replace your headlight bulbs by yourself- that is if you know what you’re doing, or you can meet a qualified automobile technician to get it done safely.

Failing Alternators

The alternator powers the electrical components of the car. The alternator is an essential part of a vehicle needed to support the vehicle’s electrical system. It does this by charging the battery. So, a failing alternator could be responsible for your flickering or dimming headlights as the alternator will no longer be able to charge the battery. It’s not safe to drive your car with a faulty or bad alternator. Get your alternator checked by the technician and replace or fix it as soon as possible.

Faulty or Loose Connections

Flickering headlights could be a pointer to faulty or loose connections. It could also mean the fuse is poorly placed. There are also instances where it turns out the inside of the connector had started melting, causing a poor connection. In other cases, the wire may have pulled out a bit from the rear of the connector. Diagnosing this issue by yourself could be tricky, so it’s better to let a qualified technician verify if you are dealing with a faulty connection.

Faulty Headlamp Switch

A faulty Headlamp Switch could also be the reason your headlight is flickering or dimming. A diagnosis could suggest replacing the headlamp switch or going further to run checks on the car’s electrical system.

Wrapping Up

You should view flickering headlights as a red flag, not just a nuisance. What I’m saying is that other than the safety concerns involved, a flickering headlight can be an indication of a problem in other critical parts of the vehicle.

If your headlights are flickering, diagnose and get it fixed right away. The tips above give you an idea of what you might be dealing with, but you may never be as certain as you’d be with the help of a certified, qualified automobile technician.

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