Avon Tires Review and Buyer’s Guide

Avon Tires Review and Buyer’s Guide

Avon Tyres is a premium tire brand founded and based in England. The company was founded in 1885 and has been producing high-quality tires ever since. While Avon Tyres is less well-known than brands like Firestone or Michelin, they create a superior tire in many areas.

Avon tires are commonly found as OEM parts on high-end vehicles, which means that both luxury and performance brands trust their brand. A few examples of companies that use their tires include English car companies like Aston Martin, Jaguar, Bentley, and Land Rover. If luxury brands rely on Avon tires, it means that you can too.

Avon Tyres also offers a diverse catalog and extensive support for motorcycle enthusiasts. When shopping for Avon tires, you’ll find a wide range of tires. A handful of Avon’s tire lines include lines for passenger vehicles, light trucks, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, crossovers, and more. The bottom line: Avon Tyres has a tire for everyone.

The only downside to Avon tires is that they can be expensive. They’re not cheap tires, but that also means they don’t perform like cheap tires. Avon tires have a long lifespan and design features that are worth the money. Plus, they’re imported, which even sounds fancy.

If you need tires that will hold up to their promise of longevity and safety, you’re in the right place. We’re going to take you through everything there is to know about Avon Tyres, and we’ll point out a few of their best selling tires along the way.

History of Avon Tyres

Avon tire featured on classic car
Avon Tyres has a long and influential history that spans well over a hundred years. Getting to know the history of a tire company is essential because it’s a good indication of how reliable a company is. To discover more about Avon’s history, read on.

Avon Tyres had humble beginnings and a bit of an identity issue. The company was founded in 1885 as Avon Rubbers, but five years later, in 1890, they moved into their Melksham plant and renamed the company Avon India Rubber Company Limited. During the 1800s, demand for tires was not high, meaning the company focused more on products like conveyor belts and components for railways.

Avon had become successful by 1900. The company started to produce bicycle tires. This was a big move for Avon because the bicycle tires they made were pneumatic, and better than most tires being built for bicycles at that time. While Avon was unsure of their identity up to this point, this is when things began to shift towards high-end products.

Avon enjoyed success with their bicycle tires, but the company was hungry for more. Once automotive vehicles became more popular, Avon began producing passenger car tires in 1906. The tires they produced were above-average in quality, and they quickly became one of England’s top tire manufacturers in 1910.

In 1915, Avon began to grow and did so by purchasing Sirdar Rubber Works. The addition of Sirdar Rubber Works was crucial to Avon’s growth because it gave Avon access to the Greenland Mill, which helped the company ramp up their tire production. With more than one rubber plant, Avon quickly mass-produced tires and became publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange in 1933.

The next twenty years for Avon were quiet, but in the 1950s, Avon made another move. The company purchased George Spencer Moulton, which gave them access to the Abbey and Kingston mills. With little competition left in England, Avon Tyres became one of England’s largest and most influential companies.

The next few decades were stable for Avon, and the company continued to be ambitious. Instead of remaining in the automotive market, Avon began to make products like gas masks, diving suits, and other rubber-based parts until the early 1990s. While Avon was successful up to the 1990s, things began to change.

The 1990s began on the wrong foot but ended on the right one. The early 90s included Avon selling off a few of their subsidiary companies, like Avon Inflatables. The financial situation for the company became murky, until Cooper Tire Company came in and bought the remaining companies of Avon in 1997. This would mark a change of focus for Avon back to automotive tires.

Today, Avon Tyres is not as significant as other tire companies, but they produce a high-end product that’s worth the cost. The company makes just over fourteen million dollars each year and employs over eight hundred people.

What Sets Avon Tires Apart

Avon Tyres, as a company, is unique for a handful of reasons. The company focuses on customer satisfaction, excellent warranties, and plenty of support. We’re going to take you through a handful of elements that help Avon Tyres stand out from other brands.

Customer Satisfaction

First and foremost, you should always look at the way a company trusts its customers. The level of customer satisfaction a company has is an excellent indication of what the shopping experience might look like. We did the research and found that Avon Tyres is one of the best companies around for customer satisfaction.

Reviews and Ratings

Avon Tyres offers plenty of customer satisfaction and maintains high reviews across multiple platforms. Reviews are a great thing to look at because they tell you how other shoppers feel after purchasing Avon tires. The good news is that, on average, Avon tires are rated above four out of stars on platforms like tirerack.com. Tires are a wear item, which means it’s hard for consumers to like them. If a brand can maintain ratings above four stars, it’s worth considering.

Dedication to Testing and Development

Tires may seem like circular pieces of rubber, but there is more going on beneath the surface. Tires can have many variations and unique innovations, and each tire requires research and testing. To make sure that Avon’s tires are safe, and keep their promise, Avon rigorously tests their tires with 3D-Imaging and road courses.

3D Imaging

Avon uses 3D imaging to track the little changes they make to their tires. For example, if Avon wants to add more biting edges, they can see the result of what that might look like before they get started. 3D imaging also helps Avon get their tire sizes, weights and treads up to par.

Road Courses

Avon makes sure that their tires perform the way they’re supposed to on their road courses. Located in England, these courses test a tire’s ability to handle hazards, sharp turns, debris, snow, rain, ice, and more.

A Diverse Catalog

The hardest part about shopping for a tire is finding the right size and treads. With so many options, things can get confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Avon Tyres has a diverse catalog that breaks each tire down for you based on its size and purpose. Overall, this makes the shopping experience a breeze.


Avon tires come in many different shapes and sizes. On average, tire sizes tend to vary between 15″ and 20″. This can make it challenging to find tired if you have aftermarket wheels. Avon manufactures tires that differ greatly in size because one of their main focuses is motorsports. So, commonly, you’ll find Avon tires that have wacky sizes like 31″ or 10″. For you, that means there is a good chance Avon has the size you need.

Different Vehicles

Avon Tyres is one of the leading brands for motorsport and motorcycle tires. Avon is dedicated to having an extensive catalog, and while they focus heavily on motorcycles and racecars, there are plenty of tires for light trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and passenger cars. Avon tires also benefit from over a century of innovation in the racing industry, and their racing improvements have made their common tires even better.


Avon takes their catalog a step further and breaks their tires down into a few more categories. When you shop for Avon tires, you’ll be able to find tires for the summer, winter, track, off-road, and touring situations. Avon also takes their tire lines a step further by carrying slicks, rally tires, and track tires.


When shopping for tires, you should always purchase tires that come with a warranty. Whether that’s a limited mileage warranty or standard treadwear warranty, well, that’s up to you. Avon Tyres offers a handful of warranty options for their tire lines. Keep in mind: each warranty is unique to a specific tire or group of tires.

Motorcycle Tires

Avon Tyres is one of the few companies that warranties their motorcycle line of tires. While the warranty is not as inclusive as their passenger and light truck tires warranties, it’s still solid. Avon’s Motorcycle Standard Limited Warranty covers uneven tread wear down to the 2/32″ of a tire’s tread. The warranty is not mileage-based, and can be voided if excessive abuse or damage caused by road hazards is found.

Standard Limited Warranty

Most of Avon’s tires feature a standard limited warranty that covers uneven treadwear down to 2/32″. While the warranty fails to cover abuse, covering uneven wear is vital if you’re going to be using Avon tires for everyday driving. Unfortunately, this warranty only tends to be present on Avon’s van and all-season tires.

Cooper Tires

Cooper Tire Company is one of the largest tire companies in the world, and Cooper tires are known for their quality. The company produces some of the best products around and maintains an excellent reputation. Cooper Tires purchased Avon Tyres and has given Avon all of the tools they need to succeed in the modern markets.

Avon Tyres is based in England, which is home to the majority of its operations. The partnership with Cooper Tires has helped engineers from Avon develop a new perspective and take their tires to the next level.
 Avon tires on a racecar with white lettering

Avon Tires Design Features

Avon Tyres is one of the oldest tire companies around, and with that age comes innovation. Over the years, Avon Tyres has developed several design features to keep drivers comfortable, safe, and happy.


The first feature you need to look at is handling. If a tire seems nice and has excellent comfort, but lacks handling, the tire is worthless. Avon Tyres focuses on making sure their tires keep you glued to the road, and they have plenty of experience with innovative handling.

Microscopic Biting Edges

Biting edges are a common theme in all-season, off-road, and rally tires. Regular biting edges get the job done, but Avon leverages 3D imaging to utilize microscopic biting edges that dig into uneven terrain. Microscopic biting edges allow Avon tires to have to provide better traction by offering more chances for a tire to have grip.

Asymmetrical Treads Patterns

Asymmetrical tread patterns are a recent innovation, and only a few companies use them well. For rally and other motorsport applications, asymmetrical tread patterns are useful because it increases the chance that a tire will have grip. Even if one side of the tire is not doing well on a given terrain, the opposite side of the tire can pick up that slack.

Deep Sipes

Deep sipes prevent hydroplaning and slippage in wet conditions. Deep sipes act as irrigation for a tire and move water away from the tire. For this reason, when a tire has deep sipes, the chance of hydroplaning drops significantly.

Aggressive Styling

The way a tire looks is often overlooked. Sure, tires don’t need to look nice to perform well, but presentation is still a large part of the appeal of a high-quality tire. When you shop for a tire, part of you is going to want a tire that makes your vehicle look more appealing, especially if you’re shopping for motorcycle or racing tires.

Avon tires come with great styling that enhances curb appeal. The company’s tires turn heads, and whether you’re sporting their rally or summer tires, they can make your vehicle stand out. Features like big shoulders, thick treads, and asymmetrical tread patterns work together to make a well-rounded tire.


The durability of a tire is one of its most important design features. If a tire isn’t durable, it’s going to end up costing you more, in the long run, to keep replacing sets. Also, if a tire lacks durability, the risk of a blowout on the road increases. Blowouts not only wreck your tire, but they can put your life in danger.

Reinforced Sidewalls

Avon tires use reinforced sidewalls to keep debris from piercing the tire. While reinforced sidewalls are standard, especially for high-end tires, Avon uses their exclusive compound to seal their tires. Along with their durable sidewalls, their compound helps their tires last longer than other companies. The company is hesitant to disclose the details of their compound, which tells us that it’s good enough to be kept a secret.

Snakeskin Design

Snakeskin is popular on shoes, and of course snakes, but Avon uses a snakeskin-like design for a handful of their motorcycle and motorsport tires. The design works by shedding tread that’s worn down, which makes sure that you always have the tread you need as long as the tire is still healthy. Not only does this improve durability, but it increases handling too.

Fuel Efficiency

In this day and age, fuel efficiency and excellent gas mileage are everything. While hybrid cars increase fuel efficiency, you can still enjoy the benefits of getting more miles per gallon in passenger cars and light trucks if you have the right tires. Avon makes a handful of tires that increase fuel efficiency and keep you away from the gas pump.

For fuel efficiency, select Avon tires feature silica tread compounds that decrease rolling resistance. A reduction in rolling resistance is crucial because it helps a tire cruise down the road without requiring more energy.

Avon Tyres Recognition

While Avon Tyres is part of Cooper Tires now, that doesn’t mean they lost their reputation. Avon Tyres built up significant recognition in the industry before they merged with Cooper Tires, and their status has only gotten better since. We’re going to show you a handful of Avon’s accomplishments and sponsorships, and their racing heritage.

Use in High-End Cars like Rolls Royce

Avon tires are unique, and companies like Rolls Royce knows it. Rolls Royce had been selling premium luxury vehicles for two decades, and for their vehicles in 1933, the company went with Avon tires. If you’ve heard of Rolls Royce, you know just how high-end that brand is. Aside from Rolls Royce, Avon Tyres manufactures OEM tires for companies like Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin, and more.

Castle Combre Circuit

The Castle Combre Circuit is an event that’s been around since the 1950s. Avon Tyres has been partnered with this circuit since its creation and has actively participated in hosting events, providing tires for events, and helping the course get on its feet. The track is 1.85 miles long, and the tight corners and high-speed straights prove that Avon tires can handle aggressive driving.

Appearance at the Tire Cologne Show

The Tire Cologne Show has been postponed for 2020, but in past years the Tire Cologne Show has displayed the most exceptional tires in the world. Taking place in Germany, the show hosts the best tire companies from several nations and provides awards for outstanding tire designs. Recently, Avon Tyres made its debut at the Tire Cologne Show and won several awards for their motorcycle and motorsport tire lines.

Personal Sponsorships

Recently, Avon Tyres has become renowned for producing premium motorcycle tires. Due to this, Avon has started to partner with professional racers and provide tires for their events. For example, Avon Tyres is partnered with Rok Bagoros and Steve Parish. These partnerships show off Avon’s ability to manufacture different types of high-quality tires because Bagoros is a stunt rider, and Parish is a traditional racer.
Picture of Avon ZZR tire

Best Selling Avon Tires

Avon Tyres focuses on producing premium tires, but some tires sell better than others. We’re going to take you through our favorite Avon Tyres, and a handful of Avon’s best sellers.

Avon ACB11

The Avon ACB11 is one of Avon’s most famous tires. This tire has accomplished a lot and became recognized as one of the world’s best rally tires. For rally racing or even some fun off-roading, the ACB11 is one of the best tires around. The ACB11 features plenty of features that helped it gain its fame. The tires are made with a custom compound to reduce wear, and they’re specifically tuned for intense and aggressive driving.

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Avon Cobra Chrome Motorcycle Tires

The Avon Cobra Chrome Motorcycle Tire is one of Avon’s most popular tires. These tires come in a wide range of sizes (sixty-eight to be precise) to fit most motorcycles, and offer high customization. The Avon Cobra Chrome Motorcycle Tire does more than look nice: it performs well in most weather conditions and provides plenty of comfort along the way.

Avon’s Cobra Chrome Motorcycle Tire also features innovative design features on its treads. Like most automotive tires, these motorcycle tires are loaded with biting edges and deep sipes that reduce the chance of hydroplaning. For those of you that like to push the pedal to the metal, these tires are rated for speeds well beyond 100 mph. That’s certainly dangerous, but it’s great that these tires can keep you safe at those high speeds.

Avon AX7

The Avon AX7 is Avon’s best-selling passenger tire around the world. These tires are expensive, but their quality is second to none. These tires are perfect for the everyday driver because they can handle multiple terrains, and handle well in most weather conditions. The Avon AX7 is also ideal for summer performance because their big shoulders and wide tread grooves keep your vehicle planted.

While big shoulders and wide tread grooves are great features, they’re not the AX7’s best features. What makes these tires unique is their ability to maintain comfort while changing terrains. The reinforced sidewalls keep the tires from being penetrated on highways, and they have stabilizing bars to keep your vehicle stable. Overall, for passenger cars, it’s tough to find a more reliable tire.

Avon ACB9

For those of you that love classic cars and tons of horsepower, the Avon ACB9 is the tire for you. These tires feature plenty of tread to withstand all forms of abuse. From burnouts to cornering, these tires will make you smile at the track or if you’re showing off on the streets. Keep in mind, though, that these tires are not designed for winter or all-terrain use.

The Avon ACB9 features innovative designs from their sidewalls down to their treads. The treads are symmetrical, making it easy for the tire to wear down evenly and provide plenty of traction. While these tires lack deep sipes and biting edges, they make up for it with big shoulders and thick treads to enhance performance and longevity.

Avon Historic Racing Slicks

Avon is one of the few companies that offers racing slicks. Slicks are designed for drag racing and help a vehicle’s power reach the pavement. Slicks are not intended for daily use, nor are they viable for the street, but on a track day, there is no better tire than a slick. Avon’s Historic Racing Slicks are one of the company’s bestsellers, and they come in over four sizes.

If you have a classic car or a muscle car, these tires are ideal. While you can find slicks from other companies, they fail to provide the flare that vintage slicks bring to the table. Plus, with all of the size options, Avon’s Historic Racing Slicks are unique and customizable.

A List of Avon Tires


Ultra-High Performance Summer

Avon Turbospeed CR228-D
Avon ZZR
Avon ACB9
Avon CR28 Sport
Avon CR677

Grand Touring Summer

Avon Turbospeed CR27
Avon Turbosteel 70



Avon Historic Racing Slicks


Avon ACB11
Avon M+S


Avon Cobra Chrome Motorcycle Tire

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